The City
Chapter 1: In the air

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Group Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: In the air - A follow up to Salty Morning. Two lovers wonder if if an unplanned fantasy can be continued.

I squeeze your hand as the thrust of the jet engines pushes us back in our seats. This isn't our average adventure; I'm excited and a bit nervous. Not sure what to say I kiss your cheek, you turn into my kiss. I feel your hunger, desire, perhaps uncertainty...

It was a bit less than a year ago that Tom and Lani stumbled upon us on our 'private' black sand beach, we were so occupied fucking it took a while to realize that we had company. It still seems unreal that we spent the next day having sex with this pregnant stranger and her husband. It would have been easy not to have talked about the feelings, lingering uncertainty, a bit of jealousy, and what it meant for us, but our history has forced us to both be honest since the beginning, and so we did talk though it. More often than not those talks led to the bedroom (or the kitchen, or the floor under the dinning room table).

I remember the first e-mail to Lani and Tom, mostly a friendly note with a few suggestive lines. Hearing back from them was exciting, it felt like just starting to date when everything is new. We wrote occasionally, always being careful to write to them as a couple. There were congratulations when the baby was born, and somewhere in there we sent our — well, this one was written from my perspective — account of that day on the beach. The occasional e-mails were more charged after that, leading up to their suggestion that we see them on our next visit to New York. The extent to which this possibility aroused both of us was amazing, remember that day in your office when you said something about NYC and I told you to take off your panties? I hope no one noticed the smell of sex in the office the next day.

The only other time we talked with Tom and Lani was in the call to discuss this trip, what the "rules" would be, a bit about where we wanted this to go. The call almost ended in group phone sex, hmmm, I wonder if that could work. The rules remain much the same as before, we are doing this as friends, fuck buddies and we want to make sure that it does not threaten our individual relationships. No cross couple sex without everyone present. Also, we want to get to know each other better as friends.

In just a couple of hours we'll be touching down at JFK, taking a cab through the tail end of Friday evening rush hour, and ending up in Lani and Tom's home in Brooklyn. My hand moves up your leg a bit, teasing you. You try to pretend that nothing is happening as my fingers inch up your short skirt, brushing your panties. I kiss you while teasing you, feeling your wet sex just makes me harder.

Getting through the airport and the cab ride seemed to take forever. We are finally standing in front of the address Lani and Tom sent, a cute, but smallish home. I take your hand and look into your eyes, "ready?" You lean in to kiss me. "I love you."

Re-acquaintance The door opens quickly to our knock. Tom is smiling, "Luke, Melissa!" We both start to reach out to shake, change our minds mid reach and do a 'manly' half hug. Lani rushes up to hug me as Tom turns to embrace you. I wrap my arms around Lani and notice Tom bending to kiss you lightly, a kiss somewhat more intense than your average European greeting. Lani's lips meet my own, my fingers run through her long black hair, we tentatively kiss, her tongue slips between my lips, I meet her tongue with my own, reaching into each other's mouth, searching for more. We notice you and Tom watching and break our kiss, smiling. "And I thought this was going to be awkward," you say, we all laugh. Lani reaches out for you, giving you a huge embrace as well, she brings her face to yours, giving you a not completely chaste kiss on the lips. While I don't think you are going to initiate sexual contact with Lani, you seem less reluctant than in our last encounter.

"Why don't you leave your bags here while we show you around?" Lani asks. She leads through the living room with a fire burning in the fireplace. The heat is turned up high - to make it more comfortable to wear little clothing? Lani is wearing a tight sundress, and teasing us by bending over or leaning forward occasionally giving us a view of her tits and naked ass. My hand drifts to your ass as they show us the kitchen/dinning room, and I find Tom's hand already there. We both caress you as we check out Lani's breasts. You glance at me and smile, I wink in reply.

I follow you upstairs, watching your tight ass. They show us the nursery, Lea (lay ah) is staying with Tom's parents. "I think we'll leave this door closed the rest of the weekend," Tom says smiling.

"We wouldn't want to leave corrupting ideas behind," I joke.

