Open Day at N.M.U
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Water Sports,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Carnality now runs rampant with the sex industry surpassing even banking in its contribution to the economy. Schools teach real sex education whilst universities provide graduate courses in prostitution. Sarah Daniels accompanies her parents on the Department of Sexuality open day at Newtown Metropolitan University, hoping to choose from the multitude of courses on offer. The day may turn out to be a revelation, both for her and her parents.

There are pivotal moments in history where events can follow a multitude of paths. The resultant consequences often lead to an alternate reality that nobody in our present circumstances could ever possibly predict.

Towards the end of the 1970's, facing a motion of no confidence that would end their term of office, the Labour government formed a pact with the Liberal minority opposition. In order to facilitate this agreement, they enacted a major change in the voting system, giving the Liberals a more representative share of seats in parliament.

The next general election ushered in many surprises as several marginal parties suddenly achieved a share of power. Neo-Fascist groups such as the National Front made substantial gains as did obscure organisations with very specific agendas. One such group was the Sexual Unification Party, whose sole representative in government was Linda Drew, a former topless model and pornographic actress.

Once in power, her enthusiasm championed the Sexual Offender's Act of 1982, which mandated the chemical castration of convicted rapists and child molesters. Her other sponsored legislation included the Health Education Bill, which ensured that all children above eleven years of age had access to a minimum level of sex education. This in itself, helped deliver a substantial reduction in the number of teenage pregnancies.

The following election saw the party grow in popularity to the point that they were one of the few that controlled the balance of power between the more traditional parties. They advocated racial and sexual tolerance, helping negate the pervasive influence of the National Front, and relegating them back to the obscurity they deserved.

With substantial political power, the SUP repealed the Obscene Publications Act that the previous establishments had used to deny the populace access to all but the most sanitised sexual images. The United Kingdom soon became a bastion of the pornography industry, rivalling that of Holland and Germany in the quantity and quality of its output.

Attitudes to sex within the country slowly mellowed, with a more general acceptance of the explicit images previously expurgated by self-appointed censors. The nation's broadcast industry became one of the most liberal in the world; with few subjects considered off-limits. Legalised prostitution flourished, with police concentrating their efforts purely on preventing exploitation by criminal traffickers whilst protecting the rights of men and women to sell sex consensually.

By the end of the nineties, their policies allowed the SUP to obtain an unassailable political position and maintain an almost unlimited mandate in setting social policy. The most controversial changes involved the emancipation of children and the lowering of the age of consent to fourteen for both heterosexual and homosexual relationships.

The role of teachers also changed, with emphasis placed on helping young people achieve their sexual potential. Where once they were castigated for engaging in sexual contact with pupils, new legislation introduced strict guidelines under which such intervention could take place. Safeguards and checks prevented child exploitation by predatory paedophiles whilst nurturing an environment where nominated educators could pilot children through the confusing steps into young adulthood.

Tabloid newspapers, whose pages were once littered with the sexual exploits of the rich and famous, saw their circulations diminish as all but the most stalwart puritans accepted such behaviour as the norm. Most broadsheet media carried sexual advice, with even the London Times famously producing a six-page, illustrated guide to the best technique to engage in and enjoy anal sex.

London became the sex capital of the world, exceeding even Frankfurt and Thailand in its popularity. Most British cities boasted a flourishing red-light district that attracted sex tourism to the extent that the country finally made significant inroads into the balance of payments deficit.

For the first time, government grants made it possible for ordinary people to make a living from the sex industry. The white paper "Selling yourself for sex" outlined the financial help available to convert residential property wholly or partially into licensed brothels. To supplement income, a room of the house could be designated for sexual purposes. The mother, and sometimes the children of the house, could spend up to ten hours a week engaged in carefully regulated prostitution.

A whole cottage industry sprang up out of nowhere as the new sexual liberalisation became fashionable. The government received immense tax revenue from this work, precipitating further investment in the licensing and training of sex workers.

