Fiance Life at Hubbard
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Swinging, Group Sex, Orgy, Interracial, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Julie is getting married. She also works at Hubbard & Assoc., which means she'll have plenty of experience to fall back on.

Julie kept sneaking looks at David's cock. It stuck straight up from his lap, and as the meeting dragged on seemed to be getting bigger and bigger. That, she knew, was a trick of the lighting, but still...

" ... measured by the number of call resolutions per hour with this customer," Mrs. Hitchens said. She hit a key on her PC and a new graphic appeared on the screen behind her. "The company has contracted to answer a maximum of 30 calls per hour," she said. Staffing is based on that. We will be getting back to Bison Communications that this new request, 52 calls per hour, is not in the original contract."

"Question?" It was Anna, who had the cubicle next to Julie's. "They're requesting resolutions per hour. What about the middle of the night? We got exactly one call in the last three nights for Bison, and we resolved it in less than two minutes. Or are they talking about peak times?"

"Our legal team here at Hubbard is responding to that very question," Mrs. Hitchens said. "We believe the call response number should be predicated on average, they're talking peak time."

"But we're not their dedicated Call Center," Anna said.

"A fact that is seemingly lost on the executives at Bison. There is a very real chance we may end up terminating this contract."

"And if we do?" Julie asked. She shifted in her seat. Thoughts of David's dick were making her hot and squirmy. They'd have to visit the break room immediately after this meeting, or she'd explode.

"No change in staffing," Mrs. Hitchens said. "We have two more contracts in the offing, and we'll just move ahead with them. Mrs. Hubbard has stated for the record that we do not have to be everyone's Call Center."

Julie hid her relief. Layoffs. That was the dreaded word, especially in this economy. She didn't want to get married and have to rely upon only one income.

There was more, but Mrs. Hitchens, who could seemingly talk for hours about minor points, passed out the new scripts they would use for their problem customer. Finally, though, the meeting was over.

Julie stood, straightening out the kinks from sitting so long. David's erection had attracted the attention of several of the women, and she knew she had to act fast or they'd claim it. She wrapped her hand around it.

"Does this think what I mean it thinks?" David asked. He rested his hand on her bare bottom to emphasize the question.

"Let's let the initial rush settle itself," Julie said. The meeting had lasted well past the usual break time for most of the participants, and the cots in the break rooms would be occupied. She wanted to spend some time with David, not engage in something hasty that, while physically satisfying, wasn't going to satisfy her emotional needs.

They were among the last to leave the meeting room. David had been eying the naked bottoms of the women—like all employees in the central offices of Hubbard & Associates everyone was nude from the waist down—and if anything, it made his dick harder.

"I may change my mind about waiting," Julie said. She could feel the moisture on her thighs. Her mind said wait, but her body was ready now.

"Anticipate," David murmured.

"That's what's killing me," Julie said.

He chuckled. "Yeah, me too."

Someone had told her that keeping a man hard for too long made him go off sooner. She didn't want to risk that, so she reluctantly let his dick go. Instead they held hands. People knew they were engaged, and more than a few of her co-workers thought it sweet that they worked at the same place, though in different departments.

Eventually the flow of people in and out of the break rooms began to slow. David led them into one not too far from her cubicle. There were people in the main break room, but only one couple was using the cots in the attached room. The room smelled of sex, and the woman on the cot was filling the air with moans and gasps.

"Um, I like what this place does to you," Julie said as she felt David's hard-on against her leg.

He slid a finger into her pussy. "It's doing the same thing to you. You're very wet."

Julie laughed and turned into his arms. "Well, yeah." They shared a kiss, and then got down to the serious business of getting naked. This being Hubbard, that didn't take long. Her blouse and bra went on the chair, next to his shirt and tie. Then she lay back on the cot.

David joined her, caressing her side and kissing her. "So sweet."

She kissed him back, one thing led to another, and she sighed happily when she felt him probing her pussy. "That's it, right there."

He chuckled, and pushed. She arched her back as she felt his entrance. She couldn't imagine why she'd been indifferent to sex.

They shifted slightly, and she let out a sigh of happiness. If she had her way this moment would last forever. Then he began to move. Whatever thoughts she'd had vanished. She loved the feel of him sliding into her. She drew him down for a kiss. David wasn't like the other men at Hubbard. He took his time, drawing it out and making it better than it was. Of course part of that could be that they were engaged. That had happened before both of them had come to work at Hubbard, and...

