Follow Me, Follow You
Chapter 1

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Suspense Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Why is a PI following me? I have my PI follow him. What's everyone up to?

Caution: This Suspense Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating  

My name is John Miloski. I'm sitting here in my Lounge - actually it's a Gentlemen's Club - waiting for a PI (Private Investigator) friend of mine. I asked him to come incognito - I didn't want anyone to recognize him.

He was of average height and weight, bald, by choice so he could disguise himself pretty easy. In fact he came over to my table and asked me to buy him a drink. At first I was about to tell him off till I saw it was Joe, my PI friend.

We had a light crowd this evening but it was still early. Our dancers were some of the best around. They not only looked good but could really dance. Before I was married I used to fool around with a number of them. I sure missed that old part of my life but I promised my wife that she would be the only one I would have sex with.

"So John, why am I here tonight in disguise? Apparently you don't want someone here to know who I am."

"That's what I like about you Joe, always thinking. You're correct though; there is a man in booth twelve on the left side. Don't look now but I need to know more about him and soon."

"I'll take a walk to the restroom and get a picture of him on my phone. Are you going to tell me the problem or do I have to figure it out?" asked Joe.

I laughed. "He joined the club about a month or so ago. On his registration form to join the club he listed his employment as private security. The problem is I think he's following me; in fact I know he is. I could just go ask him or beat the shit out of him but I think he's working for someone. I want to know who?"

Joe was back in no time from the restroom and said he would keep in contact with me. He would do most of it by phone unless it got real personal. I told him to make sure this guy didn't know he was being followed. I did tell Joe he registered as Kent McCarty.

As I was sitting in the club, Bob Arndt sat down at my personal table. He was my lawyer who I've known for a number of years. He asked me, "Who was the guy that just left?"

I told him it was a new member who just wanted to meet me. I wasn't going to tell anyone about Joe till I knew what was going on. Not even my inner circle of friends. It was kind of funny because Bob had met Joe a half dozen times. Usually Joe wasn't in disguise.

I need to tell you a little about me and why I might seem paranoid. My family the Miloski clan goes way back to the time of illegal businesses. My grandfather was like a Mafia leader. I hate using that word, Mafia, but it's one that readers understand or can relate too.

Granddad Miloski wouldn't think twice about knocking off a man he thought might be following him. He ran his businesses with an iron fist. He made Tony Soprano look like a boy scout. He did make money and lots of it. He led a fast paced life and died of a liver ailment.

My dad became the Don, or leader of the family. He continued the businesses but he began to legalize most of them. The Authorities tried to get him on a number of charges including tax evasion but weren't able to do it. When I got out of college he told me he wanted me to go straight.

We were selling off the illegal businesses and only keeping the legal ones. Dad is now retired and he and mom live out of the country. I keep in contact with them and dad says he's living life to the fullest. I go see them a few times a year. Only a few people in my inner circle are the only ones who know where my parents live. It's more for safety precautions than anything else.

There are families from the days of my grandfather that would like to still get even with my dad. I seem to be pretty safe here on middle ground. I own this club, a bakery and a packaging plant. We package anything for small businesses and major corporations. We pay well and give health insurance to all our employees.

I'm forty-nine and have been married three times. I have two sons by my first marriage and a daughter from my second. My sons are both vice presidents in the packaging plant. I have an uncle who is the president of the company and I totally trust him. He's my mother's brother. I'm the CEO, (Chief Executive Officer) but that's just to draw a paycheck or to make any final decisions if there is an argument.

Marlene, the first wife, and I had a knock- down, drag- out divorce. She said she was going to tell everyone about my family and I would pay deeply. I wasn't sure what to do. If she were to die unexpectedly, I would be the one they would suspect. Besides, I would still have the two boys to raise without a mother.

One day my dad went and talked to Marlene. Shortly after that she agreed to the divorce. Dad told me later he offered her a million dollars to give me the divorce and she could go her merry way. He never told her the alternative but I'm sure she knew what it was.

She moved about forty miles away. I did give her a thousand a month in child support and I saw the boys most every other weekend. Marlene got remarried to a doctor a couple of years after the divorce. We hardly ever talked unless it was about the boys.

My second wife runs the bakery and of course my daughter helps her. It's what my wife wanted in our divorce settlement. We own the bakery fifty-fifty but I don't get too involved unless there is a problem.

Irene and I weren't married very long. She knew of my lifestyle and knew I was having sex with the women at the club among others. One day she asked for a divorce. She said she thought she could overlook my cheating but it was just too much for her. I did care for her, hell I think I loved her and she really didn't do anything wrong. When she told me that all she wanted out of the divorce was the bakery, I said okay. We get along better now than we ever did while married.

