My Story
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Brother, InLaws, Gang Bang, Interracial, First,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The recollections of an extremely sexual woman.

I may as well be up front about this and admit ahead of time what you will realize as you read this. I am a slut. A slut and I suppose even a whore even thought I did not really do it for the money. The money was just a by-product that came from me doing what I wanted to do anyway. I am also an unfaithful wife who loves to fuck and I do it every chance I get.

I guess it is fair to say that I have been a slut almost my entire life or at least since I was nine anyway. That was when our next door neighbor conned me into a blow job, ate my pussy, took my virginity and turned me into a cock lover.

I know, I know; most people think that nine is too young for a girl to feel anything sexual, but I did and I spent the years from nine to forty (with a short two year break as a faithful wife) fucking up a storm. I am constantly amazed that my husband of eighteen years (only two of them faithful) doesn't have a clue as to what I've been doing. Granted, I do most of it when he is out of town on business trips and during my own working hours during the day (I have a very understanding boss). I've even managed a few members of his family. His dad is a stud, but more on that later.

When I hit the big 'four 0' I began to worry about several things; chief among them how would I feel living alone. I had led a charmed life until that point in my life, but sooner or later Stan was going to wake up and when he did I would be out the door if I was still spreading my legs freely. Some would ask why did I worry when it was obvious that I couldn't care much for my husband since I was constantly fucking around on him, but the truth of the matter was that I loved the man. It was just too bad that the man I fell head over heels in love with had a sex drive that wasn't even close to my own. Six or eight times a month was enough for Stan. Sometimes all I got from him was two or three times every two weeks. This from a girl who would take it two or three times a day if she could get it and sometimes I did.

So I was talking with Abby, one of the girls who goes with me on our 'girl's night out' and I told her about my worries and asked her if she had any ideas that might help. She laughed and told me that there was only one solution to my problem and that was to stay at home and be good and then she laughed again and said:

"You would have more luck finding a sandy beach in Antarctica than being able to stay home and be good."

"You don't think I could quit?"

"Honey, I know you can't. Your problem is deep-rooted and you need to find out why you do it before you can work at stopping it."

"I do it because it feels great and I love the feeling."

"Oh no honey; it goes a lot deeper than that. Something turned you into a sexaholic and you need to find out what that was before you are able to tackle the problem."

I made an appointment to see an analyst and one of the things she told me she wanted me to do was sit down and write out as much as I could remember about my sexual history. I started it and was about halfway through when Abby came by to visit. I let her read what I'd written to that point. I don't know why I listened to her when she tried to talk me into posting what I'd written on a couple of Net sites, but listen I did and she did talk me into it.

So here it is.

It will be posted in dribs and drabbles. There was an awful lot of sex going on between nine and forty and it will take some time to dig it all out of my memory and write it down. Abby laughed and said knowing me the story might run to three hundred chapters. You know? She might just be right.

I lost my virginity because of a tennis ball. I was in our front yard and tossing the ball to my dog Buttons and the ball rolled under the door of Mr. Jamison's garage. Mr. Jamison kept the door open eight inches or so from the garage floor so his cat could get in and out. The ball rolled into the garage so I went around behind the garage and opened the back door and went inside.

Mr. Jamison was in the garage sitting in a chair and when he heard the door open he looked over, saw me and said:

"Oh shit!"

I think it was because I caught him jacking off to some girl in a swimming suit on the calendar hanging on the wall. Of course I didn't know what 'jacking off' was at the time, but I did know what he had in his hand. I'd seen my older brother's and he had told me that it was his 'pee-pee'.

I walked over to Mr. Jamison and looked at him sitting in his chair with his right hand around his 'pee-pee' and being sweet young and innocent and knowing that if you had your 'pee-pee' out you were supposed to be pointing it at a toilet and there was no toilet in sight I said:

"Hi Mr. Jamison. My tennis ball rolled under your garage door. What are you doing with your 'pee-pee?"

Just like I didn't know what jacking off was I'd also never heard the word pervert before. At my present age I am well aware that most men caught in that situation would have been embarrassed and would have scurried to get their cock out of sight, but Mr. Jamison was not most men – Mr. Jamison was a pervert.

He smiled at me and said, "I'm making my pee-pee feel good by rubbing it. Don't you ever make your pee-pee feel good?"

Rub my pee-pee? Why would I do that? I shook my head no and he said: "Come here and I'll show you."

I'm a little kid and he's a grown man so I can trust him, right? I walked over to him and he lifted me up and sat me down on his work bench. He pushed my skirt up and took my underpants off of me. He spread my legs apart and then said:

"Tell me if this feels good."

He started licking my pussy and hell yes it felt good. He worked on me for about five minutes and the he said:

"And now you do the same to mine."

