Conflicted in Paradise
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Brother, Sister, Group Sex, Orgy, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Squirting,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Kelsey, Amanda, Damon, Carynne and Stacey go on vacation to the Bahamas, but amidst the setting of paradise, trouble is brewing between the young friends and lovers; trouble that might forever change their lives.

Vincent was a lucky man—a fact which he readily admitted to himself quite often. He was just twenty-three years old, with little education to speak of, yet he'd somehow managed to snag himself a job in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Sure, being a waiter wasn't the most glamorous job imaginable, but he didn't care. He got to hang out on the aptly-named Paradise Beach in eighty-five degree weather and ten hours of sunshine per day, enjoying the cloudless skies; the white sandy beaches; the sparkling blue ocean; and the wavy palm trees while wearing shorts and a loose-fitting white shirt for his work clothes as he served drinks and surreptitiously gawked at some of the world's most beautiful women.

He knew he'd been given the job mostly because of the way he looked, since the world's elite who visited the Ocean Club tended to frown on anything but perfect people. All the staff of the Ocean Club was made up of absolutely beautiful girls as well as incredibly attractive guys, presumably to match the ambiance of the surroundings. So Vincent worked out almost religiously, making sure to keep himself in tremendous shape, as the last thing he wanted to do was to risk his job. An excellent bonus to being so in shape was that he'd gotten several invitations for sex by interested women, married or not, and even once by an adventurous couple. He'd eagerly accepted every single one of those requests.

Yes, Vincent's life was grand, and as such he was always smiling, happy and carefree. He loved being on the beach, mingling, talking and occasionally flirting with all kinds of people.

While serving a tray full of cocktails to the same group of Germans who always seemed determined to be absolutely hammered by ten o'clock in the morning, he noticed a young man coming out of the ocean and walking back across the white beach towards the rows of sunloungers. It was still early, but Vincent had seen the teenage guy go out swimming every morning at eight o'clock sharp for the past few days. The guy would stay in the water for an hour every time, continuously swimming laps while practicing several different strokes.

Vincent wasn't really interested in guys, but he had to admit the tall teenager was in incredible shape, maybe even better than his own. He pondered going swimming himself more often; working out every day did get to be a bit boring at times, and swimming might be a nice change of pace. Of course, he'd have to do so outside of his normal working hours that covered most of the day, and in the evenings there really were far more interesting things to do in Nassau besides swimming.

"Good morning, sir. Another beautiful day, isn't it?" Vincent said, smiling at the young man when he walked past.

"Hi. Yeah, it is," said the youth, returning the greeting with a somewhat gruff smile. He nodded his head at the waiter, though he didn't slow down.

Vincent stared after him with a ponderous look. The guy always seemed a bit ... distracted by something, as if he wasn't completely happy, and that really made no sense to Vincent at all. As his eyes followed the teenager back to his regular sunlounger, which was located under a palm tree in front of the row of ultra-luxury—and ultra-expensive—Ocean View Villas, Vincent couldn't help but think that, with a girl like the one who was waiting for him at his side, the guy had everything in the world to be happy about.

He had seen many, many beautiful women here in the Bahamas. Actresses, models, heiresses, and the incredibly attractive wives of many of the world's richest and most powerful men. He'd also seen many of their daughters, who themselves were just as beautiful as their mothers. Yet Vincent could not remember ever having seen a more beautiful teenage girl than the guy's obvious girlfriend.

She was American, like her boyfriend, and she was a stunning model of gorgeous perfection. She was perhaps a little shorter than Vincent really liked—he was himself six foot five, just a little taller than the guy—but everything else about her was just flawless. A truly beautiful face; a sexy, athletic body with curves that made Vincent's shorts quickly get tight if he stared at her too long; golden blonde hair that reached to about halfway down her tanned back; nice, long legs; and a perfect ass. She was truly just divine.

Vincent smiled as he saw the blonde girl get up from her sunlounger and happily hug and kiss her boyfriend. Though he had to admit he'd love to be with a girl like her, he felt no jealousy. There was no reason for him to be jealous of anyone since his life was perfect. He did harbor a small fantasy of maybe being invited by the guy and his girl to share their bed for a night, but he realized a girl like her probably wouldn't be into that kind of stuff. She just seemed too perfect to have a kinky streak, and the mere thought of a threesome would probably make her frown in distaste or even shudder in disgust.

Vincent walked over to the young couple, returning the smile the beautiful girl gave him. His eyes wandered across her amazing body for a brief second, admiring how she looked in her small, yellow bikini. "Good morning, miss!" he said with his usual, slightly exaggerated flair, relishing the fact that it just made her smile grow bigger. "Can I get you two something to drink?"

"I'll have an ice-tea, please," she said in a friendly tone. Even her voice was perfect.

"Of course. And you, sir?"

"Eh ... just a coke will be fine," the guy replied.

"No problem. I will be right back!" Vincent said. He snuck one last peek at the girl before walking back to the huge outside bar where the bartender was looking a bit bored. Eduardo usually didn't have much to do in the early hours, but seeing as how the bar was right on the beach, he never seemed to mind all that much, though.

"She is something, eh?" Eduardo said while preparing the order Vincent had given him.

"Yes, she is," Vincent agreed.

"Marco claims that the two of them really go at it at night. He says you can hear her screaming outside their villa!" Eduardo smirked at the two teenagers. "That guy's a really lucky bastard."

Somehow, Vincent found that a little offensive. "Marco is going to get his stupid ass fired one of these days. If not for peeping in on the customers, then definitely for spreading rumors about them!"

Eduardo shrugged unconcernedly, then he handed the two drinks over to Vincent. Without saying another word Vincent returned to the young couple, his eyes again drinking in the girl's beauty.

"No, it's fine now. It's been fine ever since we got here," the guy was saying, somewhat resigned. "I just have no idea why I sucked so badly."

The girl, sitting in her boyfriend's lap, looked at him with sympathy in her eyes, then she hugged him again. "I'm sorry."

"No, please, Amanda, don't say that. It's not your fault."

"I know, but I can still sympathize, right?" she said with a beautiful smile.

Vincent felt his heart flutter at the sight of that smile, even if it wasn't directed at him. "Your drinks, sir, and miss," he said, putting the coke and the ice-tea down on the little table between their two sunloungers.

"Thank you," the girl Vincent figured was called Amanda said warmly.

"You're welcome." He hesitated for a brief moment, then he asked, "Are you two alright? Is there anything else I can do for you?" He barely avoided adding 'anything at all?'

"We're fine. Damon's just upset because he swam really poorly at Nationals last week," Amanda said.

"You swam at Nationals?" Vincent asked, his eyebrows raising in surprise. "Like, the United States Swimming Championships?"

"Uh-huh," the guy named Damon said, blushing slightly.

"Wow. Congratulations, sir!"


"Isn't it really hard to make it to Nationals?"

"Yeah, it is."

"So ... forgive me for saying so, but shouldn't you be happy that you made it?"

"That's what I keep saying!" Amanda grinned, softly punching her boyfriend on the shoulder.

Damon sighed. "I know, it's just..."

"What, sir? If you don't mind me asking, of course," Vincent said politely. He didn't want to push, after all—the boss would kill him for harassing a client.

"Well, I swam a 4:07 in the State championships. Then at Nationals I swam a 4:13. That's not exactly a great progression."

"Ah, I see," Vincent said diplomatically. He didn't really, but it seemed like the thing to say. "I take it you did not finish very highly then?"

"No," Damon grinned. "I came in dead last."

"I'm sorry, sir. But at least you are on this beautiful island, in this beautiful weather, right? And if you'll forgive me for saying so, you're here with this incredibly beautiful woman!" Vincent said, in what he hoped was a very supportive tone. The girl's smile of appreciation nearly made his knees buckle. "Here in the Bahamas we have a saying: Don't worry, be happy!"

Amanda looked at her boyfriend with a smug little smile. "Right! See? And your coach also told you to not worry about it, and that you'd do better next year."

Damon just chuckled. "Alright, alright, you two got me. Thanks, eh ... what's your name again?"

"Vincent, sir."

"Thanks, Vincent. I'll try to remember that. Don't worry, be happy."

"You're welcome, sir," Vincent grinned. The girl threw him another ravishing smile, and Vincent imagined her on her back, naked, being pounded by him; her screams so loud that they could be heard on the beach. He was glad he was wearing loose shorts because his cock was starting to rise quite rapidly.

"I'm Amanda, and this is Damon," she offered.

"It's nice to meet you two," Vincent said. From the corner of his eye, he saw his boss come out onto the beach, and he nodded at the young couple. "I have enjoyed talking to you, Damon, Amanda, but I should get back to work."

Amanda looked around at the still nearly-empty beach. "Yeah, I can see they're really running you ragged, huh?"

Vincent shrugged his shoulders expansively. "My boss sadly does not look on it the same way you do."

She nodded with a cute little smile. "Okay. Thanks, Vincent."

He returned her smile, then quickly walked off before his boss could see him. He went back over to Eduardo, and the two of them pretended to be really busy with cleaning the wooden bar until the boss finally went back inside again.

"Pendejo!" Eduardo spat in the direction the boss had left.

Vincent just grinned. His boss was indeed an asshole, but he loved his job more than enough to put up with the man. He leaned his elbows back on the bar and stared out across the beach. Nobody seemed to be in need of any drinks, so he just relaxed, enjoying the beautiful morning.

It was about two hours later when the young couple's friends showed up. Again Vincent marveled at how gorgeous they all were; it almost seemed impossible for any guy to be friends with a group of such amazing women!

First there was the other blonde, who was a good four or five inches taller than Amanda, the girl he'd met earlier. She was just striking and confident, as if being in one of the world's foremost luxury clubs was something she did every week. She was absolutely gorgeous too, with firm breasts that stood out proudly in her small, white bikini top; a slender body with absolutely no fat on it; long legs, and a deep, beautiful tan. Her blonde hair playfully fanned about halfway down her back, somehow drawing attention to the swishing of her wonderful ass.

Beside her walked a petite brunette. She was smaller than Amanda by probably a good three inches or so, but she carried herself with a cocky attitude that just added to her already ravishing beauty. She was nicely curved for her size and seemed to flaunt those curves whenever she got the chance. Her blue bikini wasn't really so much small as it was tiny. Her breasts stood out wonderfully in her skimpy little top, and her ass was barely covered by her bikini bottoms. She was skirting right at the edge of what was considered proper bathing attire at the beach, but Vincent knew that no member of the staff would ever dare object about it; they all loved watching her walk around too much. Her face was just exquisitely beautiful, with pouty lips and a smile that would send men to war. She wore her hair in a simple ponytail.

Finally, there was the other brunette. Again Vincent's heart skipped a beat at the sight of her—she was genuinely the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen, though he grinned at himself as he thought that. Whenever he watched either this girl or Amanda, he always called either one the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen. He just couldn't make up his mind which of the two was the prettiest—they were both just perfect.