Other parts of the world slowly followed suit to a greater or lesser degree; the main exception being the United States where the right-wing, ultra-conservative, Christian fundamentalist Senate resisted all attempts to modernise. Only Hollywood embraced the new way of thinking, shucking of its pseudo-moral ideals and producing blockbusters unconstrained by the finicky legislators.

In 2006, Disney filmed its first explicit sex scene, soon followed by a teen comedy set entirely in a New Orleans brothel, in which the actors and actresses spent the majority of their time onscreen naked and engaged in acts of unadulterated fornication. Even animated classics were re-released to appeal to a wider audience: Snow White participated in group sex with the dwarves whilst in Cinderella, Prince Charming could only recognise his one true love by her strident cries of ecstasy during orgasm.

The main casualty of all this progress was the adult film industry who lost the majority of their subscribers when mainstream broadcasting was virtually indistinguishable from their own lacklustre output.

In the United Kingdom, plans were afoot to lower the age of consent to twelve whilst reforming the further education system to provide students with skills more suited to the changed economic climate. A number of universities established a Faculty of Sexuality that offered courses aimed at producing graduates with vocational qualifications to usher the once defamed sex industry into the twenty-first century.

Amongst the forefront of these establishments was Newport Metropolitan University. It offered a diverse range of study unequally throughout the world. With an intake of nearly three hundred students a year into its sex faculty, their alumni provided actors and actresses, mistresses to politicians, prostitutes, and a vast number of sexually qualified teachers that were required to institute the newly established national curriculum. The revised subject of Sexual Education and Instruction would ensure that every secondary schoolchild received a minimum of five hours sexual tuition per week.

In higher echelons, they saw being able to provide adequate oral sex every bit as important as accurate spelling and competent numeracy skills. In the Queen's speech, the Minister for Education, Davina Stewart promised that no girl or boy should leave the education system without the sexual skills necessary to survive in the outside world. She revealed that the government would invest heavily in providing every school with a number of qualified sex educators that would if necessary introduce each individual child to the pleasures of sexual gratification.

Age-old ignorance of what goes where would become a thing-of-the-past with workshops specially designed to instruct the child from an early age about the functioning of their bodies. Group sessions would allow interaction within their peer groups whilst one-on-one tuition would enable even the most timorous to understand the strict demands of all forms of intercourse. Sexual preference would be determined on entry into high school, with separate classes for those with latent homosexual or bisexual tendencies.

The security services carefully monitored an older generation of parents and grandparents opposed to the modern trend. They remained largely disorganised however, with the majority of the population convinced by over twenty years of falling sex crime, reduced child delinquency and increased wealth within the community.

Even the church, intensely critical of the policy in the early stages, had accepted society's shifting mores and started to offer consummation services. In these, children could safely lose their virginity, carefully monitored by their closest relatives. Parents were even encouraged to participate after the Archbishop of Canterbury finally concurred with government legislation, removing all sanction to non-procreative consensual incest.

The Prime Minister held up evidence of improved social cohesion as proof that government policy was succeeding and predicted that within ten years, an economy based on current sexual-social theory would be standard throughout the developed world.

Sarah Daniels shifted on the leather rear seat of her father's car, the jewelled plug nestled deeply within the tight confines of her rectum. Given to her two years ago for her sixteenth birthday by her mother's sister Olivia, she felt obligated to wear it during the upcoming open day at NMU, Newport Metropolitan University.

She was currently in the final year of the upper sixth at her higher education college, where she was studying Mathematics, Sociology and Sexual Studies to A2 level. Unsure where her future ambitions lay, her parents had suggested that she attend the university open day to gain a better understanding of the courses available. She'd already obtained distinctions in her chosen subjects to AS level. Her admission was practically guaranteed due to the fact her Aunt Olivia was senior admissions officer in the faculty.

