Dorothy's St. Lucia Vacation
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Reluctant, Gang Bang, Interracial, White Female,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Mature couple find a rejuvenating experience on an island paradise.

Dorothy and Bob had been thrilled to be finally on their way to the exotic vacation that they had looked forward to so much and were excited to have a chance to reinvigorate their somewhat flagging marriage. As their plane touched down in the tropical paradise that could hardly wait to get to their resort and dive into the full Carribean experience that the travel brochures had promised.

At the same time as their plane landed in St. Lucia, Marcus Ozus and his friend Lucas Bertrizu (known their friends as "The

Fantastic Pussy Gang" because they get more white pussy than all the other virile males at the resort) were downing their regular afternoon favorite rum drinks and planning their next foray into a juicy tourist pussy, ass and oral cavity.

Dorothy and Bob excited and almost giddy upon their arrival had no idea that THEY were likely to be the targets for the rapacious duo. As they deplaned they quickly noticed a muscular black man holding a placard with the name of their resort on it and assigned to transport them to their second honeymoon resort.

Marcus smiled a brilliant smile and welcomed them to St. Lucia.

"Mr. & Mrs. Hamish, welcome to Sundial Resorts. We know you will find everything you dream of here!"

As he helped the couple into his jitney taxi, he noticed the golden gleaming blonde hair, toned round ass and sumptuous full nipple pouting tits on the woman and also noted that the man did not seem to be in very good physical shape. He now knew who he and Marcus would fuck the eyeballs out of. (And make her love every glorious minute of her debasement.) The woman was positively gorgeous wearing a tight scoop necked

T-shirt with the logo of the Sundial Resorts emblazoned across her hinted at swelling bountiful bosom with it's bullet like sentinels sticking out against the straining fabric. Marcus felt his cock quiver and get a semi-woody just in anticipation of fucking this creature.

Two more couples were ushered aboard the resort's open aired jitney, with at least one other shapely candidate for the sexual frenzy being planned for them at their Carribean adventure.

Marcus could hardly wait to arrive at the main resort and let

Lucas see and select the "winners" of their great rape carousel.

Arriving at the Sundial Main Resort check-in, the couple was introduced to Marcus, their concierge for their stay. Marcus, a large muscular, very black Carribean specimen of virile masculinity courteously explained that they were to housed in a

"honeymoon cottage"somewhat isolated from the cluster of cottages that made up the main part of the resort.

Upon their arrival at their marvelous cottage, Dorothy jumped and shrieked in joy, bouncing her sumptuous breasts inside their confining lacy bra and frictionizing her stubby nipples into sublime erection. Seeing this, Marcus' cock almost jumped out of his pants!

"Jeez! she is going to be a helluva fuck!" Marcus thought to himself.

"Oh, honey! This is just wonderful!, Dorothy exclaimed excitedly. "I just LOVE it!

Bob thought, " I'll love just fucken' your gorgeous eyes out, honey!" With a generous tip, Marcus cast one more appreciative glance at the nubile woman's marvelous tits and crotch and made his exit.

And with that, the couple got the settling in. They carefully unpacked their vacation clothes and personal items (including some very private and intimate toys that Bob had secreted in their luggage).

As Marcus shut the door, Dorothy ran to Bob and threw herself into his arms. She pressed her tits and hips into his as he wrapped his arms around her. He loved feeling her luxurious body up against his when she did this. So, he read her signals and began to caress her tight muscular ass. As she planted a wet insinuating kiss, he let his hands slide up her side until he reached the sides of her flaring tits.

She purred a satisfied "hummmmm." into her continuing kiss.

Bob correctly interpreted her signals as an invitation to fuck her ... and RIGHT NOW!

He deftly slid his right hand under Dorothy's gaping blouse and pressed it into her warm and soft tit searching for her stiffening nipple. Taking his time, Bob reached the object of his search and began flicking and teasing it. He was instantly rewarded by

Dorothy's gasp.

"Oh, you rascal!, she exclaimed, You sure know how to rev up a girl!"

Bob mused, "Maybe this trip will revive this slipping marriage!"

