The Clara Chronicles
Chapter 1: Close Knit

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Humor, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: Close Knit - Clara moves into the former Cocksworth house, across the street from Mr. Marcus. She often hosts young female relatives sent to her by siblings and other family members. Mr. Marcus must measure up, because Clara recruits him to assist in training these young women.

It didn't take long after the For Sale sign went up at the Cocksworths' former residence for an incoming family's moving truck to show up in their driveway. Something about that house, turning over so often. Had some witch cast a curse over it, preventing residents from staying too long? If so, there was a sexual aspect to the curse, given how many young women I'd coupled with within its walls. My curiosity boiled over. A family with grown kids? Maybe a young couple buying their first house? Even better, a sorority! We aren't all that far from a local college. Maybe they have initiations that call for male volunteers –

The doorbell interrupted my reverie, dozens of nubile co-eds in various states of undress.

A woman I guessed to be at least a few years past my age, based on the volume of grey hair and wrinkles, stood on my stoop with a smile and a large knitting bag hanging on her shoulder. Needles stuck out from the top. "Hello there. I'm Clara Bichano, your new neighbor." She pointed to the Cocksworths' place. "May I use your telephone, please?"

"Sure." I opened the screen door. "Come on in. It's on the table in the hallway."

She walked over and picked up the receiver. "Those phone company people can be so unreliable. They were supposed to have my service up and running by now. I can't stand unreliability, don't you?"

This woman was a piece of work. Wearing a long knit dress in eighty-degree heat? "Nice outfit."

"Thanks, I made it myself. That's my passion, truth be told. Most all my clothes are off my own two needles." She pulled a slip of paper from the bag on her arm and tapped buttons on the phone. "I'm calling a rug cleaner. There are yellow stains on the living room and bedroom carpets. The Cocksworths must have had pets or been sloppy eaters."

I swallowed hard. "Really?" Those stains were my sperm from fucking the Cocksworth twins, or maybe Harry's twelve inch cock leaked around the house.

She cradled the receiver to her ear, pulled out the two needles and continued work on some item while talking to me. "I should warn you, I'll be having lots of company. Family, to be specific. Oh, and there'll be trucks and workmen for the next week or so. I'm putting in a swimming pool."

"Really?" Nice amenity, and the opportunity for bikinis and skinny-dipping. God, can't I ever get my mind out of the gutter?

"For your inconvenience, you'll all be welcome to use it, of course. Neighbors can be like family. In fact, let me knit you something." She hung up. "You call the phone company, and there's no answer. That's irony for you." She stuffed the incomplete knitted whatever in her bag. "A swimsuit, that's an obvious choice."

"I have swimsuits." Baggy ones, so my erection doesn't show.

"Posh! Something else, perhaps?"

"A scarf? I'm a big Dr. Who fan, and the Tom Baker version –"

"Of course. Perfect!" She glanced into the bag. "Tsk. I'll have to go out and get the right colors, to make it authentic."

"Don't go to that trouble. Use anything you have laying around. A random mix will look just as good."

Clara shot me a stern look, like a teacher staring down a naughty student. And I was naughty, wasn't I? "A Tom Baker scarf is not to be dallied with. It's a classic! There's a right way and a wrong way to everything, that's what I always say." She whipped a cloth tape measure from her bag. "Now, let me take some measurements."

"For the scarf?"

"No, silly. I have the precise colors and dimensions at home, or at least packed away in one of my boxes. So many boxes to handle. For the swimsuit." She snapped the tape measure like a belt. "Now, drop your drawers so I can take accurate measurements."

I hesitated.

"Come, come, I've seen plenty of men in their skivvies. And a lot less."

No harm, I guess. My pants hit the floor.

She put her arms around me to take my waist measurement. That put us body to body. Although she wasn't my type, the incidental hug got my penis going. Shit, she'll see my erection and get the wrong idea.

She completed my waist measurement and jotted it on a page of a notebook. "Now, your inseam. Spread your legs, honey. Would you like it long or brief?"

