Battlemage Nonetheless: Book 5 - Advocate
Chapter 1

"So now that everyone is here and the meeting is to be started, what is the consensus on the vermin called 'man' that seems to be spreading everywhere? What are the councils "thoughts" on them?" asked Gold as she looked around at the rest.

"They should all be exterminated! They have been trying to prey on us! It's rare that they succeed, but not all that long ago one of those men called 'mages' managed to kill one of us using magic! Magic! They are only infants when it comes to that, but they still managed to use the one thing they shouldn't have to kill one of us," said Red at somewhat of a roar.

"Just what are you going on about? If Beawfefl hadn't been killed by that mage that time, you wouldn't even be here among us. He was a greedy loud mouthed fool and a braggart! Wouldn't you agree?" asked Silver with a bone chilling smile at Red.

Red had the good gracious to look embarrassed and he looked away.

"Maybe that was so, but even still to have a human who uses what passes for that pitiful stuff they do and still call it magic kill him? But to also say that it was a human who managed to killed him with a single spell in the same breath?

"What's to stop them from going on a crusade and thinking that they could wipe us all out now that he somehow managed to do it? They are barely able to stop fighting long enough to come after us! Now they think they are our equals?! Unheard of!" said Green

"Those humans may be growing in power and soon we may have to do something about that whether we want to or not. We should all band together now and get them before they get us!" said Copper

"What do you suggest? We start to prey on them for food? Then they will all rise up in arms against us. It's not like there are as many of us as there are of them. Even though one of us is worth a thousand of them, we would still eventually die out long before we killed every one of them off. We need a better plan than just wildly attacking," said White with heavy lidded eyes.

He looked around as the rest looked away and couldn't hold his gaze. Only Black seemed to match his sleepy stare with one of strength of her own.

"What of you Black? What do you think?" asked Silver as she noticed the interaction.

"I think we should see if there are any among them who have any noble qualities before we talk of wiping them out," said Black as she gazed around at the rest.

"I'm surprised at you Black. Not that long ago you were talking about how we needed to prey on them more. You often spoke of how we needed to take back our hunting grounds before they found a way to take even our skies away from us," said White quietly

"I too wonder about the change of heart? Black, no more than a few centuries ago you were all for us raiding a few towns in the middle of the night to show them our power! Not more than a few centuries ago you were the one who led many raids on what they call livestock. Why the sudden turn around in such a short time span?" asked Azure curiously.

"I've been giving it some thought. With so few of us born per cycle, we need to make sure that we do what we can to survive. Other than when we meet here to discuss issues, it wasn't all that long ago that we all preyed on even one another's clutches. Before we were the ones trying to wipe each other out. Now we are asking man to do it for us? No I think not," said Black softly.

"What do you propose?" asked Gold as she looked at Black.

"I think that one of them should be offered safe passage and allowed to talk to us before we make a decision. That is before we even begin discuss what to do, we find out how intelligent they really are and if they have the capacity for reason," said Black.

"What then? Do we welcome them into our fold?" asked White softly.

"I won't stand for that! How do we know that they wouldn't try to kill us again? That they have not worked out a way to kill us off as a species?" asked Red.

There was a murmur as the others tried to quietly voice their discontent.

"Are you saying that among the most powerful of our kind that we can't subdue one "human" no matter who it is, if it came down to it? Are we that old and weak?" asked Black with amusement.

Suddenly there were roars and outcries at the very suggestion.

"I thought not. Before we can come to a consensus, we need to make sure we have all the facts," said Black.

"I agree with Black. Lets put it too a vote," said Silver.

In taking the vote, Gold abstained as the leader only to keep it fair, as there were eight of them and she normally only voted if another member wished to abstain so as to break a tie.

"It is so passed five to two, to question a mortal and see where we stand. Black I will leave it up to you. We will meet back in three new moon's time to discuss this. If no human will come then we are to assume that they do not respect the request and take that as an issuance of their intent to kill us off as a species," said Gold.

With that the others started to file out of the cave. Soon they started to take flight, one after the other and not too long afterwards Black was the last to leave. Before she did she looked around, as if looking around for the last time, before she launched herself into the air.

Not too long after he left, White dropped to the ground. He circled back around under the trees and was close to the base of the mountain.

Almost immediately a smaller darker green figure closed in on him, and if it was possible, seemed to bow his head before he spoke to White.

