Initium Novum
Chapter 1: The Accident

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Mind Control, Fiction, Science Fiction, Time Travel, Post Apocalypse, Humor, Polygamy/Polyamory, Pregnancy,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Accident - Robert Callahan lost his parents, and now is 28 yo. Aliens want to experiment and offer Robert the ability to time travel, and have some mind control influence. However, he can not travel more than five years into the future, but he can travel as far back into the past as he wants, yet can not make history altering changes. The aliens look ten years into the future and see humans are extinct. The alien decide Robert will lead family and friends to rebuild humanity.

Robert was closing his brief case getting ready to go home. It had been a long confusing day that presented more questions than answers. Robert, being a network analyst and department head, realized that management seemed to be moving to outsource the Information Technology Department. When Robert posed the direct question to the VP chairing the meeting, there was a pause and the meeting was adjourned.

Robert was young to be the IT Department Director, with the respect of management and those who worked for him. He had graduated from Stanford University with a computer science degree and a PhD in artificial intelligence from MIT. He was awarded his PhD degree on his nineteenth birthday, with tears in his eyes wishing his father, mother and sister could have seen his achievement. They had died when he was two years old, and he was raised by his parents' best friends.

Robert left his office in Santa Clara waving at the security guard, going to find his Toyota Corolla that probably had more miles on it than any other in the state. He had bought it when he turned sixteen, and drove it through high school, university, and at MIT. The car was twenty two years old and still in good shape, as his foster father liked to rebuild old cars, and kept Robert's in great shape.

Driving to his condo, Robert had many things on his mind, and he was not paying as close attention as he should have been when he started across a major intersection as the light turned green. What Robert did not notice was a Camaro and a Charger racing to try to beat the red light. Both cars struck Robert's car, one in the front and one behind the drivers seat. The traffic cameras caught the color of the lights and the resulting accident.

When the emergency teams arrived it was thought all three drivers were dead. The drivers from the two racing cars were extracted and pronounced dead at the scene. As one of the paramedics was checking Robert over he was asked if he was dead. The startled paramedic yelled for help to extract Robert, asking his name and address. Two fire trucks were attached to the ends of the car and pulled enough to allow the jaws of life to be used to get Robert out. As soon as he was released the paramedics saw that Robert went into shock and lost consciousness. They put him into a pressure suit that was inflated to twenty PSI to slow internal bleeding, if that is what caused him to pass out.

A medical helicopter was available, and flew Robert to the Stanford Medical Trauma Center. When Robert arrived at the Trauma Center he was recognized by one of the Doctors who had been a classmate of his when he was a student at Stanford. Doctor Brad O'Connor did not stop the stretcher, but had it taken directly to radiology for x-rays and ultrasounds to be preformed. When Brad reviewed the films and other data, he had Robert taken to a surgical suite. As he was scrubbing he gave an administrative nurse the information to contact Robert's foster parents, and had her have the California Highway Patrol bring them to the hospital. Being a trauma surgeon, Brad took the first part of the operation to repair the internal injuries. There was an orthopedic surgeon studying the x-rays, and she would set the thirteen broken bones. It was decided that before Brad closed Robert up, the seven broken ribs would be repaired with a new special glue used when the rib cage was put back together after heart bypass surgery.

Three hours later Brad went to meet Robert's foster parents, telling them that he had repaired ten internal lacerations that Robert had received in the accident, and the orthopedic surgeon was setting thirteen broken bones. Robert was in an induced coma, and would remain there for several days and maybe a few weeks. They would be monitoring him very closely to insure all the internal bleeding was stopped. The good news was that no organs appeared to have received damage, which was a miracle in itself. Brad also told them he would personally be Robert's doctor of record until he was full awake and well on his way to recovery.

Robert's foster mother knew Brad from their days at Stanford, and thanked him for looking after Robert and plead with him to continue to look after Robert.

Alice and Clem Callahan had known Robert's family for years, as Alice and Robert's mother had attended USC together and had marketing degrees. Clem and Robert's father had been friends since high school, and attended UCLA together with both obtaining aeronautical engineering degrees, and they owned their own consulting business. They had been doing some work for the Department of Defense and NASA when suddenly their home was broken into, and Robert's parents and sister were murdered. No one knows why Robert was not killed, as he was asleep in the nursery next to their parents' room. The theory was because Robert's mom was pregnant that the intruders thought the nursery was for the new baby, and the unborn child died in the mother's womb.