The lump in my jockeys was obvious.

Clara giggled as her knuckles grazed my balls and the underside of my erection. "Never mind, I'll make it long. You'll require expansion room, I can see. You're very lucky, but your wife and lady friends are luckier." She broke into a laugh. "You're the first serious competition for Mr. Stiffy I've seen in a long while."


Her voice was sing-song. "Do what you do, do well, that's what I always say. All righty, pull them up. I'm finished."

I had to ask. "Who's Mister Stiffy?"

Clara pulled a flesh-colored dildo from her knitting bag. "A girl needs company at any age, rightly?" She stroked the veined imitation penis, and then tossed it back in her bag. "Nice to meet you."

We shook hands. I almost expected the 'fuck me' handshake, index finger curled under, but no suck luck. Her ass swayed as she strutted down our walk whistling and returned to her side of the street.

Gee, a neighborhood swimming pool right across the street. Maybe Annie's friends will use it to hang out. Hmm, I wonder how a knit bikini holds up when wet?

Two weeks later, Clara, my new across-the-street neighbor, called with an urgent request. "I'm hosting my niece Reid for a visit. She wants to swim in my new pool. It's certainly warm enough, but she's not very skilled. I'd watch her myself, but an emergency has come up. I was wondering, could you play lifeguard for maybe half an hour? Besides, it will give you a chance to use the bathing suit I knitted for you." She chortled.

"It's done already?" There had only been that one measurement session, where Clara groped me between my legs.

"Oh yes, and it's one of my most unique creations. To deal with your extended physiology."

She meant my dick. In every bathing suit I'd ever owned, an erection was as obvious as the nose on my face. An eight-inch nose. I was more than curious. "Sure, I'll watch your niece." I didn't admit that the dog paddle was the extent of my swimming prowess. I'd just keep Reid out of the deep end. Problem avoided.

I crossed the street, looking both ways. Some of the teens in the neighborhood were driving now, and my street had more than its share of hot-rodding.

Clara greeted me at the front door with a clump of red and blue material in her hand. "Thank you, Mr. Marcus. Now put this on and I'll introduce you to my niece. She's cooling her heels out back."

Clara handed me a mass of knit tentacles. I held up the red swimming suit, which was adorned with over a dozen blue protruding tubes. Each was a knit cylinder about six inches long, filled with foam, sticking out. Was this some kind of joke? "I can't wear this."

"Oh, but you must. I made it especially for your condition. You'll see." She pointed to the powder room on the first floor. I'd cleaned up there once after sex with Randi and Brandi. "Go on."

I locked the door, so that Clara didn't bust in while I was undressed. I slipped out of my clothes and stacked them on the floor. It was impossible to tell the front of the swimsuit from the back until I examined the tentacles more closely. All of them except one was filled with a foam insert, making them stand away from the body. However, one was hollow. Ah ha! I pulled the suit up my legs, keeping the empty tentacle in front. With my dick flaccid, it fit nicely in the knit cylinder, hanging down. The other tentacles were elevated, camouflaging my organ. And, if for some reason I got an erection, my dick would look like just another foam protrusion. Clara was brilliant! This is the kind of creativity Zenellis would have rewarded. After taking a series of compromising pictures for blackmail, of course.

I opened the door. Clara stood, admiring her work.

"How does it fit?" she asked.

"You did a great job."

"Yes, I did." She reached forward and gave the only limp tentacle an extended squeeze. "Just keep the suit dry."

Her grope caused some inflation. Now my penis was a perfect match for its foam-filled neighbors. Keeping a bathing suit dry made no sense, but she was the fabricator, so I nodded.

"Follow me out back. You haven't seen the pool, have you?" She paused at the back door. "Before I introduce you, you should know the reason Reid is here is. My sister doesn't know how to deal with Reid's insatiable curiosity about sex."

Great, leaving me alone with a sexually curious young woman. I knew how this would end, and it hadn't started.

Clara continued, "She's been asking questions, and I've done my best to answer them. But she's very vulnerable right now; so as much as you might be tempted, don't do anything with her while I'm away. Agreed?"

