Family Visits
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Fiction, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Squirting,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Karla Solon an immortal demi-goddess is visited by her equally immortal mother the goddess of the hunt. Mother wants to have Karla's half sister, Evaldine, goddess of thieves, lie low in the home Karla shares with her sorceress lover Ulrika Nightwind since Eva has upset Vargas the storm god by stealing from one of his temples on earth. Grudgingly Karla agrees though in the past Eva has driven her crazy by trying, and sometimes succeeding, in stealing Karla's latest lady from out of her bed!

I'm pottering around the main living room of our home, Serenity Villa, on Birdsong Lane, and tidying up the things Ulrika left scattered around last night, before she left to attend a mage's convention some three hundred leagues away. However, since, as a powerful sorceress, she has the power of apportation, she would arrive at her destination a split second later.

I may be an immortal demi-goddess but I am also a decent housekeeper!

I'm a good cook and enjoy cooking while 'Rika can burn water! If my amazingly tall and incredibly elegant lover was left to her own devices every cup, plate, pot, or pan, would be piled in the sink unwashed until there wasn't a clean one to use. I'm the type that drinks my mug of tea and immediately washes up and dries it! There's a pot of tea on the stove, and once I've shelved the tomes of magical lore 'Rika left scattered around this room I'll pour myself a mug, and then settle down to read the local news sheet that one of Marina the widow's kids has delivered to me.

Right then a chunk of opalescent light, in the shape of a doorway, appears hanging in the middle of the room. I have no difficulty in recognising an immortal god or goddess's transport gateway forming. I suppose I could hurtle upstairs to our bedroom and come down carrying my named blade, The Falling Star, but I'm not, so far as I know, on any fellow immortal's shit list!

The light curdles like milk, solidifies, and then a woman walks out of it.


Into my living room walks Phylissa the goddess of the hunt! My lover Ulrika is very tall but mum tops her by a hand and a half. Her hair is short and tightly curled; the colour of autumn leaves. Her eyes are big and topaz hued, a thin nose above a wide mouth that is thin lipped, her chin is finely chiselled. Her shoulders are as wide as a Royal guardsman's and her breasts are large though they never seem to interfere with her uncanny archery skills.

Since she wears only a band of soft doeskin around those big breasts her narrow waist and flat belly are on show. As ridged with muscle as any gladiator's! Her thighs and calves are strong though sleek; and they too are revealed as her skirt is scarce longer than the breast band is wide. Her biceps are thick and her forearms are powerful. Her hands are big; and sinewy on their backs. Her long and narrow feet are shod in moccasins and that is the sum of her clothing; just three items! Mum likes to travel fast and light!

"Karla dear it's so nice to see you again! What about a kiss for your mother?"

Now it's hard enough for me to kiss 'Rika so kissing mum is a major operation. Standing on tip toe I manage to peck her cheek only because she deigns to bend down a little.

"Here dear put these somewhere for me and while you do will you unstring my bow please? Leaving a bow strung too long ruins even the best bow strings."

She hands me a quiver of arrows and a massive double re-curve bow. Laying the quiver on the dining table I place the tip of the bow on our hardwood floor, brace it with my foot, and then bending her bow I slip the loops of the bow string free. Mum smiles approvingly!

"Still in shape then dear! Do you know there's very few immortals can bend my bow and you do it easier than most?"

Coiling the string I slip it into the small pouch on the side of the quiver and turn to face my divine mother.

"What brings you here mum? No trouble with dad I hope?"

Dad is the demi-god who men call "The Immortal General". His name happens to be Keiron Solon.

"Oh no dear everything's fine with your father. He's campaigning in Ogoria with the resistance and trying to put the king back on his throne. I believe it's been seized by somebody called "The Mad Duke" and I'm sure your father will have things sorted out soon!"

Dad is as tall as or even taller than mum and makes a cave bear look puny. He travels the world running military campaigns for oppressed people and putting rightful rulers on their thrones; or arranging honest elections after the bad people have been overthrown. My earliest memories of him are that he always seemed to be showing a couple of recently healed scars!

My musings are interrupted by mum's quite reasonable requests.

"Might I sit down dear? Oh and I'd love a mug of that wonderfully strong tea you brew! And by any chance do you have any of those oatmeal and currant biscuits you bake?"

