Lonely Hearts
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Incest, Brother, Sister, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Older siblings discover one another

Let me begin by first introducing myself. My name is John. I am fifty-five years of age, and now a widower as of eighteen months ago when my wife Kathy died from a long terminal illness. Kathy was the love of my life. High school sweethearts, we'd married right after graduation, and then had a son, Mark ... shortly thereafter. Mark is currently serving overseas in the Navy as a career officer. I am very proud of him, though I don't get to see as much of him as I'd like to.

I own a small auto repair business. Though I guess it's not so small after all. I now have three separate shops that are spread out throughout the city. I'm certainly not filthy rich, not by a long shot, but I do well enough, and treat my employees well too, which has kept down the turnover, and thus kept things lucrative enough for everyone.

I'm no youngster. But I'm still in reasonably good shape for my age, better than most my age, or so I've been told anyway. I still have a full head of hair, though it's almost pure white now. Had always been a fair-haired blond as a kid, by the time I was in my late twenties, it was already heading towards the snow-white side of things, something to do with genetics, or so I was told anyway. Like my sister Lisa, I have blue eyes, stand just an inch less than six feet. Do I have "love handles?" Yeah ... probably so, but it's been a long time since I've had anyone other than Kathy ever wanting to hold onto them. Get my drift?

And as already stated, I have one sister, Lisa. Lisa is three years younger than I am, though she honestly looks ten years younger whenever you see the two of us standing together. She too is in great shape, far better than I am ... that's for sure. But she runs every day, and heads to the gym at least twice a week. Something I should probably begin doing myself before things get any worse than they already are. But it seems like there's never enough time in the day to ever do that, spread out as I am amongst the three locations that I spend a couple of days each week overseeing.

More about Lisa. Like me, she's a widower too. Lost her husband Jack, a good friend of mine in fact, almost five years ago now in an auto accident. Not his fault. The ONLY good thing to come out of that, was the substantial settlement she received, not to mention the sizable insurance policy Jack had on himself. As long as she's careful, Lisa will be set for life with that and the small pension she has from her previous employer, having taken an early retirement.

After Jack died, Lisa would very often come over to our place for dinner on Sunday's, though we eventually ended up just taking turns going back and forth between our two homes every Sunday. After Kathy died, Lisa and I saw no reason to discontinue doing that. If anything, we were both glad for it as it had in essence drawn the two of us closer together again. Lisa has two children, a boy and a girl, both married with four grandkids now between them. Like Mark however, it's infrequent we ever see them. Bree and her husband live in England now where he works, so if I even see my niece, it's once a year now if that. Mathew is almost as bad. He lives in New York, and though it's at least still on the same continent, he too might as well be living over in Europe as often as we see him and his wife Suzan, not to mention the grand kids. He spends more time over there on business, than he does here where his offices in New York are. Needless to say, Bree sees her brother more than we do.

Lisa and I both look forward to their visits of course, as infrequent as they are. But we've come to look forward to our relaxing Sundays together almost more than that even. It's gives us both a chance to have someone to talk to, to bounce things off of the way we used to do so many years ago now.

"John? I've been thinking about something, and have a proposal to make," Lisa told me as I entered her home already heading towards the kitchen as the delicious smell of a pot roast cooking assailed my senses.

"Yeah? And what's that?" I said catching another whiff of freshly baked rolls, still nice and hot, currently wrapped in a clean cooking towel, resting inside a woven basket prior to being served along with the succulent dinner I knew she had prepared for us.

"Hands off ... wait until dinner time," she said slapping my hands away from the towel as I'd made a feeble attempt to snare one of them. "Here ... enjoy a glass of wine with me until then, we've still got a few minutes yet, and like I said ... I want to discuss something with you," she told me.

Lisa's blue eyes are about the only thing we share in common. Like I said, she looks ten years younger at least than she really is. She's always had dark brown hair, another obvious difference between us, that she wears long, though usually in a ponytail. And not that I'd dare even bring it up, but if she does color it to hide away whatever gray might be appearing these days, I'm certainly not privy to that. And though she's certainly in great shape, her age and nature has certainly had something to say about her fairly large breasts. No ... they're not nearly as perky as they might once have been, not like I saw them all that often growing up as a kid ... only a handful of times perhaps. But I find her, or rather their maturity quite alluring, even if she is my own kid sister. I have to laugh. For a woman who's in her fifties, Lisa's never been one to have been fond of wearing a bra. Obviously she does, especially while out in public, or whenever anyone is expected over. But the few times I've happened to drop in on her unexpectedly, most of the time ... she isn't.

I sat down in one of the somewhat comfortable oversized armchairs as she sat down in the identical one across from me. We both took a sip of our wine while I waited on hearing whatever it was that she had to say to me.

"Ok, here's my proposal John, and hear me out first before saying anything, will you do that for me please?"

She was using her condescending voice, so I knew better than to joke around with her, or tease her any at this point. She was obviously being serious. "Go for it," I answered, my equally pat answer, telling her that she had my full and undivided attention here.

