Dave's Australian Odyssey
Chapter 1: New Friends

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Spanking, Rough, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1: New Friends - A four book series: '1. The Surfing Hitchhiker', Dave picks up a hitchhiking young surfer couple in his RV. '2. But Now I Am A Sailor', Dave meets new young ladies. '3. I Am Going To Be A Dad', Dave attends the wedding of the lesbian couple. '4. Now We Are Married', ends the odyssey with a wedding ceremony reuniting everyone.

Tuesday Week 2

After breakfast, Dave got back behind the wheel of his RV. He wondered to himself for the umpteenth time why these vehicles are called RVs. He thought that it probably stood for 'Recreational Vehicle', but to him it was much more; it was his home as well as his transport.

He drove his RV back to Conjola, where he rejoined the Princess Highway going north. As he left the small town, Dave saw the young couple standing on the side of the road trying to hitch a ride. He was holding a surf board and standing next to a beautiful young girl wearing brief shorts and T-shirt. Two large backpacks sat on the ground in front of them.

Sensibly, they were standing at the end of some roadwork just on the outskirt of the town, immediately before the speed limit increased to 100 kilometres per hour (KPH). Dave knew that travellers are more likely to stop when driving slowly rather than when they are speeding along the open road, but generally don't like stopping when they are within the town boundaries, for what could simply be local hitchhikers.

So Dave, driving to comply with the 40 KPH speed limit imposed because of the road work, could see the girl clearly as he got closer. She was very attractive, slim and around 165 centimetres tall. He guessed that she had no bra on under that white T-shirt. The young man looked clean and tidy, around 180 centimetres, thus he thought it would be worth the risk to give them a ride.

Dave figured that the young couple would probably have limited opportunities to get lifts, carrying that surfboard with them, and thought to himself that he could do with a little company for a while.

Dave pulled over and asked the young couple "where are you headed?"

"Cairns, eventually" the young man said, "but we are just going with the flow, surfing when ever we can. Don't care if it takes us three months to get there, we are in no hurry. We hope to stay up there quite a while."

They looked alright, although clearly one cannot judge a book by its cover, Dave thought to himself, but the girl was certainly worth looking at in her T-shirt, obviously not wearing a bra as her nipples were visibly straining against the material. Her fairly brief shorts showed very nice tanned legs too. Nevertheless, sensibly Dave didn't want to commit himself for too long in case they were boring or obnoxious, so merely said "you're welcome to throw your gear inside and I'll give you a lift for while".

In addition to the two seats in the front of the RV, there were two more seats immediately behind these, large and comfortable, facing towards the entertainment system. This was in addition to the two seater lounge against one wall. But these two lounge seats could be swivelled around to face the front when required for passengers. There were also seat belts cleverly hidden so you didn't see them when the seats were being used as lounge chairs.

As Dave helped them stow the surfboard and their meagre belongings inside the RV, both introduced themselves; Peter and Jill. Dave thought to himself that they sure seemed to be travelling light for people on the road for a long time, but realised they probably couldn't carry much more than the two backpacks, especially as Peter was also carrying his surf board. He later found out that there was limited camping gear and a few changes of clothing, plus a minimal amount of food, in their packs.

"Where would you like us to sit?" asked Peter. Well, Dave thought, as least they are not being presumptuous.

After he had turned the lounge chair behind the front passenger around to face the front and locked it into position, he replied, diplomatically "why don't one of you sit in the passenger seat and the other in this lounge chair and then you can swap seats when we next stop," although he thought to himself facetiously he would like Jill to sit on his lap and Peter to sit in the 4WD behind. Close up he could see that she was definitely a real looker and young, probably only 19 or 20, but she could easily pass for even younger.

As they set off, with Peter in the front passengers seat and Jill behind him, Dave asked "so what's your story, where are you from and why the trip?"

During the next 30 minutes, on the drive towards Ulladulla, Peter briefly told their story.

"I'm 22 and Jill is 20. We both came from Melbourne and have spent several weeks getting this far. Lifts have been a bit hard to get and I am sure that if Jill wasn't with me I'd have been lucky to get any lifts."

Modestly Jill piped up denying what Peter had just said. "Don't be silly I had nothing to do with us getting lifts", but Dave thought Peter was spot on.

Peter continued "we have been surfing where ever there were good waves and camping in the small pup tent stowed in my backpack.

"We have been good friends for about 20 months, some months after Jill finished school. However, she's only been able to get some part time work, nothing full time or permanent, mainly waitressing in a number of different restaurants. I have never had a full time job either, partly because I love surfing too much, but during the past year, once we had made our plans for this big adventure, I worked whenever the opportunity arose."

"What did you do?" Dave enquired politely.

"What ever I could, but mainly a bit of labouring. During this time we both saved what ever we could so that we could undertake this trip. I'm hoping to surf all up the eastern coast of Australia, but especially in northern NSW and Queensland" Peter answered.

"What about you Jill, do you surf too?" Dave asked feeling that it was Peter who wanted to do the surfing, while Jill tagged along.

"Sometimes, but I like watching Peter surf" she replied, confirming what he thought.

"I was lucky I managed to get all our gear very cheaply from one of the charity stores just before we left Melbourne. So far we have been sleeping wherever we can, using our small pup tent and blow up mattress. Naturally this has meant living a simple life. We are hoping to get an occasional bit of work to supplement our meagre resources. While the trip might take us up to three months, we both wanted to stay in North Queensland for at least 12 months. We definitely have no plans to return to Melbourne, though" Peter continued, while Dave thought he meant Jill would try and do some waitressing while Peter surfed.

As they were driving past a beach, Peter exclaimed optimistically "look at those great waves. I'd like to catch a few sets of them on my surfboard."

