New Magus
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Magic, Fiction, Harem, First, Oral Sex, Petting, Tit-Fucking, Big Breasts, Slow,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - "If anyone had told me that sex would become one of the most important parts of my life, I wouldn't have believed them. Of course that didn't stop fate from finding me." When a gorgeous brunette who seduced him attempts to convince him that he's a modern wizard, or Magus, Seth struggles with the truth. But will he succeed in maintaining his own sanity since the switch between being a town's sexual pariah and having women throw themselves at him is so drastic?

If anyone had told me that sex would become one of the most important parts of my life, I wouldn't have believed them. Growing up in my parent's house, no one talked about sex in any context. Learning about "the birds and the bees" had been a lesson of sin and how God frowned upon those who fornicated. Of course that didn't stop me from being curious, nor did it stop Fate from finding me shortly after I left home.

When I arrived on campus, nervous and eager to start my new life, sex wasn't exactly on my mind. At that moment, the only person I knew was the cab driver. Being overweight and smelling of sweat from driving around all day without AC in the Texas Summer heat was not my idea of attractive. Of course, it could have been the fact that the driver was male.

We were both standing in a parking lot at the back of his cab. He pulled my suitcases out of the trunk and I looked for any buildings I might recognize. The welcome package I received, along with my letter of acceptance, came with campus photos. The driver said I had arrived, and while I was excited about that, I was bothered by the fact that I didn't know where I was, if I was even on campus, or how to get to my dormitory. I turned to the driver. "Why can't you take me to the dorm again?"

He set my suitcases on the pavement and straightened up to look at me. We were about the same height, but he weighed a lot more. Most of that weight was tucked under his shirt, stretching it taut across his vast belly. "The campus police are assholes," he said. His voice was low and gravely. He sounded similar to a man I knew from home, Mr. Chambers, and he chain-smoked non-stop. I stood there, hoping he would go into more detail, but he just held out his hand. "The fare's thirty-five fifty."

I rolled my eyes and pulled out my wallet. Holding out two twenties, I said, "Do you have change?"

He nodded, took the money, and said, "Hold on a sec."

I watched him climb in the cab and - to my horror - tear away, pelting me with gravel from the parking lot. I yelled at him to come back, but knew it was useless. Then I remembered something a lot more important: my map of the campus was still in the cab.

Looking around in the dark, my eyes were drawn to the lights along the streets and the traffic. I had no idea how to get to the dorm, and my frustration peaked. First, security in all three airports I had passed through felt the need to stop me to search for contraband, and now this.

There was a gas station across the street from me. Several cars were filling up and a few others were parked nearby. Maybe I could get directions from the clerk.

The parking lot the driver left me in wasn't so bad, and dragging my bags on their tiny wheels was easy. It was similar to the concrete outside Durham International Airport in Raleigh, North Carolina. Even the carpet there was short enough to allow the smooth roll of tiny luggage wheels. However, the street I had to cross wasn't so smooth. I had to carry my bags to get across more efficiently. The concrete of the gas station wasn't much better than the street, but I was too worn out from all the connecting flights and running from one terminal to another to continue carrying my bags.

It was a late Thursday night - probably early Friday morning - and inside the gas station, a woman was leaning on the counter, pointing out which scratch-off tickets she wanted. Several other customers were meandering around near the drinks and snacks. One guy came out of the bathroom, zipping up his pants.

I stood back from the woman and the counter, not wanting to get too close. The last thing I needed was for her to accuse me of something I didn't do. Her clothes were tight and I couldn't help but stare at the length of her legs and the way her backside wiggled side to side when the clerk handed her the tickets. I expected her to step aside after she paid for them, but she stayed right there, wiggling all over as she scratched away. The clerk stood there grinning and leering at her. I raised my hand and waved at him, trying to get his attention, but then the woman screamed.

Drawing back, because I didn't know what was wrong, I watched her jump up and down. With each bounce, she turned in a slow circle. Her behavior held my attention. Her top did nothing to hold her in place but it did keep her covered. The sight was short lived. She stopped when facing the clerk again.

He had a wide grin. "How much?" he asked simply.

She looked at the tickets in her hands again and then said, "Fifty thousand!"

Other patrons in the small store gathered closer, offering congratulations. I stood there, not sure what to say, or if to say anything. For several minutes, the woman glowed in the attention, and then turned to the clerk. "I've got to go. If Dan finds out about this, he'll take it from me." With that, she turned and made her way to the exit, which was behind me. Her face was stretched with a wild grin and the heavy makeup she wore didn't do anything to make her look any more attractive. Regardless of what I thought, she stopped in front of me, looked me over from head to toe, and then pulled my face to hers for a kiss.