"I think you should move in here with me John. It's just plain silly for the two of us to be managing two homes, especially when they're both much, much larger than either one of us really needs, living alone."

We'd sort of toyed with the idea once before, though never getting into the specifics of it, like now as I sat listening, so this wasn't really all that new of an idea, though now as she continued on, she'd obviously given it a great deal of thought, with plenty of well thought out reasons for doing so.

"And it would be better for you to move in with me, as opposed to me moving in with you," she'd begun. "For one thing, this is a little newer home, so not as many things could go wrong living here as opposed to your place. Eventually, you're going to have to start making improvements, and what's the purpose behind that? Secondly, you'll be closer to all three of your offices, almost equal distance to all of them commuting from here. Thirdly, there's plenty of room ... but you already know that. You'll have your own room, which is almost as big as my bedroom, not to mention your own private bathroom. Even at your place, you really don't have that, having to go down the hallway from your room in order to get to it."

I wasn't really in any disagreement with my sister here either. She already had me at "commute" though I wasn't about to interrupt her just yet either. Let her sell it to me a little more.

"I only ask one thing John," she said as she finished with a rather lengthy list of reasons why we should do this.

"And what's that sis?" I asked her curiously.

"Well ... just remember. I'm not your mother ... or your wife. I'm your sister. And as such, we should treat one another as equals, though in your defense, you always have. Just keep that in mind. Sure, we'll both have separate responsibilities, you have the business, and taking care of whatever needs the property and house might have, or that might arise. I'll keep it neat and clean, keep fresh clean sheets on your bed, and clothes in your closet, not to mention a good home cooked meal waiting for you when you come home at night. Things like that. But ... we're equal in every way outside of all that. We share expenses equally, and we discuss everything equally before ever making any major purchases or decisions. So ... how's that sound?" She asked.

I looked at her. "So ... when should I move in then?" I asked.

The house sold faster than either one of us thought it would. I owned the place outright, so that helped, letting it go at far less than it was really worth. Though neither one of us, like I said, really needed the money. It just made it easier to get rid of the place. And even easier was the fact that the new owners were delighted to keep most of the furniture. I didn't really want ... or need it. What they didn't want, was given away to charity. All I really wanted, and brought along with me, was my own recliner. A small compromise in bringing it over with me, as it did ... well sort of, go with the furniture in the den. A bit of rearranging, and I was all set, and comfortably moved in.

After about two weeks of actually living together, things were just starting to settle into a bit of normalcy for both of us. And admittedly, living closer, and thus cutting down on my commute time between the three shops, had me getting home earlier at night too. That, and coming home every night to a good home-cooked meal as opposed to take out, or bland tasting TV dinners had a distinct advantage. But ... even as good as things really were, I could see that something was still troubling Lisa, so after we'd retired to the den to watch some TV, and relax with our evening coffee's together, I decided to ask her what was actually on her mind.

"You noticed huh?" She said smiling just a little.

"Kind of hard not to Lisa. I've seen that look before, so I know something's going on inside that pretty little head of yours ... so you might just as well spill it, and tell me now as opposed to stewing over it, and telling me later anyway."

She gave me a look. One I was all too familiar with. "Ok John, here it is ... and I expect you to be open with me, the way you used to be when we were still living together under the same roof growing up as kids."

That was indeed the one thing I really had missed. Lisa and I had been close as young adults growing up together. She might have truly been my kid sister, but I was always the one she could come to, and talk to frankly about anything and everything ... which back then, had even included sexual situations from time to time.

"Go for it," I told her ... letting her know that I too was serious once again, and ready to listen.

"Well, a couple of things really. But for one, let me ask you this John. When you got home at night after working all day ... what was the first thing you enjoyed doing after you did get home?"

I thought about it, and answered her easily. "Pretty much what I'm doing now," I said.

"Pretty much," she responded repeating me. "Meaning ... not everything right? So be specific John. What aren't you doing now, that you were doing? That would help you and I both better assimilate into this new position we've found ourselves in. What would make you feel more like at home? More comfortable with yourself?"

That was actually pretty easy too, though I laughed as I mentioned it. "About the only thing I don't do, is come home, take off all my clothes and just sit around in my boxers and fart half the time," I informed her jokingly. Though I certainly had farted on occasion around her even here.

Now it was her turn to laugh. "That's what I thought. You sit here dressed until it's time for bed, and then you undress. But doing that, makes you continue to feel more like a guest here John, and not actually at home. Your home ... my home. OUR home!" She finished. "I want you to feel free in doing that," she then added. "Though I would appreciate your holding down the fart thing just a little if you wouldn't mind," she then added, making me laugh once again.

"Ok sis, fair enough. And I'd appreciate that. But now tell me ... what aren't you doing that would make you feel more comfortable yourself?"

She answered that question in action as opposed to speaking the words, though she did that magical trick thing that most women have for some reason, come to quite naturally do. She'd been sitting there in one of her standard usual tee shirts and a pair of shorts. Suddenly she reached behind herself, undoing the clasp on her bra, in seconds she was pulling it through and then out of the sleeves of her shirt without ever taking it off. Once in hand, she tossed it off to one side, and for a moment at least, caressed her now freed breasts, soothing them with her own touch.