"So how did go? Are we ready to start preying on the human's soon?" asked the figure.

"Not just yet. Black, who I thought would be our best ally in this cause came up with a plan to talk with man first," said White.

The way he said "talk" carried with it disgust and irritation.

"So how do we handle this?" the smaller figure asked.

"Gold put a stipulation on her. If she can't find anyone to speak on behalf of the humans, we can proceed with our plans. We just need to make sure that that never happens," said White with a wry smile.

"I take it I need to make sure that she doesn't get too far?" asked the smaller figure.

"Ahh my dear Garphafdal, you have read my mind. If you would, take care of it please," said White before he launched himself in to the air and was soon gone from sight.

"The fool. Once they start the raid on the humans, we can start our raid on them and blame the humans. The only winners of this fight will be us and we will no longer be under their control," murmured the small figure before he also launched himself into the air.

Black, while lost in thought between returning home and finding a human that would be suitable to speak with the council, was riding as high in the sky as she could to keep from alerting anyone to her presences and completely missed the dark shadowy figure within the clouds right as it dropped out of the sky above her and attacked her left wing almost totally severing it from her body.

Having had the wing completely destroyed by the creature, Black quickly fell out of the sky due to her weight, and having no way to stabilize herself, and crashed extremely hard into the forest below.

Black, trying hard not to cry out in pain, was barely holding on to consciousness and could feel her life's blood seeping out of her onto the ground. Making any further disturbances could only cause more problems than she needed right now.

Magically reaching out she used her Dragon magic and tried to find a fairy creature, a creature of magic, someone she could compel and use to do what she needed.

Kathryn Stockton, who was known to her few living friends as Kat, was passing through the forest between towns.

At the last town she had once again managed to find those in need and once again she helped as best she could. While it was rewarding to see the happy faces of those she helped, it also was a sad time when she needed to move on after doing something too public to allow her to stay there.

Often at times like this she often wondered if it was time to try and settle down again. The last time had been almost twenty seasons ago, when the man she who impressed her enough to have as a husband had passed on after reaching just fifty seasons.

While she was sure could have children if she wanted too, she didn't know how they would turn out and she couldn't bear to watch them grow old and die before her eyes if for some reason they didn't also have her immortality.

She somehow and always made it known up front to any man she was involved with that she was barren, and she still almost always found someone that she felt close enough to, to eventually marry. There was always a man around who was willing to sacrifice a chance at a family to be with her.

A few of the men she had chosen had cheated on her over the seasons, but those few who had cheated on her were shocked and amazed when she always disappeared without a trace and never looked back.

The first few times it happened she didn't know what to look for and so she was always stunned that she was cheated on. She tried so hard to be the best wife and was shocked to know that it wasn't enough to keep her man loyal to her.

The first time she realized what was going on she was outraged that her husband would do that to her, but shortly after she thought about it later she ruefully understood that it was the universes poor attempt at humor to make her see what she did to her true love. She was to bear the pain of betrayal from someone she thought loved her too much to ever given to temptation.

When she faced that fact head on she decided to just disappear without a trace and start over without the man in question. She realized that those men's lives were much too short for her to take any revenge or make it more difficult than it needed to be for them.

She knew from personal experience that often those who lived like that eventually were their own worst enemy. Very rarely were they happy, but it no longer concerned her and she moved on.

Given her nature of never looking like she was aging, if she did find someone to have a long life with she always had to use her magic to appear to slowly grow older and had to eventually fake her own death so that others wouldn't catch on that she never really aged or grew any older.

It was a lonely way to live her life, but it was the only way she knew to do it so far.

But she wanted more than that.

While she always had some form of love for each of the men she had spent a life with, she wanted something more. She knew it was out there, but she just hadn't ever found another great love of her life.

The first man she ever had wanted to truly be with she never got to actually experience anything with him due to her own stupidity. But she knew, just knew, with enough time she could find someone who was just like him and that he was either out there for her to find or he would eventually come to her if she was just patience enough.

She realized that it had been just a little over eighty seasons since she had last been to this part of the continent. No one should still be alive that had known her when she was here last, or if they were they shouldn't possibly believe that she was the same person, so it should be safe to settle down here if she chose to again.

Lost in thought as she relived a few of the experiences since she was last here, she was knocked from her feet as something hit the ground quite hard. The noise that came with the force was deafening and she quickly looked the direction that the sound seemed to come from.