The thought of living away from home was slightly daunting as, other than several weeks spent with Olivia each summer since her fourteenth birthday, she'd lived a fairly sheltered existence. During her time with Olivia, the woman had introduced her to the pleasures of lesbianism but she still considered her orientation primarily heterosexual. She'd regularly shared her body with James, her boyfriend of over two years, whose unhappiness with the possibility of her studying away from home was impossible to ignore. Despite her desire to please him, she determined not to let him hold her back from achieving her potential.

Her parents had more-or-less accepted her taking the vocational rather than academic route to graduation, acknowledging Olivia's unique experience in providing expert advise on the matter.

"Are you alright in the back?" Steven Daniels asked, slightly tired from the five hour drive from their seaside home.

"I'm fine Dad," Sarah replied nervously.

"We're nearly there. Have you got a list of questions you want answered?"

"Not really."

"Well you should have," Jenny Daniels scolded. "You've had plenty of time to think about them. My sister will be disappointed if you don't make the most of the visit."

"I'm sure I'll think of something."

Sarah was sure neither of her parents was aware of her relationship with Olivia, but both were fully cognisant of the nature of the course and possible future career prospects. The sex industry had recently surpassed even banking and commerce in earning potential and job openings were manifold and diverse.

Her father worked as a primary school teacher whilst her mother had long ago abandoned her job as a receptionist to raise her and Sarah's fourteen-year old sister Melanie. They were regarded as a fairly traditional family, making no attempt to exploit the earning potential of Jenny or the two girls. In Steve's mind, it didn't seem justifiable to expose the girls to needless sexual activity when he made sufficient income for them to live adequately.

Nevertheless, he'd recently signed the consent form for Melanie that would allow the sex-education tutor to initiate penetrative sex with his youngest daughter during the start of term in September. He felt slightly concerned that if proposed legislation came into law, children could soon experience full sex as early as year eight. He was of the opinion that fourteen represented the earliest age that youngsters could make informed choices and that at twelve years of age many would not properly understand the implications of what was happening to them.

The government argued the case, pointing out that children were exposed to blatantly sexual images from very early stages in life, either from teen magazines or from the many channels on satellite that carried explicit material that would have been restricted to sex shops twenty years previously.

"That's progress I suppose," Jenny had opined. Steve wasn't so sure.

Jenny looked back at her daughter, excited to accompany her on the first of several planned visits to prospective colleges. She'd helped her dress, accepting the current trend for the young to dispense completely with underwear. The jewelled end of the anal plug had glistened in the light and she'd assisted in lubricating Sarah to receive it.

"How's your bottom, Sweetheart?" Jenny asked,

"It's loosened up a bit now Mum."

"I don't know why she needs to wear that stupid thing," Steve complained.

"It's all the rage these days. Don't you read the Sunday supplements?"

"It can't be very comfortable."

"It's not that much different from having a penis inside it."

The previous year, for Steven's fortieth birthday, Jenny had relented to anal sex and it had since become a regular part of their lovemaking repertoire. Steven had pestered her to perform it for two years following their marriage but it was only after an incident on holiday that she'd finally decided to agree to it.

"There's plenty of time for that when she's married," Steve countered.

"Dad!" Sarah complained, embarrassed by her father's old-fashioned attitude.

Steven Daniels clung tenaciously to the outdated mores of his youth, intensely critical of the government's child education strategy. Even the six to ten year olds that he taught were subject to increased sexualisation: participating naked in physical education classes during hot weather and often turning up to school in heavy makeup and fishnet stockings. The last straw for him occurred when the drama teacher introduced a simulated fellatio scene into the school nativity play.

"You need to do a right at the next lights," Jenny announced suddenly. Steve had to brake sharply to make the turn, eliciting a sharp blare from the horn of the car behind.

The main building came into view, an ornately fronted building with well-maintained parkland to the front. Well-placed signs guided them to an ample car park where they stopped to consume a picnic lunch that Jenny had prepared prior to departure. They alighted and followed fellow visitors towards reception where they registered for their visit.

