Be My Valentine? 2011
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2011 by Dual Writer

Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Two people find out they have more in common than their name.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa  

I looked into the mirror as I shaved, noting the twin cul-de-sacs developing on my upper forehead. Great, now I'm starting to look like my dad with the extended hairline. That'll really help me interview for jobs. Looking at myself critically, I really don't think I'm that dorky looking. I keep myself fit, wear clean clothes, shine my shoes, and always try to be polite and respectful. Maybe I should become a little cruder. Assholes seem to be on top all the time. Naw, I'll still be a gentleman when I interview.

Who am I kidding? I only interviewed for one job this week. At least, it had been close to the landscape company that put on day labor. When I finished with the early morning interview, I changed into my jeans and old shirt to see if they needed help. They did, and I was able to pick up ten hours at seven bucks an hour, helping to cut down and load a big oak tree. I think they liked me because I never talk to the other laborers. For good reason though, we don't speak the same language. They don't speak English, and I don't speak what they speak. At least the guy pays cash, and for some reason, doesn't even write your name down.

I was smiling at the thought of the good meal I had last night. The cash from working paid for some groceries, a half tank of gas, some more paper to print resumes, and about thirty more dollars going into the rent kitty. Another good day somewhere and I'll have enough for the rent.

This morning, Friday, was check in day at the employment office. It should be called the unemployment office, as that's the only reason for it to exist. People go there to line up and file for unemployment benefits. It wasn't that much, but it was something. I think I still have about six weeks left before that runs out. Damn, I have to find a job soon.

At the employment office, I was the fourth person in line at the door. Since it was seven o'clock and the office doesn't open until eight thirty, it's hard to believe that others have the same idea I did. If I can get in and get out quickly, I'll go over to the landscape place to see if they have anything. If they don't, I'll go by all of the Wal-Marts again to check on their hiring status. My application and resume were at all of the grocery chains, and at as many retail companies as I could find. No one wants to hire a computer geek with a master's in electrical engineering and an MBA to stock shelves or wait on customers. They think that they will get me trained and I'll take off for a better job. They're right, I would; but it would be for a job in my career field. I'm an IT guy and I want to work in my field. I need to work in my field. I need to use my brain to come up with solutions to problems, not to fit a size six shoe on a size seven foot.

A girl just came up to the line behind me. Without being obvious, I began checking her out. That's what I do with women, I check them out. I don't date anymore because it's just too expensive to take someone out. Maybe I can use my "Let's have a library date" line on her. I laughed inside at that, as that is the only type of date I could afford.

Not bad, late twenties like me, almost as tall as I am, but she has heels on. Nice. Decent legs right up to the knees, but the skirt hid the rest. She has a suit on, so the upper half is a guess.

As she looked away, I checked her face and hair. Short brown hair combed back for efficiency. She has a pleasant face and almost a smile on her lips. Hmm, the profile she's giving me shows her chest to have some definition. Pretty nice package.

Thinking that since there was an hour before the doors open, some conversation would be nice, I turned to her just as she turned to me. We both started speaking at the same moment. "Hi, I'm" came from both of us at the same time.

We both laughed and we were both being courteous and waited for the other to speak first. Again, we both spoke at the same time, "I'm."

This time we both had our hands out to shake a greeting. I grinned real big and said, "I'm Santana Flowers; most just call me Santa or Sandy."

Her eyes got real big, making me think she had seen my name or face on America's Most Wanted. She put her hand up to her mouth like she was gasping in surprise.

Her eyes narrowed and she asked, "Is that really your name? Do people really call you Sandy?"

I rolled my eyes, thinking this is one weird conversation with a stranger.

I smiled, "Yes Ma'am. I suppose they could call me Santy, but it's just become Sandy over the years."

"Really? You're really Sandy Flowers?" This person was still acting shocked.

"I am and you are?" I thought this could get us on a better level of communication.

She had a funny look on her face. She almost assumed a seductive look. The look of a soft smile and half closed brown eyes had me charging up. She offered her hand to me again, "I'm Sandra Flowers, or as most call me, Sandy Flowers."

