The Walsh's
Chapter 1

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Tony Walsh might have a problem. His daughters black boyfriend is fucking his wife too. The thing is, he likes it.

Karen and Tony Walsh had been married for three years. The popular, mid-thirties pair had seemed a very happy couple with both a large circle of friends and a steady social calendar. Karen in particular was considered quite a catch; as well known for her caring nature and sense of humour as she was for her good taste and sense of style. Warm and attractive she possessed an alluring 36-26-34 figure with sparkling hazel eyes and raven, dark hair that hung just above her slender, white shoulders. It wasn't just her good looks that her friends envied. As a professional woman, Karen ran two hairdressing salons in the centre of town that gave her a lot of satisfaction. She valued her independence and liked people to know she was more than just a pretty face. Appearances meant a lot to her and she liked to portray a loving, successful couple.

Yet behind closed doors, neither wife nor husband was as happy as they appeared. For some time, Karen had been aware of a deep dissatisfaction in her husband that had begun to worry her greatly. He talked about his first wife Jean a lot. By all accounts Jean had been a real tramp and the more Karen heard about her predecessor the more she felt Tony was better off. She couldn't understand what had attracted him to a woman like that in the first place. It certainly didn't seem to fit the loving, man she had married. However, in recent months Tony had begun asking her to wear or say things in bed that made her wonder. She couldn't understand. She knew full well, how good looking she was and Tony's apparent sense of frustration and twisted perception of her grew more and more troubling. Sex had become awkward. He seemed unhealthily obsessed with her old boyfriends and sexual experiences. At first Tony would be demanding then afterwards timid and remorseful, unwilling to talk to her and explain just what he wanted. To make matters worse, while very much in love with her husband Karen hid the fact that he could not satisfy her sexually. More than anything she wanted to start a family and her husbands inability to either perform in bed or give her a child was a constant but private strain on their relationship.

Everyone in Tony's family had apparently warned him at the time of Jean and her reputation around town, but as a young man he had been crazy about her. He'd loved Jean, even if she was a tart. The way she dressed and acted drove him wild, especially the carefree way she showed her body off. It was as if she enjoyed having other men look at her and the attention that came with it. In short, Jean was a perfect tramp and proud of it. Their marriage had lasted eight rocky months and had put Tony through hell but now years later, he still missed her. More particularly the way she dressed in her short, tight skirts, fishnet stockings and high heels. The simple fact was that he secretly adored slutty women and just couldn't resist himself. Karen was beautiful but wouldn't dress or act the way he wanted her too. It embarrassed Tony a little, the way he felt, particularly as his wife was such a quality, classy woman. Though he couldn't picture his first and second wife as being less alike there was no doubt that Karen had the body to match her. Not just the face and figure but the full, shapely thighs and well-set chest that she rarely revealed.

It was not the only issue. Tony and Jean's teenage daughter Louise had long been a problem for them both. Louise was a lot like her mother, a real handful. Rebellious and wild she seemed to have a constant attitude that would try the patience of a Saint. Though she had tried, and was normally the warmest, easiest person to get along with, Karen disliked her step-daughter intensely. She would disappear for weeks at a time, bunk off college and wore the kind of outfits that gave her father fits. Even worse she would often turn up drunk at the Walsh's home, usually whenever she had been kicked out of her new flat for not paying the rent.

'Your not my fucking mother!' Louise would rant, slamming doors and always bettering Karen in every exchange. Tony would often listen from his study as his wife tried desperately to respond and maintain an aura of control. Yet it was an almost everyday affair between them, usually starting over the most simple matter such as stolen makeup or leaving her room a mess. Eventually his wife would appear, teary eyed.

'You should throw that bitch out!', she once hissed to her exacerbated and surprised husband.

Everything seemed to change for the Walsh's when Louise's black boyfriend Samba entered their lives. Samba was an African exchange student who was studying in England. Life had been tough for Samba before his Uncle Anwan's lottery win and subsequent payment for his favourite Nephew to study in Europe. At eighteen, the Senegal born lad was already extremely confident with dark skin and boyish good looks. His upbringing had been initially difficult and poverty stricken, but the hard work had given him a chiselled, lightly muscular body. His manner, though laid back one minute was intense and unpredictable the next. As such he often intimidated males his own age and made plenty of girls weak at the knees. He was going to enjoy himself and found English girls to be very different to those back home. In short, all to ready to drop their knickers for the boy they found exotic and curious.