Bob waltzed Dorothy slowly over to the four poster bed and gently laid her over on her back still caressing her tits and kissing his gorgeous wife. Slowly massaging her swelling tits, he slipped his hot hand down her scoop neckline and under her bra ... searching for her now hardening nipples.

Bob had always, from the moment that the two had met, that

Dorothy's tits were the most wonderful, awe inspiring, jaw dropping and tongue hardening mammaries in the universe!

And, over the years, nothing had happened to change his mind; they were still just plain gorgeous! As Dorothy's breathing became more ragged, her breasts seemed to swell under Bob's massaging and kneading fingers.

Now it was Bob's turn to get fired up for the envisioned fucking that he was scheming. He knew from past frustrating experience that he had to raise Dorothy's threshold for sex in small increments. He felt he was making consider- able progress by her wet probing kisses and her soft moaning as he wroked he tits.

As Dorothy reached for his hard cock, already eager to escape the confines of his tropical shorts, he knew that this was going to be a good fuck! NO! Not a "good" fuck ... a TERRIFIC FUCK!!

Dorothy's fingers rubbed his stiffened cock and then began to undo his belt and fly to get those damn shorts off and get the business at hand (so to speak).

Simultaneously, Bob was raising Dorothy's t-shirt and pulling it over her silvery locks. With amazing dexterity, he reached behind her back and released the lacy bra that was confining her beautiful tits. Dorothy's glorious globes with their pink nipple bullets sprang free and seem to jump into Bob's waiting mouth.

Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh! Bob moaned as he sucked and twirled the thickening nubbins.

Dorothy pushed her soft tits up forcefully into his ravenous mouth and tongue, moaning and gasping all the while. She was getting really heated up and her cunt was already very wet and seeping pre-coital lubricating juices.

Bob smoothly removed the remaining obstructing clothes from

Dorothy's spectacular body, while she helpfully assisted him in divesting his. Now they were both naked and getting REALLY ready for fucking!

Bob moved down her shimmering body with his sucking, kissing, tonguing mouth until he reached her "innie" belly button. He hesitated and proceeded to lavish extra attention on her sensitive little spot. Dorothy responded with squeals and loud encouragement.



Having exhausted that area of pleasure ... he moved his oral ministrations to her waiting, weeping cunt! But, before he began to pay oral homage to her pleasure portal, he concentrated his ministrations on her smooth inner thighs and their concentration of sensory nerve endings. Dorothy shivered and trembled with blossoming delight as Bob kissed and licked and breathed his hot breath up and down her thighs and from side to side.

"Oooo! Ooooo! Oooo! Yess! Yesss! Yessss!, she sighed. Feels soo good!"

Bob slowly eased his right index and middle finger into

Dorothy's now sopping pussy. Plunging them roughly into her and surreptitiously insinuating his right little finger into her asshole ... all the same time keeping up the finger fucking thrusting and stretching Dorothy's delicious cunt hole.

She seemed to produce more and more delectable lubricating juices making the working her cunt was taking feel evermore exciting to Bob as he "worked" her into a state of sexual fever.

By now they were both in a state of frenzied lust. Bob rolled

Dorothy onto her back as she reflexively opened her legs wide and the musty scent of her oozing cunt wafted up to inflame

Bob even more, he mounted her by pushing his steely hard cock up and down her slit liberally coating it with her lubricating liquors before slowly and sensuously impaling her to the soft mattress.

Dorothy felt her cunt being deliciously spread open by Bob's bourgeoning cockhead. She reveled in the stretching and widening of her vaginal passage as his cock glided deeper and deeper into her hot welcoming cunt.


DEEPER! PUSH ... PUSH ... PUSH!!!!!, she moaned as he drove his cock forcefully to the hilt. His cock root now pressed hard against her mound of venus. He was now fully encunted and ready to pound his lovely wife into another world of carnal pleasure.

Bob was aware of the ancient practice of "The Nines", wherein the man drives his cock as deep as he can into his lovers' cunt ... pulls out just to the moment of completely uncoupling ... massages the cuntal opening lightly with his cockhead for eight mini-thrusts ... AND ... then lunges his way to the bottom again. Over and over, this brings the woman to shattering orgasms.

