The Succubus Chronicles: the Midnight Hour
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Mind Control, Fiction, Science Fiction, Slow,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - 28 year old Kathryn “Kat” Stockton is trying to find her way in the world. She’s starting to come to grips with the fact that her first love has moved on without her and she now needs to make her way in the world alone. But that may be hard when a new evil is bound and determined to make her his personal love slave no matter what her objections to that may be. (She is a character from the first Battlemage series – Book 7)

Maryanne sat tiredly watching the rain as it lightly fell in the yard.

While she really didn't have the time to be, she was bored. Unlike other girls her age she didn't have various young boys who came around to call on her, or time to visit with her friends, or even time to just take out and be a young girl. All of that at present was closed off to her.

Her father had passed away do to a heart aliment. She was the oldest of four children and her mother had to work long hours at the local mill of their farming community to make ends meet and she was needed to stay home and take care of her younger brother and sisters so that their mother had time to work and then time to rest when she came home before she started another hard day of work.

Yet Maryanne at fifteen was cute. She was far too cute to have to give up all of her youth at such a young age.

She had a cute button nose that had a generous amount of freckles "sprinkled" liberally around the bridge. She had adorable cornflower blue eyes and gently curved lips. She had cute long brown hair that she braided into to pig tails on either side of her head and let hang behind her. She also had those gentle curves that told you she was female and just starting to blossom.

Many boys liked her looks, but not her no nonsense attitude. Combined with her always being in a rush had put them off and cooled their interest in her. The responsibilities of the family made her seemed more like she was forty at times and not remotely close to their ages. She never seemed to have time for them. They all knew that before her father passed away she was full of life and had time to play with them all, but lately she had no such time.

Today she was looking out into the yard wondering what she was missing in her life now that her father pasted away three seasons ago. It was unexpected and he dropped dead in the fields where he was working in as a sharecropper. She wondered if she would have a boyfriend of her own now, maybe already planning their family. She missed her father terribly, but his passing changed her life in ways she couldn't ever imagine.

Pulling herself away from her thoughts of what could have been, she set about getting ready to make supper. She had a brother who was fourteen who was soon to start helping in the fields and a sister who was twelve and one who was ten.

Right when she crossed from the living room to start into the kitchen she heard a knock at the door.

Maryanne was confused. She was just at the window looking into the front yard and she saw no one coming up the walk, let alone being close enough to knock on their front door in the few seconds she took to reach the middle of the room.

Slowly opening the door she looked up, caught her breath, and saw a man standing there.

The man, while tall, was slender and elegant looking standing there in the light drizzle of the rain. He had intense blue eyes, black hair that was styled and combed to the left with a part on the right side, and a mustache that while full was neatly trimmed. He had a warm inviting smile. She found she was instantly attracted to the man as if he was something she dreamed about but was just now recalling the dream.

Maryanne also noticed that he was dressed in a black shirt and dark pants with a dark traveling cloak on his shoulders. Given how long it had been raining she thought he would have been soaked, but he looked as if he hadn't been outside all that long to her.

"Hello can I help you?" asked Maryanne tentatively.

She wasn't used to handsome older men coming to the house. Was he here to see her mother? If he was she would need to wake her up. She was confused as to when her mother had time to meet someone who looked like him.

"I was out for a walk and I saw you in the window and you seemed so sad. I was just curious why so I decided to ask you," said the man with a smile.

"Well I'm kind of busy right now, maybe later," said Maryanne as she started to close the door.

While it was flattering that an older man would be interested in her, she had things to do. Didn't he have better things to do than approach strange girls?

"I understand, but is it possible that I could come in out of the rain? It is a bit cold out here and I could use a few moments to dry off before I get soaked to the skin," Said the man with a sad smile.

Maryanne stepped back and swept her arm into the room away from the door in a silent invitation.

"No, one should always ask someone to come in," said the man smiling.

"My mother always said that if you have to ask someone to come in after showing them the way they really shouldn't be inside anyway," said Maryann simply.

"Ahh, smart child. That is very good advice for the young. We'll since I shouldn't be here I best be heading home out of the rain then. Good day," said the man.

While Maryanne watched the man turned and seemed to stumble and he looked like he was going to fall. Without a second thought she stepped out of the house into the yard and caught him by the elbow to steady him.

"Are you alright?" asked Maryanne in concern.

"Now that you're outside I'm far better than I was," said the man smiling.

Suddenly the man's eyes took on a light red tinged color. He still had blue eyes, but his eyes, including the white parts, seemed to have a faint red color to them.

