Gillyanna's Peril
Chapter 1

Gillyanna was surprised to find herself waking up. In all truth she wished she didn't, she hurt all over. As she made her way out of the cell, she remembered that the ship had been under attack. Some how the ship had either crashed landed somewhere or maybe it was just floating in space and who ever had attacked thought that all were killed.

Gillyanna worked her way down the corridor to the main part of the ship and after checking was not surprised that all the other prisoners were dead. There was no power to anything in the cell area and there was no way but to open the doors to find out if she was going to die in space or somewhere else. Finding plenty of mettle to pry the doors open with and some how the strength, she opened the door. Gillyanna was happy to find that she could still breath.

Once out into the main corridor Gillyanna worked her way to the bridge of the ship. The ship should have had 15 crewmen and as she got closer to her destination she found several bodies. After getting the bridge doors open she found some more of the crew. Giving her a total of ten. The others would have been in other parts of the ship. As she checked those that were there Gillyanna was totally surprised to find one man alive. He seemed to have had a broken arm but Gillyanna was unable to find anything else wrong.

Gillyanna's first thought was to kill the man before he could wake and hurt her. He was of the same race that had caused all this trouble. But Gillyanna was better than that, she wasn't a murderer and just couldn't kill in cold blood. So with that thought in mind she went back to the prison section, got manacles as well as a portable med scanner that still worked, then came back and shackled the man's feet together around the base of a chair and his good hand to another. When she used the scanner on him, it told her that, yes, the arm was broken but could be set. It also showed that the man had hit his head but wasn't that bad. Gillyanna set the arm and splinted it.

Satisfied that the man wasn't going to die, Gillyanna went about checking the ship. It took only moments to realize that she had to get the bodies out of the ship or there was going to be other troubles. It took near two hours to get all the bodies out of the ship and far enough away so that anything that came would be outside the shields, if she could get them up. After that she was able to get some power to the bridge and what she found was very bad. The ship had crashed on an unexplored planet. The ships engineering section was all but destroyed as well as the engines themselves and the main engine core had been jettisoned. The power she had was from an auxiliary unit that would need to be charged. The planet had an oxygen atmosphere that she knew would cause no trouble because the ship had several hull breaches.

Through out all of this Gillyanna was finding it harder and harder to stay conscious as the pain in her body and head began to demand that she try to do something about them. She didn't stop, however, because she was worried that if she did, she would not be about to start moving or working again.

It was about this time that the man started to wake. Gillyanna was ready just in case with a pistol. The man took a moment to come round to fully understand that he was restrained as well as hurt and that there was one of the ships prisoners holding a pistol at him.

"What the hell happened? What's going on? Take these things off of me now!" the man kicked his feet and pulled at the hand locked to the other chair.

"I don't think so. To let you know, the ship crashed. You have a broken arm, which I set, and you have a small concussion. All the others, both crew and prisoners were killed in the crash."

"Then why am I in shackles?" he demanded, pulling at the one holding his good arm.

"Because I've had it up to my eyes with you and your people raping me. And I wasn't going to give you that chance. Now you just lie there and behave. I have work to do to get the sensors working better."

Gillyanna turned and started to walk away when she was hit with a wave of intense dizziness and pain and had to grab the doorframe for support.

"Wait! You can't just leave me here like this," the man yelled in panic as he could tell the woman in trouble and was at the end of her strength, "You're not up to doing anything more. You just turned white as a sheet. Have you even checked yourself with the med scanner?"

"I'll be fine ... I just need ... to get my wind back," Gillyanna replied as she tried to get her body to move but it just wouldn't.

"Look, you just can't leave me like this. What happens if something happens to you, then we're both dead?" quickly he changed the tone in his voice. "You could have killed me when I was out. You didn't. For what ever your reasons were, you didn't kill me out right, you even set my arm. That tells me that you're not a common criminal. I promise I won't hurt you. Let me help you. You need me to survive just like I need you. Please you helped me, now let me help you."

Gillyanna was having a hard time thinking but knew that the man was right. She was dieing and it was only a matter of time. She couldn't leave him to die shackled to a chair. She had to give him a chance to live, even if it meant something more than her death. So as she slid down the doorframe she took the key from her breast pocket. As she reached the floor and with what energy she had left she slid the key to the man and said, "Please ... just don't ... hurt me." In a small whisper then blacked out.