"Much better!" She said grinning at me. "I wasn't sure if that would make you feel uncomfortable or not," she then added.

"Hey, if you don't mind having your own brother walking around in his boxer shorts, I certainly don't mind if my sister walks around without a bra," I leered at her teasingly. The fact was though, her nipples were clearly evident, pressed against the almost too tight tee shirt they way they were. A reminder of what I'd caught a few glimpses of as a kid from time to time. Lisa as I recalled, always had had fairly large, dark areolas. Not to mention her actual nipples, which even now looked thick and hard-pressed against the material of her shirt. And like I said, maybe they didn't stand up nearly as much as they once did, but they were mature and full looking, just the way I liked them. Kathy too had had fairly large breasts, and I had always enjoyed playing with them, seeing them. Something I had sorely missed. It had been that long, since her death, that I'd even seen a woman's breasts, now sitting here not quite seeing exactly, but certainly noticing my sisters.

"I'm no different that you are John. I like being comfortable at the end of the day." And then she did surprise me, as she stood up, unzipped the shorts she was wearing, and let them suddenly fall down around her ankles where she promptly kicked them off to one side, sitting down once again.

Ok. She wasn't wearing a thong, or anything like that. But she wasn't wearing granny panties either, which would have likewise surprised me if she had been. What she was wearing, was a simple pair of white cotton panties that covered her modestly enough without showing or hinting at anything.

"Ok John, your turn. Get comfortable."

OK ... so it did feel a little strange. But I stood, first removing my shoes, and then taking off my shirt. I did turn as I undid my belt, next unzipping my pants, sitting down again as I took them off, folding them and temporarily hanging them over the back of the chair I was sitting in.

"Please tell me you don't sit around with your socks on either," she laughed looking at me sitting there in my boxers and socks. "If you'd like a nice pair of slippers, I'll go out and get you some."

I leaned forward, taking off my socks as well, though as I did, noticing the open fly of my boxers part, the tip of my cock suddenly appearing, though I quickly closed the opening with my hand, having removed the socks now, adding them to my neat tidy pile. The problem was, I had actually stiffened a little. Just a little mind you. Nothing to write home about, or even make a fuss over really, certainly not with my sister sitting there. But it was because she was sitting there in nothing more than a pair of panties and a tee shirt with her nipples pressing against it that had even remotely stimulated those now long dead urges and thoughts. Even being my sister and all, this would still take some getting used to.

Worse however ... my quick, unexpected, unanticipated emergence hadn't gone unnoticed.

"And that raises another question John, something else we should probably discuss here," she said sitting back, taking a long pull on her wine, pouring herself another, and then offering me the bottle. There had been no attempt at masking where her eyes had been for a moment either as I saw her look away from my crotch after having closed the opening again. I felt my face flush upon realizing that if I leaned forward to accept the bottle from her, we'd have a repeat performance here. Maybe she realized it too, so she stood, walking over to actually refill my glass herself. The problem with that was, as she leaned forward in pouring it, her blouse gapped considerably, giving me a clear and unobstructed view of her now bare breasts, not to mention those same erect nipples I'd been looking at as she did that. She soon stood however, as I purposely averted my eyes from what I'd seen, though I now took a look at my sisters still near perfect ass as she made her way back over towards her own chair, sitting down again.

"And what question might that be?" I asked finally answering as I too took a long sip of my wine.

"Sex." Came her one worded answer. "We should probably talk about that too." She said. And then we both took another drink.

I laughed nervously, taking another drink. "Sex? What's that?" I said trying to make a joke out of it, though she too obviously appeared nervous.

"It's what we both used to enjoy doing at one time," she quipped. "Though it sounds like it's almost been as long for you, as it's been for me," she said candidly.

"You telling me you haven't since..."

"Jack? No," she said shaking her head confirming she hadn't. "The only thing I've been dating is my battery-operated toy."

"Jesus Lisa!" I remarked shocked at hearing that she even had one of those things. Even Kathy had shied away from ever using one, though I had once suggested her getting one just as a way of spicing up our sex-life. She'd treated me to a cucumber episode, which had been good enough without the addition of batteries.

"What? Just because I'm still single and not seeing anyone, doesn't mean I don't still have the urges or desires from time to time John," she said giving me that look again. "And I seriously doubt you don't either," she then added accusing me.

The truth is, I hadn't masturbated much at all since my wife's death. Only a handful of times at best really, though there had been one incident, which I actually told Lisa about.

"Ok, so I'm not quite as celibate as you are," I confessed. "Though even that was almost an accident."

"Don't tell me ... you were walking along with a hard on, tripped and accidentally slipped inside some woman's pussy," she said.

I had almost forgotten just how crass Lisa could get, though her mannerisms and uninhibited nature never failed to make me laugh.