Maryanne seemed to go stiff as her eyes also had the exact same thing happen to her, and her eyes took on the same faint red overcast to them.

"Ashamed I wasn't invited inside, but this will have to do. It is also hard to pick this fruit before it's quite ripened," said the man.

Turning his head to the side he deeply bit into her exposed neck. Maryanne still stared straight ahead unmoving as if she hadn't even noticed what he had done, and never responded to his action.

After a few seconds he stood up and looked at what he had done. There were two puncture marks on the side of her neck that had tiny blood trails that were flowing down the side.

"A virgin! I didn't expect that. Now that makes her quite the prize. I don't believe I'll drain or turn her, but I will keep her as my thrall. Who knows maybe once she's a little older maybe I'll be the one to break her in," said the man as he swept his cloak around the two of them and they both disappeared into a cloud of mist.

Her brother and sisters later found the front door wide open as the rain was starting to let up.

They searched the house but couldn't find their sister anywhere.

Soon they woke up her mother because of their concern and they all spent weeks looking for her, but they never found a sign of what happened to her, or where she went.

Kat was walking into the large farming city of Petersburg.

She wasn't really paying attention to much because she had a lot on her mind and was trying to sort it all out.

A lot had happened since she had last talked with Brianna Griffith, and left her and Aric behind to start the course of her new life. She was still trying to come to grips with Elliot having a new life with a new woman who wasn't her. Sometimes when she thought about that she still alternated between intense rage and deep self pity.

Rage because she wanted to go find the woman who took him and kill her, or at the very least claw her eyes out. With her power she could come up with some pretty vicious things to do to her. The other times she felt she deserved it because it was her fault Elliot was with her. If she hadn't let herself be convinced to do what she did, none of this would have happened.

But that wasn't all that was on her mind.

The last two seasons of troubles were also weighing her down.

Soon after leaving her new friend she had wandered as far away from where they were as she could get. She was depressed and still feeling sorry for herself to a degree.

While in a tavern sitting in a corner trying to be unobserved a young man came up to her and took a seat. He told her she looked like she could use a friend.

The young man had close cropped blonde hair, soft blue eyes, and a gentle smile. Kat was going to send him away, when instead he interrupted her mid response while she was telling him to go away, by introduced himself as Thomas Elliott.

Like a thunderbolt Kat found her self transfixed. He looked nothing like her Elliot, not with her Elliot's brown hair or brown eyes, but they both seemed to share that same gentle smile that said that they had her best interest at heart.

Kat didn't remember much about what happened after that initial conversation, or what they talked about the majority of that night, but she did remember somehow they ended up back at his small house and in his bed and she was desperately making love to him like it was her last night alive on the earth.

She activated enough of her power that she could use it to keep him on the edge of several orgasms before she let him fall off. They were so intense and violent that even though they only had sex three times he was so tired the next day that he overslept until late into the morning.

Kat should know, she was still in bed with him when morning came.

After that wild night Kat learn more about herself that she hadn't known before. Like she didn't know before that night if she didn't use her power to also take some of her partner's life force, using it purely for the sake of pleasing him as they had sex, she could still cause a similar effect of euphoria for him.

That was something she would file away for later.

That night started them off and they lived together for six months.

Every day he would go to work in the fields while she stayed at his home and cleaned it, kept it up, and made the meals. Every night he would come home and she would make the same desperate love to him like he was the last man living that she had on their first night together.

What also never failed to amaze her was how observant Thomas was.

During this time he would often bring her little things to show he cared, he would hold her when she was feeling down but trying not to show it, and sometimes he would make her slow down so he could make the most tender love to her that was really what she needed at the time, but always didn't think she deserved.

One thing that Thomas eventually commented on that he observed was the fact she never seemed to have one period over all of their time together, but Kat said she did but it was so irregular and short that he never noticed. But in truth she could control her cycles and she did so, so that she wouldn't ever get pregnant.

Everything would have been fine but for two things. Thomas kept pressing to learn more about her. He worked hard to learn about her past, but she wouldn't tell him. She kept saying that her past was horrible and she was trying to escape it. But he kept pressing.

A few times she took him to bed and made him far too tired to keep pressing her for more information, but the next day he was again trying to find a way to get her to talk. He could tell something was weighing on her and it was holding her back from committing to him fully.

The second thing was eventually he got tired of asking about her past and decided to ask about her future and asked her to marry him.

Kat fought it and refused. She refused to entertain the notion of marrying him. The only reason she would give him was that she was a horrible person who didn't deserve to be happy and she wouldn't be able to make anyone else happy either.

