Free at Last
Chapter 1

Caution: This Time Travel Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Time Travel, Polygamy/Polyamory,

Desc: Time Travel Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Well, I wasn't really free like you might think of, but I was damned sure on my own with a little help from the spacemen.

Free at last. Free at Last. Thank God almighty, I'm free at last. Or at least I'd just graduated from high school. Of course my father wanted me to attend a university or at least a college, but I wasn't for it. He could have changed my mind of course, but then again he had high ideals, as if any of them need apply to a high school grad.

It would have been simple for him to convince me to attend a local, or nearly local school, but he didn't really seem interested. When I told him there was no way I was attending anywhere in the Vauxhaul he'd provided for me as if it were a car he'd trumped me and told me he guessed I wouldn't be going off to school at all.

To tell the truth he was right in a way. I would have never paid enough attention to classes to do worth a shit. I knew how to read and write already and I'd heard enough about history to call myself educated, or educated enough anyway, I thought.

The Steelworkers Union representing the workers at Lone Star Steel caused a sort of truce between my father and I. They held a strike and all the workers went for it. I went over and signed up for a now vacant job and was well pleased with the $12.65 an hour it paid.

There were some hard feelings between some of the strikers and me. They thought they were going to scare me off my new job and I thought wounding a few of them while they were trying it was fair enough. They didn't see it that way and the next time they gave me shit two of them lost their pickups from gas tank shots with tracer rounds. I also kept them pinned down until the Texas Highway Patrol came snooping around to find out what was causing all that black smoke.

The patrolmen hauled them off to jail when I pointed out they'd fired the first rounds.

Of course this only caused more hard feelings between the union members and me, but I didn't really give a shit. They did change tactics though and put me in a position where I'd have to defend myself with my fist.

It was another fuckup deluxe on their part. Sure, I was a young boy and I guess they thought I'd be scared shitless to fight a grown man. They failed to take account of my size at six one and 255 lbs. I hadn't really been in many fist fights in school and it was mainly because of my size. I had done yeomans service as a blocking back on the local football team so I knew how to take a lick and keep on coming.

The one who took on the job of giving me an education looked like he could do the job alright. He was a little taller than me at six two and weighed nearly as much at two twenty five. Unfortunately for him he came expecting a real live fist fight. I disabused him of the notion when I started out with an excellent block which involved all my weight at close to my maximum speed. He ended up beneath me and I got to use my hands in a way which wasn't allowed on the football field.

He was out of breath when he hit the ground and both his eyes were swollen shut seconds later. I beat the coon dog shit out of his grown up ass and I even broke the arm of the first of his buddies that tried to pull me off him and kicked two other union asses before we were all done. To make matters worse for them I called the local sherriff and pressed charges on my attackers.

They found out they had really fucked up by coming to Cass county to pick on a young "just out of high school boy" in his own county. They got off with probation and a serious fine. Their union lawyer found it hard to get any traction in a county without a union job at all and the union found they weren't in such good shape in our county when the judge warned their leaders of dire consequences if any more incidencedents such as the one I'd been the center of cropped up.

"I'm taking it easy on you bunch of idiots this time," the judge told their lawyers, "but if anything like this happens again there will be prison time for the participants and for some of the union leaders as well," the judge told them.

Thankfully cooler heads prevailed when the company decided to settle the strike.

It left me in a delicate position since I wasn't able to join the union after the strike was over. Luckily the head of the shipping department admired my troubles on behalf of the company. He put me next in line to be advanced to heavy equipment operation and I enjoyed my time navigating a 988B Caterpillar rubber tired loader for moving pipe around.

There were plenty of hard feelings in the shipping department when the strikers returned, but there was no real oraganized hazing for me. I did have to tend to three of the biggest union gentlemen who couldn't take a joke, but when they got six months off without pay over causing the trouble the others caught on they'd have to get along with me or get along down the road.

I really could have wished for a more normal introduction to Lone Star Steel, but shit happened and I just made the best of it. I got along well enough with the union hands even though most of them still didn't think much of me.

Three years later when the contract came up again I was called to the shipping department office and given a promotion to a minor supervisory role.

Luckily a strike was avoided this time and after the new contract I was promoted again to a full fledged company job this time. I was a little like a fish out of water from there on. My time in the big cats was over and done with except for emergency cases.

Things went better than I'd expected though. I'd settled into a regular crew and in spite of the white hat I wore now I was generally accepted by the other hands on the job. In fact I thought I was getting along well. The main snag came up after a swing shift and it didn't really have a thing to do with the steel mill or the workers.