The will left by Robert's parents was that surviving children from their marriage would be raised by Alice and Clem, but were not to be adopted nor names changed. Robert always felt that the home invasion was not random, and had something to do with the contract that their company had with DOD and NASA. There was a huge insurance policy that provided for Robert and paid for his education.

Brad was looking at an EEG that had just been completed on Robert, and the activity would indicate that his brain functions had not been affected, but he could not understand why Robert had not awaken from the coma. In fact there was an unusual amount of activity in the area of the brain where speech and logical thought were considered to be located.

Robert thought he was dreaming as the female in the gray jumpsuit approached. She was one of the most beautiful women Robert had ever seen. She pulled up a chair and sat next to Robert, she asked if she could speak to him about some gifts that she had for him. Robert asked if these had anything to do with his accident. She told him no, as she was going to visit him at home the evening of his accident and discuss them, but he had been in the accident which rendered him unable absorb the information until now.

She told him her handlers had reprimanded and demoted her, because she had been charged with Robert's safety and had not prevented the accident. She then told Robert that if he agreed, he would be given the ability to travel forward and backward through time if he agreed to certain conditions. He would have the ability to read people's minds and influence their decisions. He would have the ability to move objects and lift great weights. Finally he would have the ability to see the future up to five years in the future, however he would have to work with these skills to perfect them, except the time travel.

Robert had a thousand questions, but was told to wait until he returned home so lengthy discussions could be held. She then told him he should wake up now. As Robert opened his eyes a young doctor was providing a report to Brad O'Connor, and when she turned to show Brad something on Robert's arm she squealed as she saw his eyes open. Brad quickly approached Robert's bedside and started doing all the things that Doctors do when a patient wakens from a coma. Finally Brad asked Robert if he knew who he was. Robert replied that he was the ugly dunces that he had to carry through advanced math classes because he never learned to add or subtract.

Looking at the young Doctor he told her that his memory was almost perfect, but he was the one who carried Robert through advanced math classes. Turning to Robert he told him that his sense of timing was still terrible, as he almost gave Doctor Fitzgerald heart failure. All three were laughing when Alice and Clem entered the room to find Robert awake and talking. Alice took over, giving Robert a hug and then asked him if he had not been paying attention to his driving. Robert said that the light had turned green, and as he had started across the intersection that was the last thing he remembered until he woke up and saw Brad the ugly standing over him. Clem then knew that Robert would be fine, as he and Brad would always kibitz and were the best of friends.

Robert was tired, but wanted to know the date and what time it was. Brad told him he had been a coma for two weeks, and it was four PM. Brad was writing on Robert's chart, and then told him that with two broken legs and a broken arm he would be immobile for another six weeks.

A voice in Robert's head told him to request a complete set of x-rays to access the condition of the broken bones. After Robert voiced the request, Brad said it was too soon. Robert again made the request, saying he would pay for it as he wanted a baseline to start from, and that baseline was to start today.

The next morning Robert had returned from x-ray and was relaxing when the orthopedic doctor showed up, telling him that they wanted to redo the x-rays as they had been mislabeled. After the second set of x-rays were reviewed the doctor came in, and told him she did not understand how the bones could heal as fast as his did.

She then moved Robert into a examination room and started to remove all his cast and splints. When this was completed she had two orderlies standing by, and asked Robert to stand if he could. As Robert turned, sitting up on the edge of the bed, he felt a surge of strength and had a clear head. Cautiously he stood with no assistance, and then walked around the room just to assure himself that all was OK.

Dr Madeline Rogers was at a total loss for words, turning to put two sets of x-rays on the light box. The first set was those taken on the day he was admitted, showing all the breaks and fractures. The second set were those taken today, showing no broken bones or fractures, and no evidence that they had ever been broken. Dr. Rogers said that she would walk with him back to his room and sign his discharge papers, however she wanted to see him in a week, and to make an appointment with her office.

