Tarnished Innocence
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The new employee seemed to be perfect, but Mike discovered that she wasn't all that she seemed. She had lied to him, and to previous employers, and when he challenges her she admits it. And she accepts punishment, and asks for more. Mike tries to give her the excitement she craves.

Geraldine Harcourt passed her job interview with flying colours. She was perfect for the job, of senior sales assistant. Or so Mike believed at the time. Later, thinking back over it, he tried to convince himself that his judgment hadn't been swayed at all by her incredible breasts or those lovely baby blue eyes. But there certainly had been flaws in her presentation. The main one was an unexplained gap in her résumé, in which she claimed she had spent the last six months on a working holiday in Europe, and had returned only a few days ago.

The problem was that when Mike asked her where she had gone, she described places in Italy and France well enough to suggest she was probably telling the truth, but the time line just didn't seem to add up. He asked her how long she had spent in each country and her answers were contradictory. Mike suspected the girl had met some lusty Italian and spent a month in his bed sampling unbridled fornication, and his cock hardened at the thought. But the girl exuded sweet innocence, and he couldn't believe she was really lying to him!

Anyway he hired her, and her first couple of weeks in the office were a great success. She arrived each morning looking just as smart and sexy as she had been at her interview. Short skirt above long legs, a pert bottom, big breasts, and the most beautiful face. Black hair in a page boy cut making her look even younger than she claimed to be, and above all those lovely eyes. And she was clever! She quickly mastered all the computer systems that she would be using, and learnt the office procedures. She worked happily on whatever tasks Mike allocated to her, even doing filing, whereas the previous girl in her position had resolutely refused to do such things, saying they were clerical work and not her responsibility.

Mike couldn't believe his luck, the girl was everything he wanted in an employee. He was so happy that at the next group sales meeting he just had to tell everyone how lucky he had been. When he mentioned the girl's name, there was a moment's silence, then laughter! "My god, is she still around? Really, Mike, what were you thinking of? She won't put out for you, if that's what you were hoping."

Mike blushed, he had been hoping vaguely for just that, although it was not why he had recruited the girl. He asked why they were reacting this way. He was shocked when one of them said, "I only sacked her four weeks ago, when did you pick her up?"

"She said she had just come back from six months in Italy! There's no mention of you on her resume."

It turned out that Geraldine had worked for three of the offices represented at the meeting, all of them during the time she had said she was traveling in Europe. They all refused to say why they had sacked her, claiming fear of defamation because nobody had been able to prove anything. One gave him a hint by saying, "Keep your petty cash tin locked up, and keep track of your cameras. If you can, tell the other girls in the office to keep an eye on their purses. But don't you dare quote me."

Mike left the meeting depressed, and drove back to his office wondering what to do. The girl was beautiful, fun to work with, efficient, punctual, yet those who had employed her in the past wouldn't tell him what she did wrong, why they had sacked her, except for that clear hint that she stole things. He wondered what she could steal in his office, and tried to match the loss of her doing that against the gain of her working for him so well. If it was only a few dollars a week, it was insignificant against the bonus he would otherwise have paid her for working so efficiently. What to do?

In the office, he did check that the petty cash tin was secure, and looked around to see what could be stolen if Geraldine was in fact so inclined. There was nothing very significant that she could walk out with without being noticed. Anyway the concerns about her were just rumors. Maybe the truth was that the men had tried to hit on her and she had rejected them. Girls did get fired for turning down their boss's sexual advances, and maybe that was what they were trying to warn him about.

Mike watched Geraldine as she stood at the copying machine, her delightful bottom bulging out behind above those fabulous legs. The skirt was so short he had to accept she was wearing tights not stockings, but he did fantasize about her underwear. He realized that working with such a gorgeous girl would drive any normal man towards the point where he might do rash things, even just stroking her bum as you walk past her, or veiled innuendos when you talk to her. Things that any brave girl would object to but that most would accept as an unattractive but unavoidable part of life in the office. He had to accept that Geraldine was the sort of girl who wouldn't accept it. That was okay, he had never yet embarrassed any of his female employees by any such improprieties.

He thought about it. Suppose he now went over there and stood behind her at the copying machine, pretending he had a paper to copy, and as he stood there behind her, suppose he allowed his hand just lightly to rub over that glorious ass. Would she ignore the touch, or would she press back against his hand, hoping for a bonus in her pay packet next week? No, Mike was quite sure how Geraldine would respond. She would turn and slap his face, and probably walk out of the office and not return. Or, if she stayed, the average boss would sack her, finding it too embarrassing to have her stay in the office.