Samba liked Britain a lot and met Louise at a party. In two months his white girlfriend professed that she was in love with him. From the very beginning, Tony didn't approve of the match. Not just because Samba seemed to spend more time lounging around the Walsh's lovely home than doing any proper work, but parties and girls seemed far more important to him than education. Worse, his infidelity with other woman was often a subject he boasted openly about on the telephone with his friends. Karen liked the situation even less and would scowl ruefully when she overheard him. Their relationship seemed ill suited but it upset her more to see how they both sponged off her weak husband. Not to mention how the teenagers were so often underfoot when her friends called, or drawing attention to themselves when she was throwing a dinner party. That said, Samba was very handsome and Karen could, even with the boasting, understand her step daughters attraction. Even Tony noticed that when the young man talked of his home and his family, a certain romance would appear on the faces of both women.

One day Tony came home to find his daughter on the front step crying. He took her in the kitchen, made a cup of tea and sat her down before preparing himself for the worst. Then he listened as she told him that she was pregnant and Samba was definitely the father. He was angry but not surprised. The way Louise had been living, this was bound to happen eventually. Controlling his emotions Tony told his daughter she would have to 'buck up her ideas, ' and move back home for a while. At least until the baby was born and they could plan from there. He promised to help his daughter pay rent on her flat in the meantime, saying that Samba could continue to stay there for the time being. Tony knew what his wife's reaction would be to having Louise at home. When he told her that night that her step daughter was moving back in they had their first truly fierce argument.

'How could you just do that Tony, ' she had chided. 'Your unbelievable!'.

Even so, the next day Louise did move back in with Tony and Karen. Almost inevitably Samba was at their home a lot more. He seemed pleased about the baby, responsible even which surprised and reassured Tony. There was even talk of marriage. Despite a good start, after just three days Karen and Louise had their first altercation. Again, it was over something insignificant. Namely the baby magazines that lay scattered over the lounge and a sore reminder to Karen of what was missing in her own relationship. After the first month living under the same roof the two women were barely speaking. However, Tony noticed that Karen's relationship with Samba seemed to be improving. During dinner he would make her laugh then eye her suggestively. Rather than enrage him it had an entirely different effect and he wondered if Karen on some level found the young man attractive too. Certainly she acted like it. Then was she flaunting his interest just to anger Louise? Maybe it was his first relationship with Jean that influenced him. Tony began fantasising about his wife flirting openly with Samba and envisaging how it would make him feel. To Karen, Samba's interest began as playful interest. She was used to men being attracted to her but this felt different. He was very good looking and despite his youth had a imposing, mature demeanour about him. Karen had never cheated on her husband nor did she feel she ever realistically would. Even if their relationship was strained she had made a commitment.

One evening after dinner Karen and Tony retired early and sat reading in bed. The evening had past quickly. Samba had shown Karen more attention during the meal than he had Louise and she was fully aware of that fact. It had been growing. Rather than end it she found herself returning his smiles and look away as she felt his eyes roam across her cleavage. Somehow, Tony seemed not to notice or care and it was subtle enough that Louise had not thus far picked up on it. As she read next to her husband, Karen's mind was on the boy from Senegal. All of a sudden a violent 'thump ... thump ... thump... ' began coming from the room next door.

'Yes ... yes ... yes... '.

'Oh you're so big ... oh god!'. Karen put down her book and looked wide eyed at her husband. She felt a shiver begin at the nape of her neck and shimmer running through her body that tingled down both her legs. Behind her she could feel the meaty vibrations in the wall. The sound of sex on the other side was aggressive and desperate. She'd never heard anything like the language or intensity.

'Fuck your white pussy feels good baby'.

'Keep going baby ... don't stop ... just there... '.

'You like my big dick don't you?' a hard, accented voice demanded. Tony lifted his book and felt his cock start to swell, trying to ignore the disbelieving look he knew was upon his wife's face. He'd never been able to fuck his wife like that. Silently Karen, turned out her light, rolled over and put her hand on her chest. Her heart was going like a race car. The same thought crossed her mind. When was the last time Tony had made love to her that impulsively? Pretending to sleep she listened intently to the young couple as they finally rose and climaxed to relief.

The next morning both husband and wife secretly thought about the previous night. Karen found herself smiling at the handsome, black boy across the table and imagined other girls his own age who had received similar treatment to Louise. He was obviously well hung and she wondered how so. Black men, she'd read, did come with a certain notoriety. In truth she could hardly take her eyes off him and when he spoke to her she felt her hands tremble.

'Get a hold of yourself!' she thought but it was no good. She detested Louise on so many levels but here she was, thinking about bedding her boyfriend. Sliding her hands down his trousers and putting them all over his impressive, African manhood. Excusing herself in a fluster Karen hurried to the bathroom and looked at her reflection in the mirror. She wanted a baby so badly and it made her so angry to think that Louise had managed to get pregnant without even trying. It wasn't fair but she felt embarrassed at herself for even contemplating such thoughts. Was the really prepared to jeopardise her marriage and future family for this? Both her sisters already had two children but just what would her husband make of it if he knew.