After the Doctor left Robert realized that he did not have any clothes or way to get home. As he was thinking about this Clem walked in with a bag of clothes, and said that Robert should call him when he was released. Robert said that as soon as he could get dressed they could leave, as he had his release papers in hand. After he was dressed and was getting ready to leave, a nurse appeared wanting to know where he was going. Robert showed her the discharge order, and when the nurse looked it over she said that Dr O'Connor had not signed a release so he could not go home. Robert opened his cell phone and called Brad. When he answered, Robert asked the ugly dunce if he could release him, as Doctor Rogers had released him but the nurse was not going to let him leave. He then handed the phone to the nurse.

An orderly rolled Robert to the front door where Clem met him with the car. As they were driving home, Clem told Robert that they should go car shopping tomorrow as he had no transportation. Handing Robert a picture of his old car he saw a pile of steel that he knew could not be repaired. He was thinking about what brand of car he wanted and what type. He knew that he did not want a two seater, nor an upper end car, maybe a BMW.

Arriving home he was met with a load of mail which he dealt with. Clem told him to gather a few clothes, as Alice insisted that he would be staying with them until he recovered. He started to protest when Clem asked him if he wanted to tell Alice as he laughed. Shaking his head, Robert gathered his clothes for a week, and left with Clem.

The next day Clem and Robert discussed what type of car he wanted, and which would be the best value for the money. Robert decided he wanted a car that was more sporty and had some zip to the power train. Clem had a friend that had a 1995 Audi Cabriolet Convertible that was in mint condition he wanted to sell, as the car had not been driven in a few years, except on special occasions. Clem called his friend and asked if he still had the car and wanted to sell it. Clem and Robert went to see the car and to drive it. Robert wrote a check for the car, and they drove to motor vehicles department and had the car registered.

As Robert drove to Alice and Clem's house, he thought he should return to work soon, as there were uncompleted projects that needed his attention. Thinking about work, Robert remembered the discussions with his boss and the feeling that the IT department was going to be outsourced. He thought that he should be the one to take the contract. He would have a discussion with Mack, and try to find out if the department was going to be outsourced and see if he could bid on the contract. Robert felt that he had until Monday to put a presentation together, and he felt that he had the best shot at any contract as he knew the network better than anyone.

Saturday morning Robert told Alice and Clem that he was thinking about starting his own IT business. Their concern was whether he had the financial resources for a start up company. Robert said that he had most of the insurance money left by his father, mother and sister. He also had been saving almost half of his salary for the last five years, so there should be enough.

Returning to his home that morning, Robert had forgotten about his visitor while he was in the hospital, and was not expecting anyone to be in his apartment when he arrived home. As Robert opened the door he heard his printer operating, and was immediately on guard. Seeing the woman in the gray jumpsuit, Robert remembered the dream he had in the hospital. He was puzzled about the printer operating, and was told that his proposal to takeover the IT department at his employer's company was printing.

She had scanned his thoughts then prepared the document, so they would have time to have the discussion she had mentioned in their earlier meeting. However, first they should review the proposal to insure it was as Robert wanted before proceeding to other things.

Robert asked her what her name was, as he could not call her hey you. She told him he could not pronounce her name, but he should call her Nancy.

Robert started to review the proposal, and was well into it when he came to the financial proposal. He was surprised when he saw the quoted price. He asked Nancy why the price was so high. She said she had scanned his VP's thoughts and placed the price fifteen percent below what he expected to pay. She felt that the VP would jump at the price and award Robert the contract. Completing the review, Robert said that the proposal was perfect and could be presented as is.

Nancy said that they should get started discussing the gifts she would be giving him. She began by telling him as soon as he could, he should start practicing his ability to scan other peoples minds. As he became proficient, he would be able to implant thoughts into people, and bend their will to do his bidding.

Next would be the ability to time travel. He could go anywhere in the past that he wanted to, however he could only travel five years into the future. If he felt that he needed to advance greater than five years, he could present his case to the council, and might receive permission to complete his request. He would not be allowed to make changes in the future that would effect future generations.

As far as the past was concerned, if he found things that could be corrected, so be it, and if it changed the course of humanity so be it. He might even find out what really happened to his parents and sister. He would be able to travel anywhere he wanted and as far back as he wanted. He could even take people with him on his travels if he wanted to.

