Calling Dr. Feelgood
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Enema, Doctor/Nurse,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Samantha’s trip to her doctor reveals more than she was expecting. A day filled with new experiences opens her up to a world of previously unknown pleasure.

Sitting nervously in the small examination room, Samantha heard the bustle of activity just outside the door. She fidgeted a bit, trying to adjust the awkwardly fitting gown against the white paper beneath her legs that covered the padded examination table. 'Why do they always make you wear those awful hospital gowns?' she wondered. They always looked so unflattering and made her feel completely exposed.

Remarkably healthy and looking young for a woman in her late 40's, Samantha stood just under 6 feet tall with shoulder length auburn hair, slender toned legs, nicely rounded hips, a firm butt, and a 27" waist line that most women would kill for. Her breasts were a perfect 36DD which still held their shape nicely in the shower. Plenty of trips to the gym had seen to that and she had always been quite proud of her figure.

She glanced up at the clock above the door, anxiously tapping her bare heels against the metal drawer at the bottom end of the exam table. Then came a soft knock and the exam room door opened. In walked a tall man with broad muscular shoulders wearing a clean white smock with a stethoscope around his neck and carrying a clipboard. She couldn't help but notice his hazel-blue eyes framed by his strong facial featured and clear tanned skin.

"Good morning Ms. Jones." he said warmly.

"Good morning Dr. Harris."

"How are we feeling today?" he asked as he paged through her chart, scanning the lab test results.

"Well, I ... I'm okay I guess. It's just that..." Her words trailed off as a look of concern came across her face.

"What seems to be the problem?" replied Dr. Harris, looking up from the open folder he was holding.

"Well doctor, I've been having trouble sleeping lately. The doctor's eys zeroed in on her face. "I'm had these bizarre dreams every night for the past few months now and I'm starting to get a little worried."

"Really, what sort of dreams?" he asked, with an inquisitive look.

"Well, it's hard to describe them. Sort of ... strange dreams ... restless dreams..."

"I see." he remarked with interest. "Are they nightmares or frightening in any way?"

"Why, No doctor," she said shyly. "They're ... well ... They're very erotic."

His left eyebrow rose slightly as his patient continued.

"I wake up every night with my sheets soaked with sweat and I have this incredible tingling sensation in my back side that just won't stop. I can't fall back asleep and the feelings last for most of the day. I'm starting to get very concerned."

Samantha smoothed out the creases in her gown as she sat fidgeting at the end of the table.

"They started out fairly small at first but they've grown to the point where it's become a constant distraction. I'm so aroused all of the time and I can't seem to concentrate at all anymore. It's driving me half crazy and starting to affect my work. Can you tell me what's causing it?"

The doctor grinned and closed the folder in his hand, setting it on the small counter. "Well Ms. Jones..."

"Please..." she interrupted. "Call me Samantha."

"Alright ... Samantha," he said, smiling warmly. "Based on your test results and the symptoms you're describing, I'd say you have a simple case of Restless Bowel Syndrome."

"Restless what?" she replied, a little startled and really not sure she had heard him correctly.

"It's a fairly common condition, especially in women your age who still show such remarkably high levels of hormonal activity as indicated by your test results. It's nothing harmful but it can cause certain ... obvious ... complications, as you seem to have discovered." His professional tone took on a sudden light-hearted feel. "Fortunately however, there is a very simple cure."

"What kind of cure doctor?"

"Well, it's quite simple really. You require Intensive Anal Sensory Stimulation therapy, or IN-ASS as it's otherwise known in the medical profession.

"Really?" Samantha looked intrigued yet remained somewhat apprehensive. "How does it work?"

"It's a simple procedure but it does require a certain amount of preparation before you are ready to receive the treatments. I can perform it right here in the office if you'd like."

The nervous woman thought for a moment and then nodded in the affirmative. "Yes doctor. Anything you can do to help me with this problem would be wonderful. I don't know how much more of this I can take." She was very happy to hear that the doctor was able to do something for her. "What do we need to do?" she asked with nervous excitement in her voice.

"Well, just lie back on the examination table and I'll get everything ready."

Following the doctor's instruction she leaned back slowly as Dr. Harris raised the back half of the exam table to meet her shoulders and head. He placed a soft pillow behind her neck for support and then pressed the intercom button on the counter.

"Yes, Dr. Harris." came a young woman's voice over the speaker.

"Monica, would you please cancel my afternoon meeting and have Nurse Tyler prep for an IN-ASS treatment in room three."

"Certainly Doctor." Came her reply. Samantha noticed the slightly perkier tone of the woman's response.

"Thank you dear." replied Dr. Harris.

Turning back to his patient, he folded out the stirrups that were built into the end of the exam table and placed each of Samantha's feet into them. The cool touch of the stainless steel against her heals caused her muscles to tense up slightly as she pressed her shoulders back into the soft pillow.

"Just relax now Samantha, this won't hurt a bit. I've performed this procedure dozens of times, but before we can begin we'll need to get you ready."

