Home From the War
Chapter 1

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Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - My sister waited for me

Summer in England 1945

I paused to take it all in and let peacetime wash over me, it felt real at last, an American bomber named Enola Gay had ended it all after six years of madness and slaughter.

I lit a cigarette as the train huffed slowly out of the station and looked out over the station car park, how green everything was, how peaceful too.

Picking up my case, I meandered out into the street, I was a fifteen minute walk from home, there would be no Stukas with their insane, banshee screams, no ME109's strafing civilians, but above all no shooting whatsoever!

One or two people looked at me curiously, the scar tissue on my face both attracted and repelled them, across the road the Red Lion pub was just opening it's doors for the trickle of day time trade and I realized how badly I needed a pint.

"Morning" I went in and nodded in reply to the landlord's friendly greeting.

"A pint of your best bitter please George"

He looked up and stared at me,

"Good God, it's Dave Stevens isn't it?"

"As ever George" I smiled,

"We heard you were dead" he pushed the foaming pint over to me and watched as I took a deep, satisfying draught,

"A nasty rumor George" I pulled out a note for the drink but he waved it away, "Not after what you've done"

"Everything I did George, I did to survive, but thanks"

"Is that it then are you out?"

"Don't know yet, they've offered me a job, but I'm having a few days leave to mull it over, anyway I need more surgery yet on my face"

"Yeah you're not very pretty"

I grinned at him and finished my drink,

"Good to see you George, I'll probably be down later on"

"Do that" he held his hand out and shook mine warmly,

"I'm glad you made it mate"

"Thanks" and I walked out into the rest of my life.

The house stood by itself at the edge of a small plantation of trees and bushes, I stood just looking for a minute at the neatly tended garden then the door opened and she was there, my sister, the girl whose face had visited me in my dreams every night.


A smile broke out as I nodded unable to speak, then she was in my arms her blonde hair in my mouth, her lips on my face, my neck,

"David" her tears fell on my face to be joined with my own as I held her tightly,

"I thought I'd lost you"

"Shush" I said gently, "You didn't lose me, I'm here Penny"

"Tell me it's over David, please tell me you're not going back"

"I don't know yet, you can help me decide"

The tears fell again and all I could do was stand there holding her until they finally stopped and we went into the house arm in arm.

"How's the face?" she asked quietly, "Does it hurt much?"

"Only when I laugh"

She reached out and touched the scarring,

"They told me it was bad"

"It wasn't a barrel of laughs, that's for sure"

Reaching for my case I sat it on my knee and flicked it open, her eyes widened as she saw the slim packages holding silk stockings, the long packets of duty free cigarettes and the packets of tea and coffee,

"Courtesy of our American allies" I laughed and took everything out to lay them on the table, "They were first into the camp after the R.A.F. had flattened it, it was they who took me straight into one of their field hospitals"

"I've not seen coffee for about four years" she laughed, "I could only ever dream about non service issue stockings"

"Yeah tell me about your job, driving wasn't it?"

"Yes, I was a General's driver" she said proudly, "I only got demobbed last week, but I've been busy in the house, since mum and d--,"her voice cracked then and I reached for her.

"Show me where they're buried"

I'd been in the Nazi prison in Germany under sentence of death when they were killed in an air raid on London, the commandant, a kindly man who hated the Nazis had received word via the BBC world service, (dad was an important diplomat involved in top secret negotiations with dissident Nazis to end the war)

"They're in the cemetery"

She took my arm and walked with me,

"Did they know about us?"

"No" her hand slipped down into mine, "No definitely not"

"They died thinking I was dead though didn't they?"

"Yes" she nodded sadly, "I've only known that you weren't dead for just over a month"

"Amazing isn't it, I survived all that time without injury and then the bloody R.A.F. did this to me?"

"Do you feel bitter?"

"Hell no, I was due to be shot the next morning, the commandant had delayed it for as long as he could"

"Did he make it?"

"Well the Yanks arrested him, but I'll speak for him if he's put on trial, he detested the Nazis, but his family connections kept him pretty safe, I hope he's all right, the Gestapo wanted me shot the moment I was captured, it's only thanks to him that I'm still alive"

We reached the cemetery then and we both knelt beside the graves of our parents, they were well kept with a tiny posy of fresh flowers on each one, I stayed there just thinking about them until my sister stood up and took my hand,

"Come on Dave, don't let's be sad, they went quickly, shall I do us some dinner?"

"That'd be nice" I smiled and realized I'd not eaten since breakfast some five hours ago.

"How are you for food, I've got my own ration books if you need them?"

"I was a General's driver remember?"

"Officers perks eh?"

"We closed down a major black market operation two weeks ago, we've got lots of food"

She showed me a big cupboard like thing in the kitchen and explained the Yanks had given it to her rather than ship it back when they left,

"It's called a fridge" she said proudly, "It keeps things fresh for ages"

"Wow" I laughed, I'd heard of the new fangled invention but this was the first I'd seen and I was hugely impressed, especially when she produced two big T-bone steaks and four eggs!

"How long have you had these?" I asked and looked doubtful when she told me her old boss had sent them three days ago,

"Are you sure they're all right?" I picked one up and sniffed it suspiciously much to her amusement, it smelled fine, so she put them in a pan over a low light and surprised the hell out of me by producing a bottle of Scotch whisky.