"Fine by me. I'm just here to keep her water-safe."

In all of my visits to the Cockerels', I had never looked out into their backyard. Clara had made quite an investment. The deck material was simulated stone with a grippy surface, to prevent slips and accidents. The pool itself was a rectangle with rounded corners. Lanes had been painted for serious swimming. "I do a couple dozen laps every morning. It's great exercise." At the far end were two diving boards, one low and one much higher, at least from my perspective.

Sitting on a nylon mesh chair was a young lady in a terrycloth robe down to her knees. She was slim with her hair pulled back into a high ponytail. The slight pattern continued with her legs. Her eyes went wide at the sight of me, or perhaps it was my unique bathing suit.

"Mr. Marcus, this is my niece." Reid held out her arm. Her handshake was like a wet noodle. Reid needed lessons on her grip. "Reid, Mr. Marcus has agreed to watch you while I'm gone."

Reid crossed her arms on her chest. "I don't need a babysitter."

I hadn't thought of my role in that light, but Reid was right. This time, I was the babysitter. "You won't even know I'm here," I said.

"Mr. Marcus won't be obtrusive," said Clara. "Stay in the shallow end of the pool until I get back and test you."

"Oh, Auntie."

Clara strutted away. For an old broad, she still knew how to shake her ass.

Reid's sour expression lasted until she looked back at me. The sight of my octopus suit brought a smile back to her face. "Did Auntie knit that for you?"

I nodded. "She says she knits all the time."

Reid came closer and batted at one of the tentacles. Phew, a foam one. "I think it's cute. If you were a superhero, they'd call you PenisMan."

Her first sexual comment. I tried to keep a straight face. Ignore her and she'll stop.

"She made my suit too." Reid opened her robe. Reid had a nice shape, too nice to ignored. The bulk of her height was from her legs. On top, the bikini was form fit. The cups covered her half-globe breasts precisely, with strings holding the cups to her chest. On the bottom, her crotch was wrapped in matching blue, with strings around her flared hips, tied at the sides. The rest of Reid's body was bare, available for inspection. "What do you think?" She did a model's turn. Her ass was round with not a hint of sag. Expected at her age. How old was she, anyway? No matter, I promised hands off.

"Clara certainly matches form with function," I said.

"Can I show you my dive?" Reid asked. "I've been practicing at school." The ponytail must have slipped, because she raised her hands above her head to tighten it. Reid's chest pushed forward, the strings taut. I wondered how much tension it would take for the top to pop, so I could see those perfectly shaped tits.

I was tempted to ask what school. College meant legal. High school left the question open, but probably not. "You heard your aunt. Shallow end."

Reid jumped into the knee-high water. "Are you coming in? I need someone to play with."

It wasn't going to be me. "No thanks." Clara had warned me off getting the suit wet. So, if there was a problem, what was I supposed to do? Throw Reid a life preserver? A quick glance around the pool area told me that wasn't an option.

A wave of water doused me. Reid laughed and sprayed me again. She had a supply of ammunition while I was a stationary target, defenseless. Since I couldn't go in, she was safe from retaliation.

Reid was no dummy. She edged her way around until she was in the deep end. Oh shit! Then she grabbed the lower diving board and worked her way towards the far end. She must have had more arm strength than was evident from her physique and handshake, because she lifted herself up onto the board from the water. The top half of her body was prone against the board, her ass sticking out. Only a string ruined the butt landscape. God, her ass cheeks were round. Her legs flailed as she tried to climb the rest of the way onto the board. Flashes of crotch from thighs opening and closing had the expected result. Now my dick rose higher than any of the foam filled appendages.

Reid made it up and was standing on the board, hands on her hips. "Watch this."

"Don't!" I tried to be authoritative without any reasonable threat to back me up.

"Okay, I'll use the higher board." She scampered off one and onto the other before I could run the length of the pool. I thought about rushing onto the board, but she might jump out. Instead, I took a place at the side of the deep end. "Have you used a board that high?" I asked.

