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Chapter 1: Ants in his Pants

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Humor, Cheating, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Voyeurism, Size, Big Breasts,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1: Ants in his Pants - Mr. Marcus's family life takes a new turn - Harriett gets a job. Will this give Harvey more time to cavort with the young ladies, or inundate him with chores while she's away? In this episode, Harvey accompanies Harriett on her first business trip. California, here we cum!

After years of donating her time to what she considered worthy causes, my wife Harriett finally tripped over a way to make a salary for essentially the same work. While at some do-gooder facility, she met a representative from a not-for-profit consulting company. No, the consultants aren't not-for-profit, just the opposite. They help not-for-profit companies do what they need to do - raise funds, raise more funds, or raise even more funds. How not-for-profit companies ever make enough profit to pay the consultants is beyond my feeble financial skills.

Anyway, Harriett landed herself a consultant position and a low five-figure salary. Not enough for me to quit my job, although I was still considering doing just that whenever the first Zenellis checks rolled in. Since client organizations were all over the country, Harriett would need to meet with them at their locations. That would leave me at home. Alone. Well, hopefully not alone too often. Many of my daughter Annie's friends were attending local colleges and universities.

Her company had a new employee orientation and training seminar scheduled in California. I was jealous since I loved California. Harriett's new boss planned on accompanying her, to make introductions and smooth the way. And since the seminar was to be held in San Diego, he'd decided to bring his wife and daughter. It sounded like a boondoggle.

"So, do you want to come?" Harriett asked.

I always want to cum, but she didn't have to ask twice if California was the destination, particularly San Diego. Annie, busy with school work, took a pass.

When Harriett and I arrived at the airport, I expected to see a threesome, but there were only two. Ed, my wife's boss, explained that his wife Evelyn was sick and had to stay home. On his arm, hugging the blood out of it, was his daughter Erica, a young woman in her own right. She was chunky, at least what I could tell from her baggy clothes. She barely lifted her head, clinging to her father and sucking on a Tootsie Roll Pop that she infrequently pulled across her lips and stuck back in. I wondered if she was ever tempted to bite before she'd finished licking? Often, she dragged her hair from her face to avoid getting it on the object of her lips' affection.

I sat on an aisle seat, Harriett in the middle, with a snoring slob at the window. Across the aisle, Ed was at the window seat with Erica practically in the seat with him. He seemed uncomfortable about her physical closeness, pulling at his collar and wiping his forehead with a hankie. All the while, she consumed more Tootsie Roll Pops.

In the cab to the hotel, I sat up front with the driver, a skinny man in print shirt and shorts, while Harriett sat with the conjoined father and daughter in the back seat.

At our hotel, a nice upscale building facing the ocean, a bellcap wheeled all of our luggage up the elevator. He unlocked the door and announced, "This is your room."

Room, singular? The momentary thought of Ed, Harriett, Erica and me all in the same bed brought on a half-erection. I'd never done a foursome. Hell, Harriett won't let me get within prick's distance when there are just two of us.

"The room" was a suite with a large living room with mirrored walls and two bedrooms, one on each side. A wall of glass to the balcony, and the mirrors gave the place an expansive feel.

Erica demanded to go shopping, but Ed demurred. Always ready with plastic in hand, Harriett volunteered to go in his place. Ed slumped onto one of two facing sofas only after the two ladies disappeared. In a rebound, he was at the in-room bar, twisting open a miniature bottle of hard liquor. "Want something?"

"Maybe a Cole and some pretzels." Who knows what beans I'd spill if I was inebriated with Harriett's boss. Not worth the risk for a pint-sized drink.

Ed had opened one bottle and chugged it straight down. He held three more between his fingers. We sat around on overstuffed sofas, facing each other, consuming munchies Ed had retrieved from the snack bar in the corner.

"I want to apologize for Erica's behavior," Ed said. "Quite embarrassing, right?"

I remained silent.

"You've got one daughter, right?" he asked.

"Yes, Anna. In college."

