The Wimp and the Deb
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, DomSub, FemaleDom, Spanking, First, Squirting,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The story of a misfit but highly intelligent schoolboy and computer genius who has a fascination for a girl who is part of the richest family in the area. She is beautiful but seems to be a flighty socialite until circumstances change and she is faced with challenges she never expected, How are their lives going to interact and will there be a romantic outcome? Explicit sex may well form an integral part of this story.

Rory (The Wimp)

Hi my name is Rory McGregor and I have just finished my third year at High school in a small English town. You might as well know from the start the kind of guy I am. I'm a loner and a wimp, tall and skinny and probably less muscle than a jelly fish. I am an only child and live with my widowed mother. I can't talk to girls never mind date them. I don't have any friends and the most exercise I get is when my fingers flash across the computer keyboard. That takes me to the upside.

I may be tall and skinny but from watching other guys in the gym and in the changing room at the swimming pool I guess I am rather well endowed in my sexual organs. My cock is about seven and a half inches long and is so thick I can't lose my hand around it. Not that it does me much good since I am still a virgin, though I have to confess it does get regular exercise as I masturbate frequently. But I will tell you more about that later when I finish telling you about my other virtues.

I am also computer genius; I can hack into other computers with some serious safety systems. There are clever people out there trying to prevent people like me from invading their systems, but as those of you who have been struck down by computer viruses know there are also geniuses like me who can break through their safeguards and get into their secrets.

I am also brainy. I am a whizz kid at maths I stroll through physics and chemistry and languages come easily to my lips. I have never had anything less than an A in the whole of my school life. In secondary schools in England we start at the age of eleven and then in our fourth and Fifth year we study for our GCSEs and in the sixth and seventh year study for our A Levels. I don't expect anything less than A grades with any of these.

It is because of this that I won a scholarship to one of the best public schools in my area. Now that might confuse some people. Public schools in England are really private fee paying schools, the big ones like Eton, Winchester and Harrow are perhaps the most famous, but there are hundreds of smaller ones all over the country. Around Manchester where I live, Church Hill School is one of the best and always comes well up the academic league tables that are now published regularly. This means that there is always a great demand for places and to win a scholarship there is quite a feat.

A scholarship still places a demand on the parents of children attending these schools. The regulations regarding school uniforms are strictly enforced and have to be bought from the prestigious shops which are more expensive. Since we are pretty low on the income scale, it is fortunate that my mum cleans one of the big houses in the area and Mrs Barlow, her employer has a son who is two years ahead of me and goes to the same school. Mrs Barlow was delighted when my mum told her that her son had won a scholarship to her own son's school and she passes down his stuff to me. We must have been about the same height at each stage and my mum is a dab hand with the sewing machine so she can always adjust them to fit my slighter build.

It was this that led me into a life of crime. I did not mind being poor and the uniform meant that everybody dressed the same so you could not tell from appearances who were the really rich kids and who were the very poor. But other things gave you away like accents and not being able to enrol for certain school activities if you could not afford the extra fees that these required. Most people on scholarships integrated very well as their parents could afford to meet the extra costs and they had the social skills to make themselves acceptable to one or other of the groupings that form in any school or in any society for that matter.

However, as I said right at the start I was a born misfit. I did not fit in anywhere. This meant I got a bit of bullying in the early days, but the school had a robust anti bullying policy, so it never got out of hand. It was also helped in my third year when the son of the town's leading light and the star of our rugby team discovered I was a computer whiz kid. He was having trouble with his laptop crashing and had lost some material that he needed for one of his projects he came to me and asked if I could get it back for him.

I found out the reason why his machine crashed and fixed it. I was also able to restore the lost documents. After this he always spoke to me when passing and once or twice stopped at the place where I usually ate my lunch sandwiches to ask advice on how to do various things with his computer. Since His family were the main employers in the town and since a lot of the other employment depended on the success of their enterprises, this seemed to give me some kind of status and I was left alone.

You might be wondering how this led to my life of crime. It was one of the articles he was producing for his study. It drew attention to the fact that banks profited to the tune of millions of pounds from accounts that had been opened by people and then for some reason or another were left untouched. Perhaps it was because the person had died or moved away and forgot about it, or perhaps lost the details of it and being such small amount they could not be bothered going to the trouble of doing something about it.

Whatever the reason it seemed there were many such accounts. I decided to have a look at this and sure enough when I got through their safeguards I was able to access these accounts. I set myself a standard. If an account had lain untouched for twenty years and had less than one hundred pounds in it, then I would transfer that sum to an online account.

