The New Neighbours
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - New neighbours bring sex and excitement.

A new couple have moved in next door. They are I found out later, from the Philippines. Both are in their early forties, his name is Samuel, or Sammy, and hers is Una.

Within three weeks of meeting them, I was regularly fucking Una. Not only did Sammy know about it, he actually arranged and encouraged it. It transpired that Una was a bit of an exhibitionist, and Sammy got off on watching his wife with other men.

That first meeting was to set the trend for my relationship with Una and Sammy.

I was happily mowing the grass in my back garden, when I heard a voice call from the fence dividing my property from next door. Looking across, I saw a dark, curly haired man smiling at me. I went across and stood on a garden chair.

The smiling man offered his hand and said, ' Hello. I'm Sammy, you're new neighbour.'

I shook his hand and said, 'Hello. I'm Richard.'

We exchanged small talk for a few minutes and then he said, 'Would you like to meet my wife, Una?'

I said 'Yes, I'd be happy to'. He called out towards the house in a language I didn't understand, and shortly after a shortish, slightly chubby woman emerged. She was about five foot two or three, with jet-black hair all the way down to her waist. It was tightly plaited with a small white ribbon bow at the end. She was smiling broadly and showed off her bright white teeth. Her face was roundish and rather pretty.

Her smiling face wasn't the feature that grabbed my attention though; it was her rather large tits that caught my eye.

Her beige top had a plunging, V-neck line that exposed a great deal of her huge cleavage.

As I was standing on a seat, I was looking down on her, and straight down at her boobs.

It was fortunate that I was partly concealed behind the fence because I had a sudden and large erection.

I reached down as she reached up and shook her hand. 'This is my wife Una' Sammy said unnecessarily.

'Hello Una, pleased to meet you' I managed to mumble.

It was only after I had managed to tear my gaze away from her huge tits, that I noticed the leggings she was wearing.

They were a light grey and stretched tight across her ample arse; it was if she had just painted her legs.

Una was smiling up at me as Sammy and I made idle conversation, when Sammy said something to her in their language. Then she bent over slowly to pick up a leaf from the grass. The movement was slow and deliberate and I got an even better look at her tits as they swung down in a black bra. She straightened up and then turned and, just as slowly picked up another leaf. Now I was treated to view of her nice round arse. My erection threatened to punch a hole in the fence.

There followed many meetings like that over the fence, and each time Una would be wearing something revealing, something that showed off her body, she seemed to get a kick out of seeing me openly letch at her. The more I ogled her, the more she would show herself off. It was a nice arrangement that got a whole lot better!

On one occasion, she called to me and asked if I wanted a cold drink. I called back that it would be nice, thank you.

I stepped up on to the garden chair, which was now permanently parked against the fence, and leaned over.

I was stunned by what I saw.

Una was standing on an upturned plant pot, the size of pot you can grow a shrub or small tree in. Clutched in her small delicate hand was a long glass of orange juice, with ice cubes, a twist of lemon and an umbrella.

'Here you are Rishy' She'd had trouble saying my name earlier on and we'd settled for 'Rishy'.

I almost missed the glass completely as I reached out for it. My eyes were glued to what she was wearing, or rather not wearing. She had on, what looked like a man's chequered shirt; it was unbuttoned all the way down to her waist and loosely tucked in to her skirt waistband. She wasn't wearing a bra, and when she moved, most, if not all of her tits were visible. I had an immediate erection. This was the first time I had seen her boobs without a bra and they were fantastic, with very little droop considering their size. I was mesmerised, I just couldn't take my eyes off those huge swaying coffee coloured tits. Her nipples were large, brown and stuck out like pencil rubbers.

My hand was shaking slightly as I took a few sips from the glass, and I had to rearrange my cock as it tried to burst through my trousers. It was only when she stopped moving that the shirt covered her up. But she was fully aware of what was happening and knew exactly what I could see, and so she contrived to tidy up her hair, or scratch her neck, anything to make the shirt fall open and show off her enormous boobs. I managed to make that orange juice last fifteen minutes, all the while soaking up the fantastic show. Eventually, I had to drain the glass and thank her. She asked me if I wanted more, I certainly wanted more of the peep-show, but I declined her generous off of more juice.