Suddenly she felt something in her mind.

It tried to find something to grab a hold of, but it slipped off without being able to get a good footing on it. She recognized it for what it was, because she often compelled men to do what she wanted, and she realized that whoever was trying to directly reach into her mind to get her to do something was in the direction of the crash.

Curious why they were trying to do this she raced through the trees while at the same time trying to quietly approach the scene. All at once Kat was startled to come upon the body of a very ancient and Great "Black Dragon" that was impaled upon at least three trees from what she could see that protruded out of the body, possibly maybe more that she couldn't.

Even still, while slowly walking forward, she wanted to see if she could help.

As she looked over the Dragon as she got closer Kat was in awe. While Maxwell's memory from when she merged with him and caused her to turn into a succubus was now her memory, and so she knew what to expect, this was her first time actually getting this close ever to a Dragon.

The Ancient Black Dragon was a very bright glossy black with faded yellowish scales on the throat and belly that might have been white at one time, but over the seasons had colored to a dull yellow.

Its head was almost twice as long as Kat was tall and just under her height in width. Even with its mouth closed Kat could see the rows of back teeth that escaped and jutted out of its lower jaw and protruding over the upper ones. It had large golden eyes with a color that seemed to swirl around and it was easy to see that they had intelligence behind them.

Kat also noticed that the Dragon also had two horns on its head that seemed to give the appearance that its head made a "U" shape as it head rested on the ground.

The Dragon's long serpentine neck was also resting on the ground. It was easy to see that it was in great pain from how it was impaled. Kat noticed that one of the wings was torn open with a large gaping hole and it was hanging at an extremely odd angle. She wasn't sure if it happened in the fall or not, but the other wing looked fine even though it was weakly moving around.

The legs and haunches were also equally as huge. The nails of the paws were almost as large as her arm and nearly as wide.

It was in all a very intimidating sight to wander upon in the middle of no where if you were by yourself. Even if you weren't it would still not be something you wanted to face on your own while the dragon was alive, but Kat still felt compelled to at least try to do something to help.

But Kat wasn't sure that there was anything that she could with this much visible damage and with Dragon's being naturally magic resistant creatures, but she would do what she could. She wanted to heal it but she knew magically she never would be able to.

Several large scales as big as her hands were lying scattered around them and there were several "huge" pools of blood all around it just soaking the ground and making it wet and sticky.

She had to make sure not to get to close to the spilled blood because everywhere on the ground that the blood had spilled onto had turned a sickly looking black as the acidic contents of the blood slowly killed everything it touched or flowed over. Even a few rocks appeared to be faintly giving off steam as the blood worked at trying to melt them.

With wounds like these there was no way it would ever heal on its own.

The thing she worried about the most was that Dragon's were temperamental creatures. One might welcome her help while another might try to take her with it before it died. The size of its head was almost twice as large as her body.

It could quite easily swallow and eat her whole as large as it was.

"Hello, are you still alive? Is there anything I can do to help?" asked Kat softly as she slowly approached.

"Good, I had problems contacting you so I wasn't sure if you would come but you were the only magical creature in the area. But child are you not you afraid of me?" asked the Dragon in surprise in Kat's mind.

"No should I be?" asked Kat defensively as she approached.

The Dragon didn't seem to be worried about her. Kat felt something that might have been translated into soft laughter in her mind as she kept approaching the Dragon.

"No child. I'm not much longer for this world anyway so you shouldn't. But as you come closer I can see that you aren't quite what you really appear to be, are you?" asked the Dragon, as one large golden swirling eye looked her over.

"I'm not what anyone expects," said Kat softly.

"You're not quite succubus and not quite human, but yet you seem to be even more of both. How is that?" asked the Dragon softly.

Smiling at the Dragon, Kat opened her mind and allowed the Dragon complete access of her life and what she had been up to over the last few centuries, and as the Dragon finished she almost appeared to nod, even though her head didn't rise from the ground.

"You just may be the one to help me with a few problems, but still not be the one I truly need to carry it out. If you don't mind I'll keep speaking with you in your mind because it takes less energy, but I need you to finish my mission," said the Dragon weakly.

"What do you mean?" asked Kat.

"Someone doesn't want me to find a human to speak with the Dragon council about the threat of humanity. Some Dragon's want to go to war and some do not, but it was held off on being decided upon, until a human spoke with the council first.

