Turkish Delight
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Slut Wife, Oral Sex, Petting,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Elly decides to have some sexy fun whilst on holiday in Turkey.

It had happened out of the blue, the phone call which had sent her husband back to the UK for a couple of days to resolve some business issue or other, yet as she walked down to the sandy beach she knew it had to be done and he would be missing her as much as she was missing him. She had reacted furiously to the interruption of their vacation in Turkey, smiling she recalled how earlier that day she had been slamming some of her husbands clothes into a small hold all in sheer temper. Eventually zipping the bag she had turned around to see her handsome dark haired husband smiling at her, a glint in his eye she knew well! Glancing down Elly saw his exposed cock pointing upwards and already leaking pre-come. He had said, "No time to make love Elly, there is however time for sex!"

With that he had grabbed her, picked her up and laughing had tossed her gently onto the large bed and deftly removing her loose fitting pink summer skirt revealing her sugar pink brief cotton panties! Both smiling now their eyes locked and Elly quickly pulled up her top to expose her matching bra, teasingly slowly, she lifted the cups up to reveal her beautiful 34C tits, her husband sighed with anticipation as he gazed down at his lovely wife, gently he pulled down her panties and tossed them on the floor, she had parted her legs then, her beautifully shaped ankles, calves thighs smooth and tanned all the way up to her neatly trimmed soft light brown bush of pubic hair, the little erect clit peeping out from her clearly moist cunt! He had taken her then, firmly, lovingly and yet with passion and urgency, their need for each other desperate and wanton!

When they had recovered her husband turned around to face her and gently caressed her naked tummy with his forefinger, sighing he said, "Look Elly, I'll only be away for 2 days maximum less if all goes to plan, so just enjoy yourself" with a little laugh he added, "Or anyone else you take a shine to!"

Remembering all this as she walked Elly noted that it was a warm if not hot evening, she guessed the temperature was still in the high eighties despite the fact it was now fully dark, only the stars in the sky illuminated the beautiful sandy beach in front of her. The sea was a dark band stretching to the invisible horizon. Suddenly something scuttled across her path as she walked probably one of the small green lizards which seemed to be everywhere, although there had been alleged sightings of a few brownish snakes in the general area, she gave a little shiver at the thought and walked a little quicker, letting her heels click loudly on the path! When the tour operator had been asked about them they had simply replied

"Where do you think you are? This is the Eastern med, there are lots of different species of wild life! Don't worry though, we haven't lost a guest yet"

Side (pronounced seeday) is a small but historically important resort on Turkeys Mediterranean coastline, and like many of the other resorts that night the resort was experiencing a short power failure, which she delighted in as the stars shone brightly in the firmament illuminating all around her in a soft and pale silvery light. Normally thronging with holidaymakers the beach now appeared deserted, littered only by the tourists discarded rubbish and tomorrows sun loungers.

as she reached the edge of the sand she bent down and removed her cream leather sandals, the little spiked heel a feature which she knew her man loved! She walked onto the soft and still warm sand, reveling in the sensation of the sand exploring the spaces between her toes. Elly had dressed carefully tonight, as she made her way down to the beach she considered why she had chosen her clothes so carefully. Yet her choices were simple and without flamboyance, a soft cream cotton sleeveless dress which came down to her knees and matching underwear. She knew her figure was good for a woman in her early thirties and as she walked she unconsciously felt her soft shoulder length light brown hair caress her skin. She preferred silver jewelry, she wore a belt of filigree silver around her narrow waist which only served to accentuate its curves and size, a few silver bangles tinkled on her wrist as she walked and other than a white gold wedding band she wore no other adornments! It hadn't been a matter of affordability, it was one she made from personal taste and choice! She had observed many of the women in the resort competing about who could wear the most gold or biggest diamond and she found this to b without taste and often detracted from the beauty and loveliness of the woman.

Although not tidal the Mediterranean still laps noisily onto the shoreline, the almost hypnotic whoosh and suck of the water as it encounters the land is somehow very relaxing and comforting. Elly arrived at the waters edge and giggled to herself as she considered dipping her toes into the surf, she knew it would be cold despite the heat but she did so anyway and shuffled forward to feel both feet now submerged in the cool rather than cold sea. As she stood there she heard a noise off to her left, knowing there were no gulls in this part of the coast she listened again to try and identify the sound and as it came again she heard the clear and unmistakable sound of a woman's cry in the throws of love making, Elly smiled to herself and wished and wished it was her, she wished her man was here to satisfy her own need!As she stood there in the near darkness, her feet digging into the wet sand beneath the surface of the water listening to the most private of sounds she could not help but let her right hand wander down to the front of her dress and gently oh so gently placed her warm hand on her pubic mound, closing her eyes in delight at the sensation knowing full well no one could see her! She considered going back to her hotel room and masturbating but she thought

"Not yet, was not the night yet young?"