Thomas noticed the ring around her neck and thought that she might have a husband or someone else, but she said that it was a gift from so long ago that she couldn't part with it. Even though she stayed sad she continued to make desperate love to him when she could.

Feeling a little upset Thomas started to pull back from her. He started to feel like it was him she was rejecting. Kat noticed that they started to have sex fewer and fewer times. It was going from three or four times a night to two or three times a week and only if she asked and pressed.

Kat started to realize that she was using Thomas as a replacement for Elliot and her refusal to marry him was only damaging their relationship. He wasn't her Elliot and never would be.

One day when Thomas got home he found she had left in the middle of the day while he was working.

The only thing he found that she had left behind was a note that said she would always care for him, but she couldn't ever be what he wanted or needed in his life. The last thing she said was that she was a horrible person and for him to forget her.

Thomas took her leaving hard. He felt it was his fault he pushed her away with his unfair wants and needs. He knew that something was bothering her and now he felt he just added to her pain with his demands and now she was gone from his life as well.

Then he took to heavy drinking and starting fights with others over the littlest things and found it hard to regain his bearings in life once she was gone. He had started to love her and now that she was gone it was getting to painful to live without her.

After Kat had been gone for about two months, running from town to town to keep from thinking about him, she eventually came back to the town Thomas lived in.

She made up her mind that she would face him honestly and tell him everything about her life, holding nothing back from his questions. If after hearing the whole ugly truth he still wanted to try and build a life with her she would do the best she could to make him happy. If he didn't then she was right back where she started, but the not knowing was the hardest and what caused her to run.

One of the things that helped was when Kat finally realized that he was the first man since Elliot that had showed her that type of unreserved kindness. While she was running she finally recognized that he was honestly and truly worried about her and what he could do to make her happy. She could see that he did it because he loved her and no one had loved her like that since Elliot.

But when she came to his house, she found that he didn't live there anymore.

She asked the new family who now lived there what happened to the young man who lived there before and they told her that they had moved in only a few weeks ago. It was mainly because the whole town was still talking about the young man who had gotten so drunk one night that he was acting like he was going to hang himself from a tree just outside of town.

They said it was the same young man who used to live here and that he often took to sitting up on the edge of the roof of where he worked but one night he was there drunk and he was crying, but this time he had tied a rope to a tree and was sitting and drinking with a noose around his neck.

The only thing they could tell her was that, while they were sure that he didn't mean to actually go through with it as drunk as he was, someone said that his last words before he died was that he couldn't go on anymore without her.

But no one knew who the "her" was he was talking about. They tried to stop him in his drunken state, but when he tried to get away from them he pulled away, fell off the edge of the roof he was on, and his neck was snapped in the fall as the rope pulled tight.

As he swung back and forth from the tree was nothing they could do for him.

Sobbing wildly Kat took off running and the family watched her as she ran off down the road crying. They quickly figured out she must be who the young man was talking about and their heart went out for her. It was easy to see why the young man was taken with her.

Kat felt so guilty that Thomas took his life over her. The first man who tried to love her like Elliot had and she again wasted that love. She also realized that she had tried to do the same thing over her love of Elliot when he turned his back on her, but in her case her life took a different turn and she wasn't successful in her attempt as Thomas was.

Now the grief caused from knowing she caused the death of someone who was now dead solely because he loved her far more than she loved him also weighed on her mind. It was because of his selfless actions in trying to please her that brought about his death.

Kathryn spent weeks aimlessly wondering from town to town, never spending more than a night in one place and she eventually came upon a traveler going the same way she was going. He was an older man, middle aged, with salt and pepper black hair, and bright brown eyes. He had a quick smile and a way of setting her at ease before she realized it.

She hadn't meant for it to happen, but eventually he got her to start talking about what was troubling her. He could tell she was troubled and maybe a helpful and sympathetic ear might help her out. She found herself telling him that someone she was involved with committed suicide because she was too scared to commit to him. She never got the chance to tell him why she couldn't commit. She just didn't want him to hate her once he learned why she was so scared to talk to him about it.

Once finished the man then told her about why he was traveling. It was a sad story, similar to hers.

He had been married to a wonderful woman for fifteen years, but they never had any children. One day she got pregnant and they were both so happy, but worried at the same time. They were told that since they were both middle aged that it was dangerous for women to carry the baby full term.

And that prediction proved to be true.

During the delivery complications arose and since there weren't any white mages to help they had to make due with the healer, but she hadn't ever seen this complication before. His wife died in the middle of childbirth and the little girl hadn't survived either.

