Amy's Father Issues
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Incest, Father, Daughter, Rough, Oral Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - For most of her life, Amy has struggled to get her father's approval. Without love and affirmation from him, Amy has grown to doubt her own self-worth. Then her therapist makes an outlandish idea for how Amy might feel closer to her father. She thinks it's worth a try, but her husband Dan thinks the idea is outrageous. But Amy will do anything she can in order to be close to her father and heal her emotional wounds.

"Are you out of your mind?" Dan asked his wife. "You can't be serious, Amy!"

"It was just an idea, Dan," Amy replied. "Relax. It was just something Dr. Sutcliffe suggested."

"Your therapist said that? Your therapist suggested that you have sexual fantasies about your father?"

"Not ... not exactly, Dan."

"What do you mean, not exactly?"

"Well, he knows all about my issues with my dad, how I've never been close to him, how it's affected my self-esteem."

"Right, I know all that too."

"I know you do, Dan. Anyway, he said that I had missed out on an intimate relationship with my father. And even though I've tried over and over to get him to acknowledge me, nothing has ever worked. I still feel worthless because he doesn't..."

Amy was suddenly halted by a wave of emotion. Dan put his arm around her.

"It's O.K., Honey. I know how hard this is for you. I know you've been working on accepting your father for who he is, despite how he's treated you. It just seems that what Dr. Sutcliffe was suggesting was really kind of ... way out there."

"I know, Dan," Amy said as she wiped tears from her eyes. "But it really wasn't that big a deal. He just said that, sometimes when I'm being intimate with you, I could think about what I'm feeling, emotionally, and project that onto my dad. Like, when I'm feeling closest to you, I just imagine some of that warm emotion coming from him."

"Oh," Dan replied. "Well, that doesn't sound all THAT bad, I guess. It's not that, you're going to imagine sexual feelings for him, right?"

"No! Of course not, Dan! Don't be ridiculous. Dr. Sutcliffe would never suggest that."

The truth was that this was much closer to what Amy's therapist had actually suggested. She was just apprehensive about admitting that to Dan after his initial reaction to the whole idea. When her doctor brought up the idea, Amy herself thought it was kind of 'out there, ' but she had been so plagued by her emotions in this area that she was open to most anything.

"What did you say, Dr. Sutcliffe?" Amy had asked. "Maybe I didn't understand you."

"I simply suggested that you try and transfer some of the feelings from the most positive male relationship in your life, that which you have with your husband, to you father. Dan is loving, caring and supportive. He's all the things you would have liked your father to be."

"Well, that makes sense. But, what was the ... sexual part again?"

"The way you most intensely feel love from Dan is when you're making love, right?"

"Um ... right."

"So, if while you're having sex with Dan, you imagined that the emotions you were experiencing were actually brought about by your father's love, you might be able to absorb some of those feelings. It just might help to heal some of the wounds you have from that relationship."

"So, I would be having sex with Dan, but pretending it was my father?"

"Yes, but only the emotional part. Obviously the sexual part would be coming from your husband. But if you could make yourself think that the emotional part was coming from your dad, there's a chance it could touch your inner-self in a way that he was never willing or able to."

"What would Dan's part be, Dr. Sutcliffe?"

"Other than physically making love to his wife, his role would be to try and make you feel loved, cherished and valued in the process. Let's put it this way. Dan would be standing-in for your father emotionally and hopefully penetrating your wounded heart with loving, nurturing emotions. And at the same time, he would be your husband who was ... well, penetrating you physically."

Dan's love for Amy made him want to do whatever he could to help her become emotionally whole and healthy. So despite his reservations, he agreed to go along with her therapist's suggestion. That night at bedtime, Dan and Amy gave it a try.

"So, how do we start this?" Dan asked.

"I don't know," Amy replied. "Just like we normally would, I guess."

"And what am I supposed to do?"

"Well, other than the obvious, Dr. Sutcliffe said you should be very loving and caring for me while we're doing it. Nurturing. You're supposed to act fatherly."

"While I'm screwing you ... this is the weirdest thing I've ever heard of, Amy."

"I know, Dan. But you said you'd give it a try."

​"I will. I said I would and I will. I just want to go on record as thinking this makes no sense to me."

"O.K., Honey. You're on record. Now kiss me already!"

​Part of Dan's hesitation in acting out the doctor's suggestion came from the fact that he and Amy already had a strained sexual relationship. They had been married five years, and their sexual intimacy had been on the decline since the beginning.

Ironically, Amy's therapy pointed to her issues with her father as being at the core of her difficulty in giving herself to her husband sexually. Her father had never been abusive in any way. Rather he had been extremely emotionally distant from his only daughter. She had desperately wanted but never received his approval.

Dan felt like Amy's father was the culprit that had derailed their sex life. And here Dan was, making love to her and having to act like her father. He wasn't the least bit fond of the idea, but he gave it his best shot.

