The Price of a Loan
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A couple must decide if the price of a loan is too high

Across the world people are finding themselves faced with tough financial situations, which they never dreamed would be possible in their lifetimes. People are finding themselves with out employment and with no prospects of finding jobs in the near future. Not a day passes that families find themselves losing their homes and their life savings. Banks and other lending institutions have tightly restricted their practices to an extent where most people find it impossible to get help reducing their debts by getting loans. Such is the world in the grips of the worst recession since the Great Depression.

During these hard times there are unscrupulous individuals, who see opportunity and profit from others' misfortune. They are not recognized lenders, neither are they quite loan-sharks, but they recognize that profits can be made by providing financial aid in return for high returns. Often times such aid comes with strings attached, which are a part of the price of a loan.

The following is a tale of one couple faced with financial ruin and homelessness. They are offered a straw to grasp upon, which would allow them to solve their monetary problems, provided they are willing to pay the lender's price. When confronted with ruin or salvation what price would any of us pay? Let us hope that such a choice never happens to us.

David and Debbie Marshall were a very ordinary couple who own a well kept motel in a small town located near a larger city. They worked hard all their lives to follow their dream and own a motel. The have been married for twenty seven years and for over twenty years they have realized their dream, Together they have raised three children, all of whom have left home, married and found lives of their own.

Most of their guests are people who have business in the city but find the metropolitan hotels and motels booked solid, or prefer the more laidback atmosphere of a smaller town for their free time. In the peak time of summer many of the guests are tourists seeking a goodnight's sleep from their driving on the nearby interstate highway.

The downturn in the economy hit David's and Debbie's business very hard. The businessmen and women, which once frequented the motel, were greatly reduced. In addition, David suddenly became ill and had an emergency appendectomy. Like many people the couple did not have insurance, they thought that medical emergencies only happened to other people. Given the reduction in motel guests and the high cost of doctors and the hospital the couple found themselves deep in dept, which was made all the more critical due to the fact their original mortgage to buy their motel was a thirty year loan.

The couple used money, which should have gone to taxes, just to keep up with their bills. Slowly but surely the pair were sinking deeper into debt. They borrowed as much as they could from their children, but the expenses mounted, while the income dwindled. It is not as if they owed an enormous amount of money, it was hardly more than the cost of an expensive SUV, but given their current circumstances their debts were beyond their ability to pay.

The couple tried to refinance their loan, but were rejected. They also tried several other banks to secure a loan without success. Everything that they had worked so hard to obtain was on the verge of vanishing before their eyes.

David Marshall was a man in his mid-fifties and his wife is two years younger than him. David is a heavyset man, having graying black hair, which is slightly receding. He stands five feet eight inches tall and his face, while not handsome, is pleasant. His wife has all the appearance of an ordinary housewife who has had three children during her lifetime. She is little over five feet tall and her whole continence radiates an inner joy of life. Together they are the perfect couple of ordinary, everyday people the likes of which can be seen everywhere in the world.

The weight of the couple's financial troubles has invaded their relationship and their thoughts are tightly focused upon everything they potentially might lose. Their last hope is to get a loan from Financial Group, a company, which is noted for their high interest rates.

"I'm going in to talk to the loan officer at Financial Group this afternoon," David told his wife as they sat in the office of their motel. "They are our last hope."

"Don't worry," Debbie said to him. "We have over twenty years of equity in this place that should count for something."

"I sure hope so," her husband replied. "It is not as if it is a terrible amount of money we need. It is a lot less than this place is worth and we can make the payments easily."

"Well, I hope for the best dear," she said. "I'm going to pray that everything goes our way for once."

"Good," her husband kissed her and squeezed her hand, "I'm going to need all the prayers I can get."

That day, while David was gone, Debbie started up her personal computer and began to message several of her friends who also owned motels asking for advice. Most of her friends could only suggest that she and her husband keep trying to do as they had been doing and wished her good luck. However, one of her friends wrote back asking Debbie to swear to secrecy about what she was about to tell. Debbie and her husband had met her friend and her friend's husband several times of various motel owners' gatherings. Debbie told her friend that she would keep whatever her friend told her a secret.