Kat watched the man tell his story, and she noticed that different than he was acting before he now seemed seconds from breaking down in grief, and she felt her heart go out for him as he said he wished he had the power to save her, but it just wasn't in him. He just didn't have the power needed to save her life.

Taking the man into her arms she first gently kissed the top of his head before she then softly kissed his lips, and before she realized it she was the aggressor as she tried to soothe his pain away. Something in what he was saying touched a cord in her and watching the grief that he was obviously hiding by putting on a false front and only caring for others masked the deep pain. She was touched that he was trying to make her feel better while having deep pains of his own.

While they were still in the early stages of getting started Kat to activate her power to use it to make it the best experience she could for him, but something went wrong.

Right when she activated some of her abilities, the most exhilarating feeling came over her. She felt like she was floating, like her skin was tingling, like she was on fire, like she was freezing, like she could see what made up the stars.

The feeling was quite intoxicating and completely overpowering.

But at the same time she recognized it for what it was because she had felt this feeling many times before, she was with a mage!

Swiftly looking down she saw that he was gasping for air and trying vainly to breath. He hadn't reached the point yet where she was starting to take his life force combined with his magic, but it had started and she had begun to see a few flashes of his life combined with the spells of the blue and red magic that he knew. He was staring at her bug eyed and now weakly flailing at her.

Jumping off of him as fast as she could he looked at her strangely for a second and then collapsed.

Kat again felt the pain of grief.

She was only trying to help this man deal with the loss of his family and she almost killed him. If she had kept on riding him through out the sexual act he would be dead. She was only trying to help and it almost cost him his life. She hadn't had sex with anyone who had magic since she intentionally killed all those men in her home city.

Breaking camp Kat dressed the man best she could and then threw the man over her shoulder as she used her Succubus power to travel between cities. This took far more magical power than she intended because she had a passenger, but she had to get him help. As she arrived she then dragged him up to the nearest Inn and left him there.

Kat went inside and told them that she found him collapsed on the street and then left them with enough money to pay for him to stay in a room for at least a month. That was the least she could do as she had no idea when he would wake up.

Again Kat wandered aimlessly as the lives of those two men weighed on her soul.

Her thoughts were swirling around about what she had done and about the two men had paid a price for just being with her, both for trying to make her life happy. One who asked for nothing but the chance to show her a chance at happiness, and killed himself when she rejected him. And the other for trying to talk to her to help her get past the first man ... and when she tried to also help him she almost killed him.

Her mind during this time had also shut down from all the added stress to facing her new life after trying to find something to cling to after Elliot.

Kat had no idea how long she traveled during that time, but she eventually took a job in a Tavern as a serving wench. Her mind wasn't functioning on anything but autopilot, and other than doing the basic functions in life she needed to keep herself alive, her mind had checked out and didn't seem to be coming back anytime soon.

She never realized how the blouse she was given to wear was much lower cut than the rest of the girls and was designed to show off the tops of her large breasts. Or compared to the other girls that her skirt was so short that if she had to get on her knees for any reason and bend over you could easily see her panties.

Because she never reacted to that later she also never noticed that the owner changed cut of her panties and they were now designed to show off as much of her butt as they could when she had bent over. They were just barely on this side of being a thong. Being dressed this way helped the owner pack his bar almost every day and night.

Men slapped her butt and grabbed her breasts as she walked by or delivered their orders, but she never reacted once to their actions. She never slapped their faces, or jumped back, or even covered up the groped areas like the other girls, or tried to joke about it to get better tips. She always carried a blank look and only spoke in a monotone voice the entire time.

When they did grab on her, it was like she just bumped a table and she had no interested in reacting. She just kept moving as if they hadn't touched her at all. She never stopped or paused to react to what had happened.

At some point during those days one of the customers somehow convinced her to come back to his house with her. She never reacted or responded to anyone else other than to get their order and bring it back and collect the bill, but something this man said was the right thing to get her to come home with him.

She had no idea what he said to her to make it happen or how he did it as she thought back on it. She couldn't have even told you were his house used to be located because it was so unimportant to her at the time. But for some reason the next thing she barely recalled was they were in bed and having sex.

Even that time was nothing but flashes of what they did, and she couldn't really recall much of anything. She had no real idea of what went on that night.

The man who had blonde hair and brown eyes was the only thing she could recall, thankfully she didn't remember because somehow he managed to get her to do some of the nastiest things to her that he could think of. Each time she let him do something it bolstered his confidence and he got even bolder with the next thing he tried since she appeared to go along with it.