We got off around midnight and I climbed into my 1976 Chevy four wheel drive pickup. It was a short and wide I'd had about six months. Of course I'd snazzed it up with a Warn bumper and winch for cases when the 12 x 36 Monster Mudders wouldn't get it out of a mudhole. I'd also installed an aux fuel tank for an extra 150 gallons of push oil and I'd added a camper shell over the bed so I could put a mattress in back and sleep out if I needed to.

Sleeping out was what I intended real soon now too. My two week vacation was starting next Monday and I was already stocked up to go. Besides food I had plenty of ammunition for all my firearms, including my latest purchase of a Barrett 821A .50 calibre sniper rifle.

No, I didn't have a good reason for buying the damned thing along with the 4x32 day/night scope. I did have some temporary plans for it though. First thing, I was going to sight it in along with the Marlin 336c in .35 remington.

My first move was going home and latching my horse trailer onto the back of my pickup, loading my Sorrel Quarterhorse stallion and my pack mule into the trailer, and loading the rest of my weapons and my reloading equipment into the sleeping quarters of my horse trailer.

Yes, I had gone a little overboard for camping, but what the hell? I was single and camping was what I liked to do to spend my off days. Even with all the money I'd spent on rifles and pistols and all the extras for them I was still way ahead of what I'd have had to spend on a wife, and besides, neither the horse, mules, nor the firearms ever gave me any backtalk and they never nagged me the first time.

With the trailer attached and Red (my quarterhorse) and Mose (my mule) loaded I went into my house and brought out the rest of my packed in advance things, including clothes and food for a two weeks stay. With everything stowed, including my reloading supplies and equipment I headed out for a nice little part of east Texas my uncle owned. It was twelve thousand acres of timberland he'd acquired to keep his sawmill supplied with logs.

The area was unused now since my uncle was pushig up dasies and the sawmill had gone by the wayside after its salad days during the second World War.

The land actually belonged to Weyerhauser now since they had bought the mill and all associated timberland shortly before my uncles death. It was basically mine to do on as I wished now since they had hired me to keep and eye on it to make sure it didn't become the hunting place of choice for locals who were sure to get drunk and let a campfire get away from them before the timber made a good comeback from previous logging.

I was as happy as a pig in a mudhole as I left the paved road down around Bivins Texas and unlocked the gate leading back into the woods.

When I made it to my prearranged campsite I unhooked the horse/camping trailer and let Red and Mose out for a little hobbled grazing. I built a campfire and cooked a steak and warmed up a can of Ranch Style Beans for supper. I washed it down with a couple of Lone Star longnecks, put the stock back in the trailer and gave them a scoop each of whole oats and a bat of alfalfha hay in the feed shelf in front of their stalls then I shucked off my clothes and climbed into the back of my pickup and crawled into bed.

I already knew the weather tonight wasn't supposed to be the best for camping since a cold front was coming through or supposed to be around midnight. Still cold weather wasn't expected and the only thing to worry me was a projected thunderstorm.

I planned on skipping the excitement by sleeping through it and by ten pm I was in my bed and dropping off to sleep.

Apparently warnings of a thunderstorm weren't exaggerations since the wind got up and the lightning and thunder got started around eleven pm. All I could do was snuggle down into my covers and hope. Soon enough I dropped off to sleep and let the storm take care of itself. What the hell. I couldn't do a damned thing about it anyway.

I woke early the next morning and even though I could hear birds singing outside things just didn't feel right. I managed to drag on some jeans, my boots, and a shirt and I even strapped on my double holster gunbelt with both Ruger Super Blackhawks in .44 magnum in place. I crawled through my slide open rear window into my pickup seat and got the first hint that I wasn't where I'd gone to sleep.

The first clue was the sight of the giant hardwoods outside. There'd been plenty of yellow pines when I pulled up yesterday and there wasn't a one in sight now.

At first I thought I'd been invited to a tornado but a quick glance showed me my pickup and my trailer were still on the wheels. I had just decided to get out of the pickup and look around and had in fact opened the door when what I saw changed my mind. I scared up my Marline right away andd made sure it was fully loaded since there were four or five wolves sniffing around the back of the horse trailer.

Once I was armed and dangerous I stepped out and commenced firing. The wolves surprised me by not running off at once and I cashed in all seven of them and then made a tour around my truck and trailer to make sure I had done away with all of them. With all of them dead I started dragging them off from my camp a few yards while examining the surroundings a little more closely.

I knew at once I was as lost as Hogan's goat since I didn't see one thing that looked familiar. I hooked my pickup and trailer back together and then parked them in a half circle before starting a fire for breakfast. I fried some bacon and a couple of eggs and then gobbled it down since I knew I'd need a good meal before I got started looking for a way out.

