Family Paradise
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Father, Daughter, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Squirting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Big Breasts,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Brad goes on what may be the very last vacation with his entire family

It was probably going to be the last family vacation we ever had, just amongst the seven of us anyway. Yeah, we had a rather large family as it eventually turned out. Early on, my father had come to meet my mother with two kids of his own by a previous marriage. His wife had died a couple of years earlier, so he brought into the relationship my two half siblings, Chrissy was six at the time, and David was four. Mom had gone through a divorce around the same time, and brought with her another stepsibling, Jessica, also four years old, same age as David. A year after they were married, I came along, named after my father Brad, though early on everyone called me "junior". That wasn't so bad, except that later "junior" became "B.J." which at the time as a young kid, I didn't associate anything with. That came later, much to my chagrin. Last but not least was Stacy, my sister, three years younger than myself, and totally unexpected as she was the only one who hadn't really been planned for. Needless to say, with such a diversity of characters and personalities we all had our moments trying to get along. Frankly I'm surprised that as kids, we didn't kill one another.

As we all grew and matured however, it seemed that as young adults, we'd finally managed to outgrow our petty differences. If anything, many of us actually growing closer to our step, or half brothers and sisters, which had certainly been the case for Chrissy and I. Now a striking twenty seven year old woman who was starting to make a name for herself as a realtor. She had in fact taken a position with the company that she was working for out of state. As such, it was either now or never that we took this vacation, as a family while everyone was still close enough to home in order to do so. Even Stacy, the youngest had plans for attending college a goodly distance away, though still living in the same State, though it would be a long six hour drive in order to actually see her.

As diverse as we all were in our characters and personalities, the same held true for looks as well. Quite naturally, Chrissy and David looked a bit more alike with fairly dark brown, almost black hair, though somewhat fair complexions. Jessica, like mom was a very typical blue-eyed blonde, and also like mom, fairly large in the chest bust-wise, something that Chrissy wasn't. Much smaller, almost petite, at best sporting a full sized "A" cup, I know ... because I had had an opportunity here and there to have seen her. Even then, I always had enjoyed seeing her tits, and as a young boy, had even fantasized about them whenever I masturbated. More on that one later.

As for myself, I was a bit more like dad. Same dark brown hair that he had, and lots of it. We shared pretty much the same build and height as well, with me just an inch below six feet and around a hundred and eighty, solidly built pounds as I'd always been active in various sports and activities all through high school. And now again while attending college myself, though at a closer, local university than the one my sister Stacy had intentions of attending.

Stacy, my true sister was more like mom. Dishwater blonde hair, just under five and a half feet, and though her bust wasn't quite as large as moms or Jessica's was, she was still amply endowed in that department too. Yeah, once again ... I know, because I'd had a few opportunities to take advantage of that one as well.

Early on, while dad was still an up and coming stockbroker, we had been forced to live in a small three bedroom home. Mom and dad having one room of course, the girls the largest one ... and then David and I sharing a much, much smaller bedroom with bunk beds. As kids, we never did get along. And had it not been for my size, even being four years younger than he was, I'd have been taken advantage of every step of the way. As it was, my size and build eventually put the two of us on more equal footing, though all that did was ensure one or the other of us came away with an occasional black-eye as we seemed to be constantly fighting with one another back in the day. At one point, it had gotten so bad that they'd eventually (and just temporarily) moved me into the sitting, or living room on the couch just to keep the two of us apart. As it turned out, I loved sleeping there as I'd caught more than one late night excursion from my sister, Chrissy. Turns out, she was a sleepwalker, and very often did so. And usually, naked to boot.

By the time dad finally made it big as an investment counselor for several large firms, we finally moved into a rather nice, and very large home, with each of us actually having our very own bedrooms. Though even then, we still managed to stumble into one another while getting dressed or ready for school. Stacy, Jessica and I being assigned one bathroom on the floor we slept, and Chrissy and David sharing a bathroom on the floor just below us.

The bottom line was, we got used to seeing one another in various stages of undress, sometimes purposely, sometimes teasingly, just annoying one another as siblings very often do. There really wasn't anything untoward going on amongst us, not really ... not at the time anyway, though again, we all had to some extent taken a more personal confidence in our various brothers and sisters one way or another. As I had done with Chrissy, now Chris ... as things turned out. For whatever reason, she had taken me under her wing perhaps as a kid, especially during the rough times I had with David, and then later ... when girlfriend problems eventually came my way. That's when things got really interesting between us. Chris was the first one to actually tell me all about sex, and everything that encompassed. She had even gone so far as to let me have a "look" at it, just so I'd know what a woman's pussy actually looked like long before I ever really did anything. That was the sort of relationship we had together, though David and Jessica had much of the same thing between the two of them, as we would all eventually learn later on. Only Stacy seemed to be left out of that personal bonding, still the kid, still the youngest, and thus took haven more with our mother than anyone else. When Chris began spending more and more time outside the home, eventually moving into her own place in fact, was when Stacy and I seemed to quite naturally gravitate closer to one another. I was after all her "real" brother as she so aptly put it, and she being ... my little sister, and someone I began looking out for, and protective of. She and I had the same interesting conversation about sex that Chrissy and I had had. But that was also when I discovered a shared secret she confided in me about. My younger, sweet, sexy little sister ... had a thing for girls. Not that I minded, that was her business and personal preference, but you'd never have known it or suspected it to look at her. She was about as girly-girly as you could ever get, and even managed to keep her secret away from the others. Hell, she even went so far as to date boys once in a while, so it wasn't as though she was a hide-in the closet lesbian necessarily. She just simply preferred women.

But again, as I said in the beginning, the bottom line was ... we were all about to venture out into our own lives, and the last opportunity we had to take advantage of one last family vacation was now. After that, we all knew we'd be calling those times something else..."family reunions" as we began bringing others into this close-knit little family. As such, mom and dad wanted to do something special, something extravagant even, especially as dad had had one of those banner years. Mom and dad spent a great deal of time thinking about it, planning it ... and then came up with what they thought would be the ideal vacation get-away. At first, I wasn't too sure about it myself, but eventually the idea grew on me, along with everyone else. Mom and dad had managed to secure our own island getaway! We would figuratively, and literally be staying on our own private little island for two weeks! Though we could of course take our private launch over to the main resort island for more extravagant dinner affairs as well as shopping. The thought of spending two weeks in a tropical island paradise suddenly seemed like a dream come true, even if it would be just the seven of us sharing a small tiny island together for the majority of the time there. Mom and dad would have the main bungalow, which was much larger and had more "family" type accommodations whenever we felt like being together as a group. Thankfully, David and I would have our very own, much smaller units, though the girls were well pleased with sharing one medium sized unit amongst the three of them. All in all, everyone was well pleased and excited at the prospects, especially when the day finally came and we found ourselves winging out across the blue Pacific in search of paradise.

No one had any idea at the time, what Paradise would eventually come to represent. We would soon find out.

We had flown into the larger island by a small plane. Something that David and I both found exhilarating, though the girls ... mom included, where quite nervous about. After we had landed and checked in, we were then escorted over to our very own private little island, which was actually less than a mile away from the larger island, yet far enough to give us a sense of welcome seclusion. Needless to say, the brochures hadn't given this place justice. It was simply unbelievable!

Each hut or bungalow basically had its own small private beach. Tall thick palm trees tended to naturally separate the view of each unit from one another, in a more or less circular pattern, though there was one area almost right in the middle of all of them that served as an open-pit fire area, and gathering area for outdoor cooking should we desire it. Beyond that, there really was plenty of privacy, and even a few hiking trails that led further into our own dense little paradise, complete with a small water fall at the far end of our two mile long little strip of ecstasy.

The first surprise came after we'd all checked in and dawned our swim-ware, mom and dad asking us to come over to their unit once we'd settled in, so that they could lay out some simple ground rules with us regarding the resort, and our stay here. Needless to say, my siblings and I were in for quite the surprise when we did. Gathering together after first checking out one another's digs ... we soon headed over as a group back over to mom and dad's spacious little hut, though it certainly wasn't all that little. Extravagant to the extreme with a fully stocked bar, pantry ... should we decide to cook there on the island, along with various other sundry amenities.