Now I get it. We both began laughing at the coincidence. I said, "Well Sandy Flowers, it must be the day for the Flowers clan to go begging. Are you here early so you can make an interview later?"

Sandy Flowers, the girl, laughed a tingly laugh and said, "I wish." She shuffled her feet and said, "When I leave here, I'm going to change clothes in my car and hope to pick up a couple of bucks from a day labor place. They contract hospitals and do landscaping. These manicured hands are going to be planting flowers in a couple of hours."

I asked, "Do you mean Harper's Landscaping?"

"That's the one. Do you know them?" she answered.

"I usually get a couple of days work a week from them. I worked there yesterday and they said they might have work for me today."

Sandy, the girl, said, "Same here. They couldn't use me for a tree job yesterday, but they did have me on the ground prep for the flowers today."

Sandy, the guy, me, said, "I did the tree yesterday and got ten hours in on it."

"Wow, you're lucky. I hardly ever get over six hours. At least they pay cash so we don't have to wait for a check."

I said, "Ah, you know why they pay cash, right?"

"Why's that?" She asked.

"It's under the table. No social security or taxes are taken out. No record, no unemployment, no workman's comp, just some wetback money."

She said, "You're right about wetback money. Almost everyone that works for Harper's is from somewhere other than America. Only a couple of them speak a little English. I guess I can't complain though. What I make has at least fed me and helped with the rent. My car is parked over on North Boulevard or I would have been first in line. I ran out of gas. I should have put some gas in last night, but I didn't want to use up the money I needed for rent. I really thought I had enough gas for today."

I offered, "When we're through, I'll help you get some gas and we'll go to Harper's. You know you shouldn't let your car get so low on gas. That could cost you a fuel pump. It will wear out fast if you let your tank go dry like that."

Sandy, the girl, said, "That would be nice of you. I hope it doesn't make us too late to get some work."

"It shouldn't," I said. "They take people out to jobs all the way until noon."

She nodded and looked at me. "So what do you do for a living, or would that be what did you use to do for a living?"

I answered, "Information technology. You know, computers, programming, stuff like that."

"Wow," Sandy, the girl, said, "That's amazing that you can't find a job either."

"Bad economy, that's all," I answered.

I asked, "What did you use to do, what are you looking for?"

She answered, "Paralegal. A large law firm bought out the law office I worked for and most of our staff was let go. I only worked for them six years, so I didn't have that much experience. Before that, I was a bank teller while I went to school."

"It is a bad economy when legal services are taking a hit. I can understanda company having to close, but it still takes a room full of lawyers and their assistants to finish the closing."

She commented, "You would think so, but the truth is, even attorneys' business is off. They are suffering in this economy the same as everyone else. If companies aren't doing much business, they don't need much legal help."

I was nodding, "You're right; I sure hope it gets better soon. I need to take some refresher courses, but I can't right now. I'm going to request tuition assistance for what I need, but I don't think they'll give it to me since I've already finished my degree."

We discussed where our families were from to see if there were any links to our name heritage. We didn't appear to be related in any way. It was just a name coincidence.

The noise of the door being unlocked got our attention, along with that of the couple of hundred people standing behind us. The uniformed guard at the door held up his hand and said, "The first five people only. When they get started, I'll let in the next five and so on. We don't want a riot in here like yesterday."

We went through the door, signed in, pulled the number tab from the machine, and walked to the roped off waiting line. Ladies at the counter began saying "Next" and the five of us went to a window.

I did the usual. I had the papers filled out neatly so it would be easy for the clerk to input the data. I had names, addresses, and telephone numbers of the places that I interviewed with, plus the other businesses that I had checked in with. I asked the clerk, whose nameplate said 'M. Nelson, ' "Ms. Nelson, are there any positions of any kind available now?"

"I'm sorry, Mr. Flowers, we don't have anything for someone with your background."

"Ms. Nelson, I'm willing to do any kind of work in order to get steady employment."

She looked me at shaking her head. She said, "I'm really sorry, Mr. Flowers, we just don't have anything."

