My Cleaning Lady
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Spitting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Moving back into an old home requires a bit of unexpected help. But it proves to be well worth it.

Authors note: For some of you who enjoy knowing this, part of this story is based on truth. Though I have changed a few pertinent facts here and there, I'll let you pick and choose what is truth, and what parts I've added to enhance the story. As always, I appreciate your comments/votes and feedback. So please ... drop me a line and let me know what you think as the story unfolds here.

The fact I was having to move back into the house I had once lived in was bad enough. But having rented it now for the past five years ever since my mother had passed away made it even more difficult in doing so. It wasn't in the best of shapes to say the least. A messy divorce left me with no choice but to do so. Luckily, or unluckily for me, however you wanted to look at it, the last tenants had left over a month prior to this. I'd been looking for someone else to rent out to when the proverbial shit hit the fan. Not like I hadn't seen it coming, but as they say, timing is everything.

And the last thing I really want to be doing at this point, was having to clean, restore and make the old place livable again. Not to mention the fact ... I was once more living in the same home I had left so many years ago. Not that there weren't fond memories of growing up there as a kid, there were plenty of those. But it's an odd sensation to go back to something when you've already convinced yourself you never would.

With everything that needed doing to make it not only presentable, but livable ... I took a week off from work in order to set things straight again. Most of the major needed repairs I knew I could do easily enough myself, and thus save even more money. But it was the more simple things that also needed doing that I detested having to do. And that had soured my mood even more so. Dust bunnies everywhere, stained carpets, doors that hadn't been washed or cleaned in god knows how long. The list went on and on. I was already toying with the idea of hiring someone to come in and do that kind of work, while I finished up on the major stuff, when a solution literally fell into my lap.

I had in fact moved out over ten, maybe twelve years ago. And though I certainly had come over periodically to visit with mom, those visits had remained basically just that, visits with her. The old neighborhood as I had called it, was almost a thing of the past. Sure mom stayed in touch with many of them, one or two even close friends. But friends I had once known, or kids growing up ... like me, by now had all moved away. They now had families of their own, more kids and grandkids, so I had pretty much lost track of anyone who looked familiar to me, or who I might have known long ago when growing up here. And that was when I bumped into Valerie. Or rather, when she literally bumped into me.

And I'll be perfectly honest. At first, I didn't even recognize her, though she certainly recognized, or at least knew who I was perhaps. Mainly because she'd noticed me moving back into the old home. The last time I remember seeing Valerie. She was eight years old.

I had gone over to the local grocery store where I proceeded to buy up just about every cleaning supply imaginable. Those were things I hadn't exactly packed up and moved with me when I separated from my soon to be ex-wife. Another reason for my sour and surely mood as the wake-up call on just how expensive this was going to be hung from a very long tape in my back pocket, with little or no food on the list itself. I was throwing several sacks of this stuff in the back of my car, turned to roll my now empty shopping cart into a nearby stall for empty ones when Valerie's still half-full shopping cart came rolling towards me. She had just then turned after loading a bag into the back of her car, just in time to see her cart rolling away as she began giving chase to it. I stopped it, with my own empty cart before it could slam into the side of my car, scowling at her for a moment, though not really meaning to. Like I said, I was in a bit of a shitty mood anyway.

Her smile was disarming as she approached, apologizing for the errant cart. Immediately shaming me into apologizing to her myself, though more for the look I'd given her more than anything else. That ... and the fact she was damn cute. Don't get me wrong, she wasn't a looker by any means. Cute in the sense that she was attractive enough, especially wearing the somewhat skimpy outfit she was currently wearing. Short shorts, a tight fitting tank top that hugged her more than ample breasts. She was the kind of a girl that you'd describe as having some meat on her, without being fat. Hair long, worn in a ponytail, with little if any makeup on, save for some moderate eye-shadow and lip-gloss. An average, but still cute looking girl with what I felt was her best feature, even beyond her large tits, as being an amazing smile.

"Sorry about that," she continued smiling ... looking at me as I merely smiled back, apologizing myself, though now she smiled even broader, which was a bit unnerving at first. "You don't remember me do you?" She asked.

Wild thoughts filled my head. I never laid claim to being a saint, and with the problems I'd been having in my marriage for quite some time now, I'd eventually gone outside of that for some much needed satisfaction. Something the ex had been doing for far longer than I had. Still ... even having been with a few somewhat younger women, I certainly couldn't remember being with anyone quite this young. So after carefully checking my memory banks to ensure I hadn't hooked up with her during some sort of mind-numbing stupor, I looked at her more closely. A faint recognition just there below the surface.

"Ok, you got me. I think I do know you somehow, but I honestly don't remember from where."

She laughed at that. "Well, I think the last time we even spoke to one another, I was maybe eight years old," she informed me. "I'm Valerie ... your neighbor? I'm Jocelyn's daughter."

