The Landlord
Chapter 1: Rent

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Blackmail, Heterosexual, MaleDom, Rough, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Prostitution,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Rent - When Jenny comes up short on the rent, she makes a deal with her landlord to give him "service" in lieu of cash.

Jenny was a cute little thing. Twenty-five years old, petite and brunette, she had the biggest brownest doe eyes. She was absolutely irrestable when she batted them at you. I found it hard, sometimes impossible, to say no when she looked at me with those beautiful eyes and pleaded for something.

I guess that's why I rented one of my apartments to her against my better judgement. A single waitressing mom with a 10-year-old daughter didn't strike me as someone who could afford to rent a flat in the city.

But she wooed me with those big brown eyes. Plus, she paid in cash, up front: first month's rent, last month's rent and the security deposit.

I should have realized that tips were good in the summer, in the middle of the tourist season, but things would change as the days grew shorter.

I remember the day she came to look at the apartment. She was still dressed in her sexy waitress outfit (or as she called it, her sexist waitress outfit). Her boss obviously knew that sex sells and only hired young petite girls and dressed them up in tight uniforms with low necklines and high hemlines.

The white fabric was just shear enough for you to make out her lacy bra if you looked closely and the light was just right. I made certain to position myself in just the right spot when she looked out of the big bay window in the dining room.

The sun silhouetted every curve perfectly and I wanted to bend her over and take her right then and there. She was on fire. She was so hot I didn't even want to take her clothes off. I just wanted to tuck my cock up under her skirt, bend her over the window sill and start banging.

That was four months ago and every month when I pick up the rent I still get a hardon. Today is no exception.

Jenny was more gorgeous than usual as she answered the door. She wore a tiny little sweater that didn't even come down to her navel. Her pert breasts peaked out above the neckline. She wore the tiniest denim skirt, the kind that makes you swear if you stare long enough, you can see her panties. Believe me, I was tempted to find out.

Her long beautiful legs seem to go on forever until they disappeared in that tiny strip of denim.

She seemed nervous as I counted the money. She twirled her hair in her finger and unconsciously pulled a strand to her mouth and started biting it.

"Jenny," I said disappointed and just a little bit angry. "You're short again! By $150 this time!"

"I know, I'm sorry, I just need a little more time," she pleaded, batting those beautiful eyes at me. She crossed her arms and purposefully pushed up her breasts. She bent down slightly giving me a better view of her cleavage. "Please, be patient with me."

It wasn't going to work this time.

"Jenny, you were $50 short in September and I let it go. Then you were $100 short in October and I told you it was okay to pay it in November. Then, instead of making up for October, you came up short again! Now you owe me $300!"

"I know, I know ... I'll pay it soon I promise."


"I don't know. Things have been hard at work. This new job started out great, but now we're not getting as many customers."

"That's because it's freezing out. You'll get even fewer customers in February. What are you doing to make more money?"

"I don't know..."

"If you can't afford the rent, you can't live here. If you can't get caught up, I'm going to have to ask you to leave."

"No! You can't! This is the best neighborhood for my little girl. I don't have to worry about some sleazy guy trying to sell her drugs when she's playing in the yard. Please, don't make me go!"

"I'm sorry Jenny, but I have expenses to worry about. I have to pay the taxes on this place. I have to pay the utility bills. This isn't a charity."

"It's not fair! Mr. Raymond doesn't pay full rent! You let him go every month!"

"What?" I was angered that she made such a comparison. "Mr. Raymond is my handyman. He performs a service for me. He fixed your stove and your leaky faucet for you. When he does work, I take it off his rent."

"Can't you do that for me?"

"If you could perform a useful service for me I could, but I don't think you know much about plumbing or electricity do you?"

She turned around and walked away, pensive.

"There must be something you want from me ... something I can do for you," she said. Her voice was hesitant and noticeably quieter.

The sight of her bare lower back and those long beautiful legs disapearing into heaven fueled my raging cock and my horomones took over.

The uncontrollable urge to just bend her over and inseminate her right there overwhelmed me, but I kept myself under control ... mostly.

Emboldended by my hardon, I walked up close to her and massaged her shoulders.

"Look Jenny, I like you. I don't want you to leave, but you really can't afford this place. I promise to put in a good word for you. I'll write you a good recommendation to any place you apply to."

She started to sob.

"Hey, don't cry. I'm sorry to see you go. I wish we could work something out."

I meant it. I rubbed her shoulders and boldly caressed her neck. I wanted desperately to reach around and grab her breasts, but I kept myself under control. I didn't want to do something I'd regret. Jenny was gorgeous, but she was a good person too.

That's what made it so surprising that she was the one who made the proposal.

"What if..." she started and then paused as I enjoyed myself rubbing her shoulders. "What if I could perform a service for you, like Mr. Raymond. Could you ... take it off my rent and let me stay?"

"I'd do it in a heartbeat, Jenny. I like having you as my tenant. What kind of service did you have in mind?"

She turned around. Her expression had changed. Her big doe eyes weren't pleading anymore. They were serious, determined.

"This kind," she said. She reached down and pressed the heel of her hand against my hardon. My cock leaped with lust and tried to break free from the confines of my jeans.

I just stood there frozen, not sure what to do. She looked at me with those beautiful eyes, checking my reaction. When I didn't object, she unbuttoned my jeans and released the beast.