"Take it! Take it! Take it, Baby" Bob cried out as he speared her and pummeled her luscious cunt, now sucking him in with every thrust!

By now every bit of erectile tissue on Dorothy's body was in full flower! Her sweet bullet like nipples were standing at attention atop their raised pink puffy pedestals, her super sensitive clit was quivering with the friction of Bob's cock rubbing and pressing on it with every stroke.



CUMMMMMING! CUMMIMMING! OOOOOO!!" She shrieked as the first glorious orgasm hit her with the power of an atomic bomb!

Bob, meanwhile, kept ploughing his steel y hard cock into

Dorothy's steaming cunt ... started to feel his balls tighten and his own cum began to surge to bathe Dorothy's cunt with his pearly essence.

"AAARRGG! AAAAARRRRRGGGG! OOOHH! AAAHHHHH!" He growled as he shot his load! God! She felt so GOOD!

At that very moment, he felt a presence in the room! Looking up from his gorgeous wife's heaving tits, he saw the two visitors who had used their master key card to enter the room.

The stunned couple gazed horrified at the two glistening ebony intruders. They were both heavily muscled and possessed of very large bodies. In one hand of one of the men was a large machete and the other guy held a snub nosed revolver that he waved menacingly. The larger of the two carried a small black leather gym bag which he placed on a nearby chair.

As Bob's hard-on withered to acorn size, the larger of the two intruders softly directed him to the other side chair in a very modulated and deferential tone.

"Sir, please sit down in that chair while we prepare you and your gorgeous wife for the night of your lives. If you're quiet and behave yourself, we might even let you have a shot at her after we're finished ... if she can even feel you by then."

With those words, he turned to help his burly glistening companion in working the lovely voluptuous woman into a raging inferno of lust. Lucas had slowly approached the terrified

Dorothy and was talking to her in a soft non-threatening voice trying to reassure her. Dorothy was still sitting on the edge of the bed with wide frightened eyes, trying to cover her nakedness by putting an arm across her burgeoning breasts and the other hand covering her still seeping cunt.

"Now, Dorothy we will not hurt you if you cooperate. We just want what you have already done with Bob here ... we want to fuck you. We think that you are very beautiful and have an amazing body and we want to give you mush pleasure as well as enjoy some for ourselves. Now, please stand up!"

Dorothy, somewhat taken aback by the black giant's blunt statement of intent ... did exactly what he commanded. She stood up from the bed and dropped her protecting hands and arm.

Marcus deftly swooped the bedspread of the bed and draped it over Dorothy's shimmering chilled body. With his hands on the corners of the spread he gently pulled the naked beauty to his stock still muscular body.

As Dorothy felt herself being enveloped by her soon-to-be-lover she felt her bare bosom compressed against the chiseled muscular and hairless chest of the giant who had her completely under his control. She vaguely felt her nipples which had just recently been sucked into bullet like hardness when Bob had fucked her begin to re-enlarge responding involuntarily to the stimulation she was receiving.

"Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh!, she sighed as she slowly melted into the huge man who was holding her up as he caressed her back and firmly pressed her tit into his chest and with his other hand was flattening her belly and cunt into his thickening shorts.

Dorothy felt his cock and couldn't grasp the magnitude of it's size and girth, she just knew it was VERY large.

At his time, Lucas who had secured Bob into the "cheap seats" had removed all of his clothes and when Dorothy saw his half-staff cock ... already twice the size of her husbands' and as thick as a beer can, she gasped. "Oh, God I don't think I can take a cock that size!" Lucas was getting ready to settle into the

"luxury box" that was Dorothy's cunt.

About the same time, Marcus let the bedspread drop to the floor and disengaged from holding Dorothy up. When he did, Lucas moved in. He wrapped his powerful arms around her and cupped each breast in his large ebony ahnds. His hands were so big that they completely encompassed her swelling tits.

Dororthy felt her nipples now so engorged they seemed that they would burst from the swooning sensations she was feeling.

As he pulled her back into his body, she felt his now growing cock rub between her ass cheeks. God, how big could his cock get? It seemed to be as big as a baseball bat and even thicker!

She was filled with thought of apprehension and anticipation ... she was afraid yet she was getting hotter by the second!