She liked sex, "No shame there" She thought, but she knew it was far beyond liking, it was a passion! Something which took her to the furthest edges of reason and ecstasy, she didn't quite know whether it was a curse or gift from the Gods, just that it was something which brought her and her husband great joy! Elly knew many would think of her simply as a whore, and yes perhaps she was, yet she was aware that it was more complex than that, in essence she had a heightened sexual appetite and saw no reason to deny herself or her husband the pleasure it brought.

A small wave foamed around her ankles throwing a splash of cold water up the inside of her dress onto her naked thigh, giggling slightly she drew back putting both feet back onto the sand. As she stood there enjoying the tranquil surroundings, she once again heard the cry of love, she wondered if they were doing it on the sand or on a lounger. "Either way" She mused, "good luck to them."

She let her mind wander over what might have happened on this very stretch of sandy beach over the years, had the young Alexander exercised the wonderful Bucephalus on this very beach? Had Anthony and Cleopatra walked this way? Still musing over the possibilities and leaving the lovers to their embrace, she began to make her way back up to the path which led to the main hotel, reaching it she found the hose which was attached to a nearby water tap which emitted just enough cold water to clean her feet from the now wet clingy sand, they dried quickly and she slipped on her shoes just as the power came back on and all was once again bright with a light which seemed to cast aside the warm sexual feelings which had begun to fill her mind. Deciding a cocktail or several might be a good idea she made her way towards the large poolside bar, as she did so she passed the large entertainment amphitheatre, it was already filling up with guests and musicians who had begun to tune their instruments now that the power had resumed. Experience told her it would be loud, predictable and awful!

When she arrived she found a quiet table near to the bar but far enough away to afford her some privacy and peace! As she sat down almost by some Eastern magic a waiter appeared at her side and Asked, "Good evening Madame, may I help please?"

Elly smiled up at the young waiter, most if not all were young, many were students working through their summer vacation and the majority were beautiful young men, dark haired brown eyed and handsome! As she ordered her drink she noticed his eyes slip to her cleavage and inwardly smiling she politely said in Turkish, "thank you Erdal" She watched amused as he walked away to get her drink. She was familiar with the practice of many young Turkish men altering or rather westernising their names to make them more pronounceable or memorable for the tourists, Erdal for instance went by the name Eddie Memet was Michael and tolga changed to Thomas, she found the whole thing very odd indeed!

Her gaze fell on the Olympic size pool, the underwater lighting somehow making the surface sparkle and shimmer. Her drink arrived with a flourish and a broad smile, Erdal asked, "Your husband not with you tonight lady?"

Elly returned the smile her hazel eyes bright with interest, "Actually erdal he had to go home back to the UK for a couple of days but he will be back soon."

The tables around her began to fill and soon there was a not unpleasant murmur of conversation and clinking of glasses, drinks were ordered and drank. Somewhere in the background a local musical idol called Tarkan extolled the wonders of temptation and lust and need! As she listened she recalled her husband stating that it was probably the best foreign language pop song of all time! Smiling to herself she remembered that he had played the song when they had been making love and she had to admit it had been good! As to whether it was the best? Well clearly that was errant nonsense! That was a honour surely held by Shakira and Ohos Asi! Almost unconsciously she began to mouth the words to the Tarkan song Kiss Kiss.

"when you look at me tell me what you see this is what you get it's the way I am When I look at you I wanna be I wanna be somewhere close to heaven with Neanderthal man"

Again she felt a surge of need in her groin, she had no doubt now her panties were getting ever damper!

The hotel was full of guests from both western and Eastern Europe, although predominately German and Russian there were a sprinkling of Dutch French Italian and like herself some from the UK, she loved to hear the variety of accents, and the often humorous consequences of trying to communicate when neither person shared a common language! Elly was awakened from her thoughts by someone sitting down opposite her, she recognised him from seeing him around the complex and particularly from around the pool area where he seemed permanently attended if not surrounded by adoring young girls! He Smiled at her and asked,

"Is it ok? I mean if I sit here?"

