Battlemage Nonetheless: Book 4 - Resolve
Chapter 1

General Taltson sat on his horse on a bluff using his spyglass as he surveyed the battle going on below him on the battlefield.

As a battle, it really wasn't going badly. In fact it was going so well that inside of another hour everything should be sewed up.

So far his men had pushed back the dissidents who were trying to cause a coup in the kingdom. Their plan appeared to be to overthrow the crown and seat some crazy, but charismatic leader on the throne, in place of King Roland of Stelmore.

Sitting idle as he did, he watched and saw his men start the flanking maneuver that he and the other commanders worked out the night before. The Captains were doing their parts as asked and the Lieutenants had the men branching correctly and swiftly as directed.

While this wasn't really a "major" battle, it was one that would show the usurpers that the crown meant business and hopefully a few more of these battles would show those starting this rebellion the errors of their ways.

They weren't even rebelling about something unjust. They were doing it because they felt that they were oppressed, but they had never said what they were supposed to be oppressed from. The common consensus was that someone was pulling the strings from behind the scenes and whipping them up into a frenzy.

As General Taltson sat looking on, he couldn't miss the weird rumbling sound that he suddenly heard going on below him.

Quickly turning the spyglass in the direction of the sounds, the first thing his eyes settled on that he could make out in the distance, was what looked to be several mercenaries behind the ragtag rabble. They were dressed far better than the rest around them and instead of carrying whatever they could find into battle they had weird looking items with them.

Staring as he sat trying to figure out what was going on down below, General Taltson saw the new groups, comprised of two men each moving below him, pushing about four strange cylindrical tube shaped objects on wheels between them as they quickly seemed to cover a lot of ground.

Suddenly as one the eight men stopped moving and the devices, which were about level with the ground, seemed to be angled upwards slightly.

Then while he watched four of the men moved almost as if they were in concert and loaded some kind of weird shaped object, rocks maybe thought the General, as the other four men took places behind the tubes, spinning some type of circular handle, and looked to be sighting down the battlefield.

Then there were four separate loud "BOOMS" and a whistling noise for a long few moments before the ground around the center of where his troops were gathered suddenly exploded. Then there was nothing but the sound of screaming men and horses.

General Taltson's own horse quickly grew skittish from the noise, but he quickly reined it in as he tried to figure out what those things were and what was going on.

While he was trying to figure out what was going on with those strange devices and the sounds that accompanied them, another sound that drew his attention again away from the battle, and he found himself trying to locate where the strange rumbling noise was coming from that now drew his attention.

This new noise caught his attention because he was already working hard at trying to remain calm and survey all of what was going on around him. He was trying to see how to turn the former new surprise into a victory when more strange noises reached him.

As he looked for the source of those new noises he saw what looked to be two wagons.

Well they were the size of two large wagons, but they weren't being drawn by any horses that he could see, and there were very large wheels on the wagons. They had what seemed to be wicked looking treads on the wheels and what looked to be sharp spikes for the wheels covers.

But by far the strangest part was that where a rider and the bed would be was covered entirely by rounded iron. Looking in surprise at this new development, the General couldn't miss smaller but similar tubes also poking out of their own rounded cover with a slit in the front of it the tubes protruded out of.

The covers rotated slowly left to right as the tubes moved up and down as if it was looking for something.

Suddenly a similar "BOOM" sound, albeit softer, was heard from these wagons and again the ground erupted and men and horses screamed.

General Taltson was confused. What were these things? He had never seen anything like this on all of his 58 seasons.

Suddenly he noted several of his special troops breaking free of the battles headed for the men with the cylinders on the ground. He felt confident that once they got close enough they would stop these men and maybe capture some of these things for study later.

As he watched, he saw the men who were loading the tubes stop and grasp at their belts and suddenly "fling" something over their heads in an overhand motion at his men while they were still several yards away from them.

A few men slowed down to look at the ground quizzically while the rest pushed on, but suddenly the loud report could be heard even as far away as he was when the ground exploded where the devices landed.

Men threw something time after time at his men and the men started retreating as something landed and man after man died from the resulting explosion.