The doctor rolled his chair over to the counter again and scribbled a few notes on Samantha's chart. He washed his hands in the small sink and dried them thoroughly with a paper towel. Just then, the door opened and an attractive brunet entered the room, wearing a cleanly pressed white nurse's uniform with a white hat and shoes, pushing a tall metal stand with two large pink rubber bags and hoses hanging from hooks at the top. "Thank you Monica." he said politely. The woman smiled sweetly at the doctor and then at Samantha and turned to leave, closing the door behind her.

"In order for us to have the best results, Samantha," Dr. Harris continued, "it's important for you to be fully cleansed and prepped before we begin the procedure." He adjusted his stool and rolled the metal stand with the hanging bags closer to the table. "I'm going to give you a nice warm cleansing enema which will help you to relax and will leave you clean and ready for the procedure." He saw the apprehensive look on her face. "Have you ever had an enema before, Samantha?" he asked with a warm smile. She just stared back at him with wide innocent eyes and nervously shook her head 'no'.

"Well, don't worry, I promise to be very gentle. In fact, most of my patients find it quite enjoyable. Now just try to relax."

She tried to close her eyes and relax but the tingling sensations in her rectum began to intensify, causing her to squirm some. It was like a thousand tiny pin pricks swarming around her sphincter muscles and extending up through her lower spine. "Please hurry doctor. I don't know how much longer I can stand this." Dr. Harris just smiled and said "Hang in there hon. This won't take long."

She watched as the doctor put on a pair of latex gloves and removed a small tray of utensils from the top drawer and placed them on the counter. He also removed a large tube of lubricating jelly and a box of sanitary wipes and set them on the tray. He spun around in his chair and roll up in between her open legs. Popping the top on the lubricant, he squeezed out a small amount onto his middle and index fingers. "This will feel a little cold for just a moment but try to relax."

He lifted the bottom of her gown and folded it up onto her chest. Samantha felt a rush of cool air brush against her exposed anus and labia. She felt her leg muscles tighten for a moment and then relax, only to suddenly tense up a second time as the doctor gently dabbed her sphincter with a generous amount of the cool gel. "That's it, just relax." he said in a soothing tone, as he began to slowly circle his fingers around her anal opening, thoroughly lubricating the area before gently dipping the tips of his fingers into the soft flesh of her puckered orifice.

Samantha felt an immediate rush of warmth surge through her body as her heart rate jumped up several beats per minute. A soft moan escaped her lips as she slowly exhaled. The doctor probed a little deeper and a second rush of warmth engulfed her anus as the muscle tissue softened and she felt the tension between her legs begin to melt away.

Small glistening threads of translucent milky white fluid were forming on the out lips of her smoothly shaved lip as her body began to respond to this welcomed intrusion. His fingers circled around several times just beyond her sphincter; stretching and widening the spongy tissue of her moist hole before sliding deeper inside. He slowly slid them out, pausing briefly, before repeating the motions several more times. Samantha's anal muscles began to relax allowing his fingers to slide deeper and deeper each time. Her breathing slowed as the warm sensation in her rectum began to flow up her torso and engulf her entire body. Her breasts swelled and her nipples became rigid as they strained against the thin material of her hospital gown.

"That's my girl." Dr. Harris said, in an even more comforting tone. "You're doing just wonderfully sweetheart." He slowly withdrew his fingers leaving her with a sudden empty feeling inside. "Now I'm going to insert the enema nozzle so try to remain still for just a moment."

"Yes doctor." she gasped, as he placed the small bulbous end of the enema nozzle against her well lubricated rosebud. He gently applied pressure and her sphincter quickly gave way with an inaudible pop as the long smooth wand to slide easily into her anal canal.

"There we are. That's wonderful." pleased with the result. "Now I'm going to begin the enema and I want you to tell me if you start to feel any discomfort."

Samantha heard the snap of the clip followed by the most wonderful sensation as the warm fluid began to flow into her rectum. With her head pressed back into the pillow, she arched her back slightly as another lingering moan made its way up from deep within her chest. "Oooohhhhhhh."

"Is everything alright Samantha?" Dr. Harris asked as he adjusted the nozzle; sliding it in a few more centimeters.

"Ohhhh yesssss doctor ... Just wonderful." his patient gasped.

"That's great. You're doing just fine." he said reassuringly. "Now, you may begin to feel a little pressure and experience some minor cramping. Just let me know and I'll stop the flow until it passes."

Samantha did indeed begin to feel the pressure building inside her and just as the first hint of a cramp began; Dr. Harris snapped the clip shut.

"We'll start out slow, being that this is your first time."

His timing was flawless and Samantha felt comforted by the realization that the doctor certainly seemed to know exactly what he was doing. He reached up between her open legs with a firm hand and gently massaged her abdomen. The pain quickly vanished and she settled back down onto the padded table.