Moving on, Lani shows the upstairs bathroom and the small study. "You can use this bathroom and the study if you need privacy." Lani says. "And here is your room!" She leads into the master bedroom, lit with candles. It is the largest room in the house, king sized bed, couch, en suite bathroom. "So, is there anything you need after the long flight?" Lani asks, leaning against the door frame with her tits pushed out as if in offering.

"Just one," you take me in your arms, your lips and body pressed against mine. I am kissing you, groping you, Tom comes up behind you and begins to rub his hands over your shoulders, down your back, brushing your ass. Lani presses herself against us from the side, I feel her hands touching me, see her lips on your cheek. It feels like we have been waiting in anticipation for so long, now I want more. I kiss you deeply, one hand moves between us, rubbing your breasts, your tummy, moving up your skirt. You moan in my mouth, feeling yourself touched and kissed on all sides.

"Ohhh god, feel how wet Melissa is," I urge.

My hand pressing against your sex through your panties is joined by two more, Tom from behind and Lani's slipping in between us. You start to wiggle and squirm as we touch you. Someone pulls your panties to one side exposing your sex. Tom's fingers spread your lips open as Lani and I stroke you. You lean back against Tom, almost unable to hold yourself up, Lani and I are kissing you as we grope and touch your body. Tom finally makes a move towards the bed.

You are lying on your back, panties discarded on the floor, Tom at your head, nuzzling you with his lips, his hands slipping down the front of your dress. Lani and I each take one leg and start kissing our way up, our hands roaming upwards, sometimes meeting at your sex, flirting with each other as we kiss and pleasure you. We spread your legs wide as we work our way up your thighs, our fingers working more insistently on your sex. Soon both of us reach your groin, our tongues come together as we vie for the best access. We are engaged in a three way kiss, sucking and licking your lips and clit, our faces pressed together. My hands move down Lani's body, slipping under her dress I grab her ass as we kiss you. It becomes too difficult to use both of our tongues on you, so I bring my fingers up, pressing two deep inside of you, and move back a bit. My face is pressed against Lani, my fingers inside of you, I can see that Tom has pulled your dress down and is sucking and touching your tits, you have his cock in one hand. Lani and I begin to establish a rhythm, licking and stroking you while you push back against us. We increase our speed with your panting, closer and closer. "yes, yes, yes, yessss, yessssss, ohhhhhh GODDDD!!!!!!." I push deeper. You push against us as you cum. Our strokes slow down until you stop shaking. For a minute we hold still, feeling the effects of the first orgasm.

Lani lifts up now, she kisses me, I taste your cum in her kiss. She sees Tom's cock still hard in your hand and crawls up over you, taking him in her mouth. Lani is on her hands and knees, almost on top of you, I can see her smooth sex as her dress rides up her ass and your lips only a few inches away. I move between Lani's legs touching her ass, my fingers running over her body. She moves back against me as I touch her. My touches grow more insistent, stroking her legs, her ass, reaching between her legs to grasp her sex. I can wait no longer, kneeling behind her I rub the head of my cock against her slit. She lifts off Tom long enough to say "ohh yes, please fuck me!"

With one long stroke I slip inside of Lani, watching as her lips spread around my cock. I hold deep inside of her, feeling her body around me. My eyes take in the scene, Lani's dress pulled up so I can see her ass and sex, her head going down on Tom, your body spread open below, your dress disheveled across your stomach, pushed under your breasts and over your waist, eyes glazed from your orgasm. It is very erotic. I reach under Lani, up her dress, grabbing her tits as I start to move inside of her. She is slowly pushing back against me as she sucks Tom. I push faster, deep inside of her. We begin to move together, she is bobbing up and down on Tom as I fuck her. She is moving faster, Tom is looking down her dress, watching me grab her tits as she sucks him. He is moaning louder, he grunts loudly and she pushes down harder on him, sucking his cum into her mouth.