"Yes mum!"

"Milk and honey for me just like you take yours!"

"Yes mum!"

In our kitchen I rustle up a tray, pour two mugs of tea and add milk and honey, then grabbing a plate I dump half of the biscuit barrel onto it. I know the way mum goes at my biscuits. When I return to the living room she's taken one of the two big and comfortable armchairs that sit either side of the fireplace. It's early spring and still chilly in the early morning, and later on in the evening, so a small fire burns in the grate. Passing mum her tea I take a biscuit for myself and then hand her the plate.

"So dear you've been living here in this city how long now? Three years? I was hoping to meet this sorceress of yours. Ulrika isn't it?"

She knows bloody well its Ulrika. I've told her and dad all about my latest lover and an immortal doesn't forget a name.

"She's out of town mum but there's her picture over the fireplace!"

It's not a portrait but a magical image that a friend of 'Rika created for a present for both of us. It shows 'Rika in a dress of thin, white, silk, and bugger all else. From her short silver white hair, down over her small breasts with their hard nipples, to her spectacular legs, revealed as the skirt is split to the hip on both sides, mum runs the rule over her.

"She seems a quite attractive lady; my dear!"

Crap! The most beautiful woman in the city and mum says she's quite attractive!

"Do you know dear it's always been such a disappointment to me that you've never given me any grand-children!"

Shit! Now she's pushing it!

"Mum you're a bloody immortal so how many kids, grand-kids, great grand-kids etc, do you have? And if you don't know by now, after several millennia, that I love fucking ladies not men, then you never will!"

She takes another gulp of tea and crunches down another of the fast disappearing biscuits before replying.

"Karla as you were growing up and growing older your father and I thought that we had birthed a mortal daughter. We never thought immortality and your divine powers would kick in after such a long time. We thought you'd age and die and we wanted you to have children to remember you by. No-one was more delighted than your parents when you stopped aging to show your divine bloodline."

Which fact explains why I seem an attractive [ or so lots of ladies including 'Rika tell me ] and curvy lady of early middle age rather than a stunningly gorgeous young looking immortal wench!

"Well mum it all turned out well in the long run, I'm happy with my life, without men and kids, and I'm loving life here with 'Rika. What made you decide to drop by and see me anyway?"

Before she speaks she's looking down, as her hand caresses the hilt of the long hunting knife on her belt, and of old I recognise she's either going to lie outright or prevaricate.

"Can't a mother call by to visit with her daughter dear?"


She wriggles a little in the armchair but I've got her pinned with a stare that even an immortal goddess finds uncomfortable.

"Well dear I was wondering if you could do me a tiny favour? This is a big house and you must have several spare bedrooms so I was wondering if you could put some-one up here for a while?"

Well I've had tougher requests from mum in the past and I can't see much harm in this one but still I have to ask the question.

"Who is coming mum?"

Ever seen an ageless, divine, and senior member of the pantheon look furtive? I have now as I'm looking at my mum!

"Well dear I was wondering if you'd mind having your sister Evaldine stay here for a few weeks?"


The window frames rattle when I bellow out her name.

"Now dear I know you and Eva have had your differences in the past... !!!"

"Differences mum? Whenever she comes into my life she causes chaos and she has a nasty habit of ditching the current man or woman in her life and going after my latest lady; just to show me that she can! What's she got herself into this time? She has to be in trouble or you wouldn't be asking me to let her lie low here!"

My dear elder sister, Eva, half sister to be more precise, is a genuine full blown immortal child of mum and another god of the pantheon. She holds down the job of goddess of thieves and many other forms of crime! She's a tiny brunette with purple eyes and ebony skin who eats men and women [ figuratively not literally ] for breakfast, dinner, tea, and supper! She has all the powers one expects of a full blooded goddess, though happily for me I'm way stronger physically than her, and when necessary I've kicked her neat little butt!

"What's she got herself into this time mum?"

"Well Karla dear she's been living in Bratavia City and she stole a gold chalice from a temple. The temple high priest appealed to his god to bring vengeance down on the thief and the god in question turns out to be your uncle Vargas! He's threatening to descend to earth from the palace of the gods on Mount Ruination to seek out the perpetrator!"