Nancy then told him that he could go places, and he would appear to be invisible as he traveled among people, as they would not see him. He would not be invisible, but that he would be affecting peoples' minds to believe he was not there.

Finally, Nancy said that he could not tell anyone that had not been either given a special additive to one of their drinks, or he had not made love to. If he told anyone she would know, and they would have their mind erased never remembering that they ever knew him or any of his friends. She also told him that she could provide anyone with the additive if he wanted her to.

Nancy told him she would leave him to consider everything that he now knew, and when he was ready he could think about a request for her to return, and with that she was gone.

As Robert sat there he thought that he needed Nancy to return to answer a couple of questions, and with that Nancy returned. He asked her if all women that had the additive were destined to be sexually attracted to him? Nancy told him that he controlled his supporters, and he could direct their love to himself or a person more suitable to them.

Secondly, Robert asked about the men that were be given the additive, and their actions. He was told they would be loyal to him unless he wanted them as lovers.

Robert then asked Nancy to have the additive given to Alice, Clem, Brad, and Amy, Brad's wife, and they were to have a deeper and stronger love for their partners. He asked if there was anything that would keep Brad and Amy from having children. He was informed that Brad was sterile. Robert asked if Nancy could correct the condition, she told him it would be corrected.

Nancy then told Robert to have the four of them over one evening, as he had a matter he needed council on. At that time he would lay out everything that Nancy had told him, and they would be his loyal followers.

All evening Robert considered all the things that he had been told. How it would affect his life and the lives of those around him. He thought that with the ability to travel through time, he might correct some injustices that had occurred in the past. He would like to find out why his family had been killed, and see if he could prevent that. Could he invest in the stock markets in the past and reap the gains now. Oh, so many questions.

As Robert went to work he had his presentation with him, and sent an email to the operations VP requesting a meeting at his earliest convenience. Robert received a reply to come to Mack's office now. Robert began by telling him of his impression of their meeting a few weeks ago about the IT operations being outsourced. Then he presented his plan to be the contractor if that was the case, assuring him that none of the current employees would lose their jobs. At that point Mack told him that the department was to be outsourced, and they were just waiting for his return to release the information. However, with Robert's proposal, he wanted to take it to the management committee and recommend that it be accepted as presented, as he thought it was fair, and that the space that the department now occupied could be leased to Robert along with the remainder of the floor.

Mack also told Robert that he would have to deal with the new building owners, because of the economic times, the company was going to sell the building to raise capital to remain competitive. Robert requested that Mack ask the management committee to give him a week to see if he could obtain the funds to buy the building. Mack said he would ask.

On Tuesday morning Robert had an email to come to Mack's office as soon as he arrived. As Robert was seated in Mack's office there were two other men there, both who he knew. The company President congratulated Robert on the IT contract, asking Robert to have his attorney contact theirs to finalize the contract. Secondly, rather than buying the building, would Robert consider investing in the company, receiving stock and an ongoing dividend. Since the company was family owned, he was waiting for his daughter to complete her education so he could turn the company over to her in five years, as he and his wife wanted to take early retirement. Robert requested a day to think about it.

When he returned to his condo that night he thought he wanted to talk to Nancy. She appeared and wanted to know what she could do for him. He requested that she accompany him into the future, as he would like to see the condition of the company he presently worked for at that time.

Nancy told him to close his eyes, as time travel sometimes gave people vertigo. Robert felt a swirling sensation but nothing else. When Robert opened his eyes he was in the same condo but the furnishings were much different. There was an electronic pad on the table with the daily news headlines displayed. The leading story was about a young company executive who had been raped and murdered the previous evening. When he saw the name he knew that it was the daughter of the president of the company he worked for. As he read the article he found that the company had been the target of a hostile takeover, even though it was privately owned. The company owners were being forced out of their own company.

Robert asked Nancy to plant a thought in the company's president that he should sell the company if there were interested buyers, and to find a new company for his daughter to manage. Even though the company had been in the family a long time, the life of the products were limited, and in a few years will be obsolete.

