Getting Dirty (the First Night)
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Coercion, Heterosexual, FemaleDom, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Squirting, Water Sports,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - What happens when all your darkest fantasies suddenly come true? I find out the hard way that sometimes fantasy is better than reality when my girlfriend decides to make my dreams come true, then gets caught up in her new persona and goes off the deep end.

"So you want to get dirty, huh?"

The question was as unexpected as everything else that was going on, and I couldn't really wrap my still mostly-asleep brain around it. I wanted to rub my sticky, sleep-encrusted eyes, but the bonds around my wrist were preventing me. Bonds? Where had they came from? Now that I thought about it, I kind of remembered her moving my arms, but I had shrugged it off, too deep into dreamland to realize what was happening.

Instead, I blinked my eyes multiple times – somewhat clearing them – and looked up at her blearily. "Wha?" I mumbled, trying hard to gather my thoughts.

She wasn't even supposed to be home. Unless I had somehow managed to sleep an entire day away, it was either still Thursday night or Friday morning, and she wasn't supposed to be back until late on Friday. What the hell was going on? And why was I tied up?

The last thing I remembered was going out to the bar Thursday night. I met up with some friends, had a couple beers, played some pool. I hadn't had too many though; I recalled driving home fine. Definitely not enough to make me sleep through a whole day...

"I said, 'you feel like getting dirty?'" she purred, interrupting my convoluted thoughts and making them dissipate like mist as my eyes finally focused on her. Suddenly, it didn't matter where I was at or what day it was. Or why I was tied up. All of my attention was concentrated squarely on the goddess that was climbing on top of me. Everything else became inconsequential.

Holy shit! Was this really my girlfriend?

She looked hot. I mean really fucking hot! My eyes were open wide now, sleep completely forgotten. She always looked good. That was part of what I loved about her – the fact that she looked as good first thing in the morning as she did the rest of the day. She didn't need makeup or anything else to make her attractive. She was naturally beautiful – in a wholesome, wonderful way.

But this – this was different. For one, she was wearing makeup. Lots of it. Lipstick. Eyeshadow. Mascara. I don't even know what else, but it completely transformed her. She was still beautiful, but now she was also ... hot. Slutty hot. In a good – no, make that very good - way.

Her hair was different too. It was all mussed up and wild, like she'd stuck her head out of a car window at ninety miles an hour. Quite a contrast to her normally straight and well-managed style. Yet, somehow, it seemed to fit perfectly with her over-painted face, to give off the illusion of a super-sexy, uninhibited sex goddess. The kind of woman that could devour you ... body and soul.

The transformation didn't end there. As my eyes trailed down the rest of her body, I could see that she had dressed the part as well. She was wearing a two-piece schoolgirl outfit that I had purchased for her on a lark. The top was an ultra-thin, midriff-baring shirt that was knotted together between her breasts. It was pristine white, and I could clearly make out the shadow of her nipples through the fabric, her dark little buds jutting out proudly in arousal. The bottom was, of course, a red and green plaid skirt that barely covered her thighs. As she straddled me and sat on my stomach, I could see up it to the skimpy white panties that laid beneath. Quite an enticing view. Below that, encasing her long, slender legs, were thigh-high white stockings, and to finish it all off, she had on a pair of shiny, black stilettos.

All in all, it was a rather remarkable sight. No – an outright amazing sight! If I could move my hands, I would pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming.

It wasn't that my girl didn't dress up on occasion - she did - but this was entirely out of character for her. Normal dress up included teddies or lacy lingerie, and the occasional pigtails. Tonight, she had raised the bar. It was obvious she had set out to look as slutty as possible, and she had done so incredibly, stunningly well. I was just curious where it had come from all of the sudden – and in the middle of the night? Plus, what was this talk of getting dirty?

"Like what you see?" she asked, trailing her fingernails lightly, teasingly across my chest, causing a small shiver to course throughout my body.