Once assured, her friend replied that she knew of an "alternative lender" who was willing to finance loans provided the risk was no too great. Debbie told her friend the details about her and her husband's situation. Her friend replied that the amount they owed did not seem outrageous and if the couple could not find other financing; there was someone that might be able to help.

"This is not something I would suggest to anyone," her friend wrote on messenger, "but if everything else fails, keep it in mind. My husband and I got a personal loan from a man who gave us a good interest rate. He is not a real lender and his service do not come without a special price. We were in the exact type of situation that you and your husband are and this man was able to lend us enough money to keep our business going.

"Who is this miracle man?" Debbie replied, "If the loan from Financial Group falls through we will need this person."

"Debbie, first assure me that everything I tell you will be held in the strictest confidence, "her friend replied. "You can never tell a soul, not even your husband what I will tell you."

"Of course," replied Debbie, "all your secrets are safe with me."

"First of all he will examine everything about you and your family," her friend explained, "not only your financial situation. Make no doubt about it he will make sure that you are able to repay the loan, but he will ask for something more. He is no loan-shark and you will find his interest rates, while higher than a bank, affordable."

"This is sounding very promising," Debbie replied, "tell me more."

"He will want to make the final closing of the loan only with you. He calls it negotiating the closing, but it involves a lot more than signing papers. If he approves of the loan he will want to be with you. I am talking about in a sexual way."

"OMH!" Debbie replied, "Do you mean to say you let him have you for the loan? Did your husband know about it?"

"Yes, I know it sounds terrible, but what could I do? We were faced with living on the streets! I know it sounds awful but now we have everything paid with a manageable loan to pay off. I know the whole thing seems terrible, but getting the loan has turned out to be the best thing we could have done. Make no mistake about it, I wish there had been some other way; yet, in the long run it did not hurt my husband's and my relationship."

"I am so sorry that you had to do that," Debbie told her friend, "I don't think I could do what you have done, although I don't blame you. I don't think that this man would find me attractive anyhow. I'm just an ordinary, run of the mill housewife."

"So am I. He will check into every aspect of your life," her friend said, "before he arranges the final closing. He does not accept just anyone to do business with and you may find that he will not give you a loan at all. I hope that you will get a loan from somewhere else, but it all else fails I will give you his e-mail address."

Her friend sent her the man's e-mail address before cautioning her to use it only as a last resort. Her friend explained that her husband had to know and approve of the conditions of the loan before the "final closing" could talk place.

Debbie sat in front of her computer for a long time letting the information she had received from her friend sink into her mind. What her friend had told her was something every instinct she had called out to her to forget everything her friend had told her. No one could possibly be so desperate as to give into a lecher such as her friend had described. That someone would take advantage of a couple's misfortune in such a manner seemed beyond belief. Besides, Debbie viewed herself as a very ordinary woman, someone who was not likely to inspire lust in any man except her husband.

Debbie shook her head and shut down her computer. She tried to free herself from the words of her friend and focused her attitude upon thinking positively about her husband's success at getting a loan from Financial Group. She wanted nothing more than to forget her friend's conversation as she waited for her husband's return.

About an hour later her husband came back and walked up to his wife as she stood behind the main desk of the lobby. She could smell liquor upon his breath when he kissed her and saw a deep sadness in his eyes.

"I struck out, my love," David told her with a husky voice, "Financial didn't want any part of us. The loan officer gave me some song and dance about how a short time ago they would have taken the loan, but now their lending practices have tightened up to an extent where they can't loan us anything. Oh, it was all done in the manner, but it all boiled down to the fact that if we defaulted on the loan they did not want to bother with foreclosing. Imagine, over twenty years of equity in a place like this, which was and can be again a money maker, worthless."

"You've been drinking," his wife accused him, "like is not like you."

"You're right," he admitted. "Financial was our last hope between us and the street. I feel especially bad about all the money the kids gave us that we can never repay now."

"Don't worry we can start over again," Debbie told her husband. "Everything will turnout alright. Everything will turn out in the end."