"I need you to find that human to represent man because if you don't there will be a war. The Dragons may not survive it, but even if they don't they will make sure that very few humans are left alive to do so as well," said Black softly again to Kat's mind.

"But if they don't want you to find a human, wouldn't anyone I find be in danger as well? How will they get there safely and how do we get them to listen to us if you are gone? I can't protect anyone from a determined Dragon with my magical abilities," said Kat.

"I'm sure you can find the right person, but you only have until the third new moon rises to bring them before the council or they will take the lack of a human present as distain for our kind and assume the humans despise us too much to come. They will take great offense at that. So you need to find someone with the strength of character to not take offense at what they hear, brave enough to come, and yet be powerful enough to be recognized by them.

"As to finding a way to get them to listen, my nest is a distance away across the sand dunes what the human's call the Titus desert and I need you to retrieve my egg from it. It is one of the few of our kind conceived and waiting for me to return. My scent is on it and the council will recognize it as mine. That is what you will use to show the council you have my backing. If you can care for my egg and return it to them they will listen," said the Black Dragon.

"That general area is many weeks away and even then if I safely reach it, I still have to find your nest! While I know I can travel there safely, you would have me find someone to help while being expected to return to face Dragons so they could also champion the cause of humanity? That is a lot to ask. I know of no one who can fit that bill," said Kat as she looked at Black.

While their conversation wasn't going on too long, she could see that Black wasn't much longer for the world by the way she was weakly moving. She still needed its help if she was to save humans from being ravaged into extinction.

"That is part of the test. They have to be the ones to get the egg, not you. While you can help their scent must be on the egg. It must be on the egg long enough that they can tell that it was cared for by the humans in question. If it is only your scent it won't matter because you will only be recognized as a creature of fairy and the humans will still be condemned. They must be the ones who protect it from whoever has killed me and get it back here," said Black weakly

"I will do what I can," said Kat softly as she felt the tears start to come to her eyes.

Seeing the great beast in pain was trying for her.

"Are those tears for me? You are the first of either of your kind to cry for a Dragon. You really are special, aren't you? I turn my offspring over to your care, please care for it and keep it safe along side the champion of humanity," said the Dragon softly as her head rose slightly to look Kat in the face.

The swirling golden disks that appeared to be her eyes also seemed to take in the very essence of her soul before she lowered her head again. It seemed as she saw something deep inside of Kat and approved of it.

"Here is the area of my nest. Memorize it well," said the Dragon as she sent a mental image of the area from the air

"I promise to do my best, but what you showed me from the air will look different from the ground," said Kat.

"I'm sure you'll do your best. I feel you're very trust worthy," said the Dragon.

"Is there anything I can do for you after you passing?" asked Kat.

"Once I expire, my body will no longer be magic resistant. While it can still be useful to scavengers and to humans, I don't want that. If my body is used or put on parade, as humans are wont to do, then it will also be taken as a sign of refusal to meet with us. That can not happen, and so I need my body burned if you have the power to do so, though with my eyes I can see your power and I can already tell you can do it," said the Dragon softly as she closed her eyes.

Kat softly cried as she watched the Black Dragon slowly stop breathing. Watching a living magical creature die was always hard for her to watch.

Even though there were still tears in her eyes, once there was no longer any movement from the body Kat set about creating a ward around the body of the Dragon sealing it inside of it.

After it was set Kat set ablaze everything inside the area and it quickly disappeared due to her magical fire. There was nothing left but scorched earth in a matter of moments.

"Life is too precious to be taken from those trying to make a difference for others. I will do what I can to carry out your wish," said Kat meekly to the body of the Black Dragon as it slowly burned.

Taking down her ward, which released all the smoke that was inside out into the night's air, Kat set off in the direction of where the Dragon's nest that contained the egg that might just be the salvation of the human race.

If there was a Dragon war that came, it might be something that drug in not only humans but various other magical creatures as well. Humans wouldn't be able to fight a battle on multiple fronts if that happened. Fearing the Dragon's all creatures of fairy would ally themselves to eradicate the humans.

That was something she had to prevent at all cost.

"Mommy, why does Jacob's Daddy stare at you like he does when he thinks you or Jacob's mommy isn't looking?" asked three season old Marilyn Reynolds.

Suzan was trying to think of a way to defuse this when her husband spoke. They were all having some family time in the parlor and little Marilyn seemed to ask this question completely out of the blue.