All I could do was nod dumbly, still in too much shock to do anything more. My brain was on visual- stimulus overload, and I couldn't figure out what I wanted to look at more. I kept glancing from bright shiny red lips, to pointy fabric-straining nipples, to the half-seen dark shadow lying provocatively beneath those gossamer panties. Finally, I looked to her eyes.

She was staring me down like I imagined the wolf stared down the lamb. Like prey. Apparently, it wasn't just the physical aspect of her that had been changed for the night, it appeared to be the mental as well. Her eyes glittered, and her lip curled just a tiny bit, and I felt like I was seeing a whole different her. She looked predatory almost. I found myself wondering for the first time if I should worry about being tied up and at her mercy.

I don't know if she saw the momentary twinge of panic in my eyes or not, but she giggled - Giggled? That wasn't normal – and leaned down towards my face. Her hair washed over me, its silky strands erotic and tickling at the same time, and then her lips were next to mine.

I thought she was going to kiss me, but she didn't, instead just brushing her lips softly across my own, then running them lightly up my cheek to my ear. Her breath was a soft caress against my skin. "You ready to get dirty," she whispered.

Her ass had slid back as she leaned forward, and I felt my hardening cock slide smoothly up into the groove between her cheeks. She must have liked it there, 'cause I felt her clench, trapping me in its tight confines.

The tip of her tongue darted in my ear, sending another shiver throughout me, and she slid her hand up to tweak my nipple. I groaned in response. She knew exactly how to work my buttons. Her teeth tugged at my earlobe, her deep throaty breaths were exhaled directly into my ear, stirring and setting to tingle the delicate hairs there. Occasionally, her tongue would delve in wetly. In no time, she had me moaning and straining against my bonds, her ass cheeks still rhythmically squeezing my now rock-hard cock.

Her hand released my nipple and slid its way upward, across my neck and jaw. She rubbed two fingers sensually around my lips, kneading them this way and that, before plunging them deep into my mouth. They were sticky and tangy, and I'd tasted her enough times before, to know that they had not-too-long-ago been in her pussy.

I sucked at them ravishingly, like a dying man thirsting for water. The taste was sweet yet bitter, and my tongue swirled and snaked about them seeking hungrily for every last bit of her essence.

"You like that?" she murmured in my ear, "You like the taste of my pussy? My dirty, wet pussy?"

All I could do was groan. The sound coming from deep in my throat, a primal noise. I loved when she talked dirty. It drove me absolutely wild. But she didn't do it that often, and when she did, not like this. I had never heard her refer to her pussy as 'dirty' before.

"You want some more?" she continued, her lips right directly against my ear. Her hair was still a veil across my face, blocking out everything else, but in my head I could picture her beautiful pink pussy. Could see it being lowered onto my face, moist and glistening. I sucked harder at her fingers, wanting nothing more than to taste her properly. "You want more of my nasty pussy?"

So now it was dirty and nasty. Who was this woman? I'm not sure what had gotten in to her, but I liked it. A lot. "Yes," I answered, or tried to answer, speaking around her probing fingers.

She must have understood though, for she pulled her fingers from my mouth and sat up. Once again, I was rewarded with a glimpse up that skirt. It looked like her panties were moistened through. I felt my mouth begin to water.

She started to slither up my body, bringing that succulent treat closer and closer. Just as that skirt reached my chin, and I prepared myself to be enveloped beneath it, she stopped. I groaned in displeasure. Already, I could smell the intoxicating, enticing smell of her pussy wafting out from underneath it. It was strong and pleasant, and I could tell that she must have been worked up for quite a while to exude such a potent scent.

She stared down at me from high above, obviously enjoying the power that she held over me. Her knees were in my armpits, and the hem of her skirt was draped across my jaw. The odor of her pussy hovered close, an almost palpable fog, yet tantalizingly, teasingly just out of reach. I was close, so very close, yet also so far away. My arms were pulled out wide and above me, bound tightly to the bedposts, and I had no way of moving. I was completely under her control.

She smiled at me wickedly. A smile I didn't know she had. "So you want my pussy, huh?"

I nodded again, trying to convey with my eyes just how much I did want it. How ready I was to lick and suck her pussy. How eager I was to make her cum.