Dorel took the key with his bad arm and found that it wasn't too bad and got himself loose. Once free he turned to find the woman was out cold. He knew she was one of the prisoners and that he should treat her as such but realized that she could have killed him if she wanted but had let him live. He took the woman up into his arms and went back to the small med bay. Once he got power going to it he was able to get the Auto-med scanners working. He was surprised; the woman had massive internal injuries and a major concussion. He set the unit to repair then left to check the rest of the ship.

Dorel was impressed by what he found. The woman had dragged all the bodies outside, had retrieved all the edible food and placed it in one location, and had restored power to the main sensors on the bridge. The communications systems were completely fried and there was nothing he could do at the moment to fix them, at least until he could get a portable antenna set up. After finding out what was up with the rest of the ship and making a few more repairs, he got the computer working and found the manifest for the prison section and decided to see just what kind of a being he was going to have to deal with.

He found her name to be Gillyanna. She was convicted of murder. But as he read on he found he didn't like what he saw. The trial has short and seemed to be missing several things. Gillyanna had claimed self-defense as the victim had attacked and raped her. But none of that seemed to have been brought up. He also noted that she was of a race called humans. That was a surprise because humans weren't known to be in that sector of space yet. Nor had they contacted anyone from any of the human planets to see if they wanted to take her after the trial.

Most humans didn't know about the small need of the males of his race. There was a chemical that they needed to remain sane and they only way to get it to release into the body was to mate.

Now he knew what she meant. She had been the only female on this run to the prisons and several of the crew had used her. Some thought he was silly not to but he just couldn't bring himself to use a prisoner like that. Besides he wasn't in need of that, yet, but knew it was just a mater of time. After that Dorel closed the file and went back to work trying to get more of the systems working.

Gillyanna woke. She couldn't move. She felt that her worse nightmare was going to come true all over again. As she tried to free herself, she heard a noise and then could see the man come into view. He smiled at her and that made her even more afraid. "Please let me go. I helped you. Please don't hurt me! Please!"

"It's alright. I won't hurt you. You've been in the Auto-med for two days. You were lucky I woke when I did another few hours and I don't think the unit could have saved you. Why didn't you use it when you first knew you were in trouble?" Dorel tried to keep his voice calm and soothing.

"Please let me up! Please, I'll tell you everything but just let me up!" Gillyanna cried.

"I can't just yet. I've only been able to get 80% power to the unit and it's taking a little longer to fix you up. Though it's all most done. So you might as well tell me why you didn't use it?"

"I ... I couldn't get it to work. I tried to get power to it but I just couldn't get it started."

"That's not surprising. I had to reroute the power past two melted junctions. Look, you rest and in about three hours I'll let you out of the unit."

With that he pushed a button and Gillyanna fell asleep.

Gillyanna was surprised that when she woke that she was able to move. In fact had started to sit up when the man came over. "Here let me help you. You might be a bit dizzy yet."

Gillyanna pulled away from him, "Don't come near me! I don't want you to touch me."

"It's all right, I'm just trying to help you. I was able to get the computer to work for a while and found your file. I also know what some of the crew were doing. I don't know if anyone told you about my race, at least the males. We have a metabolic disorder that causes us to need sex. It's the only way to get a certain chemical in our bodies to release into our systems so that our brains don't turn to mush. It's not something we tell a lot of people about." He paused and sighed, "But I think my people need to start."

"Then you believe that I'm innocent? If you could figure that out why couldn't any one else? I wasn't even supposed to be on your planet. I was going to Demming Prime. The ship I was on had engine troubles and went there. I should have stayed on the ship. But they made everyone get off so that the repairs could be done." Gillyanna continued for a moment more her voice going to a mire whisper as she repeated, "The ship I was on had engine troubles and went there. I should have stayed on the ship."

"I know." He tried to sound reassuring and to get her out of being so scared. "Look there's nothing I can do right now. I'll give you a choice you can stay here with me and see if we get rescued or you can take some of the food and supplies and try to make it on your own."

"That sounds like two very good choices. Death by the planet or death by starvation after my food runs out." Gillyanna said with disdain.

"What?" he looked very confused.

