Best Intentions
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, NonConsensual, Lesbian,

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Bailey’s friends try to help her forget her ex by inviting her along to an exclusive party in the rich part of town.

Bailey pulled the surfboard out of the water as she waded up to the beach. She tossed it and caught the fiberglass neatly to crook it under her arm. She shook out her short, brown hair, teasing it with her free hand. Maya might keep telling her to try it long, but Bailey liked the utilitarian cut. And it was cute, whatever Maya said.

Well, Courtney had said so too, and that had worked out so very well in the end.

Bailey squelched that line of thinking before it could go any further. The whole point of coming out to the ocean was to forget about things like that. It counted as meditation, floating on the board and waiting for just the right wave to drop into.

Forget Courtney forget Courtney don't think about Courtney...

It wasn't going to work. She sighed. There really wasn't anything to do about it. A month out and she still wasn't doing any better. She wasn't going to forget her ex anytime soon.

"Hi Bails. I ... I guess you're wondering where I was last night."

"Oh no Courtney. It wasn't like we had plans, like it was our anniversary or anything!"

Bailey closed her eyes, willing the thoughts away again. She focused on the sounds of the ocean behind her; the waves rolling in, the gulls crying out, the kids laughing...

"I just needed something a little different, Bails. You can be so ... well, normal."

"I thought you liked that about me. You'd always said, no more goths, no freaks, no lipsticks..."

Bailey clenched her teeth. She strained, tensing her muscles, trying to fight back the emotional tide threatening to crush her.

"Oh, hi, Cat." Courtney looked surprised, like it wasn't a setup. "You'd said..." She held the bridge of her nose. "Nevermind. Bails, Cat. Cat, Bailey."

Biker? Tats? Piercings? "Uh, hi. Sorry..."

"Sorry babe, had so much fun last night that I cleared up my afternoon so we could get an early start. Am I interrupting something?" said that ... woman.

Wait... "Last night?"

She didn't buckle this time. It was an improvement. Every day for the last month she'd crumpled on the ground after coming out of the water. The experience was new; she'd surfed for years, both the ocean and relationships, and never had something like this happen.

Courtney had been the one.

"Hey, Bails!"

She opened her eyes, startled. Coming over the sea wall were a few friends from the university. Navi was waving, probably hoping to get her to join them. He was one of those that thought if a lesbian met the right man, she'd go straight. He knew that he was the right man for her and she just hadn't figured it out yet.

Navi walked up. "Come on, join us," he said, indicating the group. "We have horseshoes." He flicked his eyebrows. "I'll even let you kick my ass again!"

"Sorry Navi. I'm gonna pass. I'm heading back to the lab."

"Oh, Miss Doctoral Student too good for her friends now?" Navi laughed. "All this time in the lab isn't good for you. You need to get out."

"Hi Bails!" Nia stepped up, smiling with her entire face.

An entire conversation with Courtney about hot Japanese schoolgirls flashed through Bailey's head. She nearly wretched.

"She doesn't want to come," said Navi. "Going back to the lab, she says."

"Oh, no you don't, girl," said Nia, smile gone. "I'm not letting you use the lab as an excuse to be depressed about Courtney. You're coming with us." The smile came back as she reached for Bailey's arm.

"No, no, really guys, let me go to the lab, please, I really have work to do..."

Nia looked at her. "She's serious, Navi."

"Yes, I can see that."

"We'll let you go on one condition. Party. Tonight. Up on the hill." Nia pointed behind her. "Mansion. You are coming, no choice."

Bailey chuckled. That was Nia. "Ok, deal. I don't promise to have fun, though."

"Oh yes you do!" Nia said. "I'll text when I'm on the way to get you. See you then!"

Bailey smiled for at least a few seconds more. Nia pulled a resisting Navi, who was still looking over his shoulder at Bailey, towards the rest of their friends. He waved before finally turning. Then Bailey's smile was gone. She wasn't ready for a crowd, not yet. Courtney had been the socialite of the two, always Bailey's shield against too much attention.

Bailey was still on the couch in her sweats when Nia texted that she was on her way. Bailey tossed on some shorts and a t-shirt, did her usual light make-up job and slid on her Tevas just as the doorbell rang.