The thing was ... they were both sitting there naked when we came in.

"Mom? Dad? You're ... ah, you're ... why are you naked?" Chris finally asked speaking for all of us.

"Yes ... we most certainly are," mom said blushing a little. "But you might as well know, while we're here, we plan on being this way most of the time. So we wanted to come right out with it, and let you know we would be, so there wouldn't be any unexpected surprises. This trip is very special for us too, and we have every intention of taking advantage of it, even with the five of you here." Mom told us, though dad soon added to that.

"You're all adults now yourselves," he'd begun. "And it's not like we haven't run into one another in various states of undress either. So let's also act and be adults about that as well. We're here to have fun, relax, and just simply be ourselves. Your mother and I have every intention of doing just that. And our being naked is part of it. So ... get used to it. Either that, or stay in your own areas if seeing the "old folks" naked tends to bother you," he actually then chuckled easing the sudden tension dramatically.

I noticed Chris was smiling as she stood there, though the rest of us were acting a bit more nervously and unsure of this sudden turn of events. Like dad said, it wasn't as though we hadn't occasionally run into one another in the all together from time to time. Nudity never really had been an issue amongst any of us while growing up. But seeing mom and dad so prominently displayed in their birthday suits went a little beyond that.

"What about us?" Chris asked, once again speaking for all of us, though to be honest about it, up until the moment she asked, even seeing mom and dad in the buff, the thought of doing the same myself really hadn't entered my mind until she brought the subject up.

"That's up to you," mom answered. "Like your dad said, we're all adults here. If you're comfortable running around our little island naked, then do it. We're certainly not hypocrites, if that's something you personally decide to do. Just keep in mind that whatever you do do ... or don't, is no one else's business. And the only other thing we do ask is this ... if you see the door to our bungalow closed ... go away, don't bother us. It means we're having some special alone time," mom finished, though Jessica snickered, whispering just under her breath to Chris who was standing next to her.

"Fucking, they mean," she laughed, though I'd over heard her as well standing on the other side, with images of my own parents now doing the nasty together invading my thoughts. It was time to leave mom and dad to their own amusements, naked or not ... and do a little bit of exploring here myself.

Mom and dad soon ushered us out, closing their door behind us as the five of us slowly meandered our way back to our own huts, though surprisingly, Chris walked beside me as I headed back to my own little place.

"You want to come exploring with me?" I asked.

"Yeah, I'd like that ... provided you don't mind seeing me naked too," she informed me. I nearly tripped over my own feet when she said that.

"You serious? You're going "native" too?" I asked.

"Unless it bothers you," she informed me, already reaching behind, undoing the clasp on the bikini top she was wearing, undoing it ... though holding it against herself even as it came undone, still covering her somewhat small, but very perky breasts.

"It probably will bother me ... in a good way," I said teasing her back. "So long as you don't mind your brother walking around with a boner most of the day," I said not really meaning it, though half worried I actually might should she decide to get completely naked, and spend most of the time that way, not to mention the rest of my siblings.

"Not like I haven't seen it before," she reminded me. Which she had, just as she had shown me her pussy once out of curiosity, I had in kind returned the favor, though I hadn't been erect at the time either. Not that time anyway. "Interesting too," she then added before I could respond to that. "You notice how similar you and dad are in that department?"

"Not really no ... I wasn't actually checking him out, though admittedly, I sort of was giving mom a good looking over. She really is quite an attractive looking woman at her age isn't she?"

"Yeah, she is ... wish I had as big of tits as she and the other girls do," Chris said, just then lowering her arms, allowing her small breasts to spring free as she now carried the bikini top in her hand as we just then reached my own small little bungalow. It had actually been a while since I'd last seen them, and honestly, I think they had actually grown just a little. Chris's boobs, though small, were nicely shaped, with a slight upward pointy lift to them both. Each capped by a delicious looking, almost strawberry colored nipple, that even now seemed all hard and crinkly as she stood there.

"I like the way your tits look," I said looking at them, and then at her, seeing her blush a little, though smiling.

"Well glad you do anyway ... you always were trying to get a look at them every chance you got while growing up, always thought it was cute, and yes ... even a bit flattering that you wanted to with everyone else having far larger breasts than I did."

"Hell sis ... you're forgetting. You also let me have a good long look at your pussy too, don't forget that. And I also think, especially now that I'm a bit more experienced in that department, that you've got the cutest, prettiest pussy I've ever seen."

"Really? You really mean that? Or are you just saying that trying to comfort me?" She asked.

"No ... I mean it, you really do, though admittedly, it has been a while now since I saw it last," I added almost hopefully. Though she had indeed removed her top, I honestly didn't think she was actually considering wandering about the island in the altogether the way mom and dad planned on doing. Which is when I got the second surprise of the day, when she suddenly reached down, untying the small bows on either side of her bikini bottoms, letting them fall. Suddenly, Chris too was standing before me entirely naked. The one thing that was different now, than what I had seen before, was she was entirely bald. The last time I had seen her, once more sleep-walking, though that had been a couple of years ago now, was she'd had a bit of a pubic patch sitting there between her legs. Now ... there was nothing.

I think I swallowed, standing there looking at it ... at her.

"Well? You like it like this? Or not?" She suddenly asked. I swallowed again, looking up at her and then answered.

"It's ... gorgeous!" I said simply, meaning it. And I knew by the way I'd said it, she knew I had meant it too. She grinned.

"Ok, so ... shall we go exploring then?" She asked changing the subject. I looked down at myself, still trying to decide what to do here. Problem was, I was actually starting to grow just a little. Seeing where I was looking, she laughed. "Don't worry about it ... been a while since I've see 'It' that way too," she giggled again. "But I am sure, once we start walking and just exploring, you'll find it won't be poking out quite that way as we do that. So come on BJ..." She said tossing out the name that only she had ever really gotten away with in calling me by. "Take em off ... and let's go see our island!"

Unfortunately, I did start off sporting a partial woody, it couldn't be helped, though Chris made it easier on me by not looking at me too often, or commenting on it. By the time we had actually started the gradual slow easy climb up to where the water fall was reported to be, it had actually become considerably more flaccid, though remaining somewhat thicker than usual even then.

"There ... listen, you can hear it," she informed me excitedly, now taking my hand, almost pulling me along behind her as we made our way up to the summit of the small hill. The crash of the falls just off to one side as we crept along the plateau heading towards it, winding our way in and out of the palm trees as we did that. Reaching the edge of the cliff looking down over the side, we could see it. That and the beautiful blue almost crystal clear pool some twenty or thirty feet just below us. It was the most beautiful amazing sight I had ever seen, and then Chris and I both saw another one. Not too surprisingly, Jessica and Stacy had decided to go exploring themselves. But what was surprising, was the fact that they too had obviously decided to adopt mom and dad's reasoning. They too were naked, frolicking about us just below in the water, though for the moment at least, totally oblivious to our presence having come in from the other way. I almost called out to them, but then Chris hushed me, suddenly slinking down out of sight, pulling me down with her.

"No ... wait, give it a moment," she spoke, once more peering over the side, still looking around, no doubt wondering where David was, just as I now was, in thinking about it.

"He must have remained behind," I offered not seeing him, though once more looking down at the other two as they playfully swam about, splashing one another. Once more I almost called out, until I saw something ... looked again, wondering if I had in fact seen what I thought I had. Once more looking over towards my sister. But her look confirmed she'd seen it too, or had at least been aware of it. Now standing together, facing one another in just a few feet of water I sat watching Stacy as she reached up, cupping one of Jessica's big firm breasts, playing with it, and then likewise fingering our sister's nipple.

"Holy shit!" I exclaimed, glad that the thunder of the falls easily concealed my sudden surprised outburst.

"Surely you've known!" Chris stated looking towards me, though her eyes spoke the question more so than her words.