Oh shit! Now "Uncle" is a curtesy title considering the convoluted bloodlines of the gods and goddesses; where a god can be fathering children by his sister, daughter, or mother! Uncle Vargas is a miserable old bastard [ if gods can be old ] who always looks like he's chewing on a couple of large lemons! He also happens to be the god of storms and tosses a mean thunderbolt so if he catches up with sis she's in serious trouble!

"Right then mum! Sis comes here to hide out while you get to sort things out. What are you going to do about it?"

"Your sister's given me the chalice and it'll mysteriously turn up back in the temple with a grovelling note from an "unknown thief" who will apologise for affronting the god. If that vinegary old prick hurt Eva I'd have to put a few arrows into him and I don't want to start a civil war on Mount Ruination. Your Dad would be in there along side me swinging that name sword of his, Firedrake. And then our king and queen, old I'll fuck anything female Certorian and queen I'll fuck anything male OR female Zenobia, would be sitting in judgement and banging heads together!"

"Fine then! Bring her through the gate and I'll talk to her about how she behaves while she's here. You better bring her in because I doubt she'd get through 'Rika's house shields on her own. In fact if 'Rika had been here I honestly don't think you could have gated in at all mum!"

Mum's nothing if not honest at least.

"Well dear it did take me quite a while to worm through her spells so your lady must be much more than a competent sorceress. But Eva won't be gating in, she decided to take the mail coach from Bratavia so she could see a bit of the countryside, I believe the coach arrives here at noon tomorrow!"

Oh bugger! That certainly means I'll have to sort things out with whomever she's rooked or cleaned out in the coach on the way here.

"Contact her please mum and tell her I'll meet her at the coach stop in Prince's Square outside the post office tomorrow at noon."

Mum rises, puts down her empty tea mug, and turns towards the shimmering gateway. I notice every bloody biscuit is gone so her appetite for my baking is as good as ever! Then she surprises me by spinning round and grabbing me in a hug that sends breath huffing out of me. A hug like that would certainly crack ribs on a mortal.

"Never doubt I love you Karla! Children or not, loving ladies or not, you're my daughter and I'll back you against anyone and anything in this world!"

I return her hug equally hard and then, scooping up her bow and quiver, she steps into that glowing gateway that then flickers out and vanishes. I'm now committed to housing my troublesome big little sis! If 'Rika comes home and Eva lays a finger on her I'll kick my tiny sister so hard she'll land in the Dragon Sea five hundred leagues away!

Automatically I pick up the cups, empty plate, and the tray, and head into the kitchen to wash up. Once I get Eva home she get's told, in no uncertain terms, that 'Rika is off limits. Not that that's likely to stop her trying to worm her way into 'Rika's arms and between her thighs. It will though give me every right to beat the shit out of her if she does!

I sleep badly, missing having my long and lean lover next to me, or on top of me, or beneath me, in our big bed. After breakfast I wash the dishes, kill time with today's broadsheet, and then dress to go to meet my sister. No point in trying to dress to impress Eva since she always looks impeccable alongside whatever I select from my wardrobe. So I go for practical and comfortable by way of clothing. Loose black trousers tucked into half boots, a dark blue shirt, and one of my several leather jackets. A black one and as supple as silk; it didn't come cheap but then I'm a wealthy immortal as most of us are.

It's bloody easy to be rich when you might very well live forever. Deposit a chest of gold with a bank, bugger off, leave compound interest to do its work, and then return a century later to a nice accrued sum. Do that with a few banks and the money grows like weeds!

I'm there in Prince's Square early, but not very early, since the Royal Mail coaches tend to keep very well to schedule. Only minutes after noon, by the clock in the square, the coach thunders in and brakes to a halt outside the main post office. The crossbow toting guard uncocks his weapon and vaults down while his driver starts tossing down baggage onto the pavement. The coach door swings open and of course it's my sister who's first out. She doesn't step down or clamber out; seeing me waiting she calls out "Karla, Sister", and leaps out for me to catch her.

And catch her I do, with ease; even if I were not the powerful offspring of a divine bloodline catching sis would not be a difficult task. She's a tiny woman; a head shorter than me and slender to the point of appearing childlike. A child though she absolutely isn't and her air of innocence is a total sham! Catching her I lower her feet to the ground as light as a feather. She's wearing ankle boots, a blue velvet jacket and trousers, along with a dazzlingly white silk blouse that has a froth of lace at its neck.