In order to be able to do this I opened an Isa on the internet. Isa's were tax free and would not attract the attention of the tax man as long as you did not exceed the yearly limit imposed upon them. Since you could only have one, I opened one in my own name and another in my mother's name and was able to deposit a yearly amount in each.

The limit at that time was around Five thousand pounds in any one year. So between the two accounts I could deposit ten thousand pounds in any one year.

I was not avaricious, however, and settled for much more moderate sums which enabled me to get anything I needed without bothering my mother. My desktop computer was now a state of the art and my mother, who knew nothing about computers, never noticed. My laptop was in the same category but had a battered looking case so that I was able to fool my mother into believing that a schoolmate whom I had helped with computing problems had passed it on to me because he had upgraded his own laptop to a much higher spec.

I rationalised this activity by telling myself that I was not really robbing anyone but the banks, who in turn were stealing the money from their customers by not chasing them down and making them aware that all this money was sloshing about in the banks coffers. To trace my activities if they ever found out about them we would have to go through so many false trails I had set up that they would need to be very clever to do so.

I told you right at the start that I was useless with girls. That did not mean that I didn't know anything about female sexuality. The internet is a wonderful place for learning about anything, including how to please a woman. There were sites that described female sexuality in all its intimate details with pictures and instructions on how to stimulate and excite them and I studied these avidly.

There were also the sites with erotic stories and again I was a regular reader of these also. I liked romantic stories, fantasy and sci-fi and bdsm, though I could never see myself being able to order a woman to do anything and totally lacked the confidence that would make such a lifestyle a possibility for me. That was certainly the case where the woman of my dreams was concerned. She was the daughter of the richest family in town, and the sister of Tom, the guy who had asked for help with his computer.

Their father seemed to have the Midas touch and everything he attempted succeeded even where others had failed. He had inherited a factory that made parts for the motor industry, and under his guidance they hand machined parts to tolerances that enabled him to win contracts from the Japanese for their factories in this country and gone on from that to export them to their factories in Japan also.

He had taken over a local group of failing supermarkets and turned them into places that rivalled the big multinationals in the area. He did the same with a chain of betting shops by upgrading them into the kind of places that punters wanted to spend time in and not merely bet. With the advent of David Cameron's government he was in the process of bidding to take over the role of supervising the community service sentencing programme.

His argument being that if he was allowed to privatise it, not only could he do a better job than the local council but because of the many businesses he controlled he was in an ideal position to offer jobs to one time offenders and thereby prevent them from reoffending. My bet was that he would get it and succeed in this too just as he had done with everything else.

This brings me back to his daughter, Rebecca McFarlane and my dreams. She is a fairly average student but the queen bee of all the social activities. She is also a very talented athlete in track and field and in the netball team. She also plays the flute in the school orchestra and is a leading light in the drama society. More important to my masturbation fantasies however she is about five feet eight tall with gorgeous long legs, a fantastic bum, and a neat waist, beautifully developed tits and a face that would have launched as many ships as Helen of Troy. In other words she is drop down dead gorgeous and way out of my league.

Hey, one is allowed to dream even if you know that the dream will never materialise. One thing is certain, I know that in the coming year she will still again have a central and a starring role in my fantasies. So it is back to school and the start of serious study over the next two years for our GCSE's. In those classes we share I will continue to ogle her behind her back and dream of the things I would like to do to her and for her.

Rebecca. (The Debutant: a socially desirable mate for a man of the same well to do class.)

My name is Rebecca McFarlane and I can't believe I am sitting here in this packed church crying. That coffin sitting in front of the altar contains my big brother whom I idolised and loved. He was everything a girl could desire. He was a hunk and girls threw themselves at him but he never took advantage of them. He had a steady girlfriend who would now be as devastated as I was. He was a great athlete, a first class scholar and the apple of my father's eye. He was being groomed as the heir apparent to all our business ventures and would gradually have grown into that role and would have been as successful as his dad had been.

My mum and dad were sitting beside me stony faced, but I knew that inside they were feeling the same grief and pain that I was feeling. At the end of the third week of his first term at university he had gone climbing in the Scottish Hills with the university climbing club. In my opinion a stupid macho sport if ever there was one. When I told him that once, he had laughed and said that some of the best climbers in the world were women.

The worst part of it was they had made the climb and were stowing away their gear at the top of the ascent when somebody had accidentally kicked his rucksack which then threatened to slide over the edge of the cliff. Instinctively he had dived to save it and slipped on the ice and gone over the edge himself. The mountain rescue people had got him to hospital in Fort William but he had been in a coma and a fortnight later he had died without recovering consciousness.