So Mike convinced himself that it was his male colleagues who were at fault. The lovely Geraldine had probably been fired just because her bosses couldn't keep their hands to themselves. He would give her the benefit of the doubt, just keep an eye on her and try to prevent her upsetting other office staff.

One day in Geraldine's third week with the office, as people were leaving at the end of the day's work, Mrs Gladys Arbuthnot, one of his most senior and elderly staff, came to see him, complaining that fifty dollars had gone missing from her purse during the afternoon! She had drawn the money from an ATM across the street at lunchtime. She left her purse beside her desk while she went to the ladies' room, and the money was gone when she checked it as she got ready to go home. Geraldine had been doing filing in the woman's office, Mrs Arbuthnot said pointedly, clearly implying the only possible conclusion!

Mike was pale as he contemplated his options. First, he gave Gladys fifty dollars of his own money, and asked her not to tell anyone about it. He promised to deal with it, and to make sure it didn't happen again, and would tell her later what action he had taken. He walked to the room where Geraldine worked, and was surprised to find her still sitting in front of her computer. Everyone else had left, the building was very quiet.

"Why are you still here, Geraldine?"

She looked up, startled, and just for a moment he thought he saw fear on her face, not just surprise. But quickly that look was replaced with her normal eager and sweet smile.

"Hi, Mr Wilson," she said in that delightful sexy voice. "I'm just finishing off something; I will be leaving in a few minutes."

Mike left her and walked through the nearby offices, and found that he and Geraldine were alone in this part of the building. He went back to her, and found her tidying her desk and preparing to leave.

"Geraldine, we need to talk."

The girl looked nervous, but she still managed to smile as Mike took a nearby chair, reversed it, and sat down straddling it, with his arms on the chair back. He took a deep breath and began the conversation that he assumed would be the last time he talked to the girl.

"You haven't been completely truthful with me, have you, Geraldine?"

Geraldine gulped, lowered her eyes, and said nothing.

"You lied to me about what you were doing over the last few months, didn't you?"

Another gulp, and tears forming on her pretty face. She very slightly nodded her head.

"Would you allow me to look in your purse?"

Geraldine's face turned pale, and she looked up into Mike's eyes, and from the expression there he knew his fears were valid. She had taken the money. If she let him look in her purse there would be a fifty dollar note in there. But how could he prove it was the missing money? And what could he do if she refused to let him look? Better to do what the other bosses had done, tell her she was still on probation and that she was hereby sacked. Escort her to the door and send her away to mess up some other poor sod's life.

Fortunately he didn't have to push the issue. Geraldine started to cry softly as she whispered, "I'm so sorry Mr Wilson."

He was surprised, this was too easy! "You admit you took the money? But why? Am I not paying you enough? Don't you like working here? I will have to sack you, you must realize that? And you have only been working here for two weeks!"

"Please, you can't sack me, please, I don't know why I do it, I just can't seem to help myself, I do try not to steal, really I do, but all my life I just get these urges."

Mike was shocked. He had never imagined there might be more to Geraldine's disgraceful behaviour than that she was just a greedy thief. Was it something deeper in her makeup? Something from her past? But did that matter? He couldn't let her stay in the company if she was going to steal from his employees. What to do? The only option seemed to be to keep her talking, find out more.

"How did it start?"

"When I was a kid, I started taking things from my mom's handbag. Whenever she caught me she would tell my dad and he would spank me. That made me stop for a few weeks then I would do it again. But dad left home when I was fifteen and mom just kept her purse locked away after that."

"All those other places you worked recently? They all fired you because you were caught stealing?"

She nodded. He wasn't quite convinced she was telling him the whole truth, but he now had enough evidence to go to the next meeting and demand that his friends tell him all they knew. He was beginning to believe that he might not sack Geraldine after all.

"Can you explain why you do it? Is it just the excitement, the fear of being caught?"

Geraldine nodded, and sat silent for a few minutes. Then suddenly she looked up into his eyes again, her face animated now. "Yes, Mr Wilson, that's exactly it. My life at home is boring, the work that people have given me to do has been boring. Before you that is, you've been different, you've given me fun stuff to do. But yeah I suppose where other people break windows or drive dangerously, my thing has been to steal. I guess if someone had reported me to the police, and I had been locked up for a few months, I might have been too scared to do it again. But they never have, they just chuck me out. It's the same with boyfriends, I am just getting on well with some guy when I get the urge, and I take something from his bedroom or something, and the guy stops phoning me."