"Nope, but what's the diff? All boards are the same."

I was about to explain about tension adjustments and spring, but I was too late. She'd backed up and skipped the short length, pausing to bounce on the end. Except the board sprung back fast. Her legs took the impact, buckling her knees and passing the stored momentum up her body. She leaned, tilted and fell forward. Her foot thumped against the end of the board as she toppled. Damn! She went under, unprepared.

The hell with the suit and Clara's warning. I jumped in, cannonball style and opened my eyes. The chlorine burned. Reid was two feet under; eyes and mouth wide open in a silent scream. I grabbed her around the waist and pulled her up. She coughed and spit as we broke the surface, but at least she was breathing. With only one hand to paddle, it took a while for me to get us to the edge by a ladder. I pushed her up first. One hand on her bare ass was necessary to get her out. Yes, I enjoyed the feeling, but this was a rescue, not a seduction. I climbed out after her. She'd collapsed on the grass, curled up in fetal position, coughing. I helped her to her feet and led to a concrete bench, one of many bordering the pool. She leaned forward, still spitting up water. Her drenched bikini top sagged away from her body. The upper curves of her tits were exposed. No droop at all.

"See what happens when you don't listen." I used my best disregarded-father demeanor. "You could have drowned."

Reid looked up. Her eyes got big and her mouth opened. I glanced down. All of the foam filled tubes sagged after absorbing water. Only the one holding my dick stood outright. Damn, that's why Clara warned me away. So now what?

"What's wrong with your swimsuit?" she asked. She leaned closer.

To prevent her from grabbing hold, I backed away, several feet. "I don't know what you mean." I turned my back, praying for my erection to subside.

Reid jogged around in front of me, within arms reach. "It looks like there's a problem with your suit. Mine too. See?" She spread the material around one breast. A nipple was trapped between the knits and purls. "It pinches real bad." In a smooth motion she pulled the top off her tits and over her head. So that's how it would happen. The breast flesh was firm and remained the same shape without support. And her two nipples were fiercely erect. She rubbed her breasts, letting her fingers flick the nipples. "Do you like my tities?" she asked. "Do you think I'm sexy? I, mean, since they're so small?"

I swallowed hard. What could I say that would be honest but not lead her on? "They're very nice. But you should cover up, because I shouldn't be looking at them."

"Why are all of your octopus thingies hanging down except this one?" She put her hand around the knit sock that covered my prick. A look of combined surprise and delight flashed onto her face. "Oh my god! Is this your-" She stopped talking and grabbed even harder. The material chafed my sensitive skin. She shook, agitated, with a firm grip, not like her handshake. "Oh my god. I've got my hand on your –" She refused to name the object of her attention. And it was at full attention, due to her grip.

"You're rubbing me the wrong way." Literally.

She opened her fingers. "What's the matter? Tell me, and I'll do it better. Please give me a chance."

To do what? Give her a sex education? I didn't sign on for that. Clara had been explicit. "The suit was irritating, that's all. Like your top excited your nipples." They hadn't gone down. "My penis is sensitive. You did nothing wrong." Why give the young lady a complex and deprive many young men hand jobs?

"I can fix that." Before I could react, she slid the suit from my hips. Except, my penis had swollen so much that the tube didn't come off. So the suit hung at mid-thigh, my penis trapped in the cylinder.

"I've got it," she said. She used her fingertips to peel the sheath from my dick, and then there was nothing left to hide. Her hand returned to my erection, just past the tip. "Is that better?"

God, it was terrific. She bounced with excitement, her arm motions vigorous. My prick was drooling at the prospect of sex. That gave her additional lubrication. Her hand slid, distributing precum over the head and under the most sensitive areas under the crown.

"It's getting slimy. Is that supposed to happen?"

"Yes. Slick is good." But what she was doing was not. I backed away. A cement bench caught the backs of my legs. I fell, grabbing the bench before I fell over. I ended up on my back, legs dangling off one side of the bench. Reid ran over, straddled the bench and sat close to me. Once more, her hand found my prick.