"About Stacy being a lesbian? Or bi at least? Yes ... but certainly not that," I said looking back down and over the cliff face towards them again, as Jessica too now held one of Stacy's breasts in her hand, likewise fondling and playing with it. "How long has this been going on?" I asked my sister.

"About a year now I think ... though up until now at least, it's been more playful curiosity than anything really serious. Looks to me like, they're just taking advantage of the moment to indulge themselves just a little. I too have always known that Stacy tended to lean more towards girls than boys, but Jessica was a bit of a surprise, knowing how boy crazy she's always been. I think for her, it's more of that naughty curiosity ... you know how she is, has always been. Always the first one to do or try anything, which damn near landed her in quite a bit of trouble a few times."

That was true about her for damn sure. She'd gotten busted, grounded for a couple of months for smoking pot inside the house, and was also the only one as far as I knew, who mom and dad had actually caught having sex with her boyfriend in her bed when no one was expected home. She'd been grounded for that one too.

Seeing them standing there fondling one another's breasts was hot enough, but then as they both reached down just below the surface of the water, hands between one another's legs, it became clearly obvious as to what else they were now doing.

"Are they..."

"Fingering one another? Yes ... I think so," Chris half moaned watching them just as I was, though I now glanced over and realized, Chris had her own hand down between her legs, and was almost nonchalantly fingering herself, right there in front of me. In no time at all ... I felt my prick suddenly stiffening to full staff, and just as she was now doing, I began doing to myself, sitting there beside my sister, the two of us touching ourselves, looking down, watching our sister's as they in turn stood fingering one another.

Sure, I had in fact masturbated a few times fantasizing about my own sisters, though most usually Chris as it turned out. And though we had on occasion played "touchy-feely" years past, we'd never really done anything, certainly nothing like this, not actually playing with myself in front of her at least, which I was most certainly doing now, and which she too was doing.

When she reached over and suddenly grasped my cock, it seemed almost natural and normal for her to do that, especially under the circumstances. Still fingering herself with one hand, and me with the other, I was content for the moment at least to just let her do that. Besides ... I now had breasts to play with, and with that particular door now seemingly open, I just reached over, cupping one of them. I quickly found one of those incredibly hard, amazing nipples of hers and began fingering it, pinching it gently between my fingers as my sister began doing the same to my dick head. Sensations of her doing that, sending tingling thrills and shivers up and down my spine, causing me to shake with excitement uncontrollably.

"You keep doing that ... you're gonna make me..."

"Cum?" Chris quipped. "God, I certainly hope so ... admittedly Brad, I've always wanted to see you do that. I don't mind telling you, I used to lay there in bed at night and fantasize about you ... fantasize about what it might be like ... being with you. Does that shock you?" She said now looking at me worriedly, not to mention that her hand had also stopped stroking my dick.

"God Chris! Don't stop now! I'm so fucking close!" I told her. "And just so you know ... I spent many a night in my own bed, thinking about you too!"

We both turned as one, once more looking down over the cliff, the echoing sounds of our sister's mutual release as the water amplified their cries of joy. The two hugging one another closely now, still furiously, even more so perhaps ... finger-fucking one another as first Jessica cried out, and then Stacy did. Gradually slowing, stepping back slightly from one another, YET kissing one another softly for a moment. They turned, though still holding hands as they walked back up towards the small beach where their towels were. I more or less missed that last part however, my eyes were closed, as though glued shut. At the moment I was too busy pouring what felt like a gallon of semen down my sister's throat. It was the third, and best surprise of the day as I had started to cum, and then suddenly her mouth was surrounding me, drinking me down, swallowing my essence as it began exploding from the tip of my cock. Nothing else mattered at the moment ... not even my other horny naughty naked sisters.

By the time I was able to open my eyes and stand up straight again, Jessica and Stacy had disappeared, no doubt heading back towards their bungalow again. We'd all been gone for the better part of two hours now, and it was likewise time for the two of us to head back in order to get dressed for dinner as we'd actually be heading over to the main island in order to do that.

"Are we ok?" Chris asked somewhat nervously, still licking her lips, a reminder that she'd just finished draining my balls. My own sister ... had sucked me wonderfully dry.

"More than," I assured her, actually kissing her, which surprised her a little. She hadn't expected that, nor had I actually, only then realizing I was tasting my own cum inside her mouth, at least the residue of it as I did, as our tongues briefly fenced one another for a moment. "Let's just say ... I owe you one," I said grinning at her, though my hand had almost automatically come up to gently grasp and fondle one of her small perky breasts again, causing her to moan pleasurably as I did that.

"I'm going to hold you to that," she told me. "Later, after we get back from dinner," she stated. The two of us suddenly now glad that David and I had our own private little bungalows, making it a hell of a lot easier for the two of us to do something like that.

"I'll make it worth your while too," I assured her, feeling myself growing hard and stiff again even though I'd just had one of the most amazing, most intense orgasms of my entire life. And this time, I walked all the way back to the bungalows like that too. My prick never did go down ... though walking behind Chris as she more or less pulled me a long behind her sort of kept it that way.

Chris and I finally parted heading off in our own separate directions just as we reached the edge of the semi-circular formation of huts. I walked inside, wondering what Chris would say ... if anything to our sisters, especially upon realizing that she'd left her bikini behind at my place. I was still grinning from ear to ear, surprised and delighted by the unexpected turn of events as I stepped beneath the shower, which was also outside. The water naturally warmed and heated by the sun as I stood there beneath it, showering. Images of what we had seen and done so recently together filling my mind, so much so that it took a moment to realize I was hearing David's voice as he stood there speaking to me.

"Hey!" He finally said a bit louder, sort of hanging over the side of my shower enclosure looking down at me. For once I was actually grateful I wasn't sporting a hard on.

"What?" I responded back, adding... 'Where've you been anyway?" I asked curiously. He just grinned at me, looking like the cat that had eaten the canary. Though the two of us had never really gotten close, especially with all the earlier animosity between us, at least as we'd grown and matured, we'd set most of those petty differences aside. At least now we were far more civil to one another ... well sort of anyway. I could tell he was dying to tell me what he'd been up to. That look I HAD seen before.

"Guess what I saw?" He asked trying to bait me, which was his way. I was half tempted to say the same thing back to him, deciding against it however. I figured mine was a hell of a lot better than his was, and for the moment at least, was keeping that one to myself.

"What?" I said instead, stepping out of the shower, grabbing a towel as I began drying off.

"Earlier? I went back to lie down, take a nap for a bit. When I woke up a short time later, everyone had already taken off of course."

"Yeah? So?"

"Well, I was naturally hungry, so I headed back towards mom and dad's hut, the door was open now, so I figured they weren't inside doing anything, and that it was safe to go in, browse around, find something to munch on."

That was typically David. He seemed to have a bottomless pit when it came to snacking, though he also had the metabolism for it too. He never did gain any weight, no matter what it was he seemed to be eating, unlike myself.

"Yeah? So?" I said again, this time showing some irritation in saying it, wanting him to get on with it instead of drawing things out the way he usually did. He got the point.

"They said not to come in or bother them when the door was closed right? Well, they didn't warn us, or tell us they might do something elsewhere now did they?"

He had my attention now, curiously enough.

While I was making a sandwich, I looked outside, spotted them laying on their own little beach there. Next thing I know, mom reaches over, starts playing with dad's dick, and then suddenly she's giving him a BJ, B.J.," he says grinning at me. I let it go this time however, without commenting on that.

"So ... you watched mom giving dad a blowjob huh?"

"Watched em fucking too," he then added as though this was the real reason for the canary look. I didn't have the heart to tell him. Nor did I really want to. "Bet you've never seen them doing that now have you?"

"Nope ... you're one up on me there David," I smiled back. "But I will say this, we've what ... been here less than a day already? I have a feeling we'll both be seeing that, and perhaps a bit more ... so don't be surprised by it if you do. And more importantly, don't make an issue out of it either, if you do ... otherwise, you might bring an end to it. And I don't think either one of us would want anything like that to happen, now would we?"

He thought about that for a moment, shaking his head in agreement with it. "Still pretty cool though, sick and twisted as it might be ... watching mom and dad actually fucking. Don't mind telling you Brad, it really was pretty hot."

