Threshold S.O.S. Book 3

Universe address: 19992229

Dimensional gate facility.

Janus stood at the console for the dimensional gate, she had activated the drone body the instant she felt the dimensional collapse. The stations classified nature had led to the creation of the quarantine zone, it consisted of the entire dimension 19992229, the physics of the dimension had been altered to prevent classified information from leaking out through any communication methods known to the alliance. She had placed the drone in the station at the start of the project, it was updated weekly sent back to be synced with her additional memories to keep it up to date with the rest of her.

Expectedly the research station located in the pocket dimension attached to address 19992229 had gone silent with the collapse, She had dispatched scout drones to search all connecting dimensions to the one that had collapsed, already several reported no evidence of the dimension, all likely outcomes indicated a complete loss of all contents of the dimension.

Janus was furiously searching the logs for any hint as to what had happen, she began to pull up the report logs from the last month, the classified nature of the project required her to be at the dimensional gate to access the logs, they could not be transferred by the connection to collective they had to be played and read manually, Janus watched impatiently as the logs played.

Universe address: 19992229.00000001

Dimension Scale: Pocket

Dimensional Class IV

Population: 1

Installations: 1

Installation Type: Classified.

Galactic standard year AA 4789.

"Dr. Elle Nx, Mission report #19029, it has been 42 hours of sustained power generation, all sequence models are running with in the predicted parameters. Artificial micro dimensions 1-6 have been producing 110% of the calculated theoretical output, the dimensional phase engine appears to be operating well above expected outcomes."

End report.

"Dr. Elle Nx, Mission Report #19030, 72 hours of sustained power generation, all models running at 105% of predicted parameters. Micro dimensions 1-6 have increased out put to 120% of calculated out put, additions of new dimensions 7-9 produced unexpected increase of power out put in the phase engine of 30 percent, all levels are well within theoretical safe limits."

Appendix to file Dr. Elle Nx personal log.

"Dad you where right, think outside the box, the power out put of the phase engine is increasing exponentially an unexpected bonus. Dad, if this keeps up do you know what this means? It means that my theories might be right Dad, this may change everything."

End personal log entry.

"Dr. Elle Nx, Mission Report #19031, 76 hours, Power out put on dimensional phase engine is increasing at an exponential rate, with in the past 30 minutes the increase has been 200 fold."

Janus watched frowning as alarms began to blare on the video and it cut off, the next report played.

Report error interrupted by power failure.

"Dr. Elle Nx, Mission Report #19031, 325 hours of sustained operation, Complete failure to core systems has been repaired, energy generation from the phase engine has surpassed all possible predictions, after initial system failure I was able to bleed off some of the energy into several new artificial dimensions, this is a stop gap measure as the the phase engine has managed to self sustain the reaction in spite of my efforts to shutdown the reaction, at current estimates the containment of the artificial dimensions will fail within 72-100 hours, I am preparing the stations gate to transmit the bulk of the data."

End Report.

Appendix to file Dr. Elle Nx personal log.

"Mom, Dad, I ... I hope this gets to you, I first want to say thank you for all you have done for me and that I love you both. Please try to understand what I am about to do, I have decided instead of transferring my consciousness through the gate, I will be instead transferring the entire stations logs, if after they are transferred there is time I will transfer myself.

Dad, the data proves everything, its all ordered, its all has purpose dad, the structures in the multiverse, the set up everything, its all a giant phase engine.

Mom, please don't be mad if this doesn't work, please don't blame Dad all he did was encourage me to follow my dreams.

I don't have much time to prepare, just know I love you both."

End personal log entry.

"Dr. Elle Nx, Mission ... Final Mission Report, Transmission of data through dimensional gate appears successful can not verify due to the risk of Dimensional collapse spreading with the release of energy ... time is short not enough left to transfer myself via the gate, besides that method was always distasteful to me, I was never comfortable with the idea due to my unique nature.

I am going to attempt to channel the accumulated energy into the stations worm hole generator, I hope that if I am able to bleed the energy into the generator at the point of the collapse it will prevent the collapse spreading beyond this dimension ... The resulting worm hole with the energy provided could in theory break the phase lock threshold ... Imagine what could lay beyond..."

The recording ended, Janus ran her hand over the display, she was distracted by the com beeping, a capital ship had just jumped into the quarantine Zone and was hailing the station.

Janus watched as a Golems image resolved onto the screen, he looked extremely solemn.

"Janus, what is the status here." NX said arms crossed.

"As it stands this is classified, you know you don't have the clearance Nx..." Janus frowned.

"Janus not now, what happened?"

Nx face was grim, Janus had never felt comfortable expressing emotions, especially these, she rubbed the face of the drone she inhabited, she took a moment to focus, there was too many thoughts going through her, her massive consciousness normally stretched across all the dimensions of the alliance, she found her self shaking, she felt strange, she couldn't think.

"Janus..." Nx face softened.

"Elle's gone Nx, no trace, scouts reporting connecting dimensions showing no trace of the dimension 19992229.00000001" Janus said her voice hollow.

Janus felt the drones legs give and she sank to the floor, because of her nature there was only one of her through out all the multiverse, when ever a new dimensioned joined the alliance she would integrate herself with the version of her there, it made her the most complex intelligence in the known multiverse and almost completely with out peer.

"Our daughters gone" Janus said.

Nx himself was a unique being, he was the lone survivor of a cluster of dimensions, in all the known Dimensions another Nx had never been found. The two most unique beings in the Alliance had produced an offspring that was even more rare than her parents, she combined all the best of the two they had used all the advancements in a.i., golem, hybrid DNA to create a child like no other and she was gone.

Janus felt Nx lift her from the ground, she had lost all track of time while she was on the floor, Nx had taken a shuttle to the station to be by her side, he helped her up.

"I ... I need to sync with myself now."

Nx nodded slowly.

"We will find her Janus."

"How do you know shes alive?"

"Janus ... I know my Daughter, she is so much like you she would find a way."

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