He lifted me off the work bench and sat me down on the chair and stuck his pee-pee in my face. He wanted me to do to him what he did to me so I stuck out my tongue and started licking his pee-pee. He let me go on for a couple of minutes and then he told me to take it in my mouth. I did and he talked me through my first blow job. He grabbed my head and said:

"My pee-pee likes the way you made it feel and it is going to give you a gift in your mouth. Don't be scared now. Just swallow it like a good girl, okay?"

And then he busted his nut and I swallowed the juice that shot into my mouth. It wasn't bad. I've had a lot worse over the years. He sat me back down on the work bench and went back to sucking and licking on me and that time he also rubbed me with a finger. It hurt just a bit when he started to work a finger in me, but then it started feeling good.

After about ten minutes he said that we needed to get more comfortable and he picked me up and carried me into his house and up to his bedroom. He told me my pee-pee was going to give him a gift if he kept making it feel good and then he told me it might get messy so he undressed me so my dress wouldn't get dirty.

To shorten this a little bit he fingered me, licked me and then he fucked me. It hurt a little, but it wasn't near as bad as it could have been. Mr. Jamison didn't have much in the way of a dick. Looking back on things I'm guessing that's why his wife left him and he was living alone. His cock was only about four inches long and not much bigger around than the finger he worked into me before he fucked me. It hurt at first, but then he licked my pussy to make it feel better then he fucked me again and then licked me some more.

By the time my mother hollered for me to come home for dinner I was liking what Mr. Jamison was doing to me a lot. He told me that what we had been doing had to be kept a secret because it was against the rules for him to be showing me 'grown up' stuff before I was older and he told me that as long as we kept it a secret we could do it a lot more.

I did keep it a secret and we did do it some more – a lot more- over the next four years. And before it ended Mr. Jamison had taken all three of my cherries, oral, vaginal and anal, and he also was responsible for my first threesome, foursome and gangbang but they didn't happen until I was twelve and thirteen.

I promised Mr. Jamison that I would keep what we did a secret and I did, but I didn't promise him that I wouldn't take what I'd learned from him and use it on others. Three months after Mr. Jamison started fucking me I had my second lover.

Chris was a neighbor who lived three doors down from us and he was a fourteen year old boy that I had a crush on. I was always following him around and being a nuisance and he kept telling me to go away and leave him alone. He was chasing thirteen year old Mellissa Hargraves just like I was after him and like me he wasn't getting anywhere.

One day he was in his garage working on his bike and I was hanging around trying to get him to notice me and suddenly realize that he wanted me to be his girlfriend. Chris told me to go home and leave him alone and I asked him why he was always being mean to me. Chris told me that I was an annoying little brat and he didn't want me around. He told me that I was too young to hang around with him and then I told him I might be young, but I could still suck his cock (Mr. Jamison had taught me all the words by then) and that was something that he couldn't get Mellissa to do.

He looked at me for several seconds and then he got up, walked over and closed the garage door. He turned to face me and told me to prove it. I went to my knees in front of him and sucked him off. It didn't take me long – maybe two minutes – and when he came I swallowed just like Mr. Jamison had taught me.

Chris told me to keep on sucking him until he was hard again and then he told me that as soon as he was hard again he was going to fuck me. That scared me a little. Mr. Jamison had been fucking me for three months and I liked it, but Chris had a much larger cock than Mr. Jamison – both longer and fatter – and I was afraid it would hurt me. But I had been chasing Chris and even as young as I was I knew that I had him as long as I could keep getting him off. I got him hard and he did fuck me and it did hurt at first, but it got better.

For the next two weeks I went into Chris's garage, gave him blow jobs and let him fuck me. I also saw Mr. Jamison a couple of times a week. I was one well fucked nine year old.

My affair, if you want to call it that, ended one Tuesday afternoon. I stopped to see Chris on my way home from school. His parents were at work so he took me into the house and up to his bedroom. I sucked his cock and then when he fucking me he looked toward the closet and I heard him say:

"Do you believe me now?"

I turned my head and saw Kenny Wilson come out of the closet. He was taking off his clothes as he said:

"Oh yeah and now I want some."

I was scared and I jumped off the bed and reached for my dress, but Chris grabbed me and pushed me back on the bed and then held me down until Kenny was on top of me. Kenny did me, Chris did me again and Kenny was doing me a second time when we heard the front door slam close and a voice holler out:

"Chris? Are you home?"

His mother had come home early. Chris kept her busy while Kenny and I snuck out of the house. Even as young as I was I knew when I had been taken advantage of and I never went back to see Chris again.

Between Chris and Kenny the word got out that I sucked cock and fucked and suddenly I was a very popular young lady. I had boys from thirteen to twenty wanting to be my new boyfriend. I was still too young to realize that all they wanted was my mouth, pussy and ass. All I knew is that I was popular and I liked it. However I was old enough to know that my parents would not be happy with me having older boyfriends so I had to hide it from them.