Our thrusting slows and I whine a bit as she pulls me out of her. But there is no need to worry, she turns around, lying beside you, and spreads her legs. She reaches down and grabs my cock, guiding me back to her entrance. I slowly thrust back into her as I look into her eyes. All I see in them is lust. She grabs her tits, pinching her nipples, as I gradually build up the pace, pushing deeper into her body. My hands are roaming her body and your body at the same time as I fuck her. I'm stroking your sex as I slide into her, she reaches over to grab one of your breasts. We are stroking you, fucking harder. She pushes back against my thrusts, her tits in her hands, legs spread, completely spread open for me. "oh, oh, oh, oh, yesss, fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!" I'm completely lost in the moment as I slide frantically in and out of her. I watch myself spreading her open, I feel it building, building... "yes, yes, yes, I'm going to cum!" This pushes her over the edge as well, her muscles contract, squeezing me as I fill her body up with cum, again, and again...

We lay in the afterglow of our orgasm. My body pressed against Lani, my cock semi-hard inside of her. I nuzzle and kiss her while I squeeze your hand. You seem to be coming around a bit and realize that Tom is rather on the outside of the group. I feel your hands touching me, giving me a squeeze, as you crawl over Lani and me and move up to where Tom is, shedding your dress on the way. Starting at his feet you begin to run your hands over Tom's body, his legs, his stomach, his groin, just missing his cock. Tom is fully focused on your attention, watching you as you touch him and move your body over him. I see you move down and brush your breasts against his hardening cock. You soon follow with your mouth, licking his head, feeling him grow bigger in response. Watching you lick and touch Tom is having an effect on me as well, I start to grow larger inside of Lani, who responds with a moan and by pressing against me, even though she can't really see the action going on a foot or two above her head.

You move further up Tom's body, pinching his nipples, touching his face as you rub your body against his. His hands get into the action, grabbing you back, pressing your breasts together, reaching for your ass. I am now very hard again inside of Lani, I'm pressed against her, flexing my cock slowly inside of her body, kissing her as I watch. I guess she wants to see the action as well, or perhaps she just wants to change positions, because she shifts indicating that we should roll over. I go with her and we execute a perfect roll, I never leave her body. We reposition so that we are parallel to you and Tom now we can both turn our heads to watch. Lani's body is pressed against mine, my arms are around her, gently stroking her ass as we slowly move together while watching the two of you.

You and Tom are completely focused on each other, kissing, stroking and pressing harder. Finally you shift positions and sit up, grabbing his cock which is pressed against your groin with your hand, you rub him up and down against your lips. Lani and I are both watching as you spread yourself open and then ever so slowly push down, taking his cock into your body. Tom is watching too, groaning, as you rock back and forth on his cock. Lani and I begin to thrust faster as well, she sits up a bit so she can thrust down on me, my hands are on her tits, and as I squeeze I notice a bit of milk dripping out. I reach my head up to suck her nipples and milk into my mouth. She pauses briefly to let me suck her, and then thrusts down on my cock hard. The bed squeaks as the four of us begin to fuck harder. My eyes move from your lips spread around Tom's cock to my own cock thrusting into Lani and back.

We fuck longer than before this time, increasing and decreasing our rhythm, sometimes stroking and kissing, then increasing the pace to where we are fucking hard and fast. Eventually Tom begins to groan more insistently, you say "yes, Yes, Yessss, Cum inside of me!" and push down hard on his cock. This seems to do the trick he grabs your ass and pushes deep, grunting, it is clear that he is cuming in your body. Lani starts to fuck me harder, sliding up and down my cock, screaming "Fuck me, Fuck Me, Fuck my Pussy!!!" I can feel her muscles contracting around my cock, squeezing me, and this pushes me over the edge as well, I grab her and empty my cum deep in her pussy.

Tom is the first to stir, "I'm starving."

"Me too," you agree.

"We thought we'd make Thai, if that works?" Lani asks.

"YUMMMMYYYYY," you and I say together.

And so we begin to untangle. I watch my cum dripping out of Lani as she pulls off of me and reach up to fondle her. You and Tom don't seem to be in such a hurry either. Finally we get out of bed and Lani offers you and I the shower as her and Tom go to make dinner. That sounds like a good offer at this point, and so we agree. Lani reaches to put on some lingerie, "I think I'll wear something around the house so you don't get too used to seeing me naked."

"The reality is that she is self conscious about her body since being pregnant," Tom adds.

We all turn to look at Lani's naked body making her blush. You smile, "I think you look hot."