"I hear you," I told him, now picturing it in my own mind, remembering what mom actually looked like, and now finding myself actually getting a bit aroused here. "But ... like I said, just don't be too surprised by things around here David. We've got two full weeks here, who knows what the hell might happen while we are?"

He looked at me speculatively, smiled knowingly nodding his head. "God ... one can only imagine, and hope," he added grinning like a Cheshire cat.

I had to agree with him on that one.

We took the launch over to the main island shortly before the sun went down. It was an enjoyable dinner, sitting there on the veranda, a nice tropical breeze blowing, as we sat sipping Mai tais together. Just watching the sunset over the Pacific Ocean was breathtaking enough in and of itself. But sitting there looking at four, yes four, very attractive, and obviously very sensual women, simply added to the majestic scenery of the evening.

After we finished watching the sun sink far off into the sea, we took a stroll around the resort, stopping to window shop. There was a club with dancing, which mom and dad of course wanted to do, as did most everyone else including me. All save for Stacy who had been acting a little strangely most of the night. Not so much that anyone else had really noticed, but I had. Especially when I saw her resigned look at the mention that mom and dad planned on staying at the club for a while. I could tell she wasn't too keen on the idea.

"Tired?" I asked.

"Yes!" She said hopefully, as though wishing that someone might in fact take her back to our own little island. I made mention of the fact to everyone that she was, and then offered to take her back, and then actually come back for everyone else at a specific time, not wanting to leave her all alone on the island either. I too feigned being tired, even though I wasn't, so it was agreed that I'd return at midnight. Just before I left however, dad came back informing me that they would be taking the resort launch back, so I didn't have to worry about doing that. As such, Stacy and I soon headed back without much being said along the way. I could tell however that something was bothering her.

Walking back to her bungalow, I wasn't at all surprised when she invited me inside.

"What's troubling you sis? And don't tell me nothing is, I know ... something is, I could see it in your eyes all evening."

"You always could," she responded knowingly. "I never was one to be able to hide anything from you was I?"

"Nope! So, tell me ... what gives sis?"

Stacy plopped down on one of the really comfortable looking beds, and then patted at a spot next to her, which I took, sitting down beside her.

"I want to ask you something."


"Was it you ... or David, that was sitting on top of the plateau earlier today?" She asked straight out.

Obviously she had seen me after all, though curiously, she'd made no mention of anyone else, so I didn't either. "It was me," I answered directly leaving it at that. She actually smiled, even giving a small sigh of relief upon hearing that.

"Good ... that's a relief," she smiled almost brazenly, yet blushing simultaneously at the same time. "I wasn't sure. When Jessica and I walked back up to the beach, I happened to glance up, saw someone ... but the sunlight was partially blocking my view. I knew someone had seen us, obviously a male ... but wasn't sure beyond that. Obviously..." she paused for a moment, even reaching over to place her hand on my bare thigh. "You saw us."

"I did, yes." I said easily enough, enjoying the sensation of her hand on my thigh, the sudden unexpected intimacy of such a simple act.

"Were you ... you know," she stammered slightly, her hand now softly circling, caressing my thigh gradually inching upwards as she did that.

"Jerking off?" I answered back, speaking truthfully to some extent as I pictured the moment in my head. I had been ... up until the moment that Chris suddenly leaned over taking my cock into her mouth anyway. Which is no doubt why Stacy hadn't seen anyone else sitting up there with me.

"Yeah, that," she giggled then, her hand actually brushing over the now growing bulge of my cock through my loose fitting shorts.

Stacy and I too had played those "I'll show you mine, if you'll show me yours," games when we were younger. And she also had the distinction of being the only one amongst all of my siblings (not counting my mother) who had actually caught me in the act of masturbating. The day she had, I'd been in the bathroom just coming out from a shower. Since we shared a shower, and as there was rarely any time to do anything in there, especially clean up before someone else was pounding on the door wanting to use it, I never jerked off in there. I stood, one hand on the wall behind the toilet leaning forward, legs slightly spread, hand on my cock jerking away, pointing it downwards towards the toilet bowl. I hadn't locked the door, nor did anyone really. Had I done so, the girls too would have no doubt gotten into the habit of locking it as well in retaliation for my doing that. Keeping it unlocked had become somewhat of a game we all played on one another from time to time. The unexpected sudden quick walk in, glimpses here, there, while in the shower or just getting out. It was relatively harmless, and everyone did it from time to time. But that day ... I knew I had been alone, the last one to leave, or so I thought anyway. So I wasn't too worried about anyone coming in unexpectedly. In addition to that, I was so lost in my thoughts, my fantasies, the "edge" of release already beginning to seize my balls when Stacy knocked, (which we always did as quick fare warning) however, I hadn't heard the faint knock, nor the door opening at that moment as my cock began to spurt, almost the exact moment she came in. Stacy stood (though I didn't even know that at the time) watching me, watching me squirt off into the toilet, yanking my prick pleasurably, groaning and moaning deeply as I did so. Images of her in fact, even then filling my head. As I finally opened my eyes, still peering down into the bowl of the toilet to take stock of what felt like one hell of a load, Stacy finally spoke, startling me.

"Wow ... so that's what it looks like when it comes out huh?"

I think I jumped three feet. "Jesus ... fuck ... Stacy!" I spat suddenly turning trying to cover myself, though the damage was done. Even more so when Stacy walked over, looking down into the very toilet bowl herself likewise inspecting the discharge of cream that now floated there like clouds in the sky.

I reached over, flushing it. Though we both now stood there watching the swirl of water as my cum-curdles fought vainly to remain behind.

"Sorry ... it's just that, I've never seen that before," she finally stated. "I mean ... I know boys cum and all, but I've never actually seen one do it before. It was ... well, it was rather interesting," she stated now looking up towards me.

"Well, I guess you have now," I stated finding the moment suddenly arousing in a weird sort of way, though I began wrapping a towel around my still somewhat stiff member by way of hiding it.

She just stood there looking at me though, the question in her eyes without speaking.


She remained silent for a moment more, the anguish of her thoughts clearly etched within her face. "Can I ... can I see you do it again?"

"What ... you mean, jerk off again, while you watch?" I asked frankly surprised by this, though not without a bit of mild amusement, not to mention aroused interest as my cock actually throbbed just a bit upon hearing that.

"Yes." She said simply, obviously serious about it.

"Shit ... I don't know sis. Maybe. But certainly not now. It you know ... takes a while. And if you really, honestly do want to see that, you're going to have to give it time. If I was to do it now ... there wouldn't be a whole lot to see since I pretty much emptied my balls here."

She laughed at that. "When then? Tonight?"

I thought about it. Aside from Jessica being home, mom and dad had their weekly card game with the neighbors. David would be at work, and Chris was living in her own place at the time.

"Yeah, later tonight maybe," I had told her as the thought of jerking off for my sister again suddenly started to arouse me. I had done so of course ... seeing the excitement in her eyes as she sat across from me, watching me jerk off until my prick once more erupted copiously for her.

Returning back to the present however, Stacy's hand still making soft gentle circles on my thigh, I looked at her wondering. "So ... what did you think?" She suddenly asked. "Did you enjoy seeing us? Did you like what you saw? Did you cum?" She finished, her breath sounding excited, obviously aroused.

"It was hot sis. Admittedly. So yeah, I enjoyed watching you. And yeah ... I did cum hard. Very ... very hard." I added.

I now felt her hand actually grasp me even though it was through the material of my shorts. The fact she'd even done this surprised me just a little, I started to say something, to respond in some way to her action, but she quickly headed me off.

"Please Brad, please. I've been thinking about doing this ever since this morning," she began. "I want to watch you, see you ... cum again. But this time, I want to be the one that makes it do it," she said beginning to unzip my fly. If I'd had any resolve, any misgivings about any of this, about her ... especially being my true sister, they went right out the door. The moment I felt the softness of her hand touch the hardness of my aching stiff cock, I was gone.