At some point the night had to come to a close, and once he was done she quietly cleaned up and went back to her room, where she then lay on the bed staring at the ceiling until morning came and then she started her day all over again in that same fog. She didn't ever seem to sleep and seemed to just be waiting for the sun to rise.

Eventually he managed to get to her, and she went with him back to his home again, and then again, and then again. And every time that they finished she repeated the experience of going back to her room alone after he was done using her to lie on the bed and stare at the ceiling.

She never even seemed to register that at some point there was one more person in the room, and then a third that joined them in their sessions. Her body was on automatic and it required no thought for her actions. Once the men noticed early on that she never seemed to have any orgasms, but as long as she was still coming and doing what they wanted, that was all that mattered in the end to them.

What snapped her out of her mental break down from her self loathing, was that while she was at his home again, this time he had invited twelve men to join them and they were all taking turns, three to five at a time, with having wild sex with her. Everyone so far had already been with her at least once and now was waiting for their second chances.

Some were even waiting on their thirds. The man who owned the house had already had several hours of her time solo before the men arrived so he was watching as she serviced his friends and some business contacts. So far it had been a late and busy night for her as she just went through the motions without caring who or what she did.

The men enjoyed having sex with her because they had never had sex feel like this before with anyone. Even though she was out of it, her body was still automatically taking some of the life force from her partners and it then in turn made them feel better than they had ever felt before in return for it.

No matter how many of them took her or how they did it with her, every time felt like the man in question was the only man who had ever done what ever act there were doing with her in her life. Her body always felt like it stayed extremely snug and tight, even through all those hours of activity to all of the men's amazement.

At times it even felt like it was milking them as the night went on, like her body was feeding on them and taking what it needed to stay alive.

As she was riding one man on the bed, another was taking her butt, while yet a third was getting a blowjob, and she also had a dick in each hand something penetrated the fog as she clearly heard "Well next thing we're going to have to try tonight is to get two men get into her pussy at the same time, and then later it will be two in her ass. If we can pull that off then at some point I'm going to see what its like to let the dog have a shot at her while she has this cucumber stuck up her ass."

Looking over at the man she saw he was holding a cumber that was just bigger round than her wrist and he was gesturing wildly as he nodded and laughed in her general direction.

Now coming to the realization of what she was doing, and how her mind must have collapsed on her at some point because she couldn't recall who theses people were or how she had gotten there, Kat screamed and pushed everyone away from her, as she then jumped free of the bed, fell to the floor, where she then started wailing.

At that moment she felt violated and used and couldn't believe that not one of them ever noticed that she needed help. Elliot and Thomas would have picked up easily on that she felt. They would have noticed that she wasn't acting normally and that something was very wrong with her. That again caused her grief to rear its ugly head as the memory of why neither one of them was now with her washed over her.

She couldn't believe that she had been doing this and as she tried to search her memory for when this started she couldn't remotely recall for how long it had been going on, when it started, or why she was here. She was drawing a blank as to what had been going on.

The last thing she could clearly recall was the look of frozen terror and fear in that traveling mages face when she started having sex with him. She didn't even recall dropping him off at the Inn. Now as clarity came back the next thing she could see was that she was the only woman now in the middle of a good sized gangbang in some strange man's home.

Now that she was aware of her surroundings she could also see that the only things these animals wanted from her was her body. Kat lay crying on the floor in the fetal position in the various fluids left by the different men as they now flowed freely out of her various openings on to the floor.

As she lay, crying in grief, she again heard that same man jokingly say "Well damn, this sucks! I really wanted to see what that would look like. Buster needed to get some pussy too he's been a good dog to me. Oh well guys, I think she's done for the night. Ok, everyone who can, see if you can jack off on her and cover her up. Those of you who can't you might as well piss on her so you can feel like you helped. I doubt this slut cares either way if it's cum or piss."

Looking up through the tears streaming down her face she saw the evil grin of the man who had been using her and the smiling faces of all the other men as they took their place in a rough circle and surrounded her, some of them now clearly jerking off as the approached her.

Not one of them tried to come to her aid or see what was wrong when she started crying. Not one of them really cared that she wasn't getting anything out of it as they had their way with her. She now knew that it was because they all wanted one thing and one thing only from her, and now that they had it they didn't care anymore about her. They were now getting ready to humiliate her in a totally new way that was over the top.

Standing up, while still having the tears wildly streaming down her face, Kat gave the men such a look of intense hatred as she turned and looked at them all that they all seemed to take a step backwards as one man.

Still crying she lifted a hand above her head and suddenly there was a fireball in it.