Unknown to Karen, Tony had been thinking just the same thing. He'd noticed Samba casually eyeing his wife for weeks, particularly her big tits or full, tight ass when she wasn't looking. There was no doubt in his mind that the young man would drop his wife's knickers in a second given the chance. There had been no shortage of men waiting to fuck his previous wife Jean and on some level, Tony found the concept intensely erotic. The fantasy of a black man fucking his wife seemed even better. In fact little else had entered the horny husbands head since Samba had moved in. His personal laptop, the one he used for work was already loaded with interracial porn. Black men fucking white women, many of which included amateur footage of married women with their dark partners. He loved his wife and was sure she loved him back. Yet all the trouble with Louise was affecting her. For the first time he could see cracks in his wife's steely moral code.

Just one week later Karen walked into her bedroom to find Samba going through her underwear drawer. 'What the!' she exclaimed, then saw that the boy's cock was exposed and he had a pair of her panties wrapped around himself. Just as she had suspected, the boy was huge and Karen stood staring at it in amazement. Erect and thick, his cock had a large bulbous head as big as a plum and veins running down the dark shaft as big as her little finger. It was easily the biggest penis she'd ever seen. Muttering embarrassed excuses Samba tried unsuccessfully to hide himself but to his surprise and delight Karen put out her hand to calm him and gently closed the door behind her. She looked nervous, particularly as her husband was right downstairs.

'My, you are a big boy aren't you?' she exclaimed, eyes fixated at his enormous length. Samba grinned in realisation that Karen actually enjoyed seeing his cock. It felt good being exposed in front of her. Gently he tugged back his shaft, lifting it for the woman to get a better look. There was pure lust all over her face. He watched her small hand reach out for his dick. Then at the last moment she stopped, snapped out of her dream state and backed away. 'What am I doing? ... I'm sorry ... I'm sorry'. She fumbled against the door and shut her eyes.

'No' said Samba, 'you come, you stay!'. He motioned to the bed, hard and intent on pounding this lovely married slut into submission.

'Please. No ... I'm married!'. Pulling away Karen left, ran downstairs and out to the car. Samba sat on the bed, balls full and aching to be pleased. He was horny and needed to fuck but his inclination had gone for now. It would have been good to screw both Louise and her lovely step mother, two perfect English women.

That night Tony came home to find his wife in the kitchen visibly shaken by what she'd nearly done. She'd drunk nearly two bottles of wine in a bar that afternoon and could hardly face him so guilty did she feel. They sat down across from each other.

'Honey. What is the matter?', Tony asked, already suspecting his wife's motive.

'I ... I ... almost went to bed with Samba today' Karen sniffed sadly, tears welling up in her eyes and expecting a blast from her hubby. Instead Tony shocked her by remaining completely calm and still. She continued, detailing what had occurred that morning. Then, when she had finished, he sat back in his chair and exhaled sharply. Already he was hard beneath the table and trying to envisage events in his mind. 'What does this make me?' Karen sighed, wiping her eyes with a tissue.

'A white slut for black cock' Tony said firmly.

'Honey!' Karen gasped in amazement.

'You wanted his big dick didn't you?', Tony asked, his tone completely normal and calm.

'Yes ... but... '. Karen bit her lips not quite sure how to continue.

'You teased this bull then made him think he was getting your married pussy!'. Tony folded his arms and looked away. 'Then you ran out. I think you've a lot of making up to do to the poor lad!'.

Karen was aghast, but not in an unpleasant way. She had never seen this side of her husband and sat agape at his behaviour. If anything it only served to mirror her own feelings. At least he wasn't lying to himself like she was. Deep down it was true. She wanted to fuck with Samba. To be with him just as she had heard Louise that night in bed. Reaching out she allowed Tony to lead her upstairs to their bedroom. Her heart was pounding again. She now knew what he wanted and what had to be done. 'Get ready honey!', Tony demanded taking out one of her bright, yellow summer dresses. Lifting the thin, expensive garment up to the light he tugged at the lace hem, making her gasp as it began to rip. Grinning, Tony tore off the bottom and handed it back to her. The dress was now seven or eight inches shorter with loose trails of fabric hanging from the hem. As Karen held it against herself she knew it would fit neatly around the very tops of her thighs. Then, as she stood numb from her emotions her husband went through to Louise's room and came back with stockings and suspenders, throwing them on the bed.

