Phone Calls (2005 Original Version)
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Cheating,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - An unexpected phone call. A voice from the past. Memories are stirred and John’s current relationship is suddenly threatened by his last. This story was written in 2005 and is one that I think has scope to become a much longer, much better erotic romance. But I'm not sure if I will ever get around to rewriting it.

John loved 'Championship Manager.', the soccer management computer game that seeming consumed his life. After ten virtual years he'd finally landed the England job and was now just forty-five virtual minutes away from lifting the World Cup. When phone rang his little sister answered it.

"John," she shouted up the stairs a few seconds later. "It's for you."

John wheeled his chair over to the phone and picked up the receiver just as Brazil netted an equalising goal.


"Well that's a nice greeting," said a familiar voice, although not the one he was expecting. This was a voice from his past.

"Huh ... Hi," he stammered. "I didn't expect to ever hear from you again."

"I know. I've been meaning to phone you for a couple of months, but just didn't have the guts. Then I figured, 'what the hell.' I picked up and dialled."

"How are you?" John asked.

"I'm fine. I've got a job, at last. At the hospital."

"Great. Doing what?"

"Haematology. I'm analysing blood samples, stuff like that."

"Oh, that's want you wanted to do wasn't it?"

"Nearly. In a few years, I might have the chance to move into genetic analysis. But for now, this is fine."

"I'm pleased for you." Despite how unceremonious the break up had been, John still cared for Rachel. He was happy that she was doing something she enjoyed.

"What about you?" Rachel asked.

"I lost my job a couple of months ago. Down-sizing. Last in, first out."

"I'm so sorry. Having any luck finding another?"

"Not yet. I've applied all over the place, but it seems that there's always someone more experienced, or cheaper."

"My god. What are you gonna do?"

"Keep applying. That's all I can do. There's a course at the drop in centre on starting your own business. I thought I might take that."

"What sort of business?"

"Not sure yet. I've got a couple of ideas, nothing concrete, you know. I figure taking the course might help me decide which one of my ideas is most likely to work."

"I wish you luck. I really do."

"Thanks." John sighed. "It's great to hear from you. I can't tell you how much."

"I know. I've been meaning to call ever since I got your last letter. It's just really hard after so long."

"I know. I'm nervous now. My heart is pumping so hard it feels like it's going to break out of my chest. Shit! No! Ref, you fuck-wit!"

Brazil had been awarded a penalty in the last virtual minute. Ronaldo stepped up to score and clinch the title.

They had been getting at each other for a while. One night they had a blazing row over something John couldn't remember. Rachel moved back in with her parents and he was left on his own in an expensive flat. They saw each other off and on, but after a while John went out more with his new friends from work.

One night he went to one of the nightclubs along the sea front with his mates. He drank a staggering amount of lager, and ended up in the arms of a girl from the office. They kissed and caressed, nothing more, but John still felt guilty.

Unable to concentrate at work the next day, he arranged to meet Rachel for a drink and confessed everything. She was upset, forgave him, and then she confessed a secret of her own.

"I've been seeing someone else. It's nothing serious but you're not going to like who it is."

"Who?" A mix of curiosity, anger, hurt and apprehension swam around inside him.


"What!" People at nearby tables turned to stare when John raised his voice.

"I swear it's only since I moved out. Never at University. Never."

John was devastated and the couple ended up having another row.

He called Rachel the next night, feeling guilty about the fight, only to find out that Robbie was there. In a fit of jealously, John called the girl from the office. John and Rachel saw very little of each other after that. About a year after the break up, John found a job in his hometown, and moved back in with his parents.

There was an awkward silence, broken only by a giggle from Rachel. "It's silly really isn't? Why should we be nervous?"

"I know. We knew each other better than anyone else. We got on so well together, we shouldn't be nervous. I guess it's because it's been so long."

"And when we do talk, it's just small talk. We'll be talking about the weather next."

"So is it sunny by you, or is it raining?"

"It's pissing down actually."

John knew that they were avoiding the one topic that they needed to discuss. Robbie.

"Are you still with that girl?"

"Susan? Yeah. It's been nine months now."

"Is it serious?"

"It could be. For now, we're both just glad of the company. And the sex."

"She's lucky. You were always good at sex."

"Thanks." He swallowed hard, amazed that she remembered. He thought about how she felt, and about her touch. "You weren't so bad yourself you know."

"I miss you." It came out of nowhere. John thought he heard her choke back a sob. He wasn't sure how to respond.

"You mean that?"

"Yeah. I've been thinking about you a lot recently. I miss you."