"Not quite ... but almost," I said seeing her expression change to one of curiosity as she settled back into her chair.

"Ok ... so spill it. Tell me ... what DID happen then?" She asked.

"Two months ago, just before Christmas at the annual office party?" I tossed out as she nodded her head remembering I had invited her to come to it, though she never did. As we always did, we rented out a small local bar, owned by a friend of mine who closed the place just for us so we could hold our annual Christmas party there. Between the three shops, with the employees and their significant others, we had nearly sixty people there, give or take a few. Barb ... a woman that worked in the main shop that I spent most of my time at, was just as good a service repair technician as any of the guys were. And she didn't take any guff from anyone either, with good reason. She could probably handle herself well in a fair fight with any of them. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying she was a butch-dyke lesbian, even if she did happen to look like one. Nor had anyone been daring enough, or stupid enough to ask her about that either. Barb ... well, Barb was just Barb. And for the most part, everyone let it go at that. The fact she didn't come with anyone, was telling perhaps. But even then, no one asked her if she was planning on bringing anyone. Certainly not me anyway. The one problem Barb did have however, was being able to hold her liquor. She was as we used to say, a "cheap date" or "easy drunk," after three fairly stiff drinks, Barb was bobbing and weaving about through the tables and chairs with everyone expecting her to topple over at any moment.

Barb was almost a Christmas tradition with everyone making bets on what time she'd finally pass out.

I had headed off to the bathroom to relieve myself, standing there at the urinal when I heard someone else coming in. Not thinking anything of it, I finished up, shook it off and was just starting to turn around when I heard her standing directly behind me. Honest to god ... I think she'd been looking over my shoulder.

(Lisa was by now laughing hysterically as I told her this story, continuing on).

"Then what happened?" She asked still snickering.

"Well, that's the funny thing about it. At first ... I thought she had accidentally entered the men's room, as drunk as she was. But then when I turned and got a really good look at her, she was standing there with her shirt open, bra pulled up and over her tits, with both of them winking at me."

Once again Lisa was laughing. "You always were a tit-man John," she said shaking her head. "I know ... and remember," she laughed even harder. "You were always trying to get a peek at mine."

"Never mind that," I interrupted. "You want to hear the rest of this story or not?"

"I'm all boobs John. I mean ... all ears. Yes, please, by all means ... tell me the rest of it."

I was looking at my sister's boobs however, once more forced to tear my eyes away from them, back up towards her face again. "So anyway, now I am stunned, confused ... looking at Barb's tits. Where they beautiful? No ... not really. They were big yes ... and a bit flabby, nipples even pointing down as opposed to pointing up any. But ... they were tits, and it had been a while, like I said. And damned if my dick hadn't actually grown some."

"Like it is now maybe?" Lisa teased as I shot her a look. "Sorry, she quickly added, couldn't help saying that. Please ... continue."

"So before I can even react to anything, suddenly Barb lunges forward, pinning me against the damned urinal!" I said as Lisa once again burst out laughing, trying to picture that. "So here I am, trying to keep from collapsing down into that, Barb's hands suddenly all over me, managing to unzip my fly again, undoing my belt. I'm trying to fight her off of course..."

"Ah huh," Lisa snickers.

"No ... seriously. But while I'm doing that, I realize I've got one of her boob's in my hand ... and she's suddenly now got my cock in her hand ... and damn it Lisa, I don't mind telling you ... it felt good feeling that, even if it was Barb who was the one holding it. I was almost too stunned for words as she stood there milking my dick."

"Go on..." Lisa said, not really laughing quite so much anymore, now taking on a different look, as she sat there listening, looking at me, a bit flushed in the face perhaps. The fact I'd been speaking a bit vulgarly had obviously had some effect on her ... as well as me. We'd spoken candidly before of course, but it had been years now since we'd actually sat here having a conversation like this.

"It really was ... and had been my intent to push her away, get out of there. But shit sis, she had me, and was stroking me, and well ... hell, you know ... it had been so long."

"Yeah, I know ... who could blame you?" She said still sounding interested in the story. "So then what happened?"

"You really don't want to hear the gory details," I said.

"Yes I do ... go on finish, you started this, now ... let me hear the rest of the story," she said trying to mimic a well known radio personality, Paul Harvey.

I just shook my head snickering at her imitation, though continued on. "Just remember ... I warned you sis." She just winked, smiled and sat back again, waiting. "So ... now it's starting to feel good, or rather I am, even if it is Barb doing this. But now I am also nervous and worried that someone might come walking in on us standing there like that. So I manage to convince her to move into one of the stalls, and damn lucky that I did too. No sooner had we done that, gone inside and closed the door, than sure enough ... someone else comes walking in. But that's also when Barb suddenly leans over, takes my dick in her mouth, and starts sucking it. All the while we're both listening to whoever the hell it was, standing there taking a piss. I of course don't dare say or do anything to further raise suspicion..."

"Of course not..." Lisa chortled.

