Those Who Cuckold Get Paid Back
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Cheating, Cuckold, Spanking, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Husband ends in jail for paying back to those who are doing their best to cuckold him. There are several of them as a very famous actor, her boss and the richest man i their town.

Many thanks to ReneeandKent for editing this story

For the time being, I'm a "jailbird" and can't complain because my life in jail is surprisingly comfortable, very comfortable indeed. To be honest, this small semi-open "white collar jail" is different from all average jails and more comfortable than many hotels in my Scandinavian country. Great food, well equipped gym and satellite TV with porn channels are supplied by the state. Rumors here say that other benefits for making the life even more comfortable for an inmate are available. Ones like a visiting "girlfriend" for an hour in a private visitor room and even booze of acceptable quality can be supplied by "private entrepreneurs" among the inmates.

Of course, those "extra benefits" has to be bought for high prices but as they make the life enjoyable, several of my new very wealthy colleagues regarded them well worth the price.

I myself was lucky to meet a 'Jail bird groupie', a married mother of two in her mid thirties who, so far, has visited me several times 'for talking about my sins.' I met her when her choir from a church visited the jail and sang for us. Afterwards, the choir members had a coffee break together with us inmates. She and I had a pleasant talk and it was she who promised to com to see me at a private visit so we could continue our talking. I accepted and she was back to the jail a few days later.

After some talking about us, I found out that she had a much worse problem than me. She confessed that her husband had lost all his interest for sex and began to cry when she told me that it was more than a year since they had any sex. But, because he was a very good father to their children was why for the time being, a divorce was out of question.

I had no condoms and had no intentions about fucking her unprotected pussy but decided to act as a Good Samaritan and giving her some alternative aid about her problem. I think that the taste of 'forbidden fruit', while talking about sex with a "violent" inmate in a jail, must been aphrodisiac for her. We began with an innocent necking that, within a short time, turned to petting and then she let me take off her jeans, I knew that it would be a memorable good time for both of us.

Then even her panties were off, we ended up having a 69. It was a totally new experience for her. At the beginning she only licked me but when my licking of her clit got her hot and horny, she began sucking me very good. I really did my best with my lips and tongue on her pussy. When those efforts gave her an intensive orgasm, she sucked me so hard that I couldn't it deny it any longer and had to let it go in her mouth. To my great surprise she swallowed all of it just as she must have seen in some porn video.

Afterwards I gave her a long and tender comforting hugs, convincing her that she had not done anything wrong. She promised to come and see me again as soon as possible for 'talking about my and from now on even her own sins.' She kept her word and as I had used condoms at that meeting, she gave me a good taste of her tight pussy. That really lightened up my day and got me looking forward to her next visit.

I'm sentenced to three months but my three weeks behind bars before the trial was credited so my time here in this jail will be about nine weeks. In fact, a very useful time for me because instead of working, I'm allowed to do high-level studies of the European Union agricultural subsidies. That will be a very good investment for the future in my accounting business.

One extra advantage while being here is that I've met a bunch of great upper-class guys with different skills, some legal some not, that can be very useful connections in the future.

If you have read this story so far, your well-founded question to me might be, "What have you done to be in that jail and who are you?"

I need to have a computer and I'm allowed to have a laptop PC for my intensive studies about the agricultural subsidies and it is even a useful tool for writing this story about myself and why I'm here.

My name is Emil Silwergran, thirty-six years old self-employed certified accountant that was making fair money thanks to the law in our Scandinavian country. It demands all Limited Companies, even the smallest one man company, to use a certified accountant. However, I'm not here because of any economic swindle at my job. The simple reason for me to be the guest of our government for three months is that I gave my wife's boss a black eye, broken jawbone and injured balls.

However, this story begins ten years ago when I had agreed to go on a blind date. A ten days long hiking trip in the vast wilderness in our north had been planned. It was a gang of six couples of my own age that had planned the trip. One of the guys had deserted his girlfriend only two days before their departure and left all his camping equipment behind him and he sold it to me for a fair price.

I met my eleven travel companions at the railroad station for the 18 hour trip northward and was introduced to Pernilla 'Nilla' Jonson, a fair looking slim girl with nice brown hair. The last 15 hours of that trip was in a night train where we did some partying before getting a few hours of sleep.

The walking in the vast wilderness would last 7 days along a famous trail and every couple had their own small lightweight tent. During the first evening, before going for sleeping in our tent, Nilla told me, "Please understand my situation and if you have any other intentions than sleeping in the tent, please accept that my 'No' really means No!"

On our first night in the tent we were so tired that her 'no' didn't matter. The second night she was in mood for talking about her ex who had cheated and left her for another girl. I listened to her story about how her dream about a family together with him had been crushed. Then she asked me about my relations and obviously didn't like my reply, "My relations are not much to talk about because they usually last one evening or one night and no hard feelings while parting"

"Have you never dated a girl more than once?"

"Of course I have, many times. My female friends and I are simply making a call when we want a date."

Now Nilla asked me, "Don't you want a family together with a woman you really love?"

"Of course I want a family if I happen to meet 'Miss Right' and if she wants marry me."

Then Nilla asked me a lot about how I wanted my Miss Right to be and I told her that meeting a honest, faithful and clever girl would be a good beginning but I had no details because we had to be two to tango and fit together comfortably.