"It's because she is very pretty. Once anyone gets a good look at your mother its hard to take your eyes off of her ever again," said Dusty offhandedly.

"Dusty!" said Suzan softly.

"Well it's true. We shouldn't lie to the child," said Dusty with a smile.

"Will he do that to me when I grow up then?" asked Marilyn.

"Probably, but I bet it is little Jacob that more than likely will stare at you the most. I bet when you grow up, you will be just as pretty as your Mommy," said Dusty with a smile.

Little Marilyn came over and hugged Dusty before she returned to what she was doing.

Dusty hadn't given much thought to things for children when he was thinking of things to do to change this world. But knowing that they already had paper and something like pencils, no matter how crude they were, he set about creating something for children once he had children of his own.

Soon he had created crude form of crayons for the kids to use. Later he much improved on them enough to sell them and little Marilyn was hard at work using his creations as she created a little masterpiece for her Mommy and Daddy to hang in the hallway with her other works of art.

Using wax and using colored dust for the tinting, Dusty once again created something that was unseen in this world. It took off like hot cakes and before he knew it he had something else that was in high demand.

When he traveled a few weeks ago he saw that there were knock offs of his product out, but they weren't quite getting it right so he knew that he would be able to sell his for a while longer before his profit margin dropped off. Because of how cheaply he sold them the few trying to make a buck for now they were either too soft or too hard to be of any real use as they tried to make it far cheaper to under cut him.

The King and Queen were ecstatic at this latest new idea because Dusty always cut the crown in for 50% of all profits for the rights to free shipping and access to any new raw materials he might need in the development of any other new ideas.

With each new idea he had that made money, the kingdom prospered more and more. It was all the King could do not to start throwing more titles around, because the King had recently raise Dusty up to a Count. He wanted to raise their social status to match those of the Kingdoms leading merchants.

Even though the other Counts grumbled about his new rise in status, they had to admit that Dusty was making the crown far more profitable with his ideas than they were, but they soon stopped grumbling when Dusty started to allow them access to various things he created on his lands at far below market value to allow them a wider margin of profit.

They saw the value quickly in having him as a friend and not as an enemy when he further helped their bottom line without expecting anything from them in return.

As Suzan smiled at her husband for his comments she went back to the book she was reading and Dusty took that time to look over at his wife in detail.

Even though she was the mother of two she still didn't look like it. She didn't quite have the girlish frame she had before the children were born, but it was a tight one that didn't appear to have been one that had carried any children.

There was no middle age spread, only a firmness that came with the hard training that she still insisted that they do every morning. At thirty three she still looked like she was at best about twenty two or so.

And with the permanent make-up that had been put on her, it only enhanced her incredible looks.

Dusty had once before said with a little make-up she would be unbelievably hot. Someone above had listened to his silent prayer and now she had it on all the time. She had no bad mornings or reasons that she had to re-apply her make-up before she started her day. She now looked incredible ever hour of the day no matter what she did.

Trying not to, he failed to break away and look elsewhere as he continually looked at her in her soft yellow summer dress that rested just above her knees where she sat. With that treatment that her legs received they always had that soft yet slightly shiny appearance that he knew from experience would be very soft to the touch.

While he was looking at his wife she suddenly looked up and caught him staring at her. She was used to it by now. Dusty never used to stare at her so much with undisguised naked hunger like he had been doing over the last few seasons.

Ever since she had been kidnapped to be the next the Queen and given this full body treatment, every man she came across always looked at her like he would give up both nuts for just ten minutes of her time if she would only say yes.

And quite a few didn't mind tempting Dusty's wrath to ask what it would take to make it happen. One, on the verge of having Dusty go off on him, responded almost casually when Dusty asked why he was trying so hard to get his wife in bed once he caught him, said that if Suzan would just say yes "just once" and followed through with, it would be worth the beating he was sure to get from Dusty.

Suzan was sure that Dusty's eyes turned red like they had when he confronted Queen Morigan at the man's response, but later when she looked she couldn't see anything but his brown eyes.

But she had been distracted when the man ran screaming away from them and when she turned back from watching him actually running away, so when she looked again he was back to normal.

Later Dusty had to smile at that one, but it still bothered him from time to time how brazen some of the men were becoming towards his wife, but he had to keep his temper in check and believe in Suzan to do the right thing.