"If Stoner hadn't died without an apprentice we might have been able to fight back using some kind of magic, but even then this doesn't look like magic. What is going on? If we don't get our men out of here fast we won't have much of an army left to stop them with, " thought General Taltson.

Quickly he told an aid to signal a retreat, and soon the flag was being frantically being waved to signal the troops to quickly withdraw.

While the General was looking on at the battlefield below him he failed to notice the small four man group that was sneaking his way.

The only warning he received was when he heard a soft "tinkling" noise as an oval egg shaped object rolled to a stop just below his horse.

Removing the spyglass from his eye he looked down in shock at the item as it rolled under the horse, with no idea what it was as he tried to figure out what it could be, and then the world appeared to go dark with a loud explosion.

The last thing he could remember hearing was the dying screams of his horse.

Suzan, while strangely woozy and with her eyes closed, started trying to sit up in a very plush bed. She felt at her head as she did and tried to will the room to stop spinning.

When she finally opened her eyes she quickly realized two things.

One, she had not awakened in her small room at the Inn where she should have been.

She should have awakened in it so she could get ready to head back to the guild, and afterwards she would then traveled to her home in Patenenall where her husband was waiting for her after her successful completion of the contract she took without him.

But she clearly wasn't where she was supposed to be.

As she looked around she realized that this lavish room was not the same small room that had before only held one bed, one chair, and a small washbasin on a stand with a mirror. This room was huge and decorated in sheer but short multicolored and tasteful silks.

There were throw pillows all around the room, and floor that the bed rested on was a sunken floor with four circular steps that went completely around it and led up to the main floor. The bed she was lying in was very plush and she realized that she was sunken very deeply into it.

For all its lushness, it was just barely more comfortable than the bed her husband Dusty had created for them in both their homes in the guild and at their Barony.

As she looked across the room she could see a "large" window that had the drapes pulled to the side and was letting the sun stream into the room, one large wooden door that was closed on one side, and a smaller door on the opposite wall.

And the second thing she realized was that as she focused on herself taking stock of the situation she then realized she was not dressed in her normal sleeping attire that she normally wore when she traveled. She always dressed for bed when she was alone and naked when she was with Dusty, but what she was now wearing wasn't either.

Because she didn't know when she might need to get up, or for what reason when she was alone, she always wore a very loose tunic and pair of pants to bed.

Suzan always used different types of outfits to hide her build.

While she was growing more comfortable with her looks since she had married Dusty, she found she was still at times trying to hide those same looks when he wasn't with her. Her body was for Dusty and Dusty only she felt.

But now someone had dressed her in what looked to be a small bikini styled top that had to be at least one size too small and her large breasts were squeezed together and fighting a hard battle with the top as it tried its best to keep those same breasts from spilling out of it.

As she examined the top she touched it and saw that it had what was thick golden threading around the outside, where it helped support and framed her breasts. She felt the rest of the top, and the incredibly soft white material it was made of, and couldn't help but think that the rest of it was the whitest cloth she had ever seen.

It was almost blinding it was so white.

While stroking the material it caught her eye that someone had manicured and also painted her fingernails a bright, but rich, shade of red. Not bright enough to be flashy, but bright enough to match her skin tones without making her look trashy. It was an expert job with no streaking and looked as if it was the natural color of her finger nails

Looking at her fingers in shock, as she turned them over she then noticed that she had on what looked to be a set of golden bracers on each arm.

As she examined the new ornaments on her wrists she couldn't seem to find a seam on their smooth surface. This baffled her as to how they even got them on her wrists, but they appeared to be what she guessed was roughly three to four inches in length.

While looking at her hands and wrists she eventually took note of something else that caught her attention. Looking down her almost impossibly flat stomach, and it's moderate to light stomach definition, she then saw that she was now wearing what was at best a small mini skirt.

It rode very low on her hips and only appeared to cover down to the middle of her upper thighs. It dipped very low into a "V" in the front, was the same bright white as her top, and was also likewise trimmed in golden threading.

Curious, and hoping against hope, she lifted the skirt and was relieved when she found it was really a strange set of very "short shorts" combined into a type of wrap around skirt style that she had never seen before.