I put all three of my kids through college and made sure they were well taken care of. I may not be the type of guy most people like but at least they show their respect, at least to my face.

Oh, I forgot to mention I own an import, export business also. It's run by my cousin Gregg, but I own the business. Gregg is excellent and I do trust him. We get products in for everyone from large corporations, small businesses and even for individuals.

We're watched pretty heavily and I told Gregg to keep the products above board. His name goes on every invoice, not mine in case something should go wrong.

Now about how I met my third wife Zoey. We've been married a little over six months now. She came in and applied for a job as a dancer. Damn, I couldn't take my eyes off of her. She looked so sexual. She was from Kuwait. She came here to go to college. After receiving a degree in the Arts, she could play instruments, dance and even sing, and she was looking for a job.

Her visa was good for a year but she wanted to stay in America. My friend Bob had a hard time keeping his eyes off of her. He told me one day, too bad he was married because he wouldn't mind being with Zoey.

We hired her and she was one exotic dancer. I do have to say she was good for business. The one thing I noticed was that she would flirt with the customers but wouldn't go upstairs where some big money could be made.

We never pressured any of our girls to have sex or lap dances with the customers. Some chose to because they knew they could make some really large tips. Some of our girls were pulling in over a thousand or more a week. The house got a twenty percent kickback on the tips. The customers were never told this.

We ran the most private and safest Gentlemen's club in the area. Ours girls were kept safe and our customer's privacy was of the utmost importance. Needless to say we had all the doctors, lawyers and business professionals join our club. I think every politician in the city belonged.

Back to Zoey, - whenever she wasn't on stage she was at my table. She was olive skinned and had a very, how can I say it, a very exotic or mysterious look about her. She was on the thin side but yet had quite the build. She surprised everyone when she shook her hips like a belly dancer. She could make me hard just watching her.

I talked to her quite often about her past. Her parents were killed during the conflicts in the Middle East. She had a couple of brothers and other relatives who still lived in Kuwait. I have to say she was special. I've had sex with most of my girls. I never forced any of them and always paid them.

Zoey was different. To the best of my knowledge she never slept with anyone at the club. I will say many would have paid her dearly to get in her pussy but she wasn't interested in just anyone.

I kidded her about her maybe liking women and she told me she was with a couple of women in college but it was just for fun. She told me she liked older men. They knew what they wanted and always treated her with more respect and lasted much longer.

One day she was sitting at my table and told me that she would make love to me if I asked her. She didn't want to be paid like a whore but wanted to be touched and loved.

I have to say I was a bit surprised. The beautiful woman was half my age but I knew she didn't just want sex. She wanted a lover or boyfriend. I told her that I didn't know if I was ready to be with just one woman. I had to laugh when she told me, "That's because you've never been with me."

I had a penthouse apartment and took her home with me that night. I have to say she was right. The sex with her was like no other I've ever had. She undressed me and began to lick my cock. I don't mean a blowjob. I'm saying she made love to my cock and balls. She was even able to hold my cock and such a way that held me back from coming.

After she took off her clothes I looked at this fantastic body. She was one woman that definitely looked better naked. Breasts that weren't overly big but very firm. Big dark areoles and nipples that stuck straight out when rubbed with an ice cube.

After that first night together I had to have her at least three times a week. I didn't want any other woman. Hell, Zoey was all the woman I could handle. She always came up with new positions. My favorite was still her on top and moving up and down on my cock.

I would hold on to her hips and help her move up and down. Other times she would just rub her pussy and mound against me while I was buried in her. I could play with her beautiful tits at the same time.

Over the next few months we tried many positions and I even got her ass. Damn! It was tight. I never wore a condom and she loved it when she could feel my hot cum inside her.

I did brag about her to a few close friends. I knew it made them jealous, especially Bob. His wife was a little overweight and ran the roost when it came to sex. He paid to be with some of the girls at the club. He said it was a hell of a lot better than anything he was getting at home.

I asked him why he didn't just divorce Flo and he told me he never had a pre- nuptial agreement and she would take him to the cleaners. He did say if he could meet someone like Zoey it would be worth it.

Even though Zoey danced at the club, word got around that she was my woman and it would be best not to proposition her. After about four months she asked me if I would marry her. Her visa would be running out and she couldn't renew it again unless she went home for a while and came back.

Of course she told me she loved me and would make a good wife. Now I had kind of a problem here. I loved the sex with this woman and I know I would surely miss her. I guess it was my own kind of love.

I talked with my accountant and with Bob, my lawyer. We decided to set up a pre nuptial agreement. I left all the issues with Bob to deal with. Zoey was as happy as can be. She said she could stay in the USA and could study to become a citizen. I figured this was the main reason she wanted to get married.