I run my hand down her side and grab her ass, "Me too, but I don't mind something short and sexy either." You laugh, knowing this to be very true, we head for the shower.

We take our time washing the sex and sweat off of each other, mixed with caresses and little kisses. "You don't think she is better looking than me?" you ask half joking. "You know I prefer your tight ass," I grin as I pat your bottom. "But, really, you two are so different – Lani with her dark skin, long black hair, large tits, and curves, you with your tight body, firm breasts, sexy ass and legs, fair skin – it is like comparing a lily to a lupin, why would you waste your time bothering when you could lay there and enjoy them both?"

You smile and give me a kiss. I hug you tight.

We decide to follow Tom and Lani's lead, I put on boxers and you put on a skimpy black lace that just allows your nipples to be seen through the fabric. Heading downstairs it smells like food is nearly ready. Dinner is causal, rice, red curry, some great Pinot, and a bit flirty given that we are all mostly naked, Lani occasionally leans over to give us a view of her tits and Tom or myself once and a while caress your breasts and constantly hard nipples. We talk about our different lives, living with a new baby: lack of sleep, breast feeding, and the joyful moments. They ask about us, our lives, about the kind of work we do. It is an easy kind of get to know you meal, although an odd place to be at with people that you just got out of bed with, something that we laugh about. After dinner you suggest that we clean up and let Tom and Lani shower. By the time we have figured out where things go and gotten the dishwasher running they are coming down the stairs.

The party moves to the living room, where we sit/lay on large pillows they have on the floor by the fire. Conversation is all over the place but very easy. In response to my wondering how "a lawyer from the islands ends up in New York City with a Brooklyn school teacher," we get their story. Lani is from a poor family, was top of her class in high school and made it into college on a scholarship, she meet Tom waitressing at a neighborhood café while working her way through law school. Tom was the black sheep of the family, born into old money he was turning down a position in the family law firm to get a master's in education. "They cut my allowance in half but I still had enough to go down to the café nearly every other day to flirt with the hot, dark skinned waitress." "When he finally got up the nerve to ask me out I just couldn't turn him down, although I really didn't have time to date anyone at that point," she says smiling. "I almost ran out the door when I heard she was in law school," he laughs, "but the first time I sucked these gorgeous tits I was hooked." He reaches his hand under her top to touch her tits, and then, deciding to show us, pulls her top down and sucks a nipple into his mouth.

"Ummmm," she purrs. "Amazing sex was one thing that kept us together through a lot of trials, my reaction when we first went to his parent's house and the door was opened by a butler; their resistance to him being with a 'non-white up-and-comer;' and my family's disappointment at the decision to stay in NYC. There was just some connection between a poor girl from the islands trying to escape poverty and a quiet boy from the city trying to escape privilege." She grins and pulls his head tighter to her breast as he continues to suck and fondle her. "For our wedding, mostly to rub it in, they gave us enough money to make this house possible; less you think that was generous they gave both his siblings a mansion when they joined the firm."

The evening and the wine flowed quickly by as we listened to each other's stories, kissed, shared, and sucked. I've never been a fan of milk, excepting chocolate milk of course, but I discovered the breast milk is rather more appealing. At one point while I was sucking Lani's tits, Tom spread her legs and sucked her to an orgasm. You were touching yourself while you watched us, and so, after Lani had cum we moved over to you, Tom taking your breasts this time and me going down on your sex. There is something very amazing about sharing with this couple, tasting your juices, feeling you respond to Tom and me. Ultimately it was my thumb rubbing your clit which brought you to the edge, your legs spread wide, panties pulled aside so you were completely exposed. At just that moment I pressed my face and tongue against your sex, licking you while you came in my mouth, pulling Tom's head to your breast. The evening ended with me making love to you by the fire while Tom and Lani watched. This is the moment from our first meeting Tom and Lani on the beach that I have replayed in my head perhaps the most, sharing the intimacy of truly making love, bodies pressed together, kissing and touching, knowing that our friends are watching us, that they can see how much we want and care for each other, that they are turned on and touching each other as well. I am kissing you when I finally cum inside of you, again and again, thrusting, hearing them sighing, feeling my body against you, the day fades away...

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