As he relinquished control of Dorothy, Marcus quickly disrobed so that now everybody in the room was naked! Due to his feeling Dorothy up, Marcus had also acquired a enormous erection! He stood before Dorothy with a cock that had to be at least 9 or 10 inches long and even thicker than the cock Dorothy had marveled at on Lucas! "Ohhh!", she thought, "I'm REALLY gonna get fucked!!!".

"How is she, bro?" Marcus asked Lucas as he slowly waltzed the traumatized beautiful woman the few feet back to the bed.

Lucas had removed his rught hand from Dorothy's wonderful increasing breast and had slowly and sensuously rubbed her slighty distended belly paunch, caressed her right hip and had now insinuated his stout middle finger in the mouth of her cunt.

Lucas softly replied, "She's really gettin' wet, bro! She's gonna be ready for her initiation real soon!". As he cupped her love mound, he stroked her lubricated vulvar lips, which flared open with a new flush of excited blood flow forming a fleshy funnel for his finger and for the coming introduction of Marcus's formidable fuck tool. When her cunt opened up as a result of his finger fucking, he slid his index and ring fingers into the welcoming cleft. While nestled in the warm, wet (and getting wetter) due to his masterful massage of her Skene's and

Bartholin Glands, Dorothy was getting more and more in to the moment. Her head lolled lazily back and forth on he shoulder like a puppet with the strings cut and Bob swore he even heard her humming! Dorothy WAS getting ready to be royally fucked by two of the best!

With her tits and cunt being skillfully worked she hd almost orgasmed twice already and the real fucking had yet to begin.

Marcus said, "Get her on the bed, bro and spread her out a little ... I'll do the rest. In the meantime maybe she'd suck that rod of yours if you asked her nicely."

With that, Dorothy was deposited on the bed. She languorously lay back and voluntarily opened her legs infusing the room with the musky odor of a sexually charged woman wanted to be fucked! Bob was amazed and aroused by the actions of his previously reserved and even cold wife. She wanted those gigantic cocks to fill her to the brim and fuck her eyeballs out!

Not willing to wait another minute, Marcus climbed up on the bed and made his way between her sprawled out legs with the magnificent weeping cunt luring him on. His cock was steely hard and his mind was fixed on fucking this lovely white woman to heaven!

Marcus reached his goal and rubbed Dorothy's flared labia a few times with his bursting cock, then he rubbed it up an down her lubricated and soaking slit to get it ready to penetrate this gasping beauty beneath him. Dorothy couldn't wait another second.



With that encouragement, Marcus began to ease his prodigious prick into Bobs' lovely wife! Dorothy's eyes widened as the bulbous pinkish head disappeared inside her stretched pussy lips. Marcus contract his hips and slowly pushed himself forward, easing the massive piece of meat inside her. He used short strokes, allowing her to adjust and accommodate to his size. As he withdrew, one could see more and more of his his cock shimmering with Dorothy's fuck juices. It took a few minutes, but soon had the entire length of his enormous cock inside her spasming cunt. He continued with short strokes with

Dorothy mewling and moaning to coax him on. Soon, he picked up the pace and completely removing his cock from her pussy, slammed it back into her to its' full length.

Dorothy was ecstatic, moaning louder and louder, "OOOOOOH,



OOOOH!" As he continued to pump inside her. It wasn't long before her first mind blowing orgasm overtook her. While she had never squirted an orgasm before ... she did NOW!

Clear secretion from her cunt erupted from the juncture of

Marcus' cock and her cunt! Bob could not believe his eyes! His reserved wife had just blown her wad!

Marcus redoubled his effort and pumped into her with even greater force. After no more than 20 more strokes, Dorothy came again.

"OH God, that feels so GREAT," he panted, "Fuck me hard!, Fuck me hard!! GIVE IT TO ME! GIVE ME THAT BIG BLACK COCK! GIVE

TO MEEEE!" She thrust her legs wide apart and high in the air to drive more cock into her seething cunt!