"Erica has applied, reluctantly. Doesn't seem to want to make anything of herself."

Why did my mind jump to the thought of making it with Erica? She wasn't all that pretty, what I could see of her face behind shoulder-length brunette hair that almost constantly covered her face. And who knows what kind of body lived inside those droopy clothes? Never mind, I make it a rule never to sleep with the boss's daughter, or my wife's boss's daughter. Shit, I did fuck my boss's niece.

"She'll decide what she wants, eventually," said Ed. "Gotta give them space and time, right?"

Wasn't this guy sure of himself? Then why did he keep asking me for confirmation of his thoughts? I nodded.

He cleared his throat. "Tell me, does Anna ever walk around your house, uh, less than fully dressed?"

Hold on! Where was this going? None of the stories I had were any of Ed's business! "Sometimes. Why?"

"You saw her!" His finger pointed to the door to the suite. "Whenever her mother isn't around, Erica clings to me like, well, a wet shirt. She parades around the house, sometimes in bra and panties, sometimes nightgowns that show, well, everything. It's quite unnerving."

His little princess was hot for her daddy! "I'm sure its harmless. I mean, she hasn't done anything else, has she?" No way was I going to expose my secrets, but if good old Ed wanted to unload after four miniature bottles of booze, why not?

"Not yet, but who knows. I'm scared to go to bed tonight, afraid I'll wake up with her in my bed. Oh God! She's going to try and seduce me on this trip, I just know it. And that's wrong, right?"

My answer came almost too quickly. "Right!" So, what would be so bad? After all, doing it straight out would be better than if Erica showed up in a Betty Boop outfit and Ed didn't know it was his daughter. Except, would I have fucked Annie if she'd simply come into my room and peeled off her nightgown? Interesting question.

"Would you do me a favor? Both bedrooms have twin beds. Can you and I share a room, and Harriett and Erica can have the other?" asked Ed.

I almost proposed that Erica and I could share a room, but that would leave him with Harriett, and I didn't dislike good old Ed that much. At least, not yet. "Sure, if that's what you want. After all, you're picking up the tab on this outing."

"Great! I feel so much better." Ed slumped so hard he almost disappeared between the couch cushions.

I moved my stuff to Ed's room, and he dragged Erica's luggage to Harriett's. Wouldn't it be a stitch if Erica came to what she thought was her dad's room, only to find me naked in bed? Nah, never happen. Too many people around.

We sat watching sports on a premium channel because Ed likes sports and he was paying. I consumed all of the pretzels and salted nuts, waiting for the ladies to return so we could have lunch. When the door opened a couple of hours later, Harriett and Erica were chatting up a storm, practically giggling. Harriett had a bag from a store whose name was unfamiliar. Erica had two small bags, labeled "Out of This World Novelties" and "Barb's Bikini Boutique."

Ed jumped up from the couch and staggered to his briefcase on the eating area table. He pulled out a piece of paper and waved it. "Where is my head? We have the orientation kick-off meeting in less than an hour."

"But daddy, I want to go to the beach." Erica had perfected the Annie down-turned lip.

"Sorry, snookums, but work comes first."

"Well, I'm not going to sit here in front of the TV until you get back." She headed towards the door.

"Harvey, would you take Erica to the beach?" asked Ed. "I don't want her to go alone."

Erica pulled her hair back to expose her face and smiled at me for the first time. "Great! I'll change and be right out." She ran towards the bathroom, the two small bags waving behind.

"You'd better put your swim trunks on too, honey," said Harriett. "There might not be changing rooms."

I nodded, went to the bedroom with my suitcase, and replaced my skivvies with my baggy swim trucks. I'd learned that the loose ones will often successfully hide my erection that becomes painfully obvious in a tight suit. When I came out, Harriett and Ed were at the door, about to leave.

"Rent a car and charge it to the room," said Ed. "We'll be in the large conference room on the mezzanine, just in case."

Erica came out dressed exactly like she'd gone in. "I gotta pack," she sang.

"Don't forget towels. I packed two oversized ones for us," said Harriett.