"Why is slippery good?" she asked.

What was I supposed to say? That it allows easier access to a woman's pussy? At least her bottoms were still in place, although with her legs spread, the edges of her cunt lips were peeking into view. Reid leaned forward, her face less than a foot from my dick.

"We shouldn't be doing this," I cautioned.

"Damn right you shouldn't." It was Clara. What timing! "What did I tell you?"

Was she talking to Reid or me?

"Come here, young lady." Reid and Clara sauntered away, Clara's arm around her niece. I couldn't hear their discussion, but Reid's arms waved wildly, occasionally her finger pointing to me on the bench. My erection began to fade. Thank goodness. Clara would straighten Reid out, I'd get dressed, and that would be that. A major gaff avoided.

I managed to get upright, grab my octopus suit and cover my crotch with it. The pair walked back to my bench, Clara's hand on Reid's shoulder. Friends again, how nice. "All settled?"

"Yes, Mr. Marcus," said Clara. "Except I'd like your assistance with a demonstration."

Oh-oh. Why did this feel like the proverbial slippery slope? "What kind of demonstration?"

"Nothing you'd object to, I'm sure. Your penis is the first one Reid has ever seen. I want to use it as a prop, if you will. Is that okay with you?"

A prop? "Just to demonstrate?"

"That's right. Just straddle the bench and lay back. Trust me."

This was the same woman who'd groped my dick twice. She'd also told me to keep my hands off her niece, and I had. How far could this demonstration go, anyway? My prick was ahead of my head on that one. My erection returned.

Clara plucked my swimsuit away. "See? Mr. Marcus must be having lascivious thoughts. He is getting hard again. Naughty Mr. Marcus, but perfect for our purposes."

Reid scratched at her groin. Was her cunt tingling, or was it the material?

"What's wrong, dear?" Clara asked.

"Our suits were itchy," said Reid. "You should have used softer yarn."

"Is that right? I'm terribly sorry." With a flick, Clara untied one of Reid's bows. Her G-string bottom fell to the ground. Clara snatched it up. "I'll need to insert liners. Have a seat dear. You straddle the bench too, just like Mr. Marcus."

Reid's pussy was explicitly exposed. My cock danced at the sight. Just what was I going to demonstrate? My impersonation of Old Faithful?

"Reid told me you advised her slippery was good. Is that correct?"

I couldn't take my eyes off Reid's cunt, just a couple of feet away. It looked damp. I nodded.

"Why don't you check if Reid is slippery?" Clara asked.

I started to reach forward but stopped in mid-gesture. "You told me to keep my hands off. Right?"

Clara stroked her chin. Reid's hand returned to my dick.

"Yes, that's correct. Reid, why don't you use Mr. Marcus's penis to see if you're slippery."

Reid froze in mid stroke. "Huh?"

"Straddle his hips and rub his erection along your vaginal opening, to determine if you're slippery."

This was going to be some demonstration. Did Clara intend for me to demonstrate penetration? Reid's hand was unsteady as she positioned herself above me. She had to crouch a bit for our genitals to make contact. But what contact it was!

"That's right, slide his penis back and forth. Does it feel slippery?"

"Oh yes! But how do I know if it's from his leaking, or from me?"

"Hang on for a moment." Clara scooted over to a nearby chair and grabbed a towel. With a swipe, she dried my prick. "There. Try again."

I could tell immediately it was Reid's secretions that were lubricating her pussy.

"I must be leaking!" Reid's front to back motions concentrated at the front. "Why does one spot feel better?"

"That's your clitoris. It's like a very small penis, and extremely sensitive. Mr. Marcus, would you do the honors?

"But you said no –"

Clara cut me off. "Use your tongue. That would be gentler than your fingers anyway."

Reid laid back. I sat up and bent towards her pussy. It reeked of sex. God, she was juicy. My tongue confirmed her excretions. The tip of my tongue slid up her crease, finding her sex nubbin between the folds of skin. I lapped at her pussy with the flat of my tongue, and flicked her clit with the tip. Reid's hips lurched up to my face in response. She gurgled and sighed.