"I'm human, I can't eat but maybe a fifth of what we have here. I don't know anything about hunting and/or what might be good or safe for me to eat out there. Then again if I stay, the rescue party is going to slap me back in shackles. You should have let me die once you had the key to free yourself." Gillyanna put her head in her hands and began to cry.

Dorel didn't know what to do so he left the room and headed for the bridge to give her time to pull herself together. It wasn't long until Dorel heard Gillyanna going through the supplies and then came onto the bridge eating some kind of nutrition bar.

Gillyanna was surprised to find a lot more of the bridge working. She sat in one of the chairs for a station that didn't work and finished eating, then spoke, "I see you got a lot more working. But then this is your ship and it's totally different than what I'm used to working with. Is there anything I can do?"

"Not at the moment. I got the computer to work but I have it powered down for now. Sensors are working up to 100 Km's but really can't do more than that because of the magnetic fields about the planet. I got the shields up to 25% but I'm only running them at 15%. Communications are almost a lost cause. I found some com-badges that should work up to 10 Km's but they have limited power and the charger is damaged. I know that a distress marker was launched after the attack started. If it wasn't destroyed then we have a chance. I was thinking that I could get the comms working but I need to get the signal high enough to work."

"Do we have a portable unit that we can set up some where?"

"We lucked out there we have two. Unfortunately there is only one place that I can think of to go. There's a mountain to the south of us. But it would take me over a week just to get there. Add another week to get high enough and to get the unit set up. I would also have to leave you here. I know I could do it but I don't think you could and I..."

"I understand." She interrupted. "I would get us both killed even trying. What about power? I don't think the batteries are going to last that long?"

"Well I have bad news and good news. The bad is that I've had to shut down all the power other than what is in here and the adjoining compartment. I had to divert a lot of power to the med unit, but now that you're out I can put it back. However it will only last for about 20 days."

"Damn." Gillyanna swore as she tried to think of ways to make it last longer.

"Now the good news. I found wind and solar generators. The wind has been trying to pick up and there should be enough light to get a good charge."

"Well, why don't I start working on that? We might as well take advantage of the winds. We might be able to make up a second wind generator to get more power." Gillyanna said and started to get up to go look over the units.

"First, you just got out of the med-unit and you haven't eaten in days other than that ration bar. Besides it will be dark before we can get done and I've been getting some strange life form readings from the sensors but I can't get them to lock to anything specific."

"Well with the shields even at 10% nothing could get into the ship. At 15% I don't think I'm going to worry. Now for the big question; what about the waist recycler?"

He gave a grin, "Up and running at 100%. We do have plenty of water by the way; I found a stream and tested the water. I didn't think to test it for you specifically but the analyzer said good for all races."

"That's good to know. I think I'm going to get a little more to eat and bed down. If you can stay up for a while, wake me in say 6 hours and I'll pull a full 12 so that you can get some rest." She stood and started to walk to the back.

"I think I can live with that. By the way Gillyanna, I'm Dorel."

Gillyanna looked at him then chuckled, "That's something that never even crossed my mind to ask, sorry."

"Under the circumstance I can understand. Go get some sleep." he finished and watched her leave.

After getting something else to eat she found several blankets and bed pads and was able to fall asleep quite quickly.

Over the course of the next two weeks Gillyanna and Dorel worked to get the ship as habitable as possible. They were even able to get the sensors working enough to double the range. The shields were now working at 25% and could be pushed up to 35% if needed. Also Dorel had been hunting and with some trial and error was able to come up with some food that Gillyanna could eat.

About the end of the second week Gillyanna woke feeling like something was very wrong. And she was right. As her eyes opened there was a thing next to her head. It was somewhat hairy with a sticky tentacle around her neck. Gillyanna screamed before the thing could get a tight hold as she tried to get the thing off of her. Dorel came running in to this sight and jumped into action. He grabbed the thing and pulled it from Gillyanna as she worked the tentacle off. Once she was free, Dorel threw the thing to the floor then drew his pistol and fired. It had been trying to get to some place at the back of a wall but as the laser pulse hit it, it vaporized.

"Gill, are you alright?" Dorel came to Gillyanna's bedside.

After coughing a few times, "Ya, I think so. What the hell was that thing and how the hell did it get in? I thought the shields were still working."