She agreed to the pre nuptial agreement but asked me if I would stay true to her after we were married. I told her I was ready to settle down with one woman as long as she was honest with me. If she at any time wanted out of this marriage I would let her go. She just better not cheat on me or she would leave with nothing.

Life for me was great. Eventually Zoey stopped dancing at the club. I was tired of letting all the other men see my wife shaking her ass half naked. It's surprising how I didn't care until we were married.

She started taking classes to become a citizen and also joined the community orchestra. She played a number of stringed instruments including the violin.

We talked a couple of times a day but I stopped by my businesses regularly and didn't always get home early. She had no problem keeping busy. She even joined a health club. I belonged to it also but didn't get there very often.

We made love regularly. She never said no or disappointed me. I took her to a number of plays and other events happening in the community. I knew most guys were jealous of me and I have to say that made me feel pretty good.

About a month ago Zoey became a US citizen. We threw a party for her at the club. It was the first time she danced with so many of my friends. It almost made me jealous. That was until we got home and she made it up to me with sex. I took Viagra that night. I wanted it to last.

I got a call from Joe and he said he needed to see me. This Kent McCarty was indeed a Private Investigator. He had followed him following me the last two days. Once I got home he would leave.

I went out the back door of the club. Kent was still inside. Joe met me and we left in his car. "John, I don't know who he's working for but we need to plant a few bugs. He knows when you're home or gone. I figure he has bugs planted somewhere. Is your wife home now?"

"No, she has band practice right now and then will be going to exercise class."

"Let's go to your apartment and see if any bugs are set. We just have to be quite until we locate them. We'll also have to check your cell phone and vehicle."

"How would this guy get bugs planted around me like that. It doesn't make sense."

"Maybe he doesn't but we have to be sure. He's finding out where you are somehow."

We went to my apartment and Joe took out his de-bugger. We went through the whole apartment and he did find a bug in my office phone and in the kitchen phone. It bothered me that he would have been able to plant them.

Joe said we should leave them so we don't let on we know. Joe planted his own bugs. One in my office, one in my bedroom and one in the kitchen near the phone.

"John, these are a lot more powerful than the phone bugs. We'll know if anyone comes or goes out of this apartment. They will pick up any noise above a whisper in the room they're placed in."

"Joe, I don't want anyone knowing my personal business and what I do in my bedroom."

Joe laughed, "John, these are voice activated recorders. They will pick up sound for up to six hours. You will be the only one to hear them unless you want me to listen to anything specific. The actual recorder will be in the closet in your office. Just change the disks each day you see them full."

We headed back to the club. When I got there I noticed Kent was gone. Joe and I went out to my car and he used his debugger again and found a bug under my right wheel well. He said it was the type that hooked up to a GPS. It would let them know where my vehicle is at any given time.

Joe did check my cell phone and said it was bug free. It was starting to bother me. Someone wanted to know where I was at all times. I had to wonder if Zoey had anything to do with it since bugs were planted in my apartment. No one else knew the codes to get in our apartment.

Damn, I knew things were too good to be true. Now I had to keep an eye on Zoey. When she came home, everything seemed normal. She took a quick shower and we had passionate sex, just like always. She was even more vocal than usual.

"Fuck me John, fuck me, I need it, my pussy needs to be fucked John. Give me that cock. That's it, fuck me, fuck me hard," replied Zoey.

I fell asleep after we were finished. The next morning after she left I had to laugh knowing I had our love making session on tape. I never thought about it while we were having sex.

For the next couple of days I checked out the tapes at home. Other than our standard conversation and having sex, nothing appeared different. Joe and I met and he told me he followed Kent and told me everywhere I had been. I was starting to get pissed and was just going to corner this Kent guy and put an end to the bullshit.

"John, I found out some information you're not going to be happy with. Kent was in the service and was stationed in Kuwait. It might be just a coincidence or he might have known Zoey."

"Son of a bitch! So why doesn't she just leave me? She's got her citizenship papers now."

"First, we don't know if they are acquainted, and second we need to know why bugs are being planted. John, can you go away on business for a couple of days? I want to see if he follows you or stays here. It might tell us something."

"Sure, there's an import business Gregg wanted me to go see. They wanted to deal with us. I'll leave on Thursday and will be back on Saturday. Do you think this will tell us something?"

"I don't know but hopefully it will bring the cockroaches out of the wall. Make sure you use your home phone when you call Gregg. We want whoever is doing this to know you'll be gone. Also make sure you put in new disks on our bugs."

I did just like Joe suggested. I even asked Zoey if she wanted to go but she said she had a concert Friday night. I did tell her I'd be home sometime Saturday and expected to get laid when I got home.

She smiled at me and said, "I'll be here waiting for you with my legs spread."