The girl was basically the same height as Amanda, with long, lustrous black hair that reached down to a bit below her shoulder blades. Just as athletic as her three friends, she was nonetheless more curvy than them, and her bikini strained against those curves in a truly maddening way. Her tits were full and glorious, but it was her ass that made Vincent's heart stop. He might not have been able to really make up his mind whether this girl or Amanda was more beautiful, but her ass was not in doubt. He'd never seen a more amazing ass, ever. Every time she walked somewhere, every man's eyes would trail after her, and Vincent knew they were all gazing at her butt. He would have given everything he owned just to see her naked at some point, and he imagined the brunette screaming even harder than Amanda if he'd ever get to pound her perfect ass. It was an incredibly pleasant thought.

His lewd thoughts were fueled even further by the fact that both brunettes were holding hands, and he'd already seen the two of them kiss several times. Those kisses were not those of friends; they were the kisses of lovers. He felt a shiver run through his spine at the thought of those two gorgeous girls fucking each other.

After the girls had all laid down on their own sunloungers, he walked over to the group of friends with another bright smile on his face. Damon was nowhere to be seen, though Vincent figured he was likely helping himself to the lunch buffet again; he usually was the first in line when it opened. "Good morning, ladies. Can I get you something to drink?"

"Pina Colada, please," the tall blonde said, smiling at him in return. Her deep brown eyes were obviously checking him out, and he puffed up slightly, preening for her benefit.

"Jesus, Stacey. You're gonna start this early?" the small brunette asked. Vincent wondered if she was referring to the drink, or to the girl called Stacey checking him out.

"Hey, I'm on vacation. Leave me alone!" Stacey grinned at her.

"I'm not carrying you out of that club again!"

"Oh, whatever, Carynne! It was Damon who carried her, not you!" Amanda giggled at the petite beauty.

"You just had to go and say that, didn't you?" the girl named Carynne said with a mournful sigh. "There goes my leverage over her!"

"Yeah, like you need leverage with her," the other brunette grinned. She winked at her tall, blonde friend, and Stacey giggled in return.

"Well, no, but it's still nice to have in case I wanna do something really kinky to her."


"What? Oh ... sorry!" Carynne said with a slightly guilty glance towards Vincent. He knew he was grinning like a fool, but he couldn't help himself—she was just too cute. "I'll have ... um ... whatever Kelsey's having," she said, pointing at her brunette friend.

"I think I'd just like some coffee, please," the brunette he presumed was Kelsey said.

"Ewww!" Carynne said. "Then I'll just have an ice-tea instead."

"Why won't you drink any coffee?"

"Because it's disgusting! I don't understand how you can stand that stuff!"

Both brunettes looked at each for a moment, then they burst into giggles.

"Having some trouble waking up, Kel?" Amanda grinned at the wonderfully curvy brunette.

"Yeah." Kelsey nodded with a wry little smile.

"Did we stay too long at the club?"

"Nah. I was just kept up quite late once we got back to the villa," Kelsey said, giving Carynne a pointed look. Carynne's naughty grin left little doubt in Vincent's mind that the two girls were definitely fucking each other. He just smirked at the thought.

"If you need a break from those two, you know you're always welcome to stay with me and Damon," Amanda offered sweetly.

"Yeah, because then I would get so much more sleep!" Kelsey laughed, with Carynne and Stacey joining in. Vincent noticed that Amanda wasn't laughing, but instead she had an almost melancholy smile on her face.

"Can I have some more ice-tea, please, Vincent?" Amanda asked softly once the girls' laughter had died down.

"Of course, Amanda. Do you want me to bring another coke for Damon?" Vincent asked. If the other girls were surprised at him knowing Amanda's and Damon's names, they didn't show it.

"Yeah, you might as well. He'll probably be thirsty again once he's done eating."

Vincent nodded and walked off, his mind swimming with possibilities. Though he couldn't be completely sure, it started to appear like this group of friends was very sexually open—and perhaps even active—with one another. They certainly seemed to be implying as much, and they also seemed not to care that he was standing there, listening to all of it. He began having visions of being allowed to join them. Seeing all four of those girls naked would just kill him on the spot, he knew.

He took several more requests for drinks from other guests, then waited patiently at the bar while Eduardo first took care of Marco's orders. Gazing around the white sand beach, listening to the steady drum of the waves softly crashing on the shore, his eyes fell on a young couple that was walking along the beach, right along the water line. He figured them to be right around his own age, perhaps a year or so younger, and they were both beautiful in their own right. The girl was tall and skinny, with nice, full curves—though they didn't compare to Kelsey's. The guy was just a bit taller than she was, ruggedly handsome and extremely well built.

Vincent had seen them walk around for several days now, though he was unsure if they were guests of the Ocean Club or just enjoyed strolling along the beach. As they came closer, he realized they seemed to be having a bit of an argument.

"I swear it was him!" the guy said animatedly.

"Oh, come on, Ryan. What are the odds?" the girl asked in a wonderful accent that Vincent was pretty sure was English.

"I don't know, but I'm telling you it looked like him, and he's always out swimming every morning."

"So are most of the other guests, love," she grinned.

"Yeah, because I can't tell the difference," he smirked.

"Be honest. You're just pretending to know him, so you can go over and meet those bloody gorgeous girls!"

The guy was about to say something in objection; then, his facade dropped, and he grinned wickedly at her.

"Oh, I knew it! You prat!" the girl exclaimed, fiercely punching him several times on the arm.

He kept grinning, shrugging his shoulders as if to say he was just a guy and couldn't help himself.

"You American guys and your incessant need for threesomes! God!" the girl said in a despairing voice.

"Oh right! Like it's only American guys who want that! British guys would never want a threesome!"

"Not as badly as you!" she said vehemently.

"What you need, Vincent?" Eduardo asked, disrupting Vincent's reverie. Vincent blinked a few times, then gave the bartender his order. He wondered who the guy had been talking about. Damon, perhaps? He shrugged slightly; it wasn't important anyways. He stared at Kelsey and Amanda until Vincent handed him a tray full of drinks.

He brought the drinks out to all his guests, finishing with the group of girls. Damon had returned from lunch, and he and his girlfriend were cuddled up together in a sunlounger, though they'd taken refuge from the fierce sunshine in the shade of one of the palm trees. The other girls were taking full advantage of the beautiful weather, tanning leisurely.

"Oh, thanks, Vincent," Damon said when Vincent put the drinks down. "These are our friends, by the way. That's Stacey over there, that's Carynne, and this is my sister, Kelsey."

Vincent nodded politely. He'd already figured out the girls' names, though he did a bit of a double-take when he heard Damon say Kelsey was his sister. Now that he looked at the two of them more closely, he realized they did look quite a bit alike. He grinned inwardly at how lucky Damon was. He had one of the two most beautiful girls in the world as his girlfriend, and the other one was his sister—it hardly seemed fair. He wondered if Damon would mind him fucking Kelsey up that perfect ass of hers. Her moans and whimpers in his mind were utterly delicious, and he could feel his cock start to grow again.

Before he could say anything, however, Vincent suddenly heard his name being called. He looked over to see the boss waving at him to come inside, and he waved back in acknowledgement. There was probably more manual labor to be done, he realized with a deep sigh.

He said goodbye to Damon and his friends, then walked off.

Amanda smiled at Vincent's back as he left. He was a genuinely nice guy—quite handsome too, if she was honest to herself. Stacey especially seemed pretty interested in him, and she grinned at the thought of her friend fucking the friendly waiter to shreds. Though from the way he was built, she reckoned he could probably handle himself in bed, even with a sex-fiend like Stacey.

She moaned a little when Damon kissed her neck, and she quickly focused her attention back on her wonderful boyfriend, locking her lips against his. Even after almost ten months of dating, she still got tingles in her spine from the way he kissed her and the way he looked at her. She felt warm and secure in his love, thrilled at the way it almost enveloped her like a blanket.

She genuinely hoped he was over his distress at doing so poorly—by his standards anyways—at Nationals. He had trained like crazy the months before, and he'd been so confident that he was going to do well that Stacey had booked this celebratory vacation for all of them in advance. Then he'd finished last in the 400 meter individual medley, and she'd had to argue with him quite fiercely when he initially refused to go on the trip, saying she and the girls should just go without him. She still shivered as she thought back to it; she hated arguing, especially with people she loved so much. Fortunately he'd come around, and he'd given her a night of make-up sex that had nearly made her pass out.

She grinned in remembrance of that night. Both of them had been sweating and were utterly exhausted, and he'd asked her if she was finally going to say that she couldn't go anymore. She'd just kissed him and told him she was more than ready to go again, after which he'd groaned and surrendered. She absolutely loved the way he kept trying to completely wear her out, even though he should have long since realized that she was genuinely insatiable. It flattered her that he kept trying over and over, however.

As they let go of their kiss, Amanda looked deep into Damon's eyes, again wishing she knew what he was thinking. Like all men, he had an irritating tendency to say 'nothing' when she asked him, even though she could tell his mind was going a thousand miles a minute. No amount of prodding would ever get him to tell her what he was thinking about, though. In that way she always wished he was far more like Kelsey, who never had any hesitation in sharing her inner thoughts with her best friend.

He just smiled at her, and she felt herself melt under that smile once again, like she'd done hundreds of times before. He was just so damn cute! She banished her worries to the darkest corners of her mind and snuggled up against him a little closer. Her hand ran over his abs, and her pussy tingled when she felt his muscles. Not for the first time, she marveled at how hot he really was. She closed her eyes and enjoyed being there with him; his body was warm and his arms felt so wonderful around her.

After awhile, Damon gently shook her awake, though she hadn't even realized she'd fallen asleep. "Baby, wake up. I'm gonna go swim. Do you want to go with me?" he asked.

She gave him her most beautiful smile, and she got another thrill from the way his eyes softened when he saw her smile at him. She stretched languorously and looked at her friends over her shoulder. "Are you guys going swimming?"

Stacey and Carynne both nodded, but Kelsey shook her head. "I'm too tired. I think I'm going to just lie here for awhile," her best friend said.

"I'm gonna stay here with Kel for a bit, okay? I'll join you in a little while," Amanda said to her boyfriend.

"Sure. Don't ravage each other too much!" he joked with that goofy grin of his.

She giggled and punched his arm as he got up, then she watched him and her two friends race each other to the water. He'd have easily won if it hadn't been for Stacey deliberately tripping him, allowing Carynne to reach the water first. The girls' laughter quickly turned into squeals of fake fright once he got back up and began chasing them into the sparkling blue ocean.

Amanda leaned over and gave Kelsey a gentle kiss even as she blinked against the bright sunlight. The two of them had been best friends for a long time, and lovers for going on two years. They had remained lovers once she and Damon had gotten involved. Of course, Kelsey had gotten involved with Damon too, and though the consequences of that convoluted triangle had nearly been disastrous, afterwards the three of them had been extremely happy together for awhile. It was wonderful to have two people love her so completely as Damon and Kelsey did.