"They are. It might have been in here since we got power back. Yuck that was nasty," he said as he wiped his hands on the legs of his coveralls.

"You can say that again," Gillyanna had gotten up and was wiping her neck down to get the sticky stuff off. After both had cleaned up they went in search of how the thing got in. As Gillyanna thought, they found several small breaches and proceeded to seal them up.

About middle of the third week it was decided that Dorel would have to go and set the portable antenna unit. The night before, Dorel came to Gillyanna's bed and sat down. "Gill we need to talk. I think there is a problem that will have to be taken care of before I leave."

"Dorel, I'm too tired to talk. What ever it is it can wait until morning? Go to sleep."

"Gillyanna, it is going to take near a month to do what I need to do. It's already been near 7 months for me. I'm going to need all I have in order to make it."

Gillyanna had noticed that he was now rubbing her shoulder and arm. Then Dorel continued, "Gillyanna, I need you to help me. If we don't do this now when I come back I won't be able to control myself and it will be even worse for you."

That's when she knew what he was asking for.

"Dorel, Go jack off. I have no interest in you. Your nice and all but not my type. I sure as hell am not going to let you just use me. I can't, you know that," she said as she tried to pull away.

"I know but I have no choice. Would you rather I did it like that man back on my planet. I'd rather it be where we both get something out of it but I'm not against doing it the other way. And just to let you know I have been 'jacking off' to give you more time to get to know me. It's just not enough. It's never enough."

Now he stood and took of his clothing and stood waiting.

"Please I can't do this. You said you wouldn't hurt me. Please don't make me do this," she said as she tried to push herself as far away from him as she could.

"I won't hurt you if we do this now. If there was any other way I would."

With that he grabbed the covers that she had been holding and pulled them away from her with a hard yank. Since all the clothing they had were jump suits and those are uncomfortable to sleep in Gillyanna was nude under the blanket. Dorel then slid onto the bed next to her and forced her onto her back and started to kiss her. Gillyanna knew he was going to get his way he was far stronger than she was, so could only turn her head to keep him from kissing her on the mouth but that was all she could do. Dorel forced his way between her legs.

"Just relax. It will be easier for you and you might even like it," he said as he positioned himself at her entrance and shoved. Gillyanna screamed in pain as he entered and tried to get a way from him, he was not a small man. Dorel worked her slowly, she was really, really tight but no matter what he did he didn't feel her responding to him so he just gave in and did what he needed to do. Gillyanna cried the whole time and when he left her that night she was still crying.

Dorel left with the sun so that he wouldn't have to face Gillyanna. That was good because Gillyanna was planning on shooting him. During the day Gillyanna was able to keep herself busy enough that she didn't feel like wallowing in self-pity. But at night she didn't have that distraction and found herself reliving what Dorel and all the others had done to her.

For two weeks Gillyanna cried herself to sleep. One night as she was still crying she didn't realize that the power went out nor did she notice several large slug-like things enter the ship and come up to her. The largest came right up to her and reached out a tentacle to her and began stroking her face. This brought her out of herself with a shock and was too scared to move. In her mind she thought, 'the power is out. Oh gods, what is it going to do?' But for some reason said aloud, "Please don't hurt me."

The thing continued to stroke her face and started vibrating but made no move to do more. So Gillyanna tried something. "If you can understand me, please stop patting my face."

The thing stopped and draped its arm across her. "This is beyond weird. What do you want with me?" she asked.

The thing raised its arm again and wiped the tears from her face and then smoothed her hair back. Gillyanna had not had such tenderness shown to her in a long time and to her surprise she started to feel better.

"You ... You came in because I was crying." She paused then, "If this was someone else's story I would laugh at them. It's just too funny. The first kindness I've been shown in almost a year is from a strange alien slug thing. And the weirder part is it's making me feel better. Now all I have to do is find a way for you to talk to me so that I can understand you."

The thing reached a second tentacle out and took hold of the data pad (DP) that was on a shelf next to the bed. Gillyanna was shocked and confused. "You think we can use that. Are you able to use it?"

The thing turned it so that she could read it "Yes."

"Wow. So what happens now? Are you going to eat me or something?"