"Debbie, the only jobs out there are at minimum wage," David replied with sadness in his voice, "and those jobs are going to people a lot younger than you or me. We might just be able to live somewhere in a beaten down trailer. I'm afraid I have failed you."

"David, you could never fail me," Debbie replied, "there is someway out of his mess. I've been talking on the computer to a friend of mine who was in just the same situation as we are now. She said that he isn't a loan shark, but lends money to people like you and me in need."

"Debbie, there are no more saints. This is too good to be true."

"It is our very last hope David," Debbie kissed her husband, "I love you so much. Maybe it is better to be out on the streets, but there might be a man willing to lend us the money we need, if you want me to look into the possibility."

"Every silver lining has a cloud Debbie," David replied. "There are always strings attached to those kinds of deals.

"My friend and her husband were able to get a loan from this man. Maybe I should at least look into what she has told me and see if he would be willing to grant us a loan."

"At this point," David replied, "I believe that I'd agree to almost anything someone offered to give us a loan!"

"I can't say that I'll have any better luck than we have been having so far, but I will get in touch with the man my friend told me about and see if he might be interested in giving us a loan."

"Loan shark or not," said David, "I'd go along with almost any deal at this point, which would keep us off the streets.

"The conditions of the loan might be too much for you to agree to," Debbie said as she kissed her husband, "but I will get more details. I'll send off an e-mail today."

"Well, I will hope that is one way out of our mess, but I don't have much hope of anything." Not too much later that night Debbie sent an e-mail to the address her friend had given her. In her e-mail she detailed her and her husband's need and asked for any financial aid that was possible. She did not expect to get an answer after she described herself and her husband; but, the next day she received a return message asking for more information including a picture of her and her husband. Debbie provided the required information only have hoping to get a reply.

She sat back from her computer and sighed. If only the situation wasn't so desperate she would never consider contacting the man her friend had told her about, a man who was obliviously a lecher and seeking perverse pleasure from taking other men's women. Debbie shook her head and realized that she probably wouldn't comply with the strange terms of the lender. She also felt that her husband would have definite feelings about any "extra" conditions to such a loan.

It was two days later when Debbie finally received a reply to the e-mail, which she had sent. With trembling hands she opened the e-mail and read the message. She was informed that she and her husband had passed the initial review of their financial circumstances. She was instructed on what further information was needed and told that the lender, Mr. Wojinski would soon be coming to the area to personally review the possibly of a loan. The e-mail also stated that provided that all the financial information Debbie had provide turned out to be true a loan was very likely, provided certain conditions, which Mr. Wojinski would explain personally were agreed to by all parties. The e-mail added that Mr. Wojinski would be in their town the next Monday.

Debbie broke into tears as she read the message. A way out of financial trouble seemed just around the bend, but the price of the loan filled her with shame and fear. She knew that she now had to explain what Mr. Wojinski would want in return for the loan. She was faced with a terrible choice of financial ruin or doing something, which went against all her upbringing and instincts. She sat in front of her computer for an hour before she finally resolved to tell her husband.

Later that night, after Debbie and her husband had turned off the vacancy light and retired to bed, Debbie made love to her man. David loved his wife and enjoyed making love to her, but due to the burdens, which lay so heavily upon him, was unable to perform. He kissed and cuddled his wife explaining that he desired her, but due to all the troubles they were facing he couldn't get into the right mood. He apologized for his inability to perform again and again and assured her that everything would be back to normal someday.

"Dave," Debbie told her husband as they hugged each other, "I heard from the man my friend told me about that sometimes gave loans to people in our circumstances. The e-mail said that we might qualify for one of his loans. He will be in town this coming Monday!"

"That's great news!" Her husband smiled and kissed her. "Why have you waited until now to tell me?"

"There are certain conditions, which Mr. Wojinski insists upon that I don't think we will be able to fulfill."

"What kind of conditions?" asked David, "Does he want to become a partner in our business?"

"No, I don't think so," Debbie replied, "but he wants a special price for the loan that I don't think you or I can agree to give him."

"You had better give me all the details right now," David sternly said. "If it is some outrageous interest payments, which are going to go on forever, then we'll forget the whole thing."