"So he's pissing ... Barb's sucking ... and now that's starting to feel damn fucking good." I saw my sister's eyebrows raise up over that one. I don't think I'd ever used that particular word in front of her my entire life, though she said nothing and remained sitting as I continued on. "Finally the guy leaves, but that's just as I'm starting to cum. But at least I can tell her I'm about to ... figuring, well ... you know. And then she just gobbles me up even more, now bobbing up and down on my cock even more fiercely than she had been. And then, well hell ... you know what happened then."

"She took it? She ... she swallowed?"

"Yeah ... she did. And let me tell you sis, there was a LOT of it too!"

Lisa was truly blushing now. I figured mostly from embarrassment perhaps at hearing me telling her all this, though I suspected that some of it might have been from arousal too. Just telling my sister the story, strange as it was, had aroused me a bit too, as I now sat there with a semi-erection, that I was subconsciously fighting down to keep from having it make a full-on appearance here.

"Anyway ... to make a long story short. She stands up again, wipes off her face, puts her bra back on over her tits, buttons up and leaves. Eventually I come out as well. But oddly, Barb's suddenly not acting or being quite as drunk as she had been. Suddenly, and considerably sober again, though she quickly proceeds to get stinking drunk, and eventually does end up passing out. Dave even put her up in a cot in the back room of his bar to sleep it off. Following Monday ... she comes into work, goes about her business, never looks or says a word to me about what happened, and never acts any differently around me either. So neither did I. Neither one of us ever spoke about it, or mentioned it again. It's as though it never happened."

"Maybe that's the way she needed it to be John. Wanted to do something she's obviously always wanted to do, but then needed to step back, step away from it, and pretend it never happened. Being drunk gave her the reason and excuse to sort of do that."

"So you think, she really did know?"

Lisa laughed. "Oh John. Of course she did! For whatever reason. But, once she had, once she did ... she was satisfied, and content for everything to go back the way that it had been. You've at least allowed her to do that yes?"

"Yeah, I guess so."

"Then leave it at that. There's always next year's Christmas party," Lisa did chuckle again as I picked up one of her chair throw pillows, and actually threw it at her. I missed of course, on purpose, though she used that as an excuse to bolt up off the chair she was in, and charge at me.

I'd always been ticklish, and she knew that. Immediately jumping up and into my lap, almost knocking the two of us over in my chair in the process. I immediately grabbed her hands of course, holding them off, up and away from me as she struggled. But as she struggled, I felt my sister's full firm breasts suddenly press against my face. Unaware perhaps that they were, or that I was breathing in my sister's heavenly, personal scent. And then of course, involuntarily, I felt my cock beginning to grow, to stiffen considerably, and quickly. And with sis now sitting firmly in my lap ... it didn't take long before she could feel it too. And suddenly we sat there silently looking at one another, though she did suddenly look down. My hard dick, unavoidably sticking up through the opening in my boxer shorts. As though branded by a hot iron, Lisa suddenly extricated herself from my lap and hurriedly crossed the room, sitting back down in her own chair. I crossed my legs, making an attempt to hide my now firm erection of course. There was no help for it however, trying to tuck it back down inside my boxer shorts was fruitless. All I could do was sit there trying my level best to at least keep it out of sight.

Looking across the room at my sister, her face was as flushed as mine was. Partially from the silly, playful exertion of course. But I couldn't help wondering if she was flushed to some extent from the unexpected arousal too. I knew I felt it, though I fought it, wondering if she was.

"Well, anyway ... like I was trying to tell you in the beginning John. This is your home too. So if you are seeing anyone, have any lady friends you'd like to have over ... to ... well, you know. You have every right to do so, just wanted you to know that. Whatever goes on inside your bedroom is your business."

"Lady friends?" I laughed. "Not hardly ... at least not at the moment anyway," I said seeing an almost look of relief in her eyes upon hearing that. "What about you?" I then asked. "You trying to warn me about the possibility of coming home one evening and finding some guy-friend here?" I asked still trying to keep things light between us. Her face softened with a slight smile.

"Already told you John ... the only thing I'm dating is Mr. Ever-ready. And speaking of which..." she blushed further. "It's way past my bed-time. Goodnight."

Lisa stood, walked over towards me again, kissing me on the forehead, and then turned heading up the stairs towards her bedroom. I sat there, watching her go, finding that my eyes had been firmly focused on my sister's ass. Finally as she disappeared, I looked down at myself, saw my hard stiff cock clearly poking up through the opening in my boxer shorts, and knew then and there, she had to have seen it again when she came over to give me a kiss goodnight. I smiled inwardly, a little confused by what I was feeling, but then sat back and slowly proceeded to jerk myself off.

Things settled back into some semblance of normalcy over the next few days. I still wasn't quite ready to come home, strip off and sit around in my boxers, though I had managed to remove my shirt and shoes, lounging around after dinner in jeans or a pair of working slacks. Lisa didn't press the issue with me either, though I noticed she started wearing a bra less and less often around me during the evenings, even though she too hadn't gone back to wearing just a tee shirt and panties around me either. I think we were both slowly trying to get comfortable with one another again, especially after the incident in the den when she obviously saw my hard aroused cock.