With her ebony skin, those purple eyes, and her pouty pink lips, she turns heads both male and female amidst the passers bye. Besides her I feel fat and frumpy, not, as my ladies have told me over my long life, curvy, voluptuous, or cuddly perhaps.

"Sister dear! It's been far too long! I see you are ... Unchanged as usual?"

With just those few arch words I can feel my hackles rising already but I stifle my anger.

"Eva dear, mum will be so pleased to hear you've arrived safe and sound so let's get your luggage and I'll take you home."

The driver places two enormous leather cases at Eva's feet and glowers at her. The guard, minus his crossbow, looks equally sour when he looks at my miniature sister. I don't have to be a seer or an oracle to guess why they both look so unhappy.

"Driver how much did she take you for?"

"Nine silvers lady!"

"She got eight from me lady!"

That's the grumpy guard letting me know he gambled with Eva as well as his mate; so I decide to get my sister off to a clean start here in the city of Tamnet. Rummaging in my pocket I sort out a gold piece, a half gold, and a pair of silvers, and hand them to the driver.

"There! Split that with your guard and remember NEVER to gamble with my sister ever again."

As I heft Eva's two bags, and the mailmen look much happier, a broad shouldered man in chain mail quits the coach. He's tall, deep chested, and owns a thick mane of grey, hair. He also wears the badges of a major in the ducal guard. Ignoring me, perhaps he thinks I'm a porter or a servant, he takes Eva's tiny hand in his, raises it, and then brushes his lips, and moustache, across her fine boned fingers!

"My dear Eva thank you so much for making the journey so pleasant and entertaining. I must report to the duke's palace now but once you're settled in the city just call there and ask for Major Scarlet. I assure you it's been a pleasure my dear!"

He salutes her, continues to ignore me, and strides away straight backed.

"How much did you take him for sis?"

Her smile's like honey dripping from a hive as her eyes follows his muscled body across the square and into the throngs of citizens and visitors.

"Why nothing at all sister dear but he is certainly well endowed and possessed of great stamina. He made a boring trip quite enjoyable each night!"

Heaving up Eva's bags I grumpily set off to lead her to Serenity Villa, and hopefully a quiet spell, until mum can return the chalice and placate an angry storm god.

"Damn it Eva mum travels light why can't you?"

The only reply I get is a feline smile of satisfaction; as she sways along beside me I can almost hear her purring!"

She likes our house and SEEMS to be living here on her best behaviour. In the mornings she wanders the markets; buying a few oddments and chatting to the stall keepers. They like her and their kids love her. Everyone seems to like Karla's vivacious sister. Afternoons she stays home reading from 'Rika's extensive library and the local news broadsheets.

She's settled into a routine that means she's spending her evenings at the Royal Lion Inn. She drinks a little, plays a lot of cards, and dices. A lot of the men are lusting for her and many of the women drool over her. I had a word with Rivers the innkeeper to watch how much she wins when she gambles; he tells me she ends the evenings just a tad ahead of the game. Which means she's just cheating a little; enough that she doesn't end the evening down but not enough to piss off her new friends?

She drinks wine, not much, and is never drunk, she beds any man or woman that catches her fancy, in one of the rooms above the inn that are there for that very purpose. In all she seems on her best behaviour; which fact has me deeply worried because I do not trust my older but tiny sister!

A week's gone by since Karla left, then ten days, and now we're approaching two weeks. I've not heard from her, which fact doesn't worry me greatly since she is certainly safe from external forces. Who or what creature in their right mind would assail a convention of powerful magic users? Internally there are the occasional magic duals between angry mages but on that score I have no fears at all. Only a lunatic would challenge Ulrika Nightwind to sorcerous combat! I'm more concerned that mum hasn't turned up to give Eva the news that her troubles are over.

On a personal note, after spending most of my time keeping an eye on Eva, I'm tense and remarkably horny without 'Rika here and I need to do something about that!

Now 'Rika and I have an "open" relationship; and neither of us minds if the other has an occasional dalliance with another lady. Eva though does the seduction thing just to prove she can; and to thoroughly piss me off! Even if she failed to bed whoever my latest lady was she enjoys driving me crazy when she tries to take my woman away from me.