Robert then had Nancy return him to 1988 to open a bank account, and to buy Microsoft, Intel, and IBM stock. He had $1,500,000 in the account left from the insurance after his parents death, and invested $100,000 each in Microsoft, Intel and IBM. He then moved to 2003 a week after the Microsoft stock split, and had his broker start to sell his stock and realized over 190 million dollars in his account. From the other two investments he realized over $400 million dollars. He then accessed the IRS accounts, erasing all evidence of the stock transactions both buy and sell.

Returning to the present, he knew he had enough funds to buy the building that his company owned. He realized that he had about an hour before his foster parents, Brad, and Amy, would arrive. He quickly prepared a cheese and cracker plate, and put two bottles of white wine in the quick cooler.

Robert had just changed into casual clothes when the doorbell rang and Alice and Clem arrived. Robert knew that Alice liked Gouda and Brie cheese the best, as did Amy. Alice and Clem had no sooner sat down when Brad and Amy arrived.

As everyone was settled, Robert was watching them he saw the change as their loyalty became evident. Robert then began telling them the happenings of the past few days. As he concluded, the four of them adsorbed the information, realizing that Robert and his abilities must be kept absolutely secret.

Clem said that Robert should move to a secure home with maximum security, and possibly armed security. The other three agreed with Brad, saying that they had a friend from Stanford that was into high end real estate. Amy wanted to quit her job and become Robert's personal assistant, that way one of them would be close to Robert at all times. Robert thought that was overkill, and he had a protector that had far greater advanced security systems than anything on earth. Nancy appeared, telling Robert that he should continue with their security plans, and find a place where they could secure Roberts expanding family. Then Nancy disappeared.

It was decided that Robert's corporation would purchase a home as a world headquarters. Brad called their old classmate, setting up a meeting for the next afternoon.

Robert and Brad were at Luciana Fresh Tea House when Warren arrived. Robert explained that a client wanted a large compound with a home that part of it could be used as an office suite. It must have at least 20 bedrooms, with each having its own en-suite bathroom. The master area should have a kitchen, dinning room, and hot tub. The property would be purchased with cash, and did not have to be in California, or even in the USA.

Warren thought for a while, saying that there was an island about 300 miles from any country's borders, and was not considered a territory of any country, as the owner had ensured that it was established as an independent country with the United Nations. The owner wanted $50 million, and was willing to close as soon as the money could be transferred. Robert told Warren to offer $30 million and a fifteen day closing if the title search could be completed. The one stipulation was that no one could know that either Brad or Robert were involved in this deal.

Brad, Clem, and Robert flew to Jersey to set up a numbered corporation that would handle all transactions for Robert. He then transferred $500 million into an account there. The bank checked with Robert's bank in California, and was assured the funds were neither from organized crime nor drug sales, so the money transfer was completed.

Returning to California, the three of them were met by agents of the Secret Service. Robert asked them if they could meet them in their offices at 2 PM. They agreed and left them. Robert called his lawyer, asking her if she could meet them at the Secret Service offices at 2 PM, as they had requested to meet with him and would not tell him why. Sarah agreed, saying she would try to find out why they wanted to meet with him.

Sarah called a man she knew at NSA to see if he knew anything. The reply was that Robert had moved a very large amount of money from his accounts to a numbered account in Jersey, and that led the Secret Service to believe that there was some illegal activities going on. There was no proof of this, and the IRS agreed that the money was honestly earned with all taxes paid. Every facet of Robert's live was as clean as could be.

Sarah met with Robert, Brad, and Clem, explaining what she had been told. She said that they could not make him explain his actions or expose his future plans. With that they went to the Secret Service office. They were asked who the lady was, and Robert explained that Sarah was his attorney, and if they wanted a talk it was fine with him but she must be allowed to accompany him. Robert could see they were not happy that an attorney was present, but there was nothing they could do about it.

The questions concerned the transfer of funds from the USA to a tax sheltered country when all the taxes on this money had been paid. Robert explained that he was starting a business that would have clients all over the world. Since the payments and work would not be completed in the USA, he felt that he owed the US Government no taxes.