'Get undressed' he said. 'We need to dress you up how the black boys like!'. Karen was astounded at how quickly Tony had taken charge of the situation. Still in a bit of a haze she did not have the courage or the inclination to stop and began putting on the clothes.

'That's better Honey!', Tony grinned as his wife dressed and finished doing her hair. He was correct. Karen looked like a cheap, street whore and even felt the part. She marvelled at herself in the mirror, the modified dress now so short and tight her stocking tops were showing. What an attitude adjustment. Made all the more obvious for her newly added stiletto heels. She wasn't wearing a bra and felt her chest move uncontrollably in the dress as she turned this way and that. The rounded flat of her nipples visible through the expensive yellow material. Turning her back to the mirror the dress just about covered her ass. Her breathing felt tested and her nerves jittery. Just what was she doing?

'Mmm. Well I have to say, you look a proper slut now honey!' Tony grinned. It was true. Downstairs. the front door banged too, signalling Sambas return from college. The Walsh's looked at each other in fear and erotic fixation.

Samba sat down in front of the TV. Louise was due back from her friend's later that night and it gave him some time to relax and play a few video games. He was just about to kick his trainers off when the door opened and Karen walked in.

'Hello Samba' she said in her crisp British accent, enjoying how the young mans eyes popped out in delight when he saw her outfit. Revelling in the attention she walked slowly by, seating in a chair opposite him and crossing her legs. Right away the hem line rose neatly up over her stocking tops exposing the tops of her full thighs. Before her, the African stud was already a solid 9.5 inches, balls heavy and still full from that afternoon.

'Holy shit!' he exclaimed.

'I'm sorry for earlier' Karen said nervously. 'This doesn't come easily to me. Seeing you with Louise ... well, I've never been so envious in my life'. Samba spread his knees, dick so hard it was hurting against his jeans. His eyes roamed the stunning woman's lovely body. Karen swallowed hard and took a deep breath, before continuing. 'You see I want a baby more than anything and I'm beginning to think my husband isn't up to the job'. Karen waited a moment then saw a flash of realisation flood over Samba's grinning face.

Tony Walsh waited in his daughters room and listened to the voices in the lounge. He could hardly believe the change in his wife. How easy it has been and how willing she now seemed.

'Like flicking a switch' he told himself. With cock in hand he thought about the day they met, courting, their wedding and flashes from the past three years. Now this. For months he had been chatting online with other white husbands who either experienced or craved their wives going black. Now his own wife was about to take her first and he was his daughters boyfriend. His heart was racing and he held his breath upon the sound of shoes on the stairs. 'Louise is a nice girl' Tony heard his wife say. 'But a man like you needs a real woman'. The bedroom door closed with an impatient thud. Already, Tony was unfastening, keen to jack and enjoy the experience.

Karen gasped as Samba lifted and squeezed her tits through the thin dress. It felt good and somehow overdue. She regretted having made him wait, swaying as he came forward and forced his mouth against hers. Draping her arms around his neck, his hands were already exploring her, the hard bulge of his cock pushing over eagerly against her. Samba paused, sliding his grip onto Karen's pert ass and under her thigh. Her breasts felt firm against his chest and her body willing. With a sudden movement Samba pushed Karen back making her gasp, wrenching the flimsy dress down around her waist.

'Mmm, very nice ... very nice', he smiled, admiring the older woman' s breasts and feeling his erection throb. 'You have lovely tits'. He lifted and squeezed one, then the other.

'Thank you Samba', she smiled, unable to hide her pleasure and excitement.

Samba grinned and nodded as Karen sat on the bed before him and began unfastening his pants. His erection was sticking through already, wanting her gentle touch. She took down his trousers first, then wriggled down his shorts, his cock bobbing towards her. Seeing it again brought a giddy beam to her face.

'You have a beautiful dick!', Karen smiled, returning the earlier compliment and tracing a hand up and down it. The lad was rock hard as she took a firm grip with the palm of her hand, giving three gentle strokes and feeling his arousal shoot up. Then, thinking briefly of Tony, she put her head forward and planted a solid kiss on the head. Samba felt his shaft tense under her touch and the warmth of her lips.

'Damn ... you getting fucked!' he gasped breathlessly, drawing another smile from the woman as she slid her mouth over him and took his cock down her throat. With her lips stretched Karen groaned and looked up at the boy, seeing the look of delight on his face as she flicking him with her tongue. She'd been told she gave a good blowjob but had never blown such a well endowed man. Vigour took over and Karen began bobbing her head, sucking greedily and taking him as far back as she could. Having another man in her mouth felt so strange yet so daring.