After I ate I brewed a pot of coffee and filled one of my insulated mugs to drink on after I'd set out a lawn chair to take a look from a seated position.

Things looked almost like I'd expected except for the lack of yellow pines and the addition of hardwoods. I seemed to be in the very edge of a forest with a wide open plain stretched out beyond the trees. I went back to my pickup and grabbed my binoculars and took a closer look out over the plain.

I spotted what looked like a giant herd of cattle of some sort grazing on the plain, but a closer look showed me it wasn't any type of cattle I was familiar with. In the first place they seemed much larger than normal. I dragged my chair near the edge of the horse trailer and sat down for more looking.

Soon enough I spotted a group of people near the edge of the herd but they were a shock of their own. I could see six men and eight women, but they were all dressed in hides and damned if the men didn't look like pictures I'd seen in my school books of Neanderthals. The women looked similar but they were one hell of a lot more attractive than my schooling had led me to believe. I was about to saddle up Red and ride out to meet them when someone appeared near me and it was a real shock since he just seemed to pop up.

"Greetings John," the tall guy said.

"Hello to you too," I said.

"Perhaps it would be better if I were to provide a little explanation." he said.

"It might be at that since I don't have much to go on here," I said.

"My name is Artimus and as you can probably guess I and others like me have something to do with you being here." he said.

"Could you tell me just where I am?" I asked.

"I can for a fact though it might be hard for you to believe. Currently you are in prehistoric Europe. We were planning to recruit someone like you to come here but you happened to be in a handy place to acquire and you seemed nicely supplied for what we had in mind. I guess you might say you were shanghaied into our service. I'll admit it was rather rude behavior on our part but you are perfect for our needs and we will reward you well for your service. After a year or so we will put you back where you were if its what you want. You will be well paid for your time if that is the case. In fact we will raise your current salary to fifteen of your dollars per hour including time and a half for each hour more than eight perday and double time and a half for the normal holidays. We will also pay you for every hour you remain here.

"Hell, that sounds fair enough to me and if you'd asked me to start with I would probably have begged you for the job," I said, and I'll admit I was thinking of the money, mostly.

"Your duties will be different from the steel mill," he said.

"Even I could tell there was no 988B rubber tired loader here for me to use," I said, trying to inject a little levity into the situation.

"Oh, there can be if you feel like you need one. We realize you weren't allowed to pick up other equipment before you were put on the job site as you might call it. We can provide nearly anything you think you might need since we will be leaving a ship in orbit to watch over you for the first six months." he said.

"That sounds wonderful, but exactly what would you like for me to do while I'm here. And that's another thing. I doubt you'll be staying with me down here on site so how will I contact you to request other equipment later?" I asked.

"We took the liberty of installing a communication device connected directly into your brain during the time you were being transported here. We have also set up a cave nearby for your use as a residence."

"As for what we want you to do while you are here it is rather simple. We would like for you to share your genes with the natives."

"You aren't exactly on earth. You are on a similar planet in another dimension. The Neanderthals and Cro Magnons here are effectively the same as the ones from your original planets history. They have been slightly modified to make them compatible with your species as far as breeding goes.

"Although you will be able to return to your home planet after a year or so we don't think you will want to. We expect you will make a nice home for yourself here. In fact we envision you gathering quite a harem of the native females and we feel you will start a big family here." he said, and I'll admit it sounded reasonable to me at the time. I did have a few questions though.

"How will I meet these females?"

Meeting them will be no problem, but acquiring them may be difficult. As I said there are both Neanderthal and Cro Magnon types present. You will find the males of both types aggressive and troublesome, at first at least. Survival of the fittest is firmly in place and the native males will try killing you as a first response.

"You have the advantage of modern weapons to help in dealing with them, but I must warn you they have no concept of fair play. Some of them may not be as aggressive as others and some may even be inclined to follow your leadership once they have a demonstration of your advantages. We feel your best intorduction would be to kill a few of the aurochs they are currently hunting.

"There is no doubt some of them will try to steal your kills and after you have dealt with them things should settle down alarmingly." he said.

"So, in other words, I should kill a few of the aurochs and then kill a few or all the men who try to steal them from me?" I asked.

"I realize it is different behavior than you are accustomed to, but believe me it will be best. Once they notice you killing the game they will immediately try to kill you to take it from you. The women who are with them are their mates or other women from their camp. They will try to align themselves with you if you make plenty of kills. If you happen to kill one of their mates they will expect you to take them as mates. It is the way things are done here." he said.

It seemed like rough justice to the extreme to me, but then again what did I expect? Obviously there was no police force to enforce civilized behavior. In fact civilized behavior was the last thing I expected. I'd have to play it by ear and see what happened.