"I don't need one. I'll just take one from the room," said Erica.

Harriett got a wave from me before she left. Ed got a bear hug and noisy kiss from Erica.

In a moment, she returned with a big floppy hat, sandals, and a shoulder tote with a giant rainbow across the side. All the way down the elevator, through the rental process and the drive down the coastline, Erica peppered me with questions about Annie. What was our relationship like? Harriett had told her the two of us were close. How did I feel about her? I knew what Erica was looking for - any justification to jump her old man's bones. Correction, boner. Well, I didn't provide one. She'd have to rationalize sex with her father herself.

"Here!" Erica cried. "Park here!"

There was a narrow path between some palms, and a dirt parking lot. If there was a beach, it wasn't very popular or very crowded. I parked and we both grabbed our stuff. A large sign read "CLOSED."

"Let's keep going," I suggested.

"We're not going in the water anyway, so like who needs a lifeguard?" Erica asked.

I shrugged, gathered my tote with towel and sunburn cream, and followed a bounding Erica down a wooded path to the sand. Nobody around, no benches, not even a lifeguard tower.

"Perfect!" Erica cried. While I removed my shoes and socks, I stared as Erica pulled her t-shirt top over her head. Nestled in a tied-in-front bikini were two large breasts, which would have been hanging lower without the hammock-style top. Her cleavage was wide enough for my fist, but I daydreamed about my dick rubbing between them instead. When she slid her pants off, I confirmed her chunky status: thick thighs, round ass, almost no waist.

I prayed she wouldn't ask me to apply sun lotion. I was sure to get frisky, touching her bare skin. For some odd reason, I asked, "Can I help you with sunscreen?"

"No thanks. I've got spray." She pulled a pump bottle and spritzed liquid all over. Her skin gleamed. She took out a book and laid face down on her hotel towel. In profile, her ass stood out, hanging out from the modest triangle that made no attempt to cover her buttocks.

To make my erection less obvious, I laid down on my towel a few of yards away. And at that distance, there'd be no way to accidentally roll over and make body contact. She was into her book, with only an occasional glance in my direction. I was the chauffeur and an answer machine about father/daughter relationships, but not someone to socialize with.

The sun was warm and soothing. I closed my eyes and let the sand contour to my body. I must have dozed off, because awakening was sudden and painful. My crotch burned and itched. I cried out in pain, reaching for my trunks.

"Don't touch!" Erica shouted. She stood over me, giving me a not unwelcome view of her bikini bottoms pulled tight against her cunt. "Pull your trunks down!"

I didn't think about it and just complied. The area around my penis, now at three-quarters hard, was red and itched like the dickens.

"You've got sand mites!" she cried. "Keep your hands off or they'll spread. Quick, come with me."

Erica extended her hand, bending slightly. Her breasts wobbled in their confinement. She pulled me towards the water. I tripped and stumbled forward, my swim trunks at my ankles.

"Dunk yourself," she ordered. "That will get them off."

I took one step into the water and froze. Literally. The ocean was like freshly melted ice. "You've got to be kidding!"

From behind, Erica pushed me deeper. My steps were constrained by my trunks. Soon, I was knee high, the cold water freezing my blood. With a shove, I fell forward, hands preventing a complete submersion. However, most of my lower body got dunked, including my privates. My dick shrunk and my balls pulled up, seeking warmth within my torso. However, the burning and itching stopped almost immediately. I stood and ran towards shore. Erica was waiting, hands on hips.

"Good thinking. Thanks," I said. The fact that I was bare from the waist down didn't seem significant at the time. "I'm glad to be rid of those little bastards. How did you know?"

"We studied them in biology," she said. "But we have to be sure, to prevent a recurrence."

She dropped to her knees in front of me, her head directly in front of my shriveled dick. "I can't check for sand mites when you're like this." She cupped my stub with her hand. "Can you make it big again?"

It wouldn't take much fondling for her to get her wish. Already, I felt my blood flow diverted. Standing above, I had a great view of her tits, soft and squishy like water balloons. My prick was bigger than her palm now, stretching towards full length.

