The Slave's Punishment Continued
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Slavery,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The slave is punished well

The slave followed the owner out. He called over one of his male workers and offered her to him. He gleefully opened his fly and put his cock out for her to lick and suck. As she sucked and licked, the Owner called over some more men who proceeded to grab her tits and cunt and feel, grope and pinch, twist and pull. In between the Owner would give her an occasional zap on her anus, her clit and her nipple tips. The workman came hard and she swallowed it all. For more fun, the owner hung her naked from the ceiling with her toe tips barely scapping the ground and told the men to spank her, and do whatever they felt a fancy for. She felt a pool cue going up her ass as the man then started waving her back and forth by the cue, her toes brushing the floor-another started pulling her nipples and clit, pulling her forward and allowing her to swing back as the man with the cue then pulled her a little back some more. The Owner stood there with a camera and taped the whole thing as she was swung naked by her ass, tits and clit then posted it to the internet. He had found her old social page and posted it so her friends could see what she is doing now. She was so humiliated but grateful the owner could do so much to teach her her place, and now there was certainly no turning back. She KNEW she was a lifetime naked slave now.

The Owner then had the men stand back, one of them holding the camera-he said "This video will be for sale later" He put a vibrator to her clit and made her have 5 or 6 orgasms. He had her masturbate in front of them, though they both knew another orgasm would be unlikely-but it was entertaining for the men and humiliating for the slave.

Later on they went home and she was chained into her cage for the night.

The male employees often came during the night and not so secretly to the owner took pictures of her. She was to pose with her cunt well exposed when they did.

After a day of two of not shaving she began to itch. A lot. The little prickly hairs started teasing and stimulating her cunt and clit. She was not to touch or scratch. The owner told her he knew this would happen and how did she like it. She said "Owner, sir. thank you for your gracious wisdom in your punishments and tortures. It has made this slave very horny and since this slave is not allowed to have an orgasm, this slave must suffer with gratitude for your intelligence. It truly is an honor to serve you. Thank you so much."

THe Owner laughed and said that is not even close to what is going to happen. The slave started to speak and the owner's face filled with fury at her disobedient attitude. He walked up, her hands were tied behind her back and he grabbed her nipple and twisted them and pulled her to her knees-then pulled her to standing. Her picked up the vibrator and seeing this, she knowingly spread her legs for his ease of access and he caused her to orgasm, then he zapped her clit, then the vibrator, then the zap on her tits, back and forth. Forced orgasms, then ol sparky on the tits. He then bent her over and inserted a large butt plug with a vibrator and told her he would vibrate when HE wanted to. she was to go into the main hall and begin her chores of cleaning the house. Every so often the vibrator would go off. Always when someone was nearby. They would look and start laughing, then slap her tits a few times. they would order her to bend over so they could see the plug and laugh some more. The Owner said that for that day, when her tits were slapped or whipped she was to beg and try to convince the person she REALLY wanted them to continue. And continue they did. By the end of the day, the chores were completed, and slave was a bit tired, wonderfully sore tits. Again, she thought of how lucky she was to be owned by such a harsh and stern man, and with no possibility of anything ever changing. Her life was set. A naked slave. To be worked, tortured for both the owner's pleasures and whims and for teaching her to be a better slave. Random punishments to make sure the slave knows that a slave she is. Slave's lot to be humiliated at every opportunity, reminded of her place under the heel of all adults free or slave, to be a plaything, emphasis on thing for all men, and a whipping post for the angry wives who have no other outlet but to lie to have the slave punished and tortured for their own angers to their husband. A slave who has no rights and expects no rights, silent and submissive. A slave who's only allowable expression is better service and gratitude for the honor of being owned and punished by a very harsh and cruel man forever. this owner was rich and powerful in his country. He had plenty of time to invent new tortures and loved spending all the time he could humiliating the slave, getting hard punishing the slave and having the slave suck, be fucked and anally humiliated. Keeping the slave naked is how it works and in front of clothed men was half the fun for the owner and a learning humiliation for slave.

