Dads Two Little Earth Day Darlings
Chapter 1: Sunday Afternoon April 17th 2011 - By the pool at Dad's house

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Sunday Afternoon April 17th 2011 - By the pool at Dad's house - Is sperm really a miracle drug? Can it make young teenage girls smarter if it's orally administered to them? What's the best age to do it? How much sperm is the right amount? Is it better to get sperm from a close relative to ensure acceptance by the recipient? Read all about it in this EARTH DAY story...

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Father   Daughter   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Lactation  

"Your old man was checking me out."

I looked up from my computer screen to catch my best friend Nikki's smirk.

"He was trying to see these," she continued as she rolled onto her side.

"WHAAAAT!" I screeched as the meaning of her words finally registered. I quickly looked back towards the house.

"My beautiful full, ripe, eighteen year old, teenage tits," she added with a leer as she cupped one of her breasts in her right hand. I watched as she tweaked a nipple.

"Don't! He'll see," I warned as I checked again for any movement from the house.

"He wants to suck them..."

"You are such a SLUT! That is the most disgusting thing I've ever heard."

"I think he wants to put his big cock between them."

"Shut up! He'll hear," I hissed back as I checked the open patio doors again.

"Spray his thick, baby making cream all over them."

"What is wrong with you today?" I demanded but couldn't keep the grin off my lips. I sorta knew what was wrong with Nikki. She was clearly getting tired of her current boyfriend. Something I was suffering from too. We were both horny!

"Then he'd bring his still spurting cockhead to his daughter's best friend's lips and make me lick-"

"Sicko. Dream on. And why would he want you when he's got the wonderful Carmen." My words even sounded feeble to me. The Nickster knew that dad's current girlfriend was not my favourite person.

"She's a cow!"

"Her breasts are bigger than yours."

"Bigger than yours maybe," Nikki countered. The truth was that Carmen, although only twenty-two, was decidedly curvaceous in a way that neither I nor Nikki could ever compete with. But she was a cow! I just didn't know how true my words were when I spoke them.

That is not to say that there was something wrong with my breasts. In fact, if I do say so myself...

I loved Nicole Taylor Hill more than anyone else in the world. And the feelings were reciprocated. I'd met her the day after we moved into our new house. I'd been five years old that day. And as it turned out I was exactly seven days older than she was.

We became a bonded pair almost immediately. Closer than sisters, we constantly flitted between my house and hers. We each grew up with two sets of parents.

When my parents told me they were divorcing (I was twelve years old!) I cried for like three days straight. Nikki had her arm around me the whole time. Without her I just might have killed myself.

And it was she who finally managed to effect the reconciliation between my father and me. I'd hated him when it had happened. Blamed him completely. I'd refused to talk to him even though he still lived in the neighbourhood. Through it all Nikki had kept in touch with him. And, for what was supposed to have been my fourteenth birthday party, a fancy restaurant meal with just the two of us, she'd invited my father.

"I figured it was about time ... that you'd finally started to grow up," she said when I'd later asked her what the hell she'd been doing playing around with my life like that. There was no one else in my world that I'd have let get away with something like that!

Of course there was a big scene at the restaurant. I cried. My father held me in his arms. I cried some more. Nikki cried. Daddy cried. And the three of us spent most of the night talking.

Like everything didn't just change overnight! I still had issues with the whole breakup thing. But even my mom was happy I was back communicating with my father. Over the next six months we went from occasional dinners to weekend visits (with Nikki there at my side) to finally my deciding (agreeing?) to try living one week with mom followed by one week with dad. I think we all liked the change. Dad got his daughter back. Mom got some free time with her boyfriends. And I soon discovered that there are certain advantages for a fifteen or sixteen or seventeen year old girl in having two homes a mile and a half apart. I quickly learned that it was easy to say (and confusing for my parents) 'Oh sorry, I was at dad's (or mom's as the case might be) ... I thought you knew', whenever questions about my whereabouts arose.

And so I slowly fell back in love with him. As a father...

"So, what gives?" I asked after her giggles had tapered off.