"No, my friend assures me that the financial payments are very reasonable," sighed Debbie working up her nerve to tell her what her friend had said about the other conditions of the loan. "David, my friend told me that Mr. Wojinski will want to have me before he agrees to a loan."

"What?" David shouted sitting up in their bed. "Are you telling me that the bastard wants to fuck you as part of the price of the loan?"

"Yes," admitted Debbie, "he will want to sleep with me. I don't want to do that but what other alternative do we have?"

"Well," her husband replied with anger in his voice, "we can live on street. I don't want to share you with anyone."

"I know," his wife said in a sorrowful voice, "but what choice do we have? We are about to lose everything. We have gone through our life's savings and I don't think that either of us is likely to find a job that will save us given the current employment market. Don't get me wrong, Dave I love you and only you. It is only because of you that I would only think of such a thing."

"Get that whole idea out of your head," he said, "you are my woman and only mine."

"I will be only yours no matter whatever happens," Debbie began to cry, "I would never do anything to hurt you. We have a thin straw to grasp upon to save us, but I'm willing to live with you even if we have to live in our car."

"I'm glad to hear that," David sighed, "I'm glad to hear you say car, because we are about to lose our other car due lack to of payments. I'm afraid the next few years won't be easy on us."

"As long as I have you," she told her husband, "they won't be too hard."

"Maybe there is something else this Wojinski would settle for," David mused, "other than your pussy."

"I don't know, but I don't think so. From what my friend said he wants the wife to put out before closing the deal. From what she said it sounded as if once the deal was closed he never bothered her anymore. It is okay love, I will live with you in a beaten down trailer or even in the car."

"It will have to be in the car," her husband shook his head in sorrow, "we don't have enough money to buy a trailer. We've borrowed heavily on the kid's resources and I don't think we'll ever be able to repay them. I've even tried to sell the place, but there haven't been any buyers out there in today's market. I've also been trying to find a job, but it seems that there are a dozen or more people applying of every job out there and everyone seems to be overlooking a person of my age group. Don't worry, we will get by somehow."

"Mr. Wojinski will be here Monday and I'll just tell him we aren't interested in any loan he has to offer us. Yes, his money can get us out of debt, even repay what we owe the kids, but at what a price? I'll send an e-mail tomorrow and tell the man that we don't want his loan."

"That's good, my love," David said. "We can get by without his type."

"Yes," Debbie said as she grasped her husband tight, "the only type I want is you, but it is sort of nice knowing that someone thinks I'm still so desirable."

"You are very desirable," David held her tight, "and when there isn't so much on my mind, I'll show you how desirable you really are to me."

It was early in the morning when David got out of bed. He went and prepared the continental breakfast for the motel guests in the motel lobby, although there weren't many guests in the rooms. He dutifully took his place behind the desk and waited for the coming of the guest to partake of coffee, rolls and fruit. A short while later he heard Debbie moving around in the motel kitchen as she prepared the couple's breakfast. Debbie brought him a plate of food, but not one guest came by to enjoy the continental breakfast. As the morning progressed the guests checked out and went their ways.

"Debbie," David said sadly to his wife, "maybe this Mr. Wojinski can listen to reason. When things turn around and get better this business will be booming. I guess it wouldn't be too bad to hear the man out. I mean, we can always turn him down if his conditions seem too bad."

"Are you sure, Dave?" His wife replied. "I was going to send off an e-mail to him this morning."

"I've given the whole thing a lot of thought and we are doomed unless we get some help."

"Does that mean you would be willing for me to fuck another man?" Debbie said in a shocked voice.

"No, of course not," Dave responded, "but maybe we can work out some other kind of deal with him. He has to have some sort of business sense other than in his cock. We can show him that we can pay back everything he lends us without a problem. Business, after all is business and there is money to be made to anyone who loans us money."

"You know that and I do," said Debbie, "and I think Mr. Wojinski will see that, but I think he will also want a special price to his loan. However, you are right; we can always back out before things go too far."

"We will present our case to him and turn down any sort of 'special conditions' he may have."