Elly let her eyes wander slowly over the young blonde man in front of her, he was tall very blonde with remarkably blue eyes a strong face and she knew a muscular body to go with the good looks! She guessed he was no more than 18, he was always at the poolside participating enthusiastically in all the pool games organised by the entertainment team. He was wearing a bright red T shirt that was so tight and his muscles were so well defined it appeared that he had 2 small breasts below the material. His forearms to were tanned and muscled, tiny blonde hairs seemed to turn his tan almost to pale gold, in short he was beautiful! Elly replied. "Of course, no problem at all, it is unusual to see you on your own, you are... ?" She gave a little knowing smile, "well you are usually with a retinue of young girls!"

The Young man nodded and returned her smile, "It is true I know but they are always fighting or arguing over something or other, so I escaped down here for a quiet beer!" He held out his hand to her and introduced himself, "My name is Christov, you?"

Elly took the propherred hand and answered, "I'm Elly, nice to meet you Christov."

His hand was warm and strong, yet the handshake was just that.

A waiter came across to the table and asked if more drinks were required and both accepted, Elly asked, "Your English is good, in fact almost flawless, are you Dutch?"

Christov smiled and replied, "No I'm from Denmark just outside Copenhagen."

Elly gave him a broad smile and said, " oh Viking blood I see, hopefully no rape and pillage on the agenda tonight!"

Christov considered what she had said before getting the little joke but he Replied seriously, "I do not need to do such things!all the girls just love me!" He gave a little smile which was more self-deprecating than arrogant and laughed, and went on, "Where is your husband, he is unwell?"

She once again explained about her husbands return to the UK and added, "What about you Christov, not going to the stage area for the entertainment?"

Christov looked over in the direction of the man made modern amphitheatre area and shook his head, "No I do not think so, it is"

He looked a little embarrassed and Elly filled in the blanks. "A little too old for you?" He nodded and replied, My friends and I will go into Side later and perhaps go to a club"

At which point there drinks arrived, Christov looked at Ellys cocktail and mused, "it is very bright! Is it sweet? Alcoholic?"

Elly gave a little laugh and responded, "certainly hope so, it is sweet, I love sweet things but it is definitely alcoholic!"

They made pleasant but desultory conversation for a while then Elly asked, "You are at University? What are you studying?" Christov looked a little uncertain as though trying to find the correct phrase, he answered, "I wish to be a sports coach, so you may call it physical Education?" Elly nodded her head and realised that was why the guy looked so incredibly fit and muscular, she raised her glass to him and replied, "Well that explains why you are in such wonderful physical condition, I wish you every success in your chosen field!"

They chatted on for a while, had another drink or two all the while Christov scanning the area for his female companions who he felt sure were searching for him!

Elly felt a sudden need to pee, so she replaced her nearly empty glass on the table and said quietly, "Will you excuse me please, I need to visit the rest room"

Christov smiled as she stood up and watched as she made her way to the ladies room, she had time to note that his gaze was far from unappreciative!

Being a large complex it took Elly a few minutes to walk to the nearest bathroom, as she made her way a number of both staff and guests enquired about the absence of her husband, on each occasion she explained and walked on, one lady with a glint in her eye suggested, "You know what they say, when the cat is away... ?!"

Elly had returned the smile and just walked on. Standing in front of the large mirror in the ladies room she re-applied the lightest of sheens of lipstick and also some of her favourite perfume, replacing both in her handbag she made her way back to the bar. She had only been gone for a few minutes but she thought the noise level had increased markedly and people seemed to be laughing uproariously at something or other! Reaching her table she was disappointed to see that Christov had gone, she guessed that the hunting pack of girls had found their quarry and carried him off somewhere! Resuming her seat she reached out for her cocktail when something clamped on to her bare ankle! In immediate alarm she recalled the talk of the rumoured snakes and was about to cry out in alarm when there was a suppressed hiss from beneath the table, it whispered, "Elly! Have they gone yet?"

Elly quickly put 2 and 2 together and smiling with relief she looked around her but could not see or hear any of Christovs girlfriends in the immediate vicinity, laughing softly she answered, "You may re-join the rest of us Christov, you are quite safe!"