At the time I didn't know it, but that arrangement worked fine for the boys. They weren't the least bit interested in the word getting out that they were fucking a nine year old. And they were. I had five 'new boyfriends' in the four months between my breaking up with Chris and my tenth birthday. By the time I reached my eleventh birthday I'd been used by over thirty boys and by the time I turned twelve the number was over seventy (and Mr. Jamison of course).

Things changed when I turned twelve. The day after my birthday when I got home from school I found my fifteen year old brother and his best friend Bert sitting in the living room waiting for me. Billy cut right to it.

"Dickey Martin was telling guys that you sucked his dick and then you let him fuck you. I went and found him and started kicking his ass. When I was pulled off of him and asked why I was beating on him I said it was because he was spreading bullshit about you. That's when half a dozen guys told me that he was telling the truth. They said they knew it was true because they had done you too. That right Bert?"

Bert shook his head yes and Billy said, "That ain't right. I spend weeks on a girl just trying to get a kiss or cop a feel and getting nowhere and I find out you are giving away on a daily basis what I'm busting my ass just trying to get a taste of."

I wasn't as naïve at twelve as I had been at nine and I sensed where the talk was going and sure enough Billy said:

"I've decided that you can stop taking care of everyone else and take care of me instead."

"I can't do that! You are my brother."

Billy ignored me and went on, "We can't let anyone know we are doing it and so Bert and I came up with a plan. You are Bert's new girlfriend. Since Bert is my best friend and we spend a lot of time together no one will think twice about the three of us being around each other all the time."

"What does Bert get out of it?"

"Oh come on sis; you can't be that dumb."

"I won't do it. Not with my own brother. No way!"

"Oh yes you will because if you don't I'll have to tell mom and dad what I've found out about what their little princess has been doing."

"If you do I'll just tell them about you trying to get in my pants. So there!"

"It won't matter because I doubt that they will believe you. I'll tell them about the fight and then coming home and asking you about it. I'll tell them you begged me not to tell them and then I'll tell them that you said you would give me and Bert blow jobs if we promised not to tell. I'll tell them how upset I was when you offered to do that to your own brother and that is what convinced me that they needed to know what you were doing so they could get you the help you needed.

"Then I'll give them the names of the guys I know about and you know dad. He will go looking for them and by the time he gets done with them they will have spilled the beans on themselves, you and anyone else they know who has fucked you. You telling them that I wanted in your pants will sound like something you were saying to try and take the heat off of yourself. So sister mine; do we go up to my room or not?"

I wasn't too keen on the idea of doing my own brother, but I couldn't see a way out and Bert was kind of cute. Billy did me first and then Bert did me. Watching me do Bert made Billy hard again and watching Billy do me again got Bert up for a second time. Billy probably would have gone for thirds, but we heard my mom come home and that put an end to our fun for that day. I do have to say that I did enjoy fucking my own brother. Billy had a damned nice cock and Bert's wasn't too bad either.

For the next year Billy and Bert (and Mr. Jamison) were the only ones I had sex with. We had the house to ourselves from the time we got home from school at four until mom got home at six-thirty. The afternoons that Billy and Bert had afternoon school activities belonged to Mr. Jamison.

It was okay in that Bert did treat me like his girlfriend. He took me to movies and to the malt shop and we hung around the mall together on weekends. There weren't any comments – at least none that I was aware of – because even though I was only twelve I looked fifteen or sixteen.

Sex with Billy and Bert was just straight sex. There was never any two on one stuff; it was all strictly one at a time and for some reason neither Billy nor Bert ever asked me for my ass. Blow jobs and pussy were all they ever took. It was Mr. Jamison who saw to it that I got to experience threesomes, foursomes and gangbangs.

My birthday is in August so I was out of school for the summer when my birthday came around. It was on a Tuesday and Monday afternoon Mr. Jamison told me that he wanted me at his house at nine a.m. in the morning so he could give me my present.

I walked in his back door at eight fifty-five and he was in the kitchen waiting for me. He was naked and he told me to take off my clothes. It wouldn't be the first time that he'd had me on the kitchen table so I smiled at him and quickly stripped. I started to climb up on the table, but he told me that we were going into the bedroom. I walked into the bedroom and found three naked men sitting on the bed. I looked behind me at Mr. Jamison and he smiled at me and told me that the men were my birthday presents.

I knew two of the men. Mr. Alberts lived in the end house on the south end of our block and Mr. Markham lived five houses down from Mr. Jamison on the north end of the street. I didn't know the third man. He was a large black man and I'd never seen him before. I was pretty sure that he didn't live on our street. Mr. Jamison said:

"I told the boys that today was your birthday and they all wanted to have a birthday party for you and give you presents. They are my guests so they get to go first."

