A Come Back
Chapter 1: Summer Camp

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Incest, BDSM, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Summer Camp - Heart-broken and beaten in love A woman learns life does go on with some help from a friend. She attends a camp where adults do what they want, where they want, how they want. Will she find a new love as well?

I've been stuck in this apartment for so long the walls have closed in and the mind has closed down. It's gotten to the point where I've convinced myself that I don't want to go out, even to the store to pick up groceries. I'm logical minded enough to know this isn't good sign at all and I'm going to have to force myself up and out if I wanted to break the depressions hold on me. The question was how and when? Not today. Not now. Maybe tomorrow. Or next week. I'll just...

The phone rang. I looked at it. I just waited. It would stop. sigh or not. I picked it up on the fifth shrill ring.

"Hello?" I didn't even care enough to mask the irritation at the intrusion into my little world.

"Kat! How you been?", the much too cheerful voice greeted. "I got your number when I called your mom's place. She said I should give you a call."

"Cleo?" I frowned in puzzlement. Why was mom giving out my number? More importantly, why was Cleo calling after a year? We were childhood friends and very close. I remembered she'd gotten a new job and we grew apart. It didn't bother me at all because right about then I had my own life blow up in my face.

"I knew you'd remember me! How could you forget me right? I'm unforgettable!" That was certainly true.

"Look Cleo, I'm really not in the..." I began.

"I know I know. I heard. You know how the grape vine around here is." I sighed again as her voice cut me off and continued. "And your mom told me you've barricaded yourself in that closet you call an apartment and are shutting down." I rolled my eyes and started to cut in, but was forestalled. "I've got just the thing."

Cleo chattered on while I looked around my apartment. It was small and getting smaller these days. I hadn't removed the past but left it laying around taking up space as reminders of pain and betrayal. Some of it packed in cardboard boxes. It didn't matter, I knew what it contained. I wasn't sure why I wanted to reminders, perhaps to wallow in the pain more? To help keep me in this fog so I didn't have to live to...

"Kat, are you listening?" Cleo burst loudly into my thoughts.

"Yeah, yeah ... something about a pool?" I guessed, latching onto the one word I had heard.

"Ugh. Yeah. A pool. Come on, say you'll come. You don't need anything besides your suit, a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. I'll take care of everything else ok?"

"Wait, what? huh? Maybe I wasn't listening."

"Ha! I didn't think you were. I'm not going over it all again. Just say you'll come. You've got to get out of that place for a while and this will be some good sunshine for you." Cleo fell silent, waiting.

Sunshine? I remembered that, didn't I? It came from a big yellow ball in the sky. Well ok. If I had a chance at all of going on I'd best stand up and take it. What the hell.

"Ok." I mumbled.

"Ok? What? Really? No! don't answer that. I'll pick you up Friday at three. Just bring whatever you have on that day and your toiletries. Oh and don't forget your suit!" Cleo finished in a rush, afraid I'd change my mind I guess and she hung up.

Sighing, I rearranged my blanket and resumed finishing off the last of the nachos as Scarlet O'Hara ran to greet her father's return from Twelve Oaks. Friday? What was today? I picked up the remote and pushed the "info" button. "Gone with the Wind" Wednesday 12:00 Noon. Oh, Ok good. I settled back down to watch the Civil War play out on my TV, and frankly didn't give a damn.

Friday dawned gray dismal and raining. Perfect I thought.

"What had she said?" I mumbled to myself irritated not only at me for not remembering, but also at her because she gave me a task to remember in the first place.

I'd taken shower, brushed my hair cursing it's length and lack of style, and began to toss together the bag of requirements.

"Lets see, Pills, both birth control and anti depressants," I snorted at both but packed them anyway, " ... change of underwear, fresh bra, extra T-shirt. Make up. What else?" I looked around trying to think. "A Pool. Ah yes." I moved to the bottom draw of the dresser and dug out the suit. I looked at it. Then looked myself in the critical eye from the mirror on the dresser. I shook my head at what I saw. They eyes looking back at me were circled in dark blue/purple, the face was rounder and cheeks more plump and very pale. "ugh. I've gained weight." I said to the soundless room. With a long drawn out sigh I decided to try on the suit first.