Whatever else she was going to remember vanished as he shifted again and began moving a little faster. He was really opening her up, taking everything she had to offer, and fulfilling her deepest needs. Deepest. The thought touched something, or maybe it was his cock. She began to push up against him, staring intently up at his face only inches away.

"So good," she murmured, and he grinned.

"You are so tight. I'm going to ... you're making me come."

Come. That made her convulse around his cock. It felt so big. The thought pushed her up, arching her into him. She was going to. This was it. She was ... was...

She gave a softy cry and came, one intense squeeze after another. Everything was blocked by his cock. It seemed to expand until it filled her, and then some. And then she felt him jerk.

"Ah ... ah ... ah ... coming. Coming."

She exhaled, and then a deep, shuddering breath. And another, and then fully relaxed. All of the tension of the morning was wiped away.

David shifted and slipped his arms around her. She loved this. It was just the two of them, holding each other, as close as a couple could get.

The couple on the other cot began making noises, short, grunting ones, and their frantic movement slowed to a stop. They smiled at each other, and then the guy drew back. His cock was still hard, but it had a definite droop to it. There was a thin strand of come connecting its wet tip to the woman's pussy. They kissed, and then sat up.

The man's cock continued to shrink. It was red and wet, and in seconds lay o along his leg looking all tuckered out. Her breasts continued to rise and fall. Her dark red nipples stuck straight out, that 'poke-your-eye-out' stiffness that were so sensitive.

The woman stood, and then swatted David on his bottom. "C'mon you lovebirds, you can't spend all day in here. We have to get back to our desks."

Julie sighed. "She's right."

"But I hate to take it out."

"Yeah, but we've got to. Calls are probably backing up like crazy."

He pulled out, slowly, reluctantly, and Julie gave a sigh when she felt him against her thigh. She straightened up, and they traded kisses.

They were still at it when the door opened and another couple came in. It was Anna, the girl with the cubicle next to hers. That was a clear sign she had to get back. Anna didn't waste time. She had her blouse and bra off in a flash, and started taking the guy between her ample breasts.

That looked interesting enough Julie wanted to stay and watch. Anywhere else and she would be embarrassed to see a naked woman, or a naked guy, let alone watching them do it. But this was Hubbard, and somehow it was all right here.

She could feel David's come on her thighs. She rubbed them together. That felt so sexy. She'd like to sink into his arms, but...

She took a quickie shower pulled on what there was of her clothes, and headed back to her cubicle and the waiting phone calls. David walked with her, hand in hand. They passed other couples, and the occasional individual. It had been several months, and she still got a bit of a shock to see someone's pubic area. It was wrong, but around here it was somehow right.

This was something she'd talked over with the other girls. You weren't supposed to look, but here at Hubbard everything was out in the open. She'd heard a joke once that if you turned girls upside down they all looked alike. That was only sort of true, she'd decided. First, a lot of the women shaved, or at least trimmed their hair down there. Marie, like better than half of the women, preferred to shave everything off, making her look like when she was a little girl. Others, like Anna, trimmed their hair so it looked like a heart. Some girls trimmed everything away until there was just a single strip of hair aligned with their slit. And a few, and Julie admitted she was one, but only because she lived with her Dad, kept the full array.

And as for all looking alike ... Some girls had fat sex lips, others thin. On some, the inner lips protruded slightly. It seemed to vary from girl to girl.

She'd have thought there would be more variety with the men. There was, but only when they were hard. When they were 'normal', or relaxed, their dicks all looked to be about the same. Most guys didn't shave down there. Somehow that just looked wrong. She liked her guys to have a little hair—some had a lot—and the guys had responded. The average dick appeared out of a nest of hair, and when you got them alone their cocks did more than just grow. They came up hard and proud, and there were so many interesting things to do with them.

She shook herself out of her reverie. She'd had these thoughts before, and they got her hot and bothered. But she needed to focus on work. There'd be time for exploring someone's cock later. They paused outside her cube for a kiss. They knew not to let it go beyond that, and so reluctantly she spread a towel across the seat of her chair and settled in. The Queue Board said eight calls pending. She smiled as she slipped her earphones on. There'd be all sorts of crabby customers, but that bubble of happiness she'd gotten from time with David would see her through until lunch.

