A Uk Hot Wife - the Cuckold Letters
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Slut Wife, Wife Watching, Interracial,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A series of short letters from a husband detailing his wife's sexual encounters with black men. More to follow over time.

Emma once said that if she wasn't with me, she'd almost certainly be married to a black guy. That's a good thing to hear her admit and shows, I think, just how far she's come from a English, middle class girl to certified a Hot-wife. She was 29 when she took her first black dick back in August of 2003. It was a long time coming but no less satisfying after all the encouragement and coercing that comes with getting your partner to sleep with another man. There is a certain taboo that goes hand in hand with interracial cuckolding and prior to our first encounter we had no prior experience whatsoever. I guess you could say we were both naive to the possibilities but in so doing our adventure has been so much more exciting. Since that first winter Emma has been fucked by eight different black men and doesn't that feel good to write. Especially as I know I have played such a solid part in making it happen. I hope you'll enjoy reading about some of our exploits.

My name is Jason. I was 34 when it all began and a accountant living in Staffordshire. I worked a lot from home and produced a fairly decent income and quality of life for the two of us. Emma, my wife and I had been married five years at that point and we remained a very close couple with a small circle of friends. Most of my family are not in the picture but Emma's is quite large. As the second of three sisters she has always had a very good relationship with them and though we did hot have any kids ourselves she was close to her nieces and nephews most. Since we met Emma had been a Stewardess and had worked for several Airlines. She did a lot of long haul which often meant she was away from home 2-3 days at a time. Everyone always asks if they fuck around but she has always told me yes it goes on, but the most she'd ever risked was a hand-job at the airport with an old boyfriend. Appearance wise, Emma was and still is a good looking brunette, 29 at the time with a great figure, nice tits and a lovely pair of shapely waxed legs. She has always carried an upmarket air about her that some men have found distancing but that's just her. Warm and funny, she loves horses and riding, theatre and getting dressed up for a night out.

Like many couples we had a good sex life but it was our need to experiment that eventually drove us to the position we are in today. Encouraging Emma to take the first step was undoubtedly the most difficult. For ages I'd been writing interracial erotic fiction and had a secretive liking for cuckold stories and amateur videos. There had been a bit of a boom in the genre over the last 6-7 years but it was still quite secretive and taboo back then. The idea of handing my lovely wife over to another man filled me with intense arousal and jealousy. I knew I'd enjoy watching and in my eyes se was the perfect material for black cock. It's worth saying that she was, like me interested in trying something new and daring. Just so long as no-one found out. For a spell we enjoyed outdoor fucking, often taking a picnic into the woods and going at it when we found a quiet spot. Car parks were another favourite of hers, the risky nature of being caught always enough to get her turned on enough to do it. With a figure like hers role-play and dress up were very enjoyable and it was here that I started introducing the idea of another man. She was, at first unsure how to take it but we would act out a fantasy were she had just come home after being with some else. Over time that man became her black boyfriend.

I don't know if she was as into the interracial element as much as I was from the start. As I said, there is a taboo here with many women but it was undoubtedly exciting to her. At this point I was loving the distance we'd travelled and my chats with other husbands on internet forums were becoming more advanced and detailed. It was all 'when are you going to ask her for real'. What did I want from it? Maybe I'd felt undeserving for a long time and wanted to share her but there were other reasons. It wasn't just my wife I wanted fucking but the concept of our healthy marriage too. Over the months I'd noticed how a lot of the black men involved in the cuckolding lifestyle viewed the women, purely as sex objects, with no love or attachment other than using their dick. There was fondness certainly but it was purely about fucking another mans wife, and a white man's seemed to be a far more satisfying proposition for most. The size issue was also a factor. The thin 6" of my own penis, felt incomparable to the thick girths that many 'bulls' boasted about. I was not sure how well hung Emma's previous boyfriends might have been, but she once alluded to never having had a really big dick. For many women I read about this was one of the primary considerations.

So I had a wife who enjoyed the fantasy, at least in part but when I suggested it one night for real she thought I'd gone crazy. Sleeping with some black guy she'd never met? insane I continued to try and bring her along. And I discovered that her main reason for being unwilling to go through with it, was not some strong sense of modesty or even a desire to hold our marriage vows sacred, rather, it was her fear of being found, out, exposed! Emma had a strong link with her parents and she often mentioned them when I began talking about my new passion. Sometimes she would be a little irritable when I failed to drop the subject but I became convinced that, if safety was assured, she might consider it. One night we were alone in a local park. We'd just had sex against the car and Emma was pulling her knickers back up. She looked great, stylish and not at all the sort you'd expect to be out here, getting her husbands cock in the open air.

