The Not So Big Easy
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Reluctant, Magic, BiSexual, Fiction, Extra Sensory Perception, Paranormal, Interracial, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Slow,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - So how to start over in the big easy is not really easy for an Aussie...let alone a female sparkie...especially when all sorts of paranormals are coming out of the wood works

I was starting to feel a little light-headed and the pain was definitely getting to me. I let out a breathe which became a cry as I finished my last rep. Stepping down off the assisted chin up machine I clung to the sides my muscles fatigued. Wiping the sweat from my eyes I caught the flash of my answering machine.

I hope that its not a telemarketer, but a job. I turned down Rage against the Machine and put my music on shuffle. Sumi Jo started to play as I listened to the message.

"Hey Rose, Mike here. I've got a job for you. Give us a call back when you can."

Ah, Mike. He was always good at getting me some jobs. Despite all the rebuilding that was needed in Louisiana after Katrina around 5 years ago, work was still scarce for someone in my trade. Mike came through with a few small jobs for me since I moved here from Australia.

I wanted to get away from it all when I lost David. 'Lost' being the word ... all they found was his car, wrecked and bloody with no body. Judging by the amount of blood lost the police were pretty sure that he was dead, where ever he was. They did search for a while and finally declared him dead. By that time I was ready to move on.

I sold everything that was not portable to start a new life away from well-meaning relatives. I still couldn't believe that he was dead and I wouldn't as long as I stayed in OZ. So a new country and a new life. It wasn't easy getting into America, but I had some money and some skills, so I was on "probation" also having a sponsor helped quite a bit.

I shook off my musings not wanting to go down that road which would lead to dark thoughts and dialed Mike's number.

"Hey Rose! What's up, little lady?"

"You know I hate it when you call me that." Mike chuckled on the other end. I couldn't help but smile. "What's the job?"

"What no nicities?"

"I would love to Mike, but I am practically starving here. What with Tyson eating me out of house and home."

Mike snorted. "That little mutt? I highly doubt that. The job is to completely re-wire some old house on the outskirts of New Orleans and a Vet clinic. Same person owns both."

"Have you done a quote yet?"

"Nope, She's all yours from start to finish."

I said nothing. This type of job was costly and Mike's company could use the money, well maybe not that much. There had to be a catch.

"So, What's the deal? That I would get manna from the heaven's like this?"

"Oh, a bunch of quotes got accepted," Mike said airily. "So all my other men are busy. Hey, I thought you could use the money."

I sighed. "Yeah. Yeah, I could. Any restrictions?"

"Well, city limits on the Vet Clinic, but the house is far from any one, so you can work anytime. Same deal, bonus for finishing, etc ... will send you out the contract format so that you can fill it in after you do the quote."

"Usual 10 % finder's fee for you?"

"Of course, but if you finish and get kudos I will make it 5%"

I checked my watch, it was late in the evening.

"Okay, flick me the address and I will quote it tomorrow morning."

"Uh-uh. I need you to do it tonight ... The Vet clinic is 24 hours so someone will be there."

"Sure, but what is the rush?" I started to get undressed to shower, Tyson following me avidly.

"Who knows? It's what the client wanted."

I groaned, "Not one of those precious clients? You know I hate love jobs like that."

"Ah, Precious, but Paying. Anyway, flicking you the address now. Uh oh gotta run."

Crap, I thought. The last love job that I did for Mike was wiring up a home automation system. How lazy can you be to not want to get up and turn off the lights? Not only that but the "Lady" of the house, and I use the term loosely, accused me of sleeping with her husband. I smiled as I remembered coming onto her all bull-dyke. Boy did she do a fast back track and I didn't hear a peep from her until I finished the project.

Oh well, beggers can't be choosers.

I stepped into my wash area and elected for a cold monsoon. The heavy rush of ice cold water was instantly refreshing. I had it set for 10 seconds after which it would cut off and the water itself was recycled and purified. I gave myself a quick lather and another monsoon to wash it off.

Since it was just a quote, I didn't think that I would need to take much with me ... so I quickly got dressed into my blues and hi-vis reflective shirt. Last by not least I caught my hair in a plait and finished it off with my solar cap to keep the wispy bits at bay.

And last by not least my own specially concocted Mace. It consisted of a very light oil with suspened silver and cold iron dust along with a healthy does of chilli essence from my very own garden.I elected to take my little mighty boy with a specially make fibreglass ladder to fit it, just in case I need to peek into any ceilings.

Tyson immediately jumped in the mighty boy when I opened the door. He came with my every where, almost. Night clubs and food venues aside. People were still a bit iffy about female tradies and heck I knew that I did good work, but it was still hard to get some respect on a work site. Having a little bundle of fury that sound like a dog twice his size was an advantage. That combined with the revelation of Vampires and Shapeshifters just after Katrina had hit New Orleans ... I sighed it was hard enough to make a living.

Hence my current situation as a subbie. I couldn't do as much physical work as the supes nor as fast, so I had to stick to the little jobs that they usually didn't bother with and do a damned good job.