"Hi Nia."

"Hi Bails!" Nia leaned in for a hug. "I see you really went all out tonight." She gestured at the outfit. "Depressed lesbian chic." Nia had on a LBD.

"Oh get over it."

"Come on, Bails! Rich people, beautiful house, beach views ... Try, at least for tonight? Please?" Nia batted her eyes. Bailey cracked a smile; they'd been playful for years. Once she'd hoped Nia would try it out, but Bailey had given up on it.

"I'll try," Bailey said, sounding a little defeated.

"Oh, fine. I'll take that. Let's go!" Nia pulled Bailey out of the apartment towards the elevator. The walkways were covered but open to the courtyard. The tan speckling needed an update and the cement was cracked, but the place was still too rich for Bailey's budget now that she was on her own again. It was on Nobel, a street over from the UCSD campus, and places here commanded top dollar. The two women rode down to street level. Nia wasn't able to get into the underground parking; she was lucky to have found a spot on the street that was relatively close. Many places had multiple students per bedroom, which left curb space at a premium. The two women piled into Nia's Civic.

"Can this even make it up the hill?" Bailey asked. "Assuming they don't stop us at the bottom since we're obviously too poor to be locals..." She laughed.

"Hey!" Nia pouted. "I love my little car. Car, don't listen to her. She's mean." She stuck her tongue out at her friend.

Bailey looked at Nia's lower lip sticking out. She was so cute like that.

They took off, over to La Jolla Village Drive then to Torrey Pines. It was foggy; air heavy with moisture rolled in off the ocean and got stuck behind the hills. They fought through a little traffic heading towards Prospect and made it up to the mansions. Once, there had been regular beach houses and a few small cottages sized for the little people that played in the 'Wizard of Oz'. Now, huge modern structures dotted the side of the hills, with pillars holding them in place on the slope and made of mostly glass to show off how rich the owner was since he or she could afford the view.

They pulled through a lattice gate with a large circle T in the middle. Nia navigated the lines of cars parked on either side of the circular driveway. A small awning extended from the front doors, and a valet was standing watch underneath.

"A valet?" Bailey asked. "What kind of party is this?"

"A fun one, Bails," Nia said, smiling. "It's not that big of a deal. Tatiana is cool."

"I sure hope so." Bailey still felt a little nervous, having come in kegger clothes, not cocktail party.

Getting inside didn't help much. There was definitely a business casual thing going around, with some suits and dresses as well. It seemed a little corporate for Nia and the gang to be dragging her to, but maybe they were here for grant money; with dollars on the line, schmoozing was par for the course.

"So, why am I here, Nia?" Bailey was less than happy.

"Rich people, Bails," Nia smiled at her. "Some are hot, aren't they? You could do with a sugar mommy that likes the outdoorsy type."

Bailey glared.

"Sorry, I should've told you, but you wouldn't have come, right?"

Bailey kept glaring.

"So go hunting." Nia pushed Bailey gently away and walked over towards a small group of guys.

"Hey, Bailey!" Navi always found her, just like a cute puppy dog. "Need a drink?" She noticed he had on a shirt and slacks. Part of her hated them both a little more. She crossed her arms. "It's better than the usual crap we get at parties." Which was certainly true, and one of the things she liked about schmoozing. "Let me guess, dirty martini, Bombay Sapphire..."

"Extra dry." If she was lit enough, maybe Navi and Nia would make it out of here alive.

"Lush!" He went off to grab the order. Puppy dog.

She looked around again, still a bit embarrassed about her 'depressed lesbian chic'. She stood out like a sore thumb. Only a few others were really noticeable, but because they were eyecandy. Each had on a short, tight dress with strappy heels. There was just a hint of stocking tops when they walked. Maybe there was hope for this party yet; she'd counted six so far and if any one of them at least swung both ways, then Bailey might be able to forget Courtney for a night.

"May I get you a drink?" The voice was soft, luscious and right behind her. She jumped. "Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to startle you."