"Tell me then," she cooed, "Tell me how much you want my pussy."

"Oh, I want it bad," I told her, "I want your pussy more than anything right now. I want it all over my face."

She reached down and lifted up her skirt. Her smell washed over me in a wave. Oh god, was it ever good. I could see now that I had been right – her panties were soaked through. The thin material was opaque with her juices, showing me quite clearly her dark patch of fur below.

"And what are you going to do to it?" she whispered, watching my reaction to the sight of her panties. She was clearly delighting in drawing this out.

"I'm gonna sniff it," I told her, my voice barely above a croak. "Then I'm gonna lick it, and suck it, and bury my tongue deep inside it." I remembered her earlier words and added, "I'm gonna eat your dirty, nasty pussy until you cum all over my face."

"Mmmmm," she moaned, her eyes holding mine, "That sounds nice..." That dark predatory look was back. "But if you want to lick this pussy, you're gonna have to earn it."

Earn it? What did that mean? I thought licking her pussy was earning it.

Apparently, I was about to find out. She was moving, climbing up from her sitting spot, rotating her body. Her skirt dropped back down, and I found myself quite disappointed to no longer be staring at those delectable, damp panties.

I didn't have long to be disappointed though. She was just spinning around, doing a one-eighty so that she was facing the other way. She slid her legs underneath my arms and then scooted back until her ass was hovering directly above me. Not only could I see her wet, sodden panties again, I could now see that (as I'd guessed) they were a thong, and they disappeared intriguingly into that dark valley between the globes of her perfect, round ass. And I had thought it couldn't get any better.

I wondered what she was up to. Were we going to sixty-nine? The only thing better than getting to eat her juicy, wet pussy, was getting your dick sucked while you were doing it. Unfortunately, I quickly found out that this was not going to be the case.

"If you want a shot at my pussy," she said, staring back at me from between her spread legs, "first you're gonna have to clean my ass."

Oh my. I hadn't seen that one coming. And not just kiss her ass, but clean it. Wow. Was I sure that I wasn't dreaming? Well, either way, at least I now knew what she meant by 'getting dirty'.

She reached back and pulled her panties to the side, not bothering to take them off, just shifting them far enough out of the way to give me access to her most private of parts. It was dim beneath that skirt, but still I could make out the shadowy outline of her glistening pussy, and above that, the dark pucker of her tight anus. My task to clean.

She started to lower herself down towards my face. Her smell led the way, descending about me like a heavy cloud. I breathed it in, inhaling deeply, sucking it deep in to my nostrils. Ahh, so good. So mind-numbingly wonderful. I couldn't get enough. The strong, pungent aroma of her aroused pussy, with just a hint of the piquant tang of urine. Underlying it, but seeming to grow stronger as she sank lower, was the dark, forbidden fragrance of her ass. It was damp and musky smelling, but no less desirable.

"Oh, by the way," she called, continuing to ease herself down, "I didn't shower today."

My heart must have skipped a beat. This couldn't really be my girlfriend, could it? She was normally so concerned with cleanliness, always wanting to shower before sex, often not letting me go down on her because she felt unclean. Now here she was, demanding that I lick her ass, and then telling me that she hadn't washed it in two days. This was crazy.

But as she dropped down and that skirt settled around my head, blocking me from the outside world, I knew that she wasn't lying. Her scent, confined in this small space, quickly grew thick and undeniable. Almost overpowering. It seeped deep into my nose and mouth, and I felt as if I were bathing in it. I couldn't have been happier.

And then there was contact. Her ass slipped onto my face. First, the slippery, wet lips of her pussy alighted on my jaw, and then she eased the rest of her body back until my face was completely enveloped in the crack of her ass. She hovered there for a moment, swaying back and forth lightly, teasing, her weight still on her knees.

I couldn't wait any longer. I arched my neck, forcing my face up deeper into her swampy valley. My tongue darted out, searching, and swiped across the very bottom of her slit. A significant amount of her juices had gathered there, and I was rewarded with a tangy coating to my tongue.