"Better?" he asked, to which Samantha just smiled and nodded. "Excellent ... Let's continue." He opened the clip again and the flow resumed. A few moments later, he stopped the flow again and messaged her gently before resuming once more. Samantha was beginning to feel very full and she watched as the remainder of the bag slowly emptied into her; stretching her rectum and lower intestines.

All of that warm fluid was beginning to have a dramatic effect. Her thoroughly wet pussy began to twitch and throb as it glistened in the bright light shining down from the adjustable lamp hanging above the table. The doctor noticed this and reached up to gently rub his well lubricated fingers along the folds of her swollen labia. A deep groan burst from her throat and her pelvis came up off the table to meet his advance.

"Many of my patients enjoy being stimulated in this way while receiving their enemas. I can see that you do as well, Ms. Jones." his voice took on an almost mocking tone.

"Ohhhh ... YES doctor!" she gasped in response. "I DO!"

Samantha's head was spinning while erotic thoughts and images swirled around in her brain. She became swept up by the intense pleasure she was experiencing from both the doctors fingers and the warm enema solution which filled and stretched her bowels. Her chest heaved and her breaths came shallow.

Suddenly, both time and space seemed to stand still as all manor of thought and perception seized in her brain and her body went completely rigid. Like a blast from a double barreled shotgun, she exploded into rhythmic orgasm. Her legs stiffened and her back arched, lifting her entire midsection off the exam table. She shuddered uncontrollably as though electric shocks were coursing through her, causing every muscle to contract at once.

Her sphincter clenched down around the enema wand as Dr. Harris held it firmly in place. A stifled scream forced it's was through gritting teeth as her body was wracked by several waves of intense pleasure before finally collapsing back down onto the table. Everything went fuzzy and she felt her heart pounding in her chest as she lay there grunting and panting; her lungs desperately trying to supply her body with much needed oxygen.

Slowly, Samantha regained control of her breathing, and as her head cleared and her eyes came into focus, she looked down between her parted legs. Her gaze was greeted by Dr. Harris' large hazel-blue eyes and warm smiling face looking back up at her.

"Welcome back Samantha." he grinned. "That was quite a nice trip you went on, wasn't it?"

"Oh my God! ... It was fantastic doctor." she panted, "I've never felt anything so incredible."

"Well, let's help you to the bathroom so you can expel your enema and get ready for the second one."

Samantha gasped again. "A second one?" she said with a hint of glee.

"Yes, well you need to have a second rinse enema to be sure we have totally evacuated your bowels, and also to be sure there is no remaining residue from the enema solution. It's standard procedure."

Dr. Harris slid the nozzle from her rectum and carefully helped her to her feet. As she stepped from the small platform down to the floor, she felt the large volume fluid in her colon rush down towards her clenching sphincter. Her knees nearly buckled under her weight and she had to grab onto the doctor's shoulder to keep from falling. His strong muscular frame easily supported her and he helped her to the bathroom door at the back corner of the room.

She felt a strong urge to expel her enema and moved quickly to the toilet. There was no time for modesty at this point and without even closing the door, she sat down as her bowels immediately erupted into the bowl. The huge rush of warm fluid accompanied by several soft lumps of fecal matter empting from her colon caused a sudden overwhelming euphoric sensation to wash over her as her intestines drained and the pressure in her abdomen slowly diminished. It was a truly amazing experience and as she sat there with her eyes closed, she wondered how in the world she had gone her entire life without ever discovering this incredible experience.

After several minutes and a few more short bursts of liquid, she had completely expelled her enema and felt peaceful and relaxed. So relaxed, in fact, that when she opened her eyes and realized that the door to the bathroom was still open, she still felt at ease with the knowledge that she had done it in full view of Dr. Harris, who was sitting at the counter scribbling a few notes into her file.

He looked up at her and smiled, saying "That sounded very productive Samantha. Shall we give you your rinse then?" His patient grinned and nodded sheepishly.

The doctor helped her back to the table and within no time Samantha was once again enjoying the intense pleasure of having her bowels flooded with another round of warm fluid. To both her and the doctor's amazement she was able to take the entire bag in a single go without any cramping. To her disappointment, however, the doctor did not stimulate her aching vagina when she was finally full. She had been hoping for a repeat of the mind blowing orgasm she had had previously. Instead, he quickly helped her up and walked her over to the toilet so she could expel her rinse enema.

This time however, he stayed by the open door while she sat ready to evacuated her bowels a second time. At first she felt a little embarrassed with him standing there watching her like that, but as the pressure began to build and the rush of fluid erupted from her anus, she was once again overwhelmed by the same euphoric sensation and suddenly found herself overcome by the most amazing sense of calm and total submissiveness.

Samantha was aware of the doctor's strong dominant presence, as though he knew she was totally exposed and vulnerable. And yet, she felt completely at ease with him being there. He was her doctor and a professional, but somehow, more ... He was like a trusted friend ... A confidant ... Someone with whom she could, and would, completely let down her guard and be totally open and submissive. It was an amazing and new experience for her and it only added to her excitement for what was yet to come.

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