A few calls later she had a pause. Marie was in the aisle talking with someone. Julie looked at the woman's sex. The sex lips were plump and a little red. She supposed Marie had to shave every day. Wasn't she worried about nicking herself? Julie remembered her first attempt at shaving her legs; she'd worn pants for three days to hide the nicks. How much more would you have to be careful down there?

Marie had taught her a lot, especially air the last off-site. Employees had been encouraged to get to know each other better, and Marie had shown her some of the pleasures a woman brought to that part of another woman's body. She wasn't 100% sold on sex with another woman, but if there weren't enough men around, you had to do something. She'd been a little uncomfortable at how wet Marie had gotten, but then she'd reasoned that that was for a purpose. If she didn't get wet, a guy's cock would hurt when he thrust. And, as Anna put it, the wetness was a sign you were doing it right.

The phone beeped, and the screen of her monitor flashed to the appropriate greeting. "Cascade Customer Satisfaction," she read out loud. "This is Julie. How may I help you?"

At least an hour to lunch, she thought.

She made it to lunch, but not quite the way she'd envisioned. Her father called, right in the middle of another call. Six months before she wouldn't have been able to handle things, and would have dropped both calls. Now she cut to her father, told him Please hold", and went seamlessly back to her first call, all without the customer being able to detect things.

"Sorry, Dad," she said, "I was in the middle of a customer call."

He chuckled. "That's all right. How about lunch?"

She'd had something else planned for lunch, but that could wait. "Sure? Where?"

"How about O'Doul's?" That was an Irish Pub and Restaurant about a block from work.

"Sounds good." She glanced at the clock. "Um, my lunch break isn't until 12:15."

"No problem. Do you want me to pick you up, or will you walk?"

"I'll meet you there."

She forced a smile, knowing her father could 'hear' a smile; most customers on the phone could. She could feel the desire building up in her. She'd planned on a quick bite to eat, and then some quality time with something hard and very male. Now she'd have to wait until her afternoon break. She smiled wryly. She was sure her Aunt Peggy would tell her that a lady didn't need sex. Well, a lady probably didn't, but she wasn't feeling very ladylike, and a woman most certainly needed to get laid.

There was a cubicle set next to the door to the hall where you could dress. Custom at Hubbard said you didn't wear your clothes in the office proper, so she carried her things to the Dressing Booth. There was a mirror there, and she gave herself the once-over: navy blue slacks, white blouse, black shoes with a low heel and a gold clasp. She had her favorite gold earrings and a gold necklace. She gave her dark hair a quick brush, picked up her purse, and smiled confidently at her reflection. She was ready, not, she felt ready to face the world.

It was the middle of summer, so she didn't need even so much as a sweater. The sun was bright, and she could feel a faint breeze, heavily laden with exhaust fumes, drifting past. This was the kind of day just meant for being outside. She wondered if she could get assigned to the Satellite Office on the north side of town for the rest of the summer. Of course that would mean she wouldn't see David at work, and that was a drawback, but other than that ... The North Satellite Office had an outdoor atrium where you could lounge around, getting a tan. Of course you could also do a few more things there while you were naked, and she liked doing it outdoors, even when it was surrounded by walls like the atrium. She'd have to think about it.

Her Dad was waiting for her just outside O'Doul's. They hugged briefly. "Summer seems to bring a blush to your cheeks," he said.

Yeah, I love the warm weather. "Of course there are limits." The year before she'd attended a training class in Atlanta. The weather had been hot and humid, which made her prize the air conditioning even more than normal.

They exchanged the usual pleasantries as they settled in a booth. "You look flushed," he said at last.

She couldn't tell him why, so she just looked down. "I was running a little late."

"Ah. Speaking of late, what time will you be home? Are you and David going out after work?"

"No, it should be the usual time."

Her Dad nodded. "Okay. There's someone who'll be coming over, and I wanted you to be there."


He smiled at the table. "You'll see."

Julie had to be satisfied with that. She knew her father had started seeing someone. She was the youngest, and he'd waited until she was out of high school. He really hadn't seen anyone from tie time her mother had died—that was when she was just a few months old—until after her graduation. She wasn't sure if it was love for her mother, or what. If he was seeing someone, then good. She wasn't sure how she'd react to a potential stepmother. That was something that she would have to see as it happened.