I looked in the mirror and didn't even recognize who looked back. I stood with the shoulders slumped down and the belly now rounded, thicker thighs and the breast size had increased as well. The suit was stretched to the max! But still serviceable. Hell. It would have to do. I thought as I stood with my back straightened and my tummy sucked in. I turned my back on the image in the mirror with the purpose of blocking out the sight of myself, as I stripped down and threw the suit in the small overnight bag I was taking. Fuck it.

At 3:30 Cleo was there. I didn't bother to ask how she knew where. I figured my mother had struck again. She greeted me with a hug and a smile.

"You're ready!" Cleo kept her eyes locked on mine, trying not to look around at the apartment, which was still full of packed and semi packed boxes.

"Of course I am, I told you I would be." I forced a smile. I was going to make an effort damn it. Even if it killed me. "lets go."

In the car Cleo chattered on about things from the past, long past. Safe subjects.

"Remember when we would tan on the front lawn as the constructions guys were building that house next to yours? We thought we were soooo sexy! When really, we were just scrawny little knocked kneed brats! Then there was that time when you..."

"Really Cleo, I'd rather hear about what's going on now, what are we doing, and for that matter, where are we going?" I didn't care to think about the past at all. Current past, long past, or even the Civil War past for that matter, I thought to myself in a weak attempt at humor.

"Oh." Cleo dropped the phony smile and became more real. "I'm sorry Kat. I just don't know what to say or how to..."

"Look Cleo, what happened is done. I can't change it. That I've had to accept for myself. I think I have. But that's all I've done. Accepted it. I haven't begun to live a new life yet. I'm kinda stuck. I don't know what to do now that he's gone. I feel like I don't even know how to get dressed anymore. So I don't." I glanced down at my too tight jeans and old T-shirt. "This is the first time I've attempted. I mean I've worn my PJ's to the store to restock the fridge, but that's it. I haven't gone anywhere or done anything it's all on hold. I've been depressed and the anti depression pills aren't working, or whatever they call 'em these days. When you called I'd just told myself I have to get out of the house and start living again. I didn't even really hear you on the phone. I don't know what you've been doing for the last year or so. God. Has it been that long already? Anyway. You threw me a lifeline and I took it. Let's not talk about the past any more for now and just lets take it one hour by hour ok?"

I looked at Cleo and fought to keep the tears that were always so close to the surface back. And she knew it.

"Ok Kat. I won't try to be ultra perky and I'll really try to understand and just go with the flow." She smiled and relaxed.

"Great." I smiled, a real genuine smile and realized as I did so that I relaxed as well.

"Ok ok. We're heading to a camping place that's not really a camping place." she smiled and continued. "It's in the woods, sorta, it's semi private. By that I mean," She glanced from the road to meet my eyes for a second, "Our cabins are completely private and the direct areas around the cabins are private. However the grounds themselves have an area for RV people, and regular campers. But they aren't public either, they're there with permission only. That said, there are a lot of woods that keep them from us and us from them. We can mingle in the more public areas but as a general rule..." she let her voice trail off indicating we'd be more private than not.

I nodded. She chattered on and I nodded when required. I noticed the sun was striving to make an appearance. I wondered who would win, the rain clouds or the sunlight. Time was running out. It should be dark in just a short while.

"I say not really camping because our cabins are fully loaded," she continued, "they're air conditioned of course, modern appliances and spa baths that have a shower to die for! We'll have full use of..." She continued on and I tried to listen but figured I'd see for myself and zoned out a bit.

An hour or so later we arrived. The place was at the base of mountains that were on the western side, we were driving in from the East Coast.

"Sure is far from home hey?" Cleo said as she hopped out of the car and began to gather bags.

"Hey! I thought you said I'd only need Jeans and a t-shirt!" I exclaimed looking at her bags.

"You do." She laughed. "However I never could pack light."

'Cabin' wasn't what I'd call the place. However someone tried to make it look like a cabin. We had to park behind it, as the narrow blue gravel road ran behind all the cabins, like someone had tried to hide the fact that roads existed. The place had huge windows on 3 sides. The cabin's look came from the faux wood finish around the windows and door. There was a wooden log railing surrounding the porch too. White pebbles were leading from the door and joined a path of the same pebbles leading to each cabin set about 40 yards apart or more. I looked down each direction of the path but couldn't see far, as it curved and bent with Cedar trees and blooming Cherry trees and in some places thick green hedges. The landscaping was beautiful. Walking inside I'd say it was as far from a cabin as one could get. The sectional sofa was white with pale green pillows. Hard wood floors were polished to a high shine and sheer green curtains wafted in the spring breeze coming from the open windows, allowing the early spring breeze inside. A huge fireplace was the focal point of the room. Off to the side was a fully modern stocked bar. In the other direction was the open kitchen which was fully modern and designed for someone who liked to cook with it's twin ovens, and kitchen island. The tall high cabinets were a polished Oak that complimented the floors. A wrought iron spiral stair case lead upstairs to the bedrooms.