At seeing their fear, and right before she moved, she smiled an evil smile through her tears and the fireball started expanding at an alarming rate. In seconds it was easily four foot across in diameter and getting bigger. It seemed to almost stop growing at the six foot mark.

Meanwhile naked men had started to scramble for the door to the room, fighting with each other, and all trying to get out of the door at the same time. Men were literally climbing over each other trying to get out of that single door.

The only thing Kat said as she continued to smile and watch the antics in front of her was "All of you bastards can just all go to hell!" and slammed the fireball into the floor with all her might.

The resulting explosion could be seen for miles around. It was so bright that it lit up the night sky and everyone could see it no matter where you lived in the town.

The only thing that all the witnesses could agree on was that a very naked and devastatingly attractive, well built, large breasted young woman appeared to walk unharmed out of the fire. She was crying out in loud, heartbreaking, and soul wracking sobs that seemed to pull at the very core of ones being, and she then just disappeared into the night without a trace.

No one got a very good look at her or what happened, but the bodies of twelve men were later discovered in the wreckage of the house after the fire burned itself out. The rescuers thought it was the spirit of vengeance that came to visit the house owner because he was a well known pervert that had caused many women's downfalls and had a string of marriages he had broken to his name.

But even as those few things she could recall played through her mind she realized that she wouldn't ever let that happen again. She wouldn't ever let her mind slip and fall into the same trap that caused her to become someone's plaything ever again.

She would forever feel guilty over Thomas's death and Waltham for getting hurt trying to help her, but that beast and his friends got far less than they deserved. During that time she was extremely vulnerable and in need of someone to help her, and those pigs used that need to have their way with her.

It galled her that two good men were included in the same species as those twelve animals.

As she looked around Petersburg she could see the many different people as they roamed around. Some had families and some were alone like her, but she could see that it was a tight nit community that made one appreciate your neighbors.

Walking around she eventually decided to try to the cleanest Tavern she found for work. Kat wasn't kidding herself she knew that many men found her very attractive. She faced that fact seasons ago after Elliot first left and she realized that they would do and give up a lot to sleep with her just once, even without her using her powers on them. But she wanted to stay away from doing things like that again and start to be a better person than she used to be.

But Tavern work was somewhere where they were always hiring attractive girls to work for them. Women who worked there often got married, ran off, or just stopped coming in all the time. As such there would always be a need for serving girls.

There was also the added incentive where if they had really attractive women working there it would help expand their client base as word got around and men came to buy drinks and watch their employees.

As Kat expected, short of asking what she was looking for as far as wages, they hired her on the spot. The only dark spot was during the interview the owner looked her up and down like he would bend her over his counter if given the chance. When they talked about wages he started to insinuate that her having sex with him was required for the job Kat diplomatically pointed out that she could walk over to his competition across the street if he insisted on pushing the issue. She was sure they would meet her terms without sex being an issue.

The man broke out in a sweat as Kat gave him a knowing smile. He could see the profits he expected to make with her being there going up in smoke. He expected a large draw for however long she worked for him.

He also quickly realized that she had experience working with men, and that also meant she wouldn't be taken advantage of easily. He thought because she looked so young she would be eager to do what she had to do to get the job, but he realized that he was wrong. Meanwhile Kat really didn't want to work here, but it was the cleanest bar in the city and she really needed money to buy things to replace what she lost.

She had taken some laundry as she ran that night, as she had no idea where her money or items were once she regained her senses. She had no idea what town she had left, how she got there, or how to get back. She didn't even have any idea if that town she left was where she left her stuff even if she could get back. In short she had no idea where she left anything.

Kat had worked in the bar for about two weeks when she noticed two things, one there were three children who were headed to the fields together. While that wasn't an issue, they were tied together and held hands like they thought one of them might get lost. That was strange. It was two younger girls and an older boy. She guessed the boy to be about twelve or thirteen.

The other was the man who kept watching her nightly with a hunger that was frightening.

She knew that the way men watched her was part of her job, but this man kept watching her no matter who he had working his table or was with him. It was to the point of ignoring his female companions at times. He wouldn't sit in her area, but he did watch her from across the room.

What made it even stranger was that at times she actually felt his stares. That combined with a feeling like he was probing her mind, like he was trying to make her seek him out, but she refused to do it.

He was always seated and watching her with his intense blue eyes, black styled hair, and full mustache. He also always had a warm inviting smile whenever she looked his way. Kat tried to stay pleasant but it made her wonder what was going on.