Travelling at night was probably not the safest of things to do in Louisiana given the vampire population. Heck the amount of supes in general, but a girl's got to earn. Besides I had made myself some Supernatural mace - Silver and iron dust suspended in a light garlic oil. Not enough to really kill them, but hurt and delay as well as foil their sense of smell would do.

Pulling into the carpark of what look like it used to be a warehouse, almost like the one I was currently living, but not so homey. A lit sign signified that I was at the right address, but there appeared to no signs of life.

I grabbed my tool belt and my tablet - stuff apple - I could get tablets cheaper with more functionality from Taiwan or China - with Tyson at my heels I enter the glass stained doors.

Immediately I was hit with the unmistakable smell of animals, anteseptic and just a hint of lavendar? Tyson sniffed around industriously and I warned him of marking this new bit of territory. There didn't appear to be any one at the reception and So I did as the sign asked. I rang the little white ceramic bell that rested on the counter and waited.

I saw Tyson's ears perk up oriented towards the corridor behind the counter. I too heard the rustle of people and hissed conversation. I bent down to briefly scratch Tyson on the head. I could also smell the familiar scent of sex in the air. I took in a breathe and forced myself to relax as I straightend to see a cute blonde thing hustling towards us, looking a little flushed and pale at the same time.

"Hi! Can I help you?" She smoothed her clothes a little. I pretended that nothing was amiss, it wasn't the first time I had stumbled across such a delicate situation. Being a tradie you tend to blend a little into the background and so discretion is the better part or getting paid.

"Mike sent me to do those electrical quotes."

She blinked a few times slowly, taking in the fact that I was a female and in drill. "Oh. Of course." She drew her chair forward and sat down. After tapping a little on her computer she frowned a little. "Mike was supposed to be here over an hour ago."

Oh bloody great, a last minute oh crap I forgot I double booked from Mike. Still it's money and I guess she found something to do with her time.

"Well, he got called away to some emergency on another project." It was the standard agreed line that I used, after all every one understand emergencies. "If you could just show me what you need done... ?"

"Just a second," She pick up the phone. "Uh, Dr Monroe, there is a sparkie here about those quotes." She nodded a few times, glanced furtively at me and hushed the Dr at the other end. I in the mean time wandered casually from the counter and was looking at the ceiling and points trying to think of the circuit layout. I was well aware that this Dr Monroe was likely the person with whom she was 'helping' before I came in.

"Dr Monroe will be out in just a moment." She went back to her computer obviously trying to look like she was busy. I gave her a slight nod and a "thank you". It always paid to be polite to customers.

The first indication I had of someone else with us was when Tyson make a funny coughing sound. This was usually his signal to me of something being up. I turned to see a guy just a few inches above my 5'7", long dark hair, with grey blue eyes, standing with an abnormally still air about him. That he was about my height was not unusual for me, since coming to America I had met relatively few men significantly taller than me. In Oz it was fairly common for men to be at least 6 foot tall, but in the US?

He also gave a blink or two at my appearance. "Mike sent you?"

Oh for ... female sparkies are not non-existant. I put on my professional mask and extended my hand. "Ms Rose at your service."

He looked for a moment at my hand and eventually clasped it briefly. His hand felt very cool and I could smell sex even more when his hand got close. I could feel the voyeur in me getting a little hot and bothered. I think it was time I did some trawling in the clubs for a bit of action.

Hey just because I lost the love of my life, didn't mean that I still didn't have needs. I nothing if not able to compartmentalise my physical and emotional needs.

"Dr Remy Monroe. Please come this way." There was an awkward moment as we both waited for the other to take lead. He took the hint that I needed to be shown what he wanted and set off down the corridor.

As I followed I couldn't help but admire his form in general. I gave a mental sigh, telling my hormones to cool it and tuned into what he was saying.

He lead me to the door at the end and opened it out the rest of the unfinished clinic.

" ... I can do a lot of the construction myself, but for the plumbing and electrical I need someone licenced to do it."

I looked over what he had done so far, quite impressed. "May I?" I indicated to a ladder. He nodded. Putting my gear down on the floor I dragged the ladder over to the ceiling of the clinic and climbed up to check out the wiring job. Shoddy, there were wires strewn every where, nothing was clipped or tied properly. I walked easily on the struts and turned on my solar cap. Two LEDs lit my way as I traced the wiring.

I looked up at the warehouse ceiling and then bent to pick up some newish cut off of wiring. Solid core? Who the hell uses that? I made my way back slowly. Contemplating about what I would need and how much this guy could spent and to what standard he wanted it wired. I climbed down the ladder, blissfully unaware of giving my prospective a good view of my drill clad butt.

I switched off the cap and turned to Dr Monroe. "Do you have plans?"

He lead me over to a table where there were some building plans. "Would you like a copy?"

I grinned and got out a portable hand scanner, linking it up to my tablet I scanned the plans in and pasted the sections together. "So, What sort of equipment, draw power, lights, sockets and security systems and automation did you want?"

He gave me a list, which I quickly entered into a program which gave me calculation of runs.

"Now the most important questions."

"Which is?" He appeared amused.