"You take this one! Unpack and I'll meet ya downstairs in an hour" Cleo opened the door without looking in and promptly vanished down the hallway.

"An hour huh?" I muttered to the empty room. It would hardly take an hour to unpack.

My room was to be a pale yellow one. To encourage happy thoughts? The walls were so light it appeared almost white at first, but were indeed yellow. The sheers on the windows were yellow with a matching bedspread. A tall wardrobe and impressive oak dresser also occupied the room. I placed the clothes in the second drawer of the dresser. And merely dumped the remaining items in the first drawer without thought or care of organizing. I closed the windows in case the rain won, besides, the night air had turned downright cold.

"Well. I'm unpacked." I leaned my forehead on the cool glass.

Looking out I could see the tops of the trees, just starting to pop with bright greens. The sun hadn't won its battle over the rain, but hadn't given up yet. It was only bright enough that I could make out the few RV's parked a little ways off through the sparse branches. Lights were popping on like fireflies in the twilight. In a week or so more, as the trees filled out they would completely cover any sight of them and create the illusion of a deep forest.

Illusions. I thought, isn't that all there really is to life? What one sees is not what is actually there, yet we live with that illusion as if it were real. Is love an illusion? The love a mother feels for a child is real. And that child can feel it as well. Is that why we grow up always looking for love? Thinking we've found it with others when really it's only and illusion, yet we've had a taste of it as a child and are willing to live with that illusion because of that taste? Because looking forward and realizing love is really an illusion and we're doomed to spend life without it is too heartbreaking to think of? Or is it only a rare few that get blessed with the true thing. The fabled soul mate?

"Oh stop it!" I scolded myself out loud in the silent room. I stood up straight, squared my shoulders and walked out the door. I am going to have a good time and I'm going to enjoy myself even if I kill myself in the doing!!

The upstairs had three rooms and a huge shared bathroom. My room, Cleo's room and one more I hadn't seen. Shoulders still stiff I marched downstairs to check out what was in the fridge.

"Caught ya!" Cleo interjected when she flicked on the light switch sending bright light bouncing off of the walls.

"Yeah, guilty." I smiled. "Look, it's fully stocked! OJ, Milk, eggs..." I listed.

"Sure. Got a maid that comes with the joint too!" she winked. "Geeze, lets turn on some lights here." Cleo walked around flipping on switches. "Oh, by the way. There is no phone here. You'll have to use your cell. It's supposed to add to the rustic feel."

"Rustic?" I said gazing around the rooms.

It had indeed gotten dark fast. Spring was here but when the sun dipped down it didn't take long for the shadows to pour in. She walked from switch to switch illuminating the large space. She closed a few windows. I wasn't the only one feeling the Spring chill.

"Jake'll be here soon and..."


"Oh? I didn't tell you?" Cleo tried and failed to pull off the innocent look.

"No ... you didn't 'tell' me. What's going on?" I faced her with my hands on my hips.

"Well Jake is the dude that owns all this. He'll be here to check us out and make sure we have everything we need. Really, he'll be no bother. And he's having guests stay with him as well. His cabin is down the path to the right." She gestured vaguely to the window by the back wall. "He's also celebrating his job deal closure thingie and is having a party this weekend. So tomorrow we'll be going shopping!"

"Cleo" I whined. "come on."

"Now now ... It's not like that. I was talking to your mom and she said you haven't bought so much as a pair of socks! And made me promise to take you shopping! As for the party, it's only a garden party thing and you can leave after an hour or so. I promise."

I nearly jumped out of my skin when the doorbell rang just then. No phone but a doorbell? I shook my head in wonder.

"Cleo. Damn."

"Katrina, please? come on girl. Smile." She begged and went to answer the door.

I recalled the vow I made up stairs and remembered to stand up straight and put on a false smile as I turned to the door myself.