I made a show of myself to the few who were watching me when I unloaded Red and saddled him. I could tell they were evem more surprised when I mounted Red and started toward the aurochs. At least now I understood why they had looked so much larger than the cattle I was used to seeing.

I headed on around the herd to a place where the other men weren't hunting and raised the Marlin to take a shot or two. The aurochs didn't move from the loud explosion but the men did head toward the three I knocked down. With Red's service I made it to them first and I had just cut the throat of the last of the three I'd downed when the men drew near.

I guess it was a good thing I'd had prior warning since the six men who came up came toward me waving their spears in my direction. I wondered about their intelligence since they seemed bent on attacking me without any understanding of how I'd downed the animals.

I didn't make them wait for information after they began waving their spears in my direction. I cashed in the three leaders who seemed to be the most threatening. Sadly for the others they came even faster when they saw the others fall. I did away with all of them promptly.

"We have modified you to make your language understandable to them. If you call the women to you they will understand what you say and you will be able to understand them," a voice in my head said.

I gave it a shot and yelled to the women calling them to take care of the downed prey. They looked at each other and then headed my way. I told them to get started while I went back for mose to carry the meat. I'm not sure they understood exactly what I had in mind, but they did come up and get started. I mounted Red and rode back to catch Mose and took him back toward where the women were working.

It took a little while to cut some long poles and make a travois for both Red and Mose, but they were ready for carrying duty before the meat was dressed.

At first only four of the women were brave enough to come around, but soon enough the other four drifted up too. I watched them work until I identified the leader. She was about fie six or so and she had long auburn hair, green eyes and wonderfully jiggling big titties. As the work was winding down I eased up beside her and asked her if I should kill more meat.

"This will be enough for now my mate. We will have much work to get it back to camp." she said.

With her outstanding looks I was proud she had called me her mate and I explained that Mose and Red would do the carrying. By the time I had the travois attached the women caught on quickly and loaded up our meals to come.

I learned the beautiful redhead's name was Soliqua and soon enough I had all of them headed off in the direction of the cave I'd been told had been prepared for us. We'd just started that way when four boys and six young girls came out of the woodwork and joined us. Soliqua explained they were the children of my new mates and I for one was happy to see them.

The direction I took from the kills threw them for a loop at first but I told them I had a cave I lived in and we were heading for it. Soliqua started asking me about it but I put her off saying she'd see it all for herself soon. Of course I hadn't seen it myself yet.

It was a surprise when we got there since it had an overhead metal door. Once we were all inside it I found the switch that controlled it and the door slid down and locked the outside world out. My new mates were thrilled with the protection and were soon wandering through out the cave.

I was called on to explain the separate rooms right away and the first one was a hit right off the bat. Even I could tell it was meant for sleeping since there was a small mountain of tanned furs for bedding. There was a smaller bunch for the kids too.

The bathing facilities were next on the agenda and they did require some explanation. Not so much the giant tubs made of marble, but the showers required some instruction. No matter, a shower for all was arranged right away and I spent a lovely time washing the hair of all my lovely new mates. One thing I appreciated was a supply of depilatory that came complete with instructions via the device in my head.

The women were amazed when I applied it to their legs and underarms and promptly washed all the hair there away. Since I loved to twine my fingers in a lush bush I made sure to keep the depilatory away from that area.

My next trick was a thorough washing and fondling of all fat titties present. I made sure every nipple was stiff and teased completely before I was done and my attention to this detail was well received.

When we were done I was a big hit again when I showed them the large warm towels for drying and we retired directly to the pile of furs where I was pressed into service. They threw me for a loop at first since Soliqua hit her hands and knees on the furs and began tempting me with her round and firm wiggling ass.

I didn't mind a round of dog fucking but I soon dismounted and pulled her down onto her back and made my way between her legs. She was surprised by the titty manipulation and the kissing I got started with but she was right with the program when I slid the meat up her in this new position.

She was pleasantly surprised when I pumped a come out of her and she had nothing but moans of praise as I sent her off like a skyrocket. Sure enough they all wanted one and by careful hoarding of the magic lotion I was able to get them all moaning and thrashing until I let go a load in Calta, the youngest.

I didn't have any better sense than to move on back up the line and give them all a chance at the baby lottery. Of course I didn't have any idea where they were in their cycles but I figured it wouldn't take long to do the trick for all of them if this got started every other night or so.

I can tell you there is nothing to make a man feel more welcome than eight willing women wanting a treatment before bedtime. They even had a few tricks of their own since after my second explosion two of them took over dick reviving duty with teasing lips and tongues. I was a well fucked man by the time they let me sleep.