Kelsey broke the kiss after a few moments, hiding her mouth behind her hand to yawn.

"Did Carynne wear you out that much?" Amanda asked teasingly.

Kelsey blushed softly. Amanda adored how Kel always managed to blush when confronted with her wonderful sexual escapades. It was mostly a sham, of course; Kel absolutely loved being so slutty, but she enjoyed acting a bit sheepishly because of it too. It just made her even more cute than she already was.

"Not just Carynne. Stacey joined in too," Kelsey said, nibbling her lower lip.

"Oh, no wonder you're so tired! What all did they do to you?"

"God, what didn't they do to me! I squirted so much on the bed that we had to sleep on the couches!"

Amanda grinned at that, a thousand memories of Kelsey's squirting orgasms rushing through her mind. She absolutely loved the way Kel came—they all did. Having Kelsey soak them in her sweet, juicy cum was likely number one on everyone's 'Favorite Things To Do' list. She just wished she knew why it hadn't happened lately. She sighed and let the thought slide, staring off into the distance.

"Amanda ... are you and Damon sad that I haven't slept with you guys in awhile? Or angry?" Kelsey asked hesitantly after a few moments of silence. As always, she seemed to be able to read Amanda's mind.

Amanda gave her a wan smile. "No, we're not. We love it when you join us, of course, but we're just happy that you and Carynne are together now. If you're happy, we're happy."

Kelsey shaded her eyes with her hand and her gaze shifted to the ocean, where her brother was in the process of hoisting Carynne up and throwing her into the water. She giggled at Carynne's loud squeal right before it was cut off by the sea. "Yeah, I am happy. I'm really happy," she said, her heart in her throat.

"That's all that matters. I'm really glad you found someone, Kel; even though it took you forever to figure it out!"

Kelsey grinned at her friend. "Yeah, well, some help you were! You'd known about Carynne's feelings for me for a long time, and you never told me!"

"I'm sorry. I just figured that was something Carynne would much rather tell you herself."

"I know, I'm just teasing you," Kelsey said, comfortingly putting her hand on Amanda's arm. They smiled at each other and stole another kiss.

"Did you really not realize it?" Amanda asked after a few moments.

Kelsey shook her head. "No. I knew she loved me, of course, but we all love each other. I had no idea she was actually in love with me."

"You know, you're a doofus!" Amanda giggled.

Kelsey laughed loudly. 'Doofus' had been her nickname for her brother ever since they were children, and she fondly called him that often. It fit him well since he could be incredibly dense at times, though she still absolutely loved him for it. She had to admit, however, she'd been just as dense when it came to Carynne. Her gorgeous friend had been in love with her for a long time, and she'd never realized it. She felt tears of joy well up in her eyes as she thought back to that night when Carynne had told her.

She wiped her tears away with the palms of her hands and smiled at Amanda. "You've both been so wonderfully supportive of me—of us. Thank you."

"Of course, Kel. Anything for you, you know that. We both love Carynne too, and we're just glad you two finally got together. Damon is especially glad!"

"Yeah, because now he doesn't have to be jealous!" Kelsey giggled. After she had told her brother and Amanda to focus on each other, she'd said that one day she'd want to find someone for herself. In reply her brother had told her he'd be fine with that, but she knew if she'd wound up with a boy he still would have been jealous. With Carynne that fortunately did not seem to be an issue.

She saw Amanda looking out at the ocean, watching Damon, Stacey and Carynne play around; then, a sudden shimmer of doubt passed through Amanda's face. Nobody else would have likely even noticed it, but Kelsey had known and loved Amanda for a long time, and her best friend couldn't hide anything from her.

She quickly got up and sat down next to Amanda on the sunlounger that was shaded by the palm tree, wrapping her arm around her friend's shoulders. "Amanda, is something wrong? You two have seemed not as happy at times," she asked softly. Mentally, she was praying for it to be just a figment of her imagination, and for the two of them to be just fine—it would completely devastate her to ever see the two people she loved most in the world break up.

Amanda looked at her friend with her eyes full of love. She wanted so badly to tell her, but the absolute last thing she wanted was to do anything that would mess with Kelsey's happiness. She'd long ago said that all she cared about was Kelsey being happy, and she meant it. So instead she just gave her another wan smile.

Again, it would have fooled anyone but Kelsey. She squeezed Amanda's shoulder, silently urging her to say what was bugging her. Soon Amanda's lip began to wobble, and she burst into tears. Kelsey felt her gut clench at the sight of Amanda crying, and she quickly took her in a warm embrace, holding her close.

"What's wrong, Amanda? Is it the swimming thing still?" Kelsey whispered, in between kissing Amanda's head over and over again while it rested against her chest. She knew how disappointed her brother had been at his poor result, as well as the huge fight the two of them had had about still coming on this vacation.

"No ... at least, I don't think so," Amanda sobbed softly. "He seemed more relaxed about it this morning."

"Then what is it? Please tell me."

Amanda just cried harder, and Kelsey continued holding her, whispering soft encouragements to her. Her mind conjured up possible explanations for Amanda's grief, and she had to take several deep breaths to clear the more horrible ones.

Finally Amanda murmured, "Kel ... why won't he ... why..." she stammered.

"Why won't he what, baby?" Kelsey whispered, frowning slightly. Was Amanda upset that Damon hadn't asked her to marry him yet? Though she teased her brother about it almost relentlessly, Amanda always maintained that she wasn't ready to get married yet. She kept adamantly stating that she wanted to get through college first, though Kelsey had always figured that wasn't really the honest truth.

"Why won't he come to UCLA with us?" Amanda blurted out before bursting into a fresh crying fit.

"What?!" Kelsey exclaimed loudly as she felt her heart go icy cold. "Oh my God, has he said that?"

"No, but..."

Kelsey swallowed loudly, trying to get herself to calm down as Amanda's words drifted beyond her consciousness. All throughout high school, she and her brother had always been determined to go to college together, and they'd focused on UCLA because it would allow them to be closer to their older sister, Melissa, who lived in L.A ... If he'd suddenly changed his mind about that, she'd ... she quickly shook her head to clear it of the nasty thoughts. She'd been halfway ready to get up and charge straight at him. "What did he say, then?" she asked.

"He hasn't really said anything about it. At all," Amanda said, still crying softly.

Kelsey frowned. She'd been the first of her friends to send in her application to UCLA. She wanted to be closer to Melissa, so her choice had been easy. Amanda had quickly followed suit, not wanting to be parted from her best friend and lover. Once Kelsey and Carynne had become involved, Carynne had also made up her mind to go to UCLA since the two new girlfriends didn't want to be apart either. With their excellent academic records, the three of them had managed to get scholarships which paid for all of their tuition and other fees and left enough to live off if they were a bit frugal.

Stacey was still undecided, mostly because she was harboring thoughts about going to college in Europe. Kelsey wanted nothing more than for her friend to come with them to UCLA, but she knew how badly Stacey wanted to go touring and see the world. For all she knew, Stacey might just go do that and not bother with college for a few years—it wasn't as if she had to worry about getting a job. Besides, if she did ever decide to go to college, she probably could just show up whenever she felt like it and still be admitted. No college was really likely to turn her down; being the daughter of an oil billionaire had its benefits, after all.

Damon, however, had held off on his decision. Kelsey knew that it was partially because his swimming coach kept urging him to go pro. Despite his poor showing at Nationals, Damon still held the fastest time ever swam by a high school student in the 400 meter individual medley, and he was going to improve by a lot over the next few years as he reached his physical prime. He'd improve in college too, of course, but if he finished college first, he'd be almost twenty-four by the time he could go pro. More and more professional swimmers went pro straight out of high school, and she knew the lure of likely being financially independent in a few years weighed heavily on her brother's mind. She also knew he had dreams of competing in the Olympics in London in 2012, and his coach felt that he'd be far better prepared for that by going pro because of the increased level of competition he'd face.

Then there was the scholarship offer from Texas, whose AD had basically offered Damon a full ride and had hinted at a slew of unofficial perks, and with that came the opportunity to swim for the top Division I team in the NCAA. Though Kelsey didn't think that Damon would take that offer if he did decide to go to college, she knew he hadn't officially turned it down yet either, like he had the offers from dozens of other colleges.

She understood her brother's desire to make the right decision, but she also knew that his delay in making up his mind gnawed on Amanda. Amanda would follow Damon anywhere, but there had never been any doubt in her mind that he'd follow his girlfriend and his sister to UCLA, so she'd applied to UCLA early. Now it appeared there was a possibility that that decision might come back to bite her in the ass.

"It'll be okay, Amanda. You know he's not hesitating because of you," Kelsey whispered encouragingly.

"Really?" Amanda asked, a little dubiously.

Kelsey winced. "Of course, really. Why would you ever doubt that?"

Amanda sighed. "It's just ... I don't know. I just wonder if I did something wrong; if maybe I made him reluctant or something. I know our fight hasn't helped."

Kelsey had to fight not to start crying herself; Amanda sounded so sad! "Honey, it's not you! He loves you, you know that. He never wants to be separated from you!"

Amanda looked at her, her eyes still blurring with her tears. "Then why won't he come to college with us?"

Kelsey sighed. "I don't know. But I'll talk with him about it soon, I promise."

Amanda just nodded. She so badly wanted to tell Kel the other reason she was sad, but she buried that desire deep down inside. All that mattered was that Kel was happy. Even if it made her heart break.

The atmosphere in the nightclub was electric, and Kelsey smiled joyously when they all entered. The place was absolutely packed, the music was thumping loudly, and everybody seemed to be having a great time dancing, drinking, and otherwise just enjoying themselves.

She had no idea what the club was called, and she didn't care. It was on the beach, just a short walk away from where they were staying, and that was really the deciding factor for them to go there every night. It was a beautiful, not too large, typically Caribbean building, made of white-painted wood and a slanted straw roof that extended far beyond the walls, protecting the party-goers from any rain that would otherwise blow in through the open windows. Strobe and disco lights were abundant, though most of the light came from the low-hanging full moon that shimmered over the ocean in a breathtakingly beautiful fashion.

She made her way over to the bar across the dance floor, wanting a drink first. She loved that nobody on the island cared how old they were with regards to drinking, an attitude she wished the U.S. wouldn't be so stuck up about. She nimbly cut through the crowds, smiling at all the guys—and several girls—that were obviously checking her out. She'd almost made it to the large mahogany bar when she felt her butt being pinched, hard.

Kelsey quickly turned around, trying to see who it was that had grabbed her. She broke into a giggle when she saw Carynne hold up her hands, her fingers clacking like they were a lobster's claws.

"Sorry. Nobody had grabbed your ass yet, and I didn't want you to think you didn't look hot enough tonight or anything," Carynne grinned mischievously.