I've an itch that badly needs scratching since 'Rika left that night two weeks ago and we didn't even make love before she departed.

I can either do a tour of the bars, inns, and taverns, looking for a likely lass, or do the sensible thing and visit the "Pearl in the Oyster", a classy brothel on Full Moon Street. What you say? Pay for a woman for the night? Why in the name of the pantheon should I not? Or any other man or woman who feels the need not do the same as I intend to? Less frustration would mean a happier and more peaceful world and people who have their desires slaked are much happier in life!

So late in the afternoon, dressed comfortably and casually, I'm walking into the foyer of the Pearl, and ready to find me a woman to fuck till the morrow. Or whenever 'Rika arrives home and the trouble begins with my darling sister.

Seated at his table, near the door, is the Pearl's bouncer Marg. I'm not sure what he is. Some sort of a crossbreeding that's resulted in a huge and shaggy biped who's capable of wrestling a cave troll to its knees. He's got wire rimmed specs perched on his nose and he's reading an illustrated volume, that, once I'm closer, I can see is a compendium of the rare beasts of our planet. Maybe he's searching for mum or dad in there? Lifting his head he grins at me; at least I hope it's a grin!

His voice is gruff and growly but clear enough despite his oversized canines!

"Lady Karla! We haven't seen you here since the night you and Mistress Ulrika attended the party to celebrate Corporal Flint's promotion to Sergeant! Bide a moment while I summons Madame Pearl!"

Our Madame once worked here and now owns the place, having re-named it, in a sense, after herself. Marg tugs a velvet cord and soon Pearl emerges from between the heavy damask drapes. She's a hefty woman and being hugged by her is a bit like having a cuddle from a bear; a small bear and not hairy but you get my meaning.

"Are you here for business or pleasure my dear?"

"Both Pearl! Business for you and pleasure for me."

"Ah yes I had heard that Ulrika has been away for quite a while! I suspected that a lusty lady like you might be needing company by now. Ah when I was younger my appetites were strong!"

When she was younger hah! She owns a brothel with a stable of healthy young men and women and the gossip is there's not a night when one of them isn't in her bed!

"So Karla is there anyone in particular you'd like? Tonight's not too busy so you have plenty of choice."

"I was hoping Kataya would be free tonight!"

"Ah Kataya! Why am I not surprised?"

Reaching out she snags the arm of a busty maid who is hustling past bearing a tray of empty tankards and goblets. The girl manages to bob a curtsy without disturbing a single drinking vessel on the tray!

"Child does Kataya have a customer at present?"

"No Ma'am I just spoke to her on the first floor only a moment ago."

"Good girl! On your way then lass!"

Unhooking an ornate brass key from a hook the big blond passes it to me.

"Room six Karla and I'll send Kataya to attend to you right away."

I find I'm galloping up the stairs which tells me I'm over due for time spent at bedroom sports with a lady! Room six is much like all the other rooms for us customers. Wood panelled, a thick carpet on the floor, this one dark red, two chairs, wall hooks to hang clothes on, but things are dominated by a huge bed! Heavy drapes are three parts drawn across the windows and the room's warmly lit by two brass oil lamps.

Sitting on the thick feather mattress I tug off my boots and shrug out of my jacket; and then hang it up on one of those hooks. I've just finished unbuttoning my blouse when the door swings open and a woman walks in, closing the door softly behind her. It is unmistakably Kataya!

She's tall, though not as tall as 'Rika, dark skinned and dark haired, her hair is streaked with premature threads of silver. Her features are fine and narrow, her mouth is wide and might be thought slightly cruel, though I know she's a humorous and easy going lady. She's wearing only a thigh length robe of black and gold samite and sandals. Her legs and thighs are lean and supple, her waist is narrow and her breasts are large and firm.

She wastes no time with false seductive words since she knows me well. Instead she grins at me as she tugs loose the sash of her robe.

"Karla I was wondering when you'd be back for me once the word was out that Ulrika was away from the city. You're staying late of course? Now get yourself naked and let me give you what you need."