Damn, I was hoping she wasn't involved but there were still too many unanswered questions. I used my office phone and let Gregg know that I would be picking him up. I called my secretary who let me know I had reservations at the Holiday Inn. I've known Susan most of my life and was one woman I really did trust.

I stopped at the club and let Bob know I would be gone for a couple of days. I also told the manager at the club. I let them know they could always reach me on my cell phone.

I was finishing my drink when Bob asked if he could use my cell phone, he said he had left his in the car. I handed him the phone and he walked away to make a personal call. He was gone for a few minutes and when I looked around for him he was coming toward me. I also noticed that Kent must not have followed me in the club today. I thought that quite odd.

Bob gave me my phone back and I went and picked up Gregg. It was nice spending time with an old friend albeit a cousin. I let Gregg drive my Lexus, I wasn't all that big on driving. I thought I would give Joe a call and let him know I was on my way.

I couldn't find my damn phone. Fuck, where the hell was it?

"What's the problem?" asked Gregg.

"I can't find my damn cell phone. The last time I used it was at your office when I left Zoey a message. Shit, I think I left it on your desk."

"Hell, don't worry about it. My secretary will find it and put it in the drawer till we get back. I'll stop at a drug store and you can get one of those cheap track phones to use till we get back."

That's what we did. I called Joe to let him know we left. I also called Zoey, leaving her a message giving her the number of my track phone. Lastly I called the club and left the number with Brad. I told him if anyone needed to get hold of me to use this number.

We spent Thursday night in New York at the lounge and having dinner. Gregg found a couple of women to talk too. I was considering maybe getting a little strange myself. We were a long way from home and no one knew us. As we were buying the ladies drinks my new cell phone rang. It was Joe.

"John, just letting you know that I followed Kent. He was at the exercise club and came out with Zoey."

"Dammit!" I said. "Where did they go?"

"He followed her to the apartment but didn't go in. They stood outside and talked a few minutes. I was close enough to hear him say he would see her Friday. It may seem odd but he said he had to go to New York. Isn't that where you are?"

"Yes, I'll keep my eye out for him. Maybe he's trying to find out if I'm cheating on Zoey or something. I can't believe she would hire someone to follow me."

"John, do you want me to follow him or stay here and kind of keep a watch on Zoey?"

"Something's fishy here? Kind of keep an eye on Zoey. Something isn't right. Call me if things seem strange. In the meantime I'll keep an eye out for this asshole Kent. I've about had it with him."

Gregg and I took the women out for dinner and I told him to take the ladies up to his room and I would see him later. He left with the women and I sat in a booth just watching the people. I thought I saw a guy that looked out of place. He wore a hat and had a beard. I thought that it might be Kent but couldn't be sure.

My phone rang and it was Joe. "Yeah, what is it Joe? What's going on?"

"You said to call if something out of the ordinary happened. I saw Bob, your lawyer go into your apartment building. He was buzzed up. Do you know if he knows anyone beside you in your building? Someone he might visit?"

"No, and he knows I'm not there. He must have wanted to see Zoey for some reason. I'll call her and see what she says. You stay there and let me know how long he stays."

"Ok, but if you want me to go up there just say the word."

"Thanks Joe, but Bob would never hurt Zoey." Then it dawned on me how much Bob cared for Zoey. Surely she wasn't having an affair with him.

When I called the apartment I got the answering machine. I just left Zoey a message letting her know I missed her. I ordered another drink and as I drank it I got another call for Joe.

"John, Bob left. He stayed for about an hour or so. Is there anything you want me to do?"

"No, I called there and told Zoey to call me back when she got home. My cheap ass phone has call waiting. It's probably Zoey now. I'll talk to you tomorrow, Joe."

I hung up on Joe and took the other call, it was Zoey. "Sorry I missed your call John, I was in the shower and heard the phone ring. I figured it might be you and would call you when I got out. In fact, I'm standing here naked talking to you"

I knew some of what she said was a lie. I would find out what happened when I check my bugs on Saturday. I still told her I missed her and don't forget about our sex come Saturday.

"You mean our making love, don't you Sweetheart?" said Zoey.

"Right, I'm going to make love to that beautiful ass of yours," I replied.

After hanging up I was a bit pissed. Why was this asshole following me? Why did he follow Zoey home? How long had he known her? What did he mean when he said he would see her Friday? What was Bob doing at my apartment? Joe was right, all it took was for me to leave for the cockroaches to come out.

I had enough of this Kent guy. I went out to the garage and took his GPS bug and put it on another out of town vehicle. Let him follow someone else for awhile.

I finally said 'Fuck it' and went to Gregg's room and joined him and the ladies. A little while later I took one back to my room and fucked the shit out of her. I forgot how good strange pussy was.

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