He always trusted Suzan to discourage the more insistent ones. She never gave him reason to believe otherwise and so he trusted her for it. Not to mention she hated being touched by other men and a few had to learn the hard way that when she said no she meant no!

Watching Dusty watch her, Suzan suddenly gave him a sexy smile since Marilyn wasn't facing her, slowly winked one eye, and then also slowly licked her lips. She knew that Dusty loved it when she did that, and as if right on cue she saw his pants slowly start to tent.

With this new turn of events, as if she was trying to frustrate him, she kept doing it over and over as she then started making perfect "O's" with her mouth while she continued to lick her lips, and then abruptly she stopped as she went back to her book. It was as if she had never tried to vamp her husband.

A shocked Dusty looked at her as if he was trying to figure out what happened.

An evil smile crossed his face, and Suzan with her head down saw Dusty leave his chair and start to cross the room. On his way past he rubbed little Marilyn's head, where she looked up and smiled at him and then went back to her drawings, while he swiftly crossed over to where Suzan was.

Acting like she didn't know he was there, Suzan kept reading as Dusty started to lower his face closer and closer to hers.

Looking up to tell him to stop, he quickly put one hand behind her head, with his fingers behind her neck, while keeping his palm on her cheek, and he kissed her soundly. He still enjoyed the sweet taste of cherries that kissing her ruby red lips always brought.

While kissing her, he dropped his other hand to just above the inside of her right knee and made small circles with his finger between her knee and thigh. It took some practice over the seasons to get it right, but he now knew just where and how hard to touch her in public to get the best response out of her. He could do it in his sleep now if he needed too.

Before long he felt her start to lightly shiver.

He kept at it and the shivering kept getting more and more insistent and intense on her part. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw her drop her book into her lap and grab her chair tightly with the only hand he could see so tightly that her knuckles were turning white. He was sure the other hand was also doing the same thing on the other side of him.

Breaking the kiss he leaned back and looked her in the eye.

Suzan was still lightly shaking and it looked as if she was stopping just short of having an epileptic seizure as she quivered while staring intensely at him.

The intense look she gave him was one that almost burned him as smoldering as it was.

"Now that you begun to boil the pot you have to finish what you started," said Suzan in a voice that was so soft and yet so deep and husky that it gave Dusty goose bumps.

"Now, now. Marilyn is still up and Anita is still in the practice yard teaching Logan. While I guess I'm happy that he's not a mage, I'm surprised at the level of intensity he's showing at four. But he and Anita could also walk in on us at anytime you know," said Dusty speaking softly and changing the subject as his evil grin returned.

The only answer Suzan gave was to quickly pull him back down for a kiss using both hands on his shirt. She then quickly slid her hands into his shirt and started to use her nails to lightly rake his chest.

A few second later they heard an "Yea Mommy, yea Daddy" and they broke apart and saw little Marilyn looking at them with a tiny smile on her face

"We need to stop before we give her new ideas to try with her friends," said Dusty as he put his forehead against Suzan's.

"I'm going to only say this once, your mine tonight. Don't plan on going anywhere with anyone and don't plan on working out later. Eat up and gain your strength. I don't even care if you need to enhance your strength magically if you don't have time to get in a good meal before bed or you have to get your strength from using something else.

"When the kids go to bed, I expect you in our room seconds afterwards, casting the silence ward as you come down the hallway. Be prepared to go well into the night," said Suzan huskily and with an intensity that now made Dusty shiver.

Knowing that he should move now before they gave their daughter a show that she didn't need to see, Dusty rose quickly and went in search of Logan to see how his training was progressing.

Smacking his butt before he got too far away, as he went to check on his son, Suzan smiled at his shocked look.

She had warned him about winding her up time after time and he still did it without regard for the consequences, though this time he might wish he hadn't. Normally they didn't have several hours before bedtime.

By the time it came around to go to bed, she should be of the right mind to just about destroy him in bed. Dusty knew that morning would come far too early for him once she was done.

Trying to keep from showing that she was shivering in anticipation, it was all Suzan could do to try and continue to read her book.

After reading the same line of her book over and over again because she found her mind was stuck dwelling on what they were going to do later that night, she finally gave up the fight and decided to play with Marilyn since it was still early in the afternoon. She also enjoyed using those crayons of Dusty's.

But tonight, oh tonight Dusty was hers to do with as she wanted, and she had a few ideas on how to make him pay for his earlier actions.

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