"Here, let's make this easier for both of us," I told her, now standing undoing my shorts, slipping them off completely. I hadn't worn underwear, so I was immediately naked from the waist down, but I didn't stop there either, quickly pulling my tee shirt up and over my head. "Your turn," I now said looking at her as I stood there in front of her completely naked now.


"Yes ... you. I want to look at you while you do this," I said simply. This time she didn't even hesitate, quickly pulling off her blouse, and just as quickly her bra, then her own shorts until she was finally wearing nothing more than a pair of light blue bikini panties. These too she then slid down her own legs, until we were both standing there only a few feet apart, looking at one another totally and completely naked since the first time we'd done this as children simply curious about one another. I knew however, there was going to be a lot more happening than simply looking at one another this time.

Stacy had an incredible body. More so than I actually realized. I found I was even jealous of it just a little, her stomach taut, flat ... her abs clearly defined, honed and toned. She wore what was typically I suppose called a small tiny landing strip above her pubic area. Just a small, neatly trimmed tuft of heavenly fur. Her belly button was pierced, a small diamond stud actually catching the moonlight as it drifted in through the window, causing it to glimmer suggestively. Above, as my eyes travelled onward in rapturous exploration of my younger, sexy sister, her full breasts, easily a nice B cup stood full, well-rounded and heavy against her chest. Her nipples appeared to be a light brown, perhaps even tan in color. Areolas as large as a fifty-cent piece, though her nipples were thick, standing atop each one in obvious arousal. I found myself reaching out, my hands suddenly capturing each one of them between my fingers without even asking her permission in doing so. She gave it, with a deep growly moan as I stood there caressing her breasts, teasing her nipple tips, and felt as my hard stiff cock now throbbed anxiously against her tummy. Feeling it as well perhaps, she reached down, once more grasping it within her hand as she stood there gingerly toying with it, exploring it, as I stood exploring her.

"Sit down," she said pushing me back onto the bed, forced to release her, though she quickly joined me again, crawling up by my side.

"Turn around," I said in kind. "If you're going to play with me ... I'm going to play with you."

Stacy giggled excitedly, quickly switching positions so that we were laying head to toe on our sides. Almost immediately she was back to fondling and toying with my cock as I likewise began strumming her preciously wet slit.

"So tell me sis ... how long have you and Jessica been fooling around?" I asked running my finger up her tender groove, just brushing her glistening hard little clit. She shivered, moaned involuntarily, telling me in a heartbeat just how aroused she really was.

"About a year now I guess," she barely managed. "It's not like we do things a lot, just once in a while. Usually ... when she's between boyfriends, like she is now. I can almost plan on her coming to me whenever she's gone through a breakup. Sort of like recharging her batteries."

"And what about your batteries? You like it when she recharges yours?"

"Admittedly I do Brad. But then again, I think you've always known I have a particular fondness for women. Not that I don't enjoy something like this once in a while too, just not many men out there I'm particularly attracted to. Though admittedly, being attracted to my own brother isn't probably the smartest thing in the world to be doing, not to mention likewise being attracted to my own sisters too."

"Sisters? As in both Jessica and Chris?"

Stacy blushed profusely. "Ooops! God Brad! Please don't say anything to her about that. It's supposed to be a secret. Not even Jessica knows that Chris and I used to fool around some when she was living at home too. She's the one that actually taught me how to masturbate, and was the first pussy I ever actually went down on. It's been a long time since we've actually done anything though ... and admittedly I do miss it." She paused, holding but not stroking my cock as she leaned up looking at me. "So ... what do you think about all this Brad? Am I horrible? Do you think I'm a bad person because I find more enjoyment and excitement playing with my own brothers and sisters than I do anyone else?"

"Bad in a good way," I responded back. "You make me wanna be bad too sis. Really bad. Bad to the point that I'd like to do more than just finger your pussy if you know what I mean."

"I'm ah ... I'm still a virgin Brad," she suddenly confessed. "Believe it or not, that's something I still haven't experienced. Though maybe I'm technically not a virgin any more, not like I still have my hymen, it's just that..."

"You've never had a man's cock inside you," I finished for her.


"Are you ... considering it then?"

"I don't know ... maybe. With the right person maybe."

"Have anyone in mind?"

She grabbed my cock firmly once more, stroking it vigorously again. "Sort of ... I'm still considering it," she smiled at me, and then surprised the hell out of me as she stuck out her tongue licking the head of my prick for a moment. I figured that all was fair game, as I likewise leaned forward a bit more myself, quickly running my own tongue up and down that wet slippery split of hers. I began teasing that hard little nubbin as she suddenly groaned, one hand coming down to rest on the back of my head as I continued licking and lapping away at her.

"Oh fuck ... yes Brad, yes. Eat my pussy baby ... eat your naughty sister's horny hot cunt!"

As horny as she was, it didn't take long. Within moments, Stacy was bouncing, quivering and almost spasmodically thrashing about beside me as her legs suddenly locked around my head. Drawing her clit even deeper into my mouth, I rolled it around with my lips and tongue until she screamed out, exploding in a series of orgasmic tidal waves that all but put her into a catatonic state afterwards. Finally too tender to touch any more, she pushed me away, curling up into a fetal position, still quivering and shaking as I curled up behind her, simply holding her until she simply fell asleep. I laughed silently. Her intention to see me cum, make me cum ... which I hadn't as yet, as I quietly slid out of bed, covering her with the simple plain sheet before making my way back to my own bungalow. I had barely made it back, crawling into my own bed when the sound of the resorts launch approaching our little island reached my ears. I soon drifted off into my own restful sleep, thoughts of my dear sweet little sister filling my head as I did.

I couldn't have been asleep very long, even as tired as I was after a rather intense and exciting first day. But it was the hushed giggled coming from David's hunt a short distance away from my own that shook me from sleep. After all, it wasn't David who was doing the giggling.

With mom and dad's bungalow on the other side of mine, and much further away than David's was, I doubted that anyone else could have possibly heard those sounds. Even the girls hut was as far away from David's place as was mom and dads, but that begged the question. "What was going on anyway?" Finding my watch, I realized that barely an hour had passed before they had obviously returned. By now, everyone else was no doubt fast asleep, all except for David of course, and by the sounds of the female giggles I had heard, it sounded as though it was Jessica who was with him. Now curious, I rolled out of bed, still naked in fact, and silently walked down the small dirt path towards his hut. A full moon easily lit the way, though the only sound I could now hear was the gentle waves crashing on the tiny island beach surrounding us.

Though the door to David's hut was closed, the open air window wasn't. Making my way stealthily off to the side, I approached, sliding up next to the window itself which was large and easily chest height. I took a quick peek inside, glad that the moonlight was bathing the inside of the room just enough in order to see by as I did. Aside from that, they had no other lights on. But it wasn't necessary anyway, I could clearly see well enough as to what was going on.

Jessica was naked, kneeling on the bed with David behind her. I stood there looking in, watching my sister's tits swinging to and fro wildly as David fucked her from behind. Even in the subdued light, I could still easily see his rather impressive looking member sliding in and out of my sister's pussy. He slowed, teasing her ... withdrawing it just as slowly, and then ramming it home fully and deeply into her, withdrawing slowly again, repeating the exquisite torture.

"You fuck!" She said looking back, reaching down between her legs as though to capture him and make him speed up again. "Quit teasing me! I'm almost there ... again," she laughed. "Hurry up you bitch!" She called him. "Fuck me! Fuck me hard ... deep and fast you little shit!"

"This entire family's going to hell in a hand basket!" I mused. "Now just how long has THIS been going on?" I asked myself wondering if Jessica wasn't indeed the main instigator of all this, though also asking myself just as suddenly..."If she is ... then why hasn't she approached me as well?"