"He will be showing up this Monday," Debbie nodded, "but I have a bad feeling about all this. Maybe we can show him that he could get an excellent return on his money, but I think he will want more than that. The friend I told you about who first told me about Wojinski is a lot heavier than I am and isn't as good looking as I am. I imagine that if the man wanted her, then he will want me too."

"What about your friend's husband?" asked David, "How does he feel about letting his wife have sex with this guy?"

"I'm not sure," admitted Debbie, "but the two of them are still living together and from what she says they are happy. They are out of debt and seem to have put the whole thing behind them."

"Tell me this," Dave insisted, "do I know these people?"

"Yes, we have met them more than once."

"I'd like to talk to your friend's husband and find out what he really thinks about this Mr. Wojinski."

"I swore to my friend that I would not break her confidence with me," Debbie said. "Please don't ask me to tell you her name."

"Alright, I won't. We can hear this Wojinski guy out, and we will do everything we can to get the loan short of having you putout for him. I mean, he should jump at a business opportunity like we can offer. I know firsthand that legitimate lenders are really reluctant to accept our business. I guess we have to try everything we can to get ourselves out of debt before we give up and start packing up everything."

"Yes, we can hear Mr. Wojinski out," nodded Debbie, "but I don't have much hope of working out with him without giving into his 'special' demands."

"In the meantime," Dave answered, "I'm going to do a bit of networking on the computer and see if some of my friends have a better option than Wojinski."

"There just has to be someone, somewhere that can see that this is a potentially money making operation and would give us a loan! Just a couple of years ago it seemed that we were secure and our future looked bright, but now all I see ahead of us is darkness."

"We don't need a fortune to get us back on our feet," her husband replied. "If we just could get a loan, if we can only get that, the future will look bright again, so don't give up hope."

That night as the couple lay in bed Debbie reached over and took her husband's cock into her hand. The lights were low and she pulled down the covers, which were over them as she moved her body over her husband. As his cock grew harder she took his manhood into her mouth and sucked it deep into her eager mouth.

"You know," Debbie said looking up at David, "you are the only man I love or could ever love."

"You are my only love too," her husband replied as Debbie's mouth returned to his rigid cock. "You are the best lover anyone could wish for in the entire world."

Debbie's mouth moved up and down David's hardness as her tongue ran over its length. His long hard cock moved in and out of her mouth faster as her desire fired her. She moved over her husband's body and aligned his hard member to her pulsating pussy. Ever so slowly she sank down on his cock, which had once filled her womb with babies, until she had all of David's sex within her body and then she began to move up and down upon the cock that filled her so completely.

So many times in the past her pussy had feasted upon the same cock, which filled her, but every time her husband sank into her womanhood she had felt warmth that went beyond lust. It was the thrill of knowing that she was loved and giving herself to a man who loved her.

She bounced up and down on David's cock until her legs hurt. Sensing his wife's discomfort, her husband pulled himself free of her tight, wet sex and laid her back on the bed. Quickly he remounted her and fucked her with the hard strokes, which she was so familiar with, but which always excited her. Her husband pumped her with an energy, which had seemed to be lacking in recent days, and her pussy contracted as she cried out her orgasm. Even as Debbie came she felt David's cock grow harder as it shot out it's cum into her waiting sex.

All too soon David rolled off his wife and held her close. For a long while the couple lay panting enjoying the aftermath of their sexual union. David's hand reached down to her still very sensitive pussy and gently fondled her clitoris.

"Even if we have to live in our car," Debbie sighed as she again approached sexual fulfillment, "it will be alright with me so long as I have you."

"Don't worry," her husband said softly, "I will always be here for you."

The couple spooned bathed, in the afterglow of their union, and for a time all their problems were forgotten. They fell asleep contented in their love for each other and all else faded from their minds.

The following morning, after hard reality set in again, David got on their computer and contacted everyone he knew in a desperate attempt to save all they had work for during their lives. He contacted not only friends but also those acquaintances he and Debbie had met over the years. He also inquired if anyone had ever heard of a certain Mr. Wojinski who would lend money to people in dire need.