Kelsey just laughed and wrapped her arms around Carynne's neck, leaning down slightly to kiss her wonderful girlfriend. She groaned as she felt Carynne's tongue slide inside her mouth, and the two made out passionately for several wonderful moments.

"Mmmm, I love you," Kelsey said when they finally broke their kiss.

"I love you too!" Carynne said happily. Then she looked around at all the guys who were staring so hard at the two of them that their eyes were nearly falling out of their sockets. "Looks like we have some admirers!"

"Do you girls want to dance? Have a drink with us maybe?" a tall black guy asked them. His white shirt was unbuttoned all the way, showing off his excellent body; Kelsey had to admit he was pretty hot. His grin was infectious, and Carynne seemed to want to take him up on the offer.

"Maybe later," Kelsey said, firmly grabbing her girlfriend's hand and dragging Carynne towards the bar. She could barely restrain herself from snickering at the guy's forlorn look of disappointment.

She was used to the attention, of course. Every time she and her friends had gone out the past several years, she'd had guys ask her to dance, ask her to dinner, ask her to fuck, and even ask her to marry them. She'd once told her brother that Amanda got far more offers of that kind than she did, but she knew that was a lie. Though Amanda was almost constantly besieged by admirers, and deservedly so, she herself probably got just as many, if not more.

Secretly, she got a thrill from it. She loved that everyone thought she was so hot, and when she was really horny—which was pretty often—she got incredibly excited about the idea that people might get themselves off thinking about her. She knew Carynne was the same way, though her girlfriend was more likely than not to offer those people to help them with the getting off part. Kelsey didn't mind that about her; she knew exactly who and what Carynne was before they got together, and she didn't expect her friend to change her flirtatiousness just because they were now in an official relationship. Besides, Carynne had been completely faithful to her from day one, something which had been a huge factor in her recent decision about Damon and Amanda.

Still, both of them loved dressing to provoke, and they had done so again on this occasion. Kelsey was wearing a short, black flippy skirt that came to about three inches beneath her butt. She'd combined it with a dark crimson tank top that was easily two sizes too small; her tits strained it almost to the point of breaking, and it left a large part of her sexy tummy bare. She'd finished off her ensemble with a pair of heels that made her ass look extra perky. Like Carynne had said, her butt had been squeezed almost rampantly the past few nights, but she didn't really mind. Whenever it got too sore, Carynne was always more than happy to kiss or lick it all better. She'd done her hair up in her typical ponytail, like Carynne's, not really feeling like messing with it. The salty humidity on the island made it a pain in the ass to try to work with anyways.

Carynne had decided to go extra naughty, wearing just a small purple tube top which had likely fit her perfectly when she'd still been mostly flat in her chest, but which was now standing out delectably, revealing the bottom swells of her breasts. The rest of her upper body was bare, and to accompany the flimsy piece of clothing she'd put on the absolutely smallest skirt she owned. It was the kind of skirt that could only be bought from the most kinky lingerie websites. It was red, pleated, and came to maybe halfway down her ass, and that was when she was just standing still; it would slide up on her hips at the slightest movement, basically leaving her entire ass bare. Carynne had wanted to go barefoot, but Kelsey had urged her to at least wear some flip flops—who knew what kind of fluids lay on the club's hardwood floor, after all.

Kelsey had been surprised when Carynne had actually put on a pair of lacy, black panties. She figured her girlfriend would just go all the way and do without, but Carynne had just grinned and said there was a reason for it, though she refused to elaborate, even after Kelsey had threatened to spank her.

After she made it over to the bar, Kelsey smiled when she saw Stacey handing out Pina Coladas to Damon and Amanda. Like herself and Carynne, Stacey had absolutely dressed to kill, though in a fairly different fashion. She'd put on a pair of Daisy Dukes that fit her ass like a second skin. They were so tight they easily showed the fact she wasn't wearing anything underneath, and they also displayed quite a bit of camel toe to wonderful effect. For a top, she'd asked to borrow one of Damon's white shirts, and she had tied it off in a knot just underneath her spectacular breasts; it left most of her cleavage and all of her tummy bare. She looked like a country girl just dying for a good fuck. The look was emphasized by her blonde hair which tumbled about her shoulders in a wild, ragtag fashion, creating an alluring effect. When Carynne had told her that she looked kinda trashy, Stacey had just grinned and said that was the whole point. Then she'd stuck her tongue out and told Carynne to look who was talking.

Kelsey felt her pussy itch at the sight of her former high school cheerleader captain and long-time guide in the art of fucking other girls. It had been Stacey who had seduced her first, showing her delights that she hadn't thought could ever be possible. Their group had slowly expanded until it consisted of herself, Stacey, Amanda and Carynne, and the four of them had had a year of fantastic sex with one another, though Amanda had eventually decided to go exclusive with Damon and had not joined in any group fun with the other girls since.

Kelsey grimaced as she realized she'd completely forgotten to put Mikaela in that list. She again sighed that her friend had gone away to the East coast. Mikaela's dad had been assigned to the Navy base in Virginia Beach in February, and she'd gone to join him after she'd graduated. They'd barely heard a word from her since, and by the day Kelsey thought about her less and less.

She quickly cleared the despondent thoughts from her mind. She was there to have a good time, and that's what she was going to do! She gratefully accepted a Pina Colada from Stacey, and all of them clinked their glasses together and drank deeply of the sweet, ice-cold cocktail.

Kelsey smiled at Carynne as her girlfriend came to stand beside her. She felt Carynne's hand sneak underneath her skirt and rest on her ass, though for the moment it didn't travel any further. She almost wanted to beg her to keep going; her pussy had been on fire ever since she saw what Carynne had been planning to wear for the night. She restrained herself with some effort, however. The night was still very young, and there'd be plenty of time to fuck later.

She looked over at Amanda, and she shared a smile with her best friend, again silently envying Amanda's hair. Unlike her own, Amanda's hair seemed utterly unaffected by the salt in the air, and it hung almost artfully draped over her right shoulder, falling straight down the front to just beneath her breasts. She still had to get used to how short it now was, at least compared to how long it used to be when they were still in high school, when it reached all the way down to her butt.

Amanda had chosen to wear a black halter-top and summer skirt combo; on her magnificent body it still looked incredibly sexy, of course, clinging tightly to her perfect breasts and ass, but it was very ... conservative, at least compared to the outfits of her friends. The skirt almost reached to Amanda's knees! It seemed like something Kelsey's mom would have picked for Kelsey herself to wear, back when she still suffered from her mother's absurd dress code.

Kelsey smiled wryly. Her mother's insistence that she not wear anything that could even be remotely construed as sexy had grated on her like nothing else, and she'd often gone out wearing just jeans and a sweater, only to quickly change into far more sexy clothes—usually gifts from Stacey—once they got to the club. Damon had eventually managed to get Mom to lift that stupid rule, but before that Kelsey had railed against it often. When she finally learned its true purpose, however, she...

Kelsey shook her head in annoyance; negative thoughts just kept creeping into her mind! She knew the reason, of course: though Amanda was smiling, she was far from happy, and it was as easy to read for Kelsey as it would have been had she texted it. Her best friend's sadness kept dragging her down as well.

Kelsey's glance turned to her brother. He was very nicely dressed, which wasn't that hard to do since pretty much everything looked good on that fantastic body of his. He was wearing a long-sleeved, turquoise, buttoned shirt, with the sleeves neatly rolled up to his elbows, and he'd chosen a pair of pleated khakis to go with it. His look was finished off with a brown leather belt and a very nice pair of brown leather shoes. For a guy who generally just wore whatever was on top of his piles of clothes, she was proud of him for looking so good, something she knew Amanda had likely had a lot to do with.

She was far less thrilled with the way he seemed to be utterly oblivious to Amanda's turmoil, though she didn't really blame him. He was clueless when it came to girls, something which had occasionally driven both her and Amanda to distraction during the time when they were trying to seduce him, and though he'd become better at reading both her own mood as well as Amanda's, he was still far from perfect. She also had to admit that Amanda was hiding it well; it was just the occasional look in her eyes that gave her away. It would be nearly impossible for her brother to notice.

Fortunately, her brother was devoting all his attention to Amanda, and her best friend was obviously enjoying herself despite her misgivings. The two of them were kissing frequently, and it didn't look like they were in any danger of getting into an argument about the whole college thing, so Kelsey decided to just focus on having a good time for the evening. There'd be plenty of time to talk to her brother about his plans again some other day. She finished her Pina Colada and gave Stacey a deep kiss to thank her for always paying for everything, then she grabbed both Stacey and Carynne and dragged them onto the dance floor.

Damon sighed as he sat at the bar with an untouched bottle of Corona in front of him, watching the girls dance. They kept waving at him to come join them again, but his heart wasn't really into it. Besides, he'd just spent two of the last three hours or so dancing, and unlike the group of cheerleaders—former cheerleaders, he corrected himself—he couldn't just dance and dance forever without his legs eventually screaming fucking murder.

At least Amanda seemed to be having a good time, amazing everybody around her with her incredible dancing skills. Damon had once thought that Kelsey, Stacey and Carynne were likely to be just as good at dancing as Amanda was, but when he had told his girlfriend that, she had raised her eyebrows and quickly disabused him of that notion in a demonstration that made all the other girls just shake their heads and admit defeat with big grins. Nobody could dance like Amanda.

There were a ton of guys standing around the girls, trying to score a dance with them—and probably a fuck too—but Damon wasn't worried. He'd worked hard at getting rid of his jealousy, and he had it pretty much under control. He knew Amanda loved him, and he loved her, and the same went for his sister. Just because they'd dance with or smile at a guy didn't mean anything. He knew he never had to worry about either one of them cheating on him.

He did have to admit he'd been thrilled when Kelsey and Carynne became girlfriends, however. Though he'd promised Kelsey he wouldn't be jealous if his sister wound up with a boy, he knew that inside he'd have been seething at the thought of another guy getting to enjoy her incredible body. Having it be Carynne who got to do that—a girl he'd had sex with himself before he and Amanda had decided to become exclusive, and someone whom Kelsey had already been fucking anyways—had been an incredible relief.

Still, despite all his good fortune, and despite how much of a good time everyone appeared to be having, Damon was not happy, and he knew that he was in turn dragging Amanda down with him. He'd seen her crying earlier when he'd been goofing around in the ocean with Carynne and Stacey. Though neither Kelsey nor Amanda probably realized it, he knew Amanda was unhappy because of him, and the very thought sent pain like steel knives through his gut. He never wanted to make Amanda unhappy, but he couldn't really help it—he just didn't know what to do!

He'd been mopey because of his shitty result at Nationals, but that really wasn't the big thing that had been on his mind. Like Coach had said, he'd do better next year. No, his big worry was the decision he had to make with regards to college. And then, of course, there was Kelsey...