It vibrated again but it was different. So she looked at the DP, "That's funny. And Yuck. We are not here to hurt you or 'eat' you. We know you have been sad. It was hurting me so much that when the barrier came down I just had to come and make you feel better. I now that something happened not long ago that had caused this sadness. Would it make you feel better to talk about it?"

"That I don't know." She paused again the continued, "The man that was here, used me and I couldn't stop him. He told me he wasn't going to hurt me but he did." Again the tears came. The being slid onto the bed and wrapped itself around Gillyanna and vibrated as she cried then fell asleep.

When she woke the thing was still around her like a nightgown. As she moved, the DP came up so she could read it. "Good morning. Are you feeling better?"

After thinking a moment, "Strangely enough yes, thank you. But I need to get up and take care of a few things. Like getting the power back on or the waist unit won't work."

"What is a waist unit?" the think asked by the data pad.

So she told him what it was and what it was used for. He told her that she didn't need to have it working because he and the others could take care of that for her if she wanted. He told her that his species' were, the best way to describe it was waist cleaners for the planet. They ingested both the waist products of different animals as well as the dead. Gillyanna was mortified but then realized that it must have been them that took the bodies of the crew. After some thought she told them that if after she used the facilities they could do what was needed that it would be alright. And got out of bed once the being that called himself Vee had unwrapped himself from her and got dressed.

After that Gillyanna started to try to get the power back up but found that the generators they had couldn't keep up with the demands of the sensors and the shields as well as the day-to-day needs. So she turned everything off except for the sensors. This had the side effect of getting very cold at night as well as not being very warm during the day. After the first night Vee took to wrapping himself around her at night with another of his kind to keep her legs and feet warm. Two days after that Gillyanna stopped asking to be unwrapped except for her feet and took to wearing Vee around. Vee was not much warmer than she was but he was better than a blanket on top. After another day or two she stopped asking him to move so that she could get the jumpsuit up and just tied it about her waist so that she could keep her legs warm. She found she like the feel of Vee against her skin. About that time Gillyanna came up with a way to tie one of the comm-units into the DP so that it acted as his voice and she could stop reading the DP.

Over the course of a week Gillyanna learned all there was to know about Vee and his people, the first was that they were extremely intelligent beings though had no way of creating technology but could learn and use stuff from other races. And any information was shared to all of their group or pod because of their telepathic link they had between each other. Then she learned that they were all male and that they could live for 300 years or more though only a few kept track. She also found out how an all male species procreated; they would mate with any female that they could get their hands or tentacles on. They would follow, care and protect the female while she carried there young. Then after about two seasons or 6 months (24 weeks) (according to her) the female would give birth and go about it's merry way. Gillyanna had the funny feeling that this was a subtle way of propositioning her but chose not to do anything right them.

Gillyanna was trying to get her mind and emotions to work together. One side new that this being was nothing more that an alien and the other side of her found that she liked that being more than she had liked any other person she had ever met. But then she had to stop thinking about it because of a storm that came up and looked to even be worse by the time the sun went down.

By nightfall the storm was so bad it had knocked out the wind generator and it was getting very cold. Vee was already draped over her but as she climbed into bed he started talking. "Gillyanna, this is a very bad storm. Before it is over even the air will try to freeze. I fear for you."

"How do you survive such storms usually?" she asked as she sat there.

"We would have left the area long ago but none of my brothers would leave me and I would not leave you. If we could not leave the area we would shelter together under what ground material that we could find."

"So what is stopping you from doing that now?" she was almost afraid to ask. Gillyanna already had every blanket, even a tarp over her and Vee.

"We could but you need to breath far more than we do. Also would you not need to get up to relieve yourself and to eat?"

"I can keep a small box with me with some of the rations in it and eat slowly if the storm last that long. As far as the other goes you yourself are the answer to that if that's all right with you. As for breathing," She paused to think then continued, "you could leave a space around my head and have say two small tubes going out; one for brining in fresh air and the other for sending out the bad. If the tubes are long enough the incoming air would be warmer and not give me that much trouble. What do you think of that?"

"That could work but I don't know about part of it. I would be too tempted to do something that I think you would find objectionable."

There was a slight vibration that was different than all his other vibrations she was learning to read.

"What is it? I think were close enough you can tell me just about anything."