"Jake!" Cleo greeted him as she opened the door and hugged him. "It's wonderful to be here again. Thank you for inviting us!"

I'm not sure what I was expecting, if anything, with Jake. But he did catch me by surprise. He was about 5 foot tall and almost as round. Nearly fully bald and all smiles.

"Ah child. It is glad I am for ye." he said, clearly with a Scottish tint. I felt a genuine smile replace the false I'd been wearing. "Will ye be needing anything?"

Cleo shook her head and glanced at me.

"Everything is very lovely, thank you for having me." I stepped forward and held out my hand.

Jake took my hand in both of his. "Ah lass ye be very welcome." With a quick pat to my hand and a wink he released me. "I'll be just around the bend if need arises, aye?"

I nodded and smiled wider, I'd always been a sucker for an accent. Cleo hugged him and asked him to sit for a bit.

"Alas nay, my child. I'd best be gettin back ye know. There are things to be done before tomorrow aye?" He nodded and vanished.

"Wow!" I exclaimed. "How did you ever meet him?"

Cleo smiled, clearly pleased. "I have the good fortune to work for him. He's my boss."

"Your Boss!?" I raised both eyebrows.

"My boss," She shrugged. "here, sit down at the island and I'll start a quick dinner and tell you all."

I sat on a stool by the kitchen island and my attention was held as she told the story about how she met Jake.

"Well. You know I was working for that ass Rick Moran right?" She began and I nodded. "Well one day he and I were at a business lunch meeting with some foreign guys from the Panasonic who objected to every idea Rick offered them. Every one! I was secretly pleased actually. Rick is such an ass. Well..." Cleo flipped a ham steak onto a hot frying pan and went to the fridge. "After the Panasonic guys left us at lunch Rick decided it was all my fault that they didn't like his ideas. It was my fault and I was to blame, of this he was very sure. He began to express his displeasure then and there very loudly. The waitress bought the check and I was in tears by now. Rick paid, all the while shouting at me how the entire lunch was a wasted venture even if it was a business expense. Every eye in the place was on me. You know I needed that job badly." Opening a deli container of potato salad she scooped it out onto two plates with angry plops.

"Yeah. I remember, you'd been left with all the bills when Mark ran out." I scowled. "another ass."

She nodded in agreement with me and continued her tale. "Well we'd, Rick and I that is, we were on the sidewalk waiting for a cab and this man walks up. Rick glanced at him and went right back to telling me how if I had drawn up presentation boards and done this and done that ... all of which I had suggested to him, by the way, then he wouldn't have lost the account." Cleo paused to pour tea over ice in two glasses.

"Yeah?" I prompted.

"Well this guy leaned in and in an Irishman's whisper," she smiled, an Irishman quiet? "Told him no, Rick lost the account because he was a bad business man and didn't know how to treat people and that he had the manners of a slop hog, I honestly don't recall what exactly he'd said after that. I was a mess by then, in tears and all. But it turns out Jake had already acquired Panasonic for his own account and that they had spoken to Rick about Rick, telling of how Rick didn't know how to treat his employees and was pompous and arrogant, anyway." She waved her hand in the air dismissing it all. "The meeting was a bust before it even took place, the Panasonic guys were just there to explain that very fact, however Rick never shut up long enough to figure that out. At that point Rick was turning to me and saying well 'you're fired. How do you like that?' he promptly got into the cab and drove off leaving me standing there."

Ham was slapped on the plate in anger. Cleo was upset all over again remembering how she'd felt. "Mustard?" She asked in anger.

I smiled. "Yeah, go on."

She looked up and blushed a little. "Sorry."

"No matter, go on. You're standing there on the street corner..."

"Yeah, so I'm standing there. I'm embarrassed, I'm mad as hell. And there is Jake, taking my hand and patting it like a worried father." She smiled in remembrance. "He said, 'No worries there Lass, Jake has you now.' he hands me his card and says 'report there on Mondae and there'll be a job a waitin' turns and hails me another cab, pays for it! and sends me on my way."

Cleo sat down across from me to eat her ham.