She gave me a hug for my answer and said, "Good night."

Nilla was a lovely girl and I thought I would be a genuine idiot if not making some attempt to get her panties off. But I knew it had to wait until the right time and be without any dirty tricks. We talked a lot about daily matters while walking and found out that I really liked her.

I began to guess that the others had some kind of betting about if Nilla and I would be an item during the hiking. Already, at the third day I got several questions about Nilla and replied that she was okay.

During the third evening I told Nilla that her old and my new friends were curious about how well went together? She asked me, "What's your opinion in that matter?"

I remained silent for a while and said, "I joined your gang because the hiking was a real challenge for me and I didn't mind sharing a tent with a girl with some problems. Your conditions for sharing the tent sounds fair, but I have to confess that my feelings for you are increasing. I really hope that you will accept a real dinner date when we are back home."

"I'm grateful for your understanding of my problems and will look forward to that dinner date but what is your opinion about how well we are going together?"

"I love you Nilla."

That took her by surprise because she asked, "Are you serious or joking?"

"Serious. What about you Nilla? Do you have any feelings for me?"

"Of course I have got some feelings for you and tomorrow we will have a serious talk. Now I regret to say that I'm very tired. The only thing I can promise you now is a good night kiss."

Her soft lips felt eager and after our long hot kiss I knew that my odds for getting into her pussy the next night ought to be much better than 50%. But that was no reason to celebrate in advance because anything could happen while she probably was thinking about us during the night.

After the next day lunch break, Nilla told me that it was high time for us to have a serious talk. She asked if I was serious and still meant what I said the last evening. I said, "You are special Nilla and I love you much, more than I ever loved any other girl."

She hugged and kissed me saying, "Emil, I love you too."

After that we agreed to tell the others about our feelings during the evening when we all were together. We'd sit around a bonfire, not for the light because during the first days of July at the north, it was daylight almost 24 hours a day but the bonfire kept the mosquitoes away.

During the evening Nilla and I rose up and I said, "Dear friends, it is a great pleasure for Nilla and me to say that we have fallen in love."

Then we hugged, kissed and got a lot of congratulations.

Later, when alone in our tent, we began with intensive kissing all over our bodies. To my great pleasure she even gave me a sensitive sucking and I licked her clit before entering her. She was good, very good. Indeed the best pussy I ever had. We did it slow in missionary position and I knew for sure that from now on Nilla would be the one and only girl in my dreams.

At home again after the hiking trip, I got a real surprise at Nilla's apartment when I went there to take her to our first date with dinner and an evening out. I had only seen her naked in the dimmed light in our tent or in sport wear and walking boots in daylight. Now with slim black silky top, a black skirt above her knees and high heels I could see what a svelte girl she really was. If she would be mine, I had won a real bargain, indeed.

Back in her apartment after our first romantic dinner, we had our first sex in a real bed. Most of the time we did it tenderly and that brought us to unexpected heights. After an intensive orgasm Nilla suddenly, without any previous warning, asked me,

"Emil I love you and I want live my whole life with you, do you want to marry me?"

It hit me like a lightening bolt and I understood that any doubt or hesitation would mean serious problems so I immediately replied, "Yes Nilla, I love you and want to marry you."

She looked right in my eyes and asked me, "Any doubts?"

"No my love, I really look forward to our wedding."

Our sex improved to even higher heights during that glorious night though I couldn't understand how that was possible.

Though it had only taken Nilla and me a surprisingly short time, less than two weeks to agree about marriage, we had a rather happy relationship that lasted ten years and a few months. We turned into an average Scandinavian family living in a nice house with our two kids, a six-year-old boy and a four-year-old girl.

I had never heard Nilla complain about our sex life which was fine even if just in my opinion. Neither did we have any economic problems. Nilla had a good job at a bank and I had quit my job at a multinational company and had started my own accounting business. A good number of active friends meant that our family was involved in a lot of social events.

Both Nilla and I had our own strange hobbies. My hobby was an unusual semi-antique car; a Triumph Mayflower 1951. A replica of a rare English classic Rolls Royce. The Mayflower car was what jokingly can be described as a Rolls Royce, shrink to half of its size in a car wash. In fair a wind from behind, the thirty horsepower of its 1250 cubic-centimeter engine could press the speed to 100km/hour. I spent many hours in the garage keeping it in good shape and was often booked for driving it as an unusually fancy car at weddings and student balls.

But it was Nilla's hobby what ruined our marriage and sent me to the jail. She was a member of an Amateur Theatre Society that used to play some kind of a farce a few times every October. It was a complete innocent hobby, with no scandals ever known. Everything went fine, at least until the society got a big donation from an old member who had sold and large land area with a huge profit.

The Theatre Society had a board that got big plans, very big plans indeed. The chairman of the board got as happy as small child in a candy store when a very famous actor with experiences from the best theatres in the country, and even small parts from some Ingmar Bergman films, had read about the donation in some newspaper and suggested a meeting with the chairman. Though none of the board members had ever understood anything from Bergman's films, they regarded it as an important cultural qualification for their theatre to be connected by such famous actor.

The chairman went to the capital and met the actor who offered to direct and play the main male part of a famous play for their Theatre Society for a reasonable salary. Of course, he said, he had better offers from bigger cities but as he really wanted lift up our part of the country to new cultural heights, he would accept the lower benefits if they could give him a positive reply within a week.