"Hey, I'm sorry to bug you, but can I ask you something?" a voice asked from his left. Damon turned around with a surprised look, seeing a tall, well-built, dark-haired guy standing there with a relaxed smile on his face, leaning his left elbow on the bar. Behind him was an almost equally tall, startlingly pretty brunette girl with deep, almost mysterious brown eyes. Those eyes were turned towards the smiling guy, and they seemed to be staring daggers of death at him.

"Eh ... yeah, sure," Damon said a little hesitantly. What on Earth could the guy possibly want? He looked around a bit to see if he was hogging someone's seat or something.

"Are you Damon Richards?"

Damon frowned. How the fuck ... he waited a few more seconds, then slowly said, "Yeah. Do I know you?"

"I knew it!" the guy exclaimed, clenching his fist as if he'd just scored a decisive victory of some kind. He smugly looked at the girl over his shoulder. "See! I told you it was him!"

"Well, hoo-bloody-rah!" she said, rolling her eyes before shifting them towards Damon. "I'm terribly sorry about all this. He's been yammering on and on about you being this guy that he thinks he knows, or something."

Damon smiled at her accent. Though most people spoke with an accent in the Bahamas, of course, hers seemed to be from somewhere else—England, if he had to guess. He found he kind of liked it. "No, it's okay, I'm just a little confused why ... you're not here to kill me, are you?" he joked.

The guy laughed at that. "No, I'm not, but she is. Get him, babe!" he grinned, stepping aside for the girl.

Her eyes lit up, and she blushed brightly; then, she rammed her fist into the guy's ribs. "Oh, you fucking arse! Stop embarrassing me!"

The guy just laughed harder. "Feisty, isn't she?"

Damon couldn't help but laugh himself. "I guess. Are you ever going to tell me what this is about?"

"Yeah, I'm sorry," the guy said, holding up his hands in apparent apology. Damon wasn't sure if the apology was for him or for the girl, however. "Siara and I've been walking along the beach in front of the Ocean Club every morning for the last few days, and we've seen you out there several times. I kept telling her that I recognized you, and she wouldn't believe me. When I saw you sitting here at the bar, I just had to come ask."

"Okay ... what did you recognize me from, then?"

"Well, there aren't many high school athletes that swim a 4:07 in the 400 individual medley, right?"

Damon frowned for a second, sizing the guy up. "You're a swimmer too?"

"Yeah. I was at Nationals, and I'd heard all about you winning State and beating Mitch Stevens with that time."

"You were at Nationals? I don't recall seeing you anywhere."

The guy shrugged. "I didn't swim, but I came to support one of the guys from my team. I'd have never known about you, but my coach kept telling me how impressive your time was, so I watched your heat."

"That was a disappointment, huh?"

He grinned. "Well, after all the hype, I did sort of expect you to finish better than last, yeah!"

Damon found himself grinning too; there was something infectious about the guy's good-natured banter. In a way it reminded him of Brian.

The girl tapped the guy on his shoulder, and he quickly turned around. "Yeah, honey?"

"You might want to introduce us," she said pointedly.

"Oh, shit! Yeah. Sorry ... I'm Ryan. Ryan Reynolds," he said, holding out his hand.

Damon shook it, then he chuckled. "Ryan Reynolds? Like the—"

"Yeah, like the actor, and yeah, he's far better looking than me; go on, I've heard it all before," Ryan sighed.

Damon laughed and motioned at the two empty barstools beside him. "You guys want to take a seat and have a drink?"

"Oh, no, really, we're sorry to have bothered you this much already, and—" the girl began.

"Come on, Sia, let's just have a drink," Ryan said, quickly sitting down on one of the barstools while holding the other one out for his girlfriend. She stared at him for a few moments, then she carefully sat down.

Damon had some trouble not gawking at her as she really was exceptionally beautiful. It wasn't just her length that caught his eye; she also had an absolutely terrific body, with firm tits and an ass that would have made his mouth water if he didn't already have free access to the two most perfect asses in the world: those belonging to Kelsey and Amanda. She was wearing a rather expensive looking black halter dress which made her look elegant yet still sexy, and she was also adorned with several pieces of impressive jewelry. All in all she screamed money, though she was far more obvious about it than Stacey ever was.

"I'm Siara, nice to meet you," she said, holding out her hand to Damon.

"Damon. It's nice to meet you too," he replied, gently shaking her hand. He was surprised at her firm grip. From what little he'd seen of her so far, she seemed the kind of girl who just didn't take any crap from anybody.

He motioned for the bartender, and Ryan ordered a beer while Siara asked for a glass of white wine.

"Have you guys been here long?" Damon asked.

"Six days," Ryan said. "We'll be here for another week. We needed a break from L.A. for awhile. You?"

"We've been here five, and we're here another week also. Are you guys staying at the Ocean Club?"

Siara gave him a small smile. "Sort of, but not in those incredible villas that you and your girls are staying in. Neither of us is that wealthy. We're a little ways down the beach, in a smaller property."

"You two seem to know an awful lot about me," Damon said with a smirk.

She sighed and threw a glare at Ryan. "That's because he hasn't stopped talking about you and especially those girls! That's really all he wants, you know—to meet the girls you're with."

"Sia, please ... you're hurting my feelings!" Ryan grinned with exaggerated drama.

"Oh, bugger off, you cock! It's bloody well true, and you know it!"

Ryan shrugged expansively. "Well, you gotta admit, Damon, those girls draw a lot of attention."

"Yeah, they do." Damon nodded as he looked over at the dance floor, where the four girls were surrounded by a throng of people.

"I don't think they'd be bothered so much if they'd just put some clothes on," Siara grinned.

"Yeah, but where's the fun in that?" Ryan laughed. "You should try wearing something like that, honey!"

Siara blushed a beautiful crimson, and Damon smiled at the sight of it. When blushing, she was even more pretty than usual. "Right! Mum would have a right proper fit if I ever wore something like what that small girl's wearing!" she said in obviously fake shock.

Ryan leaned closer to her and kissed her on the side of her neck. "Come on, your mom would never know. And you know your butt would look just fucking awesome in that skirt."

Siara's beautiful smile practically lit up her whole face, and she turned so she could kiss Ryan.

Damon politely turned his face away, not wanting to invade their privacy, and he took a swig of his Corona. He grimaced when he realized it had turned lukewarm, and he signaled for the bartender to bring him another one just as the stocky black guy put Ryan's beer and Siara's wine down on the bar. Damon put a fifty dollar bill down to pay for the beers and the wine.

"You know that blonde girl over there has a tab, right?" the bartender asked politely. "She said you can be on it."

Damon nodded. "Yeah, I know. I'll just pay for these though." He still hadn't gotten used to Stacey always paying for absolutely everything, and he'd be damned if he was going to make her pay for drinks for two people she didn't even know! Fortunately he'd managed to get a decently paying job for the past five months, so he at least had some of his own money to spend.

The bartender shrugged and quickly made change, handing Damon two tens and four dollars in return. Damon blanched a little at the ridiculous prices, but he made no other comment as he put the tens away, leaving the dollars as a tip. The bartender smiled at him in appreciation.

"Hey!" Amanda said, popping up behind him and giving him a big kiss on his cheek.

He quickly turned around and smiled at her. "Hey sweetie. Wow, you're actually sweating!" he gasped in mock amazement. Like Kelsey, Amanda could dance for hours without ever really getting winded, and he'd often tease the two of them about it.

"Oh, knock it off!" she grinned. "Do you want to come dance with me some more?"

"Eh ... in a little bit, maybe. My legs are still sore," he lied. The truth was that he was glad she was obviously having a great time, and he didn't want to dampen her spirits again.

"Okay," she said, then she turned her attention to the kissing couple right beside him. "Did you make new friends?"

"I guess. I'll introduce you once they're done."

"I think they actually have a really good idea," Amanda said, wrapping her arms around Damon's neck and pulling him close for a kiss. Damon closed his eyes and moaned when he felt her tongue slip inside his mouth, and the two of them made out for several long moments.

After he broke their kiss, he saw Ryan and Siara grinning at the two of them. "Sorry," he said, though he couldn't stop the smirk that popped up on his face.

Ryan held up his hands. "No need to apologize, man. Who could blame you?" He let out a loud whoof as Siara elbowed him in the ribs.

"Behave yourself!" Siara hissed, then she turned her attention back to Damon and Amanda. "I'm Siara. And this uncivilized clown is my boyfriend, Ryan."

"Hi, I'm Amanda," Amanda said brightly, shaking both their hands in turn. "And I see you've already met my boy toy, Damon."

"Your boy toy?" Siara laughed.

"Mmmm-hmmm," Amanda smirked, loving the way Damon was blushing. She took his earlobe between her teeth and nibbled on it, causing a ripple of pleasure to tear through him.

Ryan and Siara were still both grinning at them, and Amanda gave them one of her dazzling smiles. She had to refrain from giggling as she saw the effect it had on Ryan, though she also thought that Siara wasn't completely unaffected by it.

"I love your necklace, Siara," Amanda said earnestly. The tall brunette was wearing a beautiful diamond cross on an apparently white-golden chain; it sparkled brightly in the strobe lights overhead.

"Thank you. It was a gift from my dad for my sixteenth birthday."

"It's beautiful."

Both girls exchanged smiles, then Amanda kissed Damon again on the cheek. "I'm gonna go back dancing. Are you sure you don't want to come?"

"No, I'm okay, baby. But have fun," Damon said.

"Okay. It was nice meeting you guys!"

"You too!" both Ryan and Siara said in response.

Amanda was just about to walk off when she looked curiously at Siara. "Do you want to come dance with us, Siara?"

"Well ... I'm not sure. I mean, I could never dance the way you do."

"Why not? It's not hard or anything, it's just moving your body."

Siara smirked. "Calling what you do 'just moving your body, ' is like saying that Hamlet is just English words put into order!"

"Oh, don't be silly! Come on!"

Before Siara could say anything else, Amanda had already grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her off the barstool. The tall brunette girl threw a somewhat startled glance over her shoulder at Ryan, then she let herself be pulled along onto the dance floor.

"I hope your girlfriend doesn't embarrass her too badly," Ryan grinned.

"I'm sure Amanda will go easy on her, but why? Can't she dance?"

"Oh, no, she's actually a fantastic dancer. If you think the Waltz and the Tango qualify as dancing!"

Damon laughed. "Where is she from?"

"The U.K."

"So, don't they dance there or something?"

Ryan chuckled. "I'm sure they do, but she's royalty. So, you know, she grew up all high society: big banquets, formal ballroom dances, things like that. I'm trying to get her to be a bit more relaxed and casual about everything."

Damon looked over at the tall British girl on the dance floor, who was being happily greeted by the other three girls. "Royalty? Get the fuck out of here!"

"No, I'm serious. She's the youngest daughter of the Duke and Duchess of somewhere. She told me once, but I can't remember. Joster or Foster or something."