It was a Friday night, and I was already very much looking forward to the weekend. Lisa had already informed me two days before that she was going out to have dinner with a friend ... a female friend, and then afterwards perhaps even take in a movie. I didn't mind so much, especially when I came home and found she had already ordered a pizza for me. All I had to do was warm it up, if I wanted. I smiled appreciatively. Even if she wasn't there to see it. Sis was always looking out for me. For the first time since the "incident" as I now referred to it, I stripped off all my clothes down to my boxers. I then took a cold beer from the fridge, the pizza, and headed off down to the den to watch some TV. One of the other nice things about living here was the fact that Lisa had cable. With an enormous listing of movies to chose from, I sat back eating my pizza in one hand, the remote in the other as I scrolled through all the various and available titles. And then suddenly I found myself looking at some rather interesting titles ... adult movies. Whether she was even aware of it or not, paying the premium she did gave her access to those as well. I scrolled back up, looking for something else to watch. But my prick had already made up its own mind, lengthening even as I sat there. I scrolled back down again, intrigued perhaps by a title I had read, curious and interested as I clicked on it for more information.

"My naughty hot sister," the title stated as I then read a brief synopsis of the story line. Not much, something about a brother secretly observing his sister while she masturbated, and then getting involved from there. I checked my watch, it was way early yet ... Lisa no doubt still having dinner with her friend. I was too sorely tempted, especially sitting there comfortably in my boxers, with my dick sticking straight up out of them. I clicked on the program, settled back, and soon began watching the story as it began to unfold. It took me back in time just a little as I sat watching it, back to a time long ago when I had in fact caught my own sister playing with herself. The only time I ever had, though I also hadn't watched her too long doing it either. Too afraid of getting caught perhaps for one thing. But for another, finding myself actually getting aroused watching her, realizing it ... had shook some sense back into me, so I promptly retreated, though the image of her doing that remained with me for a very, very long time afterwards.

The fact that the girl in the movie looked a little like the way Lisa did when she was younger more or less fueled the fantasy again some too. Thirty minutes into the movie, the girl was laying on her bed, using what appeared to be a rather complicated looking vibrator on herself, simultaneously fingering and toying with her breasts while her brother stood just inside her closet, video-recording her as she masturbated. And of course ... stroking himself off while he did.

I was soon doing the same. Sitting there in my own personal comfy chair, which I had now reclined back, cock in hand, slow-stroking it to my heart's content, watching ... and yet imagining, remembering, substituting the girl in the movie for my own ... back then, younger sister.

"Well ... well, what are we watching?" Lisa suddenly said from behind me causing me to jump, reaching for the remote, which I simply knocked away from myself instead sending it flying across the room, skidding across the floor. Hands still on my cock, though I was now trying to cover it as opposed to fondling it as I had been.

"Jesus sis!" I only then managed to stammer looking up and over at her as she stood there in the doorway behind me. "What are you doing home anyway?" I asked still bewildered, not quite able to act or decide what I should attempt to do first. The movie was still playing of course. The sounds of the young woman on the bed, panting and breathing heavily as she just then started to climax. The subtle sound of her buzzing vibrator, the camera pan back to the boy in the closet as he stood there fisting his cock, jerking himself off, and now coming as well as several ropes of semen suddenly began to discharge from the end of his prick.

"Interesting movie," she said ignoring me as she now came the rest of the way in and settled down in her chair, looking at it, and then over towards me, though by now I had managed to sit my own chair upright again. And once again, crossing my legs in order to try and hide my very obvious aroused cock. "I see you discovered the adult channels. I was wondering if you would."

I looked at her in shock. Obviously she already knew they existed, though I wasn't about to ask her if she actually watched any of them herself. She turned back towards the TV, actually settling back into her own chair, speaking ... though not looking at me.

"We couldn't decide on a movie to see, so we made it an early night instead. Margaret had things she needed to do tomorrow anyway, so she brought me home early."

Now I knew why I hadn't been aware of her coming home. She hadn't driven her own car, so the sounds of the garage door opening hadn't alerted me. That, and coming in through the front door, instead of through the garage door, which I would have heard from down here was the other.

"Jesus sis!" I said again, flustered, and frustrated now ... not to mention being embarrassed. "You ah ... you can shut it off now," I said meekly, certainly unable to do so myself, especially with the remote halfway across the room closer to the TV itself now than either one of us.

"Why? It does look sort of interesting," she said. "I have watched a few John..." she then added, only then looking back towards me.

"Yeah? Maybe so ... but not with your own brother in attendance, and naked..."

"And with a hard on too you mean?" She giggled, though at least she stood up again, appearing as though she was finally going to retrieve the remote, which she did do ... but not to turn it off. Instead, she turned up the sound just a little. "My hearings not quite as good as it once was," she explained, walking back towards her chair, sitting down again.

"You're kidding me right?" I now said looking at her, hands down in my lap, though my cock had at least partially softened a little with my nervous embarrassment.