What a stupid waste of a brilliant young life and my heart was breaking. Our family has suffered the most tragic of losses and would never be the same. Little did I know how right I was and that for me, much worse was to come. On the second weekend after the funeral, my father had told me he wanted to see me in his study after breakfast. When I entered he was staring out the window with a haunted expression on his face. When he heard me enter he turned towards me and beckoned to a seat which had been placed in front of his desk.

As I sat down he took the chair behind the desk and looked at me intently for a moment or two and then he started to speak. He outlined for me the extent of our family's businesses in our small town and the surrounding area. He then went on to say that this placed a tremendous responsibility on his shoulders. He had literally thousands of people's well being in his hands for they depended on him and his success for their jobs and their livelihood.

When your brother was alive, he had told me, I felt I had an heir whom I could groom to take over the business on my death or retirement and that it would be in safe hands. Tom knew and accepted the responsibility for the well being of this little community which depended so much on us making the right decisions and doing the right thing. I have never been in business merely to make money; my father had gone on to say. I am in business because I am good at it and it enables me to provide for others as well as my own family.

While that was the case, he went on, I could allow my little girl whom I loved just as much as my son, a freedom I never had. As long as your grades were reasonable, I could enjoy the fact that you were the leading socialite of your little elite group. I could admire and enjoy your fine skills as an athlete, musician and dramatist and not worry that perhaps you were underachieving academically.

Now, however things have changed, and I have to talk to you about the responsibilities of wealth and the obligations it places or ought to place on those who have it. For the good of this community, I am going to ask you to think about these responsibilities and outline what it means if you are to take them seriously. Until now he told me, you have been sheltered from these realities and your friends and the people you know come from the same rich group as the one to which we belong.

I would like you now to consider taking up the reigns that your brother has dropped. I would like you to come to our factory and work with the people who depend on us over the next two summer holidays so that you get to know them and their needs. You also need to look seriously at your grades and what kind of studies you need to take long term in order to be an asset to our businesses and be capable of making the decisions that are needed for the future.

You will not be alone in this learning process because I will be there by your side as you learn the things you need to know. But the thing that shook me most came in his next statement. Had your brother lived, he went on; as long as the man you chose made you happy I would have accepted him with open arms. But when it comes to marriage my darling I would like you not only to look for love. I would like you also to look with your reason. I would want you to ask yourself is this the kind of man, not only to love me and be loved by me, but also, will he be the kind of man who will share my responsibilities and play his part in the well being of our business and our community.

Roger, the guy you are currently dating is a good looking guy but his potential is limited by his lack of real brain power. You might argue that his grades are as good as yours and I would agree, he had told me. But you are involved in so many things that limit your study time and this produces the lower grades you achieved. If you put your mind to it I am sure the potential you have to improve is much greater than his.

At this point he paused and seemed to be thinking about what he was going to say next. Then he seemed to draw a deep breath and continued.

I am going to tell you something now, he had said, but you must never breathe a word of it to your mother. When I was a young man, she would not have been my first choice for a wife, but I had plans for our factory and my father pointed out if we were going to expand along these lines we needed a lot more capital than we could lay our hands on. He also pointed out that your mother was smitten by me and was a very good looking young woman and rich in her own right to boot.

I thought at the time that although he was right about those things I felt that she was a bit shallow. She was also a bit of a scatterbrain and I was resisting her obvious advances. However I decided to start dating her and discovered she was not as scatterbrained as I thought. I also discovered something else about her, she had a very submissive side to her nature and that I could do things with her that probably would not be possible with many other women and this appealed to my dominant side and to my sexual inclinations.

So I took her as my wife not just for her money, but because she needed somebody like me who would use her for his pleasure but not abuse her and who would make sure she found pleasure and satisfaction as well. Now I love her with all my heart and I have never felt the need to look at another woman because no other woman would love me and do for me what she does. He ended up asking me if I understood what he was saying on this matter?

I was somewhat shocked by this revelation but I knew where he was coming from. I like erotic literature on the net so I know about dominant and submissive relationships, and I felt a tingle in my nether regions as I wondered how far he and my mum went in that direction. I could not help having a vision of my mum naked over his knee as he spanked her for some infringement before taking her and using her for his pleasure. After a pause while I had thought about this, I got myself under control and said,

"I understand what you are saying dad, and If you feel that these changes are necessary for the good of our family and community, I am not so selfish as to say I want no part of it. If you want me to attempt and take up the mantle of my brother I will try. I understand also what you say about the qualities needed in any future mate and I will think about that as well, but I am a bit puzzled about why you revealed the last part regarding your relationship with my mother and her submissiveness."