"No!" she said, jerking her body up out of my reach. She twisted my nipple savagely and clamped her legs together tightly about my torso, locking me in place. Her grip was firm despite the smoothness of her stockings. "You don't get any pussy 'til I say so."

Obediently, I let my head fall back against the pillow. She was taking this more seriously than I had anticipated. It appeared as if I was going to be following along with whatever agenda it was she had planned, and was going to have to be content with that. At least I'd gotten a nice little taste first.

She released my nipple and proceeded to lower herself once again onto my face. This time she went all the way down, easing back on her haunches, burying me beneath her weight. She wiggled her ass back and forth, searching out the most comfortable position as she settled in, my face now officially her seat. A queen on her throne.

If I thought I was bathing in her smell before, now there was no doubt. I was swallowed up in the tight confines of her unwashed crack, my nose pressed directly against the dark crinkle of her asshole. Her odor was all around me, a thick shroud. It was an almost physical presence, one that pervaded my nostrils and titillated my brain, striking deep to the very core of my being.

I breathed it in, luxuriating in it. She was riper than I had ever smelled her, and I sniffed joyously at her tight, dirty hole, trying hard to pull in her scent and trap it inside of me so that I would have it with me always. My cock throbbed painfully with every new breath I took. I couldn't remember having ever been so turned on in my life.

And this was just the beginning, it could only get better from here. Any moment she was going to demand that I lick her, and god knows what else from there on out. My mouth was watering in anticipation. I couldn't think of anything I wanted to do more.

She wiggled around some, smearing her sweat and juices all across my face, causing the tip of my nose to probe her sphincter a couple of times. I didn't care if she sat on me all night, or forced my nose right up inside of her, I was hers to do what she wanted with. I would be happy to stay right there beneath that glorious ass and sniff her sweet stench for as long as she'd let me.

But she had other matters to see to as well. She eased up off me – but just a little – and I sucked in air hungrily. Though delightful, it hadn't been easy to breathe engulfed in her ass like that.

"You like that baby," she purred down to me, "you like my ass in your face?"

"Yes," I gasped, "Oh god yes. I love it."

"Yeah," she said, "What about the smell? You like the smell of my ass? My dirty ass?" She dropped back down, burying me again, mashing my nose up tight against her asshole.

"Yes," I moaned from underneath her. I sniffed as loudly and deeply as I could, trying to show her just how much I loved it.

"Smells good?" she asked, "Good enough to eat?"

I grunted my approval. I still couldn't believe that this was my girlfriend, that these words were coming out of her mouth. It was such a break of character.

Now don't get me wrong, I was completely loving it, it just seemed weird. We had had some talks of spicing things up, and I had mentioned that I thought maybe we could get a little bit dirtier, but that had been a little while back and not too much had really come of it. Now here she was appearing out of nowhere, tying me up and sitting on my face, talking dirty...

It suddenly clicked. After coming home from the bar, I had gotten on the computer and jerked off to some internet porn. Not expecting her back for another full day, I hadn't cleared my history or any of my searches, one of which had been a site with facesitting. Now that I thought of it, one scene had seemed quite similar, eerily so, to what I was now experiencing. I bet she had come home early to surprise me, noticed the computer on this late, and checked to see what I had been doing. She'd probably seen what I'd been looking at, and decided to show me the real thing. Uh oh. What other sites had I been on?

My thoughts were interrupted as she moved. She didn't go far, just shifted forward a little. In fact, her cheeks were still touching my face, but her full weight was no longer bearing down on me. I could breathe once again.

She lifted her skirt, allowing in some light. Her beautiful ass hovered before me, and I could now see into her crack and make out the tight little pucker that awaited me. It was pink and just begging for attention. I couldn't wait to get my tongue on it.

Nor did I have to. Her voice floated down to me, "Well, get to cleaning."

I leapt to it. Craning my head forward, I let my tongue loll out and then licked up the length of her crack, lapping up her day's accumulated sweat. It was salty and acrid, and better than any candy ever. Its foreign taste stinging my taste buds and jolting my brain, and I hadn't even gotten to the best part yet.