"Oh, uh, yeah," Bailey laughed as she turned. The woman was not soft, but definitely luscious. Bailey couldn't help checking her out. She wore a long blue dress and heels, and had all the right curves in that delicious toned way. Her blonde hair was pulled up off her neck. Bailey wanted to spend the night with her and that neck. Several nights. Maybe many nights. Who was Courtney again?

"You don't look like a Cosmo woman. Maybe Manhattan? Scotch?"

"Martini. Extra dry, Bombay Sapphire, dirty. Bailey, by the way."

"Tatiana. My pleasure to meet you." She held out her hand, limp and palm down. Surprised, Bailey found herself taking it and kissing the back. "Welcome to my soiree. So glad to meet a gentlewoman." Tatiana held a coy little smile as she turned to one of the creampuffs that minced by. "Ginger dear, get this beautiful woman an extra dry Bombay Sapphire martini, dirty."

"Uh, thanks." Bailey blushed. She never blushed.

"So, Bailey, what is it you are doing here? After funding for your new business? You don't look like it."

"Uh, no, I'm not." She laughed. "I just followed a few friends who didn't tell me much about this, as you can see." She gestured at her clothes.

"Oh, don't worry about it. It just makes you more," Tatiana ran her eyes up and down Bailey, "interesting."

Another of the eyecandies, with short black hair and porcelain skin, came up to Tatiana and leaned in to whisper. After a hurried conversation, Tatiana turned back to Bailey. "Please excuse me, I have something that requires my attention. I'll hunt you down a little later." Tatiana smiled and ran her hand down Bailey's cheek. Bailey blushed again as Tatiana walked away.

OK, I have a thing for older women now, she thought to herself.

"Damn, that was pretty hot," Navi said, handing her a drink. She swallowed it in one gulp. He saw Ginger approaching and stopped to stare. His eyes didn't make it higher than chest level.

"Your drink," said Ginger, handing it to Bailey. She leaned in close enough that Bailey could kiss the blonde's tanned neck. Ginger said, in a breathy, husky voice, "Tatiana said you could have anything else you want." She left the last word hanging in the air as she gently stroked one finger along Bailey's chin. Then Ginger turned and strolled away, putting a little extra sway in her hips. Bailey stared after the woman, drinking in her curves and legs.

"That was even hotter!" Navi exclaimed. "Oh, this is so the best night of my life. Can I watch? Maybe join in? Who is Tatiana? She can join in too, if she wants." He was laughing in that God I wish I wasn't joking around way.

"Navi!" Bailey admonished. She was still somewhat shaken and couldn't come back with anything more. What the hell just happened? kept running through her head. It just didn't process.

"No denial, so maybe you really won't mind me joining in this once?" Navi let the biggest smile he could make brighten his face. He fully expected the slap any moment. Bailey never let it go on like this.

"I, uh..." Bailey looked over at Ginger, who had met up with an Asian hottie in a short, strappy, blue one-piece. Ginger saw her looking and winked. The other woman looked up as well, and once her eyes found the woman Ginger was looking at, she smiled.

Navi saw where Bailey was looking. "Go Bails, go! Don't let this opportunity get away!" She looked at him, obviously torn. He shoo'd her with his hands. She downed the martini and handed the glass off to him.

The lavish back room was dim, with comfortable leather couches against the velour curtains on the walls and an open area in the middle. Whispered conversations and discreet laughter floated up to her as she followed Ginger and the Asian woman, Thi, in. Several men and women were seated with at least one of the escorts (as Bailey had come to think of them) sitting close enough to touch. A heavy scent of sweet incense wafted from a brazier in one corner and soft music floated out from behind the curtains. Bailey sank into the middle of the last available couch, with Ginger and Thi on each side, shoulders touching and both twisting to face her.

"We're so happy to have you back here," Ginger said.

"Yeah, we usually have stuffy old guys." Thi rolled her eyes.

"Not hotties like you." Ginger leaned closer and started gently kissing Bailey's ear.

"Definitely not." Thi started on Bailey's other ear, and moved down to her neck.

This was going a little faster than Bailey wanted it to. She started to sit up, but each of her escorts put a hand on Bailey's shoulder, and in the plush couch they easily held Bailey in place. She thought about saying something, but somewhere along the way the two martinis now coursing through her made it a little easier to just go along with it. She hadn't been laid in a while, and hadn't had just sex without strings since, well, long before Courtney. And anyways, she didn't want to stop the little tingles shooting down her neck and fluttering in her chest.