"Is there anything you've not got?" I laughed,

"I thought there was" she said softly, "But then it turned up this morning"

She turned her back and I knew she was crying,

"It's a bit damaged though" I said and touched my lips to her neck, she turned and slipped her arms around my neck,

"It marks you as having done more than a lot of people David, I'll be proud to be seen on your arm, any time, any where!"

"Even Buckingham Palace?" I asked with a smile,

"Yes of course, eh?" I'd confused her,

"The King's giving me a medal the day after tomorrow"

She shrieked with joy and kissed me again,

"You're meeting the King?"

"No, WE'RE meeting the King, I want you with me"

"But I've got nothing to wear!" she protested as I knew she would, then I broke the rest of it to her,

"Why haven't you mentioned that you were in France after the invasion?"

"It's not important"

"Not important?" I snorted, "The General's car was strafed by a lone ME109, he was hit in the shoulder, you carried him into a house, commandeered a car to get help, you took a wrong turn and got stopped by a German patrol, you shot and killed all three Germans, carried on until you reached our lines and you don't think it's important?"

"How on earth do you know all this?" she asked as she turned back to the steaks,

"I was eventually transferred to the same hospital as your General, he got to wondering about my name and asked me if I had a sister named Penelope"

"So he told you?"

"Why wouldn't he, you saved his life?"

"I was just lucky"

"That's not what the General said" I smiled, "But anyway whether you like it or not, you're getting a gong too, so your uniform will be ideal, besides" I grinned, "I've never seen you in uniform"

"I think it suited me" she said with a smile, "I HAVE rather missed it"

The steaks were cooked to perfection and I savored every mouthful before sitting back and smiling at her,

"Beautiful" I said and she smiled back at me, "Thank you, it felt good to be cooking for you again, shall we go for a walk?"

"Fancy a drink?"

"Good idea, yes I'd love one"

It felt unreal to be walking out with my sister's arm through mine, in fact just strolling in the warm evening air felt surreal, a couple of spitfires flew low overhead en route to the nearby airfield and I started, but Penny's hand in mine reassured me and I grinned ruefully, "Sorry"

"Don't be, it'll take time Dave"

People stopped us to say hello and how pleased they were to see me again,

"Glad you made it Dave"

"Just as handsome as ever David"

"Hey the village cricket team missed you Dave"

"By Christ but you're ugly" I turned and embraced my best friend from school, we hugged and patted each other's back,

"You're not so pretty yourself mate" I laughed indicating the jagged scar down one cheek,

"Yeah I nicked meself shaving"

We made a date to meet up the following day before continuing on our way, it was a small community made smaller by the war and all of us had a tale to tell,

The greetings continued in the pub, everyone wanted to buy us both a drink or just to say hello, someone began knocking out a tune on the old upright piano that had stood unused for six years and it was two very tipsy people who staggered home well after midnight.

As the door closed behind me, she grabbed me and pulled me into her embrace,

"I've waited all day for this" she said huskily and drew my mouth to hers as we sank to the floor, gone was the shy, somewhat demure girl I'd left behind to go to war, this was no girl, she was a beautiful, demanding woman, I tasted the alcohol on her breath as we kissed hungrily, I pulled at her dress and felt her scrabbling at my belt, then her fingers found me and she gasped into my mouth,

"Do it David, do it, it's been too long"

We were both beyond reason, I ripped her silky panties and thrust forward, she screamed as I entered her but thrust herself back at me urgently, I gripped her buttocks as she scratched my back, I wanted to ram myself hard into her but I managed to control myself and savor the tight warmth of her sex around my cock.

"Beautiful Penny" I said softly and she moaned into my mouth,

"I've waited years for this David, I've dreamt about it every night"

"I thought you'd find someone else"

"Never" she almost spat it at me, "You're the only man I want in my bed"

"That's what I wanted to hear" I smiled and kissed a swollen nipple, "Let's go to bed Penny, I want you naked underneath me"

She'd lost none of her teenage beauty during my long absence, her breasts were fuller, firmer even than I remembered, her hips slightly narrower and she'd trimmed the hair at the beautiful cleft between her legs,

She squealed as I pushed her on top of the bed, but the squeals turned to moans of delight as I followed her down with my head between her legs and my mouth on her very core,

"Oh, oh God David" I felt her whole body trembling as I wormed my tongue in between her labia and licked at the plentiful wetness I found, she arched her back up off the bed and pushed her groin into my face,

"DAVID" she yelled and gripped my hair, "DAVID, I'M CUMMINGGGGG" I felt her juices gushing out into my mouth, swallowing eagerly I pushed her back down and moved up over her, she was still cumming as I slid easily into her pussy, my cock was rock hard and she squealed again as I jammed it all the way up her,

"Yes" she hissed, "Fuck yes, shag me, do it David, shag me, fuck me, fuck me, David, I'm cumming again"

She jerked, her eyes rolled back into her head, her mouth formed a grimace and I felt her finger nails digging into my buttocks,

"Penny darling" I gasped, "I'm cumming too"

I felt it in my toes first, it quickly spread up my legs, my thighs then I was cumming, Penny's teeth were on my neck, nibbling and biting me in the throes of her own orgasm.

It felt like I was peeing I came so much, bangers went off in my brain, lights flashed in the room and I was vaguely aware of my sister whimpering beneath me as I came and came and came!

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