Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Lesbian, Humor, Cheating,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Mistakes were made by many. Can their marriage survive? Will revenge be required?

My name is Phillip Morris. I'm 42, got the start of a small beer belly, but still have all my hair even though it is graying at the temples. Women in the church and at work tell me it's attractive.

I'm married with two children. My wife is Sally, a cute five foot five inch honey blonde (natural) with a good figure after two kids. My kids are Elan, a twenty year-old second semester sophomore, and Ellen, a eighteen year-old first semester freshman. They both attend Florida State University.

I'm an orthopedic surgeon at the local hospital. Sally is a RN working at one of the local nursing home facilities.

We live next to Elaine and Jerry LaBonte. He's an I/T manager and his wife is a RN also working at the same nursing home.

Let me tell you how all of my trouble started and maybe you can give me and Jerry some advice on how to fix things.

It all started three weeks ago at a Sunday evening backyard barbeque at the LaBonte's. We'd eaten a great meal and consumed way too much beer and wine. It was getting late and everyone had staggered away heading home. It was just the four of us left and we were all helping Elaine clean up the mess.

After cleanup Jerry asked us if we wanted "just one more."

I looked at Sally and she eyed me back with a slight shrug of her shoulders and dropping her head a little to one side as if to say, "What the hell? Sure, let's stay."

This is the point I made my first mistake. I agreed to stay.

We sat down, the women had glasses of red wine, Jerry and I each had a beer.

As we sipped our drinks we began talking about crazy stuff neighbors usually do when they get together.

Jerry and I talked and argued about our local sports teams until we exhausted ourselves on the subject. It was at that point that we both picked up on what Sally had just said.

"Hell Elaine. Women could freeze all of the sperm ever needed and kill off the men. After all, women certainly know how to love women better than men do."

I sputtered, "What the hell are you saying Sally? You just implied that you wanted all of us males dead!"

She smiled, "No ... No Phil. You didn't hear our whole conversation. We were talking about a Dr. Phyllis show that was on today. Elaine and I watched it at the nursing home while we ate lunch. It was about lesbians. The bottom line was that women don't need men. We just need your sperm to continue the human race."

I groaned, "Not that damned Dr. Phyllis again. She's a former hack psychologist who thinks she can give advice to everyone on every subject!"

Jerry chimed in, "Yeah, the woman's a genuine heap of flummery, spouting real mumbo jumbo in my opinion."

Elaine and Sally both looked at us as if to say, "Your opinions don't matter where Dr. Phyllis is concerned."

I now made my second mistake. I opened my mouth and stated, "If she had lesbians on her show and made it seem as if women no longer need men, it's only because she's one herself. She probably never had a stiff dick in her life!"

Jerry and I laughed heartily at that.

Elaine and Sally were quiet. They looked at each other and Sally replied, "Well, if that's the case, I guess neither Elaine nor I have had a good stiff dick in a long time. Maybe we should try being lesbians for a while and see if we get our sexual gratification met better than it has been for the last couple of years.

I was flabbergasted. Here was my wife telling me I didn't gratify her anymore! I was starting to get mad and was about ready to open my mouth with an angry rebuttal when Jerry jumped up and almost yelled, "Elaine -- is there something you want to say to me? What have you and Sally been talking about at work? I thought we'd promised each other when we married that what went on in the bedroom stayed in the bedroom."

Elaine looked a little scared by Jerry's onset, but Sally stood up putting herself between Jerry and Elaine. She pointed with her finger at Jerry's chest and beginning poking it. "Easy buster, yes, we talk. We're like sisters, we talk about everything. You don't know what it's like when one of our patients that we've grown close to dies.

We console each other since you brutes certainly don't know how to do that. I, for one, do believe that women are better for women in most every department. The only reason I've not tried lesbianism is that I truly love Phillip. I've had his children through wonderful love making and not some out of test tube, and he's been a wonderful father.

If it was today, I don't know – I might opt for woman. I do have sexual tensions that Phillip just can't seem to address."

This whole conversation pissed me off. These two women were saying their spouses weren't worth anything to them and they really weren't needed in their lives any longer. Well, damn it, that option can sure be arranged for these bitches.

Sally had never said anything to me about I wasn't "addressing her needs." I was little drunker than I thought and madder than hell at this point, and I made my third and worst mistake of the night. I raised my voice and replied, "Okay Sally, if you think being a lesbian is better and easier than living with a man, I wish you luck. Go find one and see if that is really what you want. Go fuck her until you're blue in the face. Just don't come home until you figure out what you want."

Sally was drunk also. "Damned you! I'll take you up on that. Our kids are grown and out of the house. I've got an itch that you can't seem to scratch."