"Oh for hells sakes John, lighten up. We're both adults, and if either one of us wants to watch a dirty movie, we're certainly entitled to do that. Especially in our own home."

"Maybe so. But ... you are after all my own sister."

"Yeah? So? And you're my brother. But it's not like..." she glanced at the TV once again, perhaps only then realizing what it was I was watching. She smiled. "It's not like we're young ... like they are. We're older now John, we're both in a different place now under different circumstances than back then."

I know my mouth was hanging open (not to mention my dick still sticking out) after she said that, though no words came to mind just then. Though she did pause the movie, freezing it in place, the scene before me now seeming surreal as the young man in the closet inadvertently stumbled, dropping his video camera, and then crashing out into the floor of his sister's bedroom. The look on the young man's face one of horror and shock. Similar to what mine must have looked like when Lisa came in.

"And don't you dare do anything ... I'll be right back," she said. And then I watched as she left the room heading upstairs once again. Taking the remote with her as she did that.

"Jesus," I said again more to myself. Staring at the frozen screen ... looking down at myself, growing hard again, almost unbelievably. Looking back up at the entry, almost expectantly, wondering. "She doesn't mean..." I said talking to myself, feeling my cock twitch and grow even a bit stiffer perhaps. An eternity passing, and then footsteps coming back down again. Lisa walking back into the room, holding the remote, sitting back down in her own chair again. Wearing nothing more than a tight fitting tee shirt, her bare breasts boldly pressing against it, hard stiff nipples protruding. That ... and a pair of bright red women's briefs, and nothing else.

And then I noticed what she was carrying in her other hand.

"So ... bring me up to date in the movie John. What did I miss beyond the obvious?"

"You're telling me you're going to..."

"Yes John. I am. I'm going to sit here and masturbate while watching a dirty movie with my own brother. Who hopefully will get over his own squeamishness, and begin doing the same. I mean after all John, it's not the first time you've ever watched me doing this, now is it?"

"You ... you knew?" I said in disbelief. So many years now since I had. And never once had she ever mentioned it to me, that she'd known I'd been standing there. Though not in her closet, certainly peeking through the crack in her door for a bit. Seeing her there on her own bed, legs spread, bent at the knee. And though the toy she'd been using on herself back then wasn't as elaborate as the one in the movie, the one she now held in her hand was.

Now she did blush. Perhaps for the first time as she confessed she had known. "I would have never said anything to you about it back then," she stated easily enough. "But to be perfectly honest about it John, when I realized you had been, when I saw shadows behind the door out in the hallway, and realized my door hadn't closed all the way. I knew then you had. And the thought that you had, that you'd seen me playing with myself ... well, it aroused me even more. I even did it again a few times after that, with a crack in the door. But never saw, or at least caught you peeking in on me again."

"That's because I never did," I told her. "It was the one and only time." I looked at her. "You ah ... you ever catch me?" I asked curiously now. To which she laughed.

"Oh yes, more than once in fact," she grinned. "Though I actually never got to see you cum. Once you were facing towards the old shed, while you were standing outside. The other time, well ... you had a white hanky over it, so you obviously came in that."

I had done that often enough, but I was trying to place or picture when it was she might have actually seen me, without my being aware of it.

"And when was that?" I asked curiously.

"Remember the year we flew out with mom and dad to Uncle George, and Aunt Diane's place for Thanksgiving? And you ended up sleeping on the sofa down in their rec-room?"

"Yeah," I said cautiously trying to think ... trying to remember.

"And how our cousin Betty was constantly teasing and flirting with you back then, even though she was our cousin?"

Betty was dead now too, sadly enough ... but she'd been almost ten years older than I was back then, and had seemed to take a great deal of delight in teasing me, nearly exposing herself on several occasions as though on purpose. And back then, on a horny teenage boy with raging hormones, it hadn't taken much to interest, or arouse me ... even if she'd been my own cousin. I nodded my head, though still not sure when, or how, she had actually seen me. I'd honestly jerked off a number of times while we'd been there.

"So ... but when," I asked still trying to visualize all this.

"It was late, everyone had gone to bed. You remember how close Betty and I were, even though she was a lot older than I was. Always felt like she was more of a sister to me than a cousin, and an older one at that. Took me into her confidence, shared things with me about herself. And I of course did the same. So I did have a pretty good idea about what she was doing ... teasing you, and why. We'd both seen the bulge in your jeans just before you disappeared downstairs to the rec room to sleep. I soon followed her outside, we snuck around the side of the house, peeked in through the window. And sure enough, there you were. Unfortunately, by the time we got there, you were already laying on the couch, jerking yourself off, with your hanky over the end of your cock. Saw you cum, well ... saw the look on your face anyway when you did, but not much else."

"Fuck ... you mean to tell me?"

Lisa laughed. "Yeah ... she saw you too," she giggled. "But if this helps any John. After that, after we came back inside and went back to her room? That's when she showed me what a vibrator was used for."

"No shit!"