"Hand me my computer," she answered as she swung her legs over the side of the chaise lounge and sat up. Her bare breasts jiggled as she moved.

"Cover them up you ninny," I said as I reached for her bikini top.

"He's not watching."

"He might be," I answered as I held out her skimpy top. She ignored me as she placed her laptop, a Toshiba with a ten inch screen, on her lap. Her boyfriend certainly didn't have a ten inch...

"Do you know what I think he's doing right now?" Nikki asked.

"He said he was going to change into his bathing suit and then make us our banana splits," I answered. "C'mon, he'll be back in a sec," I pled as I tried to hand her the bra top again.

"He's masturbating," my friend said. "He's in the kitchen right now ... watching me ... with his bathing suit around his ankles ... with his hand wrapped around his huge cock-"

"Shut up," I ordered.

"And just guess where he's going to spray his spurting love juice? All over the bananas. Even on yours." I couldn't stop the laugh that escaped from my lips. "He wants both of us to eat his sperm."

"You are such a sick slut," I accused even as the vision of a huge, spurting cock filled my mind. Daddy's cock? Yuck!

"What do you see anyway?" Nikki asked as she turned her computer screen towards me.

"Duh!" It was a picture I'd taken of Nikki and her boyfriend Danny a week earlier. They were both in their bathing suits and were standing ten feet from the spot where we were sitting now.

"And this?" she asked as clicked open another picture. It was one of my boyfriend and me that had been taken the same day.

"Nikki!" I was getting pissed at her. Dad was going to reappear in seconds and she was still flashing her boobs.

"And this one?" she asked, ignoring my protest completely. It was a picture of dad standing between our two boyfriends.

"What?" I finally asked.

"Describe them."

"What do you mean?" I asked as I glanced back towards the house.

"Don't worry about your daddy. With a cock as big as his he'll be busy for a long time."

"You don't know he has a big cock." I stamped my bare foot in anger as I said it.

"Describe them!" she insisted as she held out her computer towards me. I said nothing as I studied the picture.

"Well, who's the best looking?" she finally demanded, then uttered a string of questions before I could answer the first.

"The sexiest? "Who's the only man in the picture? "Who has hair on his chest? "Who's the tallest? "Who would be the best in bed? "Which of the three has the biggest cock? "The hardest one? "Who could deliver the biggest load?"

Nikki's questions came staccato like, fired one after the other.

"That's not fair. Greg's cute ... and sexy ... and fun ... and-"

"Answer my questions!"


"Your father has a bigger one than either Greg or Danny," Nikki said authoritatively.

"You don't know that," I denied even while I acknowledged it silently to myself. Greg and Danny might be cute eighteen year olds but when placed on either side of dad like they were in the picture the answer to every one of Nikki's questions was obvious. Dad was a clear winner. He was a man standing between two boys. But that didn't mean...

I heard the patio's screen door slide open as I mused on the picture in front of me. "Put this on," I begged as I held out Nikki's top to her.

The small triangles of yellow cloth were sorta covering Nikki's breasts, at least her nipples, when my father, laden with a tray carrying two banana splits, two cokes and a beer for him, arrived poolside.

"My top came undone Mister McIntosh," Nikki said huskily as she held the cloth against her boobs. "Hurry up and do it up you doofus," she ordered me, said in a tone that made it sound as if it was somehow my fault that her breasts were spilling out of her suit.

And as I snapped her top shut I couldn't help but see that daddy's eyes had drifted down and were latched onto Nikki's bosom. And, although I didn't see it, I'm pretty sure that for just a second she'd let the top drop just enough to give my dad a glimpse of a straining pink nipple. I knew it had been straining because by the time we all got sitting back down again both of Nikki's nipples were clearly pushing through the thin material that attempted to encase her breasts. SLUT!

And while eating the banana split I couldn't get the image of daddy's penis spurting out a thick line of cream down each side of the banana I was eating. And, even though I knew the idea was preposterous, the banana split did seem to leave a peculiar aftertaste. But it had tasted so good going down.

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