With that she stormed home and locked herself in the master bedroom. I waited a few minutes not wanting to appear that I was running after her and watched a similar blowup between Elaine and Jerry.

Jerry grabbed me by the arm and said, "Look, is it all right if I tell Elaine to grab her shit and go stay at your place with Sally? You and I can 'bach' it until these wives of ours come to their senses." Now I made my last and greatest mistake, I said "Yes."

I ran home, tried to open to the door to the master bedroom only to find it locked and yelled for Sally to open the door. She yelled back, "Go screw yourself."

I beat on the door to no effect. Finally totally frustrated, I hauled off and kicked the door in. Sally was huddled in the corner of the room looking like she no longer recognized me. She had her cell phone in her hand.

I yelled at her, "Okay bitch, I'm taking my stuff and moving out. Maybe you and Elaine can 'les' each other since you two or so close."

I was packing my overnight bag when the sound of feet running up the stairs could be heard. Next thing I knew I was staring down the barrel of a police Glock and ordered to put up my hands and turn around."

"But officer ... This is my hous...", I tried to stammer out.

"Shut up and do as I say." The officer ordered.

I was cuffed and led away to an awaiting patrol car.

At the station, I was booked on a charge of spousal abuse. I raised my voice, "I never touched the bitch!"

The officers told me to shut up and not cause them to have to restrain me.

I was placed in a holding cell and told I would not be arraigned until the following morning. I spent the night in the holding cell with a selection of some of our city's finest citizens. It was a fine assortment of winos, gangbangers, and drug pushers.

The next morning I was released on my own recognizance since I had no priors, was an upstanding citizen in the medical field, and no one had evidence that I had touched my spouse.

Sally had left me to rot in the jail and I didn't appreciate it. Instead of cooling down in the overnight detention, I was madder than ever and becoming more out of control with my emotions. She would pay for this insult! She would pay for my incarceration. She would pay for her planned betrayal of our marriage vows.

I went home long enough to obtain my overnight bag and pack another larger suitcase. I was amazed to find that my clothes from the closet and dresser had been moved to the spare bedroom. And Elaine's had now replaced my stuff.

On the bed were two sets of garter belts and lacey bras. No panties were there. I opened the clothes hamper and found the two panties. Both had a strong smell of sex.

So, these two are really going to try the lesbian route! So let them. If that is all of they think of their husbands, the marriages weren't any good to start with. I thought to myself as I was packing.

Suddenly a thought struck me, What if they already were lesbians and are now so deep into each other that they want Jerry and I out of the picture?

I called the hospital and had them cancel all of my appointments and procedures scheduled for the next three days begging off on having a bad case of the flu. I called Jerry and explained what I'd found and what I thought.

He didn't know what to do but I suggested he follow my lead just in case these bitches were going to try to take us to the cleaners.

I went to the bank and opened new personal accounts and moved half of the joint money to the new ones. I closed the existing joint credit cards. I moved my insurance policies, half of the CDs, and the paperwork on my retirement plan to a new box.

I called the insurance company and removed my wife as a beneficiary and made my children my sole receivers of money. I called my lawyer and asked him to complete a new will leaving everything in my estate to the kids.

By the end of the day, I had as much of my personal life as possible under my protection.

I received a call on my cell about dinner time. It was from Sally. "Phil, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I know you were at the house and took some of your clothes and saw what Elaine and I had done. Please forgive me. We were so drunk! Please come home."

"Is Elaine still there?" I asked.

"Well, yes. Jerry hasn't forgiven her yet."

"I'll not be stepping foot in that house as long as your lesbian lover is still there."

I heard a gasp on the other end of the phone. "Phil. We were drunk. We had no idea what we were doing! It didn't mean anything!"

"Was it like you thought it would be Sally?"

"What? Like I thought it would be? Christ, Phil I never thought about Elaine like that before in my life. It was just a stupid response to the way you guys acted so high and mighty. We were just trying to prove a point. And --"

"Don't give me that shit Sally. You called the cops because I wanted to get my stuff out of the bedroom and you wouldn't let me in. So I let myself in. I spend the night in jail so that you and Elaine could play. Get real! In fact, I'm not even sure that this was the first time for you two. How did you and Elaine know to make sure you had those pieces of lingerie last night?"

"What? The lingerie? She brought hers with her from their house. She convinced me to put on something similar. After that I don't remember a great deal."

"No? You don't remember. Tell you what. Run up stairs on take a whiff of those panties you two threw in the clothes hamper. That should remind you of what happened!"

With that I hung up.