She jumped down from the plant pot, and although her back was towards me, I imagined her tits bouncing and swaying as she crossed the lawn. My erection was given a boost, when I realised just how short her skirt was. It was just below her arse.

I called out to her, 'Thanks again Una, that was lovely'. She stopped, turned and smiled 'You're welcome Rishy, anytime'.

Then she bent down and picked up something from the grass. She took her time doing it, and I had plenty of time to admire her nice round arse, and the white panties between her plump cheeks. She straightened, looked back, then waved and smiled before disappearing into the house.

It was several days later that Sammy knocked on my door and invited me in for some drinks that evening.

Thinking I might get another look at Una's lovely body, I readily accepted.

I dressed casual, splashed on some aftershave and turned up on their doorstep, bottle of wine in hand at the appointed time of eight o'clock.

Sammy answered the door and ushered me inside. I wasn't sure if there was going to be other people there, but it turned out that I was the only guest. Sammy led me into the living room where Una was sitting on a sofa. I wasn't prepared for sight that greeted me. Una was wearing the shortest skirt I had ever seen, and as she rose from her seat, there was a flash of white panties. Her top was a yellow boob tube, pulled up to just above her nipples, which were jutting out through the thin material. My cock did its usual trick of trying to force its way through my flies.

She came towards me smiling, 'Thanks for coming Rishy. I've been looking forward to tonight'.

She reached up and kissed my cheek and pressed her tits in to my chest as she did so.

I was gestured to sit beside her on the sofa, and I was acutely aware of her bare legs against mine. I also had a great view of her cavernous cleavage. We chatted all evening, the wine flowed and Una got rather merry, her body spent a lot of time pressed against me and I revelled in the feel of her tits on my arm.

Then Sammy said, 'Would you like to look at some of my photos, I'm a keen amateur with the camera'.

I agreed and followed him next door to the dining room.

His computer was asleep and it awoke to a photo album called "Holiday and Una"

He started clicking away on photos of nice, unremarkable holiday snaps, mostly with Una in the foreground; she seemed a natural, even rather keen model. Then the picture changed to ones taken indoors, in hotel rooms.

All were of Una in various poses and various states of undress.

The initial photos were fairly innocent, Una in her undies standing by the bed, or lying on the bed.

But then the tone changed, Una had her bra off and was showing off her huge tits.

Sammy looked at me and winked. 'You like Una's titties Richard. They are nice and big, yes?'

I stammered slightly, 'Yes, they're very nice Sammy. Should you be showing me these?'

Sammy gave me a gentle nudge, 'Yes of course. Una likes it if you look. She likes it when men appreciate her body."

Look at these Richard. Sammy flicked through more pictures of his wife showing off her tits.

Then he stopped at a photo that made my slowly growing erection, suddenly expand to its fullest.

Una was bent over with her knickers down around her knees and her full arse and pussy on display.

The sight of that lovely round arse and her dark haired pussy made my cock twitch and threaten to burst through my zip.

Sammy looked at me with a leery grin, 'Nice eh Richard? Lovely bum and a nice tight pussy.'

I began to feel uncomfortable, both physically; my cock was straining hard for release, and emotionally. I was embarrassed to be looking at such an intimate photograph of another man's wife, with the man himself standing next to me.

'I'm sure I shouldn't be looking at these Sammy. What if Una knew I had seen these, she'd be horrified'!'

No, no she wouldn't, she'd like it. She loves to show off her body, it's a good body, why not show it?'

Sammy was not to be put off; he quickly brought up another picture of Una. This time she was on her hands and knees on the bed, side on but looking at the camera. She was smiling that lovely broad white smile, that in the circumstances might be forced, but it looked as if she was genuinely enjoying herself.

Her hefty boobs hung down gloriously, while her full round arse was raised up in the air.

The bulge in my trousers was getting uncomfortable, and I had to adjust myself.

It didn't go unnoticed. Sammy leered at me again. 'You like these, yes. You like looking at my Una, she makes you horny, yes?'