"And that makes her royalty?"

"Apparently," Ryan said with a small shrug. "Her dad is like fifth in line to the throne, I believe."

"Wow. So is she rich?"

"Not crazy rich, no, but she's got enough money that she doesn't have to worry too much about how much she spends."

"Damn. So how did you ... eh..." Damon said haltingly.

"How did a dick like me end up with a girl like her?" Ryan grinned.

Damon stared at him for a second, then he grinned too. "Yeah."

"I met her in college at a party. We hit it off pretty well, and we started dating. She didn't tell me about the whole royalty thing until we'd been going out for like three months."

"Did you meet her family yet?"

"Fuck no! I don't plan on doing that until I'm dead certain she and I are going to get married!" Ryan said, vigorously shaking his head. "They eat with like five different forks and knives, man! I would much rather hunt something myself, roast it over an open fire, then eat it with my bare hands!"

Damon laughed at the image of Ryan—from all appearances a genuine, down-to-earth American guy—trying to eat with British royalty.

Ryan laughed as well and downed his beer, then he motioned for the bartender to get both himself and Damon another one, slapping a twenty on the bar to pay for it.

"So what college are you guys going to? You said you're in L.A., right?" Damon asked.

"Yeah. UCLA."

"Seriously?" Damon said, a little surprised.

"Uh-huh. Why?"

"The girls are all gonna go to UCLA! Well, I'm not sure about Stacey yet, but Amanda, Carynne and my sister Kelsey are! They're starting next month!"

"Heh, it's a small world sometimes. So what about you then? Are you gonna go to UCLA?" Ryan asked in an obviously interested tone.

"I haven't really decided yet."

"Are you thinking about going pro?"

Damon nodded. "Yeah, and I have a really good offer from Texas."

"Texas?!" Ryan snorted. "What, are you gonna major in Rodeo or something?"

"Yeah, 'cause that's all there is in Texas!" Damon grinned. "They just happen to be the number one team in Division I swimming."

"Yeah, I know, but they're all giant dicks. Why wouldn't you come to UCLA, man? I mean, I know our swim team kinda sucks, but fuck, with you on it we'd probably be ranked in no time!"

"Are you on the swim team?"

"Yeah. You know, it'd be fucking awesome! The guys would shit to have you on the team! They're all cool guys, none of that intra-squad alpha-dog bullshit you get everywhere else. And you can't beat the California pussy, man. I'm telling you, there's more hot pussy walking around Sunset Boulevard than anywhere else in the world!" Ryan said, obviously getting more excited as he went along.

"I've already got myself a hot girl, so that's not really a big deal to me," Damon said wryly.

Ryan frowned. "Yeah. You and Amanda seem pretty tight. So why would you let her go to UCLA and not go with her? Are you guys not doing well or something?"

Damon stared at him a bit uncomfortably for a few moments.

"Oh, shit," Ryan sighed. "That got way too personal. I didn't mean to pry, I'm sorry."

Damon shook his head. "Nah, it's fine. It's just ... it'd take way too long to explain."

Ryan nodded quickly. "Yeah, I get it. If you change your mind, though, like I said, we'd fucking love to have you on the team. Please tell me UCLA at least offered you a scholarship?"


"Thank God. How long have you got to make up your mind?"

"I think I have a few more weeks, if I'm not mistaken."

"Well, if you got any questions, let me know."

"Yeah, I will. Thanks."

"Just don't go to Texas, man, okay? If you really want to major in Rodeo, I can teach ya."

"You've done Rodeo?"

"Uh-huh. I'm a third generation cowboy. Grew up on my dad's ranch in Montana, and I've ridden my share of bulls."

Damon gawked at him. "Are you serious?"


"Fuck, that's awesome. It must have been pretty cool growing up there?"

Ryan shrugged. "It was alright, I guess. Being outside all the time, beautiful nature and all that, that was pretty cool. But it sucks having to get up at four in the morning every day because of all the work that needs to be done!"

"I'll take your word for it!" Damon laughed.

Ryan just grinned at him, taking another swig of his beer.

"So if you're a cowboy, how did you wind up on UCLA's swim team?"

"My dad had a pool in the backyard, big one too. Once I was done with all the ranch chores, there wasn't much else to do. My nearest buddy lived like twenty miles away, so I just swam for hours a day."

"Even in the winter? Don't you guys get like thirty feet of snow or something?"

Ryan nodded. "Yeah, it's a bit cold then, but if you swim a little faster you don't notice it so much. Anyways, I went to high school in Helena, and they happened to have a swim team, so I swam for them."

"Did you get a scholarship from UCLA?"

"A partial one. My dad just pays for the rest, he's pretty well-off. His ranch makes a lot of money."

"How big is it?"

"It's around forty-thousand acres or so. He's got about five-thousand horses and probably fifty-thousand cattle."

"Holy shit!"


"Is it gonna be yours one day?"

"I dunno," Ryan sighed. "It's cool and all, but it also gets pretty boring at times. I kind of like life in California, you know? I may just decide to leave the whole thing up to my little brother. He loves being a cowboy."

"How old is he?"


"Okay, so you don't have to wait too long then, huh?"

"Nope. Couple more years. Once he's eighteen, I'll probably tell Dad to change his will, and that'll be that."

Damon grinned, and the both of them just sat quietly for awhile, looking around the packed club. They took turns ordering another round of beers and just talked about small stuff. After awhile, Siara and Amanda came back over.

"Ryan, please come dance with me?" Siara asked.

"You bet!" he said, nodding at Damon and quickly getting up, following her back to the dance floor.

Amanda locked her arms around Damon and just hugged him close for a few moments. He could feel her tremble against him, and again he felt like shit for making her feel so bad.

"Are you okay?" she asked, her eyes shining brightly with her love for him.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I'm sorry that I've been so fucking moody. I know it's been rubbing off on you, and I feel like a total ass for ruining your vacation," Damon said with a deep sigh.

"You're not ruining it, don't be silly. To be honest, I haven't been exactly happy either," she said softly.

Damon looked deep into her eyes. He'd imagined that she was sad because of him not making up his mind about college yet, but it seemed that wasn't the only thing she was upset over. "What's wrong, sweetheart?" he asked, tenderly kissing her lips.

Amanda threw a brief glance at the dance floor. "It's just ... I wish ... never mind, it's not important."

"Amanda, tell me, please?"

She shook her head. "No, I don't want to worry about it right now. Let's just have fun. Come dance with me?"

He hesitated for a brief second, and with a seductive whisper she added, "I'll suck you off if you do."

She grinned at the sight of his big, shit-eating grin. She could always get him with that, she knew.

"You mean on the dance floor?" he quipped.

Amanda's peals of laughter were audible even over the thumping music. "I'm not that kinky, Damon! But I definitely will later tonight..."

"Fuck yeah!" he grinned, hopping off his barstool and sweeping her up into his arms. She squealed with joy as he carried her back to their group of friends.

Kelsey smiled when she saw Damon carry Amanda back to the dance floor. She'd tried to talk with him earlier, but he'd been very evasive, giving noncommittal answers to her prying questions. She'd finally given up, but she was still determined to get to the bottom of it all. She hated seeing Amanda unhappy, and the thought of going to college without her brother made her almost physically ill. There had to be some reason for him to hesitate in going to UCLA with her, Amanda and Carynne? She'd been mopey for most of the afternoon because of it.

However, Carynne had eventually banished Kelsey's dark mood in the way that only she ever could: with her seemingly unrelenting happiness. Carynne was a bright ray of sunshine in everyone's lives, and Kelsey knew she was the luckiest girl in the world to have first Amanda, then Carynne fall in love with her. She wasn't sure what she'd ever done to deserve a second such wonderful girl after she'd pushed Amanda into her brother's arms, but she thanked God every single day for it.

She kissed her brother and Amanda when they rejoined the group, then the two of them began dancing with Siara and Ryan. Kelsey had immediately liked the two newcomers, which admittedly was a bit of a rarity for her—usually she took longer to warm up to people, but Ryan seemed a funny guy, and Siara was really just a sweetheart. Plus, she absolutely adored Siara's accent; it sent shivers running through her spine to hear the British girl talk. She had a fleeting fantasy of fucking the gorgeous girl together with Carynne; it made her pussy tingle, though she figured that, judging by the way Siara doted on Ryan, the British beauty was probably not into girls. It was easy to see why she was so into Ryan, however, because he was an absolute hunk. He was maybe even more in shape than her brother, and he was very nicely dressed, wearing bright khakis and a deep burgundy long-sleeved shirt. Carynne had whispered casually—with a naughty giggle—that she wouldn't mind seeing him naked.

After laughing at her brother's joking attempt to imitate some of Amanda's dancing moves, she returned her attention to Carynne, smiling as she watched her girlfriend dance with Stacey in a very provocative way. Dancing wasn't really the right word for it, actually. Stacey had her leg trapped between Carynne's thighs, and Carynne was obviously grinding her pussy on it. The crowd around them was definitely enjoying the show, judging by the undisguised looks of naked hunger she saw on everyone's faces.

Kelsey snuck up behind Carynne and wrapped her arms around her girlfriend, again loving the feel of Carynne's sexy body. She'd long ago said that Carynne was flawless despite being a bit small, and she hadn't ever had cause to change her mind. Carynne really was sublime. Her tits had grown nicely in the past seven months or so, and they were now the perfect size to accompany her delicious body.

"You're being really naughty," Kelsey whispered excitedly in her lover's ear.

"I know, but you like me that way," Carynne said with a husky voice, leaning her head back onto Kelsey's shoulder. Kelsey took the opportunity to suck on Carynne's neck, slowly letting her tongue trail across her girlfriend's skin.

Kelsey knew she was getting more brazen by the day, but she found she didn't really care anymore. She'd always loved being slutty, but really only as long as it was in relative secrecy with just her friends there. Ever since she hooked up with Carynne, however, Kelsey's reluctance to play in public had been slowly and patiently ground into dust. They hadn't quite gone so far yet as to fuck in public, but Kelsey got hot every time she remembered Carynne fingering her at school, right outside their classroom door while the class had already started. Her orgasm had been so hard she'd squirted clear across the hallway, and she hadn't been able to stop blushing throughout most of the class.

Wondering how far they were going to go this time, Kelsey slowly trailed her hands upwards across Carynne's tightly toned tummy and cupped her girlfriend's tits. She thought she could hear a small groan ripple through the crowd, although it was hard to tell with the music being so loud.

Stacey's eyes flashed as she saw what Kelsey was doing, and she moved a little closer, putting her hands on Carynne's ass. The trim blonde easily lifted her petite friend, and Carynne quickly wrapped both her legs around Stacey's waist, locking her feet at the ankles. Kelsey took another step closer, trapping Carynne's body between hers and Stacey's. Carynne obviously approved—if her soft purr was anything to go by.