"Just like that." Cleo snapped her fingers, "I was heading home. I can tell you I was confused, bewildered and asking myself what had happened. It seemed like in the space of a few moments I'd been fired and hired!" She laughed. "Best thing that ever happened to me. That Monday I went to the address on the card and there was a lady there, who said she'd been told to expect me and I was to be put to work right away." Cleo Shrugged. "mostly doing what I had been doing for Rick, only for Jake. You know, I follow him around, take notes, give ideas when asked, only with Jake I make sure he has his tie on straight and knows where his lunch money is" she smiled again. "He's sweet. I couldn't work for a nicer man. That was a year ago. Jake says he doesn't know what he did before he found me. And I have to say I don't either."

She paused to chew and gulp down some potato salad. "Good." Meaning dinner, I nodded and she went on. "he's forever putting things down and leaving them. Never knows where he's supposed to be when. Don't get me wrong. He's got a sharp quick mind." She pointed to me with her fork. "I think his mind is just so full with more important things he simply forgets the little things. Like shoes." She smiled and laughed. "I'm paid very well. And get all kinds of perks like this vacation. That's not really a vacation. See, Jake could call me any time if something comes up. Which it will." She added serious. "I know he's expecting a call now from an important account." She shrugged. "but in the mean time I have all the fun I want." Cleo popped the last bite of ham into her mouth.

"Sounds perfect!" I said, and meant it. "I'll do dishes, you cooked."

"Naw, leave em in the sink. The maid will be here in the morning. The place is already so clean she'll need something to do. Lets you and I catch up hey?"

I sighed.

"Come on." She tugged my arm and we took our iced teas into the living room and got comfy on the sofa.

"I simply don't want to talk about it." I said stubbornly.

"I think you have to. I don't think you have talked since it all went down. Your mom doesn't even know the full story does she?" I shook my head when she waited for a response. "No. I didn't think so. You've withdrawn into this tight little ball and think that if anyone gets close you'll pop and the air will be gone and Whoosh!" She waved her hand wildly about indicating loss of control. "While I was busy with my life yours fell apart. I'll tell you what I think happened then..." She paused, when I didn't take the bait she continued " ... Golden boy Derek, could do no wrong Derek, up and had an affair and you discovered him in your bed having hot sex with his three times great grandmother!"

At that even I had to smile.

"No. But close."

"'No'." She mocked. "Out with it!"

"Derek just wasn't the Golden boy I thought he was. I'd made the mistake of worshiping him and..." I shrugged.

"Nope. Not good enough." she sipped her tea.

I sighed. All was quiet for a few moments. Then slowly it came out.

"No. I had a bad day. Funny, a lot like yours." I failed at a smile to Cleo. "I'd been fired. Out of blue too. I didn't see it coming. To this day I don't even know why. I was told it was because I hadn't reached the goal numbers. Yet we'd all agreed that the place was a mess and no goal should be set for that year until we had some solid numbers to set goals by. So that was phony excuse if there ever was one. Anyway. Livid and just plainly distressed I left the office and naturally headed to Derek's." I sat still for a moment remembering the drive. "I showed up at his office and no one was at the front desk, nothing unusual there. So I just walked in."

I took a sip of tea. I could see in my minds eye the dark wood grain of the door before I opened it. The last moment when my world was ok. I took another sip of my tea, my throat tight.

"I walked in and stood there with my mouth open." I sighed. "Every woman's nightmare I guess." I tried to be flippant. "He had a red headed woman bent over his desk while he fucked her from behind." I said quickly feeling the anger flood back into my face with the words. My face flushed.

"Oddly, I quietly shut the door and leaned on it. Why I didn't turn and run I'll never understand. I crossed my arms and I met his eyes. I'll never forget it. He looked at me in shock, which quickly fled. A brief moment of sorrow touched his eyes then, very brief." I paused remembering that look. "The Redhead said to Derek, 'Well ok Hon, if you want her to watch' and rammed her ass back at him. The sorrow left him and he looked like a stranger suddenly, his eyes turned cold as steel. He grabbed her shoulders, all the while looking at me and pulled her back to him. He thrust over and over till he was spent. I knew the moment well, having been on the receiving end of it many times." I shook my head.

Cleo stayed still and quiet.

"The mind has an odd way of capturing every detail. Details you don't want to capture. The smooth pale ivory of her skin, the pink nipples hard and erect rubbing the oak as their weight swayed back and forth. Polishing the oak you could say. The curve of her ass as she slammed into his groin. His eyes." I took a sip of my tea again, needing it to sooth my throat, which was suddenly tight.