"Oh my god! You're Joycelyn's kid?" I asked, regretting I had said that the moment I did.

"Not so much a kid anymore," she said only slightly frowning at me now, simultaneously turning in profile so I could better see her voluptuous body, though I had already noticed that. Her smile immediately returned as she turned facing me once again. "I'm eighteen now, just graduated this year."

"Yeah, you're not," I observed, looking at her, and once again regretting the way I just had, my eyes automatically taking her all in again, though I'd done so in simply trying to see her then, as opposed to the way I was seeing her now. I know that it didn't come off that way however, especially the way she smiled at me, almost wickedly. Which in turn, made me blush.

"Thank you," she said demurely, but again her eyes held a mischievous twinkle in them that made me feel like a prepubescent kid again. Thankfully, she was wise enough to suddenly change the subject before the drool fell from the corner of my mouth. "Looks like you bought out the store," she noticed. "Obviously ... you've got a lot of cleaning to do."

"Unfortunately, yes. I was even considering hiring someone to do the general cleaning for me ... you don't know anyone who'd be interested in doing that do you?"

"Really? You're serious?"

I hadn't meant her ... but I could now see she was interested. And then suddenly I was.

"Yes ... really," I answered. "Why ... you interested?"

"I clean all the time," she laughed. "Ever since mom hurt her back, I do most of that at home, but unfortunately, I don't really get paid for doing it either. So sure ... hell yes, if you're offering ... I'm interested."

And just like that ... I had a cleaning ... girl.

Val, as she actually preferred being called, told me she'd meet me back at the house in about an hour. I warned her that one of my still unfinished projects was the swamp cooler, which apparently hadn't been working for quite some time now. Only ten in the morning, it was already hot, promising to be a rather humid day. Without any kind of a breeze, even with all the windows in the house open, I knew we'd both be sweating profusely before the day was done.

"Thanks for the warning," she'd told me. "I'll come dressed and prepared for it."

I was almost embarrassed to have her come in. The place was a mess besides being dirty. I'd unpacked very little, seeing no point in doing that until I had actually cleaned the rooms before putting things away. Almost every room had a stack or pile of boxes in it. Even the little furniture I had, or had recently purchased wasn't due to be delivered until I'd managed to make room for it, or at least clean.

"Oh well," I thought as I managed to sort out the various cleaning supplies. "It's not like I'm entertaining guests," I realized, though the picture now running around inside my head was of Val's supple looking body, which was already giving rise to something in my own shorts. Dressed lightly myself, already feeling the stickiness of the heat as I began carting in some lumber in order to begin replacing pantry shelves, I heard a knock on the back door. "Come on in!" I called out as I turned facing the screen door as Val opened it coming into the kitchen. She had indeed come dressed and prepared for the heat perhaps, but if I'd thought what she'd been wearing earlier was provocative, what she had on now was downright sexy. Not sexy in the sense of meaning to be, it just was. She wore a pair of red lightweight cut off sweat pants that had been cut almost too short as I saw it. The matching top, had likewise been cut off very short, just covering her breasts, leaving a great deal of her midriff exposed. I knew without even having to look, that should she lean over even a little, I'd be looking at a hell of a lot more than what I was seeing now.

"Might as well start in here," she said breaking my revelry as I just then realized I was almost staring without saying anything. "After I finish in the kitchen, I'll move to the bathroom," she informed me. "Those are usually the two rooms that need it most in my experience."

"Ok," I stammered. "Most everything you'll need is sorted out on the table there," I stood pointing feeling like an idiot, especially as I could still feel the stirring in my groin, almost afraid to look in the event it was starting to become noticeable. "I'll be working in the pantry here, replacing and fixing the shelves while you're doing that. Just let me know if you need help with anything," I offered as she walked over and began selecting the items she'd be using.

"Same here," she responded back. "If you need me to help you lift, or hold onto anything, just ask."

Oh the thoughts I was having after she said that, purposely turning to begin working on the shelves before she could see the new blush in my face, not to mention the now very obvious bulge in my shorts.

I quickly managed to busy myself outside cutting and measuring the new shelves for the pantry, bringing those in, spotting Val standing on an almost too short step ladder as she finished wiping and cleaning out the top shelves in the cupboards.

"I'm not sure that's very safe," I said worriedly as she appeared to be balancing herself precariously on the ladder as she wiped down the shelves.

"Almost done with these," she responded back without looking. "But you're probably right. Would you mind steadying the ladder for a moment more so I can finish this last one?"

I hurriedly walked over, grabbing the ladder to hold it in place as she leaned forward once more. Sure enough, as I'd suspected earlier, I could see easily up the front of her cut off sweatshirt. And though she was in fact wearing a very modest white bra, even seeing that was incredibly sexy. Her full breasts obviously contained, yet straining against it as she stood there wiping the shelves. I found myself imagining what they'd look like unencumbered, while she continued wiping down the cupboards, the image of that playing around inside my head when I realized she'd finished, had turned and was now looking at me.