She turned her gaze away from me and pulled herself close to me. Her cheek pressed against my chest as she jerked me off. Her grip was like a vice as she worked my iron-hard tool.

Never looking to face me, she licked and spit in her free hand and rubbed her palm against my cockhead. I let out a moan and bucked my hips forward, thrusting into her hand. I enjoyed the sensation of being stroked like a piston by this skinny little twenty-something.

I wrapped my arms around her and stroked her hair, her back. I even let a hand wander down and squeeze her ass.

"Let's move to the couch," she said in a straightforward, business-like manner. There was no emotion. No sexiness to it. Not like it mattered.

She sat me down and pulled my pants past my knees. Kneeling before me she continued stroking, working me adamantly.

She stopped only to reach into a table drawer to pull out a bottle of baby oil and rubbed it in her hands. Baby oil? Her daughter Katie was a big girl -- 10 years old. I wonder if she did this all the time?

She continued to work my cock furiously, a bit too hard at times and I had to stop her to tell her to be gentle twice.

"Why won't you cum?" she said, showing her frustration.

"I think ... uh ... I think you're going to have to take me in your mouth," I offered, almost afraid to push my luck.

She frowned. Her whole demeanor changed. This went from a business-like activity to something she dreaded. I might as well have asked her to clean a sewer by the look on her face.

"I ... don't know if I want to," she started. "I'm not a ... I don't want to feel like a ... a prostitute."

As soon as that word left her mouth, the reality of what she was doing hit her. A tear started to run down her face.

"Oh God, what am I doing?" she asked rhetorically. She wiped away her tears with her wrist.

I knelt down and hugged her. "Shhh, don't cry, Jenny," I reassured her. "You're not a whore. You're being a good mother."

"I ... I am?"

"Yes, you are. You're doing this for Katie, aren't you?"

"Yes, so she can live here."

"And to keep her away from bad people, right?"

"Uh huh," she sniffled.

"And you'd do anything for Katie, wouldn't you? Like a good mom, you'd do anything for your daughter."

Everything changed. Her resolve returned and she found a reason to do what, a moment before, was unthinkable.

"Yes, that's right. I'd do anything for Katie," she said. She pushed me away. "Sit down while I take care of you."

Who was I to disobey? I sat.

Jenny walked over to me on her knees. She positioned her self smack between my legs as I spread them wide. She gave my semi-erect cock a couple strokes then she opened her mouth wide and swallowed it whole.

I watched as my monster disappeared into that sweet little mouth. Her head bobbed up and down like a champ as she worked my cock. She tongued the head, smacking her lips and slurping as saliva drooled obscenely out of the corners of her mouth.

She jerked me off while she squeezed her lips against my cockhead. She pulled her head off letting her lips smack loudly only to dive back onto my shaft, practically deepthroating me.

I was so close to cumming. She worked me furiously. Her head bobbed up and down in a blur. The sound of sucking and lip smacking filled the room. I reached down and clutched her breast roughly, fondling the nipple with my thumb.

"Oh, yeah," I moaned out loud. I had longed to touch those breasts so many times before. Now all bets were off. I took my other hand and put it on the back of her head. I felt a tingling from deep inside my balls. I was so close. I pumped my hips, thrusting my cock deeper into her mouth.

"Oh, Jenny ... I ... I ... I want to fuck your face ... Would ... Would that be okay?" I stammered.

Her eyes looked up at me as she continued to work my cock with her mouth. She pulled off just long enough to say one thing: "Do it."

With that, I grabbed the back of her head with both hands and forcefully shoved my cock down her throat. She gagged loudly, but didn't resist. I bucked my hips back and forth fucking her face like a piece of meat. Her eyes watered as she gagged on my throbbing member. I slammed myself into the back of her throat again, and again, and again until finally I erupted in her mouth.

I can't remember ever cumming so violently. My whole body shook as muscles I didn't know I had contracted tightly, forcefully expelling load after load of thick, sticky semen into this tiny girl's mouth.

Jenny took it all, never once pulling off my cock. As I unleashed the last load, she looked like she was about to throw up.

"Swallow it," I ordered her in a voice I had never used with her before.

Her eyes turned pleading once again as if to beg me for a reprieve. She gave me a look that said "Anything but that."

"DO IT," I said as though I were talking to my dog.

Jenny obeyed. I watched the lump of cum work its way down her throat with an audible gulp. Without further instruction, Jenny opened her mouth to show me it was all gone. You can't tell me she hasn't done this before!

"Good girl, Jenny," I said. "You're such a good girl." I pulled up my pants and zipped them as I stood up.

Jenny stood up too. One or two teardrops were slowly making their way down her face. I gave her a hug, squeezing her ass. I went to kiss her but she turned her face away. I kissed her on the cheek anyway.

I started to head out the door when Jenny called out to me.

"So, you'll take that off the rent, right?"

"You bet Jenny," I said. "I'll be back next week to collect on the $250 you still owe me."


I stopped before opening the door. "The other $250. Remember? You owed me a total of $300."

"You're only taking off $50?"

"Only?" I laughed. "Jenny, how much do you think a blow job goes for? I'll see you next week. Keep this up and you'll be caught up in no time."

As I slammed the door behind me, I forced myself to ignore the faint sound of sobbing. I know I should feel like a heel, but a month's worth of wet dreams came true tonight. I felt like a million dollars and I couldn't wait till next week.

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