All the time Marcus was fucking her, Lucas was massaging and kneading her magnificent tits. He rolled them, hefted them, squeezed them, pinched and tweaked her stiffened nipples and generally worked them into a state of hyper sensitivity. None of this effort was lost on Dorothy. She loved having her breasts worked on. She had even had orgasms in the past by just having her tits caressed and handled. So, with Marcus' jumbo cock ploughing the depths of her cunt, banging into her cervix and enlarging her vaginal vault to receive his mammoth girth and length, she also reveled in the tit titillation that Lucas was providing.



Dorothy screamed! She felt her cunt explode! It ballooned and constricted with dazzling speed! She sensed that she felt the accordion like ridges along her vaginal canal flatten out and elongate as the immense tool of her black "lover" customized her cunt for all time.

It was now Marcus' turn to come for his first time after Dorothy had come at least four times already. She felt his shaft and then the globular head of his cock distend and start to pulsate. Then she felt the hot juice begin to blast into her deepest recesses.

Spurt after spurt of his cum splashed into her cunt.

Together, they both shouted out, "AAAAAHHHRG! OOOOH!

OOOOOH! OOOOOOH!!! AAAAAAHHH! UUUMMMMH!" As he filled the beautiful blonde cunt with a mixture of their love liquor, one more earth shaking orgasm!!!!

Marcus slammed his cock into her with great force and held it deep, deep, deepest for a long time allowing it to marinate in their effluent. All along, Lucas kept up his sucking and toying with her tits and nipples! Dorothy just kept shaking and shuddering from the strain of this monumantal fucking that she had just received! Her hips continued to grind up into Marcus cock so as not to let it out of her cunt and sustain her pleasure.

But, try as she might, Marcus' massive member began to soften and he decunted with a "pllluumph!". When he did a vast quanity of silvery, thick cum cream came out of her cunt too! It flowed down her ass crack and pooled on the bed.

Dorothy lay staring at the ceiling and breathing heavily. Finally, she uttered, "God! Have I just been FUCKED!! That had to be the best fuck ... EVER!"

Marcus, having recoved and gotten his second wind (so to speak) said, "Hey, Buds, whadda say we have the high priced spectator clean up he field for the next inning?"

Bob knew right away what he was talking about. It would fall to he cuckolded husband to lick his draining, oozing wife's cunt clean for the next fucking onslaught. And with that, Lucas cut

Bob loose and pushed him face first into his wife's cunt!

Bob, having tasted his own cum was expecting the same faint

Clorox smell and taste. But, with the mixture of Marcus' and

Dorothy's cums, he detected an exotic aromatic taste and smell.

Almost fruity or citrusy. Probably due to the tropical diet that

Marcus ate. Having noticed that difference, he set about doing what he had been commanded to do ... clean his wife's cunt!

Dorothy, somewhat recovering from her sexual marathon, realized that her cunt was being re-stimulated. She had not regressed back to a normal level of sexual excitement due to the stratospheric levels she had obtained during Marcus' fuck, so she was starting to renew her craving for more cock ... preferable

BIG cock and lots of it! So she started to push her pelvis up into

Bob's voracious mouth.

"OhHH, Good, Honey! Lick it good! SOOO Goood!" As Bob

'worried' her clitoris and labia. "SOOOO SORE, SO SORE! ... Fix it

Honey, Lick me, Fix MEEEE FUCK MEEE!!"

Dorothy was slowly, but NOT so slowly building to yet another orgasm! It hit her unexpectedly, WHAM! ZING! POWW! She shook all over, her pussy underwent a paroxysm of pleasure!

Her head snapped back, her eyes rolled in her head, she stiffened with the hit! She expelled almost all the remaining love liquid from her cunt right into Bob's eager mouth.

Marcus and Lucas smiled at each other and Lucas whispered,

"It's about ready for me to complete the initiation, right?"

Marcus nodded and the two advanced to remove Bob from his labor of love and set Dorothy up for the next round of a sure 15 rounder. Bob resisted a little, but it was no use with the two muscular blacks. He was hustled back to his chair. Marcus said to him, "If you behave, we won't have strap you down and if you a REALLY good ... we might give you a shot at your wife at some point while we rest."

Lucas had positioned himself beside Dorothy's sweat shimmering body and was ministering to her softly. "Are you ready to go again, honey?!" he asked.