Worse than that though. I realized then she'd spoken my name once already.

"Mark?" She asked again. "I'm done if you wouldn't mind helping me down."

"Oh ... yeah, sure," I said holding up my hand towards her as she reached for it. Unfortunately in doing that, I'd destabilized the balance on the ladder, and her sudden shift in weight caused it to suddenly lean to one side. In a flash, she literally jumped, the ladder falling off to the side as she careened into my chest, just barely catching her.

And there we stood. Val had in fact jumped, wrapping her legs around my waist, her arms now encircling my neck as I caught her, my hands now firmly cupping her twin ass cheeks, the look of surprise in both of our faces for a moment, and then laughter as we both realized how close she'd come from possibly hurting herself, the relief of her safely suspended there in my arms.

"Wow ... that was close," she grinned, finally unwrapping her legs and sliding down my torso until she settled back onto the floor again. The problem with that was, I felt her full breasts sliding across my chest. And I also felt her as she slid past my obviously rock hard cock. And though neither one of us mentioned either, I could see the sudden heat in her face every bit as much as I knew, she was seeing in mine.

"At least that's done," she stated stepping away. "And next time, I'll know better," she grinned further. Which is also when she happened to glance down briefly, before turning back towards the kitchen table to retrieve some additional cleaning supplies. "Guess it's time to head up to the bathroom next," as she smiled again, grabbing the mop and bucket, paper towels and Windex. Only when she had turned the corner disappearing into the hallway headed upstairs did I dare turn to look down at myself.

"Fuck!" I said silently. There was no fucking way she could have missed seeing what I now saw myself. I was slightly worried and concerned, she'd think me to be some sort of a pervert at this point, and find some excuse to leave and never come back. I wouldn't have blamed her had she done that. Shaking my head instead, I went back to work, finishing the shelves in the pantry, checking off one more item from my things to do list.

And then I noticed, the next thing on my list just happened to be the replacement of the doorframe in the upstairs bathroom. I had noticed that almost the moment I'd begun moving things in. For some unexplained reason, it appeared as though someone had at some point actually tried kicking in the bathroom door. I could only wonder at the circumstances that had brought that about. The bottom hinge completely splintered so that the door hung at an odd angle, not closing properly, and putting a strain on the upper hinge so that it too had bent beginning to pull away from the door. I'd already removed the entire door, planning to reframe the side piece before re-hanging it with new hinges. Grabbing my tools, the piece of wood I'd need, I soon headed upstairs.

The last thing I expected to see as I entered my still cluttered bedroom, was Valerie sitting on the toilet, just then wiping herself, and standing.

"Oh god! I'm sorry ... the door!" I stammered quickly averting my eyes, embarrassed as hell.

"Don't be," she said flushing, only then reaching down to pull up her shorts. "Only peeing," she said as though it was perfectly normal for me to have seen her doing that. Though her answer was in itself curious, as though maybe I might have expected to see her doing something else. In the few seconds of time all this took place however, my mind had already registered the fact her pussy was entirely bare. When she'd stood, not even bothering to cover herself, I had seen that before averting my eyes. But I had also noticed almost simultaneously as she then reached down pulling her sweat-shorts back up, that she hadn't been wearing any panties either.

"That was ... or rather is, my next fix it project," I explained looking at the door, which I'd set aside against the wall. Val washed her hands in the sink, turned looking not at all embarrassed at my having caught her taking a pee, and offered her help. "Need me to hold it for you while you screw?" She asked. Once again I was at a loss for words here. Was that a double meaning in some way? Though her face certainly didn't show it to be, looking completely serious here as I walked over finally setting my tools down which I'd been holding there like an idiot.

"Eventually, maybe," I said instead taking the piece of wood I'd already premeasured and cut. "I need to frame this piece in first, and then glue it. So probably won't be ready for the door until tomorrow at the earliest. In the meantime, there is another bathroom downstairs where the door does close." She laughed at that.

"Don't worry about me," she stated easily. "If you haven't noticed by now, I'm not exactly shy or modest. So unless it bothers you, it doesn't bother me. In fact, I was just about to ask you if it would bother you if I were to take my top off. There's very little ventilation in here, and the bathroom is really causing me to sweat."

"No, of course not. As long as you're comfortable," I replied sheepishly trying not to grin like a fool here. After all, she was wearing a bra, and from what I'd seen, it was more encompassing than a lot of bikini tops I'd seen. Why the thought of that came with any significance at it actually being a "bra" seemed rather silly under the circumstances, even as she smiled that damn smile again, reaching down, and in one swift motion pulling it over her head.

The problem was. She wasn't wearing the bra now.

Once again I found myself staring at her. "Ah ... weren't you wearing..."