"So don't you have a boyfriend now?"

Geraldine shook her lovely head, and tears were flowing again. Mike reminded himself not to risk trying anything with her, she just might be in the mood to sue for sexual harassment! There had been a recent very public case where a girl had been awarded huge damages from a relatively innocent employer who seemed just to have responded to what he thought were signals from the girl. Why steal a few dollars, when you can get a court to award you thousands of dollars in damages!

"You do realize that if I am going to let you keep working here, you must stop stealing from my staff?"

"I promise, Mr Wilson, please don't fire me. My mom isn't working and as I said dad left home so I'm the only one paying the bills now. Anyway I like working for you, I've never been given so much responsibility before and I love it."

"I gave you that responsibility because I felt that I could trust you. But you have let me down."

"No, please, that's not fair, my work has been faultless, you know that. All I have done is taken some money from that old bat in accounts. I haven't let you down professionally. And I promise I won't steal from any of your staff again."

"So what will you do for excitement, if you aren't stealing things?"

Geraldine looked up at him, and saw the smile on his face. She was obviously enormously relieved that he was teasing her, not threatening her. "You got any ideas?" she said with a grin.

"I'm serious, Geraldine, you say you steal for excitement, and the work here is not exciting. So how can you promise to stop stealing? What can we do to distract you?"

To Mike's dismay, Geraldine put her tongue out and slowly and deliberately licked her lips. He was sure she was offering to have sex with him, in return for keeping her job. But where the previous bosses had kicked her out, he knew he didn't dare risk fucking the girl or she might take him to court. What to do?

He stood up, and said, "Come to my office in five minutes." Then he walked away. In his office, he quickly set up his laptop on the desk with the built in camera facing the place where Geraldine would be standing in a few minutes time. Then he sat back and thought through what he was about to do. When there was a knock on his door, he took some deep breaths then told her to enter.

She stepped inside, closed the door, and walked over in front of his desk. "You wanted to see me, Mr Wilson?"

"Yes Geraldine, first let me warn you that this interview is being recorded and filmed. Are you willing to continue, knowing that?"

He pointed to the camera lens pointed her way, and she saw it, nodded, and looked back to him. "Yes Mr Wilson I understand and consent to you recording and filming us."

"In your resume you say you have just returned from six months in Europe. Is that true?"

"No, Sir, I did a three week holiday on a coach tour nearly a year ago, that is all. Then I came back and found various jobs here."

"Tell me the truth about your past employment. Who you worked for, why you left them, and why you lied in your resume."

Geraldine surprised him with the detail, and apparent honesty, of her response. She clearly related each time she had stolen things, and explained how sometimes she had not been caught for a while, but in each case when finally found out she had just been told to go. He made her describe how she had taken the money from Mrs Arbuthnot, and why, and she said she had been bored doing filing and when the old lady left the office she just impulsively opened the handbag that was lying there, and took the money that was in full view.

"You have said that if I allow you to stay working here you will stop stealing?"

"Yes, I promise."

He sat watching her for some time, plucking up the courage to do what he had already decided to do, but also enjoying her visible distress. Then he calmly concluded the recorded interview by saying. "Very well, go back to your desk now and write out a detailed confession of all those things you just told me, I will need you to sign it before you go home tonight. Meanwhile I will think about what I am going to do with you. Off you go."

He waited till she left the office, then turned off the computer recorder. He was so aroused he couldn't help taking his cock out and stroking it for a few minutes, wondering if he really dared do what he was planning. Finally, breathing deeply, he picked up a camera, and left the office and walked to Geraldine's workplace. She was sitting behind her desk, typing away on her computer, and looking beautiful and flushed and embarrassed. But was she also looking excited?

He stood behind her, reading over her should as she typed, demanding additions and clarifications, then made her print it out and sign it. He also kept looking down her cleavage, her breasts were magnificent.

He had her scan the confession document and email it to his office. While she sat at her computer doing that, he set the camera to video mode and turned it on, and put it down on the desk behind hers. Finally he knew he had committed himself, and all he could do was hope she would play along.

