The Meat
Chapter 1: The Meeting

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Blackmail, Drunk/Drugged, Slavery, Swinging, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Petting, Slow, Prostitution,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Meeting - Unsuspecting couple gets trapped into slavery.

I was the new guy, over the pond in a foreign duty station having just graduated from the Army AIT (Advanced Individual Training) for the electronics program. I was in electronics, a systems operator for a high powered transmitter. Without exception, the guys in my section told me that I was stationed in heaven. The prices in town were cheap and the women were easy. The trouble was that I was held in quarantine for two weeks at my duty station. That wouldn't have been too bad, but I did two weeks at my point of entry and at Battalion headquarters also. Six weeks of restriction that kept me away from all of those young, luscious women just craving my attention (read that as money)

As I was reaching the end of my isolation, some of the guys in the barracks were involved in a fucking contest. That is, they were all trying to see who could fuck the most hookers for free. That opened my eyes to the fact that most of the women in the village were," in the life", so to speak. That wasn't much of a surprise to me since there were hookers at the main gate of every military installation that I have ever been to. Why would this place be any different? I joined the group by feeding $20.00 into the pot and patiently waited for my release in two days into the civilian population.

When I got out, I went across the street to the village looking for a girlfriend. The first one that I saw was in a beauty shop, getting her hair done. She was attractive and gave me a nice smile as I walked by, looking into the window. I was attracted to her because she reminded me of my high school sweet heart. I continued walking and came upon a bar. Of course, I walked in. There was hardly any one inside since it was still early and most of the trolling GI's weren't out yet. I sat at the bar and ordered a drink. An ice cold domestic brew ... good thing it was ice cold because it would have tasted much worse if it was room temperature.

By the time I finished my first beer, the bar started filling up and the night life came alive. The cute chick that I found in the beauty shop came in and walked up to me at the bar. She sat down and solicited a drink. She got a mixed drink and I flashed back to the times I had in Mexico. The women would get sugar water and I would pay for a 7&7 nothing new there. We danced around and had a couple more drinks before we went out to her house. It was a single room with a bed roll in the corner. The walls were thin and the ceiling was wall paper suspended by strings or some such nonsense.

It was cold outside but warm in the room. It was heated under the floor in the corner where the bedroll was. The woman's name was Kim and she was very friendly. I gave her $8.00 for the night and we got into the bedroll together. We fucked like crazy most of the night. She was fun to play with. And we went steady.

It all went south one night when I found out that she was doing a guy from the other section. He was off when I was working and visa-versa. Actually, it was a good setup for a couple of young Privates and a whore. We had all of the pussy we could handle while we were off and she had all of the dick that two young, horney guys could deliver daily. But I thought that she was MY girlfriend, and I felt betrayed. I had the old world values in the modern world of GI's and their whores. Wrong place, wrong time.

I bounced around looking for a woman that I could hook up with in this GI Village, a woman that could be my girlfriend. It turned out easier than one might expect. Being a Private, and low on funds, I would meet up with girls at the bar. I would not spend money on them although I would try to hang out with them. It worked pretty well too but they would not fuck me. I reverted to the whore contest that I signed up for before I got released from quarantine. That worked well for me but I knew that it worked because I was young, good looking, and a new face. However, I did get a lot of free rides. But free has a price too. I caught the clap from one of the whores. She was tight, pretty and had good tits. It was almost worth it. Dumb ass GI's that don't use a rubber. Even in Mexico, the whores used them. (This was pre-AIDS and the time of free love) Well, I was in quarantine again after taking the cure. (A shot in the ass.) What was it? Two weeks or a month? It seemed like forever. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the girlfriend idea was the best one of the bunch. But finding a decent girlfriend in a town full of whores was a tall order. Still I was gun-shy with the whores and wasn't willing to give up my freedom or health over a pussy ride. I traveled around the country, looking for a woman to make my girlfriend on my days off. I was already convinced that Asian women were the cream of the crop, so to speak. They had perfect bodies (a little flat chested) but were raised to be submissive. Give them black hair, smooth, hairless skin and brown almond eyes and I was sold. Now just to find a good one. It seemed that the decent women would not associate with GI's. They would promptly be moved into slut status by any Asian that saw them with an American. We had a reputation of being pussy hounds to make matters worse. Many decent women were seduced and exploited by the Americans, further reducing the odds of hooking up with a decent guy for them as well.

After a few months I ran across a new waitress in one of the two bars in our little village. It was easy to see that she wasn't westernized like the working girls, but she wore a skirt and blouse. She looked terrorized trying to fulfill drink orders for a bunch of buzzed, boisterous GI's. It was plain to me that she couldn't speak any English, and I immediately felt sorry for her. I made my way through the crowd around her and stood at the bar. The GI's were calling out drinks to her and she didn't understand. Occasionally, the other waitress would stop by her, say a few words to her and fetch the drinks that were ordered. She was flustered; I could see her sweating as she tried to compose herself. I stood in front of her, saying nothing as the crowd started a new round of ordering drinks from her. I was conspicuous by not speaking, just standing there, watching her. Soon I started pointing to the drinks that the guys were ordering. As I stood there, pointing to the drinks I could see that she was starting to relax a little. The pressure was off a little too and the crowd calmed down since they all had their drinks. After the crowd dissipated, I continued pointing to the Items around the bar, naming them. I helped her pronounce the words that were strange to her. I stayed until closing, going back to the compound to get some sleep.

The next day I was off and after breakfast, I went back to the bar. I found the little girl from the night before and took up the position that I had last night. I was standing in front of her and slowly and quietly began talking to her in English with hand gestures.