Her father turned the conversation in other directions. She let him, knowing she'd probably hear more when she got home. He did ask what plans she and David had about their honeymoon.

"David is handling that," she said. "We're not going to take one right away. We're going to go away for the weekend, and maybe a day or two more, but we're going to a place in Florida for our honeymoon."


"I asked him this morning. He said in September when the weather has cooled off a bit. You don't want to go to Florida in July."

"Are you going to be in a dress at your wedding? You never said."

"Just this once, yes. I may not like them, but there is a tradition, and for you, I'll wear one."

"Anything I can do to help?"

She laughed. "Just show up. I've pretty much got everything else handled."

He nodded, and went back to his stew.

Back at work she was swamped by calls. All of the calls seemed to be about a brand new dishwasher. Fortunately someone in Support found the necessary manual online at the company's test website and they were able to help people through the problems.

She almost couldn't wait for her break. When she did, it was with a guy named Cliff. They did it side-by-side, then doggy style—he really got deep that way—and then finished face-to-face. She came in each position, and finally Cliff let down and did too.

This was one of the things she and David had worked out: they had each other in the morning, but went with others in the afternoon. The variety made their times together a lot better. Oh, she'd read in the magazines how staying with David was best, but they wouldn't know a tenth of the things they did about giving and receiving pleasure if it wasn't for the others at Hubbard.

The evening shift began showing up about 4:30. Julie's replacement was Marta, a black girl who went to school during the day. They exchanged a few pleasantries, Julie caught Marta up to date on what was the hot item of the day, and then it was time to leave.

If it had been Friday ... Julie squelched that wish. Instead she carried her clothes to the Changing Boot. There was a crowd there, as was usual. She got into her things, checked her hair in the mirror, and was ready to go. David met her in the hall.

"They didn't date during the week. They had earlier, and they did so from time to time if there was a movie they both wanted to see. They did ride the same bus, and they settled in their accustomed seats, hips and elbows touching. Another day, another bump to the paycheck.

"Anything special planned?" David asked.

Julie shook her head. "Laundry and dinner, all normal."

"Same here." He sighed. "What about Friday?"

"That movie at the theater at the mall."

"Which one?"

"Let's decide at the last minute."

He smiled. "Sounds good."

She knew her Dad was watching from the front window. Since moving to town he'd gotten a lot more protective of her. She'd minded at first, but then she realized that if he thought she was being chaste and nice, and she didn't give him an opportunity to believe otherwise, then all was well with his world.

She gave him a hug, and then began gathering the laundry. She'd have ironing later on, which would take time. She didn't really care what was on TV, so she would listen to music while doing that chore. Dinner was a little more complicated. She surveyed the freezer, and then started a couple of things. It would take about an hour after she got the laundry started, and she just mentally blocked out the time. Her Dad was such a bad cook. Oh, he'd kept them fed and healthy while growing up—look at how big and strong her four brothers turned out—but he didn't understand seasoning at all.

After dinner, while things were still in the dryer, Julie went up to her room. She had 45 minutes to herself. Her Dad had kept looking at his watch while he ate. She figured it was because there was something he wanted to see on TV. She had other plans for how to kill the time before the dryer finished its first load.

She closed her bedroom door and undressed. She settled on the bed and began caressing her breasts. She hadn't touched her breasts all that much before starting at Hubbard. Breasts were just breasts. They got out of the way when you nudged them, and always sprang back. She wasn't sure if ignoring them was modesty, or what. You washed the skin, and checked for lumps, and that was it. You weren't supposed to feel how soft, and yet how firm they were, or how god it felt to play with the nipples. Her Aunt Peggy had told her over and over that there were things a lady did not do, especially a young lady, and playing with your boobs was one of them.

The other thing you didn't do was touch yourself between the legs. Oh, after going to the bathroom you kind of had to, and you had to feel to make sure the tampon when in properly, but other than that, a proper young lady ignored everything from her waist to her knees.

In a way Julie had believed her, that is until she was in Junior College. She'd gone there for two years, and that had been a big change from what she'd grown up doing.

Her father had home schooled her until her senior year in high school. It hadn't been out of any desire to shield her from the world. Instead, it had been sheer logistics: they lived two hours by car back in the hills, well, mountains, and there was just no way to work that into going to school. It had been a good education, better than what a lot of her friends had gotten in school. Her brothers had all done well, all four going to college.