'You know' she said. 'Why don't we do try somewhere new at the weekend'. From the flush expression on her face she'd enjoyed our brisk, hard session. 'Or try something new?' she added with a shrug.

'Like what?' I'd replied giving her a playful stroke of my hand.

'I don't know, what do you think?'. Her arms came around my neck and firm, heavy breasts pressed against my chest. I paused and thought about it.

'I'd still like to watch you fuck another man'. I saw her eyes role, almost with a 'here we go again' expression.

'Like who?'.

'We'd find someone on the internet' I smiled. 'A black man. It'd be no problem at all'. I thought of at least one forum I knew and the men who would be falling over to take Emma off my hands. At this she gave me a worried look and I wondered if I'd crossed the line

'Jason, I'm not sure I could'.

'Sure you could. It'd be easy and no-one would know' I promised.

By the end of the night she agreed to let me post a few short ads. Nothing committal just yet and I suggested we just test the water as a way of taking our fantasy forward. However, For the first time it felt as if I was sharing part of her and I enjoyed that very much indeed. There was a site I knew were black men openly looked for white, married women and it was there I first started. I spent ages forming the message with a view to posting in the 'couples looking' section. In the end my effort appeared something like this:

'Bull needed for first time wife. Staffordshire. Seeking black male aged 25-40. Must be hygienic, good looking and well endowed. Prior experience desirable. Offer very attractive and upmarket white wife, 29, 5'7, brunette, size 10, 32dd natural, leggy.' Emma read it through and at this point was partly terrified and partly excited. She was also intrigued. Perhaps she was as curious as me to see what the response would be. I even got her to watch a few interracial videos, something I'd never envisaged her doing before. After just a week I'd received maybe 3 or 4 good replies. More followed, some from interested black men, others from cuckolds hoping for more insight into this new, supposed beauty.

When Emma looked through them her hand was shaking on the mouse. She clearly liked the anonymity of it and the knowledge that we could actually make this happen if we chose too. The one from "John" stood out the most. Not least because he lived relatively close to us and seemed to tick all the boxes. As soon as Emma saw his photo she liked him. In it he was naked, completely, standing in front of a bedroom mirror. Light brown skin with a cropped head and light stubble. His arms were big though he wasn't overly muscled and had a cock that appeared fat and thick at almost 8". My wife was, at first, unsettled about us getting to know this man. For me, he seemed perfect, although I understood my wife's dilemma. Direct and confident he left us in no doubt his aim was to get into Emma's married knickers. Likewise, her first response was a series of questions. She naturally wanted to know who he was, what he was like, was he married etc. In a series of emails between us he said that he was divorced with two kids and had been a bull to several other white couples in the past. I typed his nametag 'UkPounder77' into the sites search engine and discovered that he ad indeed services two other couples. Both had been very agreeable afterwards and I went as far as to message the husband. He returned a note that John had been a delight and given his wife a 'fantastic fucking'.

Were we really contemplating becoming this? I certainly was. Emma though was struggling with the nature of it.

We knew we'd have to take a leap of faith but when Emma saw the photos John sent of himself she was definitely attracted. Wanting to make sure we were real John asked for a photo, preferably of my wife holding a sign relating to the site. At this request, she was nervous, knowing, that it was a big step towards agreeing to meet. For John, it was conditional on his meeting and talking to us first, and soon. He wanted to be certain that we were his sort of people, and not just a couple wasting his time. He had met many such couples before, and was now quite wary. So one afternoon, after a few glasses of white wine Emma put on a classy but short little dress and I took some shots of her on the lounge sofa. It fitted to the tops of her thighs but I wanted her to show off. To me it was important that we appear keen and ready. She looked nervy in some of them but I felt that actually brought the meaning of the photos to life. Pleasingly my wife did indeed hold the sign I'd made with an undue mutter of 'oh god, if anyone finds out'. When John saw them his reply was simple.

'Emma is fucking hot. Love her legs. When can we meet?'.

We exchanged further details and he spoke to Emma several times on the phone. For me it was terrific, giving 'John', our number and waiting for his call. Again, Emma had a few drinks beforehand. She was actually not that bad when the phone started ringing.

'Hello' I said, picking up.

'Hey there is that Jason? It's John'.

'Hi, good to hear from you at last'.

'Likewise Jason'. He sounded confident and had obviously done this before. From the bed Emma was looking a little more nervous, her eyes wide and her body tense. 'Is that slut wife of yours there?' John asked with a laugh. He was teasing.