At first all the replies he received were not helpful. Most of his friends suggested the lenders, which he had already been rejected by in the recent past. One of his friends replied that he had heard of Wojinski, but the man was not someone a decent man would consider for a loan. At last one of his acquaintances replied that he would like to talk to David personally, and not over the computer. The man was someone David had met several times and respected as a well established businessman. The man suggested that they talk further over the phone.

It was Sunday night when David decided to call his friend. He did not know the man well but had met him several times in the past at various motel owners' conventions. Dave was desperate and ready to grasp upon any possible hope. David contacted his friend and again explained his dilemma.

"Dave," the man replied, "I know where you are coming from and I feel for you. My wife and I were in the same situation as you are now. We went through every possibility to get a loan. I know this Wojinski guy. He is a last hope for people like you and me. I realize that he asks a lot from the wife at the closing of the loan, but once we got the money we have been free of him. We are back on our feet now and we aren't about to look back at what happened in the past."

"Doug, "David said to his friend on the phone, "I hear that this dirt bag wants to sleep with my wife as part of the loan. Is that what he wanted of you and your wife?"

"Dave," the man replied, "Mr. Wojinski is a man of his word. We got our money and it saved us from ruin. He actually gave us very reasonable terms. The only condition was that he did the closing of the loan with my wife one evening. I don't know what happened and I'm not about to ask my wife. What I do know is that he offers a good loan to those people that meet his conditions."

"And his conditions were that he fucked your wife?" David asked. "Is that what you are telling me?

"To tell you the truth," his friend replied, "I don't know what happened when she went to him to close the loan. She was gone most of the night but when she came home the loan was signed, sealed and delivered. She never told me what happened and I didn't ask."

"Doesn't it bother you that he probably fucked your wife before he granted your loan?"

"It did a little," Doug admitted, "but my wife and I love each other with a love that no one can destroy. Maybe she did let this guy have his way with her, but it hasn't affected the way we feel for each other. Look, I don't enjoy the fact that this Wojinski guy might have had my wife, but our love goes deeper than a one night stand or deeper than anyone can imagine. The only contact with Wojinski that we have had is to send him off his monthly payments. Let me just add that those payments are comparable to anything a bank would give you. I don't recommend doing business with Wojinski, other than as a last resort, but I can also tell you he is a man of his word."

"I don't think I could do such a thing," Dave admitted.

"No man in his right mind would," Doug told his friend, "Wojinski was up front about everything. I can't recommend you to take a loan from him, but I can tell you that we haven't had a bit of trouble from him since that night.

"Yes, I did have a bit of trouble getting used to the idea she had been with another man after she returned, but our love goes much deeper than just sex. She didn't do it because she lusted after this guy or wanted to try someone else. She did it to save all we have worked for together. Since then we have renewed our love time and again. I have no doubt that she loves me every bit as I love her. What she did was for us and for us alone. So what if she gave her body to another for the night? I don't think any the less of her for what happened, in fact, I'm proud of the sacrifice she made to save us from ruin. The fact is that she is mine for all our lives, and now we have manageable debt."

"Doug," replied David, "thank you for being so up front with me. Wojinski will be here tomorrow and we will figure out how to proceed from there."

"I hope everything works out for you and your wife," Doug said, "just don't get too hung up on what people call morality. It is great to talk about, but it doesn't put bread on the table."

"Thank you again for telling me about your dealings with this man. You have given me a lot to think about before he shows up at our door. Goodbye for now."

David turned off his computer and stared at the blank screen. His mind was filled with the details, which his friend had told him. He could not really get his mind around the price that Wojinski asked for a loan. It just didn't seem possible that a man existed who would insist upon sex as part of a business deal. He thought that sort of thing was something out of the past or something from the sick mind of some writer of erotic stories.

David shook his head before getting out of his chair. He wasn't sure of how he would react if in fact Mr. Wojinski wanted to close the loan with only his wife. He didn't think that he could turn his wife over to a stranger for any amount of money even if it meant saving everything he and Debbie had worked for during their lifetime. Still and all maybe Wojinski would listen to reason and give them the loan without any strings attached.

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