Benefactor's Gift
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Slavery, MaleDom, Spanking, White Male, Oriental Female, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Nudism,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Will Rance has everything and nothing. He's also doing a good job of drinking himself to death, at least until an unknown benefactor takes an interest in his life. Sometimes it's better to receive than to give.

Will Rance sat on the porch of his sprawling ranch house and lifted the bottle of Fighting Cock whiskey to his lips, draining a third of it with the ease of long practice. People who saw Will now, in his emaciated and drunken state, wouldn't have recognized him as the fat and affable eighteen year old that won the largest lottery jackpot ever, just five years previous. On his eighteenth birthday Will had, for the first time ever, gambled, purchasing two lottery tickets. One for the Powerball, and the other for the mega millions jackpot.

The following Monday Will had checked his tickets, and found he was the sole winner of a combined pretax total of six hundred and four million dollars. Within days his downward spiral had begun, and it wasn't due to self indulgence. Will had found that the large percentage of highly religious people in both his family and among his friends had wanted nothing to do with 'sin money', nor the devil's servant who had it. Those who hadn't seen gambling as a sin, and those were few, had sided with their friends and family against Will, or so it seemed to him.

Will snorted in disgust and old pain as he thought of all his friends that had treated him as a pariah. Taking a smaller slug of whiskey Will's mind drifted to those few people who had still talked to him. Those few had all had one thing in common; investment ideas. Will's lips twisted in a bitter smile as he recalled the outrage when he'd started calling the BBB on most of them to check them out, at his financial advisor's urging. It had turned out that most of the so called investments were scams, and Will had either shut down or run off close to a dozen 'business men' in the town of Abingdon.

A few however were legitimate, and those Will had enough sense to jump on. One was buying up land and the mineral rights that went with it. Will had put a sizable chunk into opening Reclaimed Inc. and loved the idea of planting a native forest on his native land. With the proceeds from various low risk investments flowing into the company Will had founded, Reclaimed was the proud owner of nearly half of southwestern Virginia's 'new growth', as the newspaper had dubbed it. Specializing in fruit and hardwoods, Reclaimed Inc. worked to restore the old growth that was so often being cut down by lumber companies.

Will wondered what his family would say if they knew he was the sole owner of most of the forest they were so sure was God rewarding them by allowing them to live in amidst it. Will shook his head and sat down the now empty bottle of whiskey, picking up a beer to drink instead.

With the help of his financial manager Will had also started Southern Rainbow Searching. A company that found and bought the land, and developed safe ways to extract the various gems found in the southern part of America. Will had placed retired geological professor George Brent in charge, and let him do his thing.

At the first meeting after a year with Brandy Miller, Will's financial wizard, he was amazed to find that old George had managed to obtain several plots of land, and open several family dig sites. Sites where, for ten dollars a person, you were given hand tools, buckets, and a place to dig for buried treasure. Southern Rainbow sorted and cleaned the gems, and took a thirty or forty percent cut, depending on if you wanted raw stones or polished ones. The best thing in Brandy's mind was that people were paying to do the often back breaking labor.

After having set up those, and other investments, Will found himself the new owner of an eighty acre plot of thick timber not fifty miles from his birthplace, with a half acre cleared and a large brick ranch house set smack in the middle. Will was filthy rich, utterly alone, and quickly found himself having to pay extravagant fees for the few whores who could bother to provide company for him. Will often didn't want sex, just someone to talk to about something other than money. Even that had dried up lately, and Will had fallen deeper into both the depression and the bottle. Will was smart enough to know it, but so far hadn't found a reason to really care.

Will's mental wandering, not to mention his third beer, was interrupted by a limo pulling up the driveway and stopping just in front of the porch where he was sitting. Will stood and took several unsteady steps, grabbing the porch post and railing to keep himself upright, but his voice was clear when he snarled. "Go the fuck away, and leave me in peace. I'm not bothering nobody." Turning, Will lurched back to his Adirondack chair and collapsed back into it. The warm wood feeling good on his bare back. He was brought out of that drunken thought when the limo not only didn't leave, but a tall statuesque blonde woman got out, and headed onto the porch where Will was drinking.

She gave Will plenty of chances to look as she slowly swayed her way up the three steps onto the porch and walked slowly over to him. She was easily six feet tall without the three inch black stilettos. Will could see what seemed to be miles of tan legs that disappeared under a short blue skirt, and he discovered as he raised his eyes that the only upper part she was wearing was the blazer. Will's eyes bugged out as he saw flashes of pierced nipples with every step the woman took. Will forced his drunken gaze upward before he shot his load in his pants, and found that he was staring into a pair of hard green eyes set into a beautiful, but fiercely disgusted and scowling face. That face did more to sober Will up than anything else that day.