The 'Star' got his positive reply within three days and was hired for a far too high salary and a number of conditions that meant that the director, him, would be able to decide almost everything in that new project. Two of the five members the theatre board objected and wanted further information of the project. They wanted a limit to the expenses but were voted down with nasty comments of being against real culture.

Unfortunately for the Theatre Society, these two most clever members of the board resigned and were replaced by two 'errand boys' for the chairman and the Theatre Society board lost all control about their money. The 'Star' took over everything without any complaints.

When Nilla told me about those events, I did some searching on the web about that Star character even though it was not any of my business because I had nothing to do with the theatre.

Though nobody expected him to be a saint, the results were much worse than expected. Three divorces, unemployed for the time being and probably black listed from all important theatres, huge debts, bad temper, serious alcohol problems and accused of sexual harassing female actors.

When Nilla got my information about the Star, she agreed that that he would probably swindle the main part of their donation but that wasn't her problem. Then she even demanded me to stay away from their problems, that it didn't matter what happened.

The Star began his special performance in our town just as expected. He was thrown out of the Local Grand Hotel after only one night. This was after he held a Polish maid in a hard grip while trying to convince her into paid sex. She screamed loudly and a guest in the next room rushed in and calmed down the Star with a few punches.

The same situation occurred the next day when the Star was thrown out of a small boarding house ruled by a couple in their mid forties. It was only a part-time job for the husband while the wife, who worked full time in their boarding business, was an active member of the Theatre Society.

The husband knew what Star had done at the Grand Hotel and had seen him eagerly looking at his wife. It was why he didn't trust his famous guest for a single second. That was his main reason for going back home for a quick look about thirty minutes after he had left for work. He was back in right time because he found his wife and Star standing close to each other joined in intensive kissing. She was topless, clad only in her black panties. He was wearing only small black leather thong with a big bulge in front.

Once again the famous Star was thrown out to the street, this time from a boarding house.

The best idea during the catastrophe meeting held by the Theatre Society board, was an empty house inherited and owned by two brothers now living away from town. They had inherited it some years ago and now kept it as a kind of summerhouse. The Star had said that he would accept sleeping in that house by himself if he got it cleaned daily and have all his meals at restaurants in town. He got what he wanted.

One of my pals in the veteran car gang, Robert Olsson, a 43 years old plumber with a lovely 40 year old blond wife Lena, wasn't happy at all hearing the news about the Star moving in to a house in his area. His pretty wife Susanne was an admirer of the Star and a member of that Theatre Society. He expected problems, big problems.

Robert, who knew Nilla very well and understood that even she was a target for the horny Star, is why he rang me about his worries. We met to make plans for protecting our wives. We had a great advantage in what we intended to do because Robert's younger brother Roland, was living next to the house where the Star. The Star, without any doubt, intended to fuck as many women from that theatre gang as possible.

To our great relief, we found out that everything would be very much easier than expected.

Roland was some kind of volunteer janitor for the owner brothers when the house was empty and had a key, that solved all our problems. We simply bugged the house with small sound devices and motion operated hidden cameras. One in the bedroom and the other in the living room. The monitor and recorder was in Roland's den.

We tested the cameras and they worked better than expected, even during limited light conditions. The sound was far from any HiFi, but acceptable.

Of course, what we did was totally illegal and could cost us a lot if we got caught. That's why we had a plan for removing our equipment in very short time if necessary. Our plan for action was very simple. Recording would be if Star had sex with a female visitor but not any other action if she wasn't Robert's or my wife. But if he did any attempt to have sex with any our wives, we would give him an unforgettable lesson.

Roland, who had done his army service in a special unit, was chosen to be the leader of our gang. We agreed about what to do if we had to do something and if Nilla triggered our action Roland would be the only man to speak. I would be the speaker if Lena were the victim. Everything we said to Star, Nilla or Lena would be in disguised English voices.

Star had an audition with the actors and rumors said that he had been very interested about the female actor's experiences in theatre and he had given important parts both to Nilla and Lena.

I decided to have a serious talk with Nilla so both of us would know the rules in this matter. I asked her, "Do you know that the Star almost raped a maid at hotel and that Rolf who owns the guesthouse, did catch Star and his wife necking when almost naked and when they expected him to be at his job?"

"Yes I know, but what has that do with me?"

"You are one of the most beautiful women at your theatre and rumors say that your horny Star intends to fuck all women in your damn play. You fuck him and our marriage will be history. Please remember that." I told her.

She got angry and shouted at me, "What the hell do you think about me?"

"I love you and don't think you have any intentions about Star, but I know for sure that he has nasty intentions about you and don't forget that he is one of the most skilled con men and seducers in this country. Just give him a fingertip and he takes your pussy. Do you really think that Rolf's wife is an easy laid slut?" I told her.

"Are you accusing me for what Rolf's wife did or did not do?"

"No, but I want you to understand that this Star will crush several marriages in this town and I really hope that ours will not be one of them. Please promise me that." I replied.

"Please trust me."

Nilla had got her warning and it took only two days before we got our first recorded evidence about Star in action with a handsome married woman in her forties by name Molly Haller, She was head master at one of the local schools and a leading member at the theatre society; married to a division manager at the bank where Nilla worked. Molly was an old friend of mine. We had even fucked a few times when she was single and between her two husbands. It was before I met Nilla. Roland had seen a strange car at Star's driveway, checked the monitor and rang Robert and me.

