Ralph's Obsessions
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A story of a Widower sharing his home with his adult daughter. He longs for his sex life he once had. He had two obsessions, one was to have sex with his daughter. The fear of consequences helped to keep his hands off her other than hugs. She agrees to help him with his frustrations to a limited degree. He visits an adult book store and has his second obsession with the girl behind the Glory Hole. A possible Romance? Has his lost love been found? Is this the girl of his dreams? Who is this girl?

My name is Ralph. I have been widowed for about 3 years. My daughter, 18 year old Amanda still lived with me rather than pay for an apartment when we could share expenses. I paid the mortgage and she paid the electric and water bills. We both contributed to the groceries. We were very close and got along well so it worked for both of us. She works the evening shift at a factory on the south end of town. I am the manager of an Advertising Agency.

I really missed my wife but I was now beginning to miss sex more. I had jerked off in the bathroom, in the shower, in my bed, and sometimes at night in the living room when my daughter is not around and I am watching a racy video. There is a Blockbuster rental store just two blocks from my house so it is convenient to rent videos.

In the evenings after dinner we would sit together on the couch and watch TV. We had no problem being comfortable. I wore my boxer underwear and she wore a long tee shirt without any bra or panties. We would hold and hug one another but nothing more than that happened.

Amanda reminded me of my wife and sitting close to her I would get a hard on. I always tried to hide it but not always successful and she would notice it. I knew that incest was illegal. Although I would give most anything to make love to her I knew I could not.

After a few months of watching dumb movies that no longer stimulated me I checked the phone book for an adult book store. There were two of them. One was a half mile from my house and the other one was on the other side of town. I decided to visit the one on the other side of town and thus be less likely that I would run into anyone I knew.

I arrived and milled around checking out the place. It was not like the cruddy ones I had heard about. The floor was clean, walls painted and the decor suited what the store was about. One wall consisted of books and magazines. Another had rows and rows of sex toys with items to jack off with such as pocket pussies, suction tubes, butt plugs and items with a pussy and an asshole in them. The third wall had videotapes to rent. The fourth wall was in front where the cashier sat behind a counter.

I chatted with the clerk telling him it was my first time in an adult book store so I was just getting used to the place. He was nice enough to explain their setup.

The store had 20 booths for men to view porn videos. A few of the booths had glory holes carved in the walls.

I asked what glory holes were. He explained We were holes in the walls so guys could stick their cocks through them and get or give a blow job.

The last booth at the end had a small hole. It went into a room rather than another booth. The hole was just barely big enough for a cock to get through it. The booth and the room were both totally dark so you could not see who was on either side. The board was very thin so that one could get most of their cock and balls inside the hole for maximum enjoyment.

A girl whose name is Sue-Kee occupied the room. Well it was obvious what her name meant.

He said she was so famous that we put a plaque with her name over the door of the last booth. She gave fabulous blow jobs, so good in fact that the owner put a lock on the booth as she would be a money maker. He charges $20 to unlock the door. Men were willing to pay that price to get one of her fabulous blow jobs.

I said I was horny but didn't think I was horny enough to pay $20 for a blow job no matter how good it might be.

He laughed and said if you get horny enough you'll go for it.

I decided to view a couple of videos in the booths. I got a roll of tokens from the clerk. I then went in a booth. There was just a tiny light, just enough for me to see the controls of the videos. There was a slot for the tokens and a series of push buttons to select the video I wanted. We had almost every kind of perversion videos except there was no kiddy porn. I was glad of that. The owner was making great money so why throw it all down the toilet with kid porn and spend time in prison.

I watched a couple of videos and got very horny. I pulled out my cock and jacked off. There was a paper towel dispenser there so I grabbed a couple and shot my load into the towels. I watched a few more videos and got hard again. I jacked off a second time again spewing my load into the paper towels.

I had enough so I threw the towels in the trash can and went home. Lying in bed I thought mostly about the toys at the book store. I thought that maybe I might buy one of the fake pussies just to give me something besides my hand to fuck.

The next day I worked, came home and had dinner with my daughter.

After my daughter left for work I went up and took a shower, dressed and decided to go to the book store. There were quite a few people there today. I browsed among the books then went to the toy area. I looked around and saw a couple of items that seem to fit my purpose. I decided to wait until I was ready to leave before buying them.

While looking around the video racks I overheard two guys talking about the girl who gave the fabulous blow jobs. We were describing what she did and how it made them feel. One guy said she got him off twice. Still I decided $20 was a bit high for a blow job.

I still had tokens left over from last night so I headed for a booth. I dropped in some tokens then selected different videos until I found one I liked. While I watched them I took out my cock and began stroking it. I felt a nudge on my left arm. What the heck? I looked over and there was a cock sticking through a glory hole at me. It looked a bit larger than most I had seen but I wasn't into sucking cocks so I just said no thank you. The man then withdrew his cock.

I went back to watching the video and jacked off and ejaculated into the paper towel. I then chose a second video and again stroked until I shot my load. I went back to the toy area and picked up a pocket pussy. It wasn't too expensive and cheaper than the $20 blow job so I bought it and took it home.

I used the pocket pussy for a couple of nights. I would imagine I was fucking a few girls I knew from the office. The next night I had envisioned that it was my own daughter's pussy. I shot my biggest load of cum into that pussy and it would drip out. Oh God I wish it was her.

The next night I again went to the book store. I couldn't stand it any longer and I paid the $20 to visit Sue-Kee. I went in the back and when I got to the door I heard the buzzer that unlocked the door and let me in. It was total dark. I would not be able to see Sue-Kee nor would she be able to see me. I dropped my pants and stroked myself to get a hard on.

Thinking about this fabulous blow job it didn't take me long to get hard. I then stuck my cock through the hole. It was only a few seconds before I felt a hand on my cock. She stroked it a few times then I felt the warm breath and finally a mouth on the head of my cock. It had been so long since I had any human sex that it sent electric shocks through my body.

Sue-Kee toyed with me, licking around the head, then licking the length of my cock. Then she would wrap her lips around the head and move just a short ways back on forth like she was fucking the head of my cock. Oh did that feel good. She stroked me with her hand then put her mouth on my cock again. This time she went a few inches down then did the in and out like she was fucking it. She had tightened her lips and jaws to make it feel tight on my cock. I had never had a woman do that to me before and I loved it.

All of a sudden she took in all of my cock and the head went into her throat. Oohhhh I couldn't believe she did that. She moved her head back and forth so my cock was going in and out of her throat. It sent shock waves through me and I exploded with my cum shooting down her throat. She kept working my cock backing almost to where it would come out of her mouth then move all the way back in to her throat. Then she again worked her throat on the head of my cock. A moment later I let go another flood of cum into her gullet.

I whispered to her saying this was a sensation I had never felt before tonight. It was the most beautiful feeling in the world. She whispered back that she enjoyed it too. She told me there was something about my cum that was different and thoroughly enjoyed the taste of it. She said she hoped I would come back again.

I said I would come back tomorrow night about the same time. She asked me what my name was so she would know me when I came in. I didn't want to give my real name so I said just call me Rascal. She laughed and said ok Rascal. I got a couple of paper towels, cleaned off my cock and put it back in my pants. I said good night then I went home.

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