I slurped and slobbered at her crack, and the inside of her asscheeks, not wanting to miss a drop of this wonderful flavor. Doing my best to see to it that she was clean. Only occasionally did I run my tongue over the tight crinkle of her asshole, and then softly, teasingly.

She would moan encouragingly each time, but then I would let my tongue slide away and lap at the firm flesh of her buttocks. If she wanted to play games, to tease, then that was fine by me. I'd draw this out for as long as I could, and tease her right back. I was enjoying myself immensely.

But ultimately, she was the one in power. Finally, after about my fifth swipe across her anus, and me ignoring her audible cues, she reached back and grabbed my head. She held me in place and ground herself forcefully back against me. "Lick it," she growled, "Lick my asshole. That's what you want, isn't it?"

It certainly was, but to hear her say it made it all the better. I don't think I had ever even heard her say 'asshole' before other than to call someone one, and even the word 'ass' was rarely used when talking about her own, especially during sex. For her to say it now, and furthermore, command me to lick her there was like sweet music to my ears.

I immediately began to swirl my tongue around her forbidden passage. Her musky flavor exploded onto my taste buds. It was darker, and dirtier - but no less delectable. A sweet, bitter tang that appealed greatly to my acute sense of taste. I twirled my tongue feverishly about her opening, cleansing her immaculately, then started to slowly probe deeper.

She responded with enthusiastic groans as my tongue pierced her snug entrance and delved further inside of her. The walls of her rectum were smooth and tight, and seemed to draw me ever deeper into their confines, like a vortex pulling me in. I wriggled and twirled my tongue as best I could, striving to touch every nook, every cranny, of this uncharted area.

Her moaning was nice, definitely spurring me on, but it was her filthy talk that really roused me to new heights. I abruptly pulled my head back, retracting my tongue from her ass. "You like that?" I asked, my voice partly muffled by her surrounding rear. "You like my tongue in your ass?"

She still had her hand on my head, and she yanked me roughly back into her fragrant valley. "I didn't say to stop," she hissed, "Keep licking."

I did as told, forcing my tongue into a point and drilling it back up inside her. My saliva had collected in her little crater, and now made tiny squishing noises as I drove in and out of her. These were joined by similar noises coming from up front, and I knew that she was actively frigging her clit now, as well.

"Oh, fuck," I heard her moan, "Fuck yes. Mmnnnmm. So good ... so good. Ahhh. Yes ... yes ... lick it. Lick it. Yes ... do it ... lick it ... lick my ass. Oh god, lick my asshole."

Now this was more like it. Apparently, she had gotten my hint after all. I redoubled my efforts, probing deeper and deeper, hoping to keep her talking.

It worked. "Yes ... yes ... fuck ... yes. That's it ... deeper ... deeper ... lick it ... tongue it." She was breathing heavily, little mewls - not quite grunts, not quite groans – escaping between each breath. Her ass was banging back against me in time with these mewls, and I got the feeling she was going to cum soon. I could dimly make out the squelching of her fingers as she worked her clit.

"Yes ... yes ... ohhh god ... eat it ... eat it. Fuck! Oh god! That's it ... that's it baby ... eat my ass ... eat my dirty asshole!"

I pushed deeper and deeper, fucking her with my tongue, wanting nothing more than to make her cum. I was no longer aware of the smell, or the taste, or anything else. The only thing I was thinking of, my only concern, was giving her pleasure. I just wanted to make her cum.

"Oh fuck ... that's it baby ... that's it." More squelching, her pace increasing. "Yes ... lick me ... oh god ... I'm going to cum ... gonna cum ... gonna ... gonna ... Yes!"

And then she was cumming.

There was no doubt about it. Her body went rigid, her muscles tense. Her ass clenched tight around my face, her asshole began spasming around my probing tongue. I could fell wetness dripping down onto my chin. All the while she gasped out loudly in pleasure, well beyond words.