All I expected was that it would be like with Billy and Bert – one at a time until they couldn't get it up any more – but I quickly found out that I was wrong. Mr. Jamison pointed at Mr. Markham and said:

"He won the coin toss so give him a blow job."

I looked around at the three naked grown men (four if you counted Mr. Jamison) and I was just a little scared, but Mr. Jamison had always treated me good so I figured that he would see to it that everything was all right.

Mr. Markham was sitting on the bed with his hard cock jutting up out of his lap and I almost giggled when I looked at it because even though he was a grown man his cock was smaller than Mr. Jamison's (which I have already described). I went over to him and went to my knees and started sucking him off. I was maybe thirty seconds into it when hands gripped my hips and I took my mouth off of Mr. Markham and looked back over my shoulder. The black man (his name was James) was moving up behind me and it was obvious that he intended to fuck me while I sucked off Mr. Markham. I looked over to Mr. Jamison in alarm and he said:

"Relax baby girl and let it happen. You'll be okay. I won't let you be hurt."

He lied to me. It did hurt because James was a little bigger than even my brother or Bert, but the hurt did fade away. It did hurt again when Mr. Jamison fucked my ass while Mr. Alberts was fucking my pussy. A little latter it was Mr. Jamison in my pussy and Mr. Markham in my but when James stuck his cock in my face, "Go on baby girl" Mr. Jamison said, "Suck on it. Use all three of your holes baby girl. Show them how good a slut you are."

The four of them bounced me between them until one that afternoon and then I had to go home, clean up and take a nap before my parents got home. They had a party planned for me to celebrate my officially becoming a teenager. God, if they only knew.

For the rest of the summer Mr. Jamison and his "Fuck the baby girl" club got together every couple of weeks to play with me. Two or three times a week Billy and Bert wanted some and I never went out with Bert on a date that we didn't end up on the back seat of his Chevy.

Just before school started my mother sat me down and gave me the 'birds and bees' talk and it was all I could do to keep from laughing at her. I sat there listening to her and thinking that I had probably had more cock in the last four years than she had had in her thirty-eight. The one thing that did come out of that talk was that she put me on the pill. God must have a thing in his heart for young sluts. That's the only explanation I can give for not getting pregnant with as much sperm as I'd received prior to the talk.

"Don't let your father know" she said, "He would have a fit my doing it with you only being thirteen."


"He would look at it as my giving you permission to give away your virginity."

Too late mom; way, way too late I thought.

"You are well developed baby and you look more seventeen than thirteen and the boys are going to be after you. We need to take the position of 'better safe than sorry'. I know this, but your father still sees you as his little princess and to him you are never going to be old enough. He will probably still be thinking that as he walks you down the aisle. So trust me on this; better that he never knows."

One week after school started I came home from school to an empty house. Billy and Bert had football practice so I figured that I would go next door and visit with Mr. Jamison. As I was going out the front door two police cars pulled up in front of Mr. Jamison's house and four cops jumped out of the cars. Two ran around to the back of the house and two went to the front door. A few minutes later Mr. Jamison was led out of the house in handcuffs and was put in the back of one of the police cars. He saw me standing in our front door and he turned his head and looked away.

It was a couple of days before we learned that he had been arrested for having sex with an under aged girl. He got caught because she was overheard telling her sister how much fun she was having with Mr. Jamison. At first I was pissed that "my" Mr. Jamison had another girlfriend, but when my dad made the comment "I wonder how many other little girls that pervert was playing around with" I got scared. What if Mr. Jamison confessed? If my parents found out I would never be allowed out of the house as long as my dad was still alive.

I spent the next couple of weeks waiting for the axe to fall, but it never did. However, expecting it to fall and knowing that when it did my sex life was going to end I decided to get as much as I could while I could. I went after Bert and Billy with a vengeance. I pushed them into doing threesomes with me sucking one while the other fucked me. Once they got used to that I made them do me in my butt – one in my ass while I sucked the other – and finally I got them to do me in the ass and pussy at the same time.

Mr. Jamison never ratted me out so I never got grounded, but what I had done with Billy and Bert while waiting for the worst to happen set the pattern for the next two years.

I never heard from any of Mr. Jamison's "Fuck the baby girl" club, probably because Mr. Jamison's arrest scared them shitless so for the next two years I was a fuck toy for Billy and Bert. To be honest about it I was more of a 'cum dump' for Billy. I was still officially Bert's girlfriend, but Billy had started dating girls and when they sent him home with blue balls he emptied them in me. And then I turned fifteen and lost my two lovers. They were both eighteen and started college that fall.

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