'Look, look at these Richard.' Sammy opened another folder from his disc drive.

There were more pictures, but this time, Sammy was in them with Una. He had made use of the camera's self timer.

Picture one, was with Una kneeling in front of Sammy with his cock in her mouth. Other pictures were from different angles of a similar pose with a few close ups of Una's face and mouth.

More pictures appeared with Sammy engaged in various sexual practises with Una, nothing was left out; he seemed to have covered all the bases with a porn shoot approach.

'You got a hard-on Richard, you got a stiff cock. You wait till you see this.'

Sammy took a flash drive from the desk drawer and slipped it in to a USB port. He clicked on a folder and a list of video clips appeared. 'You want to see me and Una fucking?' I was dumbfounded, I didn't speak. He took my silence as a yes.

He clicked on a clip; it was a different location to the hotel room. I guessed it was their bedroom upstairs. It was full on straight away, no foreplay, no preamble, just straight in to the shagging. Una was on her back, legs in the air and Sammy was on top, his skinny bum pumping up and down like a piston.

Sammy clicked on the volume icon, and suddenly there was a sound track to go with the images. The soft creaking noise from the bouncing bed was largely drowned out by Una's gasps and cries of passion. I thought to myself, if he's not careful, Una will hear this in the next room. I was right, Una was standing just inside the door and unbelievably, and she was smiling. I didn't know where to look; I was so embarrassed like a schoolboy caught masturbating.

'You like to see me fucking Rishy? I like fucking.' If I was embarrassed before I was incredibly uncomfortable now. I looked away from Una back at the computer screen where a change of screwing position had taken place.

Now, Una was on top, straddling Sammy and she was bouncing up and down and her tits were bouncing with her.

Una moved closer to us and stood at our shoulder watching a video of herself shagging her husband.

Sammy put his arm around her waist and said, 'Look Una, Richard has got a hard on.'

Suddenly, without warning, Sammy left the room. I was left with an amateur porn video, the female star of said video and a massive boner.

'Let me see your cock Rishy. I want to see how big I make you.' My instinct should have been to make a hasty retreat, but my arousal stopped me. Instead, I allowed Una to undo my flies and extract my cock. She took it in her hands and gently squeezed it, sliding her hand along its length as she did so.

'Hmm, you are bigger than Sammy, much bigger. Lovely big cock, would you like me to suck it Rishy?'

All I could do was to nod silently.

Una bent down, rather than knelt, and I had the expanse of her yellow clad back in front of me, gently bobbing up and down as she slid her mouth along my shaft. I couldn't resist the lure of her boobs, and so I slid my hand under her and grabbed a handful of flesh. God, there was a lot of tit in my hand, soft and warm and squidgy. I pulled the boob tube down her back, which allowed her meaty tits to swing freely.

I closed my eyes and revelled in the combined sweet sensations of Una's soft wet mouth as it slid the length of throbbing cock, and her big soft tits in my hand.

I was enjoying the feeling immensely, when I heard a sound across the room. I opened my eyes and saw Sammy standing in the doorway, with a video camera in one hand and his erect cock in the other.

So this was their game; he liked watching his wife with other men while Una liked screwing in front of her husband.

Weird, but wonderful.

Sammy smiled at me. 'Put on a good show for me Richard, give her a good fucking'.

Una, hearing her husband, stood up, her massive tits hanging in front of me.

She smiled and said, 'You want to fuck me Rishy? I want your big stiff cock up my pussy.'

I looked over at Sammy, he was still smiling, still videoing and still massaging his cock in long slow strokes.

'Go on Richard, fuck her hard. Stick your cock up her cunt.'

I looked back to Una who then turned around and bent over, hitching her short skirt up and revealing a delicate pair of white lace knickers. The contrast of the pure white panties against her coffee coloured skin was captivating.

'Pull my knickers down Rishy.'


My hand trembled slightly as I reached for the frilly waistband and pulled gently.

Her fabulous arse was revealed slowly and hypnotically, like a grand unveiling. Gradually, her glorious arse and the deep dark crack was exposed.