At least finding that out made her feel somewhat better about this situation. She wasn't sure what she would have done if she had been wearing equally revealing panties to match the top underneath this outfit.

Sitting there she thought about how she must look and then realized that dressed as she was now there was no hiding that impressive figure of hers from other men as she normally did with her oversized clothing. Only while Dusty was around did she feel comfortable enough to let her hair down and wear a little tighter clothing, like her party and ball dresses.

She had not have realized it yet, but the outfit on her was solely designed to make her look completely stunning.

The contrast of the white material combined with the golden threads served to greatly highlight her golden hair and face, and to draw attention to all her best physical features.

While she was lost in thought trying to figure out why she was dressed like she was, she absently stroked her very nice legs, and it was only then that she realized that someone had shaved them, but strangely they didn't feel like they should have after a shave.

They had a very soft silky smooth feeling to them, and she started to feel a little uncomfortable about that. She had never had a shave feel this "close" before.

Her legs were so smooth in fact that they kind of felt to her like they were getting stuck together at times, as though they had the feel of a baby's soft warm bottom to her.

With a new thought, and now dreading what she might find a second time, she pulled the short skirt\shorts combo away from her body and looked down into them at her crotch. She could then see that all of her hair was missing there as well. Whoever shaved her wanted to make sure that they were consistent and complete it seemed.

As she became aware of what had happened to her here as well, she realized that she could feel every ripple and seam that the skirt\shorts were made of. While the material was equally as soft as her top, and she was sure it was only in her mind, it still felt like she could feel everything when she moved.

Every ... little ... thing.

It was also disconcerting to know someone had seen her like this.

But the more she thought about it, the more she felt violated now that she had found all of this out. On further inspection of her legs she also noted that she was barefoot, her toes were also manicured, and also painted the same deep shade of red as her fingers.

After a few minutes she decided to stop dwelling on what she could now no longer change. She didn't feel like someone had taken advantage of her, or had used her in any way physically, and since she could no longer stop whoever had done this from seeing what they shouldn't have, she tried to concentrate on other things, like finding out where she was and how to get out.

Slowly standing a flash of light caught her eyes, and she moved over to the only mirror in the room.

On inspection of her face she realized that her golden blonde hair looked as if it had been trimmed, styled, and teased, but thankfully was still hanging down the middle of her back the way she knew Dusty liked.

But on closer inspection of her hair she realized that it was a brighter, almost metallic, shade of its normal golden appearance, if that were possible.

Suzan also noticed that now on her head was a thin wire tiara with a very large amber gem in the center of it that looked to be threaded through her hair instead of resting on top of it.

The sunlight coming in the window caught the light and she then also noticed that someone had painted her eye lids a very light shade of golden brown, she could see that there was something gold and glittery in what was used, and it now highlighted her dark brown eyes wonderfully.

Somehow they had even made her eyelashes look, longer, thicker, and darker as well.

Her lips were also the same shade of ruby red as her fingers and toes, but they had a "wet" look to them as well.

She tried to wipe it off of her mouth, but strangely found she couldn't. She licked her lips to see what it was made of, and found that they always tasted of sweetened cherries, no matter how often she sucked or licked them.

Confused about what was going she wandered over to the large door and tried to open it. It was solid and locked from the outside. So for now she knew she was effectively trapped in this room.

Taking a better look around the room now that she was up, she could see a stand that had different types of fruit on it against the wall of the large door. It also had other things she didn't recognize, which she guessed those to also be fruit, and everything was in a metal bowl sitting on top of the stand.

There was the other door behind her that she had yet to try, but other than those few items she found in this main room nothing else gave her any ideas as to what was going on or how she got here.

Moving first over to the open window she saw that she was very high off the ground.

The people below her were so far off in the distance that she couldn't quite make out their features, but she did note that there were quite a few of them around and it looked like she could see that they were in what looked to be a market place.

While she was able to open the large window and look down, she knew that there was no way she could safely jump down from where she was. As she looked around, leaning as far out as she dared, she could see the smooth front to the building. So there would also be no scaling of the walls.