"A bra?" She finished for me. "Earlier, yes. But as sticky hot as it is up here, I took it off. I hate having sticky tits. Drives me nuts," she added to that. Only then did I see her white bra hanging over the empty shower rod over the bathtub. "Hope this doesn't bother you," she then said with that all too familiar smile on her face once again. "But like I said, I'm not very modest, and prefer being comfortable while I work."

"Oh ... it bothers me," I thought to myself, and then said..."Not at all. Whatever makes you the most comfortable is fine with me."

We both returned to working, though I found myself stealing periodic glances her way more often than not. I simply couldn't help myself. I can't explain it, don't even know why ... but there's just something about watching a woman work, especially naked, or even partially so that seems to do it for me. As I secured the new frame to the door, I'd glance over and down at Val as she knelt over the tub, scrubbing it. The way her full breasts dangled over the edge of the tub. The way they'd wobble and bounce a bit with each and every arm stroke, not to mention the fact, that I likewise got periodic glimpses of her well rounded ass cheeks as they made an appearance through the openings of her rather baggy shorts. The knowledge there too now, that she wasn't wearing any panties either, making it hard for me to not imagine what it would be like, and feel like, to be slipping my cock in and out of that sweet, hot tight pussy of hers. Something I knew that would never happen of course. But it was sure as hell fun thinking about it as I stood there framing in the door. Val finished the bathroom, which now looked spotlessly clean. Impressed with her work, I told her so.

"Listen, why don't we both take a break?" I suggested. "I know I could use it. How about something cold to drink?"

"Beer?" She asked. I know she'd spotted the case of that which I had put in the trunk earlier.

"Sure," I said. She might have only been eighteen, but I figured one beer wouldn't hurt.

"Cool, I'll just finish mopping the floor here while you go for them." I nodded my head in agreement with that, and headed back down to the kitchen to grab us some beers. By the time I returned, she had finished. But once again, Val had caught me in a bit of a compromising circumstance. Taking a seat on the floor, she had done so by a particular stack of boxes, one of which contained a few magazines I'd decided to bring along with me. When I walked in with the beers, she sat thumbing through one of them. The title on the magazine she held in her hand said it all. BIG NATURAL TITS.

I had never been a real fan of those typical men's magazines showing beautiful women with gorgeous near perfect bodies. Most of those were doctored up and airbrushed anyway. Not to mention the fact, that most women appearing in those had fake looking tits these days too. I'd never been a fan of that, especially when my own wife had gone out and had hers done. I'd relented only because she really did have small boobs, and had stressed that she'd feel better about herself if she could increase her bust size just a little. I was thinking a cup size perhaps. Needless to say, I wasn't happy to discover she'd gone from a small B, to a triple DDD when I went into to see her as she recovered from surgery. It was just one more wedge driven between us. And don't get me wrong here either. I don't mind looking at, or enjoying a big set of tits, just as long as they don't look like balloons that have been attached to a woman's body. My soon to be ex-wife's did.

Val looked up accepting the beer I handed to her, though she continued to thumb through the magazine.

"Interesting," she commented sipping her beer.

I didn't dare say anything, though I managed to park myself across from her sipping my own beer. Thankfully at least, my dick had gone flaccid again, but it wouldn't remain that way for very long as I sat there looking at her, so it was a necessary evil to likewise sit down before I embarrassed myself ... again.

She looked up at me at that moment actually holding the magazine up as she did, pointing at a particular photo of a slightly older looking woman, once again large breasted, and just slightly saggy, though I actually found the woman to be very attractive ... more importantly, totally and completely real and natural.

"You think she's sexy?" Val asked.

"In fact I do." I responded honestly. "Which is why I prefer buying those kind of magazines over any others. I like natural, normal looking women."

"With big tits," Val giggled.

"They don't have to be big," I chortled back. "Just real ... natural, or at least reasonably," I added. Even if they aren't, if they look real, and feel real, I'm good with that. It's the balloon's I take issue with."

Val put the book down, looking down at herself now, which of course drew my attention. "Never have liked the way my own boobs look," she said. "I think they're too big ... and too saggy, especially for someone my age. All the girls I hung around with had much nicer looking breasts, I've always been self conscious about the way mine look."

"You could have fooled me," I thought, but said instead, "I like the way yours look. I think they're very, very attractive in fact."

Val's breasts were at least a natural double D, and well rounded in a teardrop shape perhaps as they rested against her chest. And she had fairly large areolas as well, not overly so ... but about the size of small coffee cup in circumference perhaps, and a dark tan color. Her nipples in fact stood stiff off her breasts now, though whether that was from excitement, or being simply exposed, I didn't dare hazard a guess. But they were obviously thick, thimble sized perhaps, and stood a good inch off her areola.

"Yeah?" She asked once more looking down at herself, and then shocked me a little as she cupped them, hefting each one of them in her hands. "Not too droopy? Too saggy?"