Though he was very attractive something about him felt off to her. It shouldn't have, but it did. He felt like he was human, but then he didn't. She would have to have sex with him to see if he was a mage but she wanted to avoid that at all cost as Waltham's terror filed face immediately came to mind as she had that thought.

The only mage whose power she could feel without sleeping with was Aric, and she thought it was because of how his magic was different than anyone else's. She wondered from time to time what it would be like to sleep with him, learn his secrets, and feel his power flowing into her body.

If she hadn't changed she might still be seeking him out for the intoxicating feeling just being near him made her feel as she once tried very hard to figure out a way to get him to sleep with her.

But as her mind went back to the dark haired man she also thought that if he was like her and an Incubus she would have felt it the moment she looked at him, yet she didn't. She felt nothing that said that. Actually with him she felt nothing at all and that in itself was strange.

So just what was he?

Also the other thing that bothered her was that the women he was with. They were all very attractive, and while they talked only to him, they all seemed almost distracted. As if they were there for his pleasure and only carried on a conversation when he talked to them and then sat and waited for him to talk again.

If another man said anything to one of them, even just in passing, it was as if they never heard them.

The man always ordered for the women, they drank only when he drank, and watched him as if he was their sole reason for living. They never seemed to get upset when he stared at her like he did. That also was strange. What women doesn't get upset when their date makes it obvious that they want another woman in their presence while they are seated right there with him?

It was really creepy to say the least.

After she had been aware of the attention for a few weeks, the man stopped coming in. Kat was relived, but that was short lived. After about a two week break the man came in again and took a seat in her area. Kat didn't want to do it, but she approached the man and got ready to take his order.

"What can I get for you?" asked Kat in a pleasant voice.

She always tried to be as nice as she could until the man in question proved she didn't need to anymore.

"Short beer with a chaser," said the man as smiled at Kat.

There it was again. It felt like he was trying to bend her will to his.

Kat smiled to cover her confusion and moved away. She was still trying to puzzle it out when she returned with his drinks.

The man smiled and managed to touch her hand as he did.

That brief touch, while it lasted a fraction of a second, conveyed so much with it.

The most erotic of images ever imagined invaded her mind.

And they were all of this man doing various acts with all kinds of women. The women seemed to range in age, body types, looks, hair color, etc. There didn't seem to be any one type or age that he preferred.

Some of those women had even been the various women that he had been in the Tavern with, yet others were women she had never seen before, but the only common thing was this man. That and from his memory they were all very willing and very vocal to be with him.

Kat lurched back and tried to catch her breath.

Since she was half Succubus she was unprepared for what she saw and the intensity of what she viewed made even her flush.

She had done things in the past that would make a normal seasoned streetwalker blush and say no as she backed away. Yet Kat never thought anyone could show more desire to have sex with someone than a Succubus, or an Incubus for that matter, whose sole reason for living was sex, but this man seemed to best them all at it with his carnal desires.

Staring at the man Kat tried to keep shock off her face as the man looked at her and smiled. He mistakenly thought her flush was because his feelings for her were finally getting through to her.

"I find you very attractive my dear. You should allow me to show you an unearthly good time," said the man with a smile.

Kat knew that he touched her intentionally to heat up her desire for him, but she wonder if he was aware that she got a flash of what he was thinking about. She had no idea why she could see what she saw as it had never happened before with any other male she had ever touched.

She now knew what he was, he was a Vampire and he wanted to make her his thrall.

Vampires were at the top of the humanoid food chain as the perfect predators. Their speed was faster than any other of the fairy folk. Their power was greater than any other. It was near impossible to surprise one because of their reaction time. Thankfully they only preyed on the humans or none would be safe from them.

All in fairy feared the wrath of angering one of the Vampire race. Thankfully they were few or it would really get out of control.

What Kat had witnessed was his taking those women purely for his own sexual pleasure before he sampled their blood. Blood taken in excitement always tasted better to those of the Vampire nation, no matter if it was excitement from fear or sexual stimulation, although they much preferred sexual excitement if they could get it.

As her mind worked she tried to puzzle out why he was here.

There weren't any mysteriously missing women being talked about around here to explain all the images she saw. There was that one young girl that she heard about when she asked about the three children who were often seen walking tied together. They common belief was that she ran away because of a hard home life, even though when she questioned the children about it they said their sister was taken.

Also she wasn't aware of any bodies found around the area that were drained entirely of their blood or of turned undead running loose.

So what was his game?

While she was thinking she was standing close and missed his reaching for her hand again Once again images filled her mind, but this time she saw the condition of some of the various women he kept and how they lived once he was done with them.