"Yeah ... really, no shit. My first one, was the one she actually gave to me, which is no doubt the same one you saw me using that one time. So ... now you know."

"And you two..."

Lisa laughed. "We'll save that story for another time. Right now, I'm more interested in all this ... back to the movie, and you," she added. "So quit being so damn shy and reserved John. Enjoy yourself ... try forgetting that I'm your sister for once."

"That's not quite so easy," I assured her, though after this little discussion, my prick had in fact firmed up once again.

"Then maybe this will help," she said un-pausing the movie, though it was probably when she actually spread her legs, draping one of them over the arm of the chair she was sitting in, turning on her vibrator, and placing down between her legs that caused me to forget all about what the hell we were doing here. Time for that discussion would no doubt come later. Right now, I was too fucking horny to give it any more thought than that, as I suddenly uncrossed my legs, allowing my recliner to settle back once again. The next thing I knew, I was sitting there stroking my prick in front of my own sister, while she in turn, began masturbating herself in front of me.

It's not like we were actually doing anything. Well ... to one another anyway. At least that's how I finally saw it, accepted it. Actually watching my sister playing with herself, while I did. Though the brother and sister in the movie certainly took it well beyond that as we sat there. I know I was thinking about that, wondering if she was. The two of us periodically glancing over at one another, especially when Lisa lifted the tee shirt she was wearing up and over her amazing breasts, and began toying with her rock-hard nipples. That almost did it for me, and I found myself having to ease up a bit, or I'd be shooting off everywhere. The fact I hadn't worried about ... or brought a hanky with me in the beginning only then dawned on me.

Finally she actually looked over towards me again, lust-filled eyes and an expression on her face I'd never seen before. Not to mention the lusty tone of voice she now used when she spoke, further confirming the fact she was now sitting there hovering on the edge herself.

"You ah ... you getting close John? Because I sure as hell am!"

It was obvious she was, just by the look on her face, but then I was too, and even more so now perhaps, just hanging on. Though idiotically enough, I was still wondering what I was going to do about it. I mean ... I just couldn't sit there and simply cum, squirt ... spray, now could I? The only thing I did do ... was nod my head, looking at her, once again feasting on my sister's tits as she sat there pinching the nipple on her left breast.

"That's the one thing I never got to see you do John," she said with that same lusty catch in her tone of voice, teetering on the edge now, looking at me, her face flushed, her breath coming in clips between words. "I watch to watch you John. See you squirt ... watch you cum," she moaned.

I was speechless, just sitting there looking at her, looking at my hot, very horny sister as she openly touched herself sliding the vibrator in and out of her obviously wet pussy.

"Come on John, cum for me. Let me see you cum, while you watch me cum. I want to cum for you John. Your horny, naughty little sister wants to cum for you while she watches her equally horny older brother shoot his wad."

"Fuck!" I finally spat, and then threw caution to the wind, too far gone to care or let anything matter at this point. All I wanted to do was finish jacking myself off, and if my sister wanted to see me doing that, while I in turn watched her actually climax, I was suddenly all for it. Three firm up and down strokes of my cock after that was all it took. I suddenly grimaced, not able to help it any longer. Felt the first intensely pleasurable surge racing up the length of my cock, and then the inevitable eruption as my seed suddenly exploded from the tip of my prick, surprising even me when it did. I had obviously come hard before, and a lot too from time to time. But it had been a while since I'd actually seen myself come quite this much. Not only was that first massive ejaculate a sight to see as it skyrocketed up in the air with a massive launch, not only in volume, but in length. But this was quickly followed by several more, each one just as copious, just as intense, as my prick continued to pump out streamer after streamer of hot cum cream. Each one of which began to land, splashing haphazardly all over everywhere, and almost everything, not including myself.

"Oh fuck! Yes John yes!" Lisa cried out, watching enthralled, and then shoving that vibrator so deep inside herself, where she held it now, thrashing and bucking about wildly, uncontrollably, once more crying out her own delirious pleasure, though her eyes somehow remained open, focused and locked on to my still discharging prick. I had slowed stroking it, more milking it now. And though the half dozen or more spurts that felt like they'd take the end of my cock off with it when I came had diminished now, there was still a sizeable oozing of cum-cream that continued to run down the length of my shaft, now coating and saturating my balls, not to mention my chair. Drained, collapsing back now, and only then closing her eyes, Lisa shuddered, groaned once more, and then smiled at me.

"Stay where you are ... I'll get you something," she said and then stood up and walked past me, glancing down at my now spent prick. Her breasts still fully bare, her tee shirt still pulled up above them as she sauntered by, but not before placing yet another kiss on my forehead before she left again. "Thank you John ... thank you."

I could only sit there, slick and covered with my own cum, still trying to sort out how all this had happened, mixed emotions especially now coursing through me as I waited for my sister to return with something I could use to wipe myself up with. She returned moments later carrying a nice hot damp towel, expecting her to hand it to me. But instead, she reached out, lifting my somewhat limp cock up herself, and proceeded to clean me up like she'd been doing it for years.

All I could do was sit there and let her.

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