"Amy, you know I really love you, don't you?" Dan said softly into his wife's ear.

"Yes, I know," she replied. "Thank you."

Dan unbuttoned his wife's pajama top and began kissing down her chest.

"You have such a beautiful body, Amy. I love to be close to you."

Amy gave no response at first, but by the time Dan had her top unbuttoned and was kissing her stomach, she spoke.

"That 'loving to be close to me' thing was nice."

Dan cataloged the comment as he continued undressing his wife. Meanwhile Amy was trying to do as her therapist had suggested, accepting Dan's sexual advances, which brought challenges of its own because of her emotional baggage, while at the same time attempting to feel his comments as fatherly love.

Within a few minutes, Dan's erection was sticking out of the front of his pajama bottoms. He gently took Amy's hand and attempted to guide it there. In the process he momentarily forgot about the dual roles he was playing.

"Mmm ... Amy Baby ... touch my cock. I need you to touch my cock so badly."

This was too much too soon for Amy, who had felt she was starting to accept Dan in the role of her dad.

"My father would never ask me to do THAT!" she said.

"Ugh!" Dan grunted. "Amy, I'm trying, O.K.? I don't know what I'm supposed to say and what I'm not supposed to say."

"I'm sorry, Honey. That just sort of, took me by surprise. I was starting to make a little progress, I think. I ... I don't know, Dan. I'm sorry."

Dan stopped what he was doing and sat up in bed.

"I don't know how to help you, Amy. This just feels crazy. Sex for us is hard enough without adding this little game to it."

"It's not a game, Dan! It's serious! And I've told you that one of the big reasons I have trouble with sex is because of my father!"

"I'm sick of it, Amy! I love you, but I'm sick of it! We hardly ever have sex anymore. You seem unhappy all the time. And it's always about your father! Maybe you should just go ahead and bring him into your bed. Because you obviously don't want me here!"

"Dan, don't get so angry. I don't know what the answers are. I just thought maybe this was something we could try."

"I know, because Dr. Sutcliffe said so! I can't handle my marriage being run by your father and your therapist anymore!"

Dan moved toward the edge of the bed and put one leg on the floor.

"Dan, don't leave, please?"

Dan froze and was silent for a time. He then turned back to Amy with a look on his face she had never seen before.

"I think you really do want your father in your bed, Amy," Dan said quietly. "Is that it? Just say so. You said this isn't a game. Is it serious to you? Is that what you really want? You want to really BE with your father? Fine. You got it."

"Dan, you're worrying me. Please stop it."

Dan did not reply. He lunged toward Amy and roughly pushed her back on the bed. He quickly wriggled out of his pajama bottoms and got on top of his wife.

"Dan," Amy said urgently, "please, stop!"

"You wanted your father, right? You wanted attention from him? Well, Daddy's Little Girls is gonna get what she wanted."

Dan kissed Amy's mouth hard and pressed his weight down on her. She struggled to get out from under him, but he held her in place. He moved down her body slightly and put his mouth on one of her breasts.

"You want Daddy to suck your tits? Huh? How 'bout if Daddy bites your nipples? Would you like that?"

"No! Dan, no! Please don't"

Ignoring her pleas, Dan took one of Amy's nipples into his mouth and sucked it hard. He then started biting it between his front teeth.

"Ow! Dan, that hurts!"

Dan only bit harder, which made Amy cry out again, before switching to the other breast and biting that just as hard."

"Is this enough attention from Daddy? Not yet? Well don't worry, Daddy's not done with you."

Dan sat up and straddled Amy's middle. His cock stuck straight out from his body.

"Stroke my cock!" he demanded.

"No, Dan! Stop this!"

"Not a chance."

Dan reached down and forcibly took hold of Amy's hand. He had to struggle, but he got her hand to where he wanted it.

"Daddy wants you to stroke his dick, Amy. Take my dick in your hand, now!"

Glaring at Dan, Amy reluctantly did as she was told. She put her hand on Dan's erection and began moving it back and forth.

"That's more like it. Now you're doing what your father wants you to do. Harder! Stroke it harder!"

Amy did as she was told, hoping that she could bring Dan to orgasm and end this nightmare quickly. But Dan's demands continued.

"Suck it, Amy."

"No way, Dan! The way you're treating me? I won't do it! Now get off me!"

Dan pushed Amy's arm back down to the bed and scooted himself forward, pinning both arms down.

"Open your mouth, Amy. Your father wants to put his cock in it. Open up."

Amy shook her head.

"Don't you tell your father no!"

He reached down and put his hand behind Amy's head, then pulled it upward. He started rubbing his cock across her lips.

"Open your mouth and suck your daddy, Amy."

Once again thinking she could end things, Amy finally relented and opened her mouth. Dan pulled her head up further and forced his erection in. Amy wasn't prepared for this rough entry and it made her gag. Dan pulled back slightly, but when she recovered he pushed his cock back in.