Kelsey nibbled on Carynne's ear while her girlfriend made out with Stacey, and there was a definite buzz running through the crowd of onlookers at the spectacle that was taking place in front of them. With Carynne's tube top already helpfully sticking out about an inch from her skin, Kelsey easily slid her hands underneath, relishing the feel of Carynne's naked tits. She took Carynne's incredible nipples—which always seemed to be hard and firm, no matter what—between her thumbs and forefingers and squeezed them, eliciting a loud gasp of delight from her always-horny lover.

Stacey's tongue was flashing inside Carynne's mouth, and she slowly moved her gorgeous friend up and down in her grasp in an attempt to grind their pussies together through her Daisy Dukes. It didn't seem to be very effective, but Stacey just kept it up anyway.

Already pretty affected by the four Pina Coladas she'd had, the added excitement of what they were doing made Kelsey practically drunk with desire, and she teasingly lifted Carynne's tube top a bit. She paused for a second, waiting to see if Carynne would object, then she continued with a grin. If Carynne had actually objected, the world would have probably ended. Slowly but surely Kelsey exposed Carynne's perfect tits until the purple tube top was scrunched up on top of her girlfriend's chest.

The crowd gasped at the sight of Carynne's naked tits, and one overly-slick looking dude walked up close beside the three girls. "Hey girls. Need a fourth?" he grinned with undeserved confidence.

"No," Stacey said curtly before either Kelsey or Carynne could speak up. "Now fuck off."

The guy's face turned sour, and Kelsey giggled at his look of disbelief. Apparently he felt that putting a tub of gel in his hair somehow entitled him to every girl he wanted.

"You can't tell me you aren't ready to fuck, babe," he tried again, conjuring up a sneer that he presumably thought was attractive.

From the corner of her eye, Kelsey saw Damon walk up beside her, a dark scowl on his face; she tensed momentarily with worry for him. Stacey held up her hand to forestall him, however. "We'd love to continue, but it seems this guy here has some other ideas. I guess we'll have to stop," she said, loud enough to be heard over the music.

Almost a dozen pairs of hands quickly grabbed the douchebag, and he was yanked away from the girls with a loud yelp. There was a little commotion as he was forcefully herded through the crowd, then he was unceremoniously tossed out the nearest window. Laughter rang through the entire club, but it quickly died down again, and the majority of the people refocused on the three girls. Even the music seemed to dim as everyone breathlessly awaited what would happen next.

Kelsey winked at her brother who gave her a guarded smile in return. She knew he was rather surprised at what she was doing, or at least the fact she was doing it in public, but she was so horny that she wasn't going to stop for anything. She briefly glanced over at Amanda, seeing her former girlfriend nibble on her bottom lip while staring at her three friends. Damon asked Amanda something, and she just nodded, never moving her eyes.

Kelsey smiled and teasingly bit Carynne's neck once she returned her attention to the little goddess trapped between Stacey and herself. She let one hand trail lower until it slipped underneath Carynne's skirt, and she groaned softly when she let her fingers slide over Carynne's panties. They were absolutely soaked, and she was almost desperate to put a finger in Carynne's cunt. She teasingly began to curl her left index finger underneath Carynne's dripping underwear, seeking out that delicious pussy.

Stacey lifted Carynne up a little higher, then she took one of the small goddess' nipples in her mouth.

"Wait," Carynne moaned, shivering under the combined touch of her friends. "Take my panties off first."

"Are you serious?" Kelsey half grinned, half gasped. She wasn't sure whether to be shocked or delighted. "Baby, with that skirt ... if I take your panties off, everyone will be able to see ... everything!"

"You're a bit late in worrying about that, don't you think?" Carynne giggled, pointedly looking at her own exposed tits.

"Hey, I just did that because I know you love it," Kelsey protested with a cute little smile.

"Uh-huh, sure!" Carynne grinned sarcastically. "Besides, I told you there was a reason I put panties on. I want you to take them off, and I want to listen to everyone gasp when they realize they will be able to see everything!"

Stacey took a brief break from sucking on the firm nipple in her mouth, and she gently kissed Carynne's lips. "You little exhibitionist slut!" she giggled.

Carynne smiled at her, then she moaned at the feel of Stacey's tongue lashing her nipple again. "Kel, please. Do it!"

Kelsey swallowed, and before she knew what she was really doing she was already sinking to her knees. She let her hands trail teasingly across Carynne's side, grinning at the ticklish shivers that rippled through the delicious body underneath her fingertips, and they slowly slid underneath the flimsy thing that barely even deserved to be called a skirt. With the way the skirt was scrunched up on her hips because of the way Stacey was holding her, Carynne was already pretty much showing off her ass to everyone, Kelsey realized.

Even amidst the huge crowd of spectators, she could almost feel the pair of eyes burning into her back, and she glanced over her shoulder at a wide-eyed Siara who was staring at her with a mixture of disbelief and excitement. Kelsey grinned at that look, easily recognizing it; it seemed her fantasy of fucking Siara together with Carynne might not be as far-fetched as she'd originally thought.

She cupped Carynne's ass and gently squeezed it before hooking her thumbs underneath the waistband of the lacy, black panties. She almost hissed when she felt how hot Carynne's skin was, and she couldn't stop herself from leaning a little forward and softly biting Carynne's ass.

Carynne pushed her butt back as soon as Kelsey's teeth touched it. Kelsey nipped at Carynne's ass several times; then, with her heart thundering, she slowly let her tongue trail across Carynne's panties-clad slit. The groan that went through the crowd that time was so loud it almost drowned out the music, and Kelsey grinned elatedly—both at the reaction of the crowd, and at her own boldness for doing something like this with dozens, if not hundreds, of people looking on.

"Let me down for a sec, Stace," Carynne said, and Stacey quickly lowered her until she stood, a little wobbly, on both legs. Kelsey began slowly lowering Carynne's panties, moaning at the smell coming from her girlfriend's delectable cunt. She was amazed at how wet Carynne must have been!

Everyone seemed to be holding their breaths while Kelsey slid Carynne's panties down all the way to her ankles, and with a small hop the petite goddess stepped out of them. Kelsey couldn't help herself, and she quickly brought them to her nose, deeply breathing in Carynne's divine scent even as she stood back up.

A naughty idea popped up in Kelsey's mind, and she quickly pulled the panties over Carynne's head and around her neck. After that, she leaned in close and whispered, "Can you smell how wet you are?"

"Uh-huh," Carynne groaned.

Stacey grinned at both of them. "I can smell how wet she is without even needing those panties."

Kelsey's ears were roaring, and she felt slightly light-headed from her excitement. Her pussy was dripping because of her horniness, and she almost wanted to beg Damon to fuck her right then and there! Nobody here knew he was her brother except her friends, they'd all just think he was some guy who got extremely lucky, and ... she quickly squashed her rebellious thoughts. She was focused on Carynne!

"Do you want to cum, baby?" Kelsey breathed in Carynne's ear.

"Yes!" Carynne hissed loudly. "Finger me, both of you! Please!"

"Is that all you want?" Kelsey asked, her voice a little bit hoarse. "I'll be happy to do more if you want me to. Just tell me."

Carynne's eyes blazed with desire, but she softly kissed Kelsey's lips. "Just your fingers for now, Kel. I love it when you finger me."

Kelsey nodded with a bright smile, and she slowly brought her hand down. As soon as she felt her fingertips touch the entrance to Carynne's drenched cunt, she quickly jammed two fingers inside the unbelievable goddess. The heat of Carynne's pussy was incredible, and Kelsey moaned at the gripping feeling of her girlfriend's slit.

"Uhm, fuck!" Carynne grunted, then she started grinding and squeezing her pussy up and down Kelsey's fingers.

"Is there room for more?" Stacey grinned, but before Carynne could even nod, Stacey had already jammed another finger beside Kelsey's.

Carynne mewled and shivered at the rough fingerfucking inflicted on her by her two friends. Kelsey was playing with one of her tits from behind, while Stacey was again sucking on her nipples, even as their three fingers kept plowing inside her cunt.

The crowd was getting a little more rowdy, with small shouts of encouragement being uttered here and there, but most of the people were just watching as if in a trance, their eyes drinking in every detail of the three incredible girls in front of them.

Kelsey saw Carynne turn her head, and she grinned at the fire that was burning in her girlfriend's eyes.

"Kel, please ... ohhh," Carynne groaned, unable to finish her sentence because that was the exact moment that Stacey began to rub her clit.

Kelsey knew exactly what her friend wanted, so she slid her two fingers deeper inside that fantastic little pussy; then, she curled her thumb into Carynne's tight asshole.

A massive shudder tore through Carynne's body, and Kelsey locked her mouth on her girlfriend's neck, sucking and kissing roughly while simultaneously squeezing Carynne's nipple with her left hand.

"God, yes, you guys! Make me fucking cum!" Carynne squealed. She was almost desperately humping her cunt on the fingers of her friends, and her hands were roughly pulling on Stacey's hair.

Kelsey and Stacey mercilessly plowed Carynne's pussy until Kelsey knew her girlfriend was on the verge of cumming. Carynne's entire body was shaking like crazy, and her nipples seemed almost an inch long. Her juices were leaking out of her fantastic slit, soaking the fingers that were trapped inside it.

Stacey let her tongue trail down Carynne's tummy, licking at her ultra-sensitive belly-button. Kelsey broke the contact between her lips and Carynne's neck and grinned at the sight; she knew that Carynne could cum just from having her tummy licked, much less from having it licked while three fingers were buried in her cunt. She grinned even more when she saw the huge hickey she'd left on Carynne's deeply tanned neck. She teasingly scraped Carynne's earlobe with her teeth, then she whispered, "I love you, my little slut."

Carynne exploded into orgasm, letting out a scream that reverberated through the entire nightclub. Her entire body clenched up, and her pussy practically tore the skin of Kelsey's fingers. "Oh fuck!" she squealed as she began to cum, pulse after pulse of her juice washing over her friends' hands.

"Yeah, cum for us," Kelsey moaned. She wrapped her left arm around Carynne's tummy, just underneath Stacey's face, to keep her from collapsing while her orgasm absolutely tore through her. At the same time she kept plowing her fingers and thumb into Carynne's holes, loving how they clenched and spasmed.

Carynne came for a good fifteen seconds before slumping in Kelsey's grasp. Within seconds she began to purr, and Kelsey smiled happily, kissing the back of her head.

Stacey straightened up and pulled her finger out of Carynne's cunt, then she held it up near Kelsey's mouth. "Do you want it?" she breathed hotly.

Kelsey nodded with a hungry moan, and she took her friend's finger into her mouth, sensuously licking it clean of Carynne's cunt juice. She returned the favor with her own fingers, holding them up for Stacey who wasted no time in sucking them into her own mouth as well.

Vaguely, Kelsey became aware of the crowd around them cheering and roaring their approval for the fantastic show, and she began blushing quite fiercely. Had she really just done all that? A few seconds later, however, a grin popped up on her face, and she nibbled her lip, playing coy while secretly loving it.