"Finished she stood up, and turned to him. She plopped her bare ass on his desk and used a handy cloth, I guess it was her panties to wipe his cock clean of their juices. My eyes were locked with Derek's, and still I was silent. She wiped her own cunt and Derek refastened his slacks, and calmly sat down, she tucked, the cloth into his jacket pocket. It was then I realized he was still mostly dressed. She, however was as naked as the day she was born. She walked behind his chair and played with his chest around his opened shirt. She said ... and I quote... 'Like to join my husband and I for a little fun Sugar?'."

Cleo blinked and started with shock, but remained quiet, knowing I wasn't seeing this room and time. I was remembering the wet spot on the oak from where she'd been sitting a moment before. A wet spot that I knew was cum from my Derek.

"Husband? I managed at last to croak out. It didn't matter. The red head nodded and showed me her ring. 'Been married 3 years now' Derek took her hand and kissed it, all the while his eyes never left mine. 'Yes Dear, 3 years now. Take your clothes and go on home I'll call you later, I've got business to attend to'." My voice had turned into a sneer as I quoted him.

I shook my head. "Business to attend to."

I sat my tea on the table and folded my arms around myself, I had started to shiver and hadn't even realized it till now. I had been reduced to business that needed to be attended to.

I continued, "She puckered her painted red lips up in a pout and no lie, she held up one tit to his ear and rubbed it. I can see it now as his hair brushed over it. She then said 'are you sure you don't want your friend to join us for a threesome Hon?' Derek said he was sure and pushed her back. She gathered up her clothes and stood naked in front of me waiting for me to move. I somehow moved off of the door and she walked out with the cheeks of her ass shaking with every step, and Derek's eyes were glued to them till it was out of sight. We both stayed quiet. Neither of us moved. I guess I was in shock. When he did speak it sounded loud yet he wasn't shouting at all. In a casual voice he said it was true, they were married, she was his wife and had been for 3 years. I didn't move, couldn't. Inside I was killing him, I was screaming. Outside I just stood there! He said one girl was never enough for him and he actually had 2 more wives. Somewhere somehow I felt that hit land. But still I was standing. I then said very quietly "and I was to be another?"

Cleo then gasped, breaking the trance I was in. I smiled sadly at her and nodded. I looked down at my tea for answers, there were none. I looked back at Cleo.

"I was to be another. He said he had "feelings" for us all, but was never in love with any of us." I hadn't realized it, but I had tears freely falling from my face at this point but once started, the story had to be finished, I continued. "He said he couldn't love, but he craved sex and being selfish he couldn't stand the thought of any other male but him touching any of his women, and the only way to ensure that was to marry us all and make us, one and all, believe that he did love us so we'd stay true only to him. And yes, the life we'd built, the life I thought I had built was a lie. But no one was ever hurt, as long as everyone stayed unknowing. 'After all, he did care, a lot'."

I gave a watery smile to Cleo. "So. I left dazed and shocked. I walked for hours in a daze, a zombie. I never heard from him again. The house was in my name. He'd insisted. He'd bought it outright as a gift for my birthday. I sold it to the first buyer that offered. Lucky for me it was a very good price." I snorted realizing my sentences were cropped and short but it was all I could manage anymore. "I've been living on that money since then. I won't hurt for money soon. I don't know how he does it. Keeping all those households. I know he makes good money. Knew. I guess I didn't know how good. I kept what we had in the bank. Kept the house money. The car is mine, was mine and was paid for already. In another year or so I'll have to go to work. I know that. But for now, that small apartment is all I need. You're right. I got that apartment, and I curled up inside of my self and there I've stayed. It's been about 10 months now, not a full year yet."

I held up my hand when I saw Cleo open her mouth to speak.

"Don't." I smiled weakly through my tears. "don't get up, don't hug me, don't tell me it's going to be alright, don't tell me he's an ass, don't tell me you're shocked, don't do anything. Ok? I loved him. I gave all of myself to him. I would have gladly given my life for his without the asking." I stared hard at Cleo. "He was my everything. And I found out he was a monster. And to him I was just a number. Number four. It all was a lie. I'm going to go up and go to bed."

Cleo stayed seated and said nothing.

"I'll be ok." I nodded and climbed the stairs woodenly. I had no choice. I was going to be ok. As long as I repeated that. I am going to be ok. I slept like the dead.

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