Sammy had moved closer, he was filming her arse.

'Come on Rishy, fuck me, I need fucking now Rishy. Come on, stick your cock up my cunt, nice and hard.'

I held my cock at the opening of her pussy; I could feel the warm wetness of her pussy lips against the tip of my cock.

Una pushed back and took the full length of my dick in to her before I could push it in.

'Mmnn, that feels nice Rishy, big and stiff. Make me cum, make me cum hard.'

Una began to move her wide hips back and forth on my shaft. 'That's good Richard, that's good. Give it to her hard, make her scream for more.'

I held Una's pumping hips and began to slide in and out of her, matching her own rhythm. She grabbed the edge of the dining table to steady herself as I increased the power of my thrusting. Her huge tits were now swaying like udders with every push of my hips, the sensation my cock was experiencing deep inside her cunt was mind-blowing.

Over the purr of Una's soft moans, I could hear a faint squelching sound as her pussy drooled cunt cream.

Sammy had knelt down and was filming my cock driving in and out of her hole.

'Nice Richard, nice. Go up her arse Richard, she loves it up her arse, don't you Una?'

Una looked back at me, no longer smiling, just a look of concentration etched on her pretty face.

'Yes ... uhhh, yes, Rishy. Up my arse, go on fuck my arse.'

I looked down at the dark crevice between her shuddering, plump arse cheeks and admired the tight hole of her arse.

I withdrew my cock slowly from her pussy, it was glistening wet with her juice, and placed it at the entrance of her arsehole. I pushed gently at her pink ring and felt it open, allowing my cock to slide in almost effortlessly. She was no newcomer to anal sex, that was clear.

'Oh, that feels nice Rishy, it feels really nice. I love your cock in me Rishy. Do it to me, fuck my arse.'

Sammy was moving around us, changing the angle of his filming.

'That's good Richard, now go right up her, right up her arse. Fuck her real hard.'

Una had let go of the table with one hand and was now busily rubbing her pussy as I began to gently pump my cock in and out of her.

Sammy moved around in front of his wife to get a shot of her tits as they swung and swayed. His cock was still jutting out of his trousers, and casually, he offered it up to Una's mouth. With the camera alternating between her mouth and her arse, he videoed his wife being fucked at both ends.

Una's hand was now frantically pounding away at her pussy, her fingers making contact with my balls as I drove in to her.

So, here I was, fucking my neighbour's wife up the arse, while she sucked his cock, completely, and wonderfully mad.

Sammy urged me on. 'Come on Richard, give it to her hard, she likes it fast and rough.'

I quickened my pace, banging her hard, and her fat round arse wobbling nicely.

I could feel myself coming, my cock was throbbing and I knew I was about to shoot my load.

'I'm going to cum, uhhh, I'm going to cum!'

Una stopped sucking Sammy's dick long enough to gasp, 'Go on Rishy, cum up me, cum up my arse.'

I didn't need telling twice, my cock spasmed as I shot my load of spunk in to Una's arse. Jet after jet of warm semen squirted in to Una's rectum. I gazed down at my wet softening cock as it slipped out of Una's hole, a dribble of cum oozed out over Una's jerking fingers and then dropped in to her knickers.

Sammy was still videoing as his cock drove in and out of her mouth.

'A good fuck eh Richard, she's a good fuck.'

I tried to smile at the man at the other end of a gently shuddering Una, her mouth still working his cock.

'Yes, she's a great fuck Sammy, really nice. Thank you for letting me... '

'No Richard. Thank you, for some great footage. I'm coming now, uhhh Una, I'm coming ... uhhhhhh.'

Sammy stopped thrusting his hips at Una's face and withdrew his wet cock from her mouth. Like me, his cock had rapidly softened. Out of the three of us, two had orgasmed, but poor Una was still unfulfilled. To remedy this, Sammy quickly dropped to his knees and stuck his head between his wife's solid thighs. The look on her face, as Sammy licked and sucked at her pussy, was of sheer delight.

Una was swaying gently as she ground her crotch in to her husband's face, reaching down to hold his head as she pressed her cunt on to his mouth.