She was looking at my hands and reached across the counter and picked up my left hand and turned it over, checking out the cuts and calluses. "Mr. Flowers, just keep doing what you're doing to keep eating. You're about to run out of benefits, so I hope you find something soon. Meanwhile, get some hand cream. She smiled as she handed me the slip of paper that said I had re-applied for benefits."

Dejected as usual, humbled, I turned from the window and shuffled toward the door. A voice behind me said, "Cheer up, I have a lead on a job. They might take you too."

My head came up and I almost stumbled into someone coming in the door. "What, where, what is it?"

"Down boy, let's get out of here and I'll tell you." Sandy the girl, took my hand and pulled me through the door being held open by the security guard.

Outside, I began leading Sandy toward my car. I walked Sandy to the passenger side of my 2005 Malibu. It wasn't perfect, but it was in good shape and best of all, it was paid for. After seating Sandy, the girl, I shut the door and went to the driver's side. When I was inside with doors closed, I asked, "So what kind of job, where?"

Sandy said, "The where is north of the city, out off 41 in a business park. The clerk told me that a company called Quality Wear clothing was hiring seamstresses at above minimum wage. Best of all, they had classes to teach people how to use their machines. She said I could be earning immediately, with a raise up to ten dollars an hour in as soon as a week. She also said the company has benefits and so far has never laid anyone off."

I thought out loud, "I wonder if they would consider a guy for a job?"

"Why not," Sandy, the girl, asked, "Girls get guy jobs, a guy can get girl jobs too."

I was thinking about this when Sandy said, "Come on, let's get some gas for my car and we'll go out there and apply."

Looking at Sandy, I said, "Sure hope this is real. I'd hate to miss some work at Harper's for something that isn't there."

Sandy was nodding, "Me too, but I have to go see. You don't have to, but it might be a chance."

I was driving toward where her car was parked. "I have a gas can. Let me get a couple gallons of gas before we get to your car."

We stopped at a gas station and Sandy paid six dollars to the clerk for less than two gallons. We drove to Sandy's car to find it surrounded by two police cars, an ambulance, a fire truck, and a big flatbed tow truck.

Sandy gasped, "Oh no, someone hit my car. It was even off the road and they hit it."

We pulled off on the side of the road behind where her car was and walked to the crowd. Sandy told a policeman that the parked car was hers. The cop said for her to wait away from the cars until they had the driver of the other car pulled out.

Watching the hurried activity of the firemen made you wonder how those guys could do what they do every day. When they finally had the driver of the other car on a gurney, a fireman pulled a cover over the driver's face and shook his head.

"Oh no," Sandy said, "The guy must have been killed. Damn, my car isn't even in the road. How did he hit it?"

Sandy's car was a mid-nineties Saturn, but the back bumper was now pushed into the rear seat. The front of the car was squashed into a concrete culvert in front so the car was less that half its original length. The car buried into the Saturn was an old Oldsmobile Cutlass, late seventies, early eighties. The entire front end was mangled and you could see the V-8 engine in the front seat of the car.

A policeman came up to us and asked, "Does the Saturn belong to one of you two?"

Sandy said, "It's mine, or was mine. What happened?"

The policeman pointed back at an intersection and said, "That guy was running from a patrolman when he lost control coming around the corner over there, and slammed into your car. You don't have to worry about any parking violation, as it's legal to park where you were. Your car is a total loss. Is there anything in it that you want to get?"

Sandy had tears running down her face, "I don't have collision insurance on my car. What am I going to do?"

I said, "Sandy, let's get what we can from your car. Did you have anything in your trunk?"

Sandy said, "There's some clothes in the back seat and a couple of CDs in the glove box. That's it. There was a good spare in the trunk but I guess I won't need that."

The policeman helped us pull the rear door open to get Sandy's clothes, while she reached through the open front door to get the items from the glove box.

Sandy turned to the policeman who had been joined by another uniform with stripes on his sleeve. She asked, "Do you think that guy has any insurance on his car?"

Both policemen laughed and one said, "That's why we were trying to stop him. He had expired registration and had let his insurance lapse. He should have turned in his license plate a couple of months ago. He won't have to worry about it now."

Sandy shook her head, "It's too bad someone had to die over a simple registration."