She sighed and smiled at him and replied, " I think so ... it was just so wonderful, I don't know how you could do any better."

She rolled into him and the two kissed a sustained wet tongue probing kiss. As they did, Lucas' hands went directly to her heaving hot tits. He pulled on her raised nipples and kneaded the soft resilient tit flesh. As he disengaged from their kiss, his mouth latched on to her right nipple and sucked and tongue flicked it into even greater hardness.

Dorothy moaned with hedonistic relish at his mastery of bringing a woman to the height of sexual heat. Lucas took a break from his labors to replay to her earlier statement.

"I'm a little bigger than my friend, but I will try to be gentle and allow you to run the show. But, I'll bet I make you come more and better than he did."

"I don't know if I can survive 'more and better'" Dorothy replied.

"Well, let's get started and see." Lucas said as he rolled her on her stomach and lifted and 'presented' her ass to position her cunt for a backdoor fuck. Lucas took aim with his prodigious erection and moved his uncircumcised cock in for the moment of penetration. The fact that his dick was uncircumcised led to a thick ring of skin when it was pushed back during intromission to Dorothy's pussy. As a result, she could sense an extra thrill as he bore his dick past her stretched muscular ring at the entrance to her cunt.

In fact, she pressed back to get more of his stout cock driven into her cunt. Lucas said, "Take it easy ... you'll get it all ... just let me work it in." He was introducing just a few inches at a time ... coating his cock with her lubrication and the remainder of Bob's and Marcus's cum donations ... then pulling out to reintroduce his now slipperier dick. It felt like a lumpy log was being slipped into

Dorothy's pussy. The bunched up foreskin was imparting a totally different sensation than Marcus's jumbo cock had done.

Marcus had stretched her cunt mouth and vaginal vault, now

Lucas was delivering slow sensual pleasure all the way to her cervix.

Dorothy felt her vagina expand and enlarge to envelop his larger cock, but it did not cause any greater discomfort than did

Marcus's beefy dick when he "broke" her in. His cock seemed to fill her and withdraw, arousing her cuntal response with every stroke. Dorothy loved the pace and effect she was having throughout her entire bottom. Her ass would contract with every orgasm, which were taking place almost in a steady fashion.




ME!! GIVE IT TO ME GO! GO!!!! FUCK MEEEEE!", she screamed!

Lucas smiled as he redoubled the pace. He slammed into her cunt with growing ferocity. He grabbed he swinging tits and squeezed and pulled her back into him to increase the plunge of his cock at the end of her vagina. He could feel her coming and coming and coming. This was the way these white babes always were. They loved to be fucked by BIG black cocks. Well this one was only getting a taste of what was to come. By the time

Marcus and he were through with her, she would be a black whore for life! Dorothy was JUST loving the fucking she was getting!

It was becoming his time to blast away! His racquet ball sized testicles were rising up and ready to flood his hot pearly cum into the writhing woman hanging on his cock and thrusting back with frenzied abandon.

"AAAAARRRHHHH! AAHHHHH! AHHHH! OOOH! Lucus shot his load with full force into Dorothy's seething, raging cunt!

"OOOOOOHH! OOOOHHH! OOOOH!! Dorothy exclaimed as she too fired off a cum simultaneously!

Pearly thick cum fluids issued from her pussy mouth and drooled on the bed. Bob stared in total disbelief at the sexual circus the two had just performed in front of his very eyes.

Marcus roared with laughter and said, "Way to go, bro! Great fuck job! Is she "broke in" now that we can get to the REAL fucking?"

Lucas replied, "Oh yeah, Marcus! She'll never be as tight again ... but, she is real good and ready for some real fun! We have to give her a little rest before the main event and maybe

Bob here would like like some R&R with his gorgeous wife."

Bob had no idea what the two were talking about, but when

Marcus motioned to him to get on the bed with his wife he immediately obeyed and laid down next to her.

Dorothy, who glowing, covered in sweat, with her hair plastered to her head and still breathing heavily due to her exertion just opened her eyes and saw Bob beside her and smiled lazily and sighed, "Hi Honey.". She immediately rolled to him, he enveloped her in his arms and she dropped into an exhausted sleep.

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