I thought Sammy was some kind of hero to suck his wife's pussy immediately after another man had just dumped his load in to it, very noble of him.

Una didn't take long to reach her climax; Sammy was clearly adept at doing just the right thing for his wife.

A look of acute pleasure came over Una's face as she orgasmed. She lapsed in to their own language, which I learnt later, was Tagalog.

When Una had finished cumming, Sammy stood up and actually shook my hand. 'Thank you Richard, that was really good. Una liked it, didn't you Una?'

Una smiled as she pulled up her knickers and tucked her tits back inside her top. 'Oh yes. Rishy is good fucking me.

I like him doing it to me very much.'

Sammy winked at me.'You've got real fan there Richard. Here have this.' Sammy reached in to a drawer under his computer and withdrew a DVD. It was a recordable blank with the words "S/U Sex" written on it.

I must have looked a little puzzled because Sammy said, 'It's me and Una having sex. Lots of videos. You'll like it Richard.'

Una smiled that broad white smile at me, as Sammy ushered me to the door. I realised that I had fulfilled my purpose, in that I had provided Sammy with some new footage of Una having sex with another man. It dawned on me that I wasn't wanted for my sparkling wit, or my magnetic personality. All I was to them was a performing cock, and once the deed was done, I was no longer needed.

I felt a little used, but in all honesty, I couldn't complain, Una was a pretty good fuck.

Back home, I popped the DVD in to my player; I was interested to see what sort of final production Sammy made of the footage he shot.

I was pleasantly surprised. There was some nice orchestral music at the start and some half decent titles. "Sammy and Una have sex" was the first no frills title.

The first scene was of Una dancing provocatively, although it wasn't as provocative as it could have been. Una was not built for sensual dancing, her size made her look a little awkward and clumsy. However, her clothes more than made up for her lack of dancing skills. She was heavily made up with blue eye shadow and deep red lipstick and her attire was very rousing indeed.

She had on a white-buttoned top with most of the buttons undone almost to her waist so that her black bra was clearly visible. Also on show was a deep cleavage, her tits bulged over the top of a push-up bra that was plainly too small for her huge boobs. As she danced and posed, she bent forwards and shook her tits enticingly at the camera, Sammy had felt the need to zoom in at this point, leaving no doubt as to the main attraction.

Eventually, Una removed her top and pranced about in her bra, pushing and squashing her tits together.

Then came the bottom half. Una's red leather skirt was as short as it could possibly be without becoming a belt.

Black suspenders were holding up her black stockings and as she twirled around, her black lace panties regularly came in to view. She bent over to show off her magnificent knicker covered arse.

Then Una looked over her shoulder and said, straight in to the camera lens,

'Do you want to fuck me now? I want you to fuck me. I want your big hard cock deep inside my pussy.'

As if to emphasise her request, Una bent over and shook her round plump arse at the camera, and then slowly teased her panties down.

Unhurriedly, inch-by-inch, she dragged her knickers down her arse until the dark slit of her pussy was visible. Then with her long fingers, she pulled her lips apart to reveal the pink of her cunt. Sammy again had the urge to zoom in and linger on the soft fleshy hole.

Then the scene faded to black and Una's pussy vanished from sight. There was a change of view, as it appeared that the camera had now been placed on a tripod.

Now Una was standing by the end of the sofa, still wearing her bra and skirt, her panties now mysteriously pulled back up. But now she was bent over and supporting herself on the back of the couch. Sammy appeared in shot from behind the camera, and as he approached his wife she said, 'I need fucking, please fuck me.'

Sammy didn't reply, he just unzipped his trousers and produced a stiff erect cock.

Una grinned and said, 'Oh that's a lovely big cock. I want it in my pussy. Pull my knickers down and put it in me.'

Sammy lifted her skirt slightly and pulled her knickers all the way down to her knees. Positioning his cock at the opening of her pussy, Sammy pushed it deep into his wife.

Una had a look of tranquillity on her face as she said, 'Oh that feels nice. Push it in hard, all the way in, push it in me.'