She chuckled to herself as she thought she knew what he was talking about.

"You know that I have watched you since you crashed here. My heart broke for you before I could come in to comfort you. I do not know why I have these feelings for you and I am some what scared by them. But I also know that I would not change anything that has happened between us. You know how we have young and being that close to your core would be hard for me. I have wanted to ask you to have our young but was afraid that you would not..."

"Up until now, I think I would have turned you down but I ... If I was looking for a mate I would choose you every time." Gillyanna caressed Vee as he covered her vibrating slightly.

"What about the male that was here?" Vee asked strangely.

"What about him. I have no love for him and I'm not even sure he's going to come back. If he does, I don't know if I'm going to stay. He could have talked to me days before to tell me that he was having trouble or something like that. He could have tried to seduce me somehow. Instead he forced himself on me. There is nothing to tie me to him." Gillyanna was becoming upset by the memories and was about to change the subject.

Vee was quiet for a moment then continued, "There is one other thing that needs to be considered. If I place my young in you will it cause trouble with the young one that you already carry."

"What? I'm not carrying any young ... Oh God, are you saying that I'm pregnant already?"

"Yes, I can feel its life growing stronger every day. Do you tell me that you don't know?"

Gillyanna sighed, "It can take months after a coupling to know if a woman is pregnant, unless the woman tests for it. This can't be, my race and his are supposed to be incompatible. I don't want to have his child. I don't want to have a child of anyone that I couldn't love." Gillyanna was confused and angered.

"Gillyanna what was done by its parent is not its fault. If the man comes back and tries to hurt you again my brothers and I will make him go way. It is that simple but he is not important. What do you want to do now?"

Gillyanna thought for along while before she made a choice. "You're right. This child is innocent. Let me get the tubing for the air and the food box then we can talk some more about the other; if that's all right with you? I ... It's getting colder and I don't think I want to get up if it gets worse."

"Of course, get what you need and we'll get settled."

Gillyanna got what was needed and soon was completely covered, top to bottom, front and back by all of the beings. It was strange that she could feel each one as they moved onto the bed and touched her. Each felt just a little different. Vee took the position on her front and covered her tenderly. With space for her head, the air tubs in place, the data pad close enough to read and the food and water near at hand, she was ready to just wait out the storm and get back to what her and Vee were talking about.

"Vee, how many babies would you normally place in a female?" she asked.

"Any where from 5 to 20. It depends on the size of the creature. I would think with someone your size that I would only place about 10. I know you think that is a lot but when they are ready to be born they will only be about the size where they fit into the cup of your hand. How long would you carry your young ones for?"

"If it was fully human it would be 40 weeks but I have no idea how long the gestation rate is for Dorel's race. Yours would be born before his by near 12 weeks. This is just not something that I had ever found myself needing to think about. Have you ever impregnated anything that was already pregnant?"

"Yes, but they were farther along than yours is. I fear that placing mine in you would harm the one there though there will be a new barrier to keep them all in place. Mine are not the type to hold still though I could tell them that they can't move that much."

"How could you tell them that?" Gillyanna sounded surprised.

"Our young are awake even though their bodies need to grow. How is it with yours?"

"Our minds and bodies need to grow a lot before they will work as they are suppose to. A child's mind really starts to develop about the age of three."

Both Gillyanna and Vee were quiet for some time thinking if this was a good thing or not but finally Gillyanna spoke. "Vee, if you tell them not to touch the other for a few weeks and not to touch where it is connected to my uterus, then I think it should be all right ... What I'm saying is that I would be happy to..."

Vee placed a tendril over Gillyanna's mouth and slowly stroked her face as he started to vibrate and ungulate up and down her front. Gillyanna thought this was the most sensual thing that she had ever felt. Vee slowly lengthened so that he was closer to Gillyanna's core. After what felt like forever she began to feel a movement between her legs. She opened them a little to let Vee have better access as he continued to give her pleasure. Vee slowly sent a vibrating tendril down and touched first her clit, which caused her to moan with feelings that she could not describe. She couldn't feel him enter her but she did feel him as he moved past her cervix. This brought on a climax that she didn't even know she had build up to. Then when he finished Vee removed himself and began stroking Gillyanna's face again. With a smile on her face Gillyanna fell asleep happy.

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