"I prefer it when they don't pass the pencil test," I actually laughed.

"Pencil test?"

"Yeah, you know ... when you can't place a pencil beneath them and hold it there."

She laughed upon hearing that. "Never heard that before. But yeah, you're right, I'm guessing mine wouldn't," she mused, and then reached over suddenly, startling me a bit as I had no idea what, or why she was doing this. Until she had grabbed the pencil I actually had resting over my ear, which I'd been using earlier to measure with. "Like this?" She now asked, lifting one breast, placing the pencil beneath it, letting go. Sure enough, the pencil stayed in place.

"Yeah ... just like that," I said admiring her breasts openly, finding it oddly erotic that she was doing this for one thing, and that we were just sitting here like we were, sharing a beer and discussing tits with one another.

"What about my nipples? Not too big?" She now placed the pencil over the top of one of them. I was surprised when she let go, and saw it balanced perfectly as it rested there.

"I'd say ... pretty damn near perfect Val. Trust me ... you've got nice looking boobs. And I don't mind telling you, I am enjoying, sitting here being able to look at them."

"Yeah, I sort of noticed that earlier," she said winking at me. And then asked. "So ... is there like a pencil test for guys too?"

"Pencil test?"

"Yeah ... you know, like being able to balance one on your dick when it's hard? Like it was ... earlier?"

I felt my face turning crimson again, though laughed trying to ease the sudden discomfort I was feeling. Not to mention shifting as I sat, likewise trying not to draw attention to my now very hard, very stiff member.

"I take it you noticed. Sorry about that."

"Don't be. I actually found it quite flattering that you got aroused looking at me. Even before doing this," she said once more cupping her breasts, and even pulling on each one of her nipples, making them thicker and longer than they had been. "I will say this ... though I don't exactly care for the way my tits looked, they always have been sensitive, and I've even managed to have a few orgasms just playing with them and nothing else."

"You can?" I asked incredulously, not even realizing I'd said that out loud, nor the way it must have obviously sounded to her when I did.

"Yeah. Would you like to see me do it?"

Now I really was speechless. But I heard myself saying, "Ah huh..."

Val giggled excitedly, and began caressing and playing with her own breasts, all the while looking at me. The way she rolled and pinched her nipples, pulling on them, tugging ... letting go, and then grabbing them again was one of the hottest things I had ever seen. If I hadn't been hard before, I certainly was now. But I didn't dare breathe, say a word ... in fear that she would suddenly wake up and realize what she was doing. When her eyes took on a sort of glassy, faraway look, I knew she was getting close. And to be honest, so was I. Without doing anything to myself. It was as though I was masturbating through osmosis, watching her sensing her pleasure, feeling it in a way as she drew closer and closer towards climax.

"Ahh, ohh ... yesss!" She hissed, her eyes growing wider now, her "cummy-face" as I secretly called it whenever I saw a woman having an orgasm. She had one too. A good one. Her face all screwed up now in ecstasy and pleasure. Her face suddenly flushing, as was her breasts as the rush of blood spread across her skin like a wildfire out of control. I could feel the seepage of my own lust leaking from my prick-tip, no doubt soiling my shorts, wishing now that I could come this way, needing to, wanting to. She finally sighed, sitting back up and straight again, though gingerly, lightly still fingering her nipples. "That was nice. Did you like seeing that?" She asked.

I nodded my head, my throat dry. "That ... was fucking hot," I finally answered. She giggled again. "And you really came? Just from touching your breasts?"

"Yeah I did. Not as big of an orgasm as I do have when I actually masturbate, but it still was."

"Damn," I said again smiling leaning back against the stack of boxes, though partially trying to adjust my hard straining erection now in doing that. Unfortunately, I think she was well aware of why I was now shifting about as her eyes lowered in that direction.

"So ... since you obviously enjoyed seeing that, how about doing something for me?"

"Like what?" I asked hesitant, almost fearful of where this might be going.

"Show me your cock."

Now I really did feel like a dirty old man. The fact that I was actually sitting here in front of her ready, willing, and able to expose myself to her told me that. Never mind the fact she was sitting here topless in front of me, she was after all, only topless. A far sight as I saw it from actually taking my cock out and showing it to her. And though she was eighteen, I was still twelve years older than she was, and definitely feeling like a bit of a pervert at the moment.

"Please?" She now added seeing my hesitation. Unfortunately, I was thinking with my dick now instead of my head, standing ... already unzipping my shorts, soon after peeling those down my legs along with my briefs simultaneously. My hard prick even caught on the waistband momentarily, suddenly freed, and then slapping against my stomach as I allowed my shorts to now drop down around my ankles. "Nice," she almost sighed ... hearing the slap of my prick and seeing it now as it stood fully at attention in front of her.

I've never considered myself to be much above average, but even looking down at myself now, I'm not sure I've ever seen it harder, or more purple in color as it was now. Throbbing even, along with a big fat droplet of pre-cum drool now forming, and soon stringing out from the tip reaching towards the floor.