Some were stuffed four or five to a room that had a single mattress on the floor, while yet others were in cages for some reason. There were a few that had a single room but it was bolt from the outside. There were even a couple women who he used as experiments to find out the maximum way to bring out sexual stimulation and pleasure in his partners, and they looked to be in bad shape in his mind.

The man was a predator who preyed on women for his own pleasure and it was something that bothered her more than she wanted to admit. Her revulsion was only outweighed by her disgust at him doing for what he was doing to those helpless women who were powerless to resist or stop him.

As she stood there suddenly the feeling of William and how he preyed on her flashed to mind as well as did the few months back when she realized what she was doing and all those men were using her for their pleasure as well, and she flushed in anger.

Even Brianna's words came back to her, and she realized that part of her anger was also with herself because she used to be no better than this as well in the past. But at least she initially started off with the good intentions of doing what she did to save her best friend from men like this and later to keep men from preying on her like what happened early on, but this creature was after his pleasure from the start and never once had any good intentions. It was all about him.

The man seeing her flush like this once more again mistakenly thought that she was doing it because his mental desire to seduce her was now getting through after weeks of trying to make her seek him out first.

As Kat looked him in his eyes, his eyes took on a red mist and he stared at her.

Now knowing what he was doing Kat decided to play along with him and try to do what she could to end what he was doing to others. She might not succeed given who he was, but she would try her best to do it. She then cast an illusion on herself that made it look as if her eyes did the same as his.

He would be looking to see if she fell under his spell.

"You will exit the Tavern after closing and stand in the shadows on the right side of the building and wait for me. I will come for you just after the midnight hour. You will forget that we had this conversation, but before I go you will flirt with me and make me feel very welcome. Do you understand?" asked the man in a slow but continuous monotone voice.

Somehow he managed to talk to her over the sound of the crowd, but it was like it was just the two of them and no one else nearby seemed to react as if they heard what he said. He was using one of his abilities to talk directly to her to seduce her.

"Yes I understand," was all Kat said softly.

As a Succubus seduction magic did not work on her, but she had to make it seem like it did to get closer to him. She decided right then that she needed to kill him to remove him from the world. She reasoned if she was purely a human mage or a pure Succubus she wouldn't have tried, but being both might give her an advantage.

Smiling the glow in his eyes disappeared and then Kat let hers fall as well.

Closing her eyes and then sharply shaking her head a couple times as if she was just waking up, Kat suddenly fixed him with a seductive smile as she slid up closer to him and forced herself not to throw up as she rubbed up against him in his chair.

"So is that all you need or do you need anything else," asked Kat softly as she put as much heat as she could into the look and then touched his hand with hers.

It was all she could do not to puke for sure this time as the images started up again and made her skin crawl. This man did things to women that even she would give pause to trying and before meeting him she didn't think there was any act that was off limits for her to try.

But now she knew there were. He had shown her things she would never do no matter who the male in question was.

"No my dear, but I'll be see you around, soon," said the man softly as he stood, smacked her butt soundly, left his hand there for a moment and groped her with it. Once satisfied, he then headed for the door.

Kat just smiled at him while he fondled her with a seductive smile, and when he reached the door and turned, he waved at her once and then he left.

As the owner watched, he saw the exchange but didn't hear what was said, but he did noticed Kat's smile and then watched as she started to rub up against the man she was talking to.

While he watched what she was doing he thought about the fact that this was the same woman who gave you the impression she would cut off your dick if you so much as touched her, and now she was making eyes and letting some strange man play with her ass.

The owner was confused as to why that man was so special she would let him do that to her publicly. The last man to touch her would be healing as she stomped on his foot hard enough to shatter the bones in the top of it. Every one kept their hands to themselves after that.

What did he have that the other men didn't? Some of the men who just tried to talk to her that she ignored were far better looking than this man.

Then he noticed that once the man was long gone from the door she scowled so viciously at the doorway with a purely hate filled look that he though she might hit the next customer with his own mug that was in front of him when she noticed his hands reaching for her butt once she looked away from the door.

Realizing his danger the man quickly pulled back his hand and tried to act innocent, while looking at everything but her, as if there was no harm and no foul as long as he didn't actually touch her. He saw her giving that man a similar look before she looked back at the door.

Now scowling at the room Kat moved on and was now stomping and slamming things around as she went back to doing her job. The sense of danger around her made more than one patron scoot out of the way as she passed them.

"Ok, what was that about?" he wondered as he turned back to working the counter.

That woman still baffled him no matter what she did.

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