She pulled back her hand. "Wow! That's pretty big. Time to check." She cocked her head left and right. "I can't tell by looking." Using two fingers, she stroked my dick up and down. It was throbbing now, desperate for friction against her hand, between her tits, inside her pussy, anywhere. "I need something more sensitive than my fingers." She dragged her tongue up one side. I leaned forward, then retreated. Now the other side. I couldn't control my hips. "So far so good," she announced.

"What happens if you find one?" I asked. Wouldn't it bite her?

"I'll spit it out, of course."

Oh sure. Dumb old Mr. Marcus.

She bent my dick forward and licked the top. Then, she stroked her tongue from the base of my erection all the way up to the tip, lingering at the head for just a moment. "All clear outside," she said. "But some of those little buggers may have crawled inside." Her lips were over the tip of my prick, sucking. Oh yes, this girl had good technique. Not more than the head was inside her mouth, and I could already feel myself on the verge.

She pulled back and spat onto the sand. "Think I got some. There may be more." She returned to sucking, even harder. If there were sand mites inside my dick, I wanted them out. Then it dawned on me that if I came, that would clear the pipe so to speak. My knees were getting weak from all of her attention to my penis. I placed my hands on her shoulders, to steady myself. She rocked back and forth with a steady rhythm, taking incrementally more of my prick into her mouth, towards her throat. This was a terrific blow job, even if it was preventative. Every time she shifted, her breasts jiggled. I noticed that the front bow of her bikini top was slipping. A chance to see her breasts, fully exposed? That would make my day and get me off good. To help the knot along, every time she'd lean forward I'd hold gently onto the shoulder straps, adding tension to the failing tie.

I was just about ready. A few more sucks, and I'd be spurting. Just in case there were sand mites deeper down, I didn't want Erica to swallow. One more, two more, three more sucks. I pushed Erica's shoulder back, removing her lips from my dick.

"Huh?" Startling upright, the bow gave way. The bikini top fell aside, and her breasts flopped out, swollen and succulent.

I grabbed my dick, gave a quick jerk, and threw my hips forward. "Aaaarg!" One stream, then another, hit Erica between her tits as she raised her hands.

"You wasted it!" she cried.

"I didn't want you swallowing any sand mites," I explained. "I know how bad they are on the outside. Just imagine what they would feel like if -"

"There are no sand mites." She scooped a blob of cum oozing down her cleavage and sucked it from her fingers. "Hmm."

"Huh? NO sand mites? Then what caused the burning and itching?" I asked.

She got up, her knees red from kneeling all that time, and visited her totebag. She returned with two dark glass bottles. "Instant Hot and Instant Itch. I was going to use them on Daddy."

Goodies from that shopping outing, I supposed. "But he didn't come -"

"But you did!" She scraped and swallowed another runlet of sperm. "When he refused to bring me here, you were my guinea pig."

Little devil! Her old man was correct. Well, the least I could do was help her along. No reason for Erica to be frustrated in her attempt. Then I remembered my conversation with Ed. "Damn! I screwed things up for you."

"What's the matter?" she asked.

"Your father asked me to room with him, and put you in with Harriett."

"Shit!" She clenched her fists on stiff arms, her unfettered tits swaying on her torso.

"We'll figure it out."

"You'll help me? Oh, thank you!" Erica ran over and threw her arms around my neck. Her sticky lips pressed against mine. Her breasts flattened against my chest. Below, my dick danced against her belly. "I hope Daddy is as well hung as you are," she whispered.

Would she accept me as a substitute? Nope, I can't ask. If she agreed, I'd be violating her and the "don't fuck" rule at the same time.

"Time to get back," I said. "Their meeting is probably over, and we have some planning to do."

Erica stuffed her top into her tote and pulled her t-shirt on. As the car swayed gently on the road back to the hotel, my attention was divided between Erica's wobbling tits and the road. How could I assist her in seducing her father, with Harriett around? This would take a miracle.

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