'Oh yes, she's here' I replied grinning at her.

'Put her on then go in the other room' he said. 'I want some time alone with her'. I handed the phone over.

'Hello?' she said quietly as I closed the door.

In the hall I paced around wanking and listening to the occasional laughs and giggles that came from within our bedroom. They seemed to be getting on well and Emma was talking a lot. Still, she often did that when she was nervous. After, about 10 minutes, she opened the door, the look on her face, was the same that had been in the park on that fateful night. Real excitement and arousal there. There was no doubt she was taken with him, and was getting off on it just as I was. The question became, could she have sex with a man she'd never met in person before? The next day I had an message from John saying he'd loved the phone call and was thinking about Emma all the time.

'She's amazing Jason. I really want her pussy. Lets arrange a meet'. That night I showed her the message and we talked about going through with it. It wasn't an easy decision by any stretch

'I can't promise that I'll be able to' she said coyly.

'Have sex with him?'. She nodded but remembering her face after the phone call I knew she was just dealing with what all this meant for our marriage and relationship.

One weekend shortly afterwards we arranged a time for John and Emma to have their first date. Even though she wasn't 100% committed to having sex with him I wanted my wife looking her absolute best. After all, this was our first horny black male she was out to impress. Feverishly, I posted an account of our tale to date on the forum and took pleasure in all the replies and well wishes that came. Even the Husband who had met John before assured me Emma was in for a 'very good time'. Beforehand she was understandably nervous. It was her first time after all and though we knew the principles of cuckolding we had yet to experience them first hand. The night before we watched together a short amateur video from my collection. The wife was noisy as she was fucked and Emma's hand was tight on mine the whole way through. She slept on her side, back to me and eyes wide open. I was confident that she was actually going to do it and our whole lives were about to change.

John, the Bull was coming to our home on his first visit. Looking back, this was perhaps unwise but we were new and caught up in the event. I fully expected him to assert the dominance he had promised and was happy that Emma seemed willing to do her up-most to impress him. She went out that morning and had her hair and nails done in town. The hairdresser knew he quite well and even asked what the event was.

'Just a party tonight' Emma had shrugged. As she got ready I remember hanging around the bedroom, horny as hell. Knowing he'd be here soon and what he was coming for: married white pussy. Emma had bought a tight, gold dress that held her figure a treat. It was silky thin with wafer shoulder straps and a length that fitted neatly around mid-thigh level. No bra or panties had been Johns instructions, his will on this first "meet" already shining through. She looked gorgeous, hair dropping on her shoulders, a thin gold chain around her neck and some high heels finishing the effect. I recall feeling proud and understandably excited, like all our planning and risk had paid off as she posed in front of the mirror.

When the doorbell rang I went to get it. John was tall, square jawed and imposing.

'Hey there' he said, a light smile on his face.

'John, good to meet you. Come in' I said shaking his hand. He was wearing dark trousers, shirt and coat which I took and hung on the hall stand. Quiet but confident. In fact I recall being quite intimidated in a way I'd not expected. I actually felt nervous around him too.

'Emma?' he said.

'She's waiting for you in the lounge' I replied my voice stuttering and mind pulling this way and that. It was too late to back out now. 'She's a little nervy' I added.

'Understandable. She told me this is her first time with a black man?'.

'Yeah' I nodded. 'It is'.

As we had planned Emma was sitting cross-legged at the dining table facing the door, her dress rising up over her great legs and providing him with a perfect first impression. As soon as their eyes met I could see a look of genuine intoxication flood over my wife. She stood and I introduced them.

'John, this is Emma. My wife'. I could already see she was still a little unnerved herself. Excited too by this strong black stud in our living room. John was a good 5 inches taller even on her high heels.

'Lovely'. He said. 'You look stunning Emma. Love the dress'.

'Thank-you' she smiled dryly. He took her hand and I stepped back as gave her a going over.

'Why don't you sit together on the sofa?' I said. She blew out deeply as John took a seat then sat with him. Her hand was shaking slightly as she crossed her legs and began chatting nervously, brushing her hair behind her ear. I took a chair opposite and watched keenly. This was incredible. The three of us chatted like that for twenty minutes or so. Emma's giddiness was showing through and certainly he was delighted by the effort she had made. She was so perfectly nervous it made her even more desirable, hardly able to look in the big mans eye.

'Emma' John grinned at last. 'I'm going to kiss you'. My wife glanced over at me and her expression was priceless.