"Fuck your hard!" She exclaimed looking at me ... or at it rather, her eyes seemingly glued to my cock. "It looks like it's going to explode any second now!"

She had no idea how close to the truth she was in saying that either. My balls were so tight, I felt sure that had I touched myself, I'd be spewing juice all over the place. Feeling like I'd granted her request at least, the rationalization of all this had me thinking somewhat clearly again as I bent over, preparing to pull my shorts back up.

"Oh no ... don't do that!" She implored me. "Not now ... not as hard as it is. Make it cum for me Mark. I want to watch it, watch it spurt. I know you're dying to. So please Mark ... please. Stroke it, and make it come for me. Pretty please?"

I think I would have withstood even that, had she now not done what she did. Faster than I could even comprehend it, she rose up, lifting her ass off the floor just enough, and in one fell swoop, took her very short, sweatpants off. I watched as she sent them flying with the kick of her foot. Her legs now obscenely spread, hands and fingers already down between them. I stood staring at the delicate pink folds of her cunt, the sight of glistening moisture readily evident.

"God I am SO fucking horny!" She spat as she sat fingering herself. "Stroke it for me Mark, stroke it. Jerk it off, make it cum for me, while I make myself cum for you again."

I knew in an instant. I was done for.

Watching Val as she unabashedly sat there finger-fucking herself was too much for me to withstand. I'm not sure I even realized I had taken hold of my own cock until I felt myself actually stroking it, working it up and down. And as I'd already surmised, a few more strokes in doing that, I'd be shooting cream out everywhere.

"Oh yeah ... yeah, that's it, stroke it baby, make it shoot, make it cum really, really hard for me!"

I was standing at least five, maybe six feet away from her when I felt the first massive rope of semen leap from my cock. Incredibly, the first one hitting her squarely between the breasts, though I hadn't actually meant to do that. Val squealed in surprise and excitement, watching as the second one likewise reached her, falling just a bit shorter, mostly landing down in her lap, drenching her hand and fingers as she continued to now pummel her cunt with them furiously. She cried out, her orgasm upon her, joining mine as I continued to pump out several additional streamers of spunk until my legs could no longer support me. I collapsed back to the floor, looking on, seeing the trail of cum streaks staining the floor between the two of us.

"You made a mess," she laughed. "A really nice one," she giggled loudly, reaching out with her finger to then run it through once such trail, feeling the stickiness between her fingers. She was certainly right about that. I had indeed made a mess of things, and wondered if I hadn't made an even bigger one in having done this.

At her request, we finished cleaning and putting things away in the bedroom before calling it a day. Naked. Neither one of us bothering to dress again after that, though she said she preferred doing so in the nude. Not only because of the heat, but because it gave her energy in doing it, and in seeing me naked while she did. I have to admit, it did seem to make the work go a lot faster and easier, though it took me a while to get used to working that way. Not to mention seeing her that way the entire time. Interestingly enough though, it worked. As tired as we both were after a rather strenuous day of cleaning and repairs, I was more than ready to sit down and relax.

"So, feel like ordering in a pizza or something? Maybe watch a movie together?" She asked.

I hadn't really planned on making an evening out of it, but it was obvious she felt like sticking around for a while yet. And to be honest, I didn't mind. She was fun to look at for one thing, and for another, even though we'd done what we'd done earlier, I had already sorted out in my mind at least ... it was sort of innocent naughty fun. And that nothing more had come from it, no pun intended.

"Sure, any place in particular that you like?"

Excited, she called in the order. "They'll be here in about twenty minutes."

"Better get dressed then," I stated already looking for my clothes along with my wallet.

"I'm not ready to do that yet," she answered. "But I am ready for another beer. Want one?"

Oddly enough, my living room was about the only room that was in any a semblance of order. Figuring I needed someplace to sit and relax after a day's work, I'd pretty much cleaned that up myself before putting things to order. As such, I did have the TV and DVD player set up, along with my personal collection of movies. And being the new bachelor that I was, I had also categorized, and actually displayed my X-rated movies, though I hadn't planned on having company any time soon when I did that. Especially not someone like Val who now knelt looking through them.

"Ah ... I'm not sure those are the kind of movies we were talking about watching earlier," I informed her, feeling slightly embarrassed now that I actually had displayed them as she even then pulled another one out, looking at the title and description.

She ignored my comment as well. "Only seen one other naughty movie," she said looking at another one. "Ever seen Deep Throat?" She asked. I had, and admitted so, an oldie but a goodie for the times. "This one looks interesting though, can we watch this one? Please?"