But still, why her? The pesky question kept popping up. "Uh, not that ... this ... isn't great... , but, uh, why me?" Bailey asked. Stupid stupid stupid just go with it they'll stop

"Because Tatiana wanted us to," Ginger breathed into her ear. "She likes you." The blonde twirled a finger down Bailey's shoulder to circle her breast. "She wants you to enjoy yourself until she can see to you herself." She leaned in and kissed Bailey, with soft lips and a hard tongue. Bailey felt it in her brain stem, pulling a moan out. Thi had a hand low on Bailey's thigh and gently worked it up under Bailey's shorts. She felt fingers tickle the soft, sensitive skin where her legs ended, and she shifted, whether to get away or lean in she wasn't sure. Ginger moved around her chin to her throat, and Bailey rewarded the blonde with a purr. Thi managed to get one shoulder exposed, sucking hard enough to leave marks.

"Wait, wait ... No, I'm, something's wrong, this doesn't happen to me," Bailey protested.

"All the more reason to enjoy it now that it is," Thi replied, then went back to her suckling. Bailey felt the electric sparks from her shoulder and down her neck start little fires through her chest, stoking the heat building further down. She let her body go limp. Her legs naturally spread a bit, her shoulders sank further into the couch and her head lolled back. She regretted downing the drinks so fast; she hadn't had much of a meal and they were really getting to her.

"Maybe we should move," Ginger said.

"Good idea," Thi said. "One of the bedrooms is open." She gestured up at something on the wall.

"But I just got comfortable," Bailey complained. The other two helped get her up. Bailey followed Thi out of the room, eyes roaming the woman's luscious hips and waist. The dark-haired beauty pulled a key from the wall as she entered the hallway. She stopped at a door and unlocked it. As Bailey stepped inside, she was struck by the overt sexual nature of the decor. Hooks lined the ceiling, floor and walls. Several simple chairs rounded the four-poster bed and chests served for night stands. Bailey stopped, non-plussed, giving Ginger the opportunity to hug her from behind and nibble along the back of her neck.

"Come over here," Thi said as she sat on the bed. Ginger gently pushed Bailey forward, and her legs started moving again. She ended up on top of the Asian, pulling her own arms up to help Ginger get first her top off, then her bra. She felt Ginger's naked breasts in her back as the blonde pulled Bailey's shorts down. Somehow Bailey ended up on her back with both of the women suckling, finding each sensitive area on her body and giving it attention it longed for.

She wasn't really sure how everything went after that; it was all kisses and legs and breasts and hips and licks and lots and lots of wet, slick heat. It became one long, rolling peak after another, releasing a month of frustration, anger and pain in a cathartic three-way. It was pure lust, ending eventually in blissed out exhaustion and sleep.

Bailey sat up, and regretting not having a toothbrush. Her head was fuzzy from the hangover and her mouth was dry and sticky. She looked around for her clothes but didn't see them. Smacking her lips, she stood up and looked around. It took her a second to remember where she was and how she had gotten there. The chests held plenty of sex toys, whips, chains and other paraphernalia, but no clothes. The only thing to wear was a red string bikini left on the bed. It was so small that her well-groomed hair would stick out of the top. She figured some of the leather straps would cover more if she tied them together. Finally, she decided to put it on and head out. It was almost worse than being naked; she was used to something with significantly more material that wouldn't fall off in the waves. Her stuff must be around somewhere. She needed her cell; she didn't have a ride and had never bothered to memorize anyone's numbers.

She stepped out into a hallway. Further down the hall were more doors. She hoped one had a bathroom. Plenty of open bedrooms lined the way, a few doors were shut and locked. The last door finally revealed one. It was huge, the size of a normal bedroom, and had a large, circular, jetted tub in the middle. She wandered across the marble floor to the commode, which was in its own private closet. There was toothpaste in the cupboard and a stack of wrapped hotel toothbrushes. The hand towels were plush, like soft robes. Her own threadbare set paled in comparison. A little fridge sat in a corner with water and other beverages, probably meant for people in the tub. The water tasted like nectar in her dehydrated state. She wandered back out to find someone who could tell her where her clothes were.