With an hour before the presentation was due to start, they waited in the refectory and enjoyed the provided coffee and biscuits whilst discussing the facilities. Nearby, other families were doing exactly the same thing.

A large lecture theatre housed over a hundred attendees, each seeking entry into one or other of the many courses available. Several casually dressed men stood at the front of the auditorium and beside them stood Olivia Gaskill. The woman wore a neat business suit, the tailored jacket hanging open to reveal her bare breasts; such was the current trend with many modern professional women. Light glinted from the shiny piercings threaded through her erect nipples.

They all talked amongst themselves whilst people continued to file in until the room was seething with expectancy. A laptop running PowerPoint displayed the NMU logo onto a huge screen via a video projector, in preparation for the presentation. After a ten-minute delay, one of the men strode up to the laptop and selected the first slide.

"Good afternoon everyone," he greeted. "My name's is Jeremy Squire and I'm the Dean of Newport Metropolitan University. I'd like to welcome you to the first of our open days in the Faculty of Sexuality. In a moment, I'm going to hand you over to our head of admissions but first I'd like to say a few words about the university, our history and standing, and finally our relationship with the neighbouring town of Newport.

"We were established by government charter in 1950 and have continually produced exceptional graduates in both the humanities and arts. In the last government report, we were rated thirty-fifth overall but in the subject of interest today, you'll be glad to hear that we were placed second, with only Oxford producing better results. We hope that next year, our consistent record will enable us to finally lay claim to that coveted top spot.

"You can rest assured that a place at NMU will ensure your son or daughter with the best possible opportunities for the future.

"The campus provides home for over thirty thousand students. Many reside onsite but the majority live in the town, three miles away. We maintain close links with the nearby community, injecting much into the economy as well as boosting tourism to the area with our support programs. We encourage students to volunteer for community projects as well as supporting local schools and businesses with our expertise."

He hesitated as he looked over the sea of faces before him.

"The Faculty of Sexuality has been running for five years now and our alumni include many well-known personalities, including the current Minister of Education, Davina Stewart. Our graduates find positions in government, become top earning escorts or even continue their studies within our extensive research program.

"I'll now hand you over to our senior admissions officer, Olivia Gaskill."

The Dean stepped back and sat down as Olivia took her place at the podium.

"Good afternoon," she said curtly. "I'd like to start by asking the question, why sexual studies? I'll then move on to ask why study here at NMU and address what occupations a degree in sexuality can open up. Finally, we'll split you into several groups for a tour of the department where you can see some of our excellent facilities and also possibly visit student accommodation.

"For those who have travelled a distance, we have rooms reserved for an overnight stay where you'll have the opportunity to meet up with current students to discuss any subject in greater detail."

Sarah stared at her aunt, remembering their last summer together. They'd reclined naked on a large swinging chair in her beautiful garden, their fingers buried in each other's sex as they brought one another to climax after climax. Sarah had worshipped the woman's nipples, chewing gently on the pierced nubs until she'd cried out in ecstasy. The woman seemed so confidant in her presentation, filling Sarah with admiration and desire.

"Why sexual studies?" Olivia repeated. "I'll answer that question by telling you that sex related occupations now make up over thirty percent of the gross national product of the United Kingdom. From your humble street prostitute to top class escorts that cater to rich businessmen or visiting foreign dignitaries, it is likely that both will have qualified from a sexual studies course somewhere in the country.

"With fifty thousand state-registered prostitutes and twice that many employed in the private sector, it is a growing industry that has still to reach its peak. Every major town and city is now obliged by law to provide facilities where unattached men and woman can go to enjoy sexual gratification, reducing sex crime to levels never previously seen.

"Welfare prostitutes combine the provision of pleasure with providing information on a whole host of benefits for the unemployed, the homeless and those suffering from disability.