Elly realised that Christov was still holding onto her ankle and even more worrying her legs were parted and he could probably see up inside her dress!She shrugged and once again encouraged Christov to emerge from beneath the table which he did slowly and to much amusement of all around who had witnessed his rapid disappearance! Smiling at his obvious embarrassment she went on, "Hope you didn't encounter anything nasty down there?" Returning her gaze Christov just shook his head slowly and took a long pull on his beer!

Elly once again let her eyes explore her surroundings and noticed how busy it had become yet she had not been conscious of it happening. She returned the smiles of both guests and staff who looked at her and was delighted to note that some of the looks were blatantly admiring! The head waiter at the poolside was called Unis, he was in his late twenties, like the rest tall dark eyed and very very handsome! Their eyes met and they exchanged a little smile and Elly thought she saw a little sideways wink as he turned away to serve a guest!

There it was again that bloody song! Tarkan was singing

"when you look at me tell me what you see this is what you get it's the way I am When i look at you I wanna be i wanna be somewhere close to heaven with Neanderthal man

don't go i know you wanna touch me here there and everywhere sparks fly when we are together you can't deny the facts of life"

As she listened to the words she thought her vagina seemed to throb a little more insistently! Christov was saying, "It is getting very noisy now think I will walk along to the small bar near the orangery, would you like to come?" Elly realised there was no guile here just a open and frank offer of company, at least that's what she thought! She smiled and nodded and replied, "Ok Christov that might be nice, I will though have to go to the ladies first, so if you want you go ahead and I'll meet you there in 5 minutes?"

Christov seemed pleased at her acceptance and as he stood up to go he whispered, "Oh no! they have found me!" As he said this Unis came to the table and laughing said, "Oh Christov you in big shit now! Your girlfriends come to find you" Seeing the look of panic on his face Unis took pity on him and ushered him through the main bit of the bar which led directly away from Christovs oncoming hoard of attending maidens!

Elly calmly finished her drink and still smiling at the little incident she stood up and nodded her approval at Unis and as she made for the ladies rest room he came up to her and kissed her on both cheeks in the traditional Turkish style and bade her a "Good evening madam." She felt his groin come into contact with hers as he kissed her and she was certain her face betrayed her need as much as his had done by the hardness in his trousers!

She once again examined her image in the large mirror in the ladies room and had to admit she was looking good tonight, sighing to herself she acknowledged the inevitable consequences of her thoughts, dried her hands and walked slowly to the orangery. This was one of her favourite places in the hotel, the scent of the ripening fruit was strong but not overpowering, crickets were beating their wings in what seemed to be in their millions, creating a sound only heard in the hottest of countries. On arrival she was greeted by the enigmatically named Ufuc, who had long since learned to ignore the jibes about his given name. A small bar serviced a number of tables each screened by mosquito netting which provided the occupants with a bit of privacy not to mention some protection from the little flying bastards! Ufuc said, "Madame your friend is at the end table"

The orangery was a narrow rectangle of ground with orange and lemon trees growing all around it. There were about 6 small tables on each side, each had a parasol and all were festooned in netting. The lighting was discrete, hidden amidst the foliage it was however a little eerie as it was somehow tinged with the colour of the trees!

Sure enough as she walked to the end table Christov peered out as though suspecting the unwanted arrival of his female companions! Laughing out loud Elly murmured quietly, "Don't worry, it's only me, think you are safe for the moment!" Christov seemed to visibly relax as she said this, smiling again he parted the netting slightly to let her into the tiny table and 2 wicker chairs. She was pleased to notice he had been thoughtful enough to order some drinks for them both, a multi-coloured and doubtless lethal cocktail sat on the tiny table alongside his beer. As they sat facing each other Elly smiled, picked up her swizzle stick and stirred the cocktail, the ice rapidly melting in the heat of the night. Giving him her most coquettish smile she asked, "You seem to be very popular with the girls Christov, do you have a steady girlfriend?"

Christov shuffled his chair a little closer to the table and replied, "No not really, I am at the university of Copenhagen and relationships are usually brief if you know what I mean!" He gave a little sheepish smile as he said this then as though seeing it for the first time he looked at Ellys cocktail and added, "Is it ok? Looks very sweet!"