Back up the hall and past the couch room was the main area the party had been in the night before. She looked out back, through the sliding glass doors, into the central courtyard. She saw several beauties sunning at the pool. Tatiana was out there as well, in a white blouse and pants. Ginger and Thi were talking to her, dressed in tight lycra workout outfits. Bailey took a breath to steel herself against her near-nudity and stepped out of the house. Ginger saw her, smiled and nodded.

"Ah, I see you've come out to join us," Tatiana said. "Please, eat, relax." She gestured at a table that had a selection of fruits and muffins.

"Here, you must be thirsty." Thi handed her a glass. It had fruit juice in it, and by the smell it was a mix of raspberries and bananas.

"Could I please have my clothes?" Bailey asked, setting the glass on the table. "I have a few things I need to do."

"Oh please, dear, stay for a while," said Tatiana.

"I definitely want you to," said Ginger, getting uncomfortably close. She brushed Bailey's short hair off of her ear. "Maybe we could have a shaving party for you." She reached her hand towards Bailey's crotch.

"No, please, I really have to be going." Bailey felt this was getting a little too weird.

"But I haven't seen to you myself yet," said Tatiana. "At least have some breakfast before you go."

"No, really, I need to go now," said Bailey.

The other two women looked at Tatiana, who barely nodded. "Well, I'd hoped we could have a little fun," she said. "Thi, please get our guest her clothes." Tatiana walked away, talking softly with Ginger. Bailey stood, uncomfortably exposed. Thi came back and handed her her stuff, then walked over to Tatiana and Ginger.

Alone again, Bailey went to the bathroom to quickly change. She pulled out her cell as she walked towards the front door and called Navi. "Pick up pick up pick up pick up..."

"Hey Bails!" he said. "What's up? Enjoy yourself last night?"

"Pick me up right now, Navi."

"Woah, I take it you didn't," he said. "What happened?"

"This is just too weird for me. Get me out of here."

"OK." He sounded confused.

It didn't take long for him to arrive, but it felt like forever to Bailey. During the entire ride to her place, she didn't talk. He let her be.

A week passed. Bailey found herself staying away from the Shores since Tatiana's house, somewhat north facing on the hill, overlooked it. Ocean Beach worked fine though. It was more her crowd anyways. At least she was finding peace again in the waves and the lab. That night, even though it ended strangely, and really helped. She walked up out of the waves on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, the surf her only church, to the sound of her cell buzzing in her car.

"Hi Bails!" Maya said, almost shouting into the phone.

"Hey sis," Bailey replied. "What's up?"

"Look, I've found the perfect woman for you," Bailey's younger sister said. "She hot, she's blonde, she's tall, she's together, not some crazy bitch that's going to rip your heart out and leave me devastated for weeks that I can't help you out." Maya laughed. "So, tomorrow, eight, coffee, Kensington Cafe."

"Just like that, huh?"

"Yeah, just like that." Maya laughed. "Be there. Now I gotta run, see ya!"

"But, wait..." The phone went dead.

Just like Maya, Bailey thought. She tossed her board onto the rack on her car's roof, secured it, and drove home.

Maybe it was time.

She headed into the cafe, a little late after losing track of time. A few of the equations just wouldn't work out like she wanted them to. Leaving them was difficult, but in the end she didn't want to let her sister down.

"Bails!" Maya called out, already seated outside. Bailey walked into the restaurant and onto the fenced sidewalk patio.

"Hey Maya," she said, hugging her sister.

"Hey Bails," Maya replied. "She called, she's running a little late ... oh, there she is." Bailey looked over and saw a statuesque blonde entering the cafe. She seemed familiar... "I'll go get her." Maya walked back in.

Bailey looked over as the two came out onto the porch. Her jaw dropped as they walked up.

"Bails, Tatiana. Tatiana, Bailey." Maya was all smiles.

"Bailey," Tatiana said, offering her hand. Bailey took it and shook, squeezing a little tighter than she should have.