Clara stood tall, almost proud. "There. See, Reid? Very sensitive indeed."

Reid sat up and pushed me back. Her hand grabbed my dick and thrust it against her cunt. Although she was pretending merely to slide my dick along the outside, the head split her cunt lips. I wasn't technically in her, but my dick was massaging the opening. With any extra pressure, I'd pop past.

Coach Clara kept an eagle eye peeled. "Keep stroking, Reid. You're not ready for penetration."

Thank God Clara had some limits to this demonstration. It wouldn't take much more titillation and I'd be cuming. "Do you want Reid to see a man ejaculate?"

"Why, Mr. Marcus? Are you close?"

"It's not going to take much more, I'll tell you that."

"All right then. Reid, follow my directions very carefully. When a man is stimulated, he climaxes by ejaculating sperm from his penis. You've done a superb job of getting Mr. Marcus aroused and maintaining sexual stimulation. A woman also has the opportunity to climax. How are you feeling?"

"I could use some more, you know, excitement."

"Very well. Mr. Marcus, Perhaps Reid's breasts could use some attention.

Her nipples were pointy, waiting to be sucked. So I sat up, putting Reid squarely above my lap, and sucked her tits, one at a time.

"Better?" Clara asked.

"Uhhh-huhhhhh." Reid moaned.

Then I felt the pop. The tip of my dick was past her cunt lips. It was minimal, but penetration nonetheless.

Reid was no longer rubbing me along her slit. She was pumping me, up and back, just inside her pussy. Only the head was penetrating. She was tight. The pressure was amazing. Blood rushed to keep my dick firm against her resisting flesh. Should I rat Reid out? Clara could see for herself, if she looked.

"Reid, you're humping." She slapped Reid's ass. "You're not ready."

"But Auntie, it feels so good."

The second slap was even sharper. Reid rose up and my penis broke free.

"Perhaps you should help hold Reid up. Place your hands around and under her thighs." I did as she commanded, the tips of my fingers inches away from her pussy, just below her ass cheeks.

"I know!" Clara shouted. "You two haven't kissed. Show her how a man kisses a woman he loves."

Reid leaned forward and tilted her head to the side. Our lips met, soft and gentle. I wanted to inhale her. Her leg strength was failing, and in my position, I had little leverage. Slowly, she was sinking, my prick poised at her cunt. And the rubbing against her and the kissing had my dick throbbing for release. I wanted to cum real bad. If something didn't happen soon, I'd thrust my hips up and violate both Clara's rule and her niece's pussy.

"Reid, did it feel good to have Mr. Marcus's penis inside?"

"Oh yes!" Reid whimpered. "So good. Oh so good. Can I have it again?"

"Just the tip, like before."

I wasn't asked, but then again, would I have said no? Just by her squatting, I reentered Reid's moist crevasse.

Reid shook, trying to maintain her precarious position. "Can I take more? Oh please, you're both teasing me."

And me. I wanted to fuck, too. We both did. Mean Clara, controlling us, manipulating us. How about a fucking demonstration?

"Bounce up and down, but just on the tip," said Clara.

The most sensitive part of my dick is just below the head, on the bottom side. And it was getting a torturing workout, wiggling past Reid's tight hole. Not as tight as before, but extremely stimulating. Without doing anything else, more than sufficient for me to blow a load.

"Maybe I should show Reid an ejaculation," I said. I figured spunking on her chest, between her breast mounds, would be effective.

"Not yet. Are you getting hotter?" Clara asked Reid.

"Oh yes. It feels so good. We're fucking, aren't we? Please, tell me we're fucking."

"This is an advanced form of foreplay, not true fucking."

Bullshit! I was penetrating Reid's tight pussy. Yes, maybe only an inch or two, but I was in just the same.

"Can I have more, so that I'm fucking?" Reid asked.

"How are you coming, Mr. Marcus? Almost ready?"