Coming to Roland's house, I could see the Star tell Molly that she had a great talent but needed some professional training and offered to give it to her that very evening if she was interested. She was very interested and he told her that she had to obey everything he said and did during the training. She even had to swear that never say a word to anybody about the secrets from many famous directors he would show her. Not even to her husband. Molly agreed to keep that secret.

Star took her to the bedroom and asked her to sit down on the bed. Then he told her some mumbo jumbo about how famous actors used pain as an important part of cleaning their mind and creating the character they would play. Molly agreed to give it a try and Star left the room for a few seconds and returned undressed down to his black leather thong and a birch switch in his hand. He asked her to stand up and she did.

Now he took down her jeans to ankles, sat down on the bed, laid her over his knees and gave her an intensive birching, that got her screaming in agony.

Robert said, "That bastard is using the same trick as the famous old therapist did some years ago. I can bet that she will be a non-resisting easy prey for a fuck after the birching."

After the birching she obeyed to take off her remaining clothes and lie down on her back. When a naked Star climbed up on the bed and told her to spread her legs, she did. He told her that a close connection between the apprentice and her mentor would make them to a great team and mounted her in missionary position. He held her hard and asked her to do the same with him. Their sex was slow and rhythmic. When Molly screamed out her orgasm even he let it his go.

The whole next hour he trained her very hard in how to act on a stage, so she even got some useful experiences out of that evening.

We were slightly surprised because he had only used her for one fuck but Star had other plans. About an hour later, when he regarded that she had got enough training for that evening, he told her some further mumbo jumbo about how the actor apprentices at theatres in the ancient Greece thanked their mentor. As they had democracy in Greece, both male and female apprentics were supposed to do it in equal ways.

Molly acccepted to act as an apprentice actor in ancient Greece and Star demanded her down on her knees for sucking him hard before she was told to get on her all fours on the bed. Star went away for about 20 seconds before he came back with a condom on his cock and entered Molly's backdoor with one hard thrust. That caused her to scream in pain for a while. Star took it very easy until she calmed down and he began fucking her with slow action.

After they were finished, Molly confessed that it was the first anal sex in her life because her husband had refused to do that though she had been curious about doing it.

Robert said, "What a cunning bastard. He got all her openings, including a virgin ass with his mumbo jumbo about necessary pain in an actor's mind and about habits in ancient Greece."

"But he worked really hard with the training so she must have learnt a lot about how to act." I replied and both my friends agreed to that.

Two days later I asked Nilla if there were any further rumors about Star at the theatre. She denied, said that he did a good job and accused me for having a dirty mind.

Four days after giving his first actor lesson, the admired Star was ready for action again. This time it was a 38-year-old good looking lesbian woman by name Ann-Marie. Star played the equal game as with Molly. Even Ann-Marie accepted his mumbo jumbo about ancient Greeks actors' pain and was laid on Star's knees for birching.

But after that everything went in an unexpected way for Star. Ann-Marie undressed as expected but told him that he should forget all thoughts about sex because she didn't do such things with men. The surprised Star had no other choice than begin with the theatre training. He worked hard with her and had to end the session without any mumbo jumbo about how the Greek mentors got thanked for their teaching.

Nilla and I had a great Saturday night with the best sex of the whole year and that is why I didn't care about asking her about the Theatre. A good time with the family got me to forget everything about the expected problems with Star.

A horny Star didn't give up so easy. He was away at a 'study tour' in Berlin during the weekend but already Monday evening he had a prey in his web again. But this time he had got an easy one, a divorced short and skinny woman in her late thirties by the name Lisette Skoog. The rumors said that she knew the value of her pussy and that several salesmen who visited our town had agreed with her in that matter. But there are always rumors and gossip about such matters in small towns.

I saw only the highlights of Lisette's Theatre lesson on Roland's DVD. Star must regarded her as a very good girl who did everything she was told to do. They even interrupted the Theatre training for an extra fuck and, though she is small and skinny, she had no problems with her rectum while thanking him for the lessons. They even agreed that she needed further training and booked the next Monday evening for that reason.

Once again I asked Nilla if there were any gossip about Star and any of her friends in the Theatre gang. She denied that as usual and got angry when I told her I had heard quite different rumors about him and that our marriage could hardly survive if she got any temptations in that direction.

As Robert's wife Lena and my Nilla were two of the very prettiest women in that Theatre gang and both had important parts in their play, is why Robert and I were convinced that Star would do his best to persuade them to see him for private training. Our only question was who of them would be the first of them to accept his invitation. Of course, both of them were warned for the consequences but we didn't expect that to be any obstacle for a skilled conman as Star.

My friends and I couldn't blame Star for having a good time in our town. Besides his training and fucking sessions at his rented house, he even was a popular and generous guest at the pubs and some restaurants in town. The rumors said that a divorced slut called 'The last Chance' was well paid with Theatre money for the blowjobs she gave him in the men's room at a popular pub.

Then shit hit the fan only two days after Star had fucked Lisette. Roland rang me and said the words I had feared to hear, "It's time for action."

I asked, "Which of them?"

He replied, "Nilla. She just came in her car a minute ago and now they are talking in the living room."