As I tug free my breast band and skin out of my trousers and underpants I watch her heavy robe slide from her body to leave her naked. Long, lean, and lithe, the sight of her rouses me hugely. Raising her hands she cups her heavy breasts, kneading them, teasing her big nipples till they stand hard and erect. Kicking off her sandals she sways towards the bed and pushes me, now naked too, flat onto the counterpane. She vaults onto the bed to join me, straddling my wide hips, and gazes down at the junction of my thighs and then at my face.

"But first let's get these out of the way."

She lifts my specs off my nose and drops them onto the bedside cabinet. Time for a brief explanation I suppose! A demi-goddess who needs to wear spectacles? Well I told you my divine powers came late and by the time they did I needed glasses. After my ascension to immortality I tried healers and magic workers but my almost a god defences prevented the repairing of my eyes. So I wear specs or strain to see far things clearly.

Now Kataya is ready to minister to my cravings!

The lips of my sex are dark and swollen with blood; flooded there with the excitement of her oh so desirable body so close to mine. A trickle of creamy juice is running free and seeping between my thighs into the crease of my ample buttocks. Smiling at me she reaches down and grasps my big breasts; squeezing hard enough to make me gasp with the mixture of pain and pleasure.

Her mouth locks on mine, her tongue wraps itself around mine, and lowering her body she grinds her large nipples against mine until heat flares in my breasts and my hands clamp on her taut buttocks. Waves of heat are rising from both our bodies to mingle, and I'm beginning to gasp for breath as she wriggles down my body, rubbing herself against me.

Her mouth finds my wet sex and a loud groan is torn from my throat; the same sound that echoes around Pearl's as men or women couple with men or women. Her lips clamp onto slick flesh, her tongue dances into the pleats and folds of my crease, she forces my thighs further apart to press her mouth down harder and closer. My head rolls back and forth as darts of fire burn deep inside me and I cradle her head in my hands. Her hot tongue burrows deeper as my cries become louder!

Now her fingers probe the lips of my sex and slide easily inside, the middle three penetrate me deeply, her tongue searches for and finds the hard tip of my woman's cock as her hand begins to churn inside my spasming depths. Her free hand presses down firmly on my rippling belly, as, with teeth clenched, the fires turn into lightning and I erupt into howling ecstasy.

Sprawled on the bed I savour the glow deep within me; feeling the slow trickle of my juices down my thighs and onto the bed beneath me. I suck in a deep breath, filling my lungs, and then stretch luxuriously like an awakening cat. Lips are nuzzling my breasts again while her hand trails down my belly towards my still throbbing sex. Her voice is soft and husky in my ear.

"I can't believe the Karla I know is done already!"

My only reply is a somewhat muffled and childish giggle as her hands clamp on my hips; urging me to roll over onto my hands and knees. Knees and thighs spread wide and braced on the palms of my hands I feel hot breath on my slick flesh as she comes at me from behind. Her lips capture the lips of my sex, sucking, tugging, and teasing my burning flesh, as my passion soars again. The tip of her tongue flickers and dances delicately over the folds of flesh as once more I begin to tremble like a leaf in a gale.

Strong hands cradle my hips as she stiffens her tongue and uses it, like a firm, hot, cock, thrusting it into my depths. I rear back, my hands seize the oaken headboard, which creaks in my grip, as skilfully she guides me towards my second massive eruption. When it strikes me like a tidal wave my head lashes back and forth and I howl like a mating wolf!

Shuddering I find myself face down on the thick feather mattress. Rolling over, with a soft groan, I see the damp stains where I spurted forth my creamy juice. I also see Kataya, her face smeared with the same liquid, smiling at me lazily.

There is also pleasure in giving ecstasy as well as receiving it and I move easily to her, press her back till she lies prone, and then move onto her. My mouth closes over an erect nipple, one hand presses firmly onto her flat belly, the other one begins to slide smoothly over the swollen lips of her heated sex.

Wriggling under my hands and mouth, her breasts heave, lips drawn back showing white teeth, her belly begins to ripple as my fingers unleash her insane explosion. Her body arches up like a bow, her thighs stretch even wider, and then my hand is soaked by her spray of unleashed delight! My mouth clamped on hers and our tongues tangled I continue to slowly probe her cleft, as she rocks back and forth, savouring my ministrations, while her body comes down from the heights.