Slave was meditating on this joy when the owner awakened her, readjusted her shackles and had her crawl naked to his car. They went to his office where in his private office there was a cage, shackles a chair with no seat, a shower stall, a toilet room with no door and a table with all kinds of implements of torture on it. Whips, pliers, electrical devices, alligator clips, clothes pins, assorted butt plugs, suction devices, ropes and much, much more.

She crawled on the owner's orders into the cage and stood up to be shackled spread eagle. Cunt wide open to view. There was a small bar and stools along one wall facing the naked spread slave. After about an hour there was a knock on the door. The owner said "I want NONE of your selfish disobedience! You are to be, what you are meant to be. Silent, obedient and punished slave." To make his point painfully clear, he grabbed his paddle and spanked her spread cunt and clit. He raised his voice to invite in a group of men. They looked at the slave and gasped, then looked at each other and smiled. They wandered over to the table and fingered the items, the cat o nine tails was popular as were some clamps. The owner asked the men to sit at the bar and have a drink. They started pouring and got more raucous. The owner then, seeing the time was right, brought the slave out, with hands tied behind her back and up to each man offered him a chance to grope, grasp and tease the slave anywhere he would like. The first man, giggled a bit and grabbed her left tit, then her right. Then he started kneading and squeezing them. He pinched a nipple and pulled it like chewing gum. Then he fondled her cunt and pinched her clit. She did her job and pushed her cunt harder into his hand to invite him to do more as a good slave should. The well trained slave looked on in gratitude for the honor of serving, never looking up as high as the man's chest, only at his crotch. The owner laughed and pushed the slave to her knees and she knew to open the man's fly without exposing his cock to the other men and begin to suck. she then stood and bent over his cock. The man's privacy and dignity must always be preserved, she has none deserved or expected and therefore blocked the view with her naked body. She sucked and licked and sucked. The other men enjoyed looking at her spread cheeks and hanging tits, her cunt showing as she bent and spread her legs as trained, a bit more than shoulder width. The owner thought she was too slow and zapped her anus with the prod. The crowd roared and whooped, so he zapped her anus again, then her tits and clit for fun. The men clapped and laughed. the owner let another man try it. He held it against her clit and ZAP! After that, the man came in her mouth and she ate it with gusto, (remember, slave has not eaten yet)she was stood up and presented before the next man who grabbed and slapped her cunt and slapped her tits a few times each. He bent his finger and flicked her nipples hard. The owner smiled. "How's that, slave?" Do you want more?" Slave replied "Thank you sir owner. Yes, please give me more. You are wise and mean business. These fine men deserve more fun with me and this slave needs to learn to serve them more selflessly. this slave deserves more punishment as this slave has been very selfish" The men were enthused and grabbed, pinched probed and slapped her tits, cunt and ass. The owner used the prod occasionally for emphasis as the slave was presented to each man one at a time for punishment and sucking them. The owner announced a lottery. The winner gets anal with the slave. The slave was bent over so her cheeks were spread out and her anus exposed and inviting. The men all took a ticket and the owner whipped her bare ass for measure. The winner was announced and the lucky man was taken into a store room with the slave who was bent over a chair. Her ass was lubed and plugged until ready for use. The winner went to the bar and drank another drink then went in the room and pulled out his hard, hard cock. He slipped it in slave's ass and began to pound. In and out, in and out, thumping against her cheeks, then faster and faster and he came in her. He was instructed by the owner to whip her ass three times to signal he was done and he did. Slave held her position as she did not have an order to move.

