Prequel, How Kenda Became a Slave
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Slavery, Heterosexual, BDSM, MaleDom, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - First part of the story of a transformation into a real slave

Kenda had been reading a little about sex slave lifestyle and found herself excited about it. She thought of her new boyfriend and how HE might think about it. After all, what man wouldn't like a free, naked housekeeper and sex slave? Really. Her rent was up today and she had to decide. Take a chance and surprise Jack or pay the rent. Maybe end up doing both. It felt hot. She had a key to his house and just had to chance it. She had little property anyway and wouldn't miss it should he be agreeable and she hoped he would. She took her car-all paid for to his house, barefoot and pink slip too. Should he go along with her idea, it would be his as she would give up all rights to own anything, even herself.

She opened the door and stepped inside, placing the keys and slip on his desk. It was a cool winter day, so she started a fire in the fireplace. She removed her top and pants, cut them into a few pieces and burned them. Then she removed her bra and panties and threw them in to burn. He had never seen her naked or had sex with her. Kendra heard his car pull in, the door open and close and the key turn the lock. Jack came in and stood stock still staring. Kendra stood naked before him. He walked closer, a little baffled, but quickly getting interested in what he saw. "Hot for me?" he asked. "Really, I've been thinking about this and I would like to be your slave," she said. "Slave?" jack replied, "I've never had a slave before, but it sounds like it could be cool. Let me look it up on the internet for a while." Kendra smiled and stood naked watching him go to site and after site. Finally, he stood up and said, "OK, First you have to beg to be my slave. Get on your knees and beg, then lick my shoes." She kneeled before him and begged "Please, Jack, Master, take me as your willing slave. I wish to be naked and serve you, to be punished and humiliated by you and whoever your friends are. Please. Take me as your slave. I promise to obey and be silent. I promise to own nothing, all money earned by your use of me is yours to keep, as a slave I have no right to have payment. Please use me and let others use me at your will. Please. I am naked and please make me stay naked. I will clean your house-naked. Do as will with me, your slave." With that plea she licked his shoes, each ten times and then remained face down, in obeisance, naked ass up. "Slave. You are mine. You have no name. Property has no name. I will call you "Thing" to remind you, you are owned. To prove my superiority, you shall call me "Lord" and I will whip your bare bottom with my belt as a token of my control. Then you will suck my cock to prove your intentions are pure, and kno your place a little anyway and I will not be wasting my time. Jack learned a lot in those few hours. Jack had ALSO learned a well trained naked slave, who knows to silently perform all tasks and endure all tortures and punishments, who learns to only focus their thoughts on pleasing and serving their owners go for a high price on the international auction block. "He started to get another hard on, thinking about Thing standing naked and shackled, being groped and prodded by prospective and rich buyers. He walked around to Thing's bare ass and swung his belt against her openly inviting ass. SLAP! Thing felt each sting and felt both excited and hot. Lord saw her cunt hole open some and ordered her to kneel upright. He had her lean back so her clit was visible and unprotected and SLAP with the belt down her front and her clit stung! She took a sharp breath in he smiled. He needed to buy ball gags. Many slaves had them. He would buy some tabasco sauce and soak some of the ball gags in it for violating the silence rule punishment. He unzipped his pants and his hard cock came out readily. She took it into her mouth and started to fondle it with her tongue and lips. He tongue slid up and down his shaft, titillating the tip. She started pumping with her mouth as he said faster, faster. He came in her mouth, a new experience for Thing. He said "Swallow it, swallow it NOW!" She did as ordered. He then went rummaging in the bathroom as she waited, kneeing naked. He came back with a vibrator and put it on her cunt and teased her clit with it. She felt the orgasm wrack her body with spasms and her clit was in ecstasy. "Anything to say Thing?" Just hearing him call her "Thing" made her clit hot and hard. Thing replied, Thank you so much for the orgasm Lord, and for allowing me to be your property.Is there more I can do?" Jack replied "You have no "I, me, mine. You are to refer to yourself as Thing only, in words and in thought." He had learned to train the slave some. Initially-orgasms should follow use and punishments. But not forever. When a slave was fully trained, orgasm would occur only for the entertainment pleasure of her owner(S), humiliating the slave in front of someone she knows or for video sales, never for the slave's pleasure. This gave Jack an idea of his own. Thing needed to learn humility and absolute obedience to extract maximum price. Maximum price only happens when a slave is so well trained she agrees without question to go overseas and be a naked house/sex slave for a life of total humiliation and use, punishment and torture for the pleasure of others in a country where slavery, REAL slavery is legal and the privilege of rich men. The lowest level slaves, like Thing will be, are recognized by their perpetual nakedness, indoors and out doors. At home and in town. The rest of the population is fully clothed and have carte blanche to tease, humiliate and use the naked slaves with the owner's permission. For real, and forever. So for the next training, what if Thing was taken naked to a place where she worked or knows the men and as forced to go naked to each one, beg forgiveness for her arrogance, recognize their superiority to each of them and

asks them to use and punish her in penance for ever acting or thinking she was their better or even equal and not admitting she was a low level slave, deserving only to be naked and used, punished? Sounds like a plan to Jack who is getting good at slave management already. A good training too.

Jack had no plans before that day to deal with a slave so he just tied her naked on the floor in the living room, left a night light on and the curtain slightly opened. He called a few friends and told them to tell some friends and cruise on by to look at his new hobby.

Jack sat up on the computer for a couple of more hours to learn more techniques of training and things he could do for his own pleasures. He started laughing, he couldn't believe his luck. Who would have thought a chick be barely knew would show up naked at his house and beg to be HIS sex slave! And WHO would have thought he could make enough money from selling her after he's had his fun for enough to pay off all of his debts? A willing piece of property too! He finally went to bed and slept well. Thing lay there on the floor. She was naked and now a slave. Men were going by and looking in the curtain. She obliged them by spreading her legs as much as she could. "Might as well learn to be a proper slave," Thing thought.She too finally drifted off to sleep. Tomorrow's a new day. There were places to go people to see ... or be seen by.

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