We stayed that way for a long moment, her body occasionally shivering through another spasm of ecstasy, her wetness dribbling down to soak into my beard. Then she collapsed forward, limp, her body flopping down raggedly on top of mine. Light and air flooded back in, and I sucked it in heartily.

The fresh air brought with it new sensations. I could feel her sweat and secretions on my hot and lathered face. They cooled rapidly in the breeze from the ceiling fan, sending chilling tickles across my skin. Also, I was cognizant of her smell once again, thick and palpable. It covered my face; clogged my nostrils. The one-and-only glorious combination of pussy and ass. Of sweat, and sex, and desire. Of something deep and dark and animal-like.

I laid still, relishing in it all. Content (although what choice did I really have) to lie beneath my nasty, little sex goddess. I wasn't sure what had gotten into her, but I was sure that I liked it. This is what I'd been dreaming about for all those years, and now here it was, become reality. I didn't want it ever to end.

Fortunately, it appeared that my girlfriend wasn't done with me yet. She rolled over and climbed back to her knees, then straddled my chest once again. I stared up at her in awe and wonder.

Her face was flushed, her body covered in a light sheen of perspiration. Her nipples still jutted proudly, trying to pierce the thin fabric holding them back, and her heavy breathing caused her tits to heave up and down, exaggerating this even more. Before me, her pussy peaked out from behind her still-askew panties. Her lips gleamed wetly, swollen and red from their recent fingering. She looked like a filthy, wanton, lust-crazed slut.

She licked her crimson-stained lips suggestively, only adding to the image. "Did you like that baby?" she breathed throatily. I nodded, not trusting myself to words. "Good, 'cuz I'm just getting started."

Just getting started? Oh my.

What could she have planned next? She had already went so far above and beyond the usual routine that I couldn't even begin to speculate. I thought about the internet porn I'd jerked off to earlier (which she may or may not have discovered), but couldn't come up with anything further there. She'd already covered that. Whatever she had plotted out next apparently was of her own devising. And it seemed I was about to find out.

"Open your mouth," she demanded, pushing her two cum-stained fingers between my lips and pulling my jaw open wide. I did as told, savoring the tangy taste of the girl-cream that coated those prying digits, but to my disappointment, she didn't leave them there long. Once she had my mouth open to her satisfaction, she retracted them to her pussy and lifted up on the hood of her clit.

It suddenly occurred to me what she was about to do. A long-ago, drunken (very drunken) request on my part, which had led to a failed attempt due to nervousness, was now about to be fulfilled. But even as I realized that she intended to piss on me, and finally bring that request to fruition, the first droplets were already starting to spill forth from between her parted lips.

The first little bit dripped down onto my neck, but quickly her flow strengthened and turned into a steady stream, and I moaned loudly as she directed this stream up across my chin and into my open and waiting mouth. It was warm and salty, and quickly filled my mouth to overflowing, spilling out onto my cheeks and down my neck. Even though I had fantasized about this many times, I had never really thought it would happen, and was a little uncertain if I wanted to go through with it or not. It was one thing to get off on thoughts of drinking her piss, it was another thing to actually do it.

Though now it seemed as if I had little choice. Hesitantly, I swallowed ... and was incredibly relieved to find that I liked it! It wasn't the greatest tasting thing in the world, but it wasn't bad, and the pure depravity of it – of this whole situation – made it more appetizing than the finest of wines. I opened my mouth for more.

"Yeah, that's it," she hissed, staring down at me from above. "Drink! Drink my piss ... my dirty, hot piss. Drink it you slut!"

Groaning in subservient delight, I did as she commanded, swallowing another mouthful of her delicious nectar. If being forced to lick her unwashed ass was like the best birthday present ever, then this was like Christmas and Easter all rolled into one. I had died and went to heaven, and was completely at the mercy of this deliciously naughty angel that wore my girlfriend's face and body.

An angel that was moaning and mewling in desire as she aimed her dwindling flow of piss across my lips and mouth, covering the entire lower half of my face. I basked in her golden flow, knowing I'd happily bathe in it, and listened to her growing excitement. From the sounds of it, she appeared to be enjoying herself as much as I was. Which was saying a lot!

