Downfall of a Black History Professor
Prologue: Downfall of a black Professor History Professor

Cherish Valley School District meeting.

"Next item of business" announced Mrs Stern, superintendent of Cherish Valley Schools, "In honor of Black History month the Board of Elders has approved our request to add three extra classes or three hours to the ninth grade history course"

"Who will be teaching these three hours?" asked Mrs Elders the Superintendent of the elementary school system.

Mrs Stern smiled, "The eminent psychologist Dr. Julie Swan, a white woman. I have told her that she has free run of the class for each of the three hours"

"What exactly will Dr Swan cover with the kids?" asked Mrs Wright who was the Superintendent of the Middle School system.

"Also, you know that we don't have too many black families in Cherish" stated Mrs Hays the high school guidance councilor, "Which is why I don't understand why we have a Black History month"

"That's right, but the women of those few black families are prominent black business women and educators and we are an inclusive society" replied Mrs Stern.

All the women laughed at hearing that.

"So what is the extra three hour course going to cover?" asked Mrs Elders.

"Do you want to answer that Darlene?" Mrs Stern asked looking at Mrs Marston the Superintendent of High Schools.

"Dr Swan will cover the history of derogatory names and vocabulary used on black women. The first class she will teach the kids derogatory words. The next class she will work with the kids on getting them over their fear of using derogatory names on black women. For the second class we are in the process of recruiting one or two black women to come into the class so the kids can use those names on them. For the final class we would prefer to use the same black women in practical hands on exercises for the kids to learn how black women were treated"

"What do you mean practical hands on exercises?" asked Mrs Elders.

"We are looking at the use of whips, floggers, and general female restraints to show the kids how black women were treated."

"Boy, I can see how it is difficult to recruit a black woman for the class" laughed Judy Elders and the other women.

"That's right" smiled Darlene, "No self respecting black woman would subject herself to that, but we are sure that we can find a black woman with a white woman wanna-be desire who would subject herself in a humiliating pathetic, self parodying joke of a black woman"

All the women nodded their understanding.

"Ok, next order of business, due to a lot of requests from families of students in the elementary, middle and high school's we are going to authorize three masturbation clubs, one at each school. Mrs Elders would you please explain the elementary schools extracurricular activity?"

"At the three elementary schools we will have a masturbation program for girls and boys. One female teacher will serve as a faculty advisor at each grade level 1 thru 5 and will supervise the girls masturbation club. All five boys and girls masturbation clubs will be known as "Little Fingers." The female teacher will personally demonstrate and assist the girls in her club on the proper techniques of masturbating. For the boys masturbation club three mothers at each grade level 1 thru 5 will supervise their respective clubs. The mother's will instruct each boy in the club on the proper techniques of masturbating with hands on demonstrations and personal attention."

"Thank you Judy. Sandy, please explain the program at the middle schools"

"Our club name for the boys and girls in grades 6 thru 8 will be "Happy Fingers" masturbation club. We will also have a female teacher as a facilitator for the girls club in each of the three grades. Her job will be to introduce and personally demonstrate sexual aides used in masturbation. For the boys, we have also recruited three mothers for each grade level. Their job will be to introduce masturbation games such as the 'Circle Jerk' and 'Bukkake'" smiled Mrs Wright.

"Thank you Sandy. Darlene how about the High School program"

"Our boys and girls masturbation club will be known as "Busy Fingers". For grades 9 thru 10 the boys and girls at each grade level will be combined into one club. Each club will have a female teacher as a facilitator with three mothers assisting her. The goals of our clubs will be to introduce the kids to mutual masturbation, exploring more masturbation games, and give masturbation demonstrations at community events."

"Thank you ladies" smiled Mrs Stern, "Ok, last item of business. Our female enrichment class will be covering how to have sex with boys thru learning about lesbianism. As you are all aware, a girl cannot lose her virginity until high school. Our young girls are passing into high school without the benefits of properly knowing about sex with boys and seeing that we can't use boys for proper demonstration purposes the Board of Elders feels that learning about lesbianism and everything that goes with it is the best way for our young girls to learn about sex"

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