'Erm ... ok' she said coyly. Their lips met, briefly but a longer embrace followed. A powerful sight as John began to lift and fondle my wife's breasts through her dress. She tensed as he roamed down her thigh. They parted and each of them laughed, my wife blushing into her lap.

'That's great honey' I smiled in encouragement. 'You two make a good couple'. They looked at each other and John nodded.

'I think so too' he said, pulling her lightly too him and kissing her again. This time he put his hand between her legs. Emma tensed as she felt his intention and backed away. 'Relax honey' he said with a reassuring smile. Taking a deep breath she took his advice, letting his dark hand creep under her dress, gently stroking her pussy with a thick finger.

'Jason' grinned John. 'Your wife's getting nice n wet'. I nodded appreciatively. I recall sitting, hard as a nail and watching this go on.

'Why don't you show John our bedroom honey' I said at last.

'That'd be great' he agreed nodding, his eyes wandering over her white figure.

'Ok' Emma nodded and got up. She put out her hand which John took and followed her out of the door. I was close behind as we went up the stairs and across the landing to our room. We were there before I knew it with Emma and John kissing heatedly in front of our bed. She had her arms draped up around his neck, obviously very turned on and her new bull was feeling her ass roughly with both hands. I remember feeling quite light headed as he took her dress and roughly pulled it down around her waist. We'd only just met him though he already had her tits out and was definitely taking charge. John quickly undressed, exposing his cock. We had seen pictures but actually seeing him erect was something else. I recall her standing amazed at his thick length.

'What do you think of that?'.

'It's amazing'. Emma gently stroked him between both hands then lay back on our bed and brought up her legs. She just wore the high heels which was quite a sight as he squatted down and put his mouth against her pussy.

'Ooohh' she moaned as he tongued her eagerly. Her eyes were closed tightly and I could see now just how wet she was.

Emma came extremely quickly and looked wet as anything. Her cunt was available and he knew it. Just another married slut now.

'Gonna fuck you!' our new bull grinned with sudden urgency. He was stiff as a board as I watched, almost transfixed from the window. With her legs pinned apart neatly behind the knees Emma made a series of desperate moans as her pussy accommodated him, reaching up and gripping his arm with one hand.

'It's big' she stammered desperation in her voice.

'Damn right ... and your pussy's tight honey'. They each grimaced as he penetrated.

'Oh Jason' Emma gasped to me as I watched, excited and eager for him to really lay into her. I didn't have to wait long and in no time I was getting my wish. Emma's first time blacked and he was slamming her deep before long. Her body jerked violently as it took the brunt of John's fucking, the sound and scent of sex filling the bedroom. There was sweat already collecting on Johns forehead as he grunted along. This was pure satisfaction for him. A new white wife to fuck.

'Here' he grinned to me between stokes. 'Go around the back. Get a load of that'. I did as I was told walking around and admired his black sack slapping on her wet cunt. I knew I was going to be hooked. 'Looks good eh?' Seeing my wife's cunt filled and stretched open with black dick certainly was.

'Looks good John' I said with a croak.

'Damn right' he grunted reaching up hand to fondle Emma's bobbing tits. Her face was still strained, taking occasional deep breaths that erupted in gasps. 'Mmmm you fucking slut' John said giddily right before my wife came again in a series of wails. Her eyes were wet.

'She likes that big dick, better than your hubby's eh?'. As he humped Emma furiously I knew we'd be seeing him again. Her groaning and the seemed limpness in her legs a sure sign of pleasure. Reaching up she took herself behind the knees. John was about to come and his strokes had slowed right down to a deep, intense pounding.

With a last shunt he ground down and unloaded his fat balls with a big grin spreading over his face.

'Yeeeah' he said at last breathing hard but staying locked inside her for a further minute.

Her face remained pale and there was a light sweat on her skin. Blowing out she returned John's smile, reacting as he tugged his dick out of her. As he did so a well of semen filled up in her exposed hole. Emma was extremely well fucked. Bringing her legs together she sat up and pushed back her hair. His dick remained big and wet with pussy secretion but there was a nice wad of sperm clamoured around the head.

'You enjoy that honey?' John asked contentedly. My wife nodded. 'Good because your getting it again in a minute'. True to his word he did just that, putting Emma over a pillow and fucking her hard into the bed from a standing knee position. If anything this next session was longer and certainly harder. I watched, hard and excited as my wife's body shook under the steady thrusts, hair jerking savagely as he laid into her. She was so noisy that I barely recognised her cries of 'Oh god ... oh god!' between orgasms. John was true to his online nametag. There was no way my wife was going to be giving this up.

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