"Hotels now offer a wide range of sexual services to their guests, usually included in the price of their stay whilst most major companies provide complete corporate hospitality to support sales efforts and encourage prospective clients.

"The last time you negotiated a major purchase and the salesperson offered you oral sex as an incentive, it's likely that salesperson was a sexual studies graduate.

"The after-sales industry is also rushing to take advantage, for example providing a beautiful woman to look after your every need as you wait for your car to be serviced. As you can see, the saying 'sex sells' is never truer than it is today. Our prostitution degree will provide all the training required to satisfy even the most discerning customer.

"The next major employer of our graduates is the health service. Whether sexual massage during recuperation from injury, or relationship therapy, qualified staff are always in great demand.

"Marriage breakdown was often cited as the main cause of teenage delinquency. With surrogacy services now providing support for matrimonial relationships, divorce is definitely on the decline. Surrogacy in the home, where the counsellor visits and provides intimacy with one or both parties has proven effective time after time.

"With the proposed drop in the age of consent, many parents feel they want the freedom to choose the correct person to provide their son or daughter's first sexual contact. A module in the second semester considers how to determine the correct time to initiate contact and how to make their first experience as memorable as possible.

"The last area I'll mention is education. With Sexual Instruction now mandatory in all state secondary schools, it's important that our future generation learn all the skills necessary for when they get older. Whether teaching masturbation techniques or introducing advanced topics such as oral or anal sex, it is essential that the teacher be fully qualified and trained in the latest methodologies."

Olivia paused. "That gives you a flavour for what the course is about and I'll now explain how here at NMU, we have invested in the latest equipment and offer more flexibility than other institutions, allowing the student to choose their exact area of specialisation.

"In the first year, we start with no assumed knowledge or skill. We'll teach our students everything there is to know about sex from the ground up. For the first few weeks, we'll keep them busy all day long, every day until we feel they reach the exacting standards we expect. They will engage with members of both the opposite and same sex as equal opportunity legislation makes it an offence for a prostitute to refuse contact on grounds of race, religion or sexuality.

"As the year progresses, we will continually refine their performance, making our students amongst the best practitioners in the country, We combine that with sociology and psychology modules that give them the full perspective of the vital part they play in modern society.

"For those on joint honours, we offer sexual studies with French, German or Greek. Sex with film studies addresses the requirements of the movie industry whilst sex and accountancy prepares the candidate for administration of brothels and street walking collectives.

"At the end of year one, we will have raised our students to the level of a fully qualified prostitute in virtually any other Western European country. That is then used as the starting point for the specialisation in year two where they learn the advanced skills required by some of the most fastidious cultures in the world.

"Nakamura Industries has recently invested heavily in our Bukkake lab whilst the German industrial giant Borst International sponsors our water sports centre.

"We have two visiting professors of Kinbaku currently on secondment from Japan that teach our students the fine art of rope bondage whilst we have a BDSM aficionado from the United States instructing in various disciplinary skills, including the use of severe restraint to enhance pleasure. For those so inclined, we also offer an optional S and M module where the students learn to receive and administer pain by the use of paddles, whips and electro-shock.

"Half of year three is taken up by a placement, either here or abroad. This year, several students served their placement in a Budapest brothel whilst another spent time as a streetwalker in Mexico, learning firsthand the effects of squalor and deprivation in one of the most female hostile regions of the planet. Most however, choose to work in a sexual placement either locally or in their hometown. We have arrangements with a number of employers who allow students either to hone their skills with the workforce or to entertain prospective customers. Many students are subsequently offered lucrative employment after graduation as a direct consequence of their performance.

"For those who fail to find employment at the end of year three, we offer a comprehensive postgraduate program. We currently have a small team investigating the possible impact of sex on the social development of preteens whilst another focuses on sex with animals within the entertainment industry. Two of our top graduates have returned this year to study scatology but the less said about that the better.