I was the first one up with a full bladder the next moring, but getting out from among my women roused most of them. They followed me into the bathroom and I was happy to show them the way to use the facilities which had been provided by the spacemen.

My next trick, early the next morning, was showing them how to use the gas cooktop and dishes we had been provided and the toaster was a special treat. Not to mention the refrigerator and the food supply within.

After we'd eaten and started a load in our dishwasher I found and started filling our cold storage room. We had plenty of fresh aurochs to put inside it and they were amazed when they learned we wouldn't have to cut the meat into strips for drying.

I headed for the roll up door whcih shut the cruel word out but before I opened it there was a message in my head directing me to a small doorway and staircase. I was up it in a flash and found it led to a room with an opening in the rock wall which looked out over the open area in front of our cave.

There was a wide shelf at the bottom of the opening and it looked as if it were custom made as a firing position. I knew it would be perfect for our protection and after straining my eyes out over the ground it covered I could tell it might be needed for protection almost at once.

I couldn't see very well because of the distance but I was almost sure men were slipping up to our entrance.

I went down to the cave level right away and warned every one I saw not to open the front door. I don't guess I needed to do it since I doubted they knew how, but better safe than sorry.

The next thing I did was thank myself for driving my truck and trailer inside before we closed ourselves inside last night. It only took me a few minutes to dig out my Barrett and a bag of shells for it. I made sure to get the binoculars too and headed right back up to the overwatch firing position.

As soon as I was back in place I moved one of the roll around desk chairs near the firing shelf and took a look with the binoculars. It was more serious than I'd first thought since I had no trouble spotting sixteen men sneaking up on us. I felt pretty secure since they were only armed with spears but still I kept a close watch.

In only minutes I could tell they were up to no good, but I felt sure they were on a fools errand. There was no way for them to get inside since the door was down and I had made sure it was locked in place.

I let them come on up until they started banging on the door with their spear butts. I wished I'd had sense enough to bring the Marlin too, but I made do with the Barrett and unloaded on the four biggest.

Of course it showed my position right away and several of them threw their spears at me. Thankfully I was out of range since I was nearly fifty feet above them. I set the Barrett down and pulled a Ruger to share some more lead with them.

It was even easier than the proverbial fish in a barrell and I did away with the remainder in only a couple of minutes. Three of them caught on and hauled ass but I picked up the Barrett again and did away with them also. I'll admit I didn't have any idea where they'd come from but I found out when I went back to the cave.

I opened the door and headed out with most of the women following. Soliqua recognized the first one we came to and told us they were from a camp not far from us. I unloaded Red and Mose and took them into the stable type chamber which had been made into the back of our cave. It had a door to the outside too, but it was closed with a door like the one on the entrance and I made sure it was down and locked.

After returning to the cave I manuvered the pickup and trailer outside and the women helped me load the bodies into the trailer. I left most of the women in the cave and showed them how to shut and lock the door so they would be safe inside. I took Soliqua and a couple of other women with me in the pickup and let Soliqua show me the way to the camp.

We made quite a show when we drove up and an even more impressive one when we started unloading the bodies. I left the unloading to the women so I could watch over things and it was a good thing I did.

There were only six young men at the camp and an older leader was with them. They picked up spears when the first body was out on the ground and I could tell it upset them. The Ruger upset them even more but they stopped showing their displeasure right away.

The leader had called them to action with a shout and I let him have the first dose. The others couldn't learn by seeing and soon enough there wasn't a living man left. The women were more willing to listen to reason and soon enough everyone left alive was loading things into the trailer.

I realized all these new women probably considered me their new mate soon and from the looks of them I wasn't sorry. It was a rather subdued crowd but at least there was no crying and slinging of snot over the deceased. We had everything except the huts loaded within two hours and by careful explanation I was able to get all the women and children to climb aboard and we headed back to the cave.

When we arrived the ones we'd left behind fell right in meeting and greeting the new arrivals. I counted myself lucky that all the boys who had come along were young and hoped it would cut down on hard feelings later. Once we had everything unloaded we headed back for another trip. It took another three hours to disassemble the huts and load them up too and then we headed back home. There was basically nothing left of the camp when we left.

On the way home I received congratulations for my work via the communication device in my head. I was also informed there would be something new waiting for me outside the cave.

I saw it as soon as we pulled up. It was an ambulance type Humvee with a twenty-four foot van type trailer hooked to it. It would have saved us the second trip if I'd had it earlier, but what the hell, we made it. I could tell my next task was to teach one of the women how to drive. I didn't figure it would be too hard since there wouldn't be any other traffic to worry about.

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