He looked at me for a moment or two and then said,

"Because I think one of the attractions about Roger for you is that he gives in to your every whim and does what you want at every turn. It is the same in most group situations you are the dominant and the leader and others follow at your bidding. It is these qualities that make me think that you have the leadership and the drive to become an effective force in our company. You will do by force of will and by the qualities of leadership you have you will get done what has to be done.

I need you to be more aware of your dominant side however, so that it does not blind you to good suggestions from others or to the needs of others. Your brother would have done it through charm, personality, charisma and a true goodness of heart because he truly cared for others. You have some of the same qualities but would exercise them in a different ways. The danger of your style of management would lie in the fact that you might, in certain situations, be ruthless and overlook good suggestions from others. Your bothers difficulties would have come when hard decisions were needed and people had to be laid off for the good of the whole and other hard situations where the confrontation was necessary"

"I never realised what I did and how people responded to me till you pointed it out dad." I told him. "You have given me a lot to think about and it is going to mean a big reorganisation of my life. I only hope I can do it and that you are not making a mistake about my potential, for until now I have not seen myself as you see me."

My dad laughed and said,

"Ah well, we have Scottish ancestry and it was a Scottish poet who brilliantly saw the need for another perspective on ourselves when he asked

'O wad some power the giftie gie us!

To see oursels as ithers see us.

It wad frae monie a blunder free us

An foolish notion:'*

I am glad though that you have listened and cared about what I have said without tantrums or decrying your lot. I want you to know girl I have always loved you every bit as much as your brother and as I consider your response to what I have had to tell you and ask of you today I am even more proud of my very beautiful daughter"

I smiled at him and said, "I always knew that dad."

"That is good, lass." He said. "When you have had time to digest what I have told you, we will talk again."

As I went back to my room to think about what my father was asking of me

I had a sense that my childhood was over and I was going to face challenges that had never before crossed my mind. Yet I did not feel as I expected. I did not feel resentful or have a sense that burdens were being laid on my two young shoulders. I had come to a cross roads and I was being asked to choose a new and more difficult path and I knew that I would make that choice.

I also thought about what my dad had said about my dominant side and I was coming to realise that he was right. I just took it for granted that people did my bidding and often sought to please me without thinking about why. This led me to contemplation of my father's relationship with my mother.

He had more or less told me he was her dominant and she was his submissive and all sorts of erotic images were flashing through my mind of him having her kneeling before him and taking his hard cock in her mouth and sucking him to a climax and swallowing his cum. He talked about fulfilling his sexual tastes and I wondered if that meant taking her up her back passage.

Once again I had the erotic image of him spanking her and then fucking her because of some infringement of his rights. This slowly translated itself into me as the dominant and thinking of a man kneeling before me as I ordered him to suck my pussy. I imagined myself in kinky leather and him tied up and ready to be spanked because he had displeased me and I could feel my juices starting to flow and my hand crept inside my knickers and started to massage my pussy and before I knew it I was trying to stifle my cry as a wonderful orgasm overtook me.

When I had recovered, and put my dress back in order I made my way downstairs and went through to the kitchen where my mother was discussing the menu she wanted for dinner with our cook since our vicar and his wife was visiting us that evening. He was a nice man and his wife looked like a real dolly bird with a sparkling personality who was his Girl Friday in the work of the parish. I was sure he would be seeking to bring some comfort to my mother and father and she would play a part in that.

Come to think of it, I could do with some of that comfort myself. There was a big black aching hole in my life where my brother had been and I was having great difficulty believing in any kind of fair and just God at the moment. Yet I knew behind all that my father had said today there was in him a biblical commitment to serve and care for the community in which he and I had been placed. I had a lot of things to struggle with in the near future besides my faith.

Well one thing was clear. Roger had to go. My dad was right, he was eye candy but for the long haul that would not be enough. I giggled at myself. Listen to this girl, just turned fifteen and talking about a guy for the long haul. Just how did that come about? My next problem was how was I going to get my grades up in Maths Chemistry and Physics, I might manage it in English and French, but German was going to be a pig. I will maybe talk to my teachers this week and see what they suggest. It was a problem for another day.

From the poem "To a Louse" by Robert Burns a rough translation follows

O would some power a present give us

To see ourselves as others see us.

It would from many a blunder free us

And foolish notions.

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