The cop with the stripes said, "That it is, but he would have been in jail anyway. He's wanted for a long list of crimes. Assault, burglary, bank robbery, and he's wanted as a suspect in a murder. I'm glad my guys didn't get him stopped, he had a gun on him and he might have used it. We've had enough policemen get shot lately."

Sandy sagged against me, upset over the loss of her car. "What am I going to do? Now I won't even have a way to get to that job if I get it."

I said, "Hey, we haven't been hired yet so let's get out there and apply. If we both get hired, we can ride together."

Sandy looked at me with funny look, "Okay, Sandy Flowers, take Sandy Flowers to get a job." We both giggled over that.

Sandy had to sign a receipt for her car. The tow truck driver said the car would be impounded and she could just let it go. She would probably be billed for the tow and storage, but she could let the car go as salvage if she wanted.

I asked the driver, "How about Sandy signs the title over to you and you just junk the car? It probably has a couple of salvageable parts so it's got to be worth at least the tow?"

The tow truck driver nodded and used his cell phone. When he finished the call he said, "If you can send the title to the lot, the boss said he would do that for you."

Sandy, the girl, said, "I have the title here in my purse. I was going to pawn the car for rent money if I had to. Let me sign it for you."

The policemen watched the transaction, agreeing that this would be a good deal for Sandy.

When we were back in my car, Sandy said, "It smells like gas in here. Put the gas in your car and put the can back in the trunk. Call it my gift for helping me."

When I had the gas in the car and the can back in the trunk, we pulled out into traffic to head north to find this Quality Wear place. Sandy had a piece of paper with the address and directions, so when we saw the Holiday Inn Express, we knew to pull into the business park next to it.

Sandy quipped, "Perhaps we should stay a night in the Holiday Inn Express before we apply so we could be experts."

I laughed and said, "That would be fun but we really don't know each other that well."

"We're getting there, Champ," Sandy said, off-handedly. She said it so casually that I knew it was not meant as anything intimate or promising.

We slowly drove around the business park road to where a big concrete sign announced that we were in front of "Quality Wear Clothing". Underneath was a sign that said "Home of Big Girls Clothes. com".

Sandy said, "My cousin buys clothes on the Internet from Big Girls Clothes. She says they are the only people whose clothes make her look good. She's a big girl, but nice looking. Her husband thinks she's a doll."

I found the visitor parking area and followed signs that directed where applicants should enter. Inside, a smiling lady asked if we were there to apply for work. Sandy said, "Yes, may I have an application?"

The lady looked at me, "Are you here to apply as well?"

"Will you hire a man to sew?" I asked this skeptically.

"We sure will. Anyone who wants to learn and work usually gets hired. We have turnover, such as people that move away or retire, so we seem to always need new workers."

"May I have an application too?" I asked this putting out my hand.

The receptionist said, "Can you two use a computer? If so, use one of the computers by the windows and fill out the application. When you are through, you may be asked to perform some computer functions in response to the answers on your application. Please do that, and when you're finished, I'll direct you for an interview. While you are in the interview, your application will be checked and verified for education and references."

Sandy picked a desk in the middle of the row and I sat at one on the end. I was thinking that there might be a test and they would observe if we cheated by talking to each other.

The application was the usual. I filled in all of the requested information, and as requested, composed a short paragraph telling why I would be an asset to Quality Wear. I didn't say I would be an asset in the sewing room, but said I would be an asset in most any capacity. There were a lot of questions that had drop down menus to select a choice. When you clicked on a choice, other questions appeared, and again some had additional drop down menus.

When I clicked on "submit," a screen popped up with directions to open the skills test selected for me. When I clicked on "open," the first question was a simple question on network addressing. As I answered the questions, each one became more technical, and in some ways more difficult, but this was my field and I knew the answers. I may be putting myself out of a job opportunity, but I was going to at least show these people what I know.

When that test was complete, another popped up and these questions were all related to my MBA. A lot of dorky statistical questions, and the usual marketing questions that I consider mostly bullshit. Computer science and electrical engineering is real. Business Management was common sense as far as I was concerned.

When that one was finished, I glanced over at Sandy to see if she was done and sitting back. She was still hard at whatever she was doing.