The real surprise in college, such as it was, had been boys. Her brothers had stifled what social life she'd had, not that she'd noticed. If anyone had laid a finger on her, they would have to answer to her brothers. Nobody wanted to do that.

In college she'd tried those things she hadn't known about. Wine and beer: she liked the former, but not the taste of the latter. And she'd learned to only sip the wine, limiting herself to just one glass with her meal. The food tasted better when paired with a proper wine, and for a bit she'd considered finding a job in a wine shop or something. That hadn't worked out, but only because there wasn't a wine shop around.

The other thing she'd discovered, hesitantly, was sex. She'd taken a friend's advice, and when she turned 18 she'd gotten herself set up on birth control. Then had come three months while she nerved herself up to it.

A boy who wasn't that sure what he was doing had been the one to teach her. She hadn't learned much from him, and even thought that sex was overrated. Oh, parts of it felt good, such as when a guy kissed her breasts, but the rest didn't seem to be worth the effort. She'd tried one more time after school one afternoon. This was a boy who was a bit more skilled, and she had hopes that he would take her to the moon.

He didn't.

It certainly wasn't what she read in the magazines or romance novels. The only good thing to come out of it was the advice for her to get to know her body by touching it.

That had taken another two months to do, and it only happened after she'd left school. Her Aunt Peggy had conditioned her well, she decided, plus she really saw no practical need for doing it. But it felt good, and she was in a good frame of mind afterwards, so maybe it was worth it.

Then she got off.

She remembered the day precisely. She'd started touching herself, her mind pleasantly blank, and just let things go how they happened. She'd felt the familiar urgency, but this time it seemed more focused, right at the top of her slit, what the books called her clitoris. She rubbed that a little more, and when she ran her other hand over her nipples, she felt ... much more aware.

She sighed, rubbing there now. She'd focused on that spot, and things got more and more intense until she couldn't stand it any longer. For one incredible moment that seemed to last forever, and no time, she had been there, and then her body spasmed, wave after incredible wave flooding through her. Only afterward, as she lay on her bed totally relaxed, did she realize what had happened.

Instantly she wanted to do it again, and she did. The more she did it, the easier it got. She learned the little tell-tale signs, learned how to encourage the feelings, and let her fingers take her off on one happy adventure after another.

Now she lay on her bed, her clothes in her bathroom. One hand kept caressing her breasts, while the other slid down to the flat plain of her stomach, and then lower. She felt the little tuft of pubic hair. Should she shave it? She'd think about it. Below that, between her legs ... her fingers slid into the folds of her pussy. She could feel the wetness, and the delicious tickle of an aroused nerve. She stroked the area, gently at first, and then concentrating on the top of her slit. She knew some girls put fingers inside themselves, but she wouldn't, at least today. Maybe later tonight.

She didn't know why she'd gotten so obsessed with sex these last few months. She'd been a girl who could take it or leave it, and mostly leave it, except for when her fingers went wandering, to someone who wanted it two or three times a day. She hadn't heard of this happening with most of the girls she knew in the neighborhood, but that wasn't true for the ones at work. It was like HR had managed to find all of the sex mad girls and hire them.

There ... The tingle went from her pussy to some place deep inside her. Maybe she'd stick a finger in her this time after all. She loved feeling something sliding into her channel. She'd had cocks, tongues and fingers in there, but nothing more. Other girls at work had mentioned hairbrushes, electric toothbrushes, and, a few, vibrating dildos. She didn't quite have the courage to get one of those, she was sure her father would find it, not that he ever snooped in her room.

She shifted slightly, and pressed, rubbing around her clit. That felt so good, and...

Someone knocked on the door.


It was a woman's voice.


She froze for a second, and then rolled off the bed and bolted into the bathroom. "Just a minute," she called.

She fumbled with her underwear. Her bra was all twisted, so she ignored it and her panties. Sweatpants, sweatshirt, socks, and then a flush of the toilet. She checked herself in the mirror. Her hair was a mess, and she had no make-up on, not that she'd ever cared for it, but other women did. Tough. They'd have to see her this way.

The knock came again, but this time she was ready. She smoothed out the bed, and then opened the door.

"Yes?" It was a middle-aged woman with dark brown hair.

"I hope I wasn't interrupting something."

"Oh, no, I was in the bathroom."