Pulling her to me, one strong thigh thrown across her body, we sprawl, kissing and nuzzling like two excited young ones loving for the first time. It's not over though, two healthy and horny women are not done for the night, not by a league or so. Kataya loves her job and she once told me "I'm a good whore and I enjoy being a good whore" and now it shows.

Peeling herself away from my tacky body she weaves, like a snake, till she's facing me with her lean legs and thighs splayed wide. Spreading myself I slither forward to meet her, grasping her smooth calf and thigh, eager for my sex to press against hers, already aroused again. She copies me, clutching at my thigh, as she wriggles up against me, leans back, and then thrusts herself against me as I do the same. Liquid fire blazes in the heart of my womanhood as we grind hard at each other!

The bed creaks, we both gasp harshly for air, though the loudest noise in our room is the wet slapping of the core of our bodies as they are driven against each other. I'm rolling from side to side, groaning out loud, Katya pistons her crotch against me then yells out.

"Now Karla now! Faster and harder!"

Like two wrestlers locked together we writhe on the bed till I, and my partner, lose all control of our bodies. Plastered together the spurt and spray of our woman's juices saturates our thighs and bellies as we slump back exhausted at last.

A wonderful state of warmth and release has flooded my body as I lay, my thighs tangled with Kataya's, gently stroking her silky limbs while drowsing. My peace is disturbed as the door to our room swings open and I try to focus on what is before me; outlined in golden lamp light. Even without my specs, from this distance, I can clearly make out the two figures posed there. Both of them naked!

One tiny and ebon skinned, the other big, rounded, huge breasted, and white skinned. Long plaits of white hair dangle to her full moon buttocks. My sister and Gunda the Northlander whore! I can see Eva's teeth gleam in the light as she speaks to me.

"My, my, sister! Fancy finding you here of all places! In a whore house fucking a whore! Now that's the sort of thing expected of me not you. Oh you must really have been missing Ulrika!"

I feel like a guard mastiff about to growl and leap at an intruder but her next words stop me dead.

"I knew I recognised those screams and groans so I thought I'd step in to tell you there's a message from your sorceress lady. Strange how it appeared in every mirror in the house? I wonder how you get rid of it so you can look at your reflection? No matter! It said "I'll be home tomorrow afternoon love, missed you, and I hope you've missed me!" Isn't true love wonderful?"

As she turns to leave I see her small hand parting Gunda's big buttocks to ease inside, Gunda giggles like a schoolgirl and slips a plump arm around my tiny sister who departs with a few words in general.

"Come on big lass we've a lot of fucking to do before the night's done!"

I'm trembling with rage and might just have sprung out of bed for a cat fight that might live in the clients' memories; when I'm easily distracted by my bed partner. From behind me she cups my breasts, squeezing and tweaking my nipples.

"Karla would you rather fuck or fight?"

Now that's no contest so without even closing our bedroom door I let her long limbs and wonderful body cover me and take me away from the world again!

I awake next morning to find Kataya gone and my purse the lighter. Not that I begrudge a single copper of it! I wash and examine myself in the mirror, bruises on my neck where she bit me hard, scratches on my back from when I took her hard and fast to paradise. The paradise of a woman's head between her thighs not the paradise of the divine palace atop Mount Ruination. Walking home I move with motion of a woman who is tender for all the right reasons!

Pressing my palm against the brass plate on our front door allows me entrance. The spell is keyed to Ulrika and me though I've instructed the house "spirit", or whatever it is 'Rika has bound into the stones, to allow Eva access for a limited period. The house is silent and empty so I surmise my sister is still in the Pearl fucking her big Northlander woman. I spend the morning and early afternoon reading the news sheets, snacking, to restore my energy levels after so much athletic love making with Kataya, and nervously waiting for my Ulrika.

I'm also nervous that there's still not a whisper from mum!

Seated in the same armchair mum had selected when she visited I'm there when 'Rika pops into existence right in front of our sofa. She's wearing the same snow white leather suit she had on the day she left. Dumping her travel bag and satchel on the floor she flops down onto the cushions.

"Karla you wouldn't believe what that... !!!"

"Ulrika I've got something important to tell you... !!!"

We both pause and wait for the other to speak again.

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