Too stunned to fight her, I whimpered instead. Her hands were strong and her lips were soft. For a brief second, I couldn't think. I had always wondered what it would be like to kiss a girl, not that I ever had the chance back home, and though I had a lot of ideas of how it would make me feel, I never realized how my body would react.

Before I could do anything, she let go and walked out the door.

It took me a second to return to the ground. I turned around and watched her get in a car and drive away. I wasn't sure what I felt exactly, but I thought that for a first kiss, it hadn't been bad.

I turned back to the counter. The other patrons had already gone back to various parts of the store. The clerk stared at me with a familiar expression. He didn't like me. "Can I help you?" he asked.

I nodded and dragged my bags up to the counter. "A cab dropped me off and I left my map in it by accident. I need to know where the campus dorms are."

He chuckled. "Did you already pay him? The Driver?"

I nodded, confused.

"Too bad," the clerk said. "You're not even on campus."

I blanched. "What?!?"

He burst out laughing. "I'm sorry, man. The look on your face was worth that. No, you're not on campus, but you're not far from it either. It's a few blocks south, along Cooper. Beyond that though, I don't know the campus."

I grumbled to myself. "Do you have a map or anything?"

He shook his head, laughter still in his eyes.

I turned to leave, unsure about what to do. I was beginning to get worried.

"Maybe I can help you," said another man.

I looked up. He was a little taller than me with startling blue eyes and chiseled looks. He was well dressed and held a bottle of water in one hand and a bag of plain tortilla chips in the other. Setting those on the counter, he picked up a pen for customers to use and handed it to me. I no more than accepted it and he rattled off what streets to follow and where to turn. I didn't have any paper, but the pen wrote on the palm of my hand just fine.

I thanked him, handed the pen to the clerk, made sure I had everything, and ventured back out into the hot nighttime air.

Following the directions was easy, but it took me the better part of half an hour to find the dorm. My bags didn't want to roll very easy along the sidewalks and I had to carry them when I crossed the streets. Believing my night was finally at an end, I noticed girls leaving the dorm. Watching them go to the parking lot, get into a car and drive off, I struggled on in confusion. Why were girls leaving my dorm? I had tried to sign up for a co-ed dorm when I sent in my admission package, but because I was a freshman, they had assigned me to an all-male dorm instead. Part of me didn't mind the idea of girls in my dorm, but I was too tired to really give it due consideration.

I walked up to the entrance and looked through the glass door. There were more girls inside. I didn't see any guys at all. One of the girls noticed me standing there and came to the entrance. "Who are you looking for?" she asked.

I shook my head. "I'm looking for my dorm."

She laughed. "I doubt this is it." Noticing my confused look, she said, "New to the school?"

I nodded. "I left my map of the campus in the cab."

She tilted her head to the side. "Why didn't the cab take you to your dorm?"

My shoulders slumped and I said, "He said something about campus police not being very friendly."

She looked down at my bags. "Well, the boys' dorm is on the other side of the campus."

I grimaced. My arms were going to fall off if I had to drag my bags too much further. I looked at my hand, were my instructions were partially smeared from sweat. She came out and I held out my hand. She read the instructions and said, "You were supposed to turn right at the second bridge. It looks like you smeared that part." I nodded and she added, "Don't worry, things will feel better after you've had some sleep."

I grunted what I thought to be a hopeful sound, turned and trudged away. Soon I was passing the same huge building I had passed on my way to the girls' dorm. I heard voices coming from one of the entryways. Trees lined both sides and cast shadows across everything. I ignored them, focusing on putting one foot in front of the other.

From the entryway, I heard a woman laugh and then she erupted from the shadows. She bumped into me, giggled, stumbled for a moment to keep from falling, giggled again, and then looked up at me.

I stood there, looking her over. She was dressed in only her under things, a pink bra that barely held on to her breasts and black panties that resembled shorts but were a lot more form-fitting. Her body was pale in the dim light and curvaceous. I couldn't tear my eyes from her. Some part of my brain engaged automatically though and I asked, "Where're your clothes?"

The brunette looked me over, stumbling in the process. Her ample cleavage jiggled within her bra and I had to swallow to wet my dry throat. She looked up and smiled at me, her eyes sparkling. She ran her small hands over her body and said, "Don't you like what you see?"

I stood there frozen. So many emotions were running through me, I didn't know which way was up. I was shocked from being bumped into, surprised by her lack of attire, and yet thrilled to see a real woman dressed so. Overall, I was too confused to respond appropriately, especially considering I didn't really know what an appropriate response would be.

Her eyes dropped, she licked her lips, and said, "Why, yes. Yes you do!"