"I'll finish by saying a few words about the local community. Newport was two brothels and five lap-dancing clubs. Selling sexual services is seen as the most viable way of relieving student debt. When not studying for exams, Students usually work several evenings or weekends either at a dance club or in one of the brothels. We have a special arrangement with the Black Cat that provides a free taxi service back to their accommodation after a night of servicing customers. The student union on campus also has a small brothel where members of the general public can hire a girl by the hour or even arrange for a home visit."

"That really concludes most of what I have to say. We'll have a presentation on student finance later but I'd like to invite the front three rows to tour our facility and get a flavour of what your children can expect if they choose to study with us."

There was a muted round of applause and Olivia moved to one side whilst the first of three groups prepared to take the guided tour. Sarah and her family were amongst them.

"Jenny," Olivia exclaimed as she greeted and embraced her sister, "so glad you could make it. Steven, did you enjoy the presentation?"

Steve smiled wistfully, unsure about abandoning his daughter in such surroundings.

Sarah embraced her aunt, feeling the woman's hand slip under her skirt to discover the solid presence in her backside. "You wore it for me," Olivia enthused. Sarah smiled.

"This way everybody," Olivia yelled as she waved her arms for attention. A group of about thirty students and parents followed behind her as she walked out of the lecture theatre and along the long corridor leading to the teaching area. She entered a small studio where a number of Sybians were screwed down to the hardwood floor.

"This is where we build up our female student's stamina. At the end of the first year, girls can expect to spend two hours a day on these machines, sometimes in almost continual orgasm. Sarah, would you like to try one?"

"What? Me?"

"Lift your skirt up and sit astride this one here," she requested, guiding the youngster over to the nearest machine. Olivia wiped the broad phallus with a cloth then squirted a large quantity of lubricating gel along its length. Steve wanted to protest as his sister-in-law eased his daughter down onto the device, watching as Sarah groaned as the dildo slid into her body.

Olivia tucked the hem of Sarah's short skirt into her waistband, ensuring the group had an unobstructed view of the girl's loins and the jewelled flange of the plug inserted in her anus. Several of the prospective students gasped as they spotted the toy.

"She's wearing a butt plug Mum," a young blonde whispered to her parent. Olivia smiled indulgently and activated the machine, a slight hum the only evidence that it operated. Sarah sighed as the vibrating shaft stirred up things inside her pussy.

"Lean forward Sarah," Olivia advised. "Press your clit against the vibration pad."

At the same time, she operated the speed control and Sarah fell forward over the contraption, clinging on for dear life as her body responded to the stimulation. The assembled party watched as her groans escalated in intensity until she had no choice but to give vent her feelings and climax. Olivia left her in place as she took the shy blonde from her mother and removed her panties before guiding her to an adjacent machine.

"What's your name Sweetie?"

"Mary," the girl whimpered, embarrassed to suddenly find herself naked from the waist down. Olivia prepped another machine and urged the girl to mount it. She was soon gasping as she struggled to control the pervasive effect it had on her. To add to the girl's consternation, Olivia dropped her trousers and placed Mary's face against her smooth sex.

"Lick me Mary. Make me come you little slut."

Coming from a small town where the sexual training was less intense, Mary struggled with her first lesbian encounter. Her mother looked on in disbelief as a senior member of the university staff ground her labia against her daughter's face. Olivia climaxed in just a few minutes, leaving the blonde girl's features covered with her slick juices.

"Would anybody else like to try one out?" There were no volunteers. "Mum?"

Mary's mother shook her head vigorously.

"The dildo can be taken anally as well as vaginally," Olivia offered. The woman shook her head even harder. "Well maybe you can help your daughter out. Squat down and hold her as she rides it."

The woman rushed to comfort her daughter, sliding a hand around the girl's waist. Olivia took the mother's index finger, added lubricant and then inserted it into Mary's anus.

"Slide it back and forth," Olivia demanded. "Let her feel it in both places at once."