Heading back to the bed, she tried to move it to see if it was secure and it easily moved for her. That counted the bed out as a place to securely tie anything to.

She looked around the room but found that nothing appeared to be anchored down.

Whoever had put her in the room hadn't left her any real blankets and the silks were very thin and short. Even if she tied them all together there wasn't enough to reach the ground.

Even if she shredded the bed and all of its bedding as well, it still wouldn't be enough to reach the ground.

Looking around she also noted, short of using the small metal bowl that contained the fruit, she also had nothing of use to fight with in this room. All of her stuff was missing, including her phone.

Moving over to the other door she opened it and saw that it opened into a large bathing area. From the doorway she could see that had a tiled floor, a sink, a toilet, mirror, basin, and a large four person sunken tub in it.

There were towels in there, but still not enough to make a rope and get out of the room using the windows.

Whoever put her in here had effectively trapped her in the room, but made sure she wouldn't be starving or in want of anything for the time being. She started wondering who put her here and why?

Did they really believe at her age they would be able to keep her here against her will? Didn't they know who her husband was? He would level any kingdom to get her back. Did they know this and still not care?

But even as she had those thoughts she realized that he didn't even know she was missing yet and so he wouldn't come looking for her for a long time, and she would have to figure something out for herself.

Thanks to him lately she felt very comfortable fighting, even if it came down to her only using the hand to hand Dusty had been teaching her. Since her battle with Joseph two season's ago she had been driven to never let anyone humiliate her like he had.

No one would either humiliate her or her husband like that again and she would kill anyone on the spot who tried. Since they started, Dusty had found her a very willing and quick pupil. She was so good that he if wasn't for his own growing strength he would have found her a very equal partner to him in which to spar with.

Rachel for one had always used some form of kick and flip moves to supplement her sword skill, but Suzan was always good enough that she didn't have to. Now she had started considering all options when she fought to make sure she won at any, and always all, cost.

Dusty tried to shy away from teaching her killing moves, but she always found some way both in and out of bed to convince him to give her his word to teach her. She knew that he loved her enough that he wouldn't refuse her anything, but even Dusty was amazed by her determination to learn those moves and how quickly she grasp them.

It also didn't hurt that Dusty and she were also learning other things about hand to hand fighting from Daniel and his family's archives.

Daniel's family had an entire room devoted to nothing but fighting, styles, weapons, and magic spells. While Daniel wasn't a mage there were various other members of his family that were, and apparently they were all very powerful mages.

While they were free to learn any martial arts style recorded, Daniel said all the recorded spells were off limits to anyone but family, and as hard as it was for Dusty he respected his request.

They also found that his family had duplicate archives made of all the records so that if something happened to the originals under Daniel's protection the information wouldn't be lost forever.

So she felt she was better than she was before when she was only a simple Swordmaster, and she was doing what ever she needed to, to expand her horizons.

But as she returned and sat again on the bed, as it was the only place for her to sit, she decided to wait for whoever had kidnapped her to make an appearance. While she had lots of questions as to why they had done this, her mind started wandering, and she started trying to figure out when this had happened.

Without knowing more about what was going on, she realized that if they weren't careful they might never be found again by anyone.

As she relived everything leading up to this point, she realized that if the others were taken and held like she was, then it might be several weeks before anyone realized that they were gone due to the nature of the contract they had accepted.

"Suzan, would you be willing to temporarily fill in Tonya on our team for this one contract since you guys are in between them right now?" asked Joi as she looked at Suzan.

"Why, what's happened to Tonya?" asked Suzan with some concern.

They were standing in the hallway talking as Joi had caught Suzan on her way back to her room after breakfast. Tonya was the sword master on the team and Joi, while the team leader was a green mage.

Not to mention that Suzan was a little anxious quickly finish this conversations and to get back to her husband because she had left Dusty in their room to let him catch his second wind after Suzan had her way with him after his early morning practice and weight training. For some reason she was more randy than normal and wanted a repeat of this morning performance.

Dusty has figured out how to cast iron weights the right size and weight, and over the last two seasons Dusty had add those to his weight training regimen and he seem to be getting far stronger than he should have been normally.