Sammy grasped her slowly moving hips and began to pump his cock in and out, Una's arse wobbled with every inward thrust.

And with every push, Una's massive tits quivered like coffee coloured jelly and threatened to roll out of her bra. Each time Sammy pushed in to her, her huge tits almost tumbled out. It was hypnotic to watch as Una's arse wobbled and her tits juddered, it was also hugely erotic and arousing. It was too much to bear and I had to release my straining cock and stroke it.

As I slowly massaged my throbbing dick, Sammy on the screen reached forward and undid Una's bra clasp. The effect was as immediate as it was dramatic. Una's enormous tits swung down and began to sway back and forth. This was the final straw for me, I ejaculated high in to the air and made a mess of my trousers.

If Una had been here, a fine hard-on like that wouldn't have gone to waste, I was quite sure.

The next time I had sex with Una, about a week later, we were alone; Sammy was at work.

There was a knock at my door and Una was standing there. It took me a few seconds to focus on what she was saying as I was concentrating on her appearance. It wasn't particularly warm that March day, and yet Una seemed quite comfortable in a tight yellow boob-hugging T-shirt and very brief shorts.

It was clear from the way her big nipples jutted out through the material of her T-shirt that she was not wearing a bra.

'Hello Rishy. Can you help me in the garden please, I have some heavy pots to move?' She flashed that white smile again and seemed to thrust her tits forward as she did so.

I, of course agreed. It was obvious that this was another invitation to fuck her, and so I didn't understand why she just didn't come straight out and ask. Why the subterfuge?

I locked my door behind me and followed her next door in to her house where she closed the door behind me, smiled again and led me out in to the garden. Una pointed to a group of large plant pots.

'Thank you Rishy, I can't lift them myself. Could you please put them at the back behind the shed?'

I obliged and carried the first pot up the garden and placed it behind the shed as she'd asked, I had to admit, it was heavy and it would have been a real struggle for her on her own. She could have waited for Sammy to come home of course!

As I went to fetch the second pot, Una wandered up the garden and disappeared behind the shed.

When I finally got there with the pot, I was puffing slightly. She wasn't as weak as she made out, because she had managed to turn the pot upside down on her own and then sit on it like a stool.

I plonked the second pot down next to her, and it was then that I noticed that she had her hand down the front of her open shorts. She smiled up at me as her hand worked slowly up and down between her parted legs. 'I'm feeling sexy Rishy. Help me Rishy, put your hand down here.' She gestured towards her open shorts where a tangle of dark hair peeped out.

I smiled back and said, 'Only if you really insist.' I don't know why I suddenly wanted to play hard to get. I suppose, perhaps, it's that I like hearing a woman ask me for sexual favours instead of the other way round.

'Oh yes please Rishy, I want you to touch me there, touch my pussy.'

I went to stoop down and put my hand down her shorts when she stood up before I could get there. And as she stood up, her shorts came down, revealing no panties and a hairy cunt.

With her shorts around her ankles, she parted her legs and rested her hand on my shoulder. I slipped my hand between her chunky thighs and felt the warm moistness of her cunt around my fingers. I slid three fingers into her and rubbed her hard clit with my thumb. Una had her eyes closed as she said, 'Ohhhh, that feels good Rishy. Rub my clitty like that, it's so nice.' I gently jerked my fingers in and out of her increasingly wet pussy whilst rubbing her clit in a circular motion.

She swayed to and fro as I jerked her off, her hips moving on my hand. Her had gripped my shoulder tightly almost painfully as she concentrated on her orgasm. I had a hand free and so I shoved it up inside her T-shirt and grabbed a handful of tits. I squeezed and played with her boobs, giving her hardened nipples an occasional rub.

She was gyrating her hips forcefully, grinding her cunt on my hand, I could feel the juice running over my hand as her cunt muscles tightened on my fingers. 'Ohhh Rishy, ohhhh Rishy. I'm going to cum, I'm going to ohhhh cum.' She reached down and gripped my hand shoving it hard and violently up in to her moving crotch. 'That's so good, ohhh so good. I'm cumming Rishy, I'm uuhhhh cumming!'

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