Maya sensed something was up. She went between the two, trying to figure it out over the seconds of silence.

Finally Bailey said something. "How have you been since the party?"

"Fabulous," Tatiana responded. "And yourself? Ginger and Thi asked after you."

"I'm fine, thanks," Bailey replied.

"Oh, so you two know each other?" Maya asked, crestfallen.

"We met just last week, at a party I went to," Bailey said. "I believe she was the host."

"Yes, Bailey, I was. I'm having another get together this weekend if you would like to come over again," Tatiana said. "We'd all love for you to join us."

The double meaning wasn't lost on Bailey, but Maya took it to mean this match might not be a lost cause. "Oh, hey, yeah, Bailey, you should. It would do you good."

Bailey looked hard at her sister. "I'm not so sure, Maya."

The rest of the conversation was strained, until Bailey took her leave. She tried to be civil about it and stay for a while, but even her sister's forlorn look couldn't keep her around the crazy bitch any longer. She left Tatiana and Maya talking, laughing a little as she walked out. It might have been at her own expense, but she didn't really care.

Later that evening she got a call. The number was her sister's. "Hey Maya."

"Hey Bails! I'm so sorry! I didn't know!"

"It's ok," Bailey said. "You couldn't've known."

"So what happened at the party? I tried holding out hope that it went well, but obviously..."

"Yeah, she's crazy. I ended up staying at her place, hooked up with a couple of her friends."

"A couple? As in threesome?"

"Yeah." Bailey blushed a little even though nobody could see her. "Not usually my thing. I'm not really sure what got into me, but damn it was hot."

"Aaww yeah! Way to go, sis!"

"Then in the morning, it got all weird. I woke up naked and my clothes were missing. There was only this string bikini..."

"Geez! I should've gotten a picture. Bailey, in something other than shorts!"

"Or a wetsuit." Bailey laughed.

"Yeah, there is that," Maya said, laughing herself. "So, then what?"

"I head outside, and there are all these hotties hanging around the pool..."

"Like, my hotties or your hotties?" asked Maya.

"My hotties. All were in the same damn suit I had on, except Tatiana, Ginger and Thi."

"Were those the two you had fucked the night before?"

"Damn, getting rude there, sis."

"Well, were they?" Maya knew Bailey didn't like to talk about her sex life. It was private, just like her body. "Tatiana mentioned them..."

"Uh, yeah, they were." Bailey sounded embarrassed. "They were in workout outfits and Tatiana was dressed in pants and a blouse. They kept trying to get me to stay, wouldn't give me my clothes, wanted me back in bed. It just freaked me out. I took off as soon as Navi could pick me up."

"OK, that is a little strange," Maya said. "I'd really had hope ever since your friend Nia introduced the two of us and I found out ... Oh, uh, just sec, another call."

Bailey waited on the social butterfly. She loved her sister and would do anything for her—well, except sit through a night with Tatiana—but she hated how often she ended up on hold while Maya talked to her flavor of the week. She knew what was coming. "Oh, «Insert Guy's Name» is «Insert Activity». He wants me to hook up with him snigger. I need to run. I'll call you soon. Love ya!" And it happened exactly as predicted. This week, it was Holt, and he was playing baseball. She was even bringing beer for the guys.

Bailey's life settled back into its routine. Thesis, grade, eat, teach, sleep. Thesis, grade, eat, teach, sleep. She was naturally a morning person and preferred to get the hours spent on her research in early. The last classes were done at 5pm and labs at 9pm, so she finished up grading the quizzes and such before eating before heading to them. She taught for a while before heading home. She went to bed early and woke up early and did it all again. There were days she started at 3am. She liked it then; it was quiet.

A text shattered her comfortable cycle. All it said was, "Check my Facebook page!" The name came up as Ginger; she could only assume that someone had put it in her cell when she'd stayed the night at Tatiana's. She sure as hell hadn't put it there.