Dusty had introduced her to things called "barbells", "dumbbells", and a "weight bench". She tried it once and while Dusty looked impressed at what she could move. While never having tested her strength before he was shocked to find that she could lift a max of almost 200lbs off the bench.

While she realized she wasn't ever going to be able to move what he did, it was still impressive. But his was much more impressive when he was pushing just shy of 600 lbs!

By comparison Daniel and Seth hovered around 380 - 400lbs each when they tried it.

Since she was working out with him more and more to keep from ever being taken for granted again she found his type of training to be pretty intensive and helpful. But he still got up early and worked out for himself and later in the day, as well as in between contracts, and trained with her to help sharpen her skills.

And while Suzan knew she really liked his build before, but lately it was starting to get harder and more defined, and he was definitely growing physically larger than when she first met him just over 3 seasons ago.

It was hard to miss when he was slowly growing out of all of his clothing, but putting on absolutely no body fat at the same time. He wasn't huge by any stretch, but he was certainly growing a touch more in size.

His formally lean muscular frame was slowly bulking up.

Suzan liked the way his muscles felt even tauter, firm, and powerful to her. And she especially enjoyed just lying next to him and tracing his muscles with her fingers during the afterglow of their love making.

The feeling of touching him lately always excited her.

When Rachel first married Daniel, while Dusty wasn't quite as large as Daniel, everyone used to pick on Rachel because she was often absentmindedly playing with the muscles in her husband's arms and neck.

She could be counted on to always be found tracing his corded muscles with her fingers, often while at times talking to others, as if it was the most natural thing in the world for her to do.

Everyone always teased her about it, but she ever stopped blushing and making excuses for why she was doing it, though eventually she just started smiling and ignoring anyone when they started on her about it. Once Dusty started to develop similar muscle tone Suzan suddenly found herself unconsciously doing the same thing before she realized it.

She found that it was really soothing and made her feel closer to her husband, and then she suddenly understood why Rachel did as often as she did. And before long she was also stroking Dusty's muscles in public.

Dusty was growing so much in strength that Daniel, who gave Dusty so many problems when they met two seasons ago, was no longer a valid challenge for him any longer as Dusty seemed to be getting stronger and faster in all their sparring.

Dusty had to fight him with wrist, ankle, and weights on his waist that he had earlier designed to give Daniel a sporting chance. Thankfully Daniel was such a good sport that he fully understood that because Dusty was a Battlemage he would always be more impressive than he was.

But since Daniel was currently at his ancestral home with Rachel waiting for the birth of their first child, Dusty had been pushing himself hard during solo sparring to the point of complete exhaustion. It was strange to see him driving himself as hard as he was lately.

Though thankfully he always had a little in the tank for Suzan once he finished no matter how hard he worked out. He said it was important to always stay close to her so they could grow together as a couple.

Just two months ago Dusty and Lori had successfully passed their eighth circle testing and truly qualified for their titles as Archmages. Since Dusty finally had that under his belt he and Lori seemed to be spending more time on his strange inventions.

The two of them were coming up with some amazing things, but between his morning practices and his late nights on his inventions he was really burning the candle at both ends when they weren't on a mission.

But once he slept off his current exhaustion he would also eat later, but a good romp in the morning always made Suzan hungry, and now her mind was solely on getting back to their room.

Having had her mind wander aimlessly as it just did, she was quickly drawn back to the conversation at hand by Joi when Joi answered her earlier question.

"Tonya had a family emergency. She told me that her family hadn't said what the emergency was. All I know is that she needed to get home immediately as a matter of life and death and that someone was very sick.

"Of course before she left she had to watch your husband's morning workout. My god, you know if you four wanted to be fair you should have at least given the rest of us a shot at him too when you brought him back, most of us would have gladly fought you for him.

"Oh well. But we have all noticed that his body has been getting a little "thicker"? How is he still putting on serious muscle? I bet you're in heaven when that tight body of his climbs all over you at nights. You know, if you ever get tired of him then for the love of god toss him my way. I promise I won't say a word to anyone if you do," said Joi laughing somewhat half jokingly.