Still unable to react, I watched her step closer and reach out for me. I thought, at first, she was reaching for one of my hands, but she wasn't reaching to my side. Time slowed down. Her hand came toward me, low and centered. Part of me knew what she was reaching for, but the rest of me refused to believe it until her hand cupped me. Time sped back up and she gently groped me.

A mix of fear and excitement ran through me. My heart raced. Thoughts unbidden spun in my head: my parents' lectures, the disgusted glances from kids at school, and, oddly, the kiss the woman at the gas station gave me. I was frozen between those thoughts and feelings. Part of me was enjoying what the scantily clad brunette was doing, but another part, the part of my mind that had fought so hard to keep me out of trouble for the last four years, screamed for me to move, to get away from her before I was caught and got into trouble. Yet I stood there, caught between my fears and the surprisingly pleasant sensations.

Movement drew my attention back to where the brunette had come from. Two more women emerged from the same entryway. Both of them were blonde and dressed similarly to each other, but, unlike the brunette, they didn't seem to be drunk, and were at least properly attired, not that their shorts and skimpy tops covered much more.

I was on overload. Too tired to think rationally and too overwhelmed by the sensations coursing through my body, I didn't respond to anyone. My instinct to avoid this kind of trouble ordered me to run away, but my feet refused to move.

The brunette giggled and looked over at the two blondes. "I found someone for us to play with."

I looked back at her, not sure what she meant by that. The two blondes apparently didn't agree with the idea though. Without uttering a syllable, they turned and walked away, disappearing around the next corner of the building.

"Party poopers!" the brunette called after them, and then turned to look at me again. "Looks like I get you all to myself tonight." She moved in closer to me. She wasn't very tall, the top of her head only level with my mouth, but the difference in our heights didn't seem to bother her at all and she pressed her chest into me, rubbing her breasts back and forth. Even through my shirt and her bra, I could feel the warmth of her body where she touched me. I had been very successful in avoiding getting physically close to anyone, lest I end up with more scars, but I could not move away from her. The feel of her so close felt too good. She looked up and said, "It feels like you've got a party going on in your pants. Mind if I see?" Without waiting for me to answer, her fingers slid up along my zipper and started pulling down the tab.

I finally reacted, stepping back and catching her by her wrists. "I ... I think I should be going."

She giggled and wrestled with me, still trying to get at my pants. "Let me give it a kiss, make it better," she said, pouting.

Someone else said, "Francine!" That must have been the brunette's name because she stopped what she was doing and looked around. I did too, thankful someone had intervened. Another woman approached. She had curly brown hair and wore clothes for the hot summer night. "God, Francine, what are you doing? What would Jimmy think if he saw you?"

Francine smiled at her. "He could join us. Check out the package this big boy has!" She slipped a hand from my grip and groped me again.

The woman stood there watching Francine's lewdness. When she looked up at me, I met her eyes, praying she'd help me. She shook her head and said, "I don't think he's into it Francine. He looks scared."

Francine looked up at my face again. "He won't be once I get these pants open and slip his sausage into my mouth." Her groping had been one thing, but something about her euphemism made the muscles in my legs and abs shake. I was having problems breathing, as if I wanted both to hold my breath, and yet couldn't get enough air. Francine noticed and said, "Oh, God, Janice, I think he's going to cum in his pants." She leaned down and the pace of her hand increased.

I looked over at Janice again, pleading with my eyes for help. She rolled her eyes and walked away, leaving me there, embarrassed and scared. I looked down and met Francine's eyes.

"Are you gonna cum for me?" she asked with an expression of excitement, akin to someone waking up on Christmas morning and tearing open their presents. I didn't answer immediately, and she flipped the hand I was still holding around and caught my wrist. I watched, both fascinated and afraid, as she placed my hand on her bra-clad breast. Without any conscious will behind it, my hand squeezed her. I was disconnecting from what was happening, as if watching someone else squeeze her. I did notice, however, that she more than filled my hand, was very soft, and her nipple poked through the material into my palm. My lack of experience kept me from understanding at that moment that I was seriously enjoying touching her, but then, I could have been touching some neutral location on her body and felt just as good. To be handed such an opportunity was too sudden and too much.

Francine's breathing got heavier and her hand moved faster along me through my pants. I had no way of knowing if what I was doing felt good to her, and my instinct to run from the situation was warning me that she wouldn't like it if I continued to touch and grope her, but I was once again trapped between letting her have her way and running like the scared little boy I was accustomed to being.