"What you after lady? I'm not buying, renting, or playing with a pro anymore." Will never saw the slap coming. Before he could even register the sound, he found himself turned halfway around, as both he and his favorite chair hit the porch with a clatter. The hard arm of his chair dug into Will's alcohol bloated stomach and caused him to vomit explosively. Will forced himself to ignore both the snapping of the woman's fingers, and her heavily accented orders to someone else that he could hear running up onto his porch as he fought to contain his temper.

He failed miserably.

With a roar Will came up dripping a mixture of alcohols, bile, and the navy beans he'd had for lunch, and threw himself at the woman, arms wide. Had he been sober, Will would have noticed the huge Amazonian female in jeans and a white tee shirt standing just in front and to the side of the lady who'd slapped the shit out of him, but he wasn't, and only realized someone was there after she had easily tossed him over the railing to bounce off the hood of the limo and land hard in the gravel.

Will groaned in pain as he lay face up in the gravel. He was a lot more sober, and a lot less angry, all of a sudden. Will blinked as the lady's stilettos came into view, and a few seconds later a pair of black combat boots as well. Will didn't have time to look at the Amazon clearly before the lady who had slapped the piss out of him placed one stiletto on Will's chest and asked in a Russian accent. "You ready to be polite and reasonable about things? Yes, no?" At his nod, Will found himself jerked to his feet by the Amazon, and placed in a painful hammerlock. Will's drunken mind only gave him the impression of blonde hair, blue eyes, and a very tall hourglass figure as he was manhandled into position. The lady in front of him lit a long thin cigar and then continued in a bored tone. "I am Svetlana, and you have a benefactor. I am bringing three gifts to you on his behalf."

Will opened his mouth for a bitter and sarcastic comment, but whimpered instead as the hammerlock grew more intense. "Olga is not belonging to you yet, and so behave." Svetlana said sweetly as she blew a smoke ring before continuing. "The first is Olga, whom you are meeting now. She is special slave. She is biohazard." At Will's blank look Svetlana laughed. "She is bodyguard, but more so. She specializes in elimination of all threats to Master in any way needed." Understanding glimmered dimly in Will's bleary and bloodshot eyes as Svetlana continued. "Your benefactor must see great things in you. Starting base for bids upon such as Olga is ten million pounds at ten million each." Svetlana grimaced as she looked Will up and down. "I do not see it, but then who am I?" Shrugging she shushed Will from speaking out with a waving finger as she continued.

"The next is Eve. She is-" Svetlana paused to spit, and Will could hear the distaste in her voice when she hissed "British" Both Will and Olga chuckled as Svetlana obviously muttered curses in her native Russian while a delicate, freckle faced, and completely naked flame haired girl walked up. Will was surprised to note that she had an old fashioned nurses cap pinned on her head, as well as, a very large doctor's black bag. Will was busy admiring her slender, toned, and very shaved form when Svetlana continued.

"Eve was trained from birth to be surgeon, slave, and personal doctor. Bids had been rejected at seven million for her." Svetlana turned, but all heard, and grinned, at her whispered. "Why I do not know. She is British."

Svetlana shook herself visibly, and gave a loud piercing whistle. Before the whistle was even half over a slender, small, and very naked asian girl, leading a trunk on wheels emerged from the limo, and trotted over to Will, Olga, and Eve. The girl smiled warmly at Will as she bowed low and began to speak rapidly in very lightly accented English. "I am Ling Master, and at your service." Will watched as she began to tick off on her fingers as she spoke excitedly and even more rapidly, "electronic genius, cyber thief/hacker/cracker/internet wonder slave, and vessel for all of my Master's unholy carnal desires." Ling's nipples hardened and Will could both see and smell her excitement, even over his vomit covered body. "Often I hope Master. Very very very very often Master."

Ling walked up, still leading the trunk, and smiled up at Will. "Would you like to rape me as you shower? Would you like to have Olga hold me while you force yourself into my virgin ass Master?" While will gaped silently at the filthy ideas rolling out of Ling's mouth she cocked her head and continued. "How about you make me the play toy one night, and all of you can rape me to your hearts' content? Sound like fun Master? Raping the poor little defenseless Chinese servant girl who only wants to make her Master happy." She didn't sound a bit unhappy by the prospect.

Will watched and doubted very seriously, especially considering the amount of excitement leaking down her legs, that raping Ling was even possible. Svetlana walked up and clapped her hand firmly over Ling's mouth to shut her up. "I recommend a gag for this one, she's annoying if she doesn't have something stuffed in her mouth." Svetlana glared down at the petite Ling. "If he only knew how much you like to eat he would send you back to your old Master."

Will watched as Ling went a sickly shade of grey, and tears began to run down her face as she began to tremble. It was clear she was terrified of being sent away. Just before Will passed out from a combination of alcohol, pain, and the fantasy that had just come true, he blurted out the only thing that made sense to his alcohol soaked brain.

"Why not? Slaves can hate me just like everyone else. Make yourselves at home. It's not every day I get to look at beautiful naked girls running around for free you know."

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