"Suck it, Amy. Suck Daddy's dick. Come on. Suck it good."

Though she gagged again several times, Amy did her best to follow Dan's orders. Eventually she began sucking in earnest, hoping again that he would cum and then free her. But soon he was taking his dick out of her mouth and moving back down her body.

"Dan, this is too much," Amy said meekly. "Stop it, please!"

"But Daddy hasn't given you all his love yet, Amy!"

When Dan began to move between Amy's legs she tried to struggle free, but he pushed her back into place and got on top of her again.

"Daddy can't stop without fucking you, Amy Honey! How could Daddy really show he loved you without putting his hard cock in your pussy!"

He reached his hand between Amy's legs to assess her readiness for him. To his surprise she was very wet.

"Well, you must really want Daddy to screw you. Your pussy is all wet and ready for him."

"I wish it wasn't, you asshole."

"That's hardly a way to talk to your daddy, is it Pumpkin?"

Dan repositioned his hips until the head of his cock found its mark. Within three strokes he had fully penetrated his wife.

"Oh, Amy ... I fucking LOVE your cunt! It feels soooo good on Daddy's cock!"

Amy had given up her protests. She decided to simply lie still and take it, then when it was over, she would get her clothes and leave Dan for good. As Dan pumped his hard penis in and out of her, Amy's mind began to wander.

She thought back to Dr. Sutcliffe and the way her current situation had started. She knew her therapist hadn't wanted this to happen. He was just trying to help her get things straight with her feelings about her father. Her father. Amy wondered what he would think of what was happening to her. Would it even matter to him? Why didn't he ever seem to care about her? He had a good relationship with his sons, her brothers. He always had time for them.

"I just wanted him to want me, to think I was good enough," Amy thought to herself. "I just wanted a real connection. To feel like I was a part of him, and him a part of me. After all, I have his blood in my veins. He put his thing into my mother and shot his seeds there. That's what made me.

Amy's thoughts drifted to images of her mother and father having sex. Her father was on top and he was fucking her mother hard. Her legs were spread apart. Her mother was enjoying herself. Her father seemed to be into it as well. Amy pictured a loving look on her father's face which was new to her. He and her mother were whispering things to each other while they did it. Amy tried to understand what they were saying. "I love you so much," she heard her father say. "You're the most important thing in the world to me. You're so special."

Tears came to Amy's eyes and after a few moments she opened them. She was filled with feelings of love, and they were coming from the man on top of her. Her extreme anger had melted away.

"Ohhhhhhh, Daddy!" she exclaimed. "Daddy, that's sooo good! I love you, Daddy! Ohh, fuck me! Fuck me harder, Daddy!"

This broke Dan out of his fervor and he came back to his senses. Did Amy really just call him Daddy? And did she say what he was doing was good?

"You like what I'm doing to you?" he said tentatively.

"Oh yes, Daddy!" Amy said enthusiastically. "I love your big cock inside me! Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me!"

"I don't fucking believe this," Dan whispered, mostly to himself as his own anger drained away. He decided to make the most of the turn of events. "Amy, Daddy loves you so much. I love being so close to you, Honey. You're wonderful, Baby."

"Oh, Daddy!" Amy squealed. "I love you too! I'm so glad you love me! Thank you, Daddy!"

"You don't have to thank me, Amy," Dan said gently. "Daddy has always loved you and always will."

During this interchange Dan continued to pump in and out of Amy, but not as roughly as he had been.

"Daddy, Daddy, Daddy... ," Amy cooed. "You're gonna cum in me, aren't you?"

"You want Daddy to cum in you, Amy? You want Daddy to cum in your sweet pussy?"

"Ohhhh, so much, Daddy," Amy whispered. "Please, please cum in me, Daddy."

Not wanting to disappoint his 'daughter' at this stage, Dan followed Amy's instructions and released his load of semen in her pussy. Due in part to the length of time since they last had sex, and part because of the level of intensity they had reached, Dan felt like he had one of the most powerful orgasms of his life.

The two fell asleep in each others' arms, both completely spent. When they awoke the next morning, most of the memories of their mutual anger had vanished. And what lingered was the strong connection they had. Although Amy chose not to talk about it much, she felt like Dr. Sutcliffe was something of a genius, because it seemed to her that something inside had been healed, at least a little bit.

The next week when she met with him, Amy held nothing back as she provided the details of her intense role play with her husband. The doctor was thrilled that the idea had brought such good feelings to Amy and that it had begun a healing process for her. But he cautioned her that she still had work to do, because her deep wounds could not be healed in one night, no matter how good the experience felt.

"Oh, I know that, Dr. Sutcliffe. I know I still have a lot more work to do."

"Good, Amy. I'm glad to hear you say that."

"Oh, sure. I figure that I won't really be able to feel completely whole and healthy until my father really makes love to me, like Dan did."

The doctor stared at Amy. He was suddenly at a loss for words.

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