"I've missed you since we split. I hoped you felt the same, but didn't think you did. I figured that since you were with, you know, that you were happy."

"Not really. I was happiest with you. It's so good to hear your voice, that's one of the things I've missed. And your touch. Your face. Your body next to me. Nobody has ever touched me like you did."

"What about him? He must have been pretty good if you picked him over me."

"I didn't pick him over you. He was there when you weren't, that's all. Not that it matters anymore."

"Why not? You two spilt up?"

"He got a placement in London. We haven't seen each other for about three months."

"I'm sorry to hear that," John lied.

"No, you're not. I know the idea of Robbie and me freaked you out."

"All I ever wanted was for you to be happy. No matter what it took."

"You always knew the right things to say. But I still don't believe you."

With the subject of Robbie out of the way John relaxed. They talked about mutual friends, and about politics, a subject on which Rachel shared his views. They discussed family, and Rachel's new niece. Rachel even brought up their once active sex life.

They had had a very healthy sex life. Both had an enormous appetite for it, and enjoyed each other almost every night. John had worried that the whole relationship was based on sex, but then something would happen, or Rachel would say something, and it reminded him that they were also best friends. They talked for nearly three-quarters of an hour.

"Will you phone me soon?" Rachel asked.

"If I can pluck up the courage, then yes."

"You can write to me as well. You always wrote such lovely letters."

"And you were always awful at replies."

"I know. I'm better on the phone."

"I miss you. I don't think I realised how much until now," said John.

"I always knew how much I missed you. I just couldn't do anything about it."

"I wish I could see you again."

"Me too. But it's not very practical is it."

"No, not really. We're too far apart. It would be nice though."

"I really should go. My mom wants the phone."

"Ok. I'll phone soon," he said. "I promise."

He hung up, but spent the rest of the night thinking about her. He wished they hadn't split up. He'd thought of Rachel as his soul mate. Until everything changed.

They had been good friends since starting university, but it wasn't until well into the third term that they became a couple. The night of the year's big event, the May Ball, Rachel and another girl were slow getting ready. John and Robbie decided to wait for them, and they ended up spending most of the evening together.

Halfway into the night, John tried his luck at the roulette table, with Rachel on his arm. He had little success, and eventually asked Rachel to choose a number. When it proved a winning selection, John turned to Rachel and kissed her in celebration. It was brief, but full of passion. When it ended, they stared into each other's eyes for a few seconds, before embracing again.

From then on they were inseparable. They danced close, they sat and talked, but most of all they kissed. When the second of the evening's bands finished playing, the DJ played slow songs to wind things down. John and Rachel sat at a table on the edge of the dance floor, their lips locked together. Their tongues explored each other's mouths. John rested his hands on Rachel's slender thighs, feeling her legs through the soft material of her dress. Rachel opened up two buttons on his shirt, and slipped her hand inside to play with the thin covering of hair on his chest.

John pulled away from the kiss, "Shall we go?"

"Why?" she asked.

"If we wait 'til the end of the night there'll be a massive crush. It'll take ages just to out outside, let alone get home."

"I suppose you're right, we could beat the rush."

"We could take a long walk around campus on the way back. It looks like a nice night."

"When I went out to loo earlier, it was raining."

"Yeah, but it's stopped now. It's warm. The moon's out. It'll be really nice."

John buttoned up his shirt and retrieved his coat. They left the ball half an hour before the end.

Outside, Rachel started shivering.

"I thought you said it was warm."

"I've been known to be wrong. Here." He offered her his overcoat. "Take this, it will warm you up."

"What about you?" she asked. "Won't you be cold?"

"Rachel, I'm wearing a tux, all you've got on is a thin gown. If you take this we'll be about equal."

She smiled at him as he draped the coat over her shoulders.

They walked arm in arm, talking about nothing, and enjoying the quiet after the party. They took a longer route around the campus, looking at buildings that bustled with people during the day, now silently bathed in the moonlight. They stopped to admire the fish in the pond by the biology building, and climbed the geography tower balcony to look out over the sea. It took them nearly an hour to get home. Once there, John offered Rachel a late night drink.

He led her to his room and put on some soft music while he waited for the kettle to boil.

"Tea or Coffee?" he asked.

"Tea please. I can't stand coffee."

"That's good, 'cause I don't like coffee either, so I don't actually have any."

"Then why ask," she said, giggling.

"Just being polite."

Rachel stood in the middle of the room, with John's overcoat still draped over her shoulders. He walked up behind her and put his hands on her shoulders.