Though curious about that, I was still rather horny myself from my earlier enjoyment's with Stacy. Now standing there outside their window, watching the two of them as David finally began complying with my sister's wishes. He was soon slamming into her wildly from behind, the sounds of flesh slapping against flesh as David now pulled out all the stops and began fucking Jessica furiously. I continued to watch, now feeling my own orgasm begin to make an appearance, once more smiling to myself as I looked down and around, spotting a nearby chair I could use to stand on. Retrieving it, I moved it next to the window, stood on it, though not before ensuring those two were too busy to see me. Satisfied they were, though not for much longer by the sounds and looks of it, I stood on the chair, pointed my cock through the open window and proceeded to jerk myself off. Several hard-tossed ribbons of sperm flew in to the darkness, landing god knows where as they did. Pleased with myself at a bit of brotherly retaliation I suppose, I climbed back down again just as I heard them both squealing rapturously in their own climatic bliss. Returning the chair back to where I had found it, I made my way back to my own hut again, this time falling into a deep restful sleep until the warmth of the early morning sunlight finally awakened me.

Rolling out of bed once again, I quickly took a much needed pee, and then stepped out into my own cozy little porch. Though the sun was fully up, it was early yet. But even then I knew my dad would be up as well, already having made, and no doubt drinking coffee perhaps. I quickly began walking in that direction, suddenly stopping taking stock of the fact that I didn't have a single stitch on! I almost turned to head back, and then bravely thought better of it. "Fuck ... why should I care if they don't?" I asked myself. Boldly I continued on, not at all surprised to see that dad was indeed sitting out on their own comfy little porch facing the beach. He was indeed drinking coffee, and just as naked as I was as I came up and stood there next to him.

"Morning son, sleep well?" He asked, adding. "Coffee's ready if you want some."

"Like a log," I responded back, already turning to head inside to the kitchenette they had. "Where's mom?"

"You know her," he told me. "Already gone for her morning run, with Stacy and Chris as it appears. They should be coming back around any time now in fact. There's an easy little jogging path that's half a mile around the huts here. Four laps will give her, her two mile run," he said peering down the beach. "Ah ... there they are now," he said pointing. I looked, just making them out as they headed our way. Time enough to walk inside, pour myself a cup and rejoin him, which I did, just as David arrived.

"Ah, thanks Bro," David said reaching for my cup, though I easily ducked him, side-stepping him.

"Get your own," I admonished him, only then realizing that he too was as naked as I was. Definitely, something about being here on this little island had seemed to evaporate whatever modesty or inhibitions any of us might have had. Taking a seat, I sat down sipping my coffee as David soon joined us, taking a seat up on the other side of dad as the three of us now sat watching the girls grow ever closer towards us as they ran.

All three of them were naked too.

"Interesting life here isn't it?" Dad mused watching the girls slowly jogging, though we were too. With them only a hundred or so yards away from us now, seeing the gentle bounce of mom and Stacy's breasts was mildly amusing, though more so perhaps the fact that Chris's boobs weren't moving at all of course, small as they were. But even then, it was arousing to be sitting there watching the three of them as they approached.

Mom was smiling, and even waved as they drew closer to us, calling out. "Only two more to go!" She grinned acknowledging the three of us as the three of them soon passed us, continuing on their little early morning jog. As one, the three of us sat, heads turned following, now watching three very shapely asses as they continued on down the beach, though Stacy took a moment to look back in our direction. I think I caught a faint smile on her face as she did that before turning back around again. Looking away from them, I just caught dad's hand down in his lap, he had in fact ... for the moment at least, actually been fondling himself. And though not quite erect, he was proportionally a bit bigger than he had been a moment ago. As though realizing this, he'd taken his hand away from himself, once more reaching for his coffee, only then looking at me. Though I too had lifted my own cup back to my lips sipping from it looking oblivious about the obvious.

"Pleasant little sight that, wasn't it?" He grinned somewhat awkwardly. Though I couldn't help but agree with him, it had been. Though it was David who was even more obvious about it than we were. His cock had risen considerably, no longer flaccid, and now poking out quite a bit, far more so than even dads had been.

"Obviously, your brother enjoyed it too," Dad quipped suddenly aware of David's stiff standing erection. "Nothing to be ashamed of either son," he told him then. "Just our way of quietly appreciating the beauty of the women in this family," he stated then. Which was when Jessica suddenly came walking up.

"What's this about the beautiful women in this family?" She asked walking up to dad, kissing him on the cheek, and then stealing his coffee away from him, sipping it. Her large breasts mere inches away from dad's face as she did that, me ... chuckling to myself as dad's gaze never wavered from them either, not even aware as yet that she had taken his coffee cup and was drinking from it.

"How come you're not running with the rest of them?" I asked as Jessica handed dad's cup back to him, which he accepted, only then tearing his eyes away from her exposed breasts. I noticed in the brief moment he did that, his cock had now stiffened, though he soon crossed his legs in an effort to partially conceal that at least.

"I'm not much of a jogger for one thing. But for another, I'm not about to run naked like the three of them either," she said suddenly cupping both breasts within her hands. "These things tend to get in the way without some form of support. Frankly I'm surprised mom and Stacy are out there running like that too." Dad laughed at that.

"Actually, mom was in fact holding her breasts earlier the first time she came around, so maybe they were bothering her just a bit," dad conceded.

"Maybe ... she was just playing with them," David quipped, likewise eye-balling his own sister as she stood there, visions for me now ... of the two of them fucking one another in David's hut last night. I was half tempted to ask him if he'd discovered any strange snail markings on his floor this morning, but then thought better of it.

"Well, one thing's for sure, I plan on doing just that a bit later on today," dad remarked almost proudly of the fact that he at least was actually getting some. Little did he know of course. "So ... what are your plans for the day anyway?" He then asked the three of us.

"Well I for one, want to go back over to the resort, do some shopping and maybe even a little gambling in the casino later. Anyone feel like coming with me?" She asked. Though I too was interested in doing that, I had already promised Stacy that we'd go for a swim later in the pool below the falls. David however answered before I did.

"I do!" He told her. "I want to see if I have any better luck than I did last night," he then added.

"Just see to it you don't spend all your money foolishly," dad cautioned him. "Cause you're not getting any more from me this trip," he then added. "This trips already cost me a small fortune as it is ... though it's well worth it," he then added to that as once more the girls rounded the corner down the beach from us again, heading back this way. "If you know what I mean, he added to that." We all looked, and then we all laughed. This time, it was Stacy who was jogging while holding her own boobs in her hands.

"See? That's why," Jessica chuckled again. "Told you."

This time as they drew close to us though, Stacy dropped out, mom and Chris continuing on for their last lap.

"Next time ... I'm wearing a bra," she stated walking over to us, though once more giving me what could only be taken as a special knowing little look as she said that. She even brushed by me, her hand just grazing my cock briefly, though well out of sight from anyone seeing her having done that. Even so, I was surprised she had even attempted it with everyone standing around like they were.

"Come on David ... let's get dressed and head over to the island," Jessica said. "Grab some breakfast, do some shopping, and then gamble a bit. You want to come with us Stacy?" She then asked.

"Ah ... no, no thanks. I'm thinking about going back up to the falls here in a little bit for a swim, maybe next time." Jessica looked at me then, though without saying anything and just smiled.

"Ah huh ... well, enjoy yourselves," she then added, including me in that though I hadn't said anything. Thankfully, both she and David soon headed off to actually get dressed.

"Want something to eat?" Stacy asked both dad and I.

"No thanks honey, already had some fruit and pastries myself this morning. Plenty more inside though if you're hungry. Thanks anyway."

Stacy and I quickly headed inside in order to do just that. "What would you like to eat?" She turned almost the moment we got inside out of earshot, her hand already coming down to rap itself around my somewhat stiff member. "I know what I'd like to eat," she said picking up a banana, and seductively peeling it then before wrapping her lips around most of its entire length. "Which reminds me ... I sort of owe you one don't I? We never did finish what I had wanted to do in the beginning." She turned looking back outside through the open doorway towards dad, though he was too far away for him to hear us. "And did you notice? But I think ... dad had a woody!" she giggled slightly.

"We all did," I laughed back. "Just watching the three of you jogging along the beach, couldn't help it ... none of us could. Why. That bother you that dad had a stiffy watching his wife and daughters?"