The woman nodded. "I'm Rachel. Your father thought we should get to know one another."


"Yes. He asked me to marry him, and I've been wanting to get to know everyone."

"Dad? Getting married?"

"I know it's a shock," Rachel said, "but you know, these sorts of things happen. We've been seeing each other for more than a year now, and..."

She said more, but Julie tuned most of that out. She didn't have a problem with her Dad seeing someone, or even getting married. She'd been urging him to for years. But how had this happened and she hadn't noticed it?

"Let's go downstairs and talk," Julie said. She started for the stairs, drawing Rachel away from her bedroom. She wasn't positive the place smelled of sex, but with her luck it did, and she knew a woman's nose was a lot more sensitive than a man's.

It didn't turn out quite like she thought. They settled in the kitchen, her father was in his study, and talked. Rachel had met her father at a bookstore, they'd gotten to talking, and things had progressed. Now they were getting serious about each other. Rachel had already gone through her change in life, so kids were out, which was a relief. Julie couldn't see having a sister 20 years her junior.

"How have my brothers taken the news?"

"We haven't told them yet. I thought it was more important to start with you because you're a woman, and your brothers are, well, they're men. You know."

Julie nodded. She thought she knew, but she wasn't going to push it. That was the trouble with her upbringing. People assumed she was the average woman who'd formed a lot of her opinions with her friends. She'd told people that all but her last year in high school had been via home schooling, in large part because they lived way back in the hills.

She'd heard jokes about that the one year she attended school. The one that had really burned her was that a girl who grew up in the same circumstances, mother passed away when she was only a few months old and no other woman around to learn from, was a virgin only because she could outrun her brothers. She'd tried telling people that she hadn't been with a man until she was 18, but nobody listened. Since then, of course, it had been different, but that was none of their business.

"She was a little uncomfortable with 'girl talk', but in large part that was because she wasn't used to it, and she knew it. In college other girls would huddle around, and their discussions could be frank and pretty raw. She'd quickly learned, after repeating some of it to one of her brothers, that such talk wasn't what guys felt comfortable hearing. She wasn't, either, but she'd come to accept it, sort of.

Rachel went on and on about things, and Julie nodded from time to time. It wasn't that she cared, she just didn't know what to say. Her aunt had told her that the best thing to do in situations like that was to smile and make non-committal noises from time to time. She did that, and eventually went back to her room.

Her Dad was getting married. It was going to happen about the time she and David got married, but in the meantime Rachel was going to move in. She wasn't sure how that was going to work out. She had her routines, and she was pretty sure Rachel would insist on hers instead. Wasn't the Chinese symbol for trouble two women under one roof?

She'd forgotten all about her earlier urgency, and for once she didn't feel like relieving her tension with her fingers. She had too many things to think about.

That didn't stop her from using the handheld spray the next morning. She and the other girls at work had joked that that part of them was always very clean from the attention they all gave it in the shower. It also let them face the day in a much better frame of mind than the people who didn't do that.

"You're in a good mood," Rachel said over breakfast.

"David and I are going out tonight," Julie said. She'd learned this was a good answer. She couldn't say 'I just had a climax that left my legs weak'. People didn't say such things, well, except for at work.

"Where are you two going?"

"There's a movie at the mall," Julie said. "We're going to have dinner after work, see the movie, and then I'll be home, probably before 10:00."

"I'd think a young lady like you would be out later on a Friday."

Julie shrugged. "It is what it is, and I'm comfortable with this."

Rachel looked a little surprised at that, but nodded. Clearly she thought an engaged couple should be doing something else on a Friday night.

Julie wondered about that while she did the ironing. Her father only had two shirts and a pair of slacks that needed ironing, and she wondered if Rachel would do his stuff. She did it because she was the woman of the house, and it just seemed the right thing to do. But if Rachel moved in, she'd just do her own things.

With that decided, she set to ironing her blouses with a will.

The next day, as she was coming back from her morning break with David, Mrs. Warner stopped her. "We aren't backed up, Julie, so could you and Anna run some things out to the North Satellite?"

"I don't have a car."

"Use one of the company cars."

Julie shrugged. "Sure." She and Anna both had permission to drive company cars for business, which meant they were often sent to the satellite offices.

Anna was gathering her things together,. "Ready?"

Julie nodded. "Just need to get my purse. What are we taking, and where is it?"