Carynne pulled Stacey close for a deep, sultry kiss, then she turned around and gave an even more hungry one to Kelsey. The crowd was absolutely going crazy, loudly applauding, and Carynne gave them all a cocky little grin, bowing slightly to acknowledge their appreciation.

Without saying anything, she quickly slid down to a squat, letting her hands trail over Kelsey's and Stacey's legs. Both girls looked surprised for a second, then they grinned simultaneously when they realized what Carynne was going to do.

Kelsey nibbled her lip harder as she felt Carynne's hand slide underneath her flippy skirt, quickly seeking out her pussy. She'd worn a small pair of panties herself, but Carynne almost disdainfully moved them aside, and without any hesitation her girlfriend plunged two fingers inside her.

"Oh fuck, Carynne!" Kelsey groaned. A shudder of pleasure rippled through her, and she felt her knees wobble. She was turned on beyond belief and wanted nothing more than to cum.

Even with just one hand, Carynne expertly undid the buttons on Stacey's Daisy Dukes, then slid her small hand inside. It had already been pretty obvious that Stacey was not wearing any panties, and Carynne encountered no further resistance in slipping two fingers inside Stacey's cunt as well.

The crowd's roar had quickly died down, and they breathlessly watched the continuation of the show. Both girls groaned as their slutty friend fingered them with a huge grin on her face. Carynne loved showing off, and Kelsey knew that almost nothing got her hotter than having plenty of people watch her while she did so.

Kelsey clenched her pussy on the fingers that plowed inside her, and she quickly felt herself start to lose control. Carynne was not being gentle or teasing, but rather was plunging her fingers in and out at an almost maddening pace, obviously determined to make Kel cum as fast as she possibly could.

Kelsey looked at Stacey who was groaning and squeezing just as much as she was. Both Carynne's arms were pumping up and down, driving deep inside her friends' needy pussies. After a few seconds, Carynne stopped, and she started almost pulling with her fingers buried inside the two of them.

It took a second for Kel and Stacey to figure out that Carynne wanted them closer together, but they quickly did so, coming to stand just inches away from Carynne on either side. Stacey locked her arms around Kelsey's neck and kissed her; a warm, deep kiss that sent even more shivers through Kelsey's spine.

Obviously satisfied with the result, Carynne continued her pumping motions again, sliding her fingers in and out almost like a piston.

Stacey groaned in Kelsey's mouth, and her body began to shake. Kelsey grinned at her friend, recognizing the signs of Stacey's impending orgasm. She quickly slid her hands inside Stacey's shirt, squeezing her friend's tits with her fingers in an effort to get Stacey off more quickly.

Carynne's thumb diddled against Kelsey's clit, and a wave of delight thundered through her pussy; she had to clench her teeth to keep from coming herself already. Even as Stacey began to shudder and groan, she mentally urged her friend to please cum quickly, since she could barely wait to climax herself anymore. Fortunately, she didn't have to wait long. Just a few seconds later, Stacey's orgasm washed over her, and her friend let out a loud shriek of pleasure.

Carynne giggled when Stacey came all over her hand, and she quickly jabbed another finger inside. Kelsey put her left arm underneath Stacey's, making sure she didn't fall down because of her obviously delicious orgasm. Stacey locked her hands in Carynne's hair and almost yanked the wonderful little slut's face against her pussy.

Carynne laughed happily and stuck her tongue out, letting it diddle over Stacey's cunt, moaning as she drank Stacey's pussy juice for several long moments before their former cheerleader captain finally relaxed with a content sigh.

Carynne slurped across Stacey's cunt a few more times, then she wordlessly turned her face to Kelsey's slit. Kelsey swiftly lifted up her skirt and pulled it onto her hips, exposing herself fully to the crowd. A loud gasp of amazement went up, and she blushed with pleasure. She knew most people were gasping at the sight of her ass, and again she felt a deep thrill at the thought that people loved her bubble butt so much.

Kelsey let out a long, delighted groan when Carynne's tongue touched her cunt. She was already on fire, and her girlfriend's skilled tongue was too much for her to resist. She locked one of her hands in Carynne's hair and humped the gorgeous face in front of her. After just a few strokes, she felt her orgasm rise up, and she had to struggle to keep from screaming out loud.

She was so caught up in the delicious feelings coursing through her that she never noticed someone moving up behind her. She flinched for a second when she felt an arm being wrapped around her tummy, but she quickly recognized the feel and smell of Amanda.

"Cum, Kel. Cum all over her face!" Amanda whispered. Kelsey leaned her head back against Amanda's shoulder, in the same way Carynne had done earlier with her, and let herself go.

Her entire body almost jumped at her first squirt, and through almost closed eyelids she saw her pussy juice spray across Carynne's tongue, drenching her chin. Carynne groaned in delight, and she pulled her fingers out of Kelsey's slit, giving it free access to squirt even more.

Amanda bit Kelsey's earlobe with a hungry growl. "Drown her!" she hissed hotly, and Kelsey's second squirt was far more massive, splashing fully onto Carynne's face and instantly soaking her. If it hadn't been for Amanda's arms, she would have been unable to stay standing, but instead she just wobbled precariously as her pussy oozed stream after stream of her delicious juice onto her girlfriend's face.

Stacey sank to her knees and quickly began lapping Kelsey's cum off Carynne's face. They grinned as Kelsey squirted one final stream onto both of them before she basically collapsed.

Amanda gently let Kelsey down, sinking to her knees to keep her best friend and lover from falling, and she kissed Kelsey's cheek. "I love you, Kel," Amanda said.

"I love you too, Amanda," Kelsey said sweetly, turning her head slightly to give Amanda a soft kiss. She quickly broke it off again, however, and joined Stacey in licking her own pussy juice off Carynne's face. Carynne had a wonderful grin on her face as the tongues of her lovers lapped and lashed over her, and she tried to get kisses wherever she could.

The crowd was still almost silent, obviously stunned by the ferocity of Kelsey's orgasm, but they soon began roaring twice as loud as they had earlier, wildly applauding.

Amanda smiled at the back of Kelsey's head, and she leaned forward to put another kiss on Kelsey's hair. Her desire coursed through her like crazy, threatening to make her lose herself, and she fiercely bit down on her lower lip. The sharp sting of pain snapped her back to reality even as the bitter tang of blood started filling her mouth.

She got back up and immediately went over to Damon, who was staring at her with a mix of delight and surprise.

"Hey, what was that—" he began.

"Can we go, please?" she interrupted, struggling to keep the tears out of her voice.

"Yeah ... oh my God, what happened to your lip?" he asked with obvious concern, gently touching it with the tips of his fingers and frowning when he saw her blood on them.

She just shook her head as tears began to slide down her cheeks. She quickly ran outside without saying another word, nimbly cutting through the packed crowd that was still rapt with attention for the three girls sharing cum on the dance floor.

Damon was stunned. First because of the blatantly slutty show his own sister had put on, then because of Amanda's actions. Though he had loved seeing her help get Kelsey off, he couldn't help but wonder what had suddenly gotten into her. He knew he had to go after her, however, so he quickly tapped Ryan and Siara on the shoulder.

"Hey, I gotta go. It was nice meeting you guys," he said hurriedly. "Sorry, I don't mean to just run out, but—"

Siara smirked at him. "Don't worry, we understand. That was so hot!"

Ryan just grinned, wrapping his arm around his girlfriend's shoulders.

Damon sighed. It made sense that they'd think he and Amanda were running out just to go fuck, but he didn't feel like explaining—Amanda was waiting for him! "Yeah. I'll see you guys tomorrow, maybe?"

Ryan nodded. "Yeah, we'll stop by and say hi."

"Alright. See ya!" he said, then he ran off before they could answer. He had to struggle to get through the crowd, and by the time he got outside he saw Amanda running along the beach, going back towards the Ocean Club. He quickly set off after her.

Back inside, Kelsey, Carynne and Stacey were grinning when they finally got up.

"Oh jeez, I can't believe we just did that in front of everybody!" Kelsey gasped at Carynne. "You're turning me into such a slut!"

"You love it, admit it!" Carynne grinned.

"I do," Kelsey said softly. "And I love you."

"Mmmm, I love you too!" Carynne said happily. "And now I want to go back to the villa, and fuck you both until you can't walk anymore!"

Kelsey and Stacey both nodded in eager agreement. "Let me just say goodbye," Kelsey said, turning to the others. When she saw only Ryan and Siara, she figured Amanda and her brother must have run off to go fuck. She felt a sharp pang of loss, but she quickly shoved it aside; she couldn't have it all, she knew. Then a sudden doubt coursed through her—were they off fucking, or was it something else? She sighed at the realization that she really needed to explain everything to them, and she made up her mind to do that at the earliest opportunity.

"Hey," she said to Siara, who was staring at her with her mouth wide open. Ryan was also staring, though his stare was hungry rather than shocked.

"Oh my God ... I've never seen something like that before!" Siara gasped.

"Yeah ... I'm sorry. It's not like we do this all the time or anything. We just got a little carried away," Kelsey said, slightly embarrassed. She realized how she must have looked.

Siara grabbed her hand and squeezed it. "No, don't be sorry. I ... I really enjoyed it. It was incredible!"

Kelsey stared at her for a few seconds, then she giggled and squeezed Siara's hand in return. "We're gonna go now, but I was wondering if you two wanted to do something with us tomorrow?"

Siara nodded quickly. "Yes, we'd love to."

"Cool. Just come by our villa then, okay? We're at the Ocean Club, we're the fourth—"

"We know," Siara said, giving Ryan a playful smirk. "We'll be there. Does eleven sound alright?"

"Yeah, that sounds great," Kelsey said. She smiled at the two of them as they left in a bit of a hurry. There was little doubt in her mind that they, at least, were going straight back to their room and fuck each other's brains out. She briefly wondered whether Ryan was as awesome in bed as Damon was.

The three girls quickly went to the bar, where Stacey settled the tab and Kelsey searched for her heels, which she'd taken off once they started dancing. Everyone in the crowd seemed determined to congratulate and thank them for their show, and it took about twenty minutes for them to finally get out of there. They hurried back to their villa, their minds already filled with the thoughts of what they would do once they got there, and they never even noticed the two people sitting along the beach near the water.

Damon sighed as he held Amanda close, listening to her cry while the waves calmly swirled near their feet. "Amanda, honey, tell me what's wrong, please..." he said for the dozenth time. All she'd done after he'd caught up with her was cry. He kissed the back of her head, tenderly squeezing her in his arms.

Finally, she looked up at him, her eyes blood red from her crying. "I miss Kelsey, Damon. I miss her so, so much! I want her back," she stammered through her tears.

Damon felt his own eyes get moist, and he clenched his teeth. "I know, baby. I want her back too," he said softly.

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