"No ... not really, kind of naughty hot actually. Never seen dad's dick actually hard like that before. No wonder mom's always smiling. Though I daresay Brad ... you could certainly give dad a run for his money in that department."

"Maybe him, but certainly not David. I'll say this for him, no wonder he has such good luck with the girls at school, that guys got a monster dick on him, even if I do say so myself."

"Oh? Didn't look like that much of a monster to me," she smiled, only then actually biting into her banana, chomping off half of it in response to that.

"You should have seen it last night," I grinned wickedly. "And then you'd know what I had meant by that."

"Something tells me ... I must have missed something after you left," she grinned.

"You might could say that..." I said picking up a slice of cantaloupe, and then licking it in much the same way I had licked her last night.

"Do tell me," she grinned walking over, once more fondling my cock as the two of us stood there, dad just sitting a few feet away outside the door. Though we both noticed then, his hand was subtlety moving up and down in his lap as we stood there.

Standing there watching dad actually jerking himself off as I told her about the night before, all three of us just finishing as mom and Chris once more made an appearance just a short distance away down the beach again.

"Come on ... let's go for a swim," I said taking her hand pulling her along behind me. "And besides, like you said earlier. You still owe me one."

We soon after made the short walk to the clear crystal pool, swimming for a time, even frolicking beneath the falls. Deciding to take a breather, dry off (amongst other things) we made our way up to the plateau from the other side, opposite of the way that Chris and I had climbed up. Once there however, we walked over to the exact same spot where Chris and I had been, spreading out a blanket to lie down on and allow the sun to dry us off.

"So ... about time I returned the favor from last night isn't it?" Stacy said finally sitting up again, though I remained flat on my back, allowing her to basically shield the sunlight. At least in this way, I could look at her, watch her, as she sat beside me Indian style, already beginning to play and fondle with my rapidly growing dick.

She had barely even gotten started however when we both heard someone coming up the path that I had taken the day before.

"We've got company," I warned her, though she'd already heard it too, releasing my cock, though she made no effort to scoot away from where she'd been sitting. Slightly surprised, and somewhat relieved, it was Chris that suddenly emerged now walking ... and smiling ... towards us.

"Hope I didn't erupt ... or better yet, miss anything," she announced walking over towards us, likewise placing her own towel and blanket down next to ours. The fact my cock spoke for us both said it all anyway, there was no sense denying it at this point.

"Actually ... she was just getting started," I quipped smiling easily now, wondering in a way what might be expected next. Until I remembered that Stacy had no clue that it had been both Chris and I who'd been up here the day before. I figured it was best that I come clean with it before Chris said something.

"She saw us ... well, me anyway ... when we were up here watching the two of them yesterday," I announced. Only then Stacy realizing that I hadn't been alone up here.

"So ... you saw us too then," she asked looking at her sister.

"Yeah, I did. And it looked pretty hot from where we were sitting," she added to that.

"Funny. I didn't see you sitting up here. Only Brad," Stacy said looking directly at me as she said that. "Where were you at the time?"

Now Chris was looking at me. "Probably laying down at that point," she said easily enough. "I dozed off after a while as cozy warm as it was."

I was grateful for the small omission. Pleased that Chris was wise enough to see that might, and could cause a small discomfort here if she was to actually tell Stacy what it was she had been doing at the time.

"Anyway ... don't let me interrupt you," she said grinning now. "Besides, I'd like watching that myself."

"I ah ... told Brad about us," Stacy said though she had already reached over taking my now VERY hard stiff cock in her hand again.

Chris laughed. "Figured you had, just a matter of time before I knew you would. No worries sis ... it was going to come out at some point or another. Especially seeing you with Jessica yesterday. I figured if you hadn't told him about us yet, that you would ... especially after seeing the two of you."

"You done anything with Jessica yourself?" I now asked, wondering just how many in the family she had been with.

"Not yet, never really had the opportunity or the inclination really. Not that I wouldn't given the chance mind you ... but it's just never seemed to be the right time, or right place. Have you?"

Her question surprised me, though it made me chuckle as well. "No ... I haven't, was almost starting to wonder why she hadn't approached me if she'd already approached everyone else. Though admittedly, she and I haven't gotten along any better than David and I have."

"Speaking of which," Chris said lowering her voice almost as though she was afraid of being overheard. "You should have heard the two of them going at it last night!"

"Jesus! You heard that?" I exclaimed, now suddenly worried, and wondering if anyone else had, if she had.

"Actually, I was still trying to go to sleep after everyone got back. Couldn't as yet though, still wired maybe from the club. Anyway ... soon after, Jessica gets up, obviously sneaking out ... so I followed her, and low and behold, she went straight over to David's hut. So I stood outside, watching them through the window."

I laughed.


"So was I. Obviously on the other side. Didn't see you though," I snickered again, as was Stacy now, knowing the rest of the story. Now Chris laughed.

"So you mean to tell me you were watching them on one side, while I was watching them on the other one?"

"Apparently so," I laughed out loud again.

"Yeah, the only one still out cold and solidly asleep was this one here," Chris quipped looking at her sister. "You were out like a light!"

"That's because I'd already had my nice little orgasm ... thanks to Brad here. Which is why I still sort of owe him one. Never did finish what I had started doing after we came back yesterday."

"Figured you two would," Chris confided. "I could see it in your eyes all during dinner, that you wanted to go back, and if you could manage it ... that you'd prefer it if Brad came back with you. Obviously, everything must have worked out. Except for ... that," she grinned again looking down at my still swollen, and now very purple aching cock as Stacy almost nonchalantly sat there flopping it about, playing with it. "Looks to me like it needs to cum. And like I said earlier ... I'd very much enjoy watching that myself if neither of you too has any problem with it."

"I know I certainly don't," I informed them both. "And you're right ... it really does need to cum here pretty badly too. It's been aching pretty much all day, especially watching you guys jogging earlier.

"For once, I have to say I wish I had your tits instead of mine sis," Stacy said cupping her breasts for a moment. "No more jogging for me without wearing support, that's for damn sure!"

"And I wish I had your tits," Chris told her, reaching over to now cup them herself, holding them in her hands. Stacy moaned as she did that, a reminder perhaps of past times together.

"Been a while since you've touched them," she stated, eyes closed, though her hand once more began stroking my now more than needful cock again.

"Yeah, it has been. And I've missed that. Tell you what. You finish off poor Brad here, as he obviously needs it. And afterwards, I'll treat you to something special, while he watches us. I'm sure he'll enjoy seeing that. How's that sound?"

I almost came then, just hearing her say that.

"It sounds ... wonderful," Stacy sighed pleasurably, and then began working my cock up and down almost anxiously. "And how about you Brad? Think you'll enjoy seeing the two of us going down on one another?"

My answer came in the form of several white sticky eruptions that were soon filling the sky, and splashing almost everywhere and upon everyone seconds after hearing that.

Even though I had had one very fine, very intense orgasm, it didn't take long for me to be hard as a rock all over again. Just watching the two of them together was enough to do that. Seeing Chris and Stacy going down on one another simultaneously would have raised the dead.

They had both given each other multiple little orgasms by now, finally rolling away from one another, spent ... exhausted, and thoroughly satisfied. The problem was, I of course was now ready again myself.

"Ah oh ... look what we did," Chris laughed rolling over towards me. "Can't have him walking back looking like this now can we?" She asked her sister, as Stacy too now rolled over joining her sister as I stood there kneeling between the two of them.

"Certainly not," she agreed, and then as one, the two of them began licking and sucking me together.

The pure pleasure I now felt as their tongues and mouths at times became one, was too incredible for words. They licked, nipped, sucked, tickled, stroked and mouthed me to levels of ecstasy and enjoyment that I'd never experienced before. Once more hovering on the edge, Chris was the first to seemingly pick up on that.

"Ever tasted a man's cum before?" She asked Stacy.

"No, never had. Add that to the list of things I've never done with a man ... yet," she hinted back. "But ... I have wondered what that would be like."

"Keep going, you're about to find out," I informed them both, feeling my balls beginning to tingle with imminent release.