The stunned group watched the obscene display for several more minutes until both girls had climaxed at least twice and slumped moaning across the long cylinder. Everybody could hear the slick sounds as Mary's mother, unsure how to react, continued to finger her daughter's bottom. Determined to teach the provincial pair a lesson, Olivia ran several fingers through her sex, gathering up a copious quantity of her juices before rubbing them over the woman's lips and forcing them into her mouth.

"Smell and taste what your daughter did," Olivia snarled, reducing the woman almost to the point of tears.

Olivia killed the power to both machines and waited whilst the youngsters slowly recovered their senses. Sarah staggered unsteadily to her feet and had to be supported by her parents to keep her upright. Mary and her mother slowly stood up and it took a while before the girl was capable of movement.

"We'll now visit some of the research units. Unfortunately, the Bukkake lab is currently being steam-cleaned but the watersports centre is in use."

Through the observation window of the Borst unit, they saw three naked girls knelt passively whilst a dozen men stood around in a circle, urinating on them. The girls opened their mouths submissively, accepting all they were offered without complaint.

"This is a second year class," Olivia explained to the group. "Anybody drink pee?"

"By the end of year two, this will be second nature to you," she continued after nobody made comment.

They walked further along the corridor.

"The next room is used for bondage and submissiveness training. Mary, perhaps you'd like to lend a hand again?"

The blonde looked at her mother for support but the woman was still deeply disturbed by what had just happened.

"Take everything off, quickly," Olivia ordered. The girl slowly stripped naked and bent over a metal frame. Olivia clamped her hands and wrists into padded cuffs and then added a belt around her midriff to hold her in position.

"Come on Mum, you're next. Set a good example for your daughter."

"But I..."

"Clothes off now!" Olivia snapped, to which the woman reluctantly began to undress.

The others looked on impotently as the girl's mother was secured alongside her daughter. Olivia slapped each female firmly across their backside, leaving a prominent red mark. Both cried out in pain and Olivia fetched two ballgags and proceeded to silence the whimpering pair. From out of an office, a burly male bodybuilder emerged and Olivia signalled him over. After lubricating Mary's anus, the man buried his penis in her and commenced to sodomise her with a sturdy stroke. The hapless teen struggled against her restraints but was unable to avoid her fate.

"Do Mum now, Fredrick," Olivia asked at which the man withdrew and positioned himself against the girl's mother. The woman protested vehemently and rattled the equipment but could not prevent the man's erection impaling her. He alternated between the two females until he approached orgasm. Olivia bent close to the mother's ear.

"Do you want him to come in you or your daughter?" The woman did her best to indicate that she would accept it in order to prevent her daughter's further suffering.

"Fuck the daughter," Olivia instructed.

Fredrick impaled the teenager to the root and slammed his cock within her sheath until he unleashed a torrent of his sperm into her abused hole. Both mother and daughter sobbed in utter humiliation as Olivia addressed the group. "Once again, this is a second year option that allows the student to practice both submission and domination."

The man withdrew his cock and Mary farted obscenely as air escaped from her devastated channel. Semen trickled from her orifice and dribbled down her legs. Olivia released them from their restraint and then helped both back into their clothes.

"You both did very well," Olivia soothed. "You can relax now; I won't choose you for anything else."

Mother and daughter clung onto each other for support, traumatised by the ordeal.

"Was that really necessary Olivia?" Jenny scolded her sister when out of earshot of the others.

"It's important they realise exactly what the course entails. It's in nobody's interest if the girl can't keep up the pace and drops out in the first year. I think Mary will do fine and I'm going to suggest that her mother takes some night classes in basic prostitution. I can just see her sucking off guys in a dark alley, or leant against a wall getting fucked in her pussy or arse. She could go home to hubby with come running down her legs and a couple of hundred quid in her back pocket."

"That's horrible Olivia."

"If you want to take her place, I can arrange it. I'd love to see Steve fuck the pair of you."

"He'd never do such a thing," Jenny protested.