"To what standard do you want this done? and what is your time frame?"

"Well," he drawled. "Price is no object and I would like the clinic up and running as soon as possible. How many employees do you have?"

That's the thing isn't it? Me? just one ... Mike had a lot. I guess honesty is the best.

"Just me." I saw his eyes narrowed.

"I see. I will have to talk to Mike." He turned then obviously dismissing me as worthless.

Oh that really got me!!!! I put my tool belt back on and grabbed my tablet as the door back into the main area closed. I followed seeing him go into an office and pick up the phone. I quietly closed the door behind me, picked up the phone from him, cancelled the call and his eyes on me all the time I put the mobile down my cleavage.

"Now that I have your full attention. Mike sent me because I am the best, and I am willing to work until a job gets done. After all, how many sparkies do you know would come out at this hour on short notice? So, did you want to hear my quote or not?"

He looked me straight in the eyes, "Give me my phone, forget the you were here and go home."

"I will as soon as you answer my question."

He frowned a little at that. "I said Give. me."

"Do. you. want. a quote?"

He sat back in his chair confused. Not saying a word. I couldn't help but imagine him a fiery pict in battle he had the dark hair and blue eyes for it as well a light complexion. He looked from my eyes to my cleavage a few times.

"You know I could just take it?"

"You know I could yell sexual harrassment."

Another pause and this time I could swear he was not breathing. "Very well, give me your quote."

I ran the program and added a few more hours out of spite. When the report was generated I saved it. "Did you want separate quotes for the house and clinic?"

"No one will do just fine."

"Is it okay if I see the house now?"

"You can follow me to my house as my shift is up any way." This time I preceded him out the door and through the corridor. Despite the fact that I knew the address, most people are uncomfortable having their home 'invaded' by a stranger even if they are needed.

"Ah, Celeste. I need to leave now, but Dr LaBois should be here any minute."

Celeste gave a little pout of disappointment. Tyson trotted close to my heels as I got in the car and started her up waiting for the good Dr to appear.

I heard the low rumble of a cruiser start up from where Monroe had disappeared from around the side of the building. A second later he spend out of the shadows. I quickly put my car into gear to follow.

"House" was a bit of an understatement. You know those "houses" that they see in the old time movies of the south? ... well that was basically it. It would take a while for me to wiring up this one.

I was aware of Tyson sniffing and marking only a few metres away from me. I undid the ties that held my ladder in place, given the apparent age, the ceilngs would be high to say the least.

Dr Monroe was already opening the door as I shouldered my ladder and tramped up to the front porch. I stood the ladder at the bottom of the steps, I would get it if I needed to and I didn't want to damage any boards. Though given the ramshackled state of the house I need not have worried. Clients, however, were perculiar about those sorts of thing.

Once the door was open he stepped aside. " After you." I walked in and paused briefly to wipe my shoes on the doormat. Just behind me I could hear Tyson letting out a small growl as I heard the Dr inhale deeply as I walked by him.

After I entered I looked back and saw that Dr Monroe and and Tyson were looking at each other. I clicked my tongue twice and Tyson came to heel, all the while watching the doctor.

"It seems that you have a little protector there."

"It helps given my work and the hours that I keep. He gives guys second thoughts to anything in appropriate."

He continued to look at me, to which I merely raised an eyebrow. The silence drew out some more. "Look as much as I love being the centre of attention, I also have a job to do ... So..."

"Ah yes, this way please." He showed throughout the house, basically all he wanted was a complete rewiring, adding in a few more power points and some data points.

I searched around for the MDB (main distribution board/box, for those unfamiliar with the term). Typically for america it was in the basement. It seems to me that almost all of america is like the setting of a b-grade scary movie.

"Right ... I am going to cut off the power so that I can check out what sort of wires you have. I am guessing they are solid core, but it doesn't hurt the check."

"As you wish." Dr Monroe was leaning against the stairs, un-nervingly still and staring. Jeepers he was an odd ball. Attractive but still an oddball.

The switch is a little stiff ... I guess I will have to replace the whole thing ... Damn! I had managed to not only kill the lights, but break the switch. I turned on my cap to survey the damage.

"Well It looks like I will have to replace this Board any..."

I felt the air rush out as I was slammed painfully against the wall. Tyson was getting filthy and with practiced ease I unhooked my mace from the carabiner on my belt, closed my eyes and sprayed it wildly in front of me.

Aside from Tyson's growling and snapping, I also heard another snarl and hissing. I peeked through the chilli ladened mist and saw the Doctor scubbing furiously at his face.

Oh great I just maced my potential employer ... Who ATTACKED ME!! Tyson was in front of me growling and barking at Dr Monroe, who stumbled over an old wash basin and ran water to washing his face furiously. I quickly ran up the stairs, Tyson over taking me and I followed him quickly. If there is one thing I will trust is a dog's intuition on getting the fluck out.

I saw him skid around the corner and heading for one of the open french doors. Gods! I am not in that good a shape. I bounced off one of the doorways as I followed. I could see Tyson on the veranda looking back at me growling at something behind me...

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