The Squirrel
Chapter 1

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is a coming of age story set in the early 1970s in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is more of a romance though it does get explicit at the end. The story is told from the young man's perspective.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   First   Oral Sex   Petting   Slow  

"I don't want to humiliate you guys. After all, you were brave enough to share your pathetic experiences. Anyway, you Neanderthals are too unrefined to appreciate real class." A few whoops and aspersions that I didn't have any experiences to divulge followed. Mind you, they were fairly circumspect. It never pays to rile the boss.

A short time later, the younger set left to party hearty. Those of us remaining bid them good luck then told them they were incapable of having any. A few of those remaining expressed mild regret that their time chasing skirts was over. I had no such regrets. I never caroused, even as a single.

So, in a way, their jabs back at me were right. My 'firsts' were not like any of those told around the banquet table that night. All our female employees were in another room for presentations and speeches about women in engineering. So, the guys felt free to open up.

I'll be honest though, I am not nor have I ever been a super-stud. And, yes, there are engineers who are! Me, I was ignorant and scared with each step I took down that road.

My older brother, James, on the other hand was a man they would envy. Most women when they met him either became jellified or just started acting stupid. James took after the South American side of the family. I'm told I look very English. I looked like that nice kid down the street. James looked like a 'B' movie star pretty boy, close to a young Errol Flynn. Some doubt that we really are brothers. It's not nice to disparage my mother! We are brothers. I look like dad, he looks like mom. The DNA testing my son did years later for science fair proved it.

So, I was the slightly younger and much more naive brother. I often was known as, "Tom, James' younger brother." Nice handle.

During my young teenage years seriously hot girls would chat me up for a few minutes, then, not so subtly change the topic to James. It never even occurred to me to be jealous. James never followed up anyway; I think that he liked the hunt too much.

At that time I was far more interested in competitive swimming, history, music, chess, and science than girls. Yes, I hit puberty late. It didn't hurt me then (well, not much) nor have I suffered since. I may be a card carrying nerd, but I like my life.

I found women's reactions to James downright amusing. Looking back over the years I believe that it is probably because I really had no real attraction in what I considered fluff heads anyway. I still get a kick out of one occurrence.

Once during college, I met my sister Marcie on campus to give her a lift to work. Sharon, one of her roomies was with her. So were my mom and James. Sharon was my idea of cute.

Soon the family conclave broke up and Sharon asked for a ride to her workplace too. Fine. I expected her to get into the back of my small compact as I opened the passenger door to let her in. Instead, she got in front, moved to the middle then Marcie got in. I went around and got in the driver's side, which pressed me into her quite nicely. As we got settled in, Sharon turned to my sister and said, "Boy! Your brother James got all the good looks in your family!" Yep, Marcie and I played it cool and pretended that I was hurt, letting her dig herself in deeper and deeper.

Most of my family shares an unusual trait, we need very little sleep. By the time I entered high school, I could only manage one to two hours a night. I would sometimes go a couple of days without getting tired. I insisted on our few road trips for swimming to room with heavy sleepers. Lights might be out, but I'd built a small book light so I could read while everyone else was out of it. Now you can buy one at any book store. I should have copyrighted that.

Back in the late 60's and early 70's, there was nothing going on after about midnight. Most TV Stations signed off, or showed really bad movies. There was no cable or internet. Dad and my siblings all were up, but my mom needed her 8 hours a night. Unfortunately for us, she was a very light sleeper. We had to keep very quiet.

So, as I mentioned, I used the time reading. We had a library room, which incorporated most of our finished basement. Mom loved English literature while my dad was a history and mystery buff. We also had lots of books from my grandfather who had been a Captain in the Royal Navy. In addition to that, my former biology teacher kept feeding me books too.

While I have an excellent memory, I did envy my sister and younger brother. They have near photographic memories. I can store facts quickly, but I have to work to memorize passages. At 6 my brother John could recite Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland" and "Through the Looking Glass". We soon stopped him doing stuff like this in public because we started getting treated as weird. Maybe we were.

School was often excruciatingly boring. There were no gifted classes. So, I had to suffer while the football coach droned on about topics I probably knew more about than he did. When I was younger I tried doing something else – not a wise move. So, I learned not to smart off to the teacher, do the homework and ace every test. I was known as a good student. Sometimes my language would get me into trouble. I'd use words no one knew or mispronounced words that I had only read.

As I said, I was on the swim team and was quite good. I usually placed in district competition. My brother, James, was great. For a while, he was being groomed for national competition. Unfortunately, he somehow got in with the drug crowd and lost all motivation. His life was an example of Timothy Leary's saying; "Turn on, tune in, drop out".

My dad had become a lawyer to please his parents. He was successful at it, but his heart's delight revolved around building or fixing things. We were very close, so I learned carpentry, plumbing and electrical skills as soon as I could lift a tool. From about 10 years old and on I helped him rebuild old Victorians. He had to cut back when I was a junior due to his case load. I still enjoy fixing things. These different skills were to be the cause of my own coming of age experiences.

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