Why not, Dave thought to himself, I've got nothing better to do. "Alright" Dave said "I might throw in a line and see if I can catch some fish for our lunch while you catch some waves. Sound like a fair distribution of duties?" Dave added, tongue in cheek.

Peter stripped off his T-shirt leaving him in just his board shorts, grabbed his surf board and headed for the beach. Jill shyly asked "is it OK to change into my bikini here?"

Naturally Dave said "yes", so without further ado, she fumbled in her bag for her bikini top, removed her shorts (unfortunately, Dave thought, she had her bikini bottom under those short shorts), but she did pull her T-shirt off and put on her bikini top. Not bad, Dave thought to himself as he caught a brief glimpse of her pert breasts.

Meanwhile, Dave had put on his beach footwear, then went to the side of the RV where his rods were stored and got out his beach rod. Then he opened a locker and retrieved his fishing tackle. Next he went to the fridge and took out the fish heads he had kept from his previous fishing and put them in a Hessian bag for burley.

Jill followed Dave down to the beach and asked "is it alright for me to watch you as I have never seen any beach fishing close up? I promise not to get in your way."

"Sure" he replied, "but first I need to get some pipis".

"Do you use them for bait?" Jill asked.

"Well sort of" Dave replied, "but only to catch beach worms that I then use for bait to try and catch the fish."

Jill watched fascinated as Dave took his footwear off and proceeded to dig with his feet in the soft wet sand until he found a pipi. He then opened it and took out the meat. He grabbed his burley bag, and proceeded to drag the burley bag in the receding water as a wave finished its run into the shore. After he had done this a number of times, he saw the tell tale sign of a beach worm and then lowered the pipi meat over the spot until the worm popped its head up trying to grab the pipi meat. Dave quickly pinched its head with his thumb and index and slowly withdrew the long worm from the sand. It was at least 45 centimetres long.

Jill was quite excited, having never seen anything like this simple exercise, at least it looked simple. Dave asked "would you like to try and catch a worm?" handing her the pipi which she accepted willingly.

When she tried though, she soon found out that it was much more difficult than it appeared. She was not able to catch any of the worms that poked their heads up in front of her.

After Dave had caught a few worms, which he placed in a small bucket he had filled with damp sand, he said "OK, that's enough. Let's see if we can to catch a fish or two."

Dave observed that Jill didn't seemed phased by Peter doing his own thing and ignoring her completely as he tried to catch the waves (something that Dave had never tried as he wasn't that keen on beach swimming or surfing).

On the other hand, Jill seemed very happy talking quietly to him while he cast his line out time and time again trying to catch a fish. She seemed a fairly intelligent girl and Dave did wonder why she had agreed to this trip with Peter, who seemed fairly focused on surfing and not too much else.

When Dave eventually caught a fish, Jill jumped up and down with excitement and made him feel real good as she praised his skill. He showed her how to remove the fish from the hook, put it in a damp, Hessian bag he kept for his fish and then showed her how to re bait the hook, pushing the hook into the end of the worm and sliding it along until it reached the end of the hook, then broke it off about three centimetres from the start of the hook. The remainder of the worm he put back in the bucket and it continued to live.

After he cast out again, Dave asked Jill "would you like to hold the rod?"

"Oh can I?" she asked excitedly. Dave took real pleasure in not only showing her how to hold the rod, but also how to wind the reel. Of course, the fact that he had to put his arms around her to show her how to do it properly didn't upset Dave at all. Even more surprising was that Jill seemed very happy, probably because she had never had the opportunity to fish before.

As beginner's luck would have it, soon Jill was squealing "I've got one. I've got one. What do I do now?"

"Keep the rod up and wind it in slowly" Dave replied and realised he would just have to help her so again he forced himself to stand behind her and put his arms around her while helping her to wind in the fish.

Jill was so happy when the fish appeared on the shore and at Dave's invitation she tried to take the fish off the hook. At least she's not squeamish, Dave thought, as he helped her because taking a wriggling fish off the hook is not as easy as it looks for a first timer.

"Well now we should have enough with these two fish for lunch" Dave said "as they are quite a reasonable size. Let's go and clean them and cook them."

He put the remaining worms back in the sand, digging a little hole for them to burrow into. He then showed Jill how to scale, gut and clean the fish, washing them in the sea water. Finally, he filleted them, before cleaning and putting away all his equipment.

"You'd better go and call your boyfriend" Dave said "while I cook the fish".

Jill replied "oh can't I help you cook them? I've never cooked fish like this before and Peter will come quickly as soon as I tell him lunch is ready. He does like his tucker."

So Dave showed her how he liked to cook fresh fish, simply pan fried with a little butter and served with some lemon wedges and a small green salad and tomato slices. When they were almost ready, Jill ran down to the beach and yelled to Peter that lunch was ready.

She was right; Peter came straight away, took one look at the lunch and said "wow, I'm hungry and that looks real good. Did you catch them both Dave?"

"No, your girl caught one" Dave replied as Jill blushed with pride.

After lunch, Jill washed up, while Peter had a quick shower and got changed. Dave decided that he wouldn't mind them staying with him for a while as they seemed good company, so he showed Peter how to attach his surf board to the rear of the bus, while Jill stowed their gear where Dave had shown her.

Then it was off on the next leg of the journey. This time, without anything being said, Jill climbed into the front passenger seat, having replaced her bikini top with her T shirt. She looked good both ways, Dave thought.

In the afternoon, they went to have a look at the Australian Capital Territory's (or ACT as it was known over here) only beach – Jervis Bay, which was part of the ACT. Here there was a Naval Station and was a place that Dave had never been. He realised that the next year was going to bring him to many places and things that he not experienced before.

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