I called a neighbor's girl for babysitting and she promised to come within a minute. Then I drove to the supermarket's parking lot where Roland's wife picked up me and Robert and took us to their house. We were we dressed in new black overalls, new sneakers, new gloves and new ski masks. While getting ready for action, we could watch Nilla and Star on the monitor. Just as we had expected, that skilled conman had succeed to get Nilla laid on his knees with her jeans and panties down at her ankles.

Star began the birching and Nilla sobbed of pain. She tried to tell him that it was enough and that got him to give her a harder birching saying, "You have to know who the master is and who shall obey everything she is told to do. Do you understand?"

She sobbed, "Yes, Yes, stop spanking me and I will obey."

He continued the birching and said, "You will be ready for your next lesson very soon."

Roland, who was the leader of or action said, "Time for action, let's go and do it."

We took our luggage and went to Star's house where Roland opened the door with his key and we sneaked into the bedroom, where we took Nilla and Star with a big surprise.

Now Nilla was standing beside the bed with bright red bottoms and dressed only in her bra. Star only in his black leather thong was standing close to her with the birch still in his right hand. Both of them screamed of fear when they saw us.

Robert and I gave Star a hard beating. He intended to fuck our wives and we felt it to be our human right and duty to give him a memorable punishment. Roland shouted to Nilla in English, "Get dressed and you will not be hurt if you sit down on the bed and shut up."

Star began waving with his birch and I gripped his right arm in a too hard grip so it broke. It was a pure accident but nothing we could care about at the time being.

Now Nilla was sitting silent on the bed and Star had given up all attempts defend himself. He remained standing and screaming while Roland laid out a small plastic tarpaulin on the floor and laid the now frightened Star on it. He didn't resist when Roland cut off his leather thong with a knife and told him to shut up and lay still no matter what happened. Star remained still when Robert opened a 3 liter tin with tar and began painting him with a long shafted brush.

I took Roland's knife and cut up a pillow with feathers what I poured over the tar painted Star.

The whole operation had only taken a few minutes and now Roland told Nilla, "Go home and don't dare to say a word about what you have seen to anybody, not even to the police."

Then Roland told Star, "You were alone when you were attacked, don't dare to mention a word about any female witness. One single word and we will be very nasty next time. Do you understand?"

He understood. We took our equipment and left his house about one minute after Nilla had left.

Back at Roland's house we packed down all clothes and equipment in plastic garbage sacks and took it with us in Roland's car to a secret place at Robert's job before Robert and I took our cars to the supermarket parking. So far so good because our action had been just as successful as we had planned and expected it to be. One thing was for sure, Star would not spank any further Theatre amateur women in our town.

Nilla was already at home when I went into my house. I told her that I had helped a friend with a tax problem and she didn't have any further questions. When I asked her about her day, she told me that nothing special had happened.

But it had, because the well beaten, tared and feathered Star was the top news the next morning and evening tabloid newspapers did a big matter of it with cell phone pictures taken and sold by people at the hospital. The main guess about why it happened was that Star had unpaid loans and that he had refused to pay with his Theatre money. That was why some loan shark had organized that action.

Nilla remained silent about her part in the Star affair when I asked her, "Have you heard any new gossips about that tared and feathered Star?"

She didn't like my question and replied, "Why should I? Haven't you and I read the same newspapers?"

"But isn't strange that you in that Theatre gang don't have any inside information and I overheard something very interesting about Star at the pub today." I told her.

Nilla didn't reply and I continued, "The rumors said that a boozed Star had bragged about how he had persuaded some bank boss' wife to allow him fuck her in all her openings during some kind of nude actor training. Have you really not heard about it?"

She got ashen gray for a few seconds but said, "Since when have you begun to listen to all the damn gossips in our town?"

"Since that damn wife fucking Star came to our town. I can only guess how many seductions that horny conman already has done at your Theatre?" I said.

She replied, "None as far as I know."

I let it be for that day in some kind of a hope that Nilla would confess what Star had done to her. It was a question of faith because if she didn't confess what Star had done to her, what else had she done behind my back?

The next evening Nilla and I had a serious talk again. I told her, "You have behaved rather strange and tried to avoid me during the last few days. I've got a feeling that there must be something very important you ought to tell me. Isn't better that you tell me the truth here and now than if I get to know it via gossips in town?"

Now she began to cry and confessed that she had visited Star at his house where he had promised her very useful training about how to act on a stage and persuaded her that an actor's pain is an important part of classic Theatre. That was why she had accepted to be birched on her bare bottoms and be naked during the lessons as they did in the ancient Greece. Nilla continued by saying that he had cancelled her training after the birching and that she had dressed and went home. Nothing else had happened.

Nilla understood what she had done to our marriage and began begging me to forgive her and save our marriage. She knew my opinion about cheating and did her best to convince me that the only thing Star did to her was a hard spanking and she begged me to regard it as a fair punishment for been stupid enough to be conned by that master seducer.

Obviously Nilla didn't suspect me as being one of Star's attackers and I didn't give her any clues about that. Nilla's and my sex life increased to a fair level after I had forgiven her for that evening with Star.