I looked at the title. Although why I was even considering her request escaped me for the moment. Maybe it was the fact that out of all my X-rated movies, this one was one of the mildest, based on the content and subject matter at least. It was more voyeuristic and exhibionistic than anything else. And after what we'd done earlier ... it wasn't as though this would be any worse than that. Mostly, it was about a couple who played games watching one another in the apartment complex they lived in, which over time got more and more elaborate as the movie went on. They didn't even get together until the very end. And even that part of the movie was more suggestive than actually explicit. Maybe it was because of that I finally relented. I figured if I was actually going to let her watch one while we ate our pizza, this would be the lesser of many evils.

I had gone into the kitchen to wash my hands, grab a couple more beers when the doorbell rang.

"Shit!" I called out. Realizing the pizza guy was here. Which is when I then heard.

"I got it!"

"Shit!" I called out once again, though this time racing back into the living room. By the time I had however, Val was already standing in the open door. Completely and totally nude as she actually accepted the pizza from the guy.

"Just a second, I'll get your money," she said smiling, though I stayed far enough inside the room that I couldn't see him. Already my mind going a hundred miles an hour as to what the pizza guy must be thinking. Val turned walking over towards me as I stood there stupidly, only then fishing out my wallet. "It's eighteen seventy five," she said grinning from ear to ear. For the moment at least, all I could do was shake my head at her as I handed her a twenty, and as she handed me the pizza box. I then attempted to hand her a couple of extra bucks to that for a tip. She laughed.

"I think I've already tipped him well enough," she grinned once more, and then headed back to the open door where the young kid stood waiting for her.

She handed him the money, stood for a moment more in the open doorway, and then stepped back finally closing it.

"Always wanted to do that," she grinned looking at me as she came back inside.

I had to laugh. Maybe I had never delivered pizza, but I had gone door-to-door selling magazines when I was a lot younger, and never once had anyone opened the door even halfway naked in the year I had done that. Though I had friends who made wild claims saying they had. And now, here I was on the other side, realizing that this young kid may go racing back to lay this story on his friends. I wondered how many of those would believe him.

"Five will get you ten, the next time I order pizza from them, there will be a car load of pizza guys showing up to deliver it."

"Well if you decide to, just call me and have me come over then. I'd hate for them to show up and be disappointed," she giggled back. "That really was exhilarating though. Especially the way he stood there blushing, trying NOT to look at me, but stealing glances at me anyway. It was kinda cute too. Too bad he really wasn't."

"Yeah ... too bad," I thought. "Good for me," though I then wondered why I found myself thinking that.

"Anyway ... I'll get some paper towels for the pizza. Why don't you start the movie and then we'll sit down and enjoy it together," Val continued as I watched her head back into the kitchen. My eyes glued to her cute little ass the entire time.

"What the hell am I doing?" I then thought to myself as I actually inserted the movie into the DVD player. I had the feeling that the night was far from over with yet.

It was interesting to note here. Seeing the movie the second time was far more erotic than it had been the first time. Obviously because I was sitting there watching it with an attractive (naked) eighteen year old for one thing. But also because I was watching her almost more than the movie. Just seeing the intensity on her face, the obvious flushed arousal as she ooh'ed and ahh'ed throughout most of it. Sitting on her side of the "L" shaped couch, also afforded me the luxury of periodically catching her. There were times when her hand just dropped down between her legs, and though not quite openly masturbating, she was at times actually fondling and touching herself, not even realizing that she was perhaps. But of course I'd also caught myself doing the same. It was almost automatic at times, likewise getting involved, interested in a particular scene, or in her ... and finding my hand wrapped around my dick for a moment. A few times I caught her looking over at me too, always that damndable smile on her face. A knowing look at spoke volumes, as though she wanted to say or mention something, and then didn't ... as though waiting.

When the movie finally ended, I thought I was going to burst, and was now anxiously waiting for her to call it a night and go home, so that I could finish jerking myself off again. And though I had done so earlier in front of her obviously, I felt that now to be one of those "once in a blue moon" experiences, and not likely to be repeated here any time soon.

Boy was I wrong.

When she actually stood up, picking up her empty beer bottle, I initially thought she was gathering things up, straightening up in preparation for leaving.

"Don't worry about doing that. I'll clean up first thing in the..." I never finished. Val walked over carrying her empty bottle with her, and promptly sat down on the ottoman sitting in front of me. I looked at her with the last words frozen inside my mouth, taken by surprise for one thing, and not entirely sure of what it was she was doing for another. Until she grinned. And as she grinned, she looked at me, or rather at my stiff hard dick, which I just happened to have my hand wrapped around at the moment.

"Yeah, do it again for me Mark ... while I watch you," she said. And then spread her own legs, moving the empty beer bottle down between them, slowly and teasingly entering the neck of the bottle inside herself as I sat there looking on.

There was something wickedly decadent about seeing her doing this. I'd never seen anyone do that for one thing. And now watching her as she did, as she obviously drew pleasure from it, slipping the bottle inside her until she couldn't push it in any further. She partially withdrew it, pushed it in again, and then held it there, grinding it against herself.