"Some stuff for the HVAC system, apparently, and some spare things for the IT people." She sighed, and then grinned. "I think this will take all afternoon, what do you think?"

Julie smiled back. "Yeah, I think so."

It took a few minutes to get everything together. They had to use a flatbed cart and it took several trips to load the boxes of brown bottles in the trunk of the car.

Traffic was heavy, even for a Friday. Anna didn't have air conditioning in her car, so they drove with the windows open and the breeze tossing their hair. In some ways that was even better than air conditioning.

The North Satellite had started life as a one-floor motel surrounding a pool. The company had built up the open side so the pool was totally enclosed, and added a retractable roof. There had been other changes, a walkway, special air-conditioning for the servers, and so on. The company used it for a training site, but lately they'd started doing regular business out of the satellite.

After they got everything unloaded and inside, both women changed. The dress code in the main office was tops only. At the satellite it was totally nude all of the time, at least during the summer. Now she handed Anna the sunscreen. They took turns slathering it on, and then wandered out to the pool.

Anna had waist-length black hair, a cute oval face, and big books. They were soft, with large nipples, and Julie couldn't help kissing them as they stood next to the pool.

Anna returned the favor, and for a few moments they stood there, bodies pressed together, kissing and caressing. Anna finally broke the kiss, took Julie's hand, and wordlessly led her to one of the break rooms.

Julie had often wondered just what two women would do to each other. A few months before one of the other girls had shown her: kissing, caressing, touching, and finally, some tongue applied in just the right place. Anna had clearly learned the same lesson. Julie's breasts weren't anywhere near Anna's in size, but from the kisses the other girl lavished on them, they had to be the biggest things she'd seen.

Julie kept stroking Anna's hair. It was so soft, and ran through her fingers like water. Anna slowly kissed down to Julie's tummy, bringing gasp after gasp at the feel of wet lips on heated skin.

Julie finally needed a break. Anna was doing all of the work, and that didn't seem right. She went to town on Anna's breasts, kissing and nibbling the soft flesh. The girl's nipples seemed as thick as her thumb, almost like a little brown finger that seemed to get harder and harder. Anna kept making noises as Julie sucked, going back and forth on the two.

Eventually Julie went exploring the rest of the woman's body. Anna had trimmed her pussy hair back so it was just a thin strip in line with her slit. Her pussy lips gleamed in the light, and she was sopping wet. She moaned at Julie's first nibble. Julie didn't make a rush for Anna's clit, she'd learned the value of anticipation, but gradually zeroed in on it. When she touched the hood over that little nub, Anna arched her back and groaned. Julie could feel the flood of moisture, and felt some satisfaction at having made the girl come.

Anna caught her breath and pushed Julie over on her back to return the favor. It didn't take long, either. The closer she got, the better it felt, until Julie let down in a rush.

The two snuggled together for a few minutes, just holding each other, letting their racing hearts slow, and giggling a little.

"We should come out here more often," Anna finally murmured.

"Was there an emphasis on the word come?" Julie replied.

Anna laughed. "You... !"

"I hate to let you go, but we should probably see what else is happening here."

"You mean ... work?"

"Or something like it."

Anna stirred. "Yeah, I suppose."

They spent a couple of hours taking phone calls, but nature called. His name was Harry, and the joke among the other women was that he was named for the amount of hair on his back, shoulders and the base of his tummy. His 'five o'clock shadow' scratched her thighs as he went down on her. His tongue did delightful things down there, but afterward his dick proved his tongue wasn't his only talent.

"I keep forgetting how tight your pussy is," Harry said between kisses. They were on one of the padded couches out near the pool. Julie could see birds overhead, hear the murmurs of the others out near the pool, and the gasps and moans of those who were taking a break the way she was.

"It's you," Julie said. "You feel so big." He'd gotten about half of his length in, and now he started thrusting. She inhaled sharply, running her hands over his shoulders. He was big, more in the shoulders and arms, and yet all of his energy was focused on pleasuring her.

After a few thrusts he was getting all of it in her. What was really fun was that each time he pulled back he came all the way out of her. Each stroke was like he was entering her for the first time. She clutched his strong body and held on. He was pushing her up the slope, and she knew that when it finally happened it was going to be great.