"Tell me how your dad spanked you, Geraldine." She started to turn toward him, but he told her to stay sitting down and looking straight ahead.

"He used his hand, on my bare bum."

"How many spanks, typically? Toward the end, when you were older?"

"Twenty or thirty sir."

"Stand up, girl."

This time she couldn't resist twisting round in her seat and looking up at him with those lovely eyes, her face going pale, then flushed as she realized what he was intending. She turned to face the front again, and slowly stood up and pushed her chair well back. He was sure now that she was going to accept what he intended.

"Skirt up, panties down, please."

He moved sideways to give his camera a clear view of her and watched gleefully as she obeyed, the skirt sliding up to display black thong panties.

With her skirt bunched at her waist, she pushed her panties down to her knees, then paused. "Down, or right off, Sir?"

"What did your dad require?"

"Right off, Sir," she said, pushing them down and stepping out of them, then putting them on her desk.

"Bend over the desk, on your elbows. Arch your back and push your bottom out toward my hand. Ask me to spank you for being bad."

She obeyed, her body tense, her voice trembling. He moved beside her and placed a hand over her glorious bottom, raised it, and brought it down hard.

"AAAaaaaaaaaaaggggggggghhh," moaned Geraldine.

"You know you deserve to be punished for stealing, but I have no power to compel you to accept a spanking. Do you want me to stop, or shall I continue? If you don't want this, just stand up, get dressed, and leave. I will still let you work for me for another week to see if you can behave, but any further offence will mean immediate dismissal."

Geraldine made no move to stand up, rather she wiggled her butt, inviting more. He gave her another six hard spanks. Her bottom was glowing bright red, and he could smell her arousal! He carefully moved between her and the camera, and slid a hand down in between her thighs, and found her sopping wet. But he brought his hand back, and stepped back to the side, and administered another six spanks.

"So, Geraldine, is this exciting enough for you?" he asked, and she slowly nodded her head, saying nothing. Instead, she moved her feet wider apart, obviously expecting him to fuck her from behind. He wondered if some of her other bosses had gone this far.

Hoping this would not be too much for her, he removed the belt from his trousers, folded it around his fist, then brought it down hard across her ass.

"Ooohhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk," the girl groaned, but still made no attempt to stand up or to shield her bum.

"You've missed this, haven't you, girl?"

"Yes sir, oh god yes sir I have indeed missed it so bad. Please sir, give me more, harder."

Mike landed twelve hard cuts with the belt across that lovely ass, and all she did was writhe and pant and push her bottom back for more. Finally he stepped back and threaded his belt back in his trousers. She twisted around so she could see what he was doing, and looked shocked, even disappointed, when she saw he wasn't getting his cock out. He picked up the camera and walked around in front of her.

"Get dressed and go home, Geraldine. If you decide to return to work tomorrow, then it must be on condition that you don't steal from any of my staff, is that clear?"

The lovely girl slowly stood up and faced him, hands holding her skirt up so he could see her shaved pussy. He could tell she had been expecting to be fucked, and he felt sure that she was disappointed it hadn't happened. But with the sexual harassment laws in the state at that time he just wasn't willing to do that. Not yet, anyway.

He allowed his eyes to roam slowly down her body and she made no attempt to hide herself. He lifted his eyes again to hers, and he smiled, and she smiled back. He knew she was offering sex, but also was acknowledging his decision to reject the offer. To give her something to cling to, so she didn't think she had been rejected, he said softly, "You are a very beautiful young lady, and it is just terrible that you don't have a boyfriend to keep you satisfied. But I am, sadly, too old for you, and you work for me, so I cannot do the things I would like to do with you. I hope you will be happy with what I offer by way of compensation."

He reached down for her purse, and opened it, and took out the fifty dollar note. He took a marker pen from her desk, and used it to write a large G on one side of it, and an H on the other side. "I am going to hide this in my office. If you manage to find it and take it away without me catching you looking, I will pay you a one hundred dollar bonus. But each time I catch you looking in places you have no right to look, you will be spanked. Is that clear?"

Very slowly she brought one hand round in front of her, over her crotch, and as he watched entranced, she pressed a finger against her clitoris and started stroking. Her eyes were on his as she did this, and she was licking her lower lip, and her nostrils were flared.

"Next time you must whip me harder, Mr Wilson. Whip me until I cum."

"I promise," Mike said, delighted that she wanted there to be a next time.

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