The warmth and tightness of my pants were becoming uncomfortable, but a new sensation ran through me. I couldn't stop my hips from thrusting into her hand, and my muscles tightened up, as if I was working too hard at holding something. A different kind of warmth spread out through me, radiating from my groin. I had an idea of what was happening, even though I had never experienced it before, and I wasn't sure how it felt or how to feel about it. My legs jerked, my stomach bunched up, I thrust my hips forward, and I felt something hot and wet in my pants. Over and over again I convulsed, only able to maintain my feet. When it was done, I gulped down air, not realizing I had been holding my breath, and looked down at Francine.

She was staring at my crotch. "You did it. You really came in your pants." She looked up and licked her lips. "I would love to clean you up and go again."

My fear was gone, replaced by burning embarrassment. I had to leave, to get to my dorm, and get cleaned up. Extracting my hand from her breast, where she was holding me tightly to her, I stepped back completely out of her immediate reach. I grabbed my bags and almost knocked her down when she tried to stop me from running away.

She called after me. I didn't know what she said because I wasn't going to listen to anything she had to say. When I couldn't hear her anymore, I slowed down and walked, following the directions the girl at the dorm had given me. I wasn't sure how long it had taken me to get to my dorm, but my pants were sticking to me. All I wanted at that point was to get a hot shower and sleep.

I crossed the bridge where I was supposed to originally, and thanked God that Francine hadn't decided to chase me any further. Besides, if she had and caught up to me, what would I say? Probably nothing. I probably would have stood there the same as before and let her have her way. Would it have been so bad to go along with that? Would I have really gotten in trouble? Well, Janice found us. She even mentioned Francine's boyfriend. What would he do when he found out? Could I have really allowed her to do something more to me even knowing she had a boyfriend?

I shook my head, trying to shake loose all the questions rattling around inside. I looked up and realized I had made it to my dorm. The entrance was brightly lit. It was probably supposed to feel welcoming to its residents, but at that moment, I felt as if dozens of spotlights were shining on me.

Too tired and embarrassed to care what anyone said at the moment, I knocked on the door. The guy at the supervisor's desk came around and let me in. He nodded and smiled. "New student?" he asked. After I nodded, he said, "You're early. Classes and check in isn't for another two weeks." Regardless, he let me in.

I followed him to the desk. Thankfully, he didn't ask anything other than what was needed to check me in. Within minutes, I had my keys and was climbing the stairs to my room. Once inside, I found that I didn't have a roommate yet. I actually considered myself lucky because I didn't want to hear any questions about why I looked so bedraggled or the wet spot on my pants. The other benefit, which wasn't as important but nice nonetheless, was being able to choose which side of the room I wanted. I took the bed under the only window.

Rummaging through my suitcases, I pulled out my pajamas, a towel, soap, and a washcloth and then went to the bathroom. The welcome package I had received included the floor plans for the different dormitories. My room, along with two others in the suite, shared two half baths. The half bath with the shower stall was right next to my room.

I locked the door, dropped my stuff on the sink, and got everything off except my pants. I was not looking forward to that. Rotating my hips I could feel how sticky I was. Knowing I would want to hop right into the shower, I turned it on and adjusted for temperature. Then I peeled my pants and underwear off and let them fall to the floor. The smell was strong. Grabbing the soap and washcloth from the sink, I hopped into the shower and began scrubbing.

Feeling cleaner, but still confused, I must have stood under the shower for an hour, letting the hot water ease away the rest of my discomfort. The encounter with Francine played through my head over and over. With each replay, things were a little different. In one, I convinced her to take me back to the entryway. In another we found our way to a bed. Part of me was a touch shocked at how the scene grew more and more into something that never happened, but the rest of me was perfectly happy about the fantasy. Compared to what I had dreamed up, the actual encounter was ... frustrating.

I didn't fully understand why I felt that way, but I knew I was tired and probably not thinking straight. After getting out of the shower, drying off and getting dressed, I looked at my pants. A wet stain made it look as if I had pissed myself, but the smell wasn't of urine. I thought about what it had felt like, and a small smile played across my lips. The quick kiss at the corner store had been pleasantly surprising, but the encounter with Francine was more ... well, just more.

Balling up my dirty clothes, I went back to my room to find it locked. The super had told me the doors stayed locked. Panicking that I might have to go back down to the Supervisor's Desk already, I felt the pockets of my pants and pulled out the key. Once I was inside, I tossed my dirty clothes in the corner. Hopefully, I could do laundry before my roommate arrived. I really didn't want to have to explain the smell.

I was too tired to put anything away, but I knew I'd need the key in the morning when I went to the bathroom, so I dug through my bags and pulled out the lanyard I had used for the house key back home. It was going to be a life saver again. Once the key was on it, I made up my bed, climbed in, offered up a prayer, and fell to sleep.

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