"I'll hang this up if you don't mind."

"No, not at all."

He lifted the garment away and hung it on the hook on his door.

"Why don't you sit down," he said, gesturing to the bed.

She accepted his offer and sat while he poured two mugs of tea.

"How do you take it?"

"White please, no sugar."

"Ahh, This is where you tell me that your sweet enough already?"

"I wasn't going to."

"Well you should," he said. He brought the mug over and handed it to her. "Because it's true."

She took the drink from him and cradled it in her hands. He sat down beside her. They were silent for a while, sipping the warming drinks and listening to the music. It was turned down, in case those in the adjoining rooms were asleep. It added to the mood.

"I really enjoyed tonight," he said. "I think it's something we should have done a long time ago."

Rachel looked into his eyes and smiled. "Maybe," she said, "but then tonight wouldn't have been so sweet."

They leaned towards each other, their lips beckoning. A brief kiss followed, but was made awkward by the cups they were holding. John took Rachel's from her and placed it on the desk opposite the bed. Rachel wrapped her arms around his neck and locked her lips to his. Their lips parted and their tongues entwined. John's hands slipped down to Rachel's hips.

Rachel wore a gown with a slit all the way up one side, and as they continued to embrace, his hand brushed her stocking clad thigh. He stroked it, enjoying the feel of the sheer silk against his skin.

Rachel leaned forward and pressed herself to him, pulling his head harder against hers. She groped for the clasp of his bow-tie, and undid it. Then she moved her hands around, and starting with the top button, she opened his shirt.

John's hand slid further up her leg, to the lacy stocking top, and beyond to the soft white flesh. For the second time that evening, Rachel ran her fingers through his chest hair. With her other hand she continued to open the buttons of his shirt until they were all done. She tugged at it, pulling it from inside his trousers. Then she moved her hands up and pushed the shirt off his shoulders. She bent her head to kiss his neck, then moved down to his chest, and kissed each of his nipples in turn. He groaned.

John stroked the flesh at the top of her thigh with one hand, and cupped her breast with the other. Eagerly, Rachel reached up to the back of her neck, undid the button and slid down the zipper.

The gown fell from her shoulders, and John was amazed to see that she had gone without a bra that evening. Those wonderfully full breasts had held themselves up all night, defying gravity. He gripped one of them firmly, squeezed it, and toyed with the nipple, which stuck out hard and pink.

Not wanting to give preference to one over the other, he switched his attention. He held it firmly and sucked at the swollen nipple. Occasionally he bit it gently, rolling it between his teeth, and flicking it with his tongue. Rachel tipped her head back and sighed.

John's mouth alternated between her nipples, but he moved his hands down to her hips, where her dress had bunched. Rachel leaned back, resting her weight on her hands. John gripped her gown and tugged it, trying to pull it down, but Rachel's position prevented it from moving. Without a word, John looked up at Rachel, who stared back into his eyes. He wanted a sign, for her to tell him to stop, or to go on. She gave it by lifting her bum from the bed. John pulled the dress down past her glorious round backside, past her knees, and off. He made an attempt to throw it down on the floor, but Rachel reached out a hand to stop him.

"No," she said. "That was expensive, don't just throw it on the floor. Put it on the back of that chair."

John rose from the bed and walked over to the chair by his desk. Carefully, he laid the black gown over it, and returned. Rachel knelt on the bed, waiting for him. She grasped his cummerbund, smiled up at him, and looked into his eyes. Reaching around his back, she unclasped the garment and pulled him close to her. Then she whipped the cummerbund off and threw it across the room before kissing his hairy stomach, and dipping her tongue into his navel.

Her hands worked quickly now, trying to open up his slacks. She struggled with the three buttons on the formal trousers, but once they were undone, she eased the zip down. With the support gone, John's trousers fell around his ankles. Rachel was face to face with the bulge that had formed in his boxers. She bent forward and kissed his dick through the material, and then looked him the eyes again. She smiled wickedly, and her eyes glinted.

She leant forward and took the waistband of his shorts in her mouth, pulling it out and down. His cock sprang into view, hitting her on the forehead as it escaped from its prison. She let the shorts fall from her mouth, and yanked them down past his knees. At the same time she moved her head up and his dick hit her again.

"I'm sorry," she said as innocently as she could. "Did that hurt you?" Before John could answer she continued, "I'd better kiss it better."

