Sally & Lenny
Chapter 1

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Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Wife and Son fuck in public.

Sally and her boy Lenny decided that since it was gonna be such a nice day they would go into the city with Sally's husband frank and spend the day at the park.

Sally planned on going into the lake to cool off so she wore her new bikini with only a tank top and a wrap.

"Nice," her husband said whistling at her.

"I wish we had more time, there are a number of things I'd like to do to you." he said starting to kiss her neck and grab her firm titties.

"Come on guys, Dad you're gonna miss your train" Shouted Lenny from the kitchen.

The family rushed out the door and was just able to make the subway train. As it was rush hour, they could only find 1 empty seat. Lenny said Sally should sit but she hushed him saying he should, and she'd sit on his lap since they both had a long ride ahead of them. Frank thought that this was a great idea as he only had a few stops before he got off.

Sitting down on her son's lap, Sally was surprised at the strength of Lenny's thick legs. As the train lurched to a start, Lenny had to grab hold of his mother's waist to prevent her from falling onto the ground. His touch sent shivers up Sally's spine as she felt her wet snatch begin to tingle.

Lenny could feel the warmth of her cunt, and the softness of her skin. As she shifted on his groin, Lenny became very aware of his cock. He could feel it swell within his briefs. Trapped between his legs it could only grow towards that new source of warmth. Sally gasped as she felt her son's throbbing cock push firmly into her steaming cunt.

"Come here honey, my stop is next" Said Frank pulling his wife up for a kiss.

Kissing her husband Sally heard the faint sound of a zipper and as she sat back down 3 things happened.

First, as she sat down she felt the bare skin of her son's thick cock pushing into her quivering pussy blocked only by the very thin string of her bikini.

Second, the train came to a sudden and total stop making her fall back onto her son.

Third, the string protecting Sally's pussy from being royally and publicly fucked was jostled by the sudden stop. Her movement allowed Lenny's cock to slip past and slide deep into his mother's sweet hot cunt. The extra speed caused by the fall only aided Lenny in shoving his huge cock balls deep into her pussy.

Sally gasped. Her baby boy, her pride and joy was fucking her. Her son had his cock deep inside her, stretching her more then ever, more then his own father could. Her son was fucking her while her husband, his father, stood 2 feet in front of them, unaware. That very thought made Sally cum hard on her son's cock.

Lenny was in shock. He was fucking his own mother. It was awesome. In all their games, he never got anywhere near this close. He knew it was a huge risk taking his cock out when she stood up, but he didn't know what she was wearing. This was more than a dream come true. He was actually inside her tight pussy and instead of her getting mad, she was cumming. His mother was cumming like a whore, on his cock. He wasn't even moving yet, and she was cumming for him. Her pussy was so tight on his cock.

"Sally are you ok?" asked Frank. "Are you hurt?"

Sally wasn't sure what her husband was babbling on about. Oh right...

"Yes honey, I'm fine. I just fell, but you're son caught me." Sally answered; her voice was heavy and ragged. Sally was happy that it was so dark that Frank couldn't see her. She felt her face grow red and flushed as she felt her son's cock throbbing inside her. She started to stand back up, trying to free herself of the thick member. Lenny was to quick for his mother, his arms shot up and pulled her back onto his lap. His cock moved deeper into his mother. Sally came again, hard.

Sally couldn't believe what was happening to her. Here she was on a public train getting fucked by her horse hung son, two feet from her husband. She felt her self cum again and again as Lenny slowly shafted her pussy. His thick cock made her feel so tight. She felt like such a whore, getting banged in public, even if it was in the dark. Sally could feel her boy's cock start to swell and he got close to blowing his fertile load into her unprotected womb.

"Shit!" she thought. She was unprotected right now. She had been ever since Frank got snipped two years ago. Oh god, she could get knocked up by her son. The idea send sparked to her clit and she came harder then ever. There was no way to stop Lenny without letting everyone around know she was getting fucked, by her son. Oh god, he's gonna knock me up. Yes!!!!!

Lenny was getting close to cumming, as he felt his mother's pussy going crazy on his cock. There was no stopping him, as he blasted the largest load of his life deep inside his mother's cunt.

"That's it mommy, take my load. I'm cumming inside you, inside your tight pussy. Gonna fill you up so much you'll be having my babies for years." Lenny whispered into his mother's ear. He didn't know just how true his words would be.

Sally's eyes went wide as she listened to her son's sick words. She could feel her child's huge load filling her womb. She felt his cum load start to pour out of her over filled cunt and drip onto the seat below them. Just as she came down from her last orgasm the train lights came back up and the train started to move.

"Sorry about that folks, we'll be pulling into the station in a moment" Announced the Conductor.

"Oh that's good, so I won't be late at all" Commented Frank. "Have a nice day you two." He added as the doors opened and left.

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