One of the agents was from the IRS Department, and said as a US citizen he would still owe taxes on money made outside of the US. Sarah said unless the funds were banked in the US, that Robert would owe no US taxes, quoting the statute. The IRS agent said that statute had been repealed and that Robert stilled owed taxes. Sarah asked when it was repealed, and under what statute number. The IRS agent could not provide the information, so Sarah told him to send the information to her office and gave him her business card.

Next, the Secret Service agent wanted to know what Robert's new business was going to be, and where his headquarters would be. Sarah advised Robert not to answer that question, as they did not have the right to know as per the Constitution of the United States. Everyone could see that all the agents were getting frustrated, as they were not getting the answers they wanted.

One agent said they were going to hold Robert until their investigation was complete, and would hold him under the new terrorist powers they had. Sarah stood and asked them what evidence they had, and to produce it now or they were leaving. The agent told her that they did not need to show her anything at this time, under the new power granted by the Attorney General.

Sarah flipped her cell phone open and pressed a speed dial number. When answered, she asked to speak with Federal Judge Maxine S. Chesney. The Agents smiled, as they knew no judge would take a call from a lawyer.

Sarah pressed the speaker phone option on her cell phone, and the agents heard as Judge Chesney greeted Sarah. Sarah explained the situation to her, saying they wanted to hold her client under the terrorist directive and would not provide the any reasons for holding her client. Judge Chesney asked if she were on a speaker phone and was assured she was. The Secret Service were told if they were going to hold Sarah's client they were to be in her court room in forty five minutes, and they had better have evidence that would give cause to hold him. With that the Judge slammed the phone down.

The Agents said that they would bring Robert to court with them and meet her there. Sarah said fine, and she would accompany Robert everywhere he went until he appeared in court. The Agent objected until Sarah asked if he were the station senior agent, he admitted he was not. Sarah demanded that the Senior Agent join them now. The Agent left them and a few minutes later two men came in, the older man introducing himself as the Agent in Charge of the San Francisco Secret Service Office. Sarah asked him how she knew he was the AIC. He produced a business card that stated that, and a number in Washington DC.

Sarah dialed the number and asked for the regional director for the western region. A female answered with the title Western Region Director. Sarah told the woman her name, and that she was a lawyer trying to verify who was the AIC in the San Francisco office, as she had a man in front of her stating he was the AIC. She was informed that the AIC for the San Francisco Office was sitting in her office in Washington, and wanted the name on the business card. When Sarah gave her the name on card she asked her to hold just a moment. Within a few minutes there was a commotion in the hallway and the door opened. In walked three suits asking for the man who had introduced himself as AIC by name. When the man identified himself, he was arrested and read his rights for impersonating a AIC.

The suit who seemed to be in charge turned to Sarah and asked her how she knew that this man was not the AIC of this office. She told him that the AIC was her uncle. She also said that these other agents had accused her client of terrorism, and could produce no evidence or define any acts that would link him to such acts. She had called Judge Chesney and scheduled a hearing which was to start in twenty minutes to show facts to hold her client.

The Suit, which turned out to be the director of the regional office of the FBI, pointed at the agents there and said now. They all left and in five minutes, the director returned and told them they were free to leave and to please call Judge Chesney canceling the hearing. Sarah told the Director that was his job, because she could only request a hearing of this type and could not cancel it. With that, Sarah, Robert, Bert, and Clem left the office. As they were leaving Sarah noticed all four agents were in hand cuffs.

Warren called a week later and said that the title for the island had been cleared and they were ready to close. He requested that Robert and his lawyer meet him at the airport at the Palo Alto Airport, and he would take them to the closing.

Robert and Sarah arrived at the airport to find Warren was waiting for them. He took them to a business jet which he said was a G650. As they boarded, a female pilot introduced herself saying they would be in the air about ninety minutes. Robert noticed when they took off they headed South East for a while, then slowly descended and turned directly West. They were flying at an altitude of 1000 feet and about 400 miles per hour. As they approached ninety minutes into the flight, there was another turn to the South West. In fifteen minutes they touched down on a very nice concrete runway. They taxied to the end of the runway and up to a large hangar.

With the engines shut down and the door opened, they were met by an Englishman who introduced himself as the butler. He was to take them to the conference room where the owner was waiting.