The computer was up with her thesis paper and her grading was scattered on the table. It had been a typical Tuesday up to that point, and she would be off to campus in an hour. A few short months and she'd be in front of the advisory committee. That wasn't really on her mind now. She cursed herself for not locking her cellphone. It had never mattered before. Then again, she wasn't typically out for sex. Soon Facebook replaced the thesis. She had a friend request from "Ginger La Jolla 69". She wasn't really sure she should accept, but she could always block Ginger later if it became a problem. Anyways, she had very little that was personal up online. Sure, she'd texted with the best of them in high school and even into college, but she was still using her trusty old LG flip and didn't receive status updates or anything on it.

She clicked over to Ginger's page. The last update included a bunch of pictures. Bailey looked a little closer. Maya was in them. "What the fuck..." Maya, next to Ginger. Maya and Ginger dancing. Maya and Thi dancing. Thi pretending to spank Maya. In all, there were more than 50 from various clubs around town. The last one was the most disturbing though. It was Maya up at Tatiana's place, lounging by the pool. She didn't have a red bikini on, instead wearing her own, but it wasn't a place Bailey ever wanted her younger sister to be.

A message popped up from Ginger. "Hey Bails! Thanks for accepting! I thought you might be interested in the pictures. Think your sis will look good in red?"

Bailey seethed. She typed back, "What the fuck are you doing to her?"

"We're not doing anything. She's coming along of her own free will. Maybe there's something you can do, though."

"I can do? You stay the fuck away from her or I'll sic the cops on your asses for harassment!"

"Oh, come on, you know the police can't do anything about this. Tatiana has an offer though. Stop by the house tonight at 8."

"What? So you can play with me again?" Before she could send it though, Ginger was offline.

"God fucking dammit!" Bailey cursed at her computer and pounded her fists on the desk. She held the bridge of her nose and settled down. Should I go? She grabbed her phone and punched the speed dial.

"Bails!" said Maya.

"Hey Maya! What's up?" said Bailey.


"What? You studying?" said Bailey incredulously. "Call Ripley's!"

"Hey! I do it sometimes too, Miss Social Outcast. It's all that you ever do."

"Ok, Miss Social Butterfly. I didn't know you were ever up this early. You know, before noon."

"Hey, it happens occasionally. So what's up?"

"I got a strange text," Bailey said. "Kinda freaked me out."

"Like how?"

"Like there's a psycho woman out there stalking me. And maybe you, too."

"What?" said Maya, a little surprised.

"It was from Ginger. She wanted to let me know that you were hanging out with her and Thi up at Tatiana's."

"Oh. Well, yeah, it's how I met her, you know? Ginge and Thi were at this party, and Nia was there, and she introduced them, and they were pretty cool, you know? I had fun with them. They all introduced me to Tatiana, said she was into smart chicks, maybe I should hook you two up. Seemed like a pretty good idea to me," Maya said. "I think Ginger liked you too; she said she was bi and she'd like to give me a try. I told her no, cuz, you know, I like dicks."

"Yeah, I know, sis," said Bailey. "But I told you they're freaks. You're going to get raped up there or something, like I was."

"Hey, you weren't raped," said Maya. "You went along with it. You had fun. She's probably just letting you know that I'm up there and everything's cool and that you should stop by again. Or maybe hang out with the three of us. It'd be fun!"

"Look, they're psycho. You haven't been stuck in a red bikini with a bunch of arm candies and them holding your clothes hostage," Bailey said, with some bite in her words.

"Bails, I know you think you went through something fucked up, but really, they're not axe murders or anything. Maybe Tatiana is a little stuck up, but all of us are having a lot of fun together," Maya said, letting frustration slip into her voice.

"Maya, you weren't there," Bailey said in her stern, older sister voice. "You don't understand..."

"Bailey, I'm not kid anymore," replied Maya, obviously irritated. "Don't try to protect me."

"Maya, you know that sometimes you get yourself into trouble..."

"Stop it, Bailey! I hate it when you do this!"

"Listen to me! She's one fucked up person..."

"I can't fuckin' believe this!" Maya hung up.

"Maya! Maya!" Bailey shouted into the phone. She slammed it on the couch. "Dammit! Dammit! Dammit!" She stood up, ran her hands through her hair, turned around a few times, and kicked the coffee table. "Fuck, that hurt!" She hopped around before falling back on the couch. She concentrated on breathing. It helped her settle down a little. Now what?

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