Another screen came up and it gave me a bunch of parameters to create a simple program. The task was to use basic "C" and to write the simple program. That took all of two minutes. When I hit enter, the computer screen said, "Compiling" and performed the operation. That was cute.

The next task was to make a mod using Visual Basic. Again, that was done in a couple of minutes.

The next screen gave twenty parameters for a routine to be written in C ++. Okay! Now we're talking. They were pretty coy, as they gave the object of the routine first, then the parameters. Whoever wrote the question was an old school object oriented programmer. There were just enough trick parameters to trip up most people, but this is what I had done successfully. When I finished and sent the routine to compile, a screen came up and said, "See Interviewer."

As I walked up to the receptionist, a man came from an office toward the front desk. The receptionist said, "Mr. Flowers, this is Henry Sharp."

We shook hands and he smiled. Henry said, "Come this way. Your application and test results just appeared on my PC. I'm glad I'm here to interview you."

I learned Henry was the CFO for Quality Wear Clothing and its subsidiaries. He told me the company was part of a group that is owned by S&S Enterprises. I've vaguely heard of S&S, but really didn't know what they did.

I can tell you that Henry Sharp was sharp, pun intended. He knew enough about computer science and programming to ask some very searching questions. We went over multiple areas of computing until he asked, "Have you ever been involved in any R&D work?"

I thought for a moment, "Only for the development of some standards programs for testing. The engineers working on a project would ask that I write a program so lab assistants could enter data from tests so it could be compiled and compared."

Henry was nodding, listening, and making notes on a yellow pad. He said, "I see here that you are not working right now. Do you have applications out at many employers?"

I said, "At this moment, I only have nine unanswered applications and resumes out. I think the total number of companies I've applied to is right at two hundred and eleven."

"You should have come to see us sooner, Santana, we are looking for someone with your knowledge. We have positions open in our R&D group for programming, as well as in the lab. If you are serious about using your electrical engineering knowledge, you are in the right place. If you are interested, we can begin your hiring process."

My chin bounced off the desk in front of me a couple of times. I was sitting there with my mouth open, drool dripping from my lower lip, gasping in surprise. "Really? Just like that? You're offering me a job?"

"No," said Henry, "I'm not offering you a job; I'm offering you a career opportunity with a company that will use you to your abilities. We'll even help you go back to school for a PhD. if you want, but we need people such as yourself."

"You know, Mr. Sharp, if you advertised, you would have dozens of qualified engineers out here. I'm ecstatic you're considering me, but I have to tell you, there are others with my knowledge that are also capable."

Henry said, "We're kind of funny. The owners of this company think that the people we want and need, will walk through our door. I can only think of one or two people that we actually went out to get. We didn't advertise though, we found them and hired them. We feel that we should rely on opportunities for our success. Potential employees are opportunities too. What do you say; do you want to see what we are about?"

I could only bob my head "yes" as we both stood to shake hands.

Henry said, "Come with me. I have to have you tested for social drugs. I'm confident you don't use them, but it keeps our insurance costs low. Oh yeah, we do have a great insurance plan. Since you will be a part of S&S, you will be under their 401K plan, as well. You'll see that it is really something, but right now let me introduce you to Ms. Nancy, our resident nurse."

We went through a door with a big red cross on it. A lady was at a desk and looked up before standing. "Hey, Henry. Who do you have, someone to pee in a cup?"

Henry rolled his eyes. "Nancy, be nice. If you'll give Mr. Flowers a cup, I'll accompany him so you don't have to."

Nurse Nancy was looking at her computer, "Oh darn, do I only get the girls? I just did one for a Flowers. Is that your wife, young fella?"

I said, "No Ma'am, we're just friends or actually just acquaintances."

"She's a looker; you should be more than just buddies."

Henry said, "Nancy, we'll get this done now. I'm sure you'll find out all about the two of them later."

As we entered a large restroom next to the nurse's office, Henry said, "You have to watch Nancy. She's about as raunchy as it gets. She'll embarrass you so fast you won't have time to turn red."