Entering the Conference room, a very old man was in a wheel chair and they could see that he was very sick. After introductions, all the papers were laid out and explained. The owner of the island claimed sovereignty by the ruling of the Roman jurist Ulpian that the imperium (power) of the people is transferred to the Emperor. The Emperor is not bound by the law, however the Emperor's word is the law. The Emperor is the law making and abiding force. She was given a satellite phone, and she called the UN in New York City and asked for the office of the under secretary of the UN which tracked sovereign countries. She then requested the status of the island as recognized bu the UN. She was told that it was recorded as a sovereign country, with the government listed as monarchy and it was recognized under the classical issued by the roman jurist Ulpian. Sarah thanked them and hung up the telephone.

Reviewing the documents she was approached by a man she recognized. Looking puzzled she asked Malcolm what he was doing here, as she thought he retired. Sarah was assured he had retired, but still had one client, however in a few days he would have no client. The man in the wheelchair was his last client and he would be paid as soon as this deal was concluded. His client was terminally ill and had a very short time to live, as he was in the final stages of cancer.

After all documents were signed, Robert opened his laptop connecting to the Internet. Robert signed onto his Jersey account transferring thirty million dollars to the account specified. Surprisingly it was to the same bank in Jersey.

Malcolm signed onto the client's bank account and saw that the funds had been deposited. He then signed onto another site changing the name of the monarch to Robert Callahan. Finally turning to his client he said all transactions were complete and ownership transferred. One of the agreements was that the former owner would be allowed to be buried in an unmarked grave somewhere on the island. Turning to Robert he said that the island was now his, and he could look over the property as he had things to do before leaving the island in about four hours.

The butler took charge starting the tour. They were shown the outbuildings, the utility area which generated electricity, and a water desalinization plant. The treated sewage was pumped three miles off shore at 250 meters below surface. They were then taken to the main house and were shown a suite of furnished offices that were excellent. Then the living quarters which included the master suite. It took almost two hours to tour the living quarters, the dining room, kitchen, and great room. The butler then explained his position, and that of the cook who was his wife. He stated that his retirement fund was complete, however he and his wife did dot want to retire at this time as they liked to live on the island.

Robert asked what his salary was, and when he took vacation. The response was that their children always came to the island for their vacation, as they liked the solitude. They only came when the owner was away so as not to disturb him. Robert asked if he and his wife lived in the main house or had a home of their own. They lived in the main house, even though the previous owner had offered to build them a home of their own.

Robert turned to Sarah asking her to establish a salary with a ten percent increase, and to ensure they had full health care coverage.

Robert said they should return to Palo Alto, as he had several things he needed to attend to. At the hangar, Sarah asked where Warren had got off to. They were told he returned with Malcolm. The pilot then surprised both Robert and Sarah, telling them that the G650 was part of the sale of the island and was now Robert's. She asked if Robert wanted to return directly to Palo Alto Airport or to appear that he had never left the USA. Robert asked if they had ever left the USA, which gave everyone a laugh. Landing in Palo Alto, Robert asked Sarah to join him for dinner in his condo to discuss their future, she readily agreed.

Robert had prepared a Caesar Salad with twice baked potatoes and Filet Mignon steaks with a Shiraz wine. All was ready for the steaks to be cooked when Sarah to showed up promptly at six PM. When she entered the condo, he presented her a glass of Piesporter wine to start our discussion.

Explaining the business plan, and the direction he wanted to grow the company did not take long. When Robert stated that he wanted a full time attorney on staff, he assured her that she would not lack for work nor interesting situations, including international law. The one thing he would insist on was that she would be able to research the laws in any country they wanted to do business in, and to become an expert in international law even if it meant returning to school. She would be responsible for finding other senior staff members such as accounts, marketing, and operations directors. The company would be privately held by himself, however everyone would be paid well above the normal salary range and provided full benefits.

Robert said with that she could think over his proposal while he completed dinner. Sarah was deep in thought when Robert called her to dinner. She had questions she would present during the meal, but she forgot them all when she sat down. She did not know how Robert knew it, but he had prepared all of her favorite dishes. After the main meal was completed, he sat dishes of lime sherbet which completed the meal perfectly.