Elly returned his look and nodded, "As I said earlier I like sweet things Christov and the drink is lovely, thank you"

There were other murmured conversations from other tables but the netting seemed to provide some visual privacy if not their talk. Elly felt Christovs bare leg touch her own leg beneath the small table, it was warm firm and not at all tentative. Sliding her own body a little further forward she allowed her legs to part slightly so that she felt his knee go between her own, Smiling broadly she said, "mmm This is nice Christov, I love this time of night and I love this little haven of tranquility amidst all the noise down at the stage!" She took another sip of her drink feeling the hidden spirits rush into her blood! The table was tiny, as each had slid forward on their chairs their faces became ever closer, Christov whispered, "You know I go home in the morning, this is my last night here" Elly responded by parting her legs a little wider, letting his thick muscular knee slip between her warm moist thighs! With her mind made up Elly leaned forward and gently kissed her Viking boy on the mouth, her tongue delicately probing his inner lips! Christovs eyes opened wide in surprise but then closed in pleasure as he felt a warm hand from beneath the table caress his bare thigh, all pretense of coyness now gone Elly murmured huskily, "Do you want to finish your beer? Or will we make your last evening in turkey a night to remember??"

As she spoke Elly let her hand slip up into his shorts, exploring the hair on his thighs watching as his breathing became more pronounced! For answer he just stood up smiled at Elly and asked, "Where?"

Elly to stood up and as they left the table she said, "If we leave by the rear path here then my room is nearby, so come on!"

A small stone pathway provided a short cut to some of the hotel villas and rooms so as they left the orangery Elly smiled and waved to Ufuck who she knew didn't miss anything well that was his job!

As they walked down the narrow tree covered path Christov instinctively put his hand in hers, the soft but strong fingers warm but dry in her much smaller hand. She smiled at the romanticism of the gesture, it seemed somehow inappropriate to the situation, yet somehow she gave up thanks for it! She turned and smiled up at him and equally instinctively reached up and kissed him full on the mouth, her tongue penetrating his mouth as far as it could go! Then withdrawing it they walked on silently, only the cacophony of the crickets and the sound of the water lapping onto the nearby shore stirred the night!

Although a large complex nothing ever seemed too far away from anywhere else, most of the other residents were either at dinner or enjoying the ear splitting mish mash of Euro music served up at the entertainment stage so they met no one as they walked. At one point Christov withdrew his hand and gently but firmly drew Elly into a niche off the path, pulling her to him he slid his hands around her waist and as she slipped her arms around his neck they kissed deeply and passionately, their bodies grinding into each others. Christov let his hands wander down to her buttocks, gently he stroked her through the thin material of her dress and panties! Elly gasped! "Come on Christov, not far now!" With that she removed her arms and disengaged herself from his embrace. Arriving at her suite Elly inserted her electronic key card and the door swung open, Christov followed her inside and closed the door behind him, Elly switched on a table lamp and Christov gasped as he saw the room, he said breathlessly, "I know the hotel is 5 star rated but I did not realise such rooms existed! Elly it is fabulous!"

Elly looked at him and just smiled at the boyish amazement on his face, she responded, "Actually it is not the best the hotel has to offer, feel free to look around Though." Smiling wickedly now she went on, "Tell me Christov, do you like champagne?I mean the real stuff!" Christov nodded his head almost absent mindedly as his eyes took in the sheer size and refinements of the clearly luxurious suite, the room they stood in was the main living area, the floor was done in a beautiful patterned parquet with beautifully coloured and intricate traditional Turkish rugs, and unusually for turkey the walls had been richly decorated with expensive materials, 2 large recliner sofas with matching onyx tables and lamps. As he looked around he saw Elly go to the large fridge in the corner and watched amazed as she retrieved a bottle of clearly ice cold Kristal champagne!Then he watched her put the bottle and 2 glasses on the coffee table, then as though changing her mind she picked up the bottle and said, "You open this, whilst I do this"

Taking the bottle Christov stared in wonder as their eyes met, Elly casually slid the cream dress from her shoulders! Standing in her bra and very brief panties she smiled lasciviously at him and said, "Just so there is no misunderstanding Christov, I do hope you like champagne!" She winked at him and added, "Might be nice if you took off that T shirt? After you pour the champagne of course!"