The owner came and dropped the back of his pants down and presented his anus to slave. "Show what an ass kiss you are, and do it all" The men stood off to the side so as not to see his actual ass, but could see her face, deep in his crack. They saw her head tilt back as she sought to get her tongue deeper into his asshole, and move it around. She licked his ass some more. He then had her get in obeisant position with her ass in the air. He had a candle in his hand that had been tapered in a part so it would not slip out. He placed the candle in slave's asshole and then lit the wick. Then he lay down so his cock was by her mouth and told her to not expose him to others but to suck his cock. The wax melted and ran down to her anus and cunt. It didn't hurt, but was warm. She started to wonder if it would hurt-then sharply corrected her thoughts, and said to herself how grateful she is to be so finely trained and how dare she think about something like herself. She HAS no self. She is slave. He is the owner. She is a purchased piece of property, like a TV set, a carpet or a car. Slavess of the lowest level like this slave can not think of themselves as "I." The slave is a thing. She would confess her disobedient thought to owner after he came. He came twice, and twice she ate his honey. She confessed her sin to him and he was agitated, and she knew she did the right thing as she had been selfish yet again and needed punishment, humiliation for correction. She must learn once and for all, that ALL of her thoughts and actions are for the pleasure of and fulfillment of the owners orders and wishes.

She carefully replaced his penis and went into obeisant position. Face down and ass up, knees apart. Tongue to remain in contact with the floor to ensure complete obedience in the humiliating position. "Slave. Crawl to the shower" She got up to all fours and crawled to the shower as ordered by the owner. He is not HER owner as she owns nothing. HE owns her-he is THE owner to her.

He had her get in the shower stall, spread her legs and arms. She spread her legs as wide as the shower allowed. It is a two person shower. He duct taped her feet down in spread position, her arms out-spread against the wall. He put a rope around the small of her back and had a man hold each end, and then he placed a ball gag in her mouth and alligator clips on each nipple. How they pinched and burned. A good punishment. the owner is SO smart and thorough. She will remember. It doesn't matter to anyone, not even the slave if it might hurt. Owner may WANT it to hurt or just humiliate. It is none of slave's business. Her business is to concentrate on serving the owner better, obeying better and having complete gratitude for the honor of being owned as a permanent lifetime naked slave. There was a handheld shower and the owner turned it on. It was tepid, not hot, not cold. He rinsed it over her body, then he turned the head to a jet spray pulsed massage. He beat her nipples with it first making them erect. It was a high pressure pulsing massage spray then against her cunt and especially beating on her clit like a water hammer. It started easily. The owner said "Slave you will nod or shake your head. Do you feel any pain?" She shook her head no. He turned it up more. "Do you feel any pain now?" The slave again shook her head no. The slave realized the owner was going to keep it up until there WAS pain. The slave was compliant and denied pain until there was some. The owner turned it up a bit more and as the slave felt the painful pulsed beating on her clit-the owner had the men pull the rope arching her back and exposing her clit to more and more water beating. Her cunt was open and spread, her clit was pushed up and out and the water pounded and beat it with no obstacles-then she felt the orgasm coming. Her clit began to throb and twitch deliciously and yet pain in between. The owner saw it too and quickly moved the water away.

He said you will have an orgasm, but it will be a painful one. That too will be punishment and these men can watch you. You are being taped and this too will be posted for your friend's surprise. She marveled at how wonderful it was to be a slave with no turning back. She is humiliated before her friends who are by now disgusted with the slave. The orgasm video will add a stronger finality. She is overjoyed that she is a slave-like it or not and will be held for torture, sex and humiliation as entertainment for the owner and his friends, family and employees. Even the towns people can have their way with her and she must comply with joy. Slave can never say no, or avoid an order by anyone. The owner returned the pulsing jet to her cunt and then clit and she felt the water pound, thump and slap and titillate the clit. It is not HER clit, the owner owns it. Then she felt herself start to orgasm and body twitch, her pelvis pitching forward in spasms, the clit thumping, the cunt contracting and relaxing at the same time pain as the water was like a real hammer and pliers on the clit, spasm after painful clit spasm. Her ball gag helped her remain silent. The men were laughing and grabbing the tits again. and the owner untaped her, had her crawl to the cage and secured her in the cage, naked and wet. Several men standing around looking at her and deciding what to do next, if anything. The owner thought his office too dirty and ordered the slave to make herself earn her keep and clean up the office ... with her tongue. The slave realized she had done no chores all day, but had simply been used today. Slave crawled to a corner, knees apart, ass spread and began to lick the floor, happily.

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