I peed in the cup with Henry watching. I guess they needed to do that to make sure someone doesn't cheat. After washing my hands, I took the sample out to the nurse. She stuck three different litmus sticks into the cup and smiled at me. She already had a printed form with my name. She inspected each stick and made notes on the paper. She said, "Go pour this out and put the sticks and cup in the trash. You're clean, no drugs."

After throwing out the cup and contents, I washed up again and came out. Henry said, "It's almost lunch, how about we go to lunch before I take you over to the R&D building?"

As we entered the lobby, Sandy, the girl, was standing with a fairly tall and large lady. The lady wasn't what you would call fat, just big. As we walked up, the lady reached out to take Henry's hand and said, "Henry, this is my lucky day. Meet Sandra Flowers. She is a paralegal that has experience in presentations, just what Moleson and Charles are looking for. They need someone to put together all of the presentations and to look over our contracts. Our attorney, Charles, just doesn't have the time to do it any more. They can share Sandra."

Sandy, the girl, was sporting a grin that was a yard wide. Henry said, "This is Santana Flowers, and I'm told no relation to Sandra, just friends or acquaintances. He should be a perfect fit for the R&D shop. I know the place is almost shut down with Dennis on vacation, Mark in Costa Rica, and Hans in Germany, but it will give him a chance to root around over there to learn what they're doing. Dennis will be ecstatic to have this guy."

Nancy said, "We're going to lunch, want to go with us?"

The four of us went to a huge cafeteria. You had a choice of various sandwiches or a real meal. The meat loaf looked too good to pass up. I had a plate loaded up, along with some bread and a glass of ice tea. I noticed Sandy had pulled a chicken Caesar salad and glass of iced tea. Henry and Nancy each had a chicken salad too.

When I reached the cashier, she waved Sandy and me through saying, "Henry has taken care of it."

I thanked Henry as Sandy and I sat down across from Nancy and him.

Sandy, the girl, said to me excitedly, "Sandy, you're not going to believe this. Nancy actually signed me up. I took a drug test and everything."

I was about to respond, when Nancy held up her hand while she finished chewing. She asked, "Sandy, did you just call him Sandy?"

Sandy, the girl, looked perplexed, "Yes, people call him Sandy. It's either that or Santa, and he isn't big enough for Santa."

Henry rolled his eyes, "You two could become a problem. Are you sure you're not related? It wouldn't make a difference to us, as a lot of couples work for S&S and Quality Wear."

Nancy said, "You mean like us?" She leaned over and gave Henry a kiss on the cheek.

I said, "You're not going to believe this, but Sandy and I only met this morning outside the door to the employment office. We were both there to re-apply for benefits. We won't need them now. I'll be really glad that I can cancel them, at least I think so."

That's when Sandy, the girl, said, "You know what? I've been so excited about getting a job, I forgot to ask how much it paid." She looked at Nancy and asked, "Should I do that now?"

Henry said, "How about we discuss salaries after lunch. Be assured, you will both receive a good salary, and trust me when I tell you that you will earn it."

Nancy laughed, "There are benefits though. You can come visit with us in the evening and have a drink, and even stay for supper. There is a place next door in the trailer park that is a great gathering place. Henry can show Santana when they go to the R&D building."

Sandy, the girl, asked me, "Um, I hope you ah, have the same hours I do for a while. I could catch a ride with you until I can get another car."

That brought the questions from Henry that we explained to him. When we finished the story, Nancy said, "You two have sort of found each other, haven't you? That's how Henry and I got together. We just found each other."

Henry looked at me and said, "Remember what I said about opportunities?"

Nancy told us, "I don't usually come in that often, but Sue, one of the owners, said that personnel needed some help because of vacations. So while Sue is out, I've been coming in. I'm sure glad I did so we didn't let Sandy go to sewing."

We left the cafeteria, with Nancy leading Sandy to an office area. Henry said, "Let's get a cart and go see where you will work. When we get back, your employment papers should be ready. We have a trade secret document and covenants not to compete you have to agree to. You do get credit and money for patents, but we ask that you keep them within the company."

"Fair enough," I said, as Henry's cart flew past the R&D building. We entered the trailer park and rode to a huge manufactured home that had an enormous screened in patio. There were people inside the enclosure eating lunch. Several people greeted Henry when we went inside. He introduced me around, but it was too fast for me to get all the names.