She thought afterwards it was a miracle any of the beautiful wine found its way into the crystal flutes, it wasn't that his hands were shaking, they weren't, he just couldn't take his eyes off this lovely woman standing directly in front of him all but naked! Christov did pour the champagne, then with as little fuss removed his T shirt, Elly almost gasped at the beautifully defined and muscular torso, a little thatch of pure blond hair adorned his chest and in her panties Elly almost achieved orgasm by just gazing at the man! She had no doubts now, this was no boy, this was a man! Both took time to savour the cold golden liquid, each letting its delicate flavour flood their senses with a myriad of little golden bubbles running deep down inside them. Christov was the first to move, quickly putting down his glass he made to take Elly in his arms but she seeing it coming giggled and said, "Now Now Christov, tell me, do you speak any Turkish?" A little surprised at the change in direction he managed to stutter, "Well, Well no not really, why?" Elly answered by putting down her own glass and coming to stand in front of him she went on, "Then I see I must teach you at least one word" Christov seeing the gleam in her eye waited to hear what that word would be, Elly said, "Yavash"

Christov repeated the word to himself several times as though the meaning would eventually surface, Elly laughed and went on, "Yavash Christov, means slowly! S l o w l y so my handsome Viking warrior, slowly!do me slowly!"

This time when he reached for her she did not stop him, holding each other closely she felt him unclip her bra and she quickly shrugged out of it, her panties fell to the floor equally quickly and she let him pull them all the way off, standing naked now, she put her hands behind her head and thrust her breasts and hips forward, Christov gazed at her loveliness!he let his eyes roam over her beautiful face, down to her lovely firm and pert breasts all the way down to her pubic mound, her light brown hair neatly trimmed but damp with lust and need. Once again he made to hold her but once again she prevented it and said, "now it is my turn!let us see what all your little hand maidens want inside them"

She stood in front of him, her now hot breath on his skin, his own breathing now becoming ever heavier! Tracing a finger around his nipples she let her soft warm fingers glide down his hairy sternum, down passed his navel enjoying the sensation of touching and feeling another persons skin! She found and deftly undid the clip at the top of his shorts, without hesitation she pulled them down and seeing his brief boxers beneath quickly pulled them down also! without touching him she smiled up at him whispering, "I think Christov, this particular lady will have to climb your mast and set sail on your long ship!" With that she reached down and took his manhood in her hands feeling the hot hard erection pulsing in her hands knowing it would soon be throbbing and pulsing inside her! Christov, his eyes closed now began to relax, and let Ellys warm but insistent hands explore his body! Elly said quietly, "Come into the bedroom, and bring the champagne with you"

A little disappointed Christov felt Ellys hand drop away from his erection but on opening his eyes again he saw the same naked warm sexy lady in front of him and he knew it would be good! Doing as he was bid he picked up the bottle of still ice cold champagne and glasses and followed Elly into the bedroom area, again he was surprised at its rich fittings and a enormous queen size bed! He placed the champagne next to the bed, pausing only to refill the glasses, as he did so Elly got behind him and slowly oh so slowly let her tongue run down his spine, her hand going through his legs and cupping his balls and stroking his hard on! At the side of the enormous bed was a white leather chair, the seat seemed to angle upwards and Elly motioned Christov to sit on it. Obediently, he sat down and Elly moved forward to stand directly in front of him, leaning forward on the chair Christov first fondled both breasts then taking one in his mouth he let his hands wander down her soft warm flat belly, then as he suckled Elly parted her legs and allowed him full access to her wetness! Groaning with need now Christov began to finger her ever faster, her body rhythmically riding his fingers! Ellys breath was coming ever quicker now, then she quickly dropped to her knees and taking his cock in her hand she smiled and lied, "Christov, I don't usually do this, but for you? But please! Don't come in my mouth! Ok?" Before he could answer, her soft warm lips had encompassed the swollen and purple head of his erection, her tongue rolling and sucking whilst her hands stroked and caressed. Christov began to move into her mouth, gently at first then more insistently, his pace becoming ever faster, then to his discomfort Elly let him slip from her mouth and with a little teasing giggle she said, "Now be good and close your eyes, promise it will be something new for you to do with your little friends!" Again Christov did as he was bid and breathing hard he closed his eyes!Elly lifted up her glass of champagne which remained very very cold and filling her mouth with the golden liquid she once again dropped to her knees and using her lips to form a seal she took his cock back into her mouth! Christov gasped out loud, not only at the coldness of the wine on the sensitive skin but the sheer excitement of experiencing something so different with this beautiful woman!

She rolled the liquid around her mouth and surrounded his erection with it, slowly it began to warm with the heat of her mouth but still she sucked and tongued his erection till the liquid was almost to her body temperature. As quickly as she had begun she stopped, standing up Christov could see that she still retained a mouthful of the now warm champagne, smiling at him she opened her legs wide apart and shuffling forward she sat astride him, then slowly oh so slowly she guided him into her!As his manhood first penetrated and then filled her she clasped Christov around the shoulders and kissed him on the mouth, sharing the wine with him, each swallowing the now warm Kristal!She whispered, "Christov, Yavash Christov, yavash!"