"God that feels nasty," she mused lustily. "But so is watching you, holding your dick. Now ... stroke it for me. Let me see you play with it. And don't just pump it up and down either Mark. Play with it the way you like to do when you're all alone and thinking really naughty, dirty thoughts. I want to see you play with it when you're doing it that way. Like the way you're seeing me playing with myself now, using this bottle. Though I'd be glad to fuck my pussy for you with anything you'd like to see me using. I like to try different stuff all the time. Bottles work ok ... like this one, though there's a lot of other stuff I actually prefer using."

I was so fucking hard I thought I was going to go off again any moment. Just listening to her as she spoke, as she played with herself, fucking herself with the bottle, and now imagining all sorts of lewd, evil wicked things going inside her.

I couldn't believe I was actually doing this for her ... in front of her. But just sitting there hearing her, listening to her was really turning me on. Unlike anyone ever had before. She was so fucking wet, the sounds her pussy was making as she fucked herself with the bottle, and the entire time, talking to me, urging me on. I'd always been titillated by a woman's willingness to talk dirty to me on occasion, but in all this time ... it was never like this. It was almost second nature to her the way I saw it. And because she was, I actually found myself toying with my own dick in ways I would never have done in front of anyone else. I enjoyed pulling on the head of my prick, just teasing the tip with my fingers, which she seemed to take a great deal of joy and delight in watching me do.

"Fuck that's hot," she literally purred. "I like seeing you do that. You like hearing how wet my pussy is? Can you hear that Mark? Can you hear how messy wet I'm getting? All that girl cream my cunt's making for you? Watching you? Watching the way you're sitting there playing with that nice hard fucking dick of yours?"

"Ah huh..." I managed to answer, content to just sit there and listen to her, watch her as she continued to play spin the bottle in her pussy.

"You gonna squirt all over my tits for me baby? When you cum? Drench them both for me? Mark my tits with your gooey, slimy semen? Let me feel your hot nasty spunk spraying all over these big fat, floppy tits?" She now asked picking them up in her hands, holding them together, and even somehow managing to press her nipples so that they were actually rubbing against one another. And all the while with that fucking beer bottle sticking out of her cunt. It was just too fucking hot.

"Oh god. I'm gonna lose it babe!" I said, face already starting to grimace here. "I am so ... fucking close!"

"Then do it baby! Do it!" She said still holding onto one of her tits, though her hand went back down to the bottle as she started to ram it in and out of herself with a lot more force now. Trying to time her climax to mine perhaps, though I fought the urge to release myself, trying to let her catch up to me maybe. Though I needn't have worried. She just looked into my eyes, let me see her "cummy face" and came. I exploded as well. Looking down, seeing the first massive spurt of my cock as the cum flew from the tip, arching high into the air, and then raining down on her as she sat there ... still cumming, still working that beer bottle in and out of her cunt. And all the while crying out.

"Squirt baby squirt! That's it ... spunk me, squirt me, splash me, cum me ... cum me ... cum me!"

We had actually gotten dressed after that. I had watched her put her top back on, over her cum-covered tits. She'd made a point out of leaving them that way, cum-splattered and smeared as she almost gingerly put her sweat top back on, leaving her bra as I realized, to continue to hang over the shower rod in the upstairs bathroom. I laughed when she actually carried our empty beer bottles into the kitchen, tossing them into the trash, including the one she'd just used on herself. I was half-tempted to take it out again, and if nothing else, just smell it after she'd gone.

OK ... so I did do that.

"So, what time tomorrow do you think?" She asked just before stepping outside onto the porch.

"Whenever you'd like," I told her. "You don't have to make it early though if you don't wish. It is Sunday, so if you want to sleep in a little, go ahead. I usually do sleep in a little on Sunday's myself."

"Well, we'll get a lot more done before it gets hot again. But even if you're not up yet when I come over, there's still things I can do that won't require your help. Do you have an extra key you can give me so I can let myself in?"

I laughed. "Don't tell anyone, but I rarely lock my back door. I'm a light sleeper anyway. But there's certainly nothing here worth stealing yet either."

"Ok, will see you in the morning then," she said walking over and actually standing up on tiptoe enough to kiss my cheek. "I'll have the coffee on and waiting for you," she added to that, giving me another kiss. "And Mark?"


"Thank you for a really wonderful day. It sure made working a whole lot more fun and easier." And with that, Val stepped outside and disappeared.

I certainly had to agree with her on that point. It had done that. Though I was still feeling a little guilty about allowing myself to let things go as far as they did. Even as I argued with myself all the way upstairs, where I now sat and blew up the air mattress I'd be sleeping on for a while. I was already hoping that we'd spend another day of naked cleaning and repairing together.

In the morning, I wouldn't be disappointed either. But the surprises that lay ahead were only just the beginning.

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