For the next two weeks Sally bugged me with emails, voice messages, even two old fashion letters. All of which were summarily trashed. She and Elaine stayed in my house and Jerry started divorce proceedings naming Sally in an alienation lawsuit.

By the end of the second week the attempts to reach me stopped. I didn't know what that meant until I drove over to Jerry's to share a beer in his backyard and I saw Elaine and Sally through our bedroom window. Elaine was behind Sally fondling Sally's naked boobs and running her tongue up and down Sally's neck. Sally's eyes were closed and a smile played on her lips.

Jerry glanced at me and saw me looking at the show going on in the window. "They do that every night. It's like they are rubbing my face in their lesbian actions."

He continued, "Do you know Elaine and Sally came to see me and apologized for what they had done and Elaine wanted to get back together with me but only if I would help Sally get you back and if you and I were willing to concede that lesbians can get along without men more than men without women. They said that they liked the sex each other provided and they wanted to keep that to "fulfill their sexual needs" as they put it. They said they knew we both must be exceedingly horny by now. As lesbians they easily satisfied each other, but they wanted a family life too.

I told them that I didn't need a lesbian affair between my wife and the next door neighbor and I'm sure you didn't either -- and to go fuck themselves or each other. I really didn't care."

I had to agree with Jerry. I didn't want my wife munching the neighbor's carpet every time she felt I wasn't satisfying her needs. I hadn't told Jerry, but the two women had approached me with the same deal and I'd told them to go to hell.

I went back to my rented hotel room and thought about my life. Here was my wife who apparently entered this lesbian relationship to simply prove a point and here was myself who would never accept what she had done.

We were at an impasse and my only way out appeared to be divorce. How should I break this to my children? That their mother has gone lesbian and loves another woman? That she found the touch and ministrations of a woman more artful and fulfilling then that of her husband? Or that our marriage had fallen apart over a simple case that their mom and I had played a game of chicken that neither of us were now willing to concede defeat.

Or that their father was an ass for not seeing what their mother needed thus forcing her into a relationship she really hadn't wanted but now willing accepted. Or that she had become a total bitch, throwing her new sexual proclivities up at me and that turning me into a wimp was her new goal in life.

I've made enough mistakes in this whole mess. I think Sally, Elaine and Jerry have too. I certainly don't want to make any more mistakes that will just worsen the problem.

What should I do? What would you do?

I know Jerry was aching as much as I was and he just wanted his loving wife back home. But neither of us could accept their stipulation that we allow them to continue their relationship as part of the deal.

I decided to try to salvage the whole sorry mess by calling a summit meeting with Sally, Elaine, Jerry and myself at a neutral location. I choose the Bella Cucina restaurant, a local Italian joint that had a few small private dining rooms where we could talk without the whole eatery overhearing our discussions.

Jerry and I arrived first and were nursing mugs of beer when our wives walked in. They looked beautiful and seemed to have dressed especially nice for the night. They were hand in hand and as they slid into their seats across from us they seemed to automatically reach out and gently take each others' hands.

Jerry and I eyed each other when we saw that action and I spoke first clearing my throat. "Would you two like a drink?"

Sally responded, "Yes, thank you. We'll both have red wine."

The private dining room had a button to push to summon the wait staff. I pushed it and the four of us remained silent until the drinks had been ordered.

Then we passed the time with trivial talk on the weather, what was going on with our children and the like until the drinks were delivered, our food orders taken and we were alone.

We all seemed ill at ease and not wanting to start the necessary conversation, so I decided to open the discussion.

"Sally, Elaine – Jerry and I are glad you accepted our invitation to this dinner. We would really like to clear the air and try to salvage our marriages."

I looked into Sally's eyes and said, "I miss you and want you as my wife forever."

She looked as if she was going to cry. "I want you, too. I've always wanted you. What has happened with Elaine has nothing to do with you. I'm sure Elaine will tell Jerry the same thing because that is all we talk about."

Elaine popped in with, "That's right. It's not that we don't love you clods. We do. We wanted to prove a point about women and men. That Dr. Phyllis is right and women can certainly satisfy each other's sexual needs as well if not better than men. We also kind of slipped into having each other to explore sexual needs and do things that we could never even explain to you, our husbands."

Sally added, "We really never meant for that to happen, but we were so drunk that first night and we were so mad at you, we wanted to prove Dr. Phyllis was right."

I jumped in at this point, "Well then, are you ready to return to our normal family life. You know living with your spouse again?"

They each smiled and nodded in agreement.

I continued, "And living to your vows about forsaking all others?"

Each turned their eyes to me sharply. Sally seemed to be getting mad. "I did not break my vows! We just got drunk and let things get out of hand!"