The Theatre society was in turmoil. Their big donation had gone with Star, who had sworn that he never again would put a foot in our damn town. As Star had been responsible for all important matters and no documents about what he had done or not done were to be found, nobody could replace him. A fast investigation showed that the whole project would have probably ended in a fiasco even if Star had been present, but with him gone, nobody knew what to do and the whole project ended up in a total turmoil and got cancelled. The whole Theatre Society board got fired and some members threatened to sue the now ex-chairman for being responsible for losing all their donated money.

Nilla's and my new happiness lasted almost one month until I met Nilla's boss at the sport bar after a bowling game with an old childhood friend. A slight boozed Benny Haller came and sat down at our table and asked me, "Wasn't it a real shame for our town what happened to that poor Star? Pernilla use to say that you always know everything what happens in town and that's why I suspect you to have some further interesting information about that Star matter?"

"Why should I? I've neither known him nor cared a shit about what happened to him. But it can hardly be any healthy business to neglect lone sharks or fuck married women? Wasn't you nn that board who hired Star and ought to know better than me?" I asked him.

Haller continued, "He had no money problems and don't you think that a boring marriage would be spiced up if a bored wife gets a bonus fuck with a famous guy sometimes?"

I replied, "Who has a boring marriage? So you wouldn't care if somebody told you that Star has fucked Molly?"

"Why should I care about that? Even if you have fucked her and I don't care about that either and obviously I don't care a shit about who fucks Pernilla because both I and probably even Star have fucked your wife."

I remained calm when during my reply, "Molly and I were together before she met you and are you sitting here trying to convince me that you have fucked Pernilla before she met me?"

He stared at me before he replied with a smirk, "I didn't say when I fucked your wife. In fact it was only about two months ago during our two day conference in Denmark. Good wine and a romantic walk along the famous seashore in Skagen got her horny as hell, that's why she spent the night in my hotel room."

"That's a pure damn bullshit." I said.

Benny Haller continued smirking, "She had sexy black panties with a red rose in the crotch and you must remember that she got her pubis hair trimmed during that trip. I did it, man."

Benny Haller hit the floor a few seconds later with broken jaw and a black eye. I stood up and kicked him hard in his balls before I left the pub together with my friend. None of Haller's friends did any attempt to stop us.

Back home Nilla immediately noted that something was wrong with me and asked, "You look very upset, what's the matter with you?"

"It is the worst day in my life, at least so far. I've been a damn naive idiot who have believed that faith and love are important matters in a marriage. Now I know better." I said to her.

Nilla got worried and asked, "What has happened to you, please tell me."

I said, "I met Benny Haller at the sport bar. He was rather boozed and came to Peter's and my table because he thought I knew some inside information about Star. When he was told that I didn't know anything about that damn Star, he began teasing me with his damn crap. That's why I sent him to the hospital with crushed jawbone and kicked balls."

Now Nilla got really worried, though I never found out if it was about me or Benny. She shouted, "Oh My God! He is my boss and your stupid overreaction will probably give me problems at my job. Didn't you care a shit about that?"

Obviously she had still not understood the reason for my action against Benny Haller, so I told her, "Not a shit. Not a shit, because you damn cheating slut will get even worse problems here at home. I demand a divorce because you have cheated on me with that pissant Haller. He was loudmouthed and bragged about shaving your pussy and fucking you for the whole sport bar to hear and don't accuse me for any damn overreaction."

Nilla turned ashen gray and began sobbing, "No, no, no, no. Oh My God, don't do that to me. I doubt Benny told you the truth. It was not what you think."

"He bragged about how you got horny while walking at the famous seashore in Skagen and wanted to be fucked when you were back at the hotel and that's why you spent the night in his hotel room together with that horny asshole. Isn't that correct?"

"Not really" she sobbed I continued, "I'm sure that Haller got you fed up with the old crap in his mind that I have fucked his wife Molly but I can bet that he forgot to tell you the truth that it happened before I met you and she had met Haller. Did he bother to tell you that both Molly and I were singles when it happened?"

"Yes he mentioned something about Molly and you but that happened at the morning after my stupid silly evening, what I will regret the rest of my life. Please let me explain."

"Yes, you have a lot to explain. It is obvious that you stripped for him because he described your black laced panties with a red rose and before the fucking you even let him trim your pubis hair. Why in the hell did you let him do that to you?" I angrily asked her.

"During the partying after the great dinner, somebody suggested us going to the famous seashore you can see in many paintings. I think we were about ten, twelve people in that gang what went out there. After a while out there some in the gang got romantic and we got divided to smaller groups and couples. I found myself walking at the seashore together with Benny some distance from others but you can be sure that nothing happened out there."

"Are you trying to convince me that a walk at the seashore was a valid reason to let that creep shave your pussy and fuck you?"

Nilla sobbed, "Of course not, but please let me explain why and how those mad things happened. Though we could see how some couples disappeared into the dunes for privacy, Benny and I kept walking at the seashore and nothing happened out there. The weather was still pleasant, why we, coming back to the hotel agreed about a nightcap at Benny's balcony. He booked a bottle of sparkling wine and a bowl with strawberries from the room service."

"Are you really so naive that you didn't understood his intentions? Of course, you were incredible naive even with that damn Star and you had, without any doubt, let even him fuck you if he hadn't been interrupted. May I presume that fucking horny Haller wasn't the first time you got fucked during a conference?" I asked her.

Nilla shouted, "I can swear that I have never cheated you before Haller raped me. Please let me finish before you begin accusing me."