I nodded, gritting my teeth and holding my breath. I expected that after just a couple more strokes, by Reid or myself, she'd have a stream of cum across her torso.

"Let me know when you're about to burst, and we'll take the next step. Reid, remember what we agreed?" Clara put her fingers on my cock.

Reid was moaning. I pushed Clara's hand away as my hips bucked. I wanted fucking, even if it was only two inches deep. I couldn't hold back. "I'm ready!" I shouted.

"Do it, Reid" said Clara. "Now!"

Reid took a deep breath and sat down hard. My prick ripped into her pussy, the full eight inches. The shock dazed me, but not my reproductive system. The tight flesh caressing my dick provided the last bit of resistance I needed. Sperm erupted inside her pussy.

"Now ride him. Ride him until you reach orgasm," Clara cried.

Reid leaned against me, her head on my shoulder. She gripped my arms, bouncing her hips against me. Although I'd ejaculated, the velvety friction of her pussy was maintaining my erection. God, she was fucking me, like an animal, long hard thrusts. So I joined in, matching her timing, lifting my hips off the unforgiving concrete on her downward pulse.

Reid began to moan, grunting like an animal. "Yes, yes, yes, oh yes, harder, deeper, gimme, fuck, gimme, gimme."

My cum acted as lubricant, keeping our organs sliding. Reid stopped humping and ground her cunt against my pubis, the top edge of my dick against her clit. Somehow, without me even being conscious of the fact, I felt myself cum again. Not as hard or with the same force as the first time, but a noticeable ejaculation. How did I do that?

Reid shrieked, once, twice, three times, then fell limp against me. I held her in an embrace. We were both spent. The demo was over.

"And that, my dear, is sex. Hot, lusty, and successful for both parties." Clara turned to me. "Thank you, Mr. Marcus, for a marvelous demonstration."

"You're welcome. I think."

Clara helped Reid get up from my groin. Her genitals were puffy and red, well exercised. My erection was gone, my dick red, deflated and sticky.

"Would you like to stay and watch Reid's swimming lesson?" Clara asked.

"No thanks," I replied. "I'm going to use the power room and get dressed."

"As you wish. Reid will be here the remainder of the week."

Reid smiled and licked her lips. I waved, to be polite. A repeat performance under Clara's supervision was out of the question. If I was going to have sex, it was going to be under my terms, not those of a horny old lady.

I padded into the house, naked. My clothes were still in the pile I'd left. When I exited the powder room, dressed, Clara was waiting for me. "You deserve an explanation."

Damn right! A demonstration of foreplay that was spun into hardcore fucking! I stood silent, arms folded on my chest. "Go on."

"I was lucky enough to have a good husband, Elmer, may he rest in peace. He was built like you, long and hard, almost exactly. Surely I have needs, but I'm too old to be catting around for male company, if you know what I mean."

I nodded. Clara wasn't my type, although subtract two or three decades and I would have already had her horizontal.

Clara continued, "I believe it's important for a young woman to learn the pleasures of sex, and her responsibilities as well. So when my relatives, like my sister, have problems with their children that way, they turn them over to me. Elmer used to assist, bless his heart."

Oh yes, Blessed Elmer of The Big Dick, fucking his nieces for educational value. Like I'm buying that. "How sweet."

"After he passed, my lessons became completely theoretical. I'd use pictures and such, assisted by Mr. Stiffy. I had a blow-up male doll once, but one of my heavier nieces came down too hard and it exploded."

I thanked my lucky stars Reid wasn't that niece.

"I believe that fate has brought us together. For a special purpose."

"Your partner in Sex Education?" I asked.

Clara nodded vigorously, and then took my right hand in both of hers. "You are truly blessed with perfect physiology. I can direct your gift to those who need it."

Yeah, right between the legs of her female family members. I wondered how large Clara's family was, but decided not to ask. "I'll consider it, on a case-by-case basis."

Clara smiled like a Cheshire Cat. She reached down and gave my dick a squeeze, her version of a handshake to seal our agreement? I'd made a deal with a horny devil.

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