Finally, her flow slowed to a trickle, and not surprisingly, she leaned forward, bringing her wet dripping pussy down onto my face. "Lick," she ordered, rubbing her damp fur across my nose and positioning her piss-soaked opening directly before my mouth.

I did, lapping at the last of the golden droplets that glistened on her smooth skin and was rewarded a moment later with another mouthful of nectar as one last burst pulsed forth from inside her. Apparently, she'd been saving some for me. I gulped it down, groaning deep in my throat at the welcome surprise, and then returned to furiously licking her sopping slit.

"Ah, fuck yeah," she grunted, as my tongue penetrated her folds, "You like that baby ... you like the taste of my piss? Is that what you wanted? Is that what you've been dreaming about?" She started rocking back and forth, rubbing her wet gash up and down my face as I sucked and slurped up whatever remnants I could find, my questing tongue cleaning her from clit to asshole. "Huh? That what you wanted, my pee in your mouth? You like drinking my hot ... dirty ... pee?"

All I could do was grunt in response. I did like it. A lot. In fact, I liked it more even than I had expected to. Loved it.

And evidently, she loved doing it. She was now panting audibly as she continued to ratchet her pussy up and down my face, smearing herself all over me, spreading her wetness from my nose to my chin. I tried to maintain my licking but she no longer seemed to care, roughly mashing and grinding her sodden snatch upon me, ignoring my questing tongue. She was grunting loudly as she thrust herself against me, using my whole face like her personal toy, finding friction wherever she could. All I could do was lay back and enjoy the ride, as she humped me mercilessly, using my nose and mouth and jaw to bring herself to orgasm.

It didn't take long. She was surely still worked up from earlier, and apparently she had enjoyed pissing on me quite a bit as well. Before I knew it, she had smashed her pussy tight up against me and was shrieking out loud as fluid and air spilled forth from her spasming holes.

I sucked and slurped at her flowing cunt and there was so much liquid that I nearly gagged before managing to swallow it down and open my mouth for more. My first thought was that she still had some urine saved up and had let it go when she came, but then I noticed that it had a different flavor and consistency, and that's when I realized that it was cum. Or whatever it was called. She had squirted! Squirted right into my mouth!

I was amazed. Stunned. Awed. That had never happened before – at least to my knowledge. Usually, she would cum, and then a little trickle of girl-cream might drip from her pussy, but this time she had really cum! Filled my mouth right up. I was ecstatic! I felt like I could cum right then too!

Of course I knew about squirting, had seen it in porn many times, and had always wondered what it would be like to make a girl do it. But after all this time, I had pretty much given up on it, figuring that it was only porn stars - and some kind of inside information - that could make it happen. Now I had done it. Or rather, my girl had done it with my help. Either way, it was fucking awesome!

I swirled my tongue about her pussy, gathering up as much of this tasty treat as I could find, but she soon pushed me away and rolled off me, muttering something about 'too sensitive'. I didn't care, I could still taste her. Could still feel her creamy fluids coating the inside of my cheeks and tongue. I sucked at it, relishing in its unique flavor. Savoring every last drop.

My cock was so hard that it felt like it was going to burst! The poor thing had been bouncing and straining ever since my girlfriend had first climbed on me, and I didn't know how much more I could take. It felt ready to explode – all it needed was just a little help. Really, I was so worked up that it seemed like I could cum from one good tug, but unfortunately I was still completely at my girl's mercy. All I could do was lay there and wait.

I quickly wondered if there could be more still to come, and if so, what it would entail? She had commented that she was only getting started, but I couldn't imagine what else she could possibly have planned. She had already made me lick her ass, drink her piss, and swallow her cum – all while riding my face to two intense orgasms. What else could she still want to do to me, and just how much dirtier could we get?

I wasn't actually sure I wanted to know the answer to that last part, but it turned out I didn't have to worry – at least not for now. For, as I looked over at her, it was quite obvious that she had already fell fast asleep.

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