She took his cock in one hand, and reached around to grip his bum with the other. She looked at it for a moment, studying it from different angles, then she bowed her head and took him into her mouth. He was almost entirely inside her. Her nose touched his belly. She moved her head back and forth, sucking him deep into her mouth each time, and kneaded his bum cheek, pulling him to her. She started slowly, and used her tongue to lick up and down and around his cock while it was between her luscious lips. Then she built up more speed, and he rocked his hips against her head, thrusting into her mouth each time she sucked him in. He was getting close to the edge. He knew he wouldn't last much longer.

His head was telling him to stop her, that he didn't want to end the night like this. But his body was crying out for release, and told his head to mind its own business. He gripped her head with both hands, held her still, and thrust into her mouth harder.

Rachel seemed to sense that he was close and tried to pull away but she was too late. John held her head firmly despite her attempts to bat his hands away. His hips jerked, and he lost the rhythm of his trusts. His cock swelled inside her mouth, then flooded it with cum.

He groaned as he emptied himself into her mouth. She swallowed hard, but some dribbled out of the side of her mouth. His dick had shrunk slightly, but it was still very hard, and usable. A few drops of cum still oozed from the tip, and Rachel licked them up. When he was clean, she looked up at him and smiled. She raised a hand and wiped away the sperm that had dribbled from the side of her mouth, then put her finger in her mouth, and sucked it clean.

John was drained, but he was more turned on than ever before, and he was damned if he was going to stop now. He pushed Rachel back, so that she was lying on the bed, and reached down to remove her panties. They were so wet that they stuck to her. The sound they made as the soggy fabric peeled away from her body was obscene.

Rachel lay on the bed dressed in only her black stockings and suspender belt. She parted her legs, and reached down to feel her own wetness. He clambered on top of her, and kissed her full on the lips, sliding his tongue into her mouth.

He moved down her body, kissing her neck, her chest, her stomach. All the way down to her pussy, pulled in by her musky scent. Through the valley of her breasts he gazed into her eyes. He dipped his head, kissing her pussy like a mouth. He snaked his tongue inside her, causing her to jump and moan. He licked up and down her lips, and searched out the deep corners of her pussy.

A fire was rising inside her. John knew she was building towards an orgasm when she gripped his head, as he had done to her earlier. She bucked her hips against his face, rubbing her clit against him. In response, he stopped and pulled away from her. He knew she was close, and he wanted to tease her.

He pulled his head away, her hands not strong enough to hold him there. She whimpered, in an almost pathetic way. "Don't. Don't stop. Please, don't stop."

John smiled as wickedly as she had and reached a hand out to her. He searched out her clit with his thumb and rubbed it gently. Her hands stopped clamouring for him when the sensations returned. Without warning, he pushed down hard on her clit, and slid two fingers inside her. That was enough to send her over the edge. The orgasmic waves ripped through her body. She thrashed against his hand uncontrollably, and screamed with pleasure. John had to cover her mouth with his hand so that his neighbours wouldn't hear.

Slowly she came back to earth. John watched as her chest rose and fell with each deep breath. He admired the look of absolute pleasure on her face. Pleasure that he had caused. She was beautiful.

He reached over to his bedside table but she stopped him, and pulled him to her.

"It's okay, there's no need for one."

"What..." In all John's previous encounters the girls had insisted on a rubber.

"I'm on the pill."

"Yeah, but..." She interrupted him with a kiss.

"Just shut up and fuck me."

They kissed again, a kiss which would remain unbroken for the rest of the encounter. He reached down and gripped his cock, guiding it into her waiting pussy. She reached down and parted her lips, inviting him in. He slid in easily, all the way up to his balls in one long, smooth thrust. He waited there for a few seconds, getting used to the feel of her, then pulled out slowly. When only the bulbous purple head of his cock was inside her, he thrust back in with force.

He did this a few more times, slowly pulling out and then forcing himself back in. She kept pace with him, moving her hips to match his thrusts. He reached down and lifted her legs over his arms, raising her bum up off the bed and giving him better access. She was almost folded in two. He thrust quicker as he built towards his climax.

Not wanting her to miss out, he put all his weight on one arm. He used his other hand to rub her clit, trying to bring them both off together. He wanted to hold off for her, but he was too close. His thrusts became irregular, and with one final push he screamed, and emptied himself into her.

She felt the first pulse of his cock, but it was the second that set off her climax. She came hard, quivering beneath him, her pussy milking his cock for every last drop of its life giving liquid. They were high together, and they came down together. He rolled off her, and they struggled to get under the covers. He lay on his back, and she snuggled up beside him, her head and hand on his chest as they fell into a deep, satisfied sleep.

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