Her name was Suk. She stood at 4'10"with short, Black hair. She was very petite, with a small waist and little boobs, probably weighed 90 to 95 lbs. Her skin was flawless and she looked almost pre-teen to me, she wore no make-up. I was thinking that I may have found the girlfriend that I was looking for. She did not look like a working girl. She was very quiet and reserved. I would come out to see her every day that I was off and we spent our time with her English practice. After a while, the guys at the post went easy on her as they could see that we were working on being a couple. Her English improved as well. Of course, getting to know Suk would not result in them bedding her, so they moved on to easier targets. We spent our time practicing English and sightseeing around the countryside. I moved very slowly, and it was a month or more before I tried to give her a kiss. She was not surprised but I could tell that she had as little experience with kissing as she had with English. I was never fast paced as I slowly increased the quantity and quality of our kisses. She became more relaxed as I continued her kisses and slowly began to feel her hot, little body. She got heated up very nicely as my hands and lips roamed the smooth, soft skin of her creamy thighs. I could feel the moisture through the gusset of her cotton panties as I stroked her gently. After a while, we started talking about moving in together. I still didn't know where she lived, but I knew that we were a couple. The whole village knew it too. One day Suk brought her aunt for me to meet. I recognized her immediately as one of the working girls in the village. She was about ten years older than me and told me how much it would cost me to set up a household in the village for Suk and I. It was cheap! Even a Private could afford it. I was ecstatic and agreed to begin housekeeping with Suk the next month.

We finally moved in a nice, nearly new hooch right next door to her Aunt. This is where we broke in our love nest with the surrender of Suk's virginity. We fucked relentlessly as we enjoyed each other all day long on my off days. Suk worked in a new bar on the days that I had duty. It was right down the street from where we lived, all under the watchful eyes of her Aunt. It turns out that she had been watching me as soon as I started paying attention to her Niece. She gathered information on me since the time that I first appeared in the village. My life out there was an open book to those folks, as my exploits with each of the women that I had bedded. I guess that I had passed myself off by example that I was a worthwhile risk for her young charge with my abstinence of whore pussy for the extended time that I conducted my search for a real girlfriend.

We continued to live together as a couple and she took great care of me as I looked after her also. I was about six weeks from my rotation back to the USA when I asked Suk to marry me. She accepted and I sent a request for an extension of my duty there up the chain of command. As soon as it was approved, I applied for permission to marry. This was a tough application since there were a large number of women looking to immigrate into the USA. And it is well known that a GI will marry anything. The Army put up as many roadblocks into the system as humanly possible in an attempt to dissuade GI's from bringing "those people" back home with them.

We continued on, working towards the goal of seeking permission to marry until I ran out of time and had to rotate back to the United States. Of course, since I wanted to marry one of "those people", there would be no more extensions forthcoming from the Army, but I already knew that.

I took my leave when I returned back into the USA and went home to see my family and to explain to them what a treasure I had found half way around the world.

Suk and I wrote back and forth weekly, telling each other of our love for each other and about our daily activities. I sent her $100.00 monthly for her support and she moved back home with her mother and siblings. This was a small price to pay for the perfect woman. And by now, I was a Sergeant so the money wasn't a large burden with my budget.

Being assigned in my new duty station, there were not many roadblocks in an American based command to stifle my attempts to get the permission that I needed to reunite with Suk here in the USA. I finally got the permission that I needed and took an extended leave and went back overseas to get married at the US Embassy there. But of course, we had to get permission for Suk to immigrate into the US. Now there were more hoops to jump through. Suk needed to pass a rigorous background check to convince the powers that be that she was not a communist. Since I worked in the Army with a security clearance, they were especially vigilant and invasive of her background. With their position in the army the command reluctantly gave their permission while admonishing me to be responsible for her conduct in the US. They went further, threatening to deport her for any infraction of US law or my failure to support her financially. I had to sign a bunch of documents attesting to these covenants. Of course I signed them, then sat back and waited.

Nearing the end of my enlistment (ETS), I re-enlisted and opted for the VRB (Variable Re-enlistment Bonus) that paid me over $6000.00 for the four years that I would be extending my stay in the military. This was to be our nest egg for Suk's introduction into American life.

I was transferred to the Siberia of the US Army after a year in my current duty station. I always believed that this was my penalty for annoying the upper command for the marriage and the extended leave that I requested to get married. There was always the immigration thing too. I moved up to Alaska to the most chicken-shit unit up there. Destined to live on post and put up with the day to day harassment that the lifers could dish out. This unit was so bad, that after our annual IG Inspection (Inspector General) the entire command was removed from duty there. That was, every one of the rank of Staff Sergeant (E-6) up through Captain. The Inspector General ordered a chopper to re-stock our on-site PX and re-assigned the (award winning) mess sergeant from the post Officer's Club to our mess hall. I never witnessed a corrective action of that magnitude in the Army. And believe me, it was well deserved.

It was four months before Suk got her immigration Visa and I sent her plane ticket, and some cash. By the time that she received her ticket, she had to literally run to the airport to catch her plane. But she made it and entered Alaska Customs. They issued her Green Card to her. (I picked her up and we went to the Guest House on post. (The guest House is an on-post motel for dependents and guests.) We lived there while I found us a place to live. There was no housing available on post so we had to settle down in town. We found an efficiency apartment close to downtown that cost $75.00 per month. This was an outstanding deal for us. It was furnished and was larger than the hooch that we lived in overseas. And there was even a TV included! Besides, the Army allotted us $300.00 COLA (Cost of Living Allowance) and another $1000.00 for High Cost of Housing in additional per month allowance since we had to wait for government housing list to get to our name. We were there for six months, saving enough to buy a decent car.

We finally got called to move into government quarters on post. We were saddened to see our windfall diminish but had no choice and moved into a two bedroom townhome that was nicely furnished.

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