I held up my hand. "I could have agreed to that for that FIRST night. But I've visited Jerry at night since then and seen you two through the window. What you were doing certainly seemed to be violating your vows."

"We were just pulling your chains. We never did anything sexual after that first night. Sure, we acted like it by playing with each others' breasts and kissing and stuff, but we never culminated any sexual act again.

We just wanted you two to see us and think we were getting it on to throw it in your faces."

I threw back, "I don't believe it. Why would you tell Jerry and me that you wanted to come home but only if you could continue your sexual encounters?

Elaine responded, "We were pulling your chain. We thought if you agreed we could start telling you we had and make up stories about what we did together. We know men get a hard-on just thinking about lesbians fucking each other. We figured we could get you two hot enough to keep us happy the rest of our lives by just inventing some trysts between Sally and me."

I was getting madder now, "Let me get this right. You really didn't want the lesbian scene, but you made us think you did and would continue in some warped notion that we would want you to do it?"

They nodded.

Jerry and I looked at each other and we both knew what we had to do.

We both stood up and threw our napkins on the table. I snarled, "How could you two be so cruel to husbands that loved you so much? You put us through these hoops in the twisted idea that we would LIKE it and get hotter in our love making when you would tell us your concocted stories about your sexual exploits together? I don't think so."

I stared straight into Sally's eyes. "All you had to do was talk to me about what you wanted sexually that I wasn't giving you. But instead you put me through this hell. You've turned into one sorry ass manipulative BITCH."

I walked toward the exit with Jerry and I turned and stated, "I was hoping to put our marriage back together tonight, but instead I find out all of this shit. It's over Sally. I can't stay married to a woman that would intentionally put me through this for the sake of some contorted view of sexual control and fulfillment. That Dr. Phyllis has poisoned your mind to a healthy relationship with your mate. She should pay for dispensing such horseshit for advice."

Jerry pretty much berated Elaine with same good bye speech and we left to get drunk at a local pub. This we succeeded in doing far beyond our wildest dreams. I awoke with the Hammer of Thor pounding in my temples and some warm body lying next to me in bed. I opened my eye a sliver and saw a woman that I didn't recognize sleeping next to me.

I looked around the bedroom and saw I was in one of Jerry's spare rooms. I thought and chuckled to myself, Well, I guess Jerry and I got lucky last night. Too bad I don't remember any of it.

After awaking my little playmate and getting her on the road (I never found out her name other than Sweetie), I went back to my hotel room to clean up.

After some coffee and Danish at the hotel coffee shop, I went back to the room and sitting with a pad or paper sketched out what actions I still needed to take.

This included an immediate divorce. Our state was one of the few that allowed divorce for cause. I would apply for adultery and mental anguish and abuse. I wanted to smear Sally's and Elaine's names publicly and win as much of the family estate as I could.

I'd call the kids later today and tell them the marriage was over and that it was due to some very bad decisions and cheating actions made by their mother.

The next thing that needed to be done was some form of retribution against that damned Dr. Phyllis for starting all of this shit with her ridiculous and dangerous views.

There were plenty of mistakes made by a lot of people -- me, Sally, Elaine, and Jerry for sure, and Dr. Phyllis for starting all of this shit. Jerry and my actions were simple reactions to what was Elaine and Sally's demeaning and provoking actions.

As I picked up the phone to dial my attorney and had entered all but the last digit of his number when I had second thoughts. Did I really want a divorce from a woman that appears to have only been guilty of making several huge mistakes? She didn't seem to have done it in hatred or disgust for me, but definitely with cruelty in the way she tried to go about it. She'd given me many years of happy marriage and I was still unsure of where this conniving, manipulative side of her had developed.

She certainly seemed honest in her answers at tonight's disastrous reconciliation dinner, but she had lied for weeks about continuing her lesbian affair with Elaine. Granted they thought their men would love to hear about their imaginary lesbian adventures, and this was a serious error on their parts. Not many men want to share their wives with ANYONE.

I know I exacerbated the situation by making some big mistakes myself. Elaine made some and so had Jerry. Everyone had made mistakes.

The biggest mistake was made by that bitch, Dr. Phyllis. She needs to be held accountable for wreaking havoc on at least two marriages. Maybe I'll figure out something appropriate for revenge on that bitch.

I held the phone in my hand as I struggled with the question of should I or shouldn't I?

I weighed the years of good marriage to the weeks of hell Sally had just put me through.

In a guttural tone I uttered, "Fuck her" and pressed the final digit on the phone.

I welcome anyone who wishes to write another chapter or epilog.


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