"Are you trying to convince me that Haller shaved your pussy by force before he raped you? Did you scream for help and what did the Danish police do? Or do you regard me stupid?"

She continued, "Benny and I had made a bet about something. If I won, he promised to buy me one of the beautiful amber necklaces sold at hotel and I agreed to his silly demand about trimming my pubis hair if he won. Of course, I knew it was totally mad but I was sure to win. He won and did no attempts to collect his prize until we had emptied the wine bottle and I intended to go to my room. He said that a bet is matter of honor and had me lie on my back on the bed where he took down my trousers and panties to the ankles. Then he began the trimming by working slowly with his electric shaver."

Nilla began sob but continued, "It had been a lot of drinking during the evening and now the sparking wine did me sleepy and I'm sure about falling in sleep. I woke up with a terrible hangover at five in the morning and found myself naked in Benny's bed and panicked. When I saw my trimmed pubis hair, I could remember him beginning to do it but everything after that is a black hole in my memory. I accused him for raping me but he swore that nothing had happened. He said that I had professed to being too tired to go anywhere, undressed and fallen in sleep in his bed."

I asked her, "Why did you lie to me? You told me that it was you girls who trimmed each other at the hotel spa and you didn't mention anything about your evening walk at the dark seashore with Haller. Nor did you tell me about sharing the classic seduction stuff, sparkling wine and strawberries together with such a horny creep as Benny Haller."

"What could I do or say? No evidence and his word against mine. Don't you think that the Danish police had got a good laugh if I had called them? Haller is my boss and had to trust him. I still don't know anything about what he did or not did during that night. At least not for sure. Though I might be a stupid, before I went to my room I searched the bed for stains and the vaster bags for condom papers but didn't' find anything. In my room I searched for evidence on my body but didn't found anything, no bruises, no traces of cum or sore pussy. The only thing remained from that evening was my trimmed pubis hair and a terrible hangover." Nilla said and looked very sad.

I think she told me her view of the truth is why I said, "I'm disappointed about how easy you gave in to those two horny seducers. What about all other conference-gigolos who have done attempts on you over the years. How many of them got what they wanted? Feel free to confess now because it doesn't matter any longer. Already the two cheatings I know are two too many."

Nilla shouted, "As far as I know, no other man have fucked me since you and I met. Star did a kinky thing but he didn't fuck me." Then she rushed to our bedroom.

No further words was said that evening and night and early the next morning Molly Haller called me, barked as a mad dog before she said that she had connected the police about what I did to her husband. I asked her, "Didn't your dear husband tell you that he got my wife drunk, raped her in Denmark and bragged about that to the whole Sport Bar yesterday evening?"

Now she got even more furious and shouted, "Bullshit, It was your damn slut wife who tried to seduce my husband for getting advantages at her job. You poor bastard are married to a real slut wife. You should have seen her attempts to get Star interested in her. Disgusting."

I probably am a good mannered guy but refused to take that crap from Molly Haller, so I told her, "Molly, you ought to be very careful accusing Pernilla to be a slut. I know what Star and you did."

Molly ended it with, "I'll demand Benny to get you sued."

To my great surprise Benny Haller rang me one hour later and demanded Nilla and me come to their house saying our apologies in the presence of a few witness. Otherwise he would go to the police.

I told him, "Take a one-way hike to a very hot place but before going you ought to tell your shameless slut-wife that her all-three-hole fucking with Star may be going to the web. I promise to find it and you can be sure I will show it to the whole town."

Haller thought it was a bluff, began laughing and said, "See you at the court and I promise to take a good care of Pernilla's sweet pussy while you are in jail."

I replied, "We'll see, but please remember that the last laugher will get the best laugh."

However, Haller got the first good laugh. The government had newly ended an expensive campaign against street violence and, when I, about ten days after the incident, was called to the police station where the young female investigator took Haller's statement for the truth. To everybody's great surprise, she succeeded in persuading the responsible public prosecutor, even she a young female, to have me locked in.

As it was a simple case, the trial was held already within three weeks. My lawyer was a clever and ruthless man who forced Haller, under oath, to confess that he had used my drunken wife for his sexual intentions. Nilla, when it was her turn, accused Haller to have raped her and my lawyer demanded to have Haller arrested right there in the court, but the judge refused. The newspapers did a big matter of it and the police are still investigating it, but obviously with a low priority.

When my lawyer was finished with the female police and the female prosecutor, both of them left the trial described in the newspapers as feminist activists ill-placed at their present jobs. But because it was without any reasonable doubt that I had hit Haller in a public place, I got three months in jail, that meant two months and one week in a semi open jail after the three weeks I already been locked in was withdrawn. My lawyer suggested to me to accept and I did.

Somehow a clip at the web with Molly Haller visiting Star, with the one hour theatre training cut off but all spanking and fucking in all her openings visible, became very popular in our town and she had to quit her headmaster job. Even Benny Haller got a message from the bank's main office that they had another job, a long way from our town, waiting for him.

It caused many divided feelings when Nilla was offered and accepted Benny Haller's job at the bank. Though Haller was a creep, he had been rather popular at the bank and now many of Nilla's co-workers envied her new job and accused her fucking some big boss for getting it...