As they returned to the living room with Port in special INAO glasses he had imported from Portugal, Sarah started with her questions. Being satisfied with the answers to her last question, or was it really a statement rather than a question, saying that Robert would have several wives. He did not confirm nor deny that statement as he truly did not know. With that said, Sarah asked Robert where her offices would be. He told her that he was going to buy his old employer's building and would have a floor for his company, she would have offices there and offices at his home. Robert gave her the contact attorney for the company to complete the sale of the building.

As promised, the next morning Robert had a meeting with his old company's president, telling him his thoughts on the future of the company. Robert asked if there had been any interest by other companies in buying him out. The president was surprised, as there had been a large multinational company pressing him to sell. Robert suggested he meet with the interested corporation, telling them he would give them a one time chance to buy his company at a non negotiable price, and see what they would do. Robert suggested that the price be triple the actual value of the company, with all transactions to be completed offshore. The President thought about it a few minutes and agreed, but wanted Robert with him when he met with the corporation representatives. Robert agreed.

Next, the two men signed the contract to outsource the IT Department to Robert's company. Completing the paperwork, Robert informed the president that his attorney was meeting with his corporation's attorney to finalize the sale of the building, and as soon as that was done he would be a very much wealthier man. Finally Robert asked if the president's daughter would be interested in interviewing with his company as the head of his marketing group, if so, have her contact Sarah as he gave him her card.

Robert headed to the floor where his IT Department was located, and had his secretary page everyone in the department to meet at the Four Seasons Hotel. She was then to get HR to call all their wives, husbands or girl friends to join their partners at 6;30 for dinner. Robert then called Amy and had her call the Four Seasons to secure a meeting room for twenty-five people, and a dinner for fifty to sixty people. Robert did not care what it cost, just make it happen.

An hour later, Robert walked into the meeting room and saw a discouraged group of people that felt they were here to be given their pink slips. Stepping to the microphone he asked if everyone in the room that liked working for him to please stand up. The entire group stood, giving him a round of applause and cheers. He then asked them to sit as he explained what was happening. Going through the events of the last few weeks, he explained that the economic down turn was causing financial difficulties for their employer, however he had negotiated to out source the IT services, and Robert just signed a five year contract to provide those services. Everyone in the room would be employed by the new company, which he just decided to be named IT, not information technology but IT. He felt that they were all underpaid, so each employee would be given a minimum of eight percent salary increase, and a signing bonus that would have to be returned to the company if they did not stay a full year from today.

Robert could see Vicky, Amy, and Sarah, all taking notes with every thing that he said. Robert knew that his Vicky had just completed her Masters of business administration degree in human resources, so he turned to Vickie motioning for her to join him. He then told the group that Vickie, or should they refer to her as Victoria, was the VP of HR reporting directly to him. Victoria leaned into the microphone telling the group anyone calling her Victoria would receive a letter of reprimand in their file for showing disrespect to a senior manager. With that the group roared as all knew that Vickie was a very people orientated person, and loved by every one in the room.

At that point there was a disturbance in the back of the room, as all the employees' partners entered the room. Robert said their special guest had arrived, and at seven PM dinner would be served in this room. However beverages were available outside this room, so each one should find their partner to explain what had happened in the last three hours. Vicky turned to Robert and laid a lip lock on him that would have put breath into a dead man. She told him that she had prepared her resignation so she could look for a new position, but would destroy it as soon as she returned to her desk.

At dinner Robert said that since it was Friday, he expected everyone to take the weekend off and that meant the full three days. He would be checking the access logs on Tuesday, and anyone that had logged in had better be in his office first thing to explain why. After dinner was completed, a very pregnant young woman came to Robert and thanked him, because with the raise they could how afford their first home, and their baby would not have to be raised in an apartment. After she left, Robert turned to Vickie and told her to get with Sarah to develop a plan to finance first time home buyers to ensure that they could buy a larger home that would last them for many years.

As Robert was returning home, he knew that he had taken the one trip into the past, but it had been limited for strictly raising quick capital to start the ball rolling. He also knew for what he wanted to do he would need a lot more.

I wish to thank my editor Bachgen for if it were hot for his assistance this would not be as easy to read.

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