"If the alternative was watching Fredrick do it, I'm sure he'd oblige."

Jenny looked decidedly unhappy, wondering whether her sister spoke the truth. Part of her was envious of Olivia's success, wondering how her life would have turned out if she'd not fallen pregnant with Sarah so early on in life. Despite her misgivings, she loved her family dearly and would never have traded her current lifestyle for that of her unmarried sister who seemed completely career focussed.

"I'll take you all back to the lecture theatre and then, after the other two groups have completed their tour, we'll go over to the main dining hall for refreshments," Olivia announced, leading them via an indirect route back to their starting point.

Students were busy copulating in various side rooms. Olivia explained they were tutorial sessions. In a small studio, a girl was having her labia pierced to complement the large rings threaded through her nipples.

"Body modification is another research project at the moment," Olivia explained. "We perform breast augmentation, clitoral enhancements as well as experimental surgical techniques to provide enhanced sexual performance."

"We also have several books published by members of staff. I've just finished a modern translation of the Kamasutra whilst one of my esteemed colleagues has recently published an account of sex through the ages that is on the reading list of the history department in most secondary schools. One of our third year projects is producing a sex primer for nurseries. I think the time will soon come when sex education will be mandated for children of all ages."

"What about film?" the one boy in the group asked.

"We have our own video studio and editing suite. In the second year, you'll have the chance to get involved in making pornography and the university offsets any revenue generated from the film or photo-shoots against the student's course fees."

"What are the course fees?"

"For the upcoming year, fees have been set at fifteen thousand pounds per annum, which can be paid for by a government loan and repaid once you are earning. Most students however, get part-time jobs that provide enough to repay most of the loan by the time they graduate."

"What happens if you don't get a job?" Mary's mother asked.

"Interest is charged yearly on any outstanding balance. If the loan is not settled within three years, the government is allowed to recoup the money by compulsory placement in a state brothel."

They returned to the lecture theatre where a student film project called 'Sapphic Slaves' was being shown. Sarah was impressed by the production quality and the beauty of the actresses. The girls were led around by their collars and forced to satisfy their mistresses, triggering memories of her time with Olivia.

"This won second prize at the Montreux Film Festival last summer and one of the actresses has since gone on to star in the Hollywood movie Die Hard 7."

Sarah and her parents sat in the front row as Olivia led the next group on their tour. Pornographic movies were interspaced with promotional video about the university and a slideshow of scenes of the surrounding settlement. A wide river ran through the centre of Newport and grassy verges provided plenty of space for picnics and other outdoor pursuits. Young people sunbathed nude along the bank and in some instances even had sex in plain sight of those around them.

The tour group returned. A small, dark-haired girl with round spectacles was helped to a seat by her concerned parents. The girl sobbed into a handkerchief, spitting out the semen of four boys that Olivia had forced her to satisfy.

"It's okay Darling," the mother sympathised. "We'll find you another course."

"They shouldn't be allowed to do this Elisabeth," her husband declared angrily, incensed at the way Olivia had singled out his daughter for attention.

As they waited for the final tour group to return, Sarah watched a film about the Sex Engineering Department that taught students how to design offices to comply with modern building regulations. The incorporation of many quiet alcoves allowed impromptu couplings to take place, whilst meeting rooms replaced the traditional chair with comfortable loungers on which the attendees could have sex as they discussed important issues. Courses for the design of sex toys and erotic fashion were also covered in lesser detail.

Olivia returned with the final group. A buxom blonde girl had her face covered in semen and was chatting happily with her parents about the Bukkake lab. Olivia smiled, obviously seeing a potential top honours student in the making.

"We'll move along to the refectory," Olivia announced loudly, "where there's food laid on. After that, we'll inspect some typical student accommodation. For those of you staying overnight, we'll then guide you to your rooms."

Due to the distance involved, Steve and Jenny had elected to stay over, although Steve now had reservations about the wisdom of the decision.

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