Moments after she came she felt him speed up, and then pause, giving little jerks as his own pleasure took him. Julie inhaled sharply, savoring the smell of his sweat, his male essences, and her own arousal. She'd once joked that if you could bottle that fragrance there would be a lot of outraged people, and a lot of sales. The other girls had laughed, and agreed with her.

She took a dip in the pool to cool off, but a hand on her bare bottom changed her mind. His name was Patrick, and while he wasn't hard, she sucked and played with him until he was. He made sure she was wet enough, and then, on the grass, they took care of things. He liked doing it doggy style, and she groaned out her enjoyment of that. He got so deep that way, it felt like he was going to fill her mouth from the back side.

She came, but he didn't, so he rolled him onto his back, swung her leg over his hips, and guided his delicious length into her.

"Yes," she hissed as she felt him sliding into her. "So good."

He moved a little, but she took the initiative, ramming herself back on his hardness time after time. She liked moving how she needed. She could twist and turn, using his length to stretch out and really open her up. It made him feel bigger, and she finally arched back, pinching her nipples as her feelings peaked. Wave after wave swept through her. He was right on cue, arching up into her as he came.

His arms went around her, and he rolled them so they were side-by-side. They traded kisses as they relaxed. She felt all charged up, but so relaxed and at ease that she just wanted to drift.

This time she did use the pool to cool off. Anna was still busy with a guy, and Julie spent some time answering a few phone calls while waiting. She felt light and bubbly. Trips to the satellite always seemed a lot more fun than staying in the office, and she wondered if she could work here full time.

Anna came wading out of the pool, and Julie insisted on drying the girl off. She couldn't help her with her hair, but the rest of her luscious body needed the attention.

They didn't carry it too far, but got dressed and headed back to the office. Anna glanced across the car and laughed. "Anywhere else we'd attract attention," she said.


"Look at your front. Look at mine."

Julie had to laugh with her friend. Their nipples were sticking out far enough, even through their bras, that people would notice. They'd politely try not to say anything, but...

"If they knew why they were sticking out so far they'd really talk," Julie said.

"Yeah, and they'd secretly be envious."

"But they'd tell everyone they were outraged. We'd just be responding to male lust."

"I don't think that was male lust when we got there."

"We'll have to do that again sometime."



She got back to her cubicle just about quitting time. A guilty conscience—she hadn't really worked that much—made her take a few calls, but finally David appeared in her doorway.

They always made love before going out on Friday nights. Her friends away from work would do it at the end of a date. She liked getting the important things out of the way first. Of course they'd have to see the movie, she knew her Dad would quiz her about it. But that was later. At the moment she lay back on the cot, opened her legs, and guided David's hard length to where it would do them both the most good.

Other guys would pause after their initial entrance. David realized that you didn't need to do that,, though he did take the time to kiss her. He was such a good kisser, especially when they were joined like this. These kisses were a lot more sensuous and intimate.

As he began moving, as she responded to him and pressed up so she could take more of him, she realized she'd spent most of the day having sex. Well, that was one of the benefits of working at Hubbard.

David was so big and strong. He took his time, caressing and kissing, not just settling into the routine of sex with the thrusting. That's what made these times with him so special. Oh, sex with just about any other guy at Hubbard was great, but David was in a league of his own as far as she was concerned.

He began to move faster, and she caught the spark from him. "Harder!" she gasped as she felt the first stirrings deep inside her. She was glad she was a girl and could come time after time. She'd hate being a guy and limited to only four or five comes a day.

The fire, dormant since that time next to the pool, roared back to life, she responded, using her legs to pull him deeper as she bucked up against him. She was on fire, and when he came it was like throwing gasoline on the blaze. She cried out, clutching his back as her control crumbled.

They took their time untangling and getting dressed. They kept touching, and would have gone back for a second round except they did have dinner reservations.

They kissed chastely at the end of the date. Julie wanted more, but she knew that wouldn't sit well with the image she wanted her father to have of her. Besides, there was always Saturday. Those dates were always at work. They'd settle in the break room and not come out until much later.

Rachel and her Dad were on the couch with their arms around each other. Julie smiled pleasantly, made some agreeable noises, and went up to her room. For once she didn't feel the need to masturbate. She'd had plenty of sex, far more than the average girl got on three dates. Her friends away from work, and she had a few, would be shocked at how she'd spent most of her day, but tough. Instead she got ready for bed, read a little, and finally turned off the light.

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