"Want to find out?" Chris asked again. "Because if not, it's ok ... I'll be happy to take it," she told my sister.

"No ... I want to, I really want to. And especially with Brad," she said honestly. "We'll take turns with it," she surmised, "You know ... pass it back and forth to one another. You take a shot ... and I'll take the next one."

"These aren't tequila shots here ya know," I said starting to grimace now, just barely managing to hold off here. "Not like I can control them after they begin."

"Here ... we'll just place our mouth's close together, and you do all the work," Chris suggested. "Ready whenever you are," she then added as their tongues simultaneously went back to licking and flicking the tip of my cock again.

"Oh ... I'm ready. More than," I said giving them final warning. "Because girls ... here ... it ... CUMS!"

I knelt there, watching my cock explode. Ribbon after ribbon of spunk leaping from my prick tip. The girls almost fighting over it, tongues lapping, mouths sucking, and licking as Chris basically took over, grabbing my dick, feeding it to Stacy first, and then feeding herself, back and forth until they had each managed to suck out, draw out, and lick off the last remnants of my incredible spending.

"Well? What did you think?" Chris asked as I once more collapsed backwards, stars still filling my head at the moment.

"Salty maybe ... but certainly nothing like I expected, or heard about. I quite liked it," she added to that. And then surprised me, and perhaps Chris too as she suddenly leaned forward kissing her sister, and thus sharing a bit of a cum-kiss with her as the two of them embraced, swapping spit, cum, and everything else again as it seemed.

"Alright you two, before you get all amorous and horny again, we'd best be getting back before mom and dad send out a search party for us."

We hurriedly gathered up our things after that, and began making our way down the hill back towards the huts. Now famished, we headed immediately over towards mom and dad's bungalow of course, especially as that's where all the food was. Neither one was there, and at first, nowhere in sight either.

"Maybe they went over to the resort," Stacy suggested.

"I doubt it. Unless they made arrangements to do so earlier or something. David and Jessica took the launch over this morning, not expected back until dinnertime. Dad already said he was planning to do a barbeque for everyone. So they must be around here somewhere."

I agreed with Chris. "Yeah ... maybe they did go off looking for us though. Though the island isn't all that big. Not like you can really get lost here. Surprised we didn't run into them then, especially if they did come looking for us."

Just then, Stacy spotted the two of them out the window. "There they are ... off a ways, down near the point there see? Just out in the water."

We all looked. Sure enough, it was them. Though as we continued to look, it was also obvious as to what they were doing too. Dad standing ... mom on her back, legs locked around his waist, basically floating on the water as he obviously stood there fucking her.

"God, they're like a couple of horny kids aren't they?" Chris grinned, laughing. "I have to say, I'm not sure I've ever seen the two of them like this. Especially with their open-mindedness about not just them ... but all of us running around in the all together out here. I don't think I've ever seen the two of them this horny before."

"I know what you mean," I said telling her about dad earlier this morning. Watching them jog, and then sitting there jacking off afterwards though Stacy and I were pretty sure he never realized we'd stood there watching him.

"I have an even better one for you," she then told us. "When we came back? Mom and I? You two had just left obviously, and as mom and I came running up towards dad, it was pretty obvious he'd just finished. There were little wet spots in the sand just beneath where he was sitting, but even better, he'd missed some. When we walked up, I teased him a little, but then so did mom if you want to know the truth, because she saw it too. She looked at dad, and honestly said, "So Bradly ... getting off on your very own daughters are we?"

"She didn't!" I said laughing out loud.

"Oh yeah ... she did! But that's not even the best part! Then she reaches down, swipes up a bit of his cream from the inside of his thigh and licks it from her finger, right there in front of me! And then says: Hmm, tasty as usual too!"

"Oh fuck! No shit! Really?" Stacy says laughing hysterically now.

"But even better..." Chris says again, once again lowering her voice conspiratorially, looking at the two of us. "And then I reached down, and swiped some of it off him myself, and then licked it off with the two of them looking at me, and said. "You're right mom ... it is!"

"Oh my god! You didn't ... did you? Really?"

"I did. I really, really did. Dad was a little stunned, just sitting there, until mom burst out laughing hysterically. Then she promptly sat down in his lap. Needless to say, I didn't stick around after that, but the look on his face was priceless. I'm willing to bet he fucked the shit out of mom right then and there after that. But by then of course ... I'd gone looking for you two."

"You sure this place isn't called fantasy island?" I then asked. "Because I'm starting to think that everyone's most wickedly decadent fantasies are starting to be acted out here," I told them both. "I know mine certainly have been!"

"I'm half tempted to agree with you on that count," Chris stated. "And I'll tell you something else too that I found very interesting. I overheard mom and dad talking while we were waiting for the lunch to be made ready to bring us back. They had wandered off a bit, but you know how sound travels when you're next to the water, so I don't think they realized I could hear them as well as I did. Didn't get it all mind you, just bits and pieces here and there. But ... what I did overhear them discussing was interesting enough. Dad said, and mom agreed with him, that while we're here. He said we, and mom agreed with him, that while we're ALL here, that whatever happens, no matter what ... he's ok with. And mom said the same thing. The way they see it, this is a very, very special vacation, and one that we might never ever enjoy together again like this as they see it. Anyway ... I then overheard mom telling dad, "But only if the kids are ok with it ... agreed?" And then dad agreed to that, whatever that was."

"Wow ... that IS interesting isn't it?" I wondered aloud. "Makes you sort of wonder what it was they were actually talking about doesn't it?"

"Well, I'll say this to that. We might find out tonight during the barbeque. Dad was very implicit about making sure David and Jessica were back in time for it. He told them, and me ... that he wanted to have a little family chat during that time. And even said that he wanted us all to sort of dress up for the occasion. Apparently, they bought things for everyone and said that they'd be ready and waiting for us in our rooms prior to this evening."

"Maybe we should go see if they're there already then?" Stacy suggested curiously, to which we all agreed to, though I wandered back to the girls hut with them first before going back to my own place. Sure enough, there were tropical outfits sitting on their respective beds, though by the looks of it, they didn't look like anything more than a single wrap around floral print wrap of some sort as the girls held theirs up, inspecting them.

"Here's a note," Chris said as she began reading it. "In mom's hand writing. It says: Make something sexy fun out of this. Wear nothing else, and come to the barbeque with an open mind. Love, mom."

"Holy shit," I said wondering now, as the three of us quickly went back to my place. There was a similar package and note waiting for me as well. Another floral piece of cloth, but this one, much, much smaller. Barely enough to even wrap around myself. "You mean ... this is it?" I asked still trying to figure out how I was supposed to wear the damn thing.

"That's it," Chris chuckled. "Here, it goes like this," she said fitting it around me, tying it off on one side. "There ... just like that!"

"Shit, it's like wearing a skirt ... or more like a mini skirt at that," I then added. "I might as well show up nude if this is all it is."

"I have a feeling, that's a lot closer to the truth here than any of us actually realizes. I have a feeling, this is apt to be, one very ... very ... interesting evening ahead of us."

I laughed again however looking at myself in the mirror.

"What?" The girls both asked.

"Well for one thing ... imagine poor David trying to fit into something like this. As short as it is, I seriously doubt he'll have enough material to cover up that dangling cock of his!"

"Even better ... what if it suddenly gets hard?" She then wondered.

And something told me, it would too. Especially with the girls standing around looking sexy in their outfits.

Once again the name "Fantasy Island" suddenly came to mind. I had other fantasies I hadn't told anyone about either. I mean after all, most men had them at one time or another. I certainly had. But I was beginning to wonder if they were a lot more feasible than I'd ever imagined.

We all three were now anxiously awaiting for the evening to come, and what else might actually be in store for us when it did.

I soon after heard the launch returning and knew that Jessica and David had likewise made it back in time as I returned to dress, the girls having gone back, no doubt doing the same.

I stood looking at my reflection in the mirror, already fighting my erection, trying to keep it down somewhat as I allowed certain thoughts to once more control my mind.

"Nah ... no way," I finally said. And then headed out back to where I knew dad was already starting up the barbeque.

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