'Fuck yes ... fuck yes!' Samba beamed as he put a hand behind her neck and forced a few more inches down her neck. How his father and Uncle Anwan would be proud. They'd never had the pleasure of such a white, British woman and now here was he. After several minutes thrusting Karen coughed him up and ran her fist down his warm, saliva covered dick. She returned his look and saw that he was very pleased. Somehow that was extremely important to her. Tossing him lightly she ran her kissed down the underside of his shaft to the large, African balls that hung proudly beneath.

'I want your pussy', he said at last. Nodding Karen stood, feeling suddenly anxious as she slipped down the dress and rolled her knickers to her ankles.

Samba made her squirm for a while as he ate her out, legs spread across Tony's bed. She was gagging for it and obviously hadn't been fucked properly in a long time. The crack of her pussy was tight and neat with a small patch of groomed, cropped hair above. Perfectly offset against the stockings and heels. He mouthed and tongued the bead of her clit, pushing against it while fucking her vagina with one, then two thick fingers.

'Fuck me', Karen gasped at last. 'I want your cock inside me'. The couple moved into the middle of the bed, Karen looking up at her new boyfriend as he mounted her. Parting her thighs she gripped his back and felt the wet tip of his cock pressed against her hole. 'Oh God!' she heard herself clamour, her pussy stretching to take him. Karen shut her eyes tight and heard Samba grunt and swear as he penetrated her body. His hot breath gushed against her cheek as he slid himself up inside her, roughly hooking her left leg behind the knee.

'Don't stop' she wailed, close to tears. Finally, Samba drew back and thrust. The bed moved and Karen took the force, feeling his big dick move inside her. He thrust again and again, filling her like never before.

In a few moments she was wetter and taking him deeper.

'Going to fuck you slut!' he gasped, pausing and pinning back her right leg in similar fashion to the left. Karen was helpless beneath him, exposed and helpless. Already she was building to an orgasm, the firm friction of Samba's shaft and cock-head against her cervix bringing her closer with every stroke.

'Fuck me ... fuck me just like you do Louise', she begged, slapping her hand hard onto his dark ass. She felt his black dick sinking slowly into her belly, getting further in with each thrust. Her eyes rolled back as he screwed her and Karen felt her climax erupt, sending her into raptures. Clutching his back she felt him reposition his arms behind her knee's, pinning her legs so she could see the pretty Stiletto heels hanging in the air above her head. His dick pumped, sliding deeper and deeper into her body and soon she was wailing and his big balls were flattening against her on each lunging stroke.

With his eye to the keyhole Tony jacked faster. Samba was there, on top with his wife's legs pushed back. Her heels pointed to the ceiling and she called to him again and again as he rode her. He was fucking her nice and hard and by his reckoning she'd already come twice times. There was a wet patch messing the bed between her legs were she had squirted onto the sheet. He had never been so excited in his life.

'Keep going ... keep going... ' Karen wailed as she came again. Her pussy was soaked, stretched and she'd never been fucked like this. The whole bed seemed to be moving, shifting. In fact the room was moving around her. In moments she was on her knees facing the bed-head and Samba was screwing her from behind. His dick felt ever bigger, deeper and his balls met her with a resounding slap on each stroke.

'You like ... you like it lady' he gasped reaching under to fondle her big tits.

'Ohhhhh ... I want a black baby' Karen cried. 'Black skin ... curly hair... '.

Tony felt his seed splatter onto the carpet and still Samba was driving in and out of his wife. He was on top of her again, her legs hooked around his waist as he squeezed every last proportion up her. They had been fucking hard for well over forty minutes. Louise would be home any time. The hips of the black boy were like a piston.

'I ... I come', he stammered at last, raised up on his arms.

'Oh yessss' reassured Karen, 'don't pull out ... come in me'. Up in her belly she felt Samba's big, alpha dick twitch and harden. Gripping his ass she pulled him in, shutting her eyes tight as his thick white, sperm belched in heavy spurts into her unprotected, married womb.

'Yeeeaaaahhhhh'. He gasped as he did it, his body relaxing with each stroke.

When Louise Walsh came home she found her boyfriend relaxing in bed with his IPod. He had a large, satisfied smile on his face. Apparently her stepmother wasn't feeling well and had taken an early night. As for her father, he was acting very strangely, almost hyperactive. Something very strange had come over them all. That night Karen hardly slept. She felt sticky somehow, and dirty from being with another man. Yet despite her guilt, her mind was constantly on the black boy in the room next door and the seed she held within her body. How could she explain it? To herself or anyone else. The sex had been fantastic and she knew that as soon as Louise was out he would come looking for her again. Karen's dreams were wonderful.

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