Elly enjoyed the sense of controlling the pace of her love making, She had achieved immediate orgasm as he had entered her but she wanted more! Holding him around his broad shoulders Elly rode him slowly and rhythmically, his hard on making little sucking and squelching noises as it went up and down inside her wetness!Christov amidst much inhaling and exhaling of breath managed to say, "Elly please Elly faster I need to come Elly please!, oh God you are so tight so wet God let me come!"

Elly heard his plea through a miasma of her own need and pleasure she barely managed to say, "Christov not yet! not yet! Don't come! Not yet! Not like this!" Then placing a hand on his chest she ceased all movement and slowly removed his cock from her vagina, somewhat shakily she took Christov by the hand and they both tottered towards the large bed!Elly all but fell onto it, immediately rolling onto her back and opening her legs wide for Christov to see her in all her naked womanly glory!She groaned, "Now Viking man now you can do as you please!make me come Christov! Put it back into me please!"

Christov gazed in wonder at the delights on offer, he was rock hard and almost at bursting point, yet he knew he had been teased terribly, smiling he whispered, "Now I think it is my turn!" He moved quickly so that she could not grab him and force him into her, his head was between her thighs in a flash, his tongue searching out all her special places. His tongue began gently to mould itself around her clit, Elly began to squirm and writhe beneath his torturing tongue as his fingers began to move inside her, moving gently but insistently as she began to move into them! Christov kept this up for as long as he could, then with sudden realisation he knew it was now he should enter her or he would come onto the bed, almost reluctantly removing his mouth from her vagina, he moved himself on top of her, instantly feeling Ellys arms encompass his shoulders and her thighs open wide to allow him to penetrate her!

Elly felt his large thick pulsing prick glide almost effortlessly into her, his body felt hot and hard on her soft warm skin, almost for the first time she felt rather than sensed the sheer physical power of the man. Almost immediately she felt the unstoppable train of orgasm approach and rush through her entire body, she found the release she had needed all day! Breathless and lost in passion now she managed to whisper, "Oh Christov! So beautiful! Move into me honey! Move gently! Oh Christov! Slowly! Oh honey! Oh my! Oh my!slowly Christov!"

Christov heard her words somewhere amidst his own desires, he found her warm open lips and kissed them, his tongue seeking and finding hers, mingling their moist demanding juices!! He couldn't hold back any longer, with a groan he announced his intentions and began to thrust ever faster, ever deeper into Elly, each downward thrust met with equal vigour and enthusiasm by Ellys upward movements, warm perspiring skin came together in ever faster harmony as their bellies made contact,, then he felt the first spurt of ejaculation, somewhere inside his own mind he heard Elly achieve her own satisfaction as she to came!

Eventually when the heat and passion subsided they disengaged from each others now perspiring body and lay next to each other, Elly still on her back, her legs remaining wide apart, her eyes closed enjoying the moment!Christov was the first to move, leaning over he kissed her gently on her mouth and said, "Elly, thank you, that was wonderful! Is it ok if I take a shower now?"

Elly smiled to herself at the tacit acknowledgement that she wasn't getting seconds! She turned to look at him and smiling nodded languidly at the bathroom door and said quietly, "Of course, you go first then me!"

Christov re-appeared from the shower 10 minutes later, his body looking as beautiful as ever! Still toweling his hair Elly got off the bed and as she made her way to the bathroom she leaned up and kissed him full on the mouth, her hand fondled his now semi hard cock and she made her way into the shower! When she emerged she was sad to see the room empty, she recalled that he was leaving soon so she guessed he had to pack or something, or perhaps just to say farewell to his entourage of hand maidens! The air conditioning had cooled the room down to tolerable levels now so she looked around for her clothes. Glancing at the clock she thought of re-dressing and seeing what else the night had to offer, then she noticed her panties were missing, at first she felt surprised and a little hurt, then she just smiled then going to her underwear drawer she selected a clean bra and panties, As she handled the pale lilac underwear she wondered absently if Christov had wanted either a trophy or souvenir, either way, she didn't mind! Deciding to go back out she chose a fresh pale pink dress from the rack and as she slipped into her undies and dress she allowed herself to consider what else the night might have to offer! Some Turkish cock perhaps?

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