Suzan just lightly laughed with her, but she knew that Joi was absolutely serious in her statement.

How could she not miss the looks the other women like Joi gave her husband as he passed by them in the hallway, she wasn't blind. He greeted everyone and was so polite. She could see the longing every time he spent any time with any of them.

If she didn't completely trusted Dusty to never betray her because of his past, then she would have been watching all of them like a hawk.

Not to mention that Suzan couldn't miss the truly devastating appearance of Joi if she tried. Even though she was a tiny thing at 5 foot even, she had very large breasts for her frame, an impossibly tiny waistline, and while they were also small they were still some very well proportionate legs to go with her small pixy frame.

She had dark brown hair that was just past her shoulders, while swept back, it was still free swinging. And Joi had large dark brown eyes and naturally thin eyebrows that capped them and a single light dimple that always seemed to be framing a crooked smile that seemed to always work in her favor.

Joi was the very definition of the words "cute and pixy like" when you looked at her. She was the perfect balance of small and sexy at the same time. She had a balanced stride, but somehow managed to swing her tiny yet well formed hips in a bewitching manner. She was never hurting for male companionship.

And if the rumors were to be believed she had a large sexual appetite and had reduced more than one man to a quivering mess once she was done. Rumor had it that few could handle her, and so someone like Dusty who seemed to be very fit and worked out daily would certainly be someone she would seek to keep up with her.

Joi had always made it know that she had a very strict one man at a time rule and would never cheat on her current partner, and that was something else that might draw someone like Dusty to her easily.

Not to further throw into the mix that it didn't hurt that she was a sixth circle green mage to boot with 3 circle in white, so if anyone had a better than average chance at catching her husband if things ever went wrong between them, if he was ever available again that is, then it would be her.

But if Suzan had anything to say about it he would never ever be available again, even though Joi was on the top of her list as being someone who might be willing to do what ever was needed to make it happen. Thankfully Joi saw Suzan as a friend and not as someone who she would ever consider doing something like that to.

One thing that was starting to become a constant thought of Suzan's lately was the desire to start a family with Dusty. Suzan realized that she was twenty nine seasons old and Dusty had said he was thirty, and she was starting to feel the maternal pull ever since Rachel became pregnant. Especially since Rachel was a season younger than she was.

Before he came into her life she was only concentrating on having as much fun and adventure as she could, but now she wanted to have a baby like her friend Rachel was having. They found out last month from Lori using white to check the baby out that Rachel was having a girl. She already picked out the name Amber for her.

"Anyway, because of that she can't help and we need a fourth to help and fill in on this contract," said Joi as she continued, once again pulling Suzan back from her revelry.

"Have you asked if any of the others guild members are available?" asked Suzan getting antsy to return to her room and by extension having her second romp with her husband of the morning.

"No, because so far I've only found out that the males members are the only ones unspoken for and available to go on this mission, and while I do enjoy the company of a male or two in my spare time, a contract is a contract and I prefer to only have women with me to keep things... uncomplicated," said Joi with her crooked smile.

Suzan recalled how the one time Joi broke that rule they had to refund the contract as the team fell apart on the mission and it had to be carried out by a different team. No one but the team members knew what happened exactly, and not one of them would speak to anyone else about it.

"Well we were getting ready to go on vacation for a bit and visit Rachel and see what's being done on our other home," said Suzan as she smiled at Joi.

"But she's not due for what, just a little over another month? This is a three to four week mission including travel to help out a family he could just barely afford us. You should be back in time to see her and then have all the return sex you want with Dusty," said Joi again smiling.

"I don't know..." started Suzan.

"Just talk to him please? I've seen you two together and I know he won't deny you if you really want to come. But if you can't come then we can't take the contract and we'll have to refund the money. We've put it off for a few days while we waited for someone to get free, but if we don't start soon we'll have to renege on this contract anyway because of time.

"Normally I wouldn't care if we had to do that, but if you agree to come and help we'll explain what is going on, why we have to keep it secret, and why I really want to complete this. And once you hear you'll understand as well.