No need to say that Nilla's and my marriage was in a very low level during and after the trial. I didn't file for divorce because we agreed to take a time-out while everything could calm down until I was out of jail. Then it would be high time for a final decision; divorce or a new-start with forgiving everything what happened before that decision day.

Nilla is mad at me because my actions against Haller and the testimonies at the trial have created a reputation for her as an easy seduced slut and as usual, the gossips are making a bird of an feather while some details of the truth are imagined by every storyteller. However, she use to visit me every second week, together with our children, but refuses to put her foot in any private visiting room and that's why we usually spend that time outdoors.

I can't help it but there will be some remorse in my mind caused by my "jail bird groupie" and I begin to suspect that Nilla doesn't care very much about our marriage for the time being.

However, Nilla and I will be back to the square one only few days after I'm released from this jail. The hiking gang with whom I met Nilla, use to have a reunion every five year and this time it is ten years since Nilla and I met and fell in love.

All the other five couples are still together and they knows about Nilla's and my problems. That's why they persuaded us not to be silly cowards and stay at home. The hiking will be at the Portuguese island of Madeira. We will be walking along the famous old Levadas (irrigation channels) in the mountains. There will be one one-day hike and one two-day hike with night at some small boarding house. The other nights will be spent at a hotel. The other couples have promised doing everything they can that Nilla and I will be together 24/7 during this trip.

Time goes fast when one is busy most of the time, so even my time as a guest of the taxpayers in our country. My dear groupie or 'married visitor', as I preferred to call her, had visited me for the last time and she gave me a real good goodbye fuck. We had decided that it was a high time to end our relation. I had enjoyed her visits very much, not only for the sex but, in fact, she had really lightened up my time here in many ways. I had even meant a lot to her and happened to turn the non existing sex life in her marriage to a new beginning.

After much talking my married visitor and her husband had agreed how they should act to get back to an average marriage again. He had begun therapy and was making progress. When his doctor got knowledge about the sex problem, he had replaced his blood pressure medicine with something what had a less unwanted effect on him. My married visitor said that their last attempt in bed had been very promising.

Of course, I've been thinking a lot about my own situation and what to do and how to do it when back home. My main intention is to by a polite family-guy and when talking to Nilla, neither mention anything about divorce nor anything about Star or Haller. I'm sure that our final decision about the future of our marriage will be taken during one of the first days at Madeira. But my problem is that today I don't have any idea about what she really wants. My action against Haller caused her a serious public humiliation as a cheating slut-wife. A lot of people might dislike her because the Hallers had to leave town and Nilla got his job. If she regards all her new problems as mainly my fault, she probably will demand divorce.

There might even be one other reason for Nilla to want a divorce. During my almost daily e-mail connection with my office one of my employees, Mariette Lager had mentioned several times that Nilla been seen eating lunch together with one of the wealthiest men in our town, Gilbert Hubertsson, nowadays called Fox Gilbert. This was after his trophy wife left him with an intention of taking a huge amount of his money with her. But Gilbert had different intentions and acted as a conning fox.

The strangest thing in this matter was that they didn't have any marriage settlement. That's why the pretty wife demanded 50% of everything and was happy until Gilbert's expensive lawyer found out that their exotic Las Vegas wedding had never been valid, neither in our country nor in Nevada. This was due to something missing in one of the documents that our citizens need for a valid wedding abroad. The Trophy wife left town with big a debt to her lawyer and the people saying, 'greed doesn't pay'.

Fox Gilbert is usually known as a good guy but nothing can be sure of in these days if he is interested in Nilla. If she is even interested in a relationship with him, my chances for remaining married to Nilla is less than zero, doesn't matter whatever I will say or do.

I myself have to decide, what do I want? Nilla is a good mother to our children and has been an almost perfect wife to me. I doubt that I ever can find any other woman as good as she. Of course, our shared ten years means much to me. But seeing her as an easyily seduced prey to that damn Star gave me serious doubts about her morality and making a silly bet and letting that horny Haller trim her pubis hair made me almost puking. What happened after that trimming will never be known because I doubt that none of them told the truth at the trial.

I doubt that Haller had undressed and raped a sleeping co-worker, but I even doubt that Nilla was almost clear in her head and got a great pleasure with their sex as Haller said. How could she been almost sober after drinking the whole evening? First she had Rum and Cola with the girls before the dinner then several glasses of wine at the dinner. Then they had at least two Rum and Colas at the bar after the dinner and ending it with sharing a bottle of sparkling wine. No way she could be as sober as Haller said, but her condition might depend on how long time they spent at balcony and what time at the evening that infamous pussy trimming was done. Nilla has never been a heavy drinker and use to be very careful with booze while partying with our friends.

Though drinking and partying is no valid excuse for Nilla's acting as a slut, I'm sure she was so drunken that she doesn't remember anything about what happened during the night and she told the truth about her remorse when waking up naked in Haller's room. Nilla acted as a slut but Haller acted as a conning crook and I will never in my life regret giving him that well earned punishment at the sport bar and what I had to pay for it.

The future of Nilla's and my marriage? It will be decided within a few days and I'm not any clairvoyant who can tell you anything yet. However, if any reader of this story wants to know what happened during the Madeira vacation, I promise to write a short part two to this story.

But I will be very busy during my first weeks after coming back home from Madeira, it matters what happens to Nilla's and my marriage, that's why I beg you to be patient while waiting for that story.

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