Henry showed me around, and we were soon back in the cart, heading to the business park. Henry began pointing out the various businesses, the motor home building and lot; the big truck sales showroom; the truck conversion plant; the cart plant; and the strip of small businesses across from the R&D center. Henry explained that the big building next to the R&D center was the school where people were trained in mechanics, welding, sheet metal forming, fiberglass, electrical, plumbing, and other construction type jobs. He said, "This is where we get the necessary technically trained men to work for all of the companies. We use the school to upgrade various workers' knowledge of their fields as well."

At the R&D building, the security guard wasn't going to let me in. Henry said, "I'll vouch for him today and get him a security clearance when we finish. We'll do that as soon as I show him around."

There were a couple of young people working in the rooms off the main lab. There was also a dark haired lady working with some pieces of plastic or fiberglass. She was chipping pieces off and looking at them under a microscope. Henry introduced me to Geraldine. She said, "I'm Gerry. If you're coming to work here, call me Gerry, and I'll be nice to you. I need a hand right now to work on this. Are you going to do the programs I need for testing? I really need to set the whole thing up for FAA approval of our LSAs."

I didn't know what LSAs were, but I'm sure I would learn.

Henry said, "Come on; let's go get your security badge. Have you had any police problems or anything else in your life?"

"No, a pretty plain life, Henry. I was in school continuously until I went to work and have done that since."

Henry laughed, "Sounds like me. I was an accountant in a cube. Then I met Nancy, and later my brother brought me down here to work for the company. Now I have an exciting life. Come on, let's go see Dorothy, you're gonna enjoy her."

We drove to the motor home building and went up to the second floor offices. When we walked into one large office, a nice looking lady in her late forties or early fifties was sitting at her desk, with an array of four computer monitors on each side of her. When we approached her desk, she looked up, smiling. The smile gave away that something was up. She was leaning forward a little, showing off what cleavage she had. It was easily seen as she had most of the buttons on her blouse undone. She said, "Ah, the new Flower child. I've already got your app and run you through everyone except Interpol. No hits so far. Hey, Henry, did you have him checked for STDs. I need my itch scratched and this young fellow looks like he could be the answer."

Henry elbowed me, "I told you you would enjoy Dorothy."

"Oh come on, Henry, you know I get to blow and fuck all the new guys that come to work here. Hell, Jake will get all worked up when I show him the video. I'll be sure to get some tonight when I show it to him. Come on over here, Santana Flowers, and get your welcome BJ or would you prefer a quickie?"

Henry was cracking up, but I was in a state of shock to hear this coming from a female employee. This was the stuff law cases were written about. Henry said, "She's harmless. She promises every guy who comes through here one of her renowned BJs. I think Jake, her husband, is the only person to ever have received one." He turned to Dorothy, "Better button up, Nancy may be coming over with the other new hire."

Dorothy did button a few buttons, but still showed a lot. She said, "Do you want to have him sign the non-disclosure stuff now? I can print the hiring package here and file it for you."

"Do it, Dorothy," Henry said.

One of the printers behind Dorothy began spitting out paper. She handed me the sheets and a pen and told me to read them and sign. While she was doing this, she was constantly clicking her mouse and looking at the monitor. I was signing the last page, when she said, "Got it."

I handed the papers back to her and she inspected them. She pulled two cards from another printer and fed them into a laminating machine. When that was done, she punched a hole in one and attached it to a lanyard before handing me both photo ID cards. She smiled and said, "If you lose them, you'll be eating my nasty snatch for week to get me to make you new ones. Now get out of here. If I ain't gonna get any dick, I don't need you in here distracting me."

"Nice to meet you, Dorothy," I said, smiling while Henry was trying to pull me from the office.

Outside Henry said, "Hope you weren't offended. She's really good at what she does, but is really raunchy to guys. She'll probably be super sweet to Sandra, but guys are when she goes nuts. I got off easy today. She didn't once ask me how it was hanging."

Editing thanks to: Pepere, Sagacious, Deenara 2000

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