"The only thing is that after it's complete you can tell Dusty or anyone else everything that is going on, just not before. Please just talk with Dusty and let me know. You're our last hope," said Joi as she started to plead with Suzan.

"Ok I'll talk to him. Just don't get your hopes up, but we'll see what he says, though I'm sure he'll have no objections. I just want to be sure he doesn't have other plans for us first. I'll catch up with you in say an hour to let you know?" said Suzan smiling before she leaned in and hugged Joi.

"Make it two. You have that look in your eye that says you may be convincing him for a while. Just remember, while you may no longer be newlyweds, once you get back you'll probably kill him like one," said Joi with mischief as she released her.

Suzan gave her a wicked grin, but still blushed all the same.

Turning she left Joi and headed to their room and thankfully no one else stopped her. Seeing that Dusty was starting to rouse Suzan quickly stripped out of her clothing before he came completely awake.

Quickly getting under the covers and sliding her body over her husband's to rest on him, Suzan quickly said "Well kind sir can I possibly interest you in some further fun and activities before we start our day?"

Smiling without saying a word, Dusty just wrapped his arms around her and started kissing her. She quickly returned it.

Before long a half hour had come and was quickly long gone before she remotely remembered that she had something else she needed to do.

Lying next to her husband, who was as equally and as heavily sweaty as she was, she played with the muscles along his neck and chest as she started talking to him.

"Dusty what are your plans for us when we head to our new home for another visit?" asked Suzan.

"I'm not sure, now that I've finally gotten the Archmage testing out of the way, I thought I'd work on some ideas with Charles that I had in my new workshop that was being built. Why do you ask?" asked Dusty as she smiled at his wife.

"Joi Barber wanted to know if I could fill in temporarily on her team since Tonya had to rush home for a family emergency. I was really inclined to help her out since she's in a pinch, but not if you don't really want me too," said Suzan quickly as she looked in his eyes.

"Well I don't mind if you want to help her out if that's what you really want to do, but can you tell me what the contracts for?" asked Dusty curiously.

"Right now I don't know, but she said it was very hush hush one and I don't know yet, but I couldn't tell anyone even if I accepted and I would have to wait to tell you after we completed the contract.

"If it's too dangerous I'll refuse, but other than hanging around the house waiting for you to come back in from the workshop, and checking in on Rachel from time to time, I would be totally bored. So I'd like to do it," said Suzan softly.

"I say go for it then. Will you be done in time to check in on Rachel before the baby comes?" asked Dusty.

"If all goes well we should be back with a few weeks to spare, and that should be plenty of time to check in with everyone. But if Joi is right I also won't be able to talk to you until we're finished because we'll all be working closely together, so I won't be able to use my crystal phone to call anyone until after we're done, since you don't want others to know about them just yet," said Suzan with a smile.

"Do you know when you'll be leaving?" asked Dusty leaning up on one elbow.

"First I need to talk to her and tell her you're ok with it, but I'm assuming she wants to get started soon the way she was acting, so I'm going to guess probably sometime this afternoon that we'll start off," said Suzan.

"Well take care and stay safe," said Dusty as he pulled her close.

Suzan resisted for a moment and Dusty looked up at her questioningly.

Lowering her voice to a tone she knew would get what she wanted she said "I'm not going to see you for a while, several weeks actually, so what makes you believe we're done?"

"Suzan, I'm not so sure I can do anything just yet, it's only been about 15 minutes or so since we finished," said Dusty in surprise.

The only thing Suzan did was to wordlessly push her husband onto his back and then she straddled him. As soon as she did she then lay forward to close the final distance between them.

Leaning closer she started to softly kiss and nibble on his neck, while at the same time softly humming a deep but nameless tune.

Feeling the vibrations coming from both her soft, warm, and yet very firm naked body on top of his, and from her soft mouth on the side of his neck, soon had the desired effect that she intended and was seeking. Suzan could soon feel her husband starting to respond to her efforts.

Smiling her sexy but wicked smile she didn't even fight it when he softly